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the metropolitans

A blog dedicated to the New York Mets with some other baseball thrown in.

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Let's Go Mets!

Adios Spring Training


The Sports Illustrated Baseball Preview is out and they have selected the Mets as the favorites to win the 2009 World Series. This is a promising thought considering that the last two years have been abysmal for the organization and its fans. I think the Mets have an awesome chance at winning the World Series and making the last few years seem like ancient history. That being said, the Phillies are top dog until they are taken down. I do the Mets taking them down as they did have a winning record against the Phillies last year.Examining the roster that Omar Minaya has put together, this team is extremely well rounded. I have some concerns at certain positions but find me a team that doesn’t. It’s going to be a good year with a great team in a great stadium!***Here are my picks for the division winners:NL East: New York (plus pitching, defense and offense)NL Central: Chicago (no solid competitor)NL West: Arizona (Dodgers pitching took a big step back)NL Wildcard: Philadelphia (too much offense and great bullpen)AL East: Boston (unmatched depth can handle)AL Central: Minnesota (plus pitching and defense with a solid Offense)AL West: Anaheim (it’s the AL worst again)AL Wildcard: Cleveland (offense should terrorize & team has two aces)***My favorites for post season awards are as follows:NL MVP: David WrightTons of rbi opportunities along with golden boy status should make this one easy. Only Pujols or Howard can take it from him.AL MVP: Mark Teixeira He’ll have the lineup around him to put up huge numbers assuming the pressure of New York doesn’t affect him too muchNL Cy Young: Johan SantanaThis should be his fifth Cy but he was robbed by Bartolo Colon and the pen shouldn’t cost him 7/8 games again this year.AL Cy Young: Roy HalladayHe’s got the best stuff in the AL and he’ll have to bring it every time out pitching in that division.As for the ROY and MOY, it’s hard to say who’s so I won’t even waste my time.***Hernandez is the 5th starter thanks in part to his not imploding during spring training. The starting rotation consists of Santana followed by Pelfrey, Maine, Perez and Hernandez, who will get called up April 11th. It’s a very solid staff with a good mixture of pitching types.The bullpen is going to consist of K-Pod, Putz, Green, Feliciano, O’Day, Parnell and Stokes. Parnell and Stokes surprised many with their stuff this spring and finalized the near total overhaul of the bullpen. It has a great mix of overhead and sidearm throwers with a lot of hard throwers. There is also a significant reserve in the minors should anyone falter.Jerry Manuel has set the lineup with Daniel Murphy batting second. This should give him an opportunity to excel. His growth and an decent year from the Delgado/Castillo would make this an extremely dangerous lineup.The bench currently consists of Jeremy Reed, Marlon Anderson, Ramon Castro, Nick Evans and Alex Cora. If I were Marlon Anderson, I would not miss anytime. Nick Evans has brought his power stroke to camp this year and has shown me that he belongs.***Seeing Orlando Hudson and Will Ohman sign on the cheap really irked me. Especially Hudson, since he gives the dodgers and awesome DP combo and would've been an improvement over Castillo.***Ya think so?***She is sexy and I can’t wait for the first date![...]

the season is almost here


It is time to be excited. Baseball is in the air.

Pitchers and catchers reported and for at least a few weeks, hope and excitement are abundant. Everyone is hoping for the continued development of the kid they saw last fall and for just another good year from their aging stars.

Things wont pan out the way most hope, but it’s always good when you get that first whiff of baseball on a cold February day.

Well everywhere except in one place. It’s amazing how this A-Rod story has trumped everything baseball in Tampa Bay. That’s a good thing too because it helps some people avoid the spotlight (Girardi, Matsui, Mariano, etc).

I think the happiest guys are AJ Burnett, CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira. They are after thoughts despite signing some of the most insane contracts ever signed in baseball (this will change as we get further into the season and Burnett shuts it down after stubbing his toe on a door).

Livan Hernandez is in the fold and this effectively has ended the Pedro Martinez era. I can’t say that I’m excited about Livan. He eats innings but his best years are behind him. I hate to see Pedro go since he can be of some use. It wouldn’t be much use around here though.

Buying tickets for games this year is going to be a joke. The brokers have swooped in have snatched everything up. That in addition to the fewer seats is going to spike the prices and cause a lot of fans to have a long distance love with the Mets.

Seeing the Mets promoting Stubhub, I can’t help but to think that they have taken the seats and have thrown them on Stubhub themselves. I’m sure that they love to turn the lovely profit Stubhub usually provides. I believe this more now that the Giants have fluctuating ticket pricing.

Can we keep Mike Pelfrey off the golf carts?

I’m tired of hearing this “team to beat” crap from the players. The Phillies are the team to beat because they won the World Series and they will remain as the team to beat until they are officially eliminated from an opportunity to win the World Series.



Alex Rodriguez is a guy who has two amazing abilities. He pounces on fastballs in a snake like fashion. He also does incredibly stupid things.

Everyone knows by now that he has been implicated as testing positive in MLB’s 2003 steroid sampling.

I can understand why the guy would do it. He is hungry. He wants to put up the best numbers ever and become a baseball immortal. To do that you need a physical advantage and the steroids do that.

In the end his image is tarnished and who knows if he’s going to the HOF. I do know that he will become a baseball immortal. It’ll probably along the lines of Pete Rose rather than Hank Aaron.

This is the Yankees problem and I don’t feel bad about the Mets not making a push for him in 2000. This guy is an rbi machine but the trouble is too much. I would’ve hated dealing with stripper-gate, Madonna-gate, and now this fiasco. He’s like TO but with a better attitude.
Jason Stark had this interest bit about Fernando Martinez in a recent article.

“He looks to me like he can be a young Bobby Abreu… His discipline at the plate is good. He worked counts. He hung in against left-handers. He did a lot of good things. He may be 20 years old, but he doesn’t look like it, the way he handles himself. He really plays under control.”

This is always good to hear. Seeing the Rays bring up Evan Longoria and Cole Hamels becoming a superstar so fast give me hope that we may have another Reyes or Wright. I just hope this guy can stay healthy (he left DR because of a swollen elbow).

our second place team


"We like our team," Minaya said. "I'm ready to go with this team. We addressed our priorities, and our team today is better than it was at the end of last year."
-Omar Minaya at the Oliver Perez press conference

I don’t know if I’m being a tad extreme but I find something wrong with this statement. The Mets are still flawed and I worry about this team’s direction.

I appreciate what Omar has done to shore up the bullpen. It will improve with K-Rod-Putz replacing Wagner-Heilman/Sanchez and just improved health. That being said, the Philly pen is slighty better.

The starting staff is a big question mark. Johan just came off knee surgery. Maine had shoulder surgery. Ollie is a Dr. Jeckyl – Mr. Hyde. Pelfrey just came off a career high in innings pitched (Verducci Effect). Redding-Garcia can’t be counted on for much considering their past and age. That rotation isn’t better than the one in Citizen’s Bank Park.

The Mets offense finished among the best in the NL last year but I felt that it was a mirage. The offense was not clutch. I don’t know if I can expect much of an improvement from Reyes, Wright, and Beltran. Everyone else is pretty much a question mark. This offense doesn't compare to Phillie's.

I don’t get how management feels that it’s done. The team has holes! There is talent available at low cost. There is a cash cow of a new stadium with pricey seats. Yet the payroll will match that of last year.

Because of this attitude, the Mets will be looking over their shoulder at the Braves. Our New York Mets are a second place team.

happy new year


With the New Year here it can only mean one thing:

We’re only a few weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting!

I’m excited about the work done by Omar Minaya in reshaping the bullpen but I’m still very nervous about the status of our rotation and downright feel like crap when I think of first base.

Scott Boras is a douche bag and hearing his name associated with your team is always a downer. It especially sucks for us because he’s the man we’re going to have to deal with if Derek Lowe or Oliver Perez (hopefully both) put on the orange and blue. I would like to have both in the fold considering that the only production that is a lock for 2009 is that of Johan Santana.

Mike Pelfrey is expected to grow, but the same was thought of John Maine and Oliver Perez heading into 2008. I would hope that he matches his 2008 production at a minimum. John Maine isn’t instilling confidence coming off surgery while John Niese is just a rookie pitcher.

We’ll need both pitchers in the fold to help offset that uncertainty. Lowe is a lock for 200ip and a decent era. Ollie is a head case, but there is no denying that he can pitch and win. Another important factor to consider with them both is their (I think) nonexistent injury history (this is why I say no to Ben Sheets).

As for first base, I hate Carlos Delgado. I also hate that Mark Teixeira isn’t going to be a Met. The Mets should’ve signed him and moved him like they did with Beltran (they signed him and moved Cameron). Now there is no real option at first beyond 2009and it is going to suck.
I’m sure most of you have gotten some correspondence from the Mets for 2009 home games. Here’s your new seating chart. I already miss the simplicity of Shea.

Pat Burrell signed a good contract with the Rays and I like the move for them. His home/away splits were balanced and he should bring value to them especially as a DH. Thank god he’s not in the NL East anymore.
The Cubs signed Milton Bradley to a 3 year deal. Bad move since he’s always hurt and liable to explode at any moment.
JC Romero is going to sit out 50 games. Did his roids use save his career and turn him around in Philadelphia?
I'm loving the site redesign by ESPN. The old design was a mess and was due to be replaced.
I wonder where some of these guys like John Smoltz will end up.

Prospect Analysis


Baseball Prospectus has released its review of the Mets Top 11 Prospects. Some people will find it disheartening that the team has no 5 star can’t miss prospects in the system. Others will say that the Mets have drafted poorly or are running a depleted system.

I pay no mind to negative talk. These same people have attacked the Mets minor league for as long as I can remember (Generation K maybe?). These same people have failed to realize that the team has produced talent. It hasn’t produced many of the superstar prospects that scouts drool over, but the talent is there. There was doom and gloom two summers ago when Omar drafted all those relievers but our system still managed to produced enough talent to land Johan, Church, & Putz. That being done while keeping our top prospect, Fernando Martinez.

We haven’t had many cant miss prospects come in and contribute, but you can attribute that to not sucking for a while, Humber’s injury, Kazmir’s trade, and the negative attention Milledge couldn’t avoid.

In the end I don’t worry and neither should you. Kevin Goldstein would agree with me. The article can be read here free of charge.


Rumors of a Luis Castillo trade are floating around. I would be amazed if Omar can move this guy. Its easy to sign a guy to a bad contract. It’s nearly impossible to push on to someone’s payroll.


Fred Wilpon hasn’t been called Freddie Coupon in a while. After getting swindled for a nice chunk of change, is the nickname due for a comeback?


I haven’t heard much about this, but I wonder how the new stadium will “play.” Shea has been a pitchers park and the Mets have always seemed to benefit due to that. What’s going to happen if CitiField proves to be a Citizens Stank Park or Enron Field?


The Buffalo Bison have a new logo in town (behind the bills) and a new manager.


I secretly pray for Minaya to sign Teixeira and spin Delgado to the Angels for a decent prospect.


The pitching situation is getting interesting. I hope the Mets don’t things on the cheap and sign based on talent. When you miss the playoffs two years in a row by less than three games, a 5th starter matters. Things could’ve been different last year if Kyle Lohse made those 17 starts by Figueroa, Neise, Vargas, Stokes, and the immortal Brandon Knight.

There are too many question marks this year outside of Santana and signing both Lowe and Garland/Perez (who sounds better when you factor his age) would ease some worries. Sheets would be nice but after years of glass players crapping out, I must say pass.


Furcal may be coming back east. Thank god Glavine isn’t here to give up a leadoff homerun to him.


Adios Argenis Reyes and Bling Bling Burgos. I liked Reyes, but sometimes I thought I was the only one in the fan club.

Good bye Greg Maddux


Greg Maddux called it a career this week. It was a rather low publicity send off when you think of the treatment Roger Clemens got as he retired (all three/four times). He deserves a lot more attention if you ask me considering he was the best pitcher since the expansion era. Yea I said it, expansion era.

I know a lot of people will think of Koufax, Carlton, Martinez, etc. I like to think that Maddux is the best because of what he did with what he had for how long he did it when he did it.

Look at his numbers and try to find someone comparable. You may or may not. I look at his stats and see someone who is 5th on the all times win list during the era of steroids, five man rotations and specialized bullpens. To have done it while topping out at maybe 92 mph is amazing. I will never forget the time he had a 76 pitch complete game against the Cubs in 1997. He only threw 13 balls!

I hate that his career took a back seat because of his low profile personality and how that douche Clemens roided his way into the spot light. Maddux will have the last laugh though when he gets that 100% vote into the hall 5 years from now.


The Mets have traded Scott Schoeneweis to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Conor Robertson. I personally thought Scott got a raw deal here considering he was signed as a lefty specialist but was used in a different role. He in fact faced more right handed batters than lefties while here. He did have some moments of failure against lefties in key moments (Jody Gerut), but his problems were magnified by an injured knee last year, Willie Randolph, and our bullpen injuries woes this year.

Conor Robertson is nothing to be excited about. This move was about clearing salary and clearing the air of the 2008 stench. The Mets ate $1.6m of his salary and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets Delgado out in a big spot next year.


Scott Proctor was non-tendered by the Dodgers and I hope Omar takes a look at him. He can be effective but made the worst move a reliever can make: he became one of Joe Torre’s guys and practically warmed up every single day of the season.

Daniel Cabrera is also an interesting non-tender. He has electric stuff but his erratic stuff turned off the pitching starved Oriole’s. I didn’t think that was possible. Omar struck gold in that Baltimore cave once, can he do it again?


The Yankees have officially won the AJ Burnett sweepstakes. Uh, congratulations? Burnett has great stuff (his “stuff” got us Al Leiter). Too bad he is 32 years old and is extremely injury prone. By the contract runs he will have at least 5 trips to the DL.

I don’t get it. He’s had three 200 ip seasons and only one was not in a contract year. In his career year of 2008, he had a 4+ ERA.

This seems like another Pavano-ish contract for me (maybe even worse, Pavano isn’t surly). He can pitch but his best friends in the stadium will be the Yankees medical staff.

The smarter money would’ve been Ben Sheets who has shown his great stuff consistently and only sought a short term deal.

Is the game over when they stop selling beer?


Omar Minaya has gone out and rebuilt the Mets bullpen. He has done in an excellent fashion nonetheless. Getting the two best closers available at an incredibly reasonable price was a masterstroke. The Mets now have what may be the best back end of any team in the majors.K-Rod is among the best closers in the game and is signed to a friendly contract considering his abilities at his position. He has 3 plus pitches and is only 26 years old. Some may want to rain on the parade saying he lost some speed on his fastball but I will say that he was still clocked at 92mph last year. His change up also offsets that decline. K-Rod was also pitching on a balky ankle that should be healed up by spring training.JJ Putz was basically picked up for Heilman and Cleto. Carp would never see Citi and Green/Reed is basically the same as Chavez/Smith. Heilman wasn’t going to start here while Cleto wouldn’t help this team within 3 years. Omar got a premier closer for them. He’s like our Jonathan Broxton, but better. He is also a nice insurance policy.In the end, our bullpen now ranks among the best in the majors. I hope that the starters can eat up some innings that will limit the pens exposure thus ensuring a better performance. If that happens, we should now have a lot more 7 inning games.***Duaner Sanchez looks a lot like Francisco Rodriguez.***I don’t understand how Brian Cashman still has a job. He has been behind some awful trades and signings. This year, he has continued that trend.He basically bid against himself in the Sabathia deal. Raising his offer and adding a 7th year was confusing and risky. What really confused me was the 3rd year opt out. If Sabathia goes out and has three awesome years, he will opt out and the Yankees will have to resign/extend him. It could turn his risky 7-year deal into what effectively is a 10-year deal. That is a bad idea on so many levels. Not saying that he is a bad pickup, it is just a bad contract.Reports have the Yankees leading the chase for AJ Burnett with a 5-year $85 million contract. Two words: Carl Pavano. Anyone giving him more than three years is retarded. His numbers and injury history do not justify those years nor that salary.***Mark Teixeira is looking at a nice payday. What free agent wouldn’t want Boston, LA, New York and the Orioles chasing him. Boras must be walking around with a boner. I forgot what its like to have a good first baseman (zing!).***My quick thoughts on some acquisitions:Detroit acquires Gerald Laird for some minor leaguers to Texas: Good move for Detroit as it fills their biggest need. Texas always needs pitching no matter how young.Reds acquire Ramon Hernandez for Ryan Freel: Hernandez needs a change of scenery and will show max effort in a contract year. Ryan Freel is much like Melvin Mora in my opinion. He plays many positions (unfortunately, the DL is one of them). Reds should get good production from this deal.Khalil Greene to the Cards: Greene has been hyped forever. Will he be another Sean Burroughs?San Francisco got younger at shortstop with Edgar Renteria: wow. Just think about that statement. When was the last time that either the Giants or Padres developed a very good position player? They made a move that means nothing in my opinion.Braves acquire Javier Vasquez for Lillibridge, etc: The Braves need starters like the Mets needed bullpen relief. This is a good move in that regards. Too bad he is their ace when in actuality he is a nice #3 guy.Brewers sign Jorge Julio to one year deal: Just kidding!Boston fleeced the Royals with the Ramon Ramirez-Coco Crisp trade.Jeremy Affeldt to the Giants is risky because his strikeouts were unreasonably high and may have . However, The dollar amount isn’t that bad.Cubs and Gregg is a downgrade. Chicago has Obama but are losing their shot at a World Series because the of the ownership’s fina[...]

Let's turn on that stove!


Now that the Phillies have found a way to throw salt on the wound, it's time to focus on next year. We all know the names and the needs. Minaya has some options and I think that the Wilpons are going to want alot of fans in the shiny new seats. That adds up to many "potential" moves and hopefully just as many smart moves. I'll start this off by saying that Brian Fuentes does not need to be Met. I'm saying that one based off a gut feeling like my boy Willie used to do. I'm also looking forward to a different face at first base next year.

The Marlins and Royals have opened things up and got Mike Jacobs out of the division. The trade fills a need for both teams as the Royals had a big hole at 1B and Leo Nunez would fit in nicely with any team.

I doubt that Willie will manage another team in the Major Leagues. It sucks too because had he gotten the job, Milwaukee would've underperformed and gave the Mets a little wiggle room.

Can Omar kick tires on Chad Cordero? I wouldn't mind seeing him signed to a small deal.

Picking Up the Pieces


The empty feeling hasn’t subsided for many Mets fans. It’s hard watching the Phillies and their scumbag fans enjoying playoff baseball.

It’s even harder to watch when you hear about potential trades that make little to no sense at all. The proposed trade of Beltran for Cano, Versa, Kennedy, and a minor leaguer is plain old retarded.

Nobody is untradeable in my eyes, but it would take an amazing package to convince me to that the Mets should make a trade involving Beltran. Beltran is an invaluable player because of his skill set. I can’t think of a comparable player who can man his position/production or of a package that can offset his loss while improving the team. The fact that Cano and the rest of that bunch is included just baffles me.

Robinson Cano is like having Carlos Delgado at 2nd base. He is a lazy defender and streaky. Ian Kennedy is still living off three starts and sounds like a Tom Glavine in the making. Veras is intriguing and is a great third player needed in a deal. The problem with that is the first two players blow.

The only way this trade makes sense is in the Wilpon’s pockets. It saves a ton of money spent on a player older than 30.

This trade would give Omar Minaya some payroll flexibility, but that isn’t always a good thing. If Omar can improve other parts of the with the money saved, he’d still have to plug in someone in centerfield.

Last year, the Tori Hunter signed a 5 year contract worth $90 million. That’s a big number for a guy who I don’t feel is in the same league as Carlos Beltran. Anyone who can provide similar output is going to cost big bucks and make Beltran’s paycheck seem like a bargain this year.

I can go days as to why this trade shouldn’t be made. That’s not saying Beltran can’t be traded. Omar and management need to realize that Beltran is the goods and making a trade for the sake of making a trade is the wrong move. Trade him only if you feel that will improve the team. Cano and Kennedy will not improve the team unless they are part of some grander scheme.

Placing the blame


As the dust settles and I begin negotiations with the devil to acquire opening day tickets for next year, I think its time to look at the top three reasons at why this team failed.

1. Willie Randolph:  Willie was a burden on this team. He represented the collapse in my eyes and was pretty much the worst manager I have ever seen in a Mets uniform (1994 – present).  A mistake was made when it was announced that he would be back in 2008. He gave us 69 games of management that would eventually cost the team its playoff hopes.

2. The Offense:  This team scored 4 or runs in 78 games this season.  They scored a grand 183 runs in those 78 games. That translates to 2.3 runs a game. In the remaining 84 games, they threw 616 runs on the board. 

They scored a bunch of runs but were just frustrating considering the talent they had. It is understandable that you are not going to hit the ball hard every time out, but some consistency would have been nice. The main culprit of that is obviously Carlos Delgado. Jose Reyes was guilty of it in April. Beltran had a down month. Wright was erratic.  Castillo, Alou and Schneider/Castro were essentially worthless. David Wright was also atrocious at times, just not over long stretches.

3. The Starting Pitching: This may surprise many but the starting pitching was actually worse than the relief corps. Outside of Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey, no starter was consistent this year. Maine and Perez took substantial drops in performance and their 5+ inning outings were frustrating. Pedro gave you a high wire act every time out.

The biggest factor in having an effective bullpen is limiting its use. We saw too much of Pedro Feliciano, Scott Schoeneweis and Joe Smith.  The starting staff did not give the Mets enough innings and it came back to bite them in the ass.

Most people blame the bullpen, but I really cannot get mad at them. Wagner, Sanchez, and Heilman were all hurt. Feliciano, Schoeneweis, and Smith were out there just too damn much. That adds up to a bad pen. Sure they pissed us off and were hated but they were not in a position to succeed if you really think about it.

Minaya deserves some blame but this team had enough talent to win. He did not add anyone in the pen, but besides Chad Bradford, I cannot think of anyone who was moved. Maybe Ayala was all that he could land on.


I think it is done and settled with… Carlos Delgado cant hold Ryan Howard's jock strap.


I am officially rooting for a Dodger-Red Sox World Series.

"Being a Mets fan really sucks"


Those words did not come from my mouth, but came to me from my friend's fingers via a text message during the 9th inning of last night's game. For three consecutive innings, the Mets had a prime scoring opportunity only to come away with one run during those three innings. Keep in mind, it was a known fact the Phillies were opening the door for the Mets to close the gap during those chances and that this game was a golden opportunity to even up the loss column.Of course, we are plagued Met fans damned to never to derive any sort of enjoyment from our favorite professional baseball team. Not us, we are doomed for a lifetime of let downs and not just any old let down. Let downs of enormous proportions. What will it take to reverse these misfortunes? If had those answers, I would certainly present them. However, there is nothing else we can do but grin and bear it.Missed opportunities were abundant and now the Mets are in a Wild Card tie with the Brewers and in second place. They came into the game with a 72%+ chance of making the playoffs and had a 5-1 lead only to lose by three runs and end up with a 54%+ chance of making the playoffs.Ticklish? Yeah, I think it would be safe to say things are ticklish and I think it is safe to say I watching the Mets last night was another poor allocation of my time. With Pedro up tonight and the Mets holding an open audition for Saturday's 2nd game, it is not exactly a a rosy outlook with a team that no one really wants to play coming to town this weekend and the team that knocked the Mets out of the playoffs last season. * * * The Mets will stay on WFAN and I guess that is good. There are no other stations with any sort of Met fan broadcasters in prominent roles. Why must the Met fans not be allowed to boo? I am not a big boo person and have only booed for Roger Cedeno, but seriously. Last night I can forgive anyone with a temptation to boo."As everyone knows, this is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately town and lately we haven't gotten the job done," David Wright said. "There's a lot of frustration. There's frustration with the fans, there's frustration in the stands, there's frustration in the dugout.I am mostly frustrated because this is the second year in a row I might be giving the Mets a micro-loan for the payment of my playoff tickets that may never get used. If they refunded the money automatically, which they should do, it wouldn't be an issue, but they make it a process to get any money back. Typically that would not be an issue as I just put it towards my next season tickets, but we know that there will probably not be any partial season packages and frankly if they fail to make the playoffs again after a terrible collapse, I probably would not want to get them again. Short rest for Johan? They don't need it. Some clutch hitting would have be fine and Johan cannot do that. This is on the offense to help this team make the playoffs and not Johan. Evan Weiner is wrong. The Mets downsized and should have no problems filling their stadium and the Yankees will not have any issues whatsoever. Ironic that the Twins might actually make the playoffs and the Mets might get left out, no?[...]

Things Are Getting Kind of 'Ticklish'


So the Mets have 29 blown saves this season. That is a very troubling number as they move towards a potential playoff birth, but I need to take a step back for a moment and think a bit more positively about this situation. For one, Jerry Manuel is not Willie Randolph. He believes in the dynamic nature of human beings and that sometimes you have to stray from some notion that you may have had at a previous point in time. Amazing.While it was clear some of the guys that were supposed to be depended on in 2007 out the bullpen were not getting it done, Willie thought nothing of it. According to him, the sky was not falling. In September of this season, the top four relievers in innings pitched are Brian Stokes, Joe Smith, Luis Ayala, and Nelson Figueroa. Shit, Manuel is not a afraid to get Bobby Parnell into the mix late in the game if it means Ws in his pocket.The Mets will have to take eight relievers into the playoffs if they squeak in to compliment their four starting pitchers and there really is no choice. Stokes has been striking a lot of people out while not walking many, Schoeneweis has been death on lefties, Figueroa has been surprisingly effective out of the bullpen and has been looking great doing it, Bobby Parnell throws gas, Smitty has humiliated righties, Feliciano has made lefties look like Andruw Jones, Heilman has been rather effective against righties, and Ayala has been effective in a Joe Borowski circa 2007 kind of way. John Maine might even make it back in time to be thrown into the bullpen, which I am not counting on.Too many guys who are effective against only one side of the plate? Yes. But figure on Jerry managing his games in the playoffs like this one. If it takes the entire bullpen throwing five pitches each to make it through the game, who cares? It may not be pretty, but they are competant enough.* * * Yes....Duaner Sanchez was left off of the above list and I know he will probably make the playoff roster, but it should not be a foregone conclusion and I would love to see Parnell get a legit look. At least he is different...The other day when Manuel had Bobby in for two innings, he said that he needed to get a good look at him on the mound at Shea. I take that to mean he is pretty open minded and with the Mets having enough injured players, they can get whoever they want on the playoff roster. Four years to fix the bullpen? Am I the only one who looks around and thinks things are not as bad as they seem in the least beyond 2008? Stokes and Parnell look like good bets, Heilman is better than he has shown, Kunz (his GB% is tasty!) and Smith will be useful even if they won't be stellar against lefties, Nelly Figs might have found a home out there, and the Mets have cash.I remain optimistic long term as additions get made and some guys come into their own, but I just hope they can sort things out sooner. Reyes is good. He is having his best year yet and anyone that has ever had bad thoughts about Reyes (trade him for Johan!) should be ashamed. Minaya gets four more years and that is a good thing. If you take a look at his worst three moves, are they really that terrible? Also, take note on how Brian Bannister and his 76 ERA+ are now off the list as one of his worst moves. I was never a believer in Bannister and things finally caught up to him. I like Daniel Murphy, but Keith LOVES Daniel Murphy. Going so far as to call him the future #3 hitter with David Wright on the team seems a bit ambitious for me, but I'll take Keith's word for it since I believe whatever the man says. Today's action...-> Reyes vs Myers (Biiiig edge Phillies. Hitters are batting .353 against Reyes in the 2nd half)-> Maholm vs Sabathia (Ummm...biiiiig edge Brewers.)->[...]

Prove It


The Phillies close out the season with 6 games against the Braves and Nationals at home. They have a combined record of 22-8 in games against those teams this year. Atlanta has particularly sucked against them by winning only 2 of 15.

The Brewers close out the season at home with 6 games against the Cubs and Pirates. They have a combined record of 16-9 against them with a sparkling 11-1 record against the Pirates.

The Mets finish out with the Marlins and Cubs. They last faced the Cubs at Wrigley while scoring two runs in the games. The losses where lopsided but closely fought contest until the Mets pen let game get away from them (surprise!). The Marlins have proven to a consistent pain while playing above their heads.

From an impartial perspective, the Mets have the toughest time coming this week.
  • The schedule favors the Phillies and Brewers this week.
  • Facing Zambrano and Harden should be difficult. 
  • Pelfrey (0-3, 7.91 ERA) against the Marlins should be difficult to overcome.
The Mets have to prove they belong on the field in October. They can too. The offense and starting pitching is good enough to carry this team into the playoffs despite the ‘pen.

They just have to do it. I mean, we need a Dane Cook Playoff commercial and I don’t need to hear about a damn collapse next year.
Brad LidgeGary Anderson anyone?

Let us hope so.
Say hello to your Buffalo Bisons.
I think Maine should shut it down. I can’t see him making an impact and I would hate to see his ’09 spent rehabbing from something worse.
Game 82? Does that take away from the ‘games left’ presentation we’ve seen 81 times?
I still can’t believe the Phillies are pitching the way they are.

Their bullen has only 15 Blown Saves (Mets have 29).  They also have the majors third ranked bullpen ERA (3.23).
Willie sliding into 2nd base last night made me sick. He was such a damn douche.

'the collapse' vs september 2008


Bunches of you haven’t gotten over what happened last year. It’s understandable. Coming off a year in which we were a game away from the World Series, our hopes were high and everyone was ready for the ticker tape parade.Those hopes and dreams were dashed when Tom Glavine officially moved past Bobby Bonilla on the “Worst Mets Ever” list. It wasn’t helped by the constant media coverage that decided that losing a 7 game lead with 17 games left is worse than losing 6 with 12 games left (the ’64 Phillies accomplished that one).This is a new year however. We came into the season as underdogs by virtue that you own a division until you lose it. Expectations had to be different considering the changes outside of Johan Santana were minimal (re: Willie was still manager). For a Mets fan to get upset about blowing a lead and speaking of a collapse, is a bit overdoing it in my opinion. They should remember a few things before they get all riled up:We were at one point 7.5 games out of first at one pointWillie Randolph gave us a lovely .493 winning percentage this yearDelgado has sucked for half the yearLuis Castillo (Jose Castillo was a typo)Our bullpen has been run into the ground by over use and injuriesBilly Wagner Concussions Willie Randolph Maine’s injuriesI am actually quite happy that the Mets are in a race despite all these problems. That being said, any comparisons to last year are 100% unwarranted. This season was going to be a race and its shaping out that way. Appreciate the excitement that comes with the race and just enjoy baseball. ***The Mets are the only team in baseball with three 100+ rbi guys. *** Beltran has been awesome this year and totally under the radar. ***I still cant believe Delgado has done what he’s done. I still don't know if he should be our first option at 1B next year, but I'm glad he's improved. ***The “empty” minors are producing:Daniel Murphy looks like he could play full time next year.Argenis Reyes gives me the same feeling Edgardo Alfonso once did.Kunz brings hope for the bullpen.Niese looked great in his second start.*** I’ll be posting periodically. Hope you guys can bear with me. P.S. Isn’t it great not having Willie Randolph here? [...]

Delgado > Howard


Yes, many thought I was a bit overzealous when I said that Delgado has been better than Howard this year, but I stand by that claim and that is likely to remain true over the course of the season. Delgado's OPS+ of 120 is actually really respectable this year and Ryan Howard has simply not hit as well as him with a 110 OPS+. More RBIs? Sure. More homers? Sure.

If this were MVP voting that might be all that mattered, but it is not. It is real life and no matter what anyone tries to tell you, the Mets first baseman has outplayed the 2007 MVP. Again, if you asked me who I wanted for 2008 through 2012, it would be a no brainer, but for this season alone, you can keep Howard and his iron mitt.

In fact, Delgado has played so well of late, I would actually consider bringing him back and picking up his option while Mike Carp gets some more ABs in the minor leagues...yeah I said it. Ossy just fell off of his chair, but let us all maintain some sanity.

* * *

  • Not that Maine has been lighting the world on fire, but this is bad. Really bad.

    "I'm fine," Maine told the interim manager.

    "You're not fine," Manuel replied.

  • Pedro to the pen? It can't hurt. In fact, it might be a good idea for the remainder of the season since he has been so brittle and the Mets could use some relief help.

  • We don't need no stinkin' bats. With Tatis playing like an All-Star, Church working his way back, and Delgado playing like it is the early 2000s, who needs to pick up a bat? They have scored as much as the o' so talked about Philly offense and are just fiiiiiine. I'll take the Met front four over anyone in the Phillies have with the exception of Cole Hamels and the Marlins rotation has a Blanton-esque ERA.....the Mets are not going to be chasing anyone. That is my bold statement for the day. 

  • Posada is done for the season.

    "After speaking with Brian and Joe, we thought it was best for me — and the team — to have the surgery now," Posada said. "I've always taken pride in being there for my team and playing every day with them. With Xavier here now, there isn't as much pressure on me to return."

  • Ho-hum....another day and more baseless claims.


    Mets vs. Phillies vs. MarlinsLen from Manhattan: And Delgado vs. Howard is closer than you think, no?SportsNation Jayson Stark: (1:18 PM ET ) How is Delgado/Howard closer than I think? We're talking a 30-RBI difference (and 11 homers). And nearly an 80 point difference in hitting with RISP. Sorry, Len. Not seeing that one.Sometimes something so painful has to be written. No matter how much you want to resist the urge, there is simply no other recourse.Carlos Delgado has an OPS+ of 116 while Ryan Howard has an OPS+ of 113. Now, 10 out of 10 sane individuals would take Howard over Delgado no matter what the numbers suggest, but if you are scrubbing the teams against each other at this current juncture, then it would not be fair to be so dismissive of Delgado.Furthermore, Howard's Warp1 is 2.7 while Delgado's is 3.3. Win Shares? Delgado has 9 and Howard has 12. While you can probably construct an argument for either side, I would just say both have been extremely disappointing and have been equally as valuable (or equally as bad). By my count, the Mets would win or push at all positions in the infield with the exception of second base.Regardless, Stark points out the fact that the Mets have been outscored by the Phillies....but they were outscored by a whole eleven runs during the year. Whoooopeeeee! If you take away both team's home parks which are drastically different, the Mets have scored 271 runs in 53 games while the Phillies scored 248 runs in 49 games.The notion that the Phillies are much better than the Mets offensively is completely and utterly ridiculous. This falsity that keeps getting perpetuated must end! The Mets rotation is vastly better while the Phillies bullpen can certainly mow down opposing batters more efficiently than the Mets bullpen, but we are talking about one component that is better than the Mets out of the big three components.The teams might not be all that far off in terms of talent if you assume nothing from Pedro and Church, but at least the Mets have more room for growth and starting pitching on their side. I am simply not buying much growth for the Phillies and I'm not getting giddy over their offense which is more of a show of power than real substance. Side with the better offense and the rotation which is the Mets barring a disaster.* * *Mr. Billy Wags with arm trouble is a big deal. Very big.Joe Blanton is facing the Mets tonight and nothing would be more deflating than the Mets pounding the new Philly acquisition that has come to help stabalize the rotation.10 things to know about Joe!!!!1. Blanton's wife, LeeAndra, is a die-hard fan. According to his blog on, called "Big Joe's Bluegrass Blog," his wife has yet to miss a start, home or away. "She's a trooper, for sure," he wrote. "She pretty much goes on every trip with me - even though she's not crazy about flying." That's love.Love or trust issues? We all know what happens on the road...10. The Mets are the perfect team for Blanton's debut with the Phillies. He hasn't given up a run in 15 career innings against the Mets.That just means the Mets are due.Sugary..."Everything you want to accomplish is right there in front of us," Mets third baseman David Wright said. "We just have to go out there and grab it."The Mets don't neeeeed Pedro. It would be nice if he can be league average pitcher, but he is their #5 right now. The Mets season does not hinge on their #5.Here is why you don't give 36 year old catchers big contracts."That's the biggest thing," he said. "I don't want to miss two years. I'm already flustered with this one because I haven't been 100 percent and I've[...]

    Philly Making Power Moves?


    There have been many, many acts of futilty throughout history born out of desperation. It is inevitable. You can either go down quietly or you can try and do something....anything. To me, it is sort of admirable the way the Phillies decided to 'go after it'.I know this all sounds petty and irrational being the Phillies run differential is 39 runs better than the Mets, but I am a believer again. The Mets are a juggernaut and have finally started clicking and the Phillies could not just stand idly by and let the Mets blow past them. They had to take action immediately. Joe Blanton may be an innings eater and hat has value for sure, but his 77 ERA+ and the overall negative trend of his career leaves me not all that concerned. He peaked in 2005 and has been either slightly above or slightly below average since with a his worst season yet in 2008. The beauty of it all is that Brett Myers and Adam Eaton have basically just been as bad as he has so he basically gives them no discernable upgrade unless of course he turns it around and becomes league average again....dare to dream Philly fans...dare to dream. I mean, sure this helps and they dealt from a position of depth, but you will excuse me if I yawn this one off. * * * Pedro gets pushed back and I really do not expect much from him the rest of the way. He has become extremely fragile since joining the Mets, but Tony Armas can probably hold the five spot good enough for the Mets needs. Overall, Pedro has been really bad so it is not like there is that much to replace. Strangest quote...Manager Jerry Manuel characterized Church's situation as "kinda ticklish," referring to the effects of the concussion Church sustained on May 20.Kind of ticklish? The man speaks the truth.Before he became aware of Hernandez's premature departure, Manuel reiterated that El Duque would be hard-pressed to displace of the regular starters."I wouldn't take any of those guys out," Manuel said. "It's gonna be tough for El Duque." Fun facts from Buster....Batters with highest percentage of working into hitters' counts (min. 200 PA):Albert Pujols, 33.3Ken Griffey Jr., 32.6Pat Burrell, 28.8Adam Dunn, 28.5Ray Durham, 28.0Jayson Werth, 27.9Chipper Jones, 27.7Nick Swisher, 27.4Jim Thome, 27.3Jason Giambi, 26.9Batters with lowest percentage of working into hitters' counts (min. 200 PA):Alexei Ramirez, 8.2Ivan Rodriguez, 8.5Miguel Olivo, 9.2Joey Gathright, 10.3Clint Barmes, 11.1Erick Aybar, 11.3Carlos Gomez, 11.3Corey Patterson, 11.3Jason Bartlett, 11.7Hunter Pence, 11.8Pitchers with highest percentage of working into hitters' counts (min. 300 PA):Oliver Perez, 27.6Phil Dumatrait, 26.5Daisuke Matsuzaka, 25.6Miguel Batista, 25.2Tom Gorzelanny, 24.7Dana Eveland, 24.5Andrew Miller, 24.5Doug Davis, 24.4Seth McClung, 24.0Barry Zito, 23.8Pitchers with lowest percentage of working into hitters' counts (min. 300 PA):John Lackey, 9.2Ervin Santana, 10.2Kevin Slowey, 11.8Greg Maddux, 12.0Joel Pineiro, 12.0Dan Haren, 12.3Andy Sonnanstine, 12.3Justin Duchscherer, 12.5Carlos Silva, 12.6Paul Byrd, 13.1[...]

    2nd Half Swelliciousness


    The Mets have now won nine straight games, which is their longest such streak since 2000 and I think ever. It is ALL Jerry Manuel and no one else.Obviously I am kidding, but this team is in much better shape than they were with Willie.One thing I love is the fact that Manuel is a man who is not afraid to let kids contribute. Why not? You have the players...why not let them help you regardless of how old they are?Willie would never have batted Nick Evans in the two spot on Sunday. Now, that is not why they won, but it is encouraging that Jerry is comfortable with himself enough to throw the 'ole vote of confidence behind the young kid and he went out and had a day for himself. Willie had some sort of inferiority complex which made him belittle rookies and keep young players down until they grew a moustache and started playing second base.Also, Jerry is not afraid to stack lefties. Willie was allergic to stacking lefties for fear at some point during the game the opposing manager might bring a lefty in and then be able to mow down his lefties in a big spot.However, managing for a situation in the game that may never happen is poor form and Manuel has been concentrating on putting the best product on the field and in the best order regardless of some silly little propensity to live and manage by some playbook that makes sense only to one person.Compounding mistakes? Not really Manuel's thing."We haven't really discussed that at length," Manuel said. "I think we're all a little worried about dealing with that. I think when the time comes, we'll make a decision and see how it fits and go forward from there. But right now, we're really playing well at that position. I mean, very well. That's going to be a tough one.Omar paid the slappy hitting second basemen too much for too many years? So what? A good manager is not afraid to bench a guy with a four year contract in favor of a guy who is here on a one year contract and is supposed to be on the bench if the bench player is playing better. Easley is not a highly regarded fielder, but he made some sparkling plays Sunday night and certainly has not hurt the Mets defensively.Managers may not be solely responsible for his team's performance, but he can certainly help contribute in meaningful ways and put his team in the best position to win. That is what managers are supposed to do and that is what Willie failed to do from day #1. If something is not working, fix it. Manuel seems to operate that way and is always looking to fix the team and get the best players in there.Willie was a firm believer in staying the course and when this team was at their worst, he actually said that he does not need to say anything to his players and they know the deal and what is at stake. That is absolutely egregious and I believe Manuel will never assume his player's know the deal. He seems like the type of guy that will remind his team what exactly is going on in case they lose sight of things.Raise your hand if you still care about how Willie was treated by the one? Good. I'm glad we are all in sync.* * *Mike Pelfrey looks like an absolute stud. It was a frustrating ride at times getting here, but the guy had 19 starts heading into this season. Why it is assumed that any pitcher should be amazing from day #1 is beyond me.Since June 1st, he has tossed 109, 112, 112, 113, 98, 98, 109, 113, and 119 pitches and has been a horse. His ERA+ of 112 is extremely impressive when you think about the fact he was almost dropped from the rotation with a sub 80 ERA+ not too long ago. The fact [...]

    Tony B...Champion of the People


    As the Mets Turn: Chapter 12Who gives a crap and move on. "There's nothing to that, honestly," Manuel told The Post. "I've always gotten along real well with guys like [Mets assistant GM] John Ricco, guys like Tony Bernazard, Omar [Minaya]. The conversations are always about baseball: What are we doing, where are we going, are we trying different things. I never had any of these meetings secretly. Everyone could always see us talking." The paranoia has a firm grip on Willie and sensationalism is running rampant in the media. It was clear this was a mistake from the start and the Wilpons had a wiff of that. Fred Wilpon was enamored of the idea of the Mets becoming racial groundbreakers by being the first New York team to hire a black manager - Randolph, like Wilpon, is also a Brooklyn native - and was mollified by Minaya's contention that he'd picked a manager who would be an asset in working with minority communities in the offseason.Ooooooh that was problem #1. You hire coaches and baseball people as well as players for baseball reasons and not PR reasons. Perhaps the biggest flaw with the Mets is that they do things for the wrong reasons and for all this negative press on Bernazard, he seemed to be right.Minaya's assistant, Tony Bernazard, was never a Randolph fan and had pushed for Montreal Expos third base/infield coach Manny Acta for the job. Acta was instead hired as one of Randolph's coaches.Also, let us say he did lobby for Randolph's firing, a firing I thought should have happened a long time ago. Doesn't that make people feel better that he is fighting for what is right? Why should he champion a guy he believes is the wrong guy. Who cares how it happened, it had to happen and people have lost sight of that. Willie was lucky to even be the manager for any portion of 2008 and that is glazed over as the man was on borrowed time.Tony is being painted as a bad guy and maybe he is. However, it would not be for lobbying for Randolph's dismissal. That was a solid baseball decision and something that is good for the team. They surely have other holes, but that was an easy one to plug up and a manager may not create a ton of value, but he certainly should not be adding negative value and I truly felt Randolph did that.* * *This is a tasty link.“When a guy talks about coming to our place where he has a chance to win and compete against the Yankees and the Red Sox, and then he goes to a place like Kansas City, that’s an eye-opener,“ he was quoted saying in USA Today. ”We may have dodged a bullet with that one.”Yep, whew, they dodged that bullet. Almost got stuck with Gil Meche and his 128 ERA+ last year. Of course, Ricciardi knew what few others could have understood — Meche would not have HAD that 128 ERA+ in Toronto because he did not have the heart and guts and competitive fire necessary to take on the Red Sox and the Yankees and all that. Yes, J.P. knows more than stats and tools. He can see into the hearts of men.Moises might be done. I assume he will attempt to come back and the Mets will let him being they owe him a lot of money, but really, nothing is to be expected of him anymore. It is a shame though as he was a borderline Hall of Fame talent when healthy. He has career 128 OPS+ and was remarkably consistent. Here are his breakdowns of his career monthly stats:March/April .331/.394/.587May .295/.364/.449June .291/.349/.497July .300/.370/.531August .296/.365/.523Sept/Oct .316/.382/.529He could have been a remarkable run producer if he had been able to stay on the fi[...]

    Random Notes 8-20-08


    Huh? Was this REALLY necessary? And if Randolph did not see it coming, he needs to sharpen up his self awareness. A lot.Oh Joe Blanton... There were people who actually wanted you for Lastings Milledge. His ERA+ of 80 can stay where it is while the Mets have found Figuerora who posted an 79 ERA+, Mike Pelfrey who posted an 88 ERA+, and Claudio Vargas who posted an 105 ERA+.The lesson to learn here is you do not trade for mediocritity. Yes, he can give you innings, but I would rather keep my depth or use the depth for something better than in a trade for league average players.I still like Ricky P. Also, he seems to get it."We haven't pitched up to our capabilities and we didn't play well defensively and when that happens you lose games," Peterson said. "In 2006, we turned so many great double plays and everyone said our pitching was so great. Our pitching was good, it was OK. It was solid in 2006, it wasn't great."We were in the top of the league in pitching, but our defense was at the top of the league and that's why we had great pitching that year. So, in this case, a lot of things went wrong with the team, and pitching certainly was one of them."If Willie was the pitching coach, his take would have been, "look at our ERA! I am awesome!" Peterson is a realist.Gossage just keep his mouth closed."There's not enough mustard in the city to cover Reyes," said Gossage, who was at the Stadium to give a pitching clinic to Bronx Little Leaguers and raise money to support inner-city youth baseball leagues in six cities. "He needs to act like a professional."I don't want this sport to turn into football where they dance after every play. I can't stand that - the dancing, the laughing - there's no place for that in the game. He's not the first great player to play - I wouldn't even say great because he hasn't won anything yet."Riiiiight. Baseball is turning into football in regards to the celebrating. THERE IS NO CELEBRATING!! It is kind of sad that there is none because it looks like no one gives a shit. The entire 'been there done that' attitude is old and god forbid someone shows some enthusiam while playing the game.It is good that Reyes showed no signs of sulking, but I never believed that crap about him before.Lennon has the five keys to success.Beware of all of this Bernazard talk.Every time the Mets played the Nationals, Bernazard conversed extensively with Washington manager Manny Acta, the Mets' former third-base coach, creating the perception that Bernazard wished that Acta was managing the Mets. To clear up any murkiness, Bernazard, who mostly avoids the limelight, conducted an interview with The Washington Post last September in which he effusively praised Acta's managing skills.And early Tuesday morning, when the hatchet fell on Randolph and the two coaches, Bernazard could be seen in the team hotel, giddy as a schoolgirl with a new dress.Why is praising Acta bad? That seems honest. And I was giddy about Randolph's firing as well. Maybe...just maybe...he is smarter than the people who sought to keep him.Tim Marchman likes Jose. And again, shame on all of you who ripped Reyes earlier. Did we all not learn our lesson when we all thought Wright's star had diminished a bit?I like Jerry so far. Also, let us not get caught up with one win or one loss. This is a process and judge the 'new' Mets on a month or so. [...]

    Randolph Redux


    So um....I don't know if you have heard, but he Mets fired their manager. Is that still even being talked about?I did not have time yesterday to fully dive into the depths of my brain to say everything I wanted to say about the issue. Luckily, I do not have to today as Rob Neyer had a chat and many of the things I wanted to say were illustrated perfectly by others which saves me oodles of time.When a team wins, the manager generally gets a great deal of credit. More to the point, while the Mets' losing record may not be -- almost certainly is not -- strictly Randolph's fault, it's fairly obvious that something had to change. Willie Randolph may be a fine manager, but he does not seem to be the right manager for this team, right now. Maybe this team isn't good enough to win, no matter who's calling the shots in the dugout. But there's only one way to find out.To continue down the road of mediocrity and not do anything is criminal. Changing Minaya mid-season would have ZERO outcome on the Mets in '08 and '09, however, the managerial change might have an effect. Something had to be done and this was the only option.Those of you calling for Minaya's head may be justified, but it would be fruitless. It might serve the point to satiate your need for blood being spilled, but Willie's blood at least may lead to something good. Again, it may not, but as Rob said, there is only one way to find out.Nick (NJ): How was this team supposed to win 90 games? They have Wright/Beltran/Reyes on paper with Alou (he's more fragile than paper)/Castillo (couldn't hit a ball through paper) and Delgado (umm...can't think of a paper analogy) who was done last year. This roster is horribly constructed - and don't even start on the bench. This is all on Omar.Rob Neyer: (12:21 PM ET ) Here's what I can tell you, Nick ... Before the season, I looked at five "computer" projections -- that is, projections based on data rather than blue sky -- and all five showed the Mets with somewhere between 92 and 98 wins. One thing I've learned over the years is that if you try to outsmart the data you're usually going to be wrong.Blame Minaya if you want, but the same roster everyone is ripping him for putting together was also the same roster that many other people thought was good as well. Simulations are not real life, which is obvious, but all you can do is put together the best team you can on paper and hope for the best. The Mets won 88 games in '07 and added Ryan Church and Johan Santana which is a significant upgrade that theoretically should have pushed them in the mid 90's for wins.Enter reality, that is not happening and the manager is the easy target.Mario (Queens, NYC): Willie's been on more championship teams than everyone in the Mets organization combined. Aside from the horrendous handling of his dismissal, it was simply the wrong move. There are no legit managerial alternatives, so it was clear that it was just a shot across the bow to shake things up and deflect responsibility. While I've been an Omar fan to this point, I'm now glad to see that he's now directly next in line for a canning if the team continues to falter. By the way, what are the stats on a team making the playoffs after a mid-season managerial change?Rob Neyer: How is Jerry Manuel not legit? He's got experience, and a career winning record as a major league manager. Seems to me there are few *more* legitimate options than Manuel. This is my most favorite-est argument in the universe. Willie [...]

    Keep Moving...There Is Nothing To See Here....


    Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!I somehow feel vindicated and applaud my own steel resolve. I was berated at times and called many unspeakable things for keeping my cause alive, but it is finally over. However, I think the Mets sort of handled this badly to put it mildly. There were plenty of reasons to get rid of Willie, but at 3:15 AM East Coast time?I was sleeping parallel to the foot of my bed with the TV on and my blow up doll still on the bed with a few frozen bananas laying around. I was in one of those in and out of consciousness states and then I heard the news that Willie was fired. No shit, I thought I was dreaming. I gave the old one eye squinting/half sleeping stare at the TV and indeed, Willie was gone.I smiled a bit and then it dawned on me that this team is run by a group of absolute morons. There were plenty of times to give Willie his walking papers and the Mets wait until after the 1st game of a West Coast trip while the Mets are in the midst of a streak where they had just won 3 or 4 games. Fucking ponderous.I wanted this to happened I believe this team needed a shake up, but this is how they decided to do it? Why didn't they do it before the team left Anaheim or weeks earlier when everyone knew this needed to happen. I guess I should expect this from my team and it is hard for me to complain now that my man Ken Oberkfell is up in the bigs and ready to jump on that managerial position this off-season. I guess I should not concern myself about the 'why' at this point and just focus on the 'fuck yeah'. Winning cures all and this will be a figment of our little imaginations if the Mets do just that.As for Jerry, he is not chopped liver (a little bonus story about Willie being confused in there). From '98 to '03, he owned a 500-471 record which is good for a .515 winning%. He finished 2nd, 2nd, 1st, 3rd, 2nd, and 2nd during his reign as a manager and has four winning seasons on his resume with two losing seasons with one AL manager of the year award in 2000. The team is familiar with him and he is familiar with the team so I am optimistic that things will go as smoothly as they can.As for Peterson, it seems there were other factors at play with him. The Mets have done well under his watch in terms of pitching, but Mulder and Hudson had issues with him and it is very possible that he rubbed a lot of pitchers and other people in the organization the wrong way. I liked him and will be unhappy to see him go, but it seems to me that people were maybe sick of him and felt a change was needed there.* * *Some people just don't get it.mets33196 Jun 16, 2008 11:01:50 AM Report Offensive Postits no big secret Baseball is a white man sport...just look at the fan crowds...especially Shea. Most bloggers here are white...therefore the FIRE Minaya / Randolph cries. Its only because Minaya is Hispanic and Randolph black. And u most of u bloggers 99% are illiterate ignorant I D I O T S with no life. I am a white hispanic by the way....but most of u people are racist against hispanics....and blacks...bottom line. I bet u all believe Clemens is innocent and pure, yet Bonds is guilty from day one. U made that decision from day one....before the facts., yet Clemens the Bush lover Texan is still considered innocent. McNamee GOOOD JOB !!!!!!!!! and Good LuckReally? I mean, really?This is a very amusing story.There are so many things wrong with this article I hardly know where to s[...]

    Progress, But No Results


    I prefer results oriented activities, but some people are looking at the silver lining in this 3-7 skid the Mets are mired in. "We have to dig down deeper, and I think we have," Randolph said. "It might not show in our record, but we are starting to play better. We have to start making our own breaks." As for his situation, he said it is not weighing on the players, noting some may like him and some may not. Everyone is always so concerned about the fragile psyches of ballplayers. Here's a tip - just go out and play.I typically would not expect him to say anything else because he cannot be outright negative, but I think everyone is past the point of sugar coating things. There is one thing about Willie that has made him a bit more endearing these days and it was his stand up comedy performance during the post game on Friday. Frankly, I like that side of him a bit more and maybe he should let that permeate his entire being and maybe he should be showing a bit more personality. Of course, that makes him more fun of a manager, but that still does not cover up his shortcomings as a tactical manager.That being said, I think things have gone a bit out of control. The entire Pelfrey thing was ridiculous, the Pedro chants were silly, etc. Everyone is now getting on him for non-issues. I have seen Willie do plenty of egregious things and they helped build my disdain for him as a manager, but he simply cannot win these days. It has gotten to the point that actual sound baseball decisions are being scrutinized and this my friends, is not good.I have not wanted him since his facial hair edict but I have discovered that I actually do have a heart and actually feel bad for him. There should be a different manager leading this ballclub, but I just hope everyone can keep perspective whilst this ridiculousness is going on.* * * A little Michael Iona chatter.I would actually love to see the A's make that type of splash. It is always nice to see smaller market teams jump into the fray on these types of players and if the Mets do not get him, Oak-town would be a great landing spot.By way of tc, a 3-d look at the new home of the Mets.It is always good when Johan Keri weighs in on anything and especially so when it is on the Mets.All those teams did a better job of scouting and player acquisition than the Mets did. They also did so with smaller payrolls, in some cases much smaller.They say necessity is the mother of invention. Maybe necessity is what the Mets have been missing.Part of their '06 success is exactly what Jonah is talking about. These kind of lightening in a bottle scenarios happen every year and typically propel a certain team to, and possibly through, the playoffs.There were a few people who look really smart stating that the Mets were due to regress in 2007 as a result of the likes of Valentin, Oliver, Chavez, etc. playing over their heads and the unlikelihood that Omar would be able to replace their unrealistic output.Willie gate is getting ugly.The rumor mill is churning.Sources have told the Daily News that principal owner Fred Wilpon and chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon have authorized Minaya to fire Randolph, pitching coach Rick Peterson and first base coach Tom Nieto. Bench coach Jerry Manuel would ascend to manager if Randolph is ousted, while Triple-A New Orleans manager Ken Oberkfell and pitching coach Dan Warthen would join the major league staff.The ever-looming presenc[...]