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The Curly W

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Austin Kearns


Is still hitting .250....................

It's so Jimbo...


and like Rijo, you gotta go. "Politicians and mobsters," said Jimmy Breslin, "will never find anything too small that's not worth stealing." Add General managers to that. The case will linger on and have details, but does it matter. A well paid baseball man with everything in his profession and the job that so many of us dream of having, throws it away to the skim. Unless this is a tip of some MLB iceberg????, Trader Jim is well gone from the Nats. God speed Jim Bowden. Mistakes aren't worth denigrating you into oblivion. Take the family for a vacation.

NAT Phenoms afoot!


This is what i'm talking about Nat fans! Youts! Young stars to mesh with an aging vet to make our pitching staff worthy of 80+ wins. Who that aging vet is ~ is a mystery to me at this point. This was a nice 2nd day of Spring training. reports: "Right-handers Collin Balester, Jordan Zimmermann and Terrell Young pitched a combined six innings without giving up a run. They struck out five batters and walked two."

Say It Ain't So, Jimbo!


Skimming bonuses and a kid with a bonus who really isn't who he says he is! I'd say Old Jim Bow is destine for a release fairly soon. A poor first half and he's in palookaville. It'll take a Nats run like in the inaugural year to save Jim Bowden now. And even that may not keep the Feds from his door.

A snipet from Federal Baseball Blog (one of the best Nat blogs):

The SMILEYGATE scandal that broke last week was just the latest in a long line of disturbing events that are part of an FBI investigation (my lord, why am i writing about this?) into the activities of the then-Reds' GM Jim Bowden, Jose Rijo, (a former Reds' pitcher and assistant to Mr. Bowden with Washington), and David Wilder, a former Chicago White Sox' executive, who are all connected, Ms. Segura writes, by "Two sources inside baseball," to:

"... a long-time scout in Latin America, Jorge Oquendo, 47...who links the FBI's investigations of Bowden and his special assistant Jose Rijo to that of former Chicago White Sox senior director of player personnel David Wilder."

Mr. Wilder and "two Dominican-based scouts", Ms. Segura writes, were fired by the Chicago White Sox, "Last May...after allegations surfaced that they had pocketed money earmarked for player signing bonuses."'s Bill Ladson, in an article entitled, "Rijo takes leave of absence", reported on 2/21/09 on Jose Rijo's decision to "take a leave of absence" from the Nationals in the wake of the "Smiley" Gonzalez revelations. Rijo was Special Assistant to the DC GM Mr. Bowden, who, according to Mr. Ladson's article had been told not to talk to the media about the Esmailyn Gonzalez case by the Nationals' Team President Stan Kasten, though what, if any role Mr. Bowden played in either scandal has yet to be revealed.

Ms. Segura notes in the new article that the aformentioned Jorge Oquendo, "...distances himself from Jim Bowden, saying, 'He didn't even know who I was,'" though Oquendo, again, according to the article, worked for Mr. Bowden during two different periods of Bowden's tenure in Cincinnati.

The Rotation


Lannan and Olsen are (2) #2's in any one's rotation these days. Perhaps they are(2) 2 1/2s. Perez, and Cabrera eat innings. The dream is for Zimmerman to be the phenom late into September, Hill to be resurrected, Bergmann to be 15-10 and Balester to become the Patterson we never knew! The rotation lacks one ace. With an ace, the Nats become formidable and not potential. Add an old ace....Pedro...Petitte



What in the name of Benjamin Button is going on here! A blood test would have given his age. Smiley ain't gonna be smil'n when he gives back the bonus money. 23 mean he is at the end of his rainbow. 19 would have made him a burgeoning star. This screws up the entire infield plan of the future, and another black mark on Bowden and Kasten. It reads like a bad immigration trial.

"But while the Nationals have been listing his date of birth as Sept. 21, 1989—which would make him 19 now—Kasten said Wednesday that a Major League Baseball investigation determined Gonzalez is actually Carlos David Alvarez Lugo, born in November 1985—meaning he is really 23."

What got in to Teddy?


BRAWLING ON ICE! Teddy, mascot of the Nats and doomed last place finisher, accosted the Presidential entourage at the Cap game on PRESIDENT'S DAY! He drove Abe and Friend into the boards and attempted to brawl with our Founding Father GW! Yes, he was the originator of the "BULLY" Pulpit, but this was outrageous. Not to be deterred GW won the race on ice as Teddy feel like a fool into the Red Line! May TR be destined to another year of last place finishes as he sooooo unceremoniously aqcuitted himself to be put on ICE! ;)



The Nats are going worst to first! Like the 1993 Phillies, The Nats will rebound strong in 2009. Scott Olsen was a great pickup. Lannan will mature....Hell, the whole staff/team will mature! Zimmerman...The Pitcher...may surprise! Look for Hernandez and Flores to add greatly to Zim, Guzie and Dunn. Wily Mo is healthy...PLEASE GOD! and Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes will need to make it count. Austin Kearns is still the glove to beat in the outfield. I'm excited as the weather will turn and so will the NATS! GO NATS!

Martis looks sharp...


He looks like he might grow another foot! Let's hope he's a staff horse like Livan was for so many years....

But Jerome Williams looked good for a short while, too.

Don Sutton gave him the thumbs up in a nutshell...he is a great analyst.

Ever notice how Harris is batting well over .300 in his LAST 67 games, .255 overall?
How Zim is hitting HRs well lately...he has what 10 overall?
Bonifacio is hitting over .300 lately...6 for 18 or so...
We have turned 120 double plays this we won games with them!!!!


The Phillies just love us ;)

LUV playing a role in the end of the season!


don't the Phillies just love us! We have caused them problems in the pennant race for now 3 of the last 4 years. As a former diehard phillies fan, I get great satisfaction from causing these cheap b------- to have to struggle to win. Can you imagine if the sillies went after Sabathia? or Santana? They'd have tossed one of them last night! INSTEAD OUR NATS PUT THEM IN A 3 GAMES BEHIND POSITION WITH LEST THAN A MONTH...Not insurmountable with the Mets in the lead, but no doubt the sillies ain't laughing at our beloved Nats! GO NATS!

As the Doomsayer....


We have a 7-2 lead in the 5th. I'm here to say that if we blow it it is indeed my fault. Did I not call Bonifacio our lead off hitter of the future. Talk about a Fedex delivery of the book on our boy Emilio in short order. He went from Ichiro to Who the F*%$ knows! I take the blame.

But is Guzie still not the Nat of the year?! That .300 average is the best we got!


125 GAMES.....



..WHAT CAN YOU WRITE ABOUT...Even Bonifacio is in a slump!

Call up Bush to pitch a few innings! At least we could Boo, and mean it!

Nice Comeback! The Reds are worse than.....


well let's not get in to it. Hey, Fish! How bout dem Nats!

- Bob Carpenter. As one of the 9,000 households!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm very happy to hear that Bob C. and Don Sutton will be back. They are a pleasure to listen to, re-learn baseball and laugh as we are in the throws (sp.?) of SOME SERIOUSLY BAD BASEBALL!!!!!

-However, LAST NIGHT WAS A PLEASURE FROM THE MOMENT, my new guy Emilio Bonifacio, slapped, punched, Ichiro-ed that leadoff hit to start the game. caught his speed on the triple later on!

- Had the pleasure of waching the BUCs thrive in the growing stages of the late 80's and dominate in the early 90's. Belliard and Lind made their defense sparkle, but those teams had great arms to begin with...Drabek, Smiley, Zane Smith, even Bob Walk thrived...but then again, Bonilla, Bonds, Van Slyke... Jay Bell was Linds shortstop those days. I enjoy Bonifacio and Guzie right now, Gonzalez maybe soon, but let's see what happens when the league gets the book on these guys.



Was that an ICHIRO or what against the Reds tonight!? Speed, brains and desire to win. I like this kid. But I also liked Felipe!!!! :O



Out with the Old! LoDuc, Estrada and Felipe! Sorry to say that Felipe was not up to the challenge. He was everything that a premier middle infielder should be but he never emerged. LoDuc was lost after the needle scandal and Johnny was over weight. If he kept in shape he would have added atleast five years to his career.

I like the new guys: Bonifacio and Dukes are back. I'm ready for the shuttle up from the minors to begin NOW! Let's see the future! We've seen the past.

Giant blow out, but the roster moves are SMOK'IN!


But the real news is Estrada is no more. Johnny Estrada could have put a few more years on to his career but he never seemed to be in shape and injuries put him on the #4 of the 4th catcher out!

Langerhans making me believe that he is more than a glove with no stick. The numbers don't lie!

" Nationals outfielder Ryan Langerhans is starting to show consistency at the plate. Entering Thursday's action, Langerhans was 9-for-18 (.421) during the month of July to raise his batting average to .286...Last year, Langerhans struggled mightily and hit .167 with six home runs and 23 RBIs."

As for the Chief, I think Bowden better get so class. And for that matter, the entire organization needs a little Katherine Gibbs! Call the freaking agent first before you go on the RADIO!!!!!! How about the way the Nats screwed Patterson out of extra money before they released him?! I know it is a business, but to have class makes you a real baseball franchise and not a nickel and dime organization. Take a lesson upstairs....Bowden, Kasten, Lerners

A closer is a luxury....


and Felipe is gone! Bonifacio is the next lead off hitter and the second baseman with speeeeed! He'll light his jets until the beginning of September until the call up, but a Closer is for winners, and the D-backs are setting their sights a bit higher these days. Good Trade.

Guzie is lean and mean, and he's worth the two more. I guess that bonus baby ain't ready yet! Always a Guzie fan here. Can't complain with .300 average.

A Laugher!


MAN COULDN'T WE USE THESE EVERY OTHER DAY! We can dream can't next year!

Willie Harris is in a groove. Nice to see him getting a chance to play strong.

Austin Kearns playing well. 5-3-3-2, .221, He's healthy. I'll give him a chance. what the hell else can we do at this point in THIS season!

Injured to Start!


Wily Mo NO MO for atleast two months. It seemed like the big guy was hurt for a while. Much like Austin Kearns was battling an injury for most of the early season before his trip to the DL.

Da Meat Hook needs to address the diabetes. No joke. It's a tough life to constantly be keeping to the program, but the life of a big leaguer is a cherished one. I hope and pray the big fella keeps his pace.

P.S. We lost.

At the All Star Break: WE SUCK!


We suck! Feels good to say it twice. But we ain't owned by the Steinbrenners, we have the pockets that can rival the Cubs, Dodgers, Yanks and Bosox and the Atlanta Braves built from the "pitching" farm system and "hitters", and they sucked for most of the 1980's...anybody remember that(?) I'm still danc'in with Trader Jim, Stan the Man and Daddy Warbucks Lerner.

A MUST READ: Minor League Report by Chico Harlan at


After reading this very, very comprehensive report on the minors, rest assured the goal of the Nat Front Office is to groom the pitchers and to get the bats via free agency...IMHO



"Dukes, Washington's left fielder and No. 3 hitter, was determined to have a meniscus tear and a partial tear of the patella tendon, a knee injury that will send him to the disabled list and keep him out for a minimum of four to six weeks. His knee will be scoped on Monday."

This injury is not career ending or even career hampering. Elijah will heal and play strongly in the future with no real loss to speed or mobility here with these types of injuries.....BUT.....

As Trader Jim puts it...the injuries here are UNBELIEVABLE:

8 OF 9 Opening Day Starters on DL for a significant amount of time!

"I've never seen anything like this," General Manager Jim Bowden said. "It's one thing if it's older veterans, but all of our 23-year-old kids -- Zimmerman, Milledge, [Shawn] Hill, [Chad] Cordero -- they're all in their low- or mid-20s. It's very rare, and it's unfortunate."


Starters & Run Support


Chico Harlan blogging great stuff with regards to our starting pitching and run support. With Balester, Mock, Clippard, Detwiler, etc.... The pitching may not be that far away from being productive... add some healthy players and some productive new ones in the near future. Look for Trader Jim to have to make the moves next year or he may be leaving. Pitching, Pitching, Pitching!!!!!

"We've talked a lot about John Lannan's lack of run support this season, but Bergmann's support has been even more futile. Almost unbelievably futile. With Bergmann on the mound in those 10 starts -- that is, before he's taken out of the game -- the Nationals have scored a total, yes, a total, of eight runs.

Among pitchers on pace to throw at least 162 innings this season, Lannan has received the poorest run support in baseball. But if you loosen the qualifications just slightly, and look at all starters in baseball who've thrown at least 50 innings this season, Bergmann has the lowest run support average (1.95). Lannan's run support average (2.43), under these qualifications, is merely second-worst in baseball."

NATIONALS BALLPARK IS FANTASTIC!!! Maybe we can fill it with players who can win!


I'm willing to wait, but let's talk about the park!

- Centerfield is the place to hang out. Even a seven year old noticed it;)

- Sitting in the red seats in centerfield is the HOT SPOT! HOTTIES GALORE! Don't take dates, girlfriends, wives or observant/talkative children;)


- Who could eat chili at 90 degree plus temperatures?

- $4.00 water...ridiculous, the best seats in the house, and they are fantastics!!!, are built so low (similar to PNC Park in Pittsburgh) that the SWAMP of DC will not afford a breeze and the heat is punishing!!!! The cheaper the seat; the better the breeze ~ you can survive a 95 degree night that way.

- "Build a Bear" could not miss any child's eye! bring your wallet, but you will be a king!

- Bagging the crab cake sandwiches was either to PISS OFF the Orioles, or a dumb move. Three people asked for it while I was in line being refused infront of them.

- SECTION 128's USHERS are the best damn guys in the PARK! Give'um a raise Lerners!

Angels Watching! Youth prevails!


The Glimmer of hope rest in our youth....Boswell is a pucker O fan!

Manny asserting his leadership is necessary if these young guys will ever emerge. The strong silent type will lose Milledge, Flores and Dukes not to mention the young pitchers in the pipeline. It's too easy to lose these guys to the limelight and glitter of the stardom. The team has the ability to be very good very soon. They need to committ to the fundamentals, Manny and the winning will be easy. But Manny needs to assert himself.

Did anybody think Nick would last? Da Meat Hook is slimmer, but he's out of the groove and father time and health aren't with him either? Can we spell Marrero?

Wily Mo may be warming up???? It's getting humid in DC and so may he!