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Enjoy the Offseason!


So it happened: the long season has drawn to its inevitable close, as October rolls into November. Sports radio frequencies are littered with discussions of quarterback ratings, and of backup point guards. Even horseracing. But precious little on baseball.After all of the pomp and circumstance- the obsessive checking of ESPN since pitchers and catchers in mid-February, and the daily ups and downs

How to Survive the Baseball Offseason


by Scott SilverstenNow what?For those that haven’t noticed, the baseball season ends this weekend. On Saturday night, we turn back the clocks so that darkness falls by 5 p.m. Halloween is only days away, and winter is fast approaching. It’s the worst time of the year … The Baseball Offseason.I know there is always the Hot Stove League: Will A-Rod be traded? Are the Marlins trading Willis? Is

Dave Duncan and the 5 Reason the Cardinals are in the World Series


by Jeremy BirdI have been a St. Louis naysayer since the Cardinals started to collapse towards the end of the season. Scratch that. I have been a St. Louis naysayer since Mark Mulder went down and the best pitching savior GM Walt Jocketty could find was the 3-10 struggling Jeff Weaver. Sure, I grew up on Cardinal baseball. Yes, I still remember Willie McGee’s wall-scaling catch in the 1982

Joe Consensus Struggling in October


by Scott SilverstenThe only person who has had a worse October than George Steinbrenner is Joe Consensus.Joe Consensus?Although you may not be able to identify him in a crowd of two, Joe Consensus finds his way into every sports conversation. He is the biggest prognosticator this side of Punxsutawney Phil. And much like everyone’s favorite groundhog, it’s hard to take Joe Consensus

Let's Go Mets!


Doug Silversten and Alan Eliot are on vacation this week and their columns, "The Big Picture" and "The Stories We Tell", respectively, will return here in their normal slots in two weeks. However, they want to remind the media who keep playing up the fact that the Tigers lost 119 games three years ago that the Mets lost 91 themselves just two years ago. Anyway, enjoy Game 5 of the NLCS tonight.

Mets Know How to Spell Relief


by Rob HymanIn the two weeks between the Mets clinching the division and the start of the NLDS, there was more bad news than good:• After clinching, the team proceeded to lose seven of its next nine games• Pedro was deemed unavailable for the post season• The day before the NLDS, El Duque was also rendered unavailablePeople were starting to write them off. Clearly those people had not been

$200 million dollar failure? Not quite...


by Scott Silversten Many fans of the New York Yankees wanted Joe Torre fired for his failure to have a team that achieved tremendous regular season success accomplish anything in October. In his place they want Lou Piniella.This is the same Pineilla who skippered the Seattle Mariners to a record 116 regular-season victories in 2001, only to flame out in five games against the Yankees, who had

The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall


by Sam SowlWe all thought it. This was the best lineup we had ever seen, maybe the best of all time. They were supposed to put up 9 runs a game, just blow every one else out of the water. Instead, they completely failed; they went 20 innings without scoring a run, 5 innings without a single baserunner in game 4. How could this happen? I thought A-Rod was their 3B, not Scott Brosius. Here

Mets in 6


by Jeremy BirdYou can win a best of 5 series with one CY Young pitcher who comes up big in the postseason. You might even be able to win a best-of-seven with that same CY Young winner pitching games 1, 4 and 7. In both scenarios all you need is one other starting pitcher to step up as Jeff Weaver did in the Cardinals' NLDS series against San Diego.Unfortunately, for Red Bird nation, Chris

Movie Review: "Pride of the Yankees"


The Critical Fanby Matt SandlerNote: Columnist Matt Sandler is off this week and thus we are republishing one of his best columns to date...a review of the 1942 classic, "Pride of the Yankees". He'll return with an all-new book or movie review in two weeks.As a die-hard Mets fan, I am constitutionally obligated to hate the Yankees, and I take this duty seriously. However, there are three times

More fearless NLDS and World Series Picks!


by Alan Eliot et al.Yesterday, we began by predicting the outcomes of the two ALDS and one NLDS series that began on Tuesday. Today, we continue by unveiling our pick for the final series, Dodgers/Mets, which begins today. All picks were made by Monday night. You can see yesterday's column, and our picks for the other three series, here.4. Los Angeles Dodgers at New York Mets- series start time (

BFT's Fearless ALDS and NLDS Picks!


by Alan Eliot et al.You've made it. Phew. A hearty congratulations to you, rabid baseball fan. Having to wade through a day without a single baseball game to preoccupy your time (the first time that's happened since the all-star break), you were left, perplexed. Now what?We hope you used the time wisely to remove yourself from your TV/computer, and to get some sun. You look a little pale. We

Attention all NY Mets Fans: This Column is For You.


by Doug SilverstenWednesday night it all begins. After completely dominating the National League this year during the regular season, Wednesday night begins our road to the NL pennant. A lot has been written about what would it mean if the Mets struggle in the playoffs and don’t reach the World Series, or even the NLCS. Does it diminish what we did during the regular season? Does it mean our

And the 2006 BOP is..... (BOP???)


by Rob HymanMy fellow colleague (and new father of two!) Scott Silversten spelled out some of the major debates in today’s game. I’d like to pick up where he left off – let’s discuss the annual debate on the proper criterion to decide on an MVP and a CY Young award winner. The debate with the MVP is whether or not the term Most Valuable Player should be taken literally or does it really mean

Baseball's Great Debates


by Scott SilverstenFor those who wax poetic about the grand old game, one of the great allures of baseball has always been the way it lends itself to debate. Baseball is a pastime, we are often told, and the game’s rhythms are perfect for historical comparisons and barstool arguments.And without failure, there are two baseball debates that arise, like clockwork, once a season.The first occurs in



by Sam SowlI’d like to start this column with a prediction that will hopefully bode much better with my critics from San Diego than my previous predictions did: the San Diego Chargers will not make the playoffs this year. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…Strat-O-Matic Baseball. To those of you who know what this means, the sentiments expressed in this column will surely resonate deeply

September Swoon


by Jeremy BirdWhat the hell is happening to the St. Louis Cardinals?Last Wednesday, the team’s magic number stood at five. The Reds were 7½ games out of first, and the Astros stood 8½ back. St. Louis was in cruise control on its way to another division title and home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs. After six straight losses and a horrendous four-game sweep at the hands of

Movie Review: "Mr. 3000 "


by Matt Sandler"The Critical Fan" The cynic in me often gets the feeling that the entire attitude that baseball players present—just wanting to win, not caring about individual statistics, jumping like a Little Leaguer when a teammate hits a walk-off home run—is a big fat charade. On the inside, they’re looking out for #1, just as, frankly, so many the rest of us are. If they care about padding

Welcome to the Baseball World: Joshua and Sean!


Scott Silversten’s column, "Age of Reason" will not appear this week because he became a father on Tuesday! He and his wife Jill welcomed Joshua and Sean Silversten. They were announced as "the newest Yankee fans," although as the boys’ aunt and uncle, we will do our best to tear them away from the Evil Empire. We have very little confidence that it will work. But baseball fans are baseball fans,

Shock and Awe: September 18, 2006, Padres vs. Dodgers


by Doug SilverstenThis week's Wild-Card Wednesday is going to be short, because I am in awe and I don't know what to say. Given the circumstances, perhaps the greatest regular season game EVER was played on Monday night, and I feel it is not getting the attention it deserved. After a great regular season game, my father always comments to me, "If that was played in the postseason, they would be

Inside the Mind of a Mets Fan


by Alan EliotThe instant the Mets clinched the NL East Monday night, it occurred to me that the last time they had done so, I was 10 years old.1988. A lifetime ago.This time around, I was equipped with a cold beer, which lay in wait for the championship moment. The crowd roared with each passing out. Shea was crazy. The fans wanted the win in the worst way. The players wanted the win in the worst

Beane Does It....Again


by Doug SilverstenAwhile ago, I wrote a column stating that the best GM in the game is Billy Beane, and it is not even close. I’ve been accused of being a “Billy-Lover,” “Beane-Obsessed,” etc. However, how can you not be in awe of a guy who puts winners on the field every year, makes incredible moves- and does all this with none of the advantages that the perennial contenders enjoy? This year, he

Unless you can take a Subway to Detroit, I opt to skip another Subway Series


by Rob HymanUnlike many of the Mets fans who write for Baseball For Thought, I'm not a Yankee hater by any means. I don't root for them, but I don't root against them either. To me, they are just another team in the American League - a league that I pay much less attention to.So when I say I do not want the Mets and Yankees to play in the World Series, it's not because I don't want the Yankees to

Perception vs. Reality: Yankees can win without Rivera and Jeter


by Scott SilverstenPerception vs. Reality.Oh, what a fierce battle they wage.And no place does that fight occur more often than in the Bronx, where supporters of the New York Yankees have for decades felt they were smarter or more cerebral than their counterparts in other cities. If only that was actually the reality of the situation.In New York, the perception is that Alex Rodriguez NEVER gets

NL Wild Card Race (Ryan Howard is Awesome)


by Sam SowlAt this point, I don't care about the AL Wild Card race. If the White Sox deserve it, they'll win it. If they don't, the Twins sure as hell deserve it. Of course, there's a good chance both teams will make the playoffs and it will be the Tigers that fall off (which is my prediction). There's really not much else to say about it; three of the top teams in baseball, two spots (one