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Old Conlin Stuff


And just a couple of month's ago Conlin was telling everyone to stop clamoring to fire Bowa wasn't he? And now he's finally on board.

The only negative to this piece, I scanned it quickly, was him using Scott Kazmir as an example for moving top prospects. Just look at the Mets now, pretty much out of the race and out of thier top pitching prospect.

Without going into it, I think you can always count on the Mets to make a huge blunder a year in the personell area. And I love it.

Lidle and Collier


Getting Lidle probably is an improvement over Abbott in the five spot, but he has let up alot of HR's (24) and now he enters the Cit which tends to see them leave at a higher rate. They gave up Movan who I kinda like, hits decent and is fast, but the guy doesn't take alot of walks and with a decent core of young outfielders he is expendable. Wilson has been a mixed bag, and the PTBNL probably will be a nothing. So it was a "fair" trade on my aspect of things.

Collier is up and apparently the new LF for the time being. And he has done well his last two starts, and since he is versatile and can play 3B as well he probably will be around for the remainder of the season. Collier has played a good amount of ball in the bigs, and it isn't so hot: .239/.314/.338 in 600 AB's prior to his current stint. He was doing pretty damn good in Scranton, so maybe he finally found his stroke. Or maybe he just a AAA lifer, we will find out.

Removing two months from this year and he compares with Burrell pretty favorably, although Burrell still has an edge on him. Collier is the better player per price at this point, and that point is pretty mute, but still LF is going to be an issue for a few years I think. Hopefully, Collier can have a solid two months.

Todd Jones finally faultered tonight, although I don't think F-Rod was really available although he's had two days off and Worrell has been getting alot of work lately. So if F-Rod wasn't available all that was left really was Roberto Horrendous, and although you have to live with him before getting to Geary, I'd take my chances with Jones and it didn't work out. Hopefully, Jones, like Collier, can piece together two months of ball. This is where we miss Madson alot.

Altough it was only Lidle, I am glad to see Wade hasn't just shut down since the passing of trade deadline. If he can become aggresive, and land a LF it would be nice. Hopefully send Polanco somwhere, but I have no idea who is available at all.



Ive been off for awhile, with good reason. It happens. I'll be back tomorrow with my usual uplifiting commentary.

This is all I have to say for now: If your play the way you've been playing, and you don't make the playoffs....then the Braves and the (Cubs) need to be congratulated

The Phils are playing on a personal level better than they have in a long time....and detractors?

I will defend this injury shortened team to the death.



Sorry about the week off, just alot of unexpected busy work to do came my way. Anyhow...

Sweeping the Padres wasn't only good, it was an almost must. The Braves continue on thier tear, and the Cubs are still 4 games up on the Wild Card. Ya know, if there is one thing this team could learn from Bowa, it's his sense of desperation and all-or-nothing attitude that he used to play with, they'll need it to finish out the stretch run.

If Kevin Millwood goes down, what next? Are there any answers to that question? Would Gavin Floyd come up, and at this point I think it would be alot to ask for Floyd. Pitching for Abbott is one thing, filling in for Millwood is another. Although there is hope, Padilla made another rehab start, and it was larely a bag of mixed results..5 K's, 4 BB's, and a grand slam.

Last night's game was just a good good good game to watch. Alot of gutsy play from both sides. Glanville had a good game, Burrough's had a great running play in advancing to third, Byrd recovered after badly misplaying a bad fly, and Powell worked hard through three innings in which runners were on base in each.

Todd Jones and F-Rod have gotten the job, simple as that. Although Jones should be an expected collapse, if Bowa continues to use him every night, these two have come in an given the bullpen good solid arms in which they needed so desperately. With Burrell down, and no Ledee, I'm sure alot of people have been saying "I told you so", but it wouldn't make much difference. He would have moved to left and Michaels or Glanville would have taken CF. So far, the trade has worked out for us. Especially since Ricky is 0 for 9 in SF.

LA will be tough, but if we can take two into Colorado the Phils will be looking pretty good.

Gavin Floyd learned the difference between AA and AAA last night, by having probably one of his worst outings since joining the minors.

Next Post


will be on Friday morning or tomorrow night and Friday. Been unusually busy. Hope we can all enjoy this Padres series, hopefully we can start riding some kind of winning streak, for fan confidence sake.

Trading Places


The Phillies made two moves, well trades tonight, and I will say that I am "pleased". First Ledee and Simon for Felix Rodriguez. Ok let's try and digest this. This move obviously bolsters the bullpen, no doubt about it, because any reliable are would have done so. Ledee had been a very valuable bat off the bench the last couple of years, and had recently been placed in center. His numbers overall are .271/.386/.492, pretty damn good for being mostly a part timer. His numbers are the result of filling in for Burrell .333/.371/.636 more so than playing center .189/.362/.243, at aproximately equal at-bats. And his role has been playing center, and he hasn't been able to hold up to the task obviously offensively, nor being a defensive assest. I don't think anyone foresaw Ledee being moved, so in regards to his performance since taking over at center and some creativity by Wade, I like the idea of moving Ledee. Simon has been on a tear as of late, and has good prephial numbers, he really is the key to this deal. I don't see Ledee providing much for the Giants, so Simon really was the kicker. In all fairness, Byrd (who was called up) has been playing really well the last week. He can at least duplicate what Ledee was hitting, and provides a slightly better defensive edge. Felix Rodriguez's numbers are inflated by Pac Bell, but then again he will be pitching in hitter friendly CBP, so I don't see much of a change in his numbers coming to the team. On a quick check, forgive me it's real late, I couldn't find his grounball/flyball ratio, but he has let up some home runs. His big disadvantage is his salary, but I don't care about that for this season, but he's locked into next year for $3 mil and some change. His market would probably be around the $2 mil mark, so we aren't exactly picking up an overpriced player here. My verdict on this one is that it is good for the Phils. Simon is a few years away, and probably will be a reliever, or at least figured to be in the Phils scheme of things with Hamels and Floyd coming up. The future can only tell there really. Ledee isn't an answer in center, and neither is Byrd really, so moving him for relief actually makes sense. It does leave a big hold on the bench for a lefty. The Phils needed Rodriguez more than they needed Ledee at this point, so it works out, if marginally The other move, concerning Todd Jones really rounds out a hurting bullpen. His K/BB ratio has alot to be desired, but he has managed nonetheless. Jones is pretty cheap, and done after his year. A pretty sturdy pick-up in that regard. IF we get Wagner and Madson back, this signifies the end for Hernandez in Philly if niether of these two collapse. Hancock was sent over for him and he was regarded as a decent prospect, but his numbers really haven't been good at all in the minors and add that to the shalacking he received up in the majors and you can bet alot of confidence has been lost in him. Then there is Machado, who was widely regarded as Rollins' heir apparent, but he hasn't improved his defense or his hitting this year. Couple that with a born-again Rollins and he was deemed expendable. I like this move honestly, I don't see Machado or Hancock really amounting to anything in the majors, and Jones helps now. So far, I'll credit Wade with really attacking a need on the team and filling it nicely. The pen is now Worrell, Cormier, Rodriguez, Jones, Telemaco, Hernandez, and Powell (hoepfully enough of Geary). This is a drastic improvement over what he had just tonight. Hernandez and Powell are bumped out with Madson and Wagner, and if Wagner can't come back it's still a solid pen with Hernandez being the last man. So far he traded a center fielder who wasn't hacking it and replaced him with the hack he replaced. So we are down to two areas of concern, center and a possible fifth starter. Polanco for Lofton is probably going to happen at the last minu[...]

Pick your head up


Ok, yesterday I said my words on Bowa and Wade, and now I'm done with it.  It's time to move on, too much of this blog, as well as others have focused too much on Bowa.  The issue is really out of our hands, and by now we have all made our positions on the issue, extremely clear.  Any further bickering about those two on this site for the time being is, in my opinoin, wasted space. We got trashed by the Marlins, again.  And all I have to say is..Oh well.  Really, the Marlins will not make or break this team, in fact we only play them seven more times this year.  It's the rest of the schedule that should be the center of our focus.  And we can do it.  So what if we never beat the Marlins again, those seven  games should not be the difference.  I know that's pretty bold to say, but it's a fact. We have, if my math is right, and it hardly ever is, 60 games remaining. This is the reality of our situation: Only Montreal and Pittsburgh are the only laughers left on the schedule, whoops let's throw in Colorado too.  So the schedule is tough, but thus the cards are dealt.  We can only help ourselves out the rest of the way, almost everyone is in the running for a playoff spot, every win not only improves us, but slows down another contender.  If the Phils pull through in the next two months, I would have to say they would be second to St. Louis coming into the playoffs. At our disposal we have a leadoff hitter who has been playing above anything he has ever done in the last two months.  We have two starting second baseman, one who can hit for power and the other who virtually puts the ball in play everytime.  Our leftfielder is an on-base machine, with excellent power and speed numbers.  First base? Do we even need to go there.  At third base we have David Bell, who has been playing as he always had when he isn't racked by injuries.  Our catcher, is still being plagued in the stat column by a horrendous first month, right now he is of no offensive concern. In center we have Ledee and Michaels, they aren't what you want in a CF, but serviceable nonetheless, and an improvement over the first couple of months.  LF contains an enigma, you don't know what your going to get night in or night out.  A hot streak can send him in the right direction however, and he still carries alot of power in that bat of his. Our starting rotation is Millwood, Wolf, Myers, Milton, and Abbott.  They are who they are, and what they have been doing is pitching better since the All-Star break.  We have four guys who can be considered number 2's on almost every team, Abbott is bad, but he's not the solution just a patch until/if Padilla comes back.  I know we want a better option than Abbott, but he's a number 5, he's not supposed to be that good anyway. The bullpen is in trouble, admittadely.  But Cormier and Worrell do more than to hold thier own on most occasions, and as we saw last year, Cormier can take on an almost insurmountable amount of usage if called upon.  Telemaco is back, which helps out by knocking Hernandez back towards his role of low cost situations.  But as much as I have spoken out about Roberto, he isn't the biggest issue right now.  Getting Madson and Wagner back healthy are.  Put those guys altoghter, and it's a very solid pen, with or without Hernandez.  And Wade will get a reliever, as he always does, so there will be some help on the way. This can be a playoff team, there's no doubt about it.  I expect them to play hard the next two months, there shouldn't be the raising of the white flag the entire way. If everything plays itself out, and we are at the very cusp of the playoffs come that final series against the Marlins, we'll pull it out.  I guarantee it. Go Phils [...]

On Bowa


Did somebody let the cat out of the bag that Bowa isn't a good manager?  My God, the Bowa bashing is at an all-time high.  And I don't know if it is all justified. First, let me begin that I don't want Bowa as the manager, never have, never will.  I don't like his brash style nor his in-game tatics, or the threat of small ball hanging over my head every Spring Training.  Lucky for us, it seems Bowa has largely avoided the small ball. The fever pitched anti-Bowa should, and has by the blog community, have always been this high for his mismanagement and the way he degrades his players with off the cuff comments, like his bullpen being a AAA bullpen.  Which, by the way it is, but you don't say it because these guys are as much ballplayers as the next, and it is publicly embarrassing them in their career choice. So far I established that I have nothing wrong with the Bowa bashing, and although I don't put it on this site, my feeling is that is has always been understood. But why now? Why has the anti-Bowa finally reached the casual Philadelphia sports fan?  They usually have sided with him on his style, completely on the basis that Philly is blue collar (as is Bowa's style), he played for a Philly championship team (far and few between), and that he attacks players (rolen) who seem to primadonna in this blue collar area. What Bowa is being criticised for now, may be a little out of his league however.  I concur with the bullpen comment, but not the "embarassing" comment.  Everything going on with the Phils is embarrassing as of now.  And I think that comment has been taken out of context, and here's why.  They are playing the Marlins, and they have been the largest source of frustration for this team for two years, it is an emotionally charged issue. As well as the fact that it once again is in the midst of a multi team race for a playoff position.  It's has to be frustrating that they can't turn the corner, personally I think it's all in their heads that they can't get one over on the Marlins. But I don't know if the "embarrassing" has just to do with the players.  He has been hinting at a lot of disconcernment with upper management, which has failed to land any of the players who would actually help this team.  His "AAA" bullpen is receiving no outside help, for instance, and he has been forced to use Hernandez as much as he has.  Hernandez, really is the number four guy in pen.  Telemaco was doing ok, then he got hurt.  Geary, Powell, Hancock, Ramierez, and Crowell are the only other pen guys used this year.  Geary and Hancock have been horrible in their small showings, Ramirez is probably a little over his head at his inexperience, Powell had bad starts (which in this organization makes him hard to seperate as a decent reliever), and Crowell has only 3 IP.  None of these guys are clear cut choices above what Hernandez is, or isn't doing, out there (although I did favor Powell, he was awful the other night).  This is just an example of what he is being yelled at for, but he really has his hands tied behind his back on this one. His starting pitching, which has made a post All-Star break recovery, has largely been underachieving except for the lone Wolf, who had been mostly injured.  Paul Abbott, isn't Bowa's fault.  Doug Glanville, for that matter can't be his either, I doubt he has much influence on who Wade decideds to keep or not.  And I actually see a point to not having Byrd on the team and in AAA, he is young and has a chance to turn himself around.  Being a backup probably wouldn't help in that area.  But I don't see a point to having Glanville as the backup, there has to be more viable options out there. The offense can't pull it together all at one time, Burrell was hitting when no one else was, now[...]

Something pleasant...


...for once.  Telemaco looks like he'll be back in the pen within the week, and we really need him.  He's not one of our frontline guys, but he will be upon his return.

I have noticed that Telemaco has been on the bench in Philly ever since he has been hurt, sitting on the front bench for the better part of two weeks now.  I appreciate that, how often do you see other injured players in uniform at all the games?  I haven't noticed any others.  For that alone I like him, as I like Glanville on a personal level like that.  Doug's a great guy, it's just that his time and role in baseball has come to a close.

The Have Not's


Everything and anything that the Phillies were hoping to pull off the market has inexplicably failed.  Here's the word from various sources, as I see it.

Finley is a done deal, he ain't coming.  Dude waits until four days before the trade deadline to notify the D'backs he won't waive his no-trade clause to come to a team on the East Coast.  wtf?

And then  Beltran really isn't back on the market, but he is, and who knows what the Astros are thinking anymore.  Kenny Lofton is apparently being used as bait to lure Randy Johnson who has apparently issued a Yankee ultimatium. 

Both Kris Benson or Randy Johnson aren't coming to Philly.

Remember that dude Ron Villone? Not on the market, and we missed out on Terry Adams.

Anything at this point so we can say, "there's something". But I am now worried about what that something will be.  How bout Ed Wade just quit at the trade deadline?  Wade's magical season is falling apart, cut your losses buddy.

Ya know what, he has to come up with something or it's devestating.  We had a problem in CF for awhile, it hasn't been addressed.  SP has been weak and rattled more with the Padilla being out until August, I hardly think that Paul Abbott has been the answer. You know he wants a reliever, but now he probably won't land anyone of value now, please God no Joe Table.  These are three problem area's the team has had for over a month, and we are three days away from the end of the trade deadline...nothing.  All the while the team has been meandering around .500 since the All-Star break.

The Red Sox are making moves, albiet small moves, that are least if not improving their team, trying to fill some holes.  I'm really just getting tired of this, year in and year out.  Our CF hope really are resting upon Lofton and Beltran it seems right now, and Wade is running out of time.

A different view on Finley


Every now and then I check out our opponents blogs to see if they are laughing as hard at us as much as I suspect some teams do.  So I looked up the only viable Marlins blog, The Book of Mike.  The blog itself really covers more than just the Marlins, but it covers the Marlins nonetheless.

Maybe I missed it, but are the Marlins really looking to get Finley? Do they need Finley, if only to knock Conine out of the OF?  Finley says he wants to stay in CF, but that's besides the point, or is it.  If Finley were to go to the Marlins, then we wouldn't have to face Conine anymore, and at this point I would rather face Finley any day of the week.  Anyhow, the general consensus is that Phils fans are drooling to get ahold of Finley, whereas Mike is quite concerned over it, if for nothing else than Steve's crotch grabbing:

If the Marlins trade for Diamondbacks’ centerfielder Steve Finley, I may be forced to stop going to Marlins games.  If he returns in 2005, I may not renew my seats.  Since my tickets are out in right-centerfield, I’ll have a nearly unobstructed (and completely unavoidable) view of Finley’s incessant crotch scratching.  Hopefully Mr. Loria will include some sort of a provision in any deal involving Finley that will contractually prevent him from rubbing himself throughout the game.  Also, I apologize if you have not noticed this disturbing habit of Mr. Finley’s.  I too was not aware of it until this season, when it was pointed out to me.  Since then, I have been unable to watch Finley – and even Diamondbacks games in general without becoming acutely aware of the issue.  It’s kind of like when you come up to a car accident on the other side of the road when you’ve been waiting in traffic for an hour.  You don’t want to look – you just want to get moving and get on with your life and wish the poor injured people well, but you can’t help it, you go slow and you look.  Please Mr. Finley, don’t give us anything to look at anymore.  Think of the children!

There was a fly in my drinking glass


..and I drank him.  I assume it was a fly, his buddy is still swimming around.  Look before you drink my fellow bloggers.

Conine last three years: .289/.346/.450

Conine last three years vs. Phils: .364/ .407/ .727

Well if Marlon Byrd and a few other minor leaguers (of low value) have to go in order for Steve Finley to patrol the OF, then don't let the door hit ya in the ass Marlon.  For some reason I just became concerned with the welfare of Micheal Bourn, he better not be involved in any deal or I will say one negative thing about Wade everyday until he is given the boot.  Sorta like how Conan O'Brien used to squeeze a "Christina Aguilara is a whore" joke into every monologue for awhile. good stuff

Oh yeah, Terry Adams was traded to the Sox on Saturday.  While he is giving up a good number of walks he is a solid arm out of the pen, unlike our potentially three headed monster of Hernandez, Geary, and Powell (who i added to this list tonight).  Here's some food for thought: Wagner cost us Duckworth and $9 million, Foulke cost $6 mil and Adams $1.7 mil.  I love love love love that the Phils have reached deep into thier wallets, they just have to work on where they spend it.  I bring those names up b/c Foulke and Adams were both FA, and we went and got Wagner instead.  Nothing against Wagner.

This is worse than swallowing a fly: If something happens to Worrell or Cormier in the next couple of days....Roberto Hernandez will be all over that mound.  And I guess he would have to be, Geary anyone?  It shouldn't get that bad, Wade more than likely will bring in another arm before the deadline.  Say he doesn't though, and the Doomsday scenario comes true: Cormier goes down and Wagner goes to the DL.  Do they bring up Floyd? Can they afford not to take that risk.

All my slary info comes from Dugout Dollars, a truly indespensible site.

Ed Wade on the Trading Block


I went to Retrosheet looking up all the trades that Wade has made since being implanted as GM for the Phillies.  Actually, more of that will be coming, I plan on posting them all here, year-by-year with Win Share scores of the trades.  So far, and I'm early on, surprisingly he is eeking out "wins" in the trade only if marginally...of course I haven't gotten to Schilling/Rolen yet.

Anyway, before I got sidetracked, everyone speaks of Abreu being the core of Wade's acquistion legacy.  That meaning that Abreu really is the only trade that Wade has ever made that truly mean alot to this team.  But I was surprised to find this out....

December 9, 1997 Ed Wade was named interim General Manager, and Lee Thomas was subsequently fired.

 That's all good and plenty, but Abreu was traded to the Phillies almost a full month before Ed Wade took over, on November 18, 1997.  So Abreu isn't under Wade's watch, it was the last transaction made by Lee Thomas.

So a quick glance, without WS, shows that Padilla and, get this, Glanville are the two best players he's landed.  Not very confidence inspiring for the following week is it?  Who know's, I have faith that Finley will be patrolling CF, and I think it's a mortal lock that we will have another arm in the bullpen.  6 more days, I am excited at the potential moves ahead.

Milton Milton Milton


What a game!  Eric Milton walks the first batter, and my comment was this: Oh geez, here we go....  And away we went indeed, thru 8 innings of hitless ball. It goes without saying that Milton pitched a tremendous game tonight, and I was surprised to find out he had already thrown a no-hitter already in his career.  When he's on he's on. When the 8th began, and Glanville was in the game I was relieved because Ledee has had a bad week in the field.  Obviously, at this point, Bowa went for the no-hitter, but I was left wondering why he didn't put Michaels in left, it's not like they were needing a strong arm at that point just someone to run a ball down.  Like the movie "Signs", there's a reason for everything.

Glanville, like he needed any more blogger venom, misread the play, then stumbled in his attempt to run up to it.  But he was moving with a quickness once he was on the run, it dropped..and I think I speak for everyone when I say I was devestated.  And then on the ball to the warning track it seems as if he lost his place, and ended up short arming it.   Glanville covered alot of ground on that play, and Burrell may have (I'd have to look at it again a few more times) been able to make it.

Now putting Glanville in CF was a no-brainer, and he screwed up.  I wouldn't expect Glanville to make the same misread that Ledee did earlier in the week, has anyone else noticed opposing OF's make the same mistake?  Maybe it's hard to read the ball off the bat in center, or maybe they are just used to every ball leaving the park who knows.  But it certainly was classic when Glanville was booed for his foul bunt.  But he got it down regardless, the next pitch.

Burrell had a good game, and came up big with his hit in bottom of the ninth.  I spent alot of the game thinking that he really needs to learn how to clear his head, I mean something in his head just clicks over that makes him so screwy at the plate.  Maybe he needs a psychologist or something, I dunno.  But he was more than excited after that hit, and so was I, I didn't need to sit through an extra inning game that was once a no-hitter in the 9th.

Madson probably got the easiest win of his short career I figure, regardless the guy is simply money.

For a team that is in the pennant race, the Phillies are really on the verge of alot of transition.  They need pitching help, all around, although if Millwood and Milton keep pitching well, and Wolf comes around again, starting pitching doesn't become that big of a concern as it has been.  So they need bullpen help, you can't hide Hernandez and Geary all year, especially when Powell is apparently not an option.  It reminds me of last year when it was Cormier, Cormier, Cormier all the time.  'Cept this year it's Madson (use him more liberally, he's got a starters arm he probably can be utilized alot more than he is), Cormier, and Worrell (Wagner withstanding).

Also, the team is looking for a CF through a trade.  As well as increasingly playing Utley to the point that maybe, just maybe, he will take over for Polanco.  Also, Burrell had a good game tonight, but he needs to come with his head on straight more often or there could be a possible change there.



blew it



Hopefully I'll get to see Prior live, if his arm doesn't fall off warming up.  Tonight I'll start re-working the site and stuff, and try to put it back together again.

BTW how about Ledee in CF yesterday?  He has been making awful reads on the ball as of late and making himself look very foolish.  Lucky for us, he gets to bat

Irreconciable Differences


I hope everyone got to see the screwed up version of my blog. I couldn't figure out what caused it, thus the different format.  It came down to me erasing my lost post concerning Bill Conlin.  Odd isn't, that he can even screw up blogs.  I'll start revamping the site shortly, posts will resume tomorrow.  Paul Abbott pitches again in thirty mins, I don't know about you, but I think he is the best to watch...I 



your guess is as good as mine

IF/LD% and Milton


This was posted about a month ago on Hardball Times by Studes, and the short of it is that he checks out which pitchers are inducing the most Infield Flys (IF) in the league.  One of the most prevelant IF inducing pitchers is of course Milton.  But go about 3/4 of the way down the article, or just choose to read it, and look at his Line Drive (LD) rate, his IF rate, and his G/F rate as well.  Actually, look at all the ratios give there, such a mixed bag.



we beat the Marlins.  It wasn't so hard was it, all it required was another great outing by Millwood and Mr. Ledee being a two run difference.

First the homerun catch, then the homerun.  In between an awful awful awful fielding mistake, which lends credence to my proposal not to send him into CF for the proposed shorterm.  But he is hitting well, which makes not such a bad left fielder....let's be honest with ourselves, it's time to win, and watching Burrell flounder another season away isn't the way to do it.

Ledee, Michaels (Finley or Beltran please), and my perferred starting OF.  Of course Bell would bat fifth and Ledee sixth to break up the left handed triple monster.

And my God, kudos to you Mr. Bowa!!!  He used Doug Glanville in the situation he was born to have, PH for the pitcher and playing CF in the ninth...added bonus of sending Michaels to left.  I think he may just be catching on.

Benson Update


Apparently the market for Howard isn't so high, the Pirates rejected an offer to trade Kris Benson for Ryan Howard.  Don't the Bucs know that Bill Conlin thinks that he should be starting for the Phillies right now?  Geez.

Anyways, they want Chase instead, and I say give it to them.  Benson would become the second best pitcher on the Phillies, and if Padilla comes back to good form in a month or so, we can always kick back Myers into the pen or into the minors, perferably he can work out of the pen.

Ron Villone? Who the hell...wait a second...well after having to realize he's not starting again I don't think it's a bad idea. First, he better come cheap, second he is a vast improvment over...hmmm, Geoff Geary.  I mean, Geary has actually been worse than Roberto Hernandez at this point, so the old flame thrower gets a stay of execution once again.  Is there anyone else luckier than Hernandez at dodging a cut?  Villone seems to be, by all accounts and purposes a solid-yet-shaky (the official Wade mold) reliever, and a horrendous starter.  Hopefully Ed takes another look around the league before picking up Ron.

Link Update


Berks Phillies Blog has been linked up, way past due.  For the past week or two I have been posting on there and have failed to link them on my own site.  My apologies.

The Set Up Kid


Pat "The Bat" is back, so we thought.  But really, red flags have to be shooting up all over now, in the last 9 months of play, only in two of them has he hit higher than .240 at the plate.  His April and May are holding up everything he has done so far this season, 15 HR's...ten of them in those two months, 60 RBI's...40 of 'em in April and May.  We were all worred about Pat in the beginning of the season, now we should start again.  He's 27, and we have him signed until 2008 when he will be making $14 million, there's should be some cause for concern.

Pat Burrell

April  .289/ .379/ .421

May  .333/ .455/ .667

June  .220/ .327/.390

July .197/ .329/.288

Bleak Futures


I'll post this before I hit the sack, and come back tomorrow This is about Marlon Byrd, Shawn Wooten, Michel Hernandez, Gavin Floyd, Andy Machado, and Ryan Howard; and this isn't going to have any positive spin (well the last sentence will be positive). Any hopes that Marlon would be re-born CF in the minors before the trade deadline are quickly being dashed as he has floundered since returning to Scranton, .254/.306/.325.  I'll be honest with you, I think Marlon will be around Spring Training (at least) next year, but I don't believe he will have any value in the Bigs anymore.  If Ed Wade was hoping that Byrd would find his groove, he can stop right now, the Phils need help in CF.  I only say help, because I have yet to give up on Michaels..after seeing Ledee's defense, I have completely given up on him. Another Phillie this year, Shawn Wooten, was signed to allow a steady bat and unprecedented flexibility in the lineup.  Two things happened: Shawn Wooten has been anything but steady at the plate in the majors (.185/.245/.245) and now has carried that to the minors (.211/.310/..276), secondly he provided no flexibility and that has three reasons: Bowa didn't know how to use him, Pratt isn't producing like last year so there's no need to PH him, and Wooten has been so bad so need to PH him either.  In the beginning of the year he had a great opportunity to have a big role with the early struglles of Bell and Lieberthal, consider that an opportunity missed. I thought the signing of Michel Hernandez had a potential upside to it, well so far it hasn't.  He just was activated off the DL, and he has (to me) been dissapointing .215/.283/.319. Gavin Floyd, as anyone has read this blog for awhile knows, has always struck a cord with me.  He is one of two prized untouchable prospects (the very injured Cole Hamels being the other) that the Phils regard as unmoveable.  He is by far, Hamels withstanding injury, the best pitching prospect in the organization, but I feel he has some issues.  2:1 K/BB ratio for one, although his HR is quite excellent.  It looks like he may have some control issues, and patient hitters may eat him up.  I expected more, and if means saving this season, by all means trade him. We all had high hopes, although I had my doubts, for Andy Machado after a month in Scranton.  We all thought he learned how to hit a little, and add that with his walk rate and we had a good thing going.  But reality has set in, and now I think we are seeing something bad developing.  First, his superb range was supposed to be the cause of all his errors, and that as he matured they would fall (the errors), well he has now racked up 17 at Scranton.  I don't know how he does it, he was rated as having the best range and best arm in the system, and I don't see him enough on TV to explain it.  Secondly, he forgot how to hit again and is now resting at this: .221/.334/..364 and his K rate has finally started to sky rocket again.  We all raved at his plate discipline and similarily all marvelled by his high walk rate.  Could it be that he just takes every pitch, whether it's a strike or not?  The last game I saw of him (I've seen five, and he didn't commit an error in any) he collected himself two backward K's.  I think the Machado era is coming to a close. Ryan Howard, on the other hand, is continuing to terrorize [...]

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Usually Wednesdays have been my big post days, but it looks that will change.  My work schedule has changed, so I'm figuring I will be posting reguraly during the weekends (weekends w/o work, who thought of such an idea?) and trailing into Wednesdays.  I can almost guarantee no Friday posts past this week.  Anyways, thanks, and it looks like we got ourselves a race to the wire. Go Phils