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Preview: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

In which the ladies bring their own perspectives to the world of spectating baseball.

Updated: 2015-09-16T15:23:59.419-04:00


It's been awhile, eh?


But I looked at this week's edition of The Onion, and I found this:Cincinnati Reds Volunteer to Win the NL Central"We just figured that the Cardinals would do it again since they've been the ones doing it the past couple years, but they don't really seem to want to this season," Reds manager Jerry Narron said.It may be a fake article, but it just points out the NL Central's theme this year: "

Pitching stats = LOL


As much fun as I had watching tonight's crazy-ass Indians/White Sox game, I really think the pitching lines shows how completely freaking arbitrary stats like "wins," "saves," and even "blown saves" are for pitchers. Seriously. Although the part of me that enjoys things that don't make any sense really likes how you can apparently have both a blown save and a win attributed to you in the course

An Open Letter


Dear fans of the Cleveland Indians,Stop booing Jim Thome. I get it, I really do. I refer to him as the traitor. I hate that he plays for the White Sox. But seriously, stop booing him. Do you see what he does when you boo? He hits the ball. Hard. You're right, he's pretty damn amazing and never should have left. But he did and we can't change that. And all the booing in the world is just going to

Jugglin' Joe


Anyone who knows me--well, at all, but especially anyone who knows me very well--knows that I really cannot stand the Chicago White Sox. Their mere existence plagues me when I wake up in the morning; no, my life is still insufficient because one of the thirty major league baseball teams is still the Chicago White Sox, and they're still the 2005 world champions.I admit, I have some

Oh no they didn't!


I've been listening/watching the Cards/Astros matchup on FSN Midwest, and the announcers are former Cardinal Al Hrabosky and...some other dude. Sometimes, they get bored, and tonight, when they got bored, they started talking about Carrot Top.Like, so-and-so player looks like Carrot Top.Dude, do not try to legitimize Carrot Top!In other news, I am surprised that Pujols is playing after having

Didn't we used to have the best bullpen in the AL?


So it's been about a century since I posted here, and I've got some stuff to talk about about the Indians pitching staff because I've got some concerns.Not so much with the starting pitching. I think having C.C. Sabathia out hurts us because we lack the "ace" of the staff (even though I feel he's a bit over-rated at times, only because the Indians lack a true ace, not to say that C.C. is in any

Blame it on the rain?


I think it can be safe to say that a game like the one played Opening Night between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox was not exactly the way the Indians intended to begin their season. While, really, I would like to talk about the game in depth, I'm going to hold off making any judgements until I've seen these guy play more than one game.However, I would like to address one thing,

Because it's 90 feet to first...


I figured it was time for an introduction. I am April, and I'll probably be the one talking about college baseball around here. On the Major League side, I'm an Oakland fan through and through, but I can't help but be an Astros fan as well. At times I end up rooting for the Rangers, and I have a soft spot for the Indians. It's all kind of weird. I can remember loving baseball as far back as when

WBC: a non-fan's POV


This is my disclaimer: I do not care about the WBC. In fact, I'd rather it wasn't happening because it's interfering with my ability to watch tennis. Yes, tennis. The only way I care about this is to be able to point and mock the US team. And that's what this post is about. And, you know, the commenting that comes along with the fact that I was right. Here's what I said in the WBC predictions

Hair today, gone tomorrow.


I couldn't resist the pun, seriously. And, sadly, couldn't resist weird topics for articles, either. I always forget that sports articles tend to be weird and so when they discuss cutting hair I'm left wondering why. Take, for example, the new Indians notes.» Notes: Brown hoping for bullpen spot: Boone heating up; Slocum adaptingAt first glance of the headline, you'd think this was just a

Consider this my contribution to The Baseball Blog.


My father recently came back from vacation in Florida, and handed me a baseball from the Cardinals spring training camp.I am unsure what to make of this.(Hi, guys! I'm Jori, the one who doesn't understand baseball. No, I'm not sure why I'm here either. Shhh.)

Let's talk about ESPN's WBC Coverage


Why must it suck worse than NBC's coverage of every Olympics (winter and summer) combined? I know, I know, there's an online stream. Oh, and you can hear it on XM Satellite Radio (live, I would assume). But I'm guessing you have to pay for the online stream (Ang, correct me if I'm wrong) and you definitely have to pay for XM. Not everyone has the disposable income for either, and even if

Let's Talk About Ben Broussard!


He plays first base and he's good at it. He also plays guitar and he's pretty good at that, too. So, what's the problem? This little thing called hitting. What is it about Broussard that makes the Indians keep him? It's not his hitting, and it's probably not his guitar playing, so that leaves defense. The Indians need someone who can field and Broussard does a good job. So, obviously that's why

Let's Talk About Jhonny Peralta!


I've been a little bit of a downer lately, I know, but today I got some of the best baseball news I've heard in, well, a while: The Cleveland Indians have signed shortstop Jhonny Peralta to a long-term contract through 2010, with an option for 2011.Last week, Sarah told you guys about Grady Sizemore and his budding super-star status, and we talked about how we needed, desperately, to write about

Let's talk about Barry Bonds


If you've turned on your television or looked at any sports-related wesbites recently, you've heard about Game of Shadows, a book written by two San Francisco Chronicle reporters alleging a great deal of evidence based on written records and interviews that Barry Bonds used steroids from 1998 to 2003. The book also alleges tax evasion, and, due to its claims about Barry Bonds's banned substance

Panel: World Baseball Classic


Recently, I posed a few questions about the World Baseball Classic to our esteemed writers. Here are our thoughts and predictions on the tournament as of Tuesday evening.1) Who is your pick to win this thing?ALEX: Italy! Just kidding. I pick Japan!ANG: Japan. They're a very well-rounded team, seem very prepared, and they seem to work well together.LAURA: I haven't seen all the teams, but after [

RIP Kirby Puckett


So I was watching the WBC Dominican Republic vs. Venezuela game (which is still on right now on ESPN), and all of a sudden, they started talking about Kirby Puckett, and I was thinking, "What does Kirby Puckett have to do with all this?"Turns out, he died yesterday, one day after having a stroke. He was 45 (and mere days away from what would have been his 46th birthday).He's already in the Hall

Introduction - Sarah


Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm an Indians fan. Ok, so I was raised in Michigan, but my parents are from Ohio. What does that mean? I've been raised to root for all Ohio teams (and I do), including the Buckeyes, Browns, Cavaliers, and, of course, the Indians. I've been a fan since before I was born (well, not really, but it feels that way). I've sat through the highs and lows and life after the

Motown represent!


Thanks to Ang for the invite! My name's Alex, and I'm a Tigers fan. (hi alex!) I've been actively following baseball for seven years, although I was first exposed to it in 1994. I'd say I was well on my way to becoming a diehard until the strike, and I spent a few years off in Hockeytown, before the lure of the diamond drew me back. I think baseball is absolutely the most beautiful thing I've

My intro post!


Thank you, Ang, for the invite, even if I am a Cardinals fan. Heh.My name is Laura, and as the above sentence says, I'm a Cardinals fan and have been as far as I can remember. Being right in the STL (okay, the suburbs, but still), my baseball loyalties aren't divided at all, though I've often checked how Houston's been doing for the past few years, given the division rivalry. (Yes, the

Introduction: Ang


In 1990, I was seven years old, and my dad and his wife moved to Cincinnati. My dad tried to keep me entertained when I came down to visit, and he and some of his co-workers went in on season tickets to see the Cincinnati Reds. I fell in love with baseball. It wasn't just the move coinciding nicely with the World Series win. It was the process of going down to Riverfront. It was the 1991 game

Grady Sizemore is a star


» Like it or not, everybody loves GradyThe cult of Grady Sizemore is growing by the day, and there's nothing he can do to stop it.Not when White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen proclaims you the best player in the division, and the key to Cleveland's surprising rise to contention last year.Not when you put together the kind of season, in your first full year in the majors, that reeks of impending

Mish-mash and Hodge-podge


This post is sadly just going to be a hodge-podge of links and pictures I've rounded up over the past few days. I'm sure everyone has seen Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects in 2006 list by now, but in case you haven't, there it is. Some of the quotes made me laugh in a bad way, but it's an interesting list to peruse. Some guys I expected to be on it weren't, but I'll be the first to admit that

Yes, I Care About the World Baseball Classic


I know a lot of people are down on the World Baseball Classic, but I'm pretty cool with watching a bunch of guys play pointless games on television for national pride when they were just going to be playing a bunch of pointless games that weren't going to be televised anyway. By that, I mean that the 30-man roster for Puerto Rico has been posted. For you heathens who are unaware, the reason I

Pictures of the Indians during spring training


These are from Sadly, I'm not actually there taking pictures or anything -- just living vicariously. Anyway, three selected pictures from the past couple of days.