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Baseball Rants

"I don't set the rosters, I just make fun of the the guy who does." -Rob Neyer

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These Authors Have Moved


You can now find Marc Normandin, Dan Scotto, and Matt Kizner's work at Beyond the Boxscore, part of the SB Nation.You can also find Marc Normandin at Sox on Deck, a site on the Most Valuable Network devoted to up and coming Red Sox prospects and the state of their farm system. Thanks for making Baseball Rants a launching pad for the three of us to bigger and better things! Visit us often at our

Mike Cameron or Victor Diaz?


When Mike Cameron returns from his wrist injury and rehabilitation, it will be time for manager Willie Randolph to make some important decisions. Cliff Floyd is healthy (at the moment) and hitting the ball well, Victor Diaz is sporting an impressive line (and showing plate patience, which he never used to seem to have) and that Carlos Beltran guy in centerfield. How do you mix in at-bats for

Victor Zambrano


After the most recent debacle from Mr. Zambrano, we see a hearty 5.81 ERA through 5 starts, through which he's averaged less than 5.1 IP in each one. Here's some info, though:4/8: 5 IP, 2 ER4/14: 6 IP, 3 ER4/19: 6 IP, 2 ER4/24: 5.1 IP, 7 ER4/30: 4 IP, 4 ERThe two most recent starts are abysmal, but the first three weren't too bad. Looking further, though, we see the problem.4/8: 5 IP, 10 runners4

AL Roundup, 5/1/05


The second edition of my 2005 AL Roundup series; remember, these are coming every other week, with the NL Roundup filling in the other weeks. It gives it some time in between the posts, and allows records to develop as well as rankings. On to the numbers again...AL East Actual Standings1) Baltimore 16-7 (.696) 137 RS, 109 RA2) Boston 12-11 (.522) 130 RS, 104 RA3) Toronto 13-12 (.520) 122 RS, 118

The Best LHP Pitcher Ever?


Reading The Daily Quickie at Page 2 the other day, I saw a part on the right that said, "Arguably the best LHP ever" in regards to Randy Johnson. I see it, and go well it may be true, but of course now I have to know for sure. On to the numbers!What I did to start is take every lefty on the top 100 for career wins; I figured I would get more than I need and not miss out on anyone (Note: I

Surprising Starts


Much as my colleague did an article on interesting starts, I find myself engrossed in a similar endeavor, on a different end of the spectrum. Let's take a look at a few players off to extremely surprising starts over the next week. Today I'm going to start with arguably the biggest surprise of both leagues:Brian Roberts 2B-BALBy now, if you haven't been living under a rock, and know what a

Zach Greinke, Wonderchild


Zach Greinke is one of my favorite players already. I already ordered a shirt from with his name and number on it to add to my fledgling out of town collection (consisting of Brian Giles, Adam Dunn, and now Greinke). There are many interesting Greinke tidbits that not everyone knows:1) He started pitching his senior year of highschool2) He's still only 21 years old3) There is no one close

Brett Myers


While I love to read and write about baseball, I don't always have a good idea about what to write. I try not to do stuff that other people have done, and if I do, I tend to cite them (at some point) or I probably haven't seen the article that is similar.So when someone says something in passing to me about baseball, if it looks like something worth exploring, I do.I was talking with a high

A Lineup of Slow Starts


I made a bit of a lineup of guys who have had slow starts:1. Ray Durham (2B) - .203/.346/.2502. Erubiel Durazo (DH) - .214/.295/.2863. Mike Lowell (3B) - .187/.225/.3204. Victor Martinez (C) - .221/.308/.3685. Steve Finley (CF) - .169/.259/.3386. Carlos Pena (1B) - 167/.328/.2597. Jermaine Dye (RF) - .181/.213/.3198. Todd Hollandsworth (LF) - .214/.313/.3399. Jack Wilson (SS) - .157/.192/.171Some

Bellhorn Puzzles Me


Mark Bellhorn can only play baseball in even years. 2002 and 2004 are acceptable; 2003 and 2005 make me sick to my stomach. I love Mark Bellhorn, especially since all he does is walk, strikeout, or hit homeruns. But in 2003 and 2005 so far, he is missing one of the key elements of a Three True Outcome player; that being the homeruns. Somewhere, Rob Deer is crying. Bellhorn's last 5 seasons,

Equivalent Average Leaders


Some of the names at the top 0f this list are most likely names that will not stay there all year. For example, Jacque Jones (.387) and Brian Roberts (.373) have the top two EqA's in the American League...Roberts might have turned a corner (not one that will keep him as high as he is, but a corner nonetheless) while Jones has gone through spurts of usefulness before. They will both fall back down

That's Not Wright


I've never been too good at coming up with titles, although I didn't mind the R&J&CP from a few days back....Anyway, I was thinking about it last night, and I realized, for the first time in years, the Yankees don't have a backup plan for a starting pitcher. There's no 6th starter on the roster, no David Cone in the bullpen or Orlando Hernandez or Ramiro Mendoza. There's nothing. It's looking

1998 Retrospective


I was reorganizing my baseball bookshelves and came across my Baseball America's 1999 Baseball Almanac. I purchased this back in the day because of McGwire and Sosa's homerun chase. I decided to do a Prospect Retrospective from the "Top Prospect" from each organization...why did I do this? Because when I first flipped it open I saw Peter Tucci for Toronto...who the hell is Peter Tucci? I hate to

RLWHF Pitchers Complete!


The auto induction period is complete, and the Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame's original membership is set at 268 hitters and pitchers. I have one thing to say, before you ask, "Where are the aces of the 19th century?" Well, here goes: I posed the question of why the difference between Win Shares and WARP3 was so great to Clay Davenport, who replied: "There are two big reasons why the

From the Worldwide Leader in Sports....


Comedy.Looking for the perfect player around which you can build your team? Start at the logical place: the top.That was from Sean McAdam at, in this article from a few days ago.Now I'm probably one of the biggest Ichiro supporters among stat-oriented fans out there. I think that the stats don't necessarily tell the whole story, we don't have good enough fielding metrics to show Ichiro's

Kazmir vs. Zambrano and Mulder vs. Haren Part Deux


Updates on Kazmir vs. Zambrano and Mulder vs. Haren...Scott Kazmir 20054 GS, 22.0 IP, 3.68 ERA, .241 BAA, 1.00 K/BB (12:12), 4.91 K/9, .248 BABIPLast Seven Days: 7 IP, 5 K, 3 BB, 6.43 K/9Victor Zambrano 20054 GS, 22.1 IP, 5.64 ERA, .337 BAA, 1.36 K/BB (19:14), 7.66 K/9, .401 BABIPLast Seven Days: 11.1 IP, 9 K, 6 BB, 7.15 K/9Zambrano's BAA and BABIP are extremely high, so his ERA is inflated

Reds Outfield Situation


The Reds have a situation most teams would kill for; that is, to have too many very talented outfielders. Adam Dunn, Ken Griffey Jr., Wily Mo Pena, and Austin Kearns all have different strengths and weaknesses, and all seem to be essential to this offense. So what does a Reds team with a struggling pitching staff (and at the moment, a surprisingly struggling offense) do? They are going to have to

Romeo and Juliet and Calvin Pickering


Dire Straits would say, "When you gonna realize it was just that the time was wrong?"The man picked the WORST possible time to have a slump. A man seemingly destined for great heights just couldn't get it to work early on this year, almost as if he drank the poison and found the "cold and drowsy humour" of a very bad slump, but Baird and Co. don't realize that it's just temporary.In this case,

A bump in the road....damn


While I was sifting through the list of pitchers for the Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame, I stumbled across what seems to be a problem. The Win Shares totals for 19th century pitchers are quite high in some cases, while there WARP3 and JAWS scores are extremely low. Pitchers with WS totals equaling or surpassing David Cone and Frank Viola have WARP3 totals 40-50 points less. I e-mailed Clay

NL Roundup


Time for the first National League roundup of the year, with the AL's second posted next weekend. I have a lot of ideas for articles today, so I might post another or wait until tomorrow; either way today is a busy baseball day for me because I am going to run through the list of pitchers for the RLWHF until I'm done, and then post all of them into the hall. You could get anywhere from 2-4 posts

RLWHF Pitchers


I finally have the qualifications for the Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame regarding pitchers. Starting pitchers require 175 WS to be considered for induction, and to get in automatically their JAWS score must clear 50. Basically this came from looking at a few pitchers, notably Bret Saberhagen, David Cone, Chuck Finley, Frank Viola, and Danny Darwin. Darwin's JAWS score of 54.45 seemed

A Look Back: The Mets and the Marlins Fire Sale


1997 was the year of the Mets' turnaround as they improved 18 games from their 1996 season and finished 88-74. But they weren't quite complete as a team; they had some flaws. As the Mets began their ascent, financial realities set in for the Marlins, who had run into the difficult problem of not being able to pay for their team.The Mets added three players to their team from the Marlins' fire

Now I'm not one to defend A-Rod...


As a Red Sox fan, I do my best to avoid defending A-Rod. I'm usually very objective when it comes to evaluating New York, as I want to give clear-headed analysis. But I usually throw A-Rod to the wolves when something bad happens. My curiosity is getting the best of me this time though, as I read this article at the NY Daily News. I had no idea that A-Rod was getting a reputation as someone who

A Few New Links


Some new links on the sidebar from a few bloggers whose stuff I really like:Rays PrognosticationsBaseball BabbleI've asked both of these bloggers if they want to do guest posting on Baseball Rants, and I hope they both agree. Make sure you check out their sites, because thats what I'm going to be doing. At some point I might try to make this a multiple-author site (I know it is already, with 2

Knuckleballers Part Deux


In honor of Tim Wakefield's new contract, the subject today is knuckleballers. I do not plan on bringing any new information together regarding knuckleballers, but I want to try and tie some loose ends up of other writers who are much smarter than I.Voros McCracken told us in 2001 that "There is little if any difference among major-league pitchers in their ability to prevent hits on balls hit in