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Preview: Doubting Thomas' Mets Blog

Doubting Thomas' Mets Blog

Get inside the brain of a Mets fanatic.

Updated: 2014-10-14T17:23:13.076-04:00




I've been so down on the Mets recently, I havent felt the desire to post. It also helps that my fantasy football team was rolling yesterday, but thats beside the point.

The only thing major that happened in my 3 days of non posting was Victor Diaz's major league debut. I did watch this and came away impressed. I wish we could get a chance to see him some more before the season ends, but with Cliff and Hidalgo still playing, I dont see many at bats in his future.

The big news today is that the Daily News is reporting that Art Howe will be fired at seasons end. I dont know whether to rejoice or feel sorry for the guy.

Assuming that this stroy is true, I feel it necessary to look back on Arts tenure as manager.

He came in as the clear second candidate behind Sweet Lou. He also came in as the "anti Bobby V." He was supposed to be the calm voice on this team in turmoil.

From the start of last year it was clear Howe was not all he was cracked up to be. It was also clear that he never had a true team to put on the field. Glavine and Alomar and Piazza all failed him in 2003, and this year the list of walking wounded is simply amazing.

So it all adds up to two 60 win seasons, and to bitter dissapointments. Is it all Howe's fault? Of course not. do I feel sorry for him? Yes, I do. But the bottom line is....Thank god he is gone!

Of course, I shouldnt be jumping to conclusions. He is still the manager and until I hear the official word, I guess I really wont believe this will happen.

Between now and then, I'll analyze some candidates and who I would hire.

Enjoy a Mets double dip today. That's 2 more losses im sure.



This season is has officially reached pointless. Its getting almost absurd. The Mets dropped their 11th game in a row last night to the surging Marlins. They are only 2 games in front of the Expos in the race for last too. Not even David Wright can save this mess.

But the Art Howe job watch is still on. It sounds like Art will be given another chance, and that they will bring in Larry Bowa to be the fiery bench coach. It's bad enough that Howe is gonna be the manager, but having a complete nutcase on the bench can't help either. Is yelling at Mike Piazza and Cliff Floyd going to get them to hit? If it does then perhaps Bowa is some sort of genius, tapping into all players potential. Just look at Philly though and you'll realize that isnt the case.

This afternoon i'll be watching Scott Kazmir pitch.

All I know is, thank god for football.



Baseball America is reporting the Mets have promoted Scott Strickland to New York. I don't know if this is true or not because I haven't seen it elsewhere. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The Downward Spiral Continues


They need to come up with a device that alerts Mets fans when David Wright is batting. That would be great because that is the only reason I watch anymore. The losing streak has lost 9 in a row, and doesnt have any end in sight. Have the players quit on Howe? I sure think so.

The players have all but abandoned Howe, just as they did Valentine that season, although Howe refuses to respond with the same anger in going down with the ship. During that fateful 12-game losing streak in 2002, which stretched from Aug. 10-23, Valentine questioned the motives of players at one point and even suffered a tearful meltdown after the club's 12th consecutive loss, in Colorado.

When Valentine implored his players to rally, just as Howe did with his veterans before Saturday's game, the clubhouse responded with shrugs. It's happening again with the Mets, and Howe, like Valentine, appears powerless to stop it.
I remeber the whole downfall of Bobby V, and i have to say that this is much worse. I know that no one is smoking pot this time around, but the lackluster play is just as bad.

The Post reports that the Mets are in the running for Cuban defector Kendry Morales.

Cuban star free agent Kendry Morales held a private workout at the Mets' Dominican Republic facility last week, the Post has learned, and the Mets may be emerging as one of the leading candidates for his services.
I don't know what to think on this guy. Part of me wants to get him badly, but I just dont trust the Mets. If they sign him he'll be a bust. If they don't he'll become a star. That's just how I feel about this team lately.



The Mets were up to their old bag of tricks last night getting routed in Philly. Cory Lidle went the distance giving up just 3 hits. I don't know if it can get any worse, but I'm betting on yes. I cant even talk about the games anymore, because the are the most uninteresting thing I've ever seen. The only thing of note is Vic Darensbourg..oh boy!

I think Mike Piazza sums up the situation best:

"We're a bad team right now," he said, his soft voice making his words practically sound like an ashamed confession. "I guess you've got to realize that personally we've all been blessed, but professionally, I can't speak for anybody else, but it's embarrassing."

And if that doesnt do it fir ya, enjoy this quote from Newsday:

As they look forward from what has become another disastrous campaign, the Mets don't plan to increase their payroll from its current level of about $90 million. Team officials believe that they made solid smaller moves last offseason, signing free agents Kaz Matsui, Mike Cameron and Braden Looper, and they want to continue in that vein. They believe, although virtually no one else does, that their trades for Victor Zambrano and Kris Benson are consistent with that "less is more" philosophy.
Steve Trachsel tries to end the skid against Brett Myers this afternoon.

Philadelphia 8 Mets 1


The Mets were baffled by young rookie Gavin Floyd yesterday. Floyd made his major league debut and gave a strong performance of 7 innings of one run ball. His only blemish was a homerun to Eric Valent.

The only signifigant thing to talk about from the game besides Floyd's debut was Cliff Floyd flipping the ball in the stands with only two outs, even though Bobby Abreu was tagging up on the play. Art tried to salvage whatever hold he has on this team by confrontingt Floyd over it. some how I dont think Cliff really cares what the Wizard thinks.

I was listening to WFAN yesterday and MadDog had an interview with Peter Gammons. Gammons said that Howe is in "grave danger" of losing his job.

Also, starter Matt Ginter was forced to leave the game after the first inning with a sprained ankle.

That's now 12 of 13 for those counting. They look to make it 13 of 14 today.

News from Colorado


This was in todays Denver Post:

New York Mets manager Art Howe's job is reportedly in jeopardy, and the Rockies' Clint Hurdle has been mentioned as a possible replacement.

It's not surprising. Hurdle managed in the Mets' farm system when Jim Duquette was the organization's assistant farm director. Duquette now is the Mets' general manager.

I think it is clear that Howe will not be back. Clint Hurdle sounds dissapointing as a replacement, but anyone's gotta be better than Howe, right?

Florida 9 Mets 6


The Mets stink.

There is really nothing else to say. If it wasn't for David Wright this team would be un-watchable.

But speaking of David Wright....that kid is going to be a star.

The Mets now head to Philadelphia where they will be swept in a 3 game series.

I am practically rooting for this team to lose..that's Howe bad it's gotten.

Florida 5 Mets 4


The Mets continued their losing ways yesterday, despite Wilson Del-Got-it's 4 RBI night. Delgado provided all the offense for the Mets, including his first homerun of the season. Tom Glavine pitched 6 innings givinbg up 5 runs, and took the loss to drop him to 9-11 on the season.

There is not much in the news today. The only noteworthy items are:

  • Mike Camron remains out with a viral infection.
  • The Mets injured reserve in Florida is being evacuated due to Hurricane Frances. Reyes and Zambrano will join the Mets in Philly. Kaz Matsui is the only one brave enough to stay.
  • And most importantly, Jason Phillips is red hot and is now hitting above 200. Hooray!!

Jae Seo vs Carl Pavano today.

Florida 5 Mets 0


World Series hero Josh Beckett dominated the Mets last night, pitching a complete game shutout. Beckett made the Mets look completely lifeless, but that isnt to hard to do anymore. Steve Trachsel lost his fourth consecutive decision, bringing him to 10-12 on the season.

The only good part about last night was the Yankees/Indians game. The Indians trounced the Yankees 22-0, which brings a smile to my face, and the face of all Mets fans.

The Mets have begun their September callups with Matt Ginter, Tyler Yates and Craig Brazell joining the team today. Ginter will start for Kris Benson on Friday.

There are rumblings now that Art Howe may not be managing the Mets next year.

A club insider said yesterday that principal owner Fred Wilpon and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon might be convinced to eat Howe's deal and bring in a low-cost replacement.
I don't care who it is, but Howe has lost this team. they aren't playing hard. Injuries aside, this is two straight years when they have showed no juice late in the season.

Yusmeiro Petit gets some love from Baseball America.

Tom Glavine takes the mound for the Mets tonight.

Florida 6 Mets 4


The mets bullpen was once again the goat in this game, although it wasn't one of the 2 usual suspects. This time it was recently recalled rookie Heath Bell. Bell served up a 2 run HR to Damion Easley that put the Marlins ahead for good. With Mota and Benitez in the pen, the Mets had no shot of coming back.

The two bright spots inthte game were the homeruns by Mike Piazza and David Wright. This was Piazza's first game back from the disabled list. Also of note was that Piazza has gotten rid of the beard that he sported all season. Maybe that will bring him luck now.

in other news, the Mets are considering not signing Kris Benson.

In an interesting twist, an industry source told The Post that despite speculation to the contrary, the Mets are not necessarily committed to signing Benson to a contract extension. Instead, the team could pass on the talented 30-year-old right-hander as long as that money is allocated for one of this offseason's other premier free agent pitchers.

The list of acclaimed free-agent pitchers includes Carl Pavano, Russ Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, Matt Clement, Matt Morris, Odalis Perez, Derek Lowe, Chris Carpenter, Kevin Millwood, Eric Milton and Brad Radke. Several of them — particularly Pavano, Ortiz, Martinez and Perez — are more proven and established than Benson.

I would much rather let Benson walk and sign a Pavano or Clement. In fact I would have never traded for him in the first place....but let's not go there. And speaking of Benson, he will miss his next start due to a "tired arm."

Al Goldis and Bill Livesy will be in Cuba tomorrow to scout Cuban prospect Kendry Morales. One thing is for sure, if every other team doesnt like him, Goldis and Livesy will love him.

And to show how bad things have gotten, the Mets have lost 8 of 9 and are now 60-70. Last year at this point, they were 58-72. Ouch...another lost season.

Shea Jones


That's right...Chipper Jones has named his third son after Shea Stadium. The reason?

"I love playing there, check the numbers."
He went on to add:

"I just like the name," Jones said. "We were going to name [the baby] Shea, regardless of the gender."

Despite all the times he's broken my heart, I do like Larr.....i mean Chipper a lot. I think this is actually pretty funny. Congrats and good luck to Shea Jones.

Roster Moves


The Mets made a few roster moves today to make room for Mike Piazza.

  • Brian Buchanan was designated for assignment.
  • Mike DeJean was placed on the 15 Day DL.
  • Heath Bell was recalled from AAA.

Meet the Mess


Bob Klapisch has an article on the Mess that is the Mets over at I'm not a Klapisch fan at all, and often wonder where he gets his sources from. The article is still an interesting read though.

Word is, owner Fred Wilpon will consider firing Howe if the Mets finish with another 90-loss season.

Word is? Who's word is that? I dont think Howe is going anywhere. As much as I dont like him, he doesnt deserve to be fired with all the injuries they've suffered through the past 2 seasons.

if they start slow next year though..then it's bye bye Artie.

Monday News


Mike Piazza is back and ready to play. The Mets first basemen/catcher finished his rehab in Port St. Lucie and will be activated today. He plans on playing mostly first base from here on out.

Piazza gave a scouting report on his other inured teammates:

"Kaz didn't look like he was feeling any better," Piazza said. But he said Jose Reyes (stress fracture left leg) "looks better. He swung the bat well."

I guess that means we all have to get used to seeing more of Wilson Delgado.

Mike Stanton has said that he would probably not be open to a trade. Isn't that great news? Looks like one more season of Stanton.

And finally, the Mets trade Jae Seo for Charlie Brown...well not really, but read it. Funny stuff.

Leiter vs D-Train tonight.

Ventura Slams Mets


Our old friend Robin Ventura may not be the same player he used to be, but he can still hit the GrandSlam. Ventura homered off Kris Benson in the 5th inning, knocking Benson out of the game and putting things out of reach for the Mets. The HR was Ventura's 17th career grandslam, moving him into 4th place all time behind Lou Gehrig, Eddie Murray and Willie McCovey.

There arent't too many words that describe Benson's start today. Awful is one of them. Bensons final line looked like this:

4 IP, 8 H, 8 R, 5 ER, 3 BB, 1 SO

The only positive thing I see there is that maybe they will chop a few thousand dollars off his contract. Benson is going to want big money, and the Mets are going to give it to him. Unfortunately he hasn't pitched up to the hype, and my money is on that he will get much more than he deserves.

The question the Mets need to ask themselves is, what will be better, having Benson pitching for the next three years, or possibly getting a draft pick for just 2 months of Bensons service. If i were the GM I'd let Benson walk, despite the bad press that would follow.

Now onto the Scott Kazmir watch. I hate to keep harping on him, but I think every met fan is interested in what he does. Kazmir took the mound against Oakland this afternoon and gave up 5 ER in 3 innings. Obviously, since he is only 20, we can't go crazy over each of his starts. We'll see how he does next time.

Sunday News


When talking about yesterdays game, all I have to say is that Stanton sucks. They wasted a nice start from the blonde Jae Seo too.

The buzz around the net today is all about Yusmiero Petit's AA debut. We have inning by inning accounts of his masterful performance, and nothing but praise from everyone else. Seeing this kid makes me a litle more at ease about the Kazmir deal.

Speaking of our friend Scott Kazmir, he takes the hill today against Mark Mulder. Good luck.

Newsday says that Victor Zambrano is likely out for the season, which doesnt really surprise anyone. The disturbing part is that he is seeking a second opinion from Dr James Andrews. All I know is, I'd hate to be Goldis or Livesy if they find out he needs Tommy John surgery.

And last but not least, mike Piazza will be activated tomorrow.

Mets and dodgers going on right now. Benson vs Ishii tied 1-1 in the third.

Saturday News


Wow...The Mets brought their bats last night. Mark it on the calender.

In off the field news, the Mets made 2 moves yesterday. The first was trading Dan Wheeler to Houston for outfielder Adam Seuss. Seuss is a non-prospect who is hitting 283 in A Ball. It seems houston has now become the official dump for the Mets bullpen waste. First was Weathers, now Wheeler. We can only hope Stanton and Franco will follow.

The second move was to finalize the signing of Cuban defector Alay Soler. Soler will report to the Florida State Instructional League on Sept 17th to begin his work in the Mets organization. The Mets believe he will start next year as high as AA.

I have to admit I like these signings. I think they should sign Morales too. When all it costs is money, then go for it. If one of these Cuban players works out, then it is all worth it.

It appears the Mets and Kris Benson are coming close to a 3 year contract. There are no numbers being thrown about, but both sides remain optimistic.

Mike Piazza began his minor league rehab, and went 2-3 for St Lucie.

Jae Seo pitches this afternoon as the Mets attempt to take the first2 from LA.

What to Do Now


As every day passes I am getting more and more sick of watching this franchise. Their injuries bug me, their player evaluation is sub par, and most importantly, their product on the field Stinks!!! The next month of the season should be strictly about getting playing time for younger players like Danny Garcia, Craig Brazell, Heath Bell, etc. No more Gerald Williams sightings please. The problem with the Mets is that instead of seeing what a Heath Bell or Royce Ring can do in a tight 3-2 game in September, we all know that Mike Stanton will be pitching it.

I cant possibly see how anyone would go out to Shea in September. Wilpon will realize his mistakes...hopefully.

So for now I am still just depressed with this franchise. Once I get my thoughts together I will post something a little more relevant.

As far as some news goes, Yuseimero Petit has been premoted to AA for the playoff run. That is a first with the Mets. Usually most payers are demoted

Mets lose once again


Tonight was the same old story for the Metropolitians. They got decent pitching, but couldn't even muster out one measly run against Padres pitcher Brian Lawrence, who got the win in a 4-0 rout. This team is now becoming unwatchable.

But fear not fellow Mets fans, for the Mets have a secret weapon waiting in the wings. His name...Brian Buchanan. The Mets signed the former Padre outfielder for the remainder of the season, and shipped reliever Heath Bell back to AAA. We hardly knew ya Heath. I don't think this move was really essential, cause quite frankly, Buchanan is awful.

Buchanan hit 200 with 2 hr's in 38 games this year. His best year was 2001 with Minnesota where he hit a whopping 274 with 10 jacks.

In other news, Prentice Redman was designated for assignment.

Well thats it for my late night post. Be back with more tomorrow.

Dog Days


Its really getting tough to continue watching this team day in and day out. For the third straight year, they have put a near unwatchable product on the field in August and September. I know injuries are part of the game, but do we really need to be subjected to seeing lineups where Gerald Williams hits third. Do we really need to see Todd Zeile any more. Its frickin pathetic. The only reason why I tune in now is to see David Wright.

No doubt the next month should improve once Piazza and Kaz come back. But by thenb they will be so far out of it no one will even notice their return. I just wanted some meaningful games in september. Instead, its just a replay of the last two years.

Last night David Wells mowed the Mets down, pitching a 2 hitter through 8 innings. This did not surprise me. With the product the Mets had on the field, I am confident that Binghamton could've 2 hit them last night. After all was said and done, it was just a putrid 3-1 loss.

In actual news, Aaron Heilman was sent down to AAA Norfolk, and reliever Heath Bell was recalled. At least it will be somewhat interesting to see Bell.

The Mets are stressing patience on the Zambano trade. I cant even read these articles anymore.

And look who made it on the top cover of the NY Post....Its everyones favorite tramp Anna Benson.

Tuesday News


Well the story of last night for us mets fans wasn't Aaron Heilman sucking and the Mets losing to the Padres. It was Scott Kazmir pitching well and getting a win in his Devil Ray debut. I was unable to watch the game ( I know I need to get MLB TV), but I did follow it on gamecast and saw all of the highlights.

From my limited sample of seeing him, I was very impressed. To put it simply, the kid throws heat. Kazmir went 5 innings,without allowing a run, and although he did struggle with his control at times, is receiving rave reviews from everyone who saw him pitch.

All in all, i came away wishing he was still a Met even more.

There are 2 articles about Kazmir in the papers, one by David Lennon, and the other by Michael Morissey. check em both out.

Here is a little blurb from one of the articles

As early as spring training of this year, some Mets veterans whispered that Kazmir was a little cocky for his own good. One player recalled an episode in which Kazmir annoyed Al Leiter and John Franco by changing the music on the clubhouse sound system and was hardly apologetic about it.

So thats where all this "bad character" stuff comes from. Apprently he changed the radio station and that was enough for Al and Johnny to ship him out of here.

As far as the Mets go, Aaron Heilman was dissapointing in his return for the big leagues. It was the same pitcher we all saw last year. He fell behind hitters early in the count and couldnt get out of jams that resulted from that. He lasted just 3 2/3 innings while giving up 4 runs and 3 BB.

In positive news from last nights game, both Mike Cameron and David Wright homered, as it seems that those two are the only people who ever get hits anymore.

And yes, John Franco actually did pitch.

Now to off the field news. The Mets and Kaz Matsui have finally made the decision that Kaz will be a second basemen next year. He will start taking grounders at second now, but will not play second in a game until spring training.

Mike Piazza is still far away, but the Mets hope he can start his rehab as early as this weekend.

Cliff Floyd had x-rays on his elbow after he was hit by a pitch yesterday, but everything is fine and he wont need to go on the DL.

David Wells vs. Kris Benson tonight.

Heilman vs. Kazmir


Well this is a late post, but Im kinda under the weather so bear with me. Yesterdays game looked like it would be a laugher, especially when bonds hit a bomb off Ginter in the first inning. Ginter actually settled down, but the Mets did not bring their bats and would end up losing 3-1.

Now tonight, Aaron Heilman will make his 2004 debut against Jake Peavy. About 3 hours after Heilman debuts, Scott Kazmir will pitch for Tampa against Seattle. In typical Mets fashion, Heilman will get roughed up, and Kazmir will throw a 2 hit shutout.

I'm very interested in seeing both pitch. Heilman is the defininition of a dissapointmnet, and this may be his last shot to prove he has what it takes to be a major league pitcher.

Part time GM Al Leiter has denied that he had any influence on the Kazmir trade.

Leiter suggested Mets personnel are privately saying he was displeased with Kazmir in an effort to spread any heat arising from the trade.
If that is even remotely true, the Mets organization should be ashamed of themselves.

Jeff Duncan wil miss the remainder of the season with a broken right hand.

Brad Meyers will not sign with the Mets, and will attend Loyola Marymount, but Matt Durkin is expected to sign. It sucls that they lose out on myers, but it was a good gamble anyway.

The David Wright Show


Yesterday's game was a wild one. It was 12 innings of back and forth baseball, and featured a classic deul between baseball's premier slugger and one of its rising stars. It was Barry Bonds vs. David Wright. Bonds went 4-4, with 2 walks, Wright went 4-6.

This was one of the better games of the year, and the finish was even more dramatic. In the top of the 12th inning, Todd Zeile hit what seemed to be a routine flyball to rightfield. Giants RF'er Dustin Mohr could not pick up the ball and it hit his mitt and popped out, causing the Mets to take a 2 run lead. Bartolome Fortunato was brought in to save things, and he pitched a quick 12th for his first save and an 11-9 Mets victory.

Tom Glavine was not good in his first start without teeth. 5 innings, 5 runs and 6 bb's.

When Barry Bonds reached third base, the young Mets rookie had some words for him.

"I'm not trying to jump on the bandwagon, but you're as good as advertised," Wright told Bonds when the future Hall of Famer reached third base.

"Thank you," Bonds replied. "Good job swinging it."

And yes, David Wright is as good as advertised too.

Jeff Keppinger got his first major league hit in the eighth inning.

Yusmeiro Petit is finally getting some main stream attention.

"He's probably an average major-league-fastball guy - 88 to 91 mph. But he has real good deception," GM Jim Duquette said. "The ball gets on you. It's almost like (Minnesota's) Johan Santana from the right side. He doesn't throw that hard, but he's got good stuff."

He doesnt get me as excited as Kazmir did, but anytime your mentioned with Johan Santana, then your doing something right.

The Mets claim that a report that Cliff Floyd was almost traded for Bobby Higginson is not true

And finally, the NY Times has a nice little article on Victor Zambrano and his strikeout/walk rate. This is a must read.

San Fran 7 Mets 3


The Mets struck out 14 times, and made 3 errors. Not to mention they couldnt touch Noah Lowry. This all led up to a 7-3 Mets loss. Its a tough loss to swallow because they could have made some serious ground in the wildcard

The news on Joe McEwing is not good. McEwing has a broken left fibula and will miss the remainder of the season.

In starting pitching news, Matt Ginter will start in place of Victor Zambrano tomorrow, and Aaron Heilman will make his 2004 debut on Monday.

Kaz Matsui may start taking groundballs at second while on his rehab assignment. Even if he does start taking grounders there, the Mets say he will not play any games there this year.

Tom Glavine returns to the mound this afternoon in game 2 of the Giants series.