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Metzblog is a regular report on our beloved Metsies, their flailings and hopefully, their successes. It's not easy competing in NY with the hated Yanks, but someone has to do it -- and we may not have the money, but we can beat them with better baseball.

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You've got to be kidding me.


Now maybe Ishii will shut his big fat mouth and worry about walks. Not bad enough that our first 2 games were marked by Blooper's choke and DeJean's granny, Mr. Ishii promptly walks the entire Reds batting order just to test his theory.

Willie; Mets owned best opening day record and haven't been 0-3 since 1964. Exactly which Yankee mystique are you bringing with you ... the Yanks of the mid 80's?

Overeacting? Ha.


A generous Mr. Doyle suggested that perhaps I overreacted to the Mets opening night; and to that I respond ha! I have sat patiently and loyally as a Met fan for more years than I care to remember. The team was gutsy, hard-working, arrogant... and even when they lost were fun to watch.

Mr. Howe ruined all that. Every bit of life this team ever had oozed out over 2 long's no wonder they didn't hit; because in the rare chance that anyone got on base, nobody could plate them anyhow. Between Mo Vaughn munching cheeseburgers in the dugout, Roger Cedeno practicing juggling in the outfield and Mike Stanton (redneck that he is) longing for his days in the Bronx that he practically willed the ball to land there; the team was apathetic.

Mr. Randolph still has me (I should hope so after only one game); but I would have liked to see someone running Blooper laps around the stadium all night to get the point across. Winning, like losing, is a habit, and coming from a team that would not tolerate failure -- I'd like to see a bit of that fire in the belly. I was pleased by the team's hitting, true. And REyes and Beltran came through in the clutch, and even Cliff Floyd managed to stay unhurt.

The season is long, and true, it was but one game. But someone better nip this thing in the butt before another season gets wasted away.

Holy Toledo Again


Forgive me for interrupting my relative quiet with horrendous vomiting sounds. Blooper's ninth inning undid an entire offseason of good will. Forget about Pedro's 12 k's. Who cares about the Beltran dinger. Looper was beyond bad.It's revolting. For g-d's sake; it was opening day, the start of a new era. At least Armando had the kindness of heart to let us build up our hopes before bringing us back to earth with a thud.

For my part, there's not much to do but tune these guys out till they earn some respect. Until that time they're just a waste of time. -- nearly as big as Mo Vaughn's (waist).

Wake me up at the trading deadline.

More Beltran Speculation


At 100 Million for 6 years or 110 for years, Beltran is a relative bargain.  We tend to always look at the negative aspects of a multiple year deal, but securing a quality ballplayer in his prime can have its advantages too -- and if the markets just follows the rate of inflations; saving an extra 2 mil or so a year isn't a bad thing.

Assuming of course that the team has done its homework.  You could make a case that Beltran is among the top 5 players out there (at least based on last year's numbers) and considering his age, speed and defensive prowess, he could maintain that position for a long time, but then again, there were people who made similar comparisons to the likes of Richard Hildalgo or even Magglio pre-injury.  In any case, I don't see many better candidates coming on the market in the next year or two -- and they certainly won't come down in price -- and I'd rather pay a small premium for that top tier guy -- vs. near-top dollar for a guy without that top-tier potential who's more likely to fall flat on his face.

Beltran wishing


Seems to me that beltran may falling into the mets hands, much like the arod and vlad ops, but hopefully minaya doesn't ley this op slip by.  I'm not one of those critical of the other moves -- arod was clearly overpaid and Vlad still has a fair amount of risk-- and figure we'll need to overpay if the yanks get involved, but if we can skate pass this weekend and pay fairly, this could be the start of a wonderful relationship.
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On the right Trax?


Trachsel is a swell guy and all, but if we can ship him out for that quality bat that we need (and can't seem to find on the FA market); then so be it. Or for that matter, I'm not adverse to signing Odalis Perez and shipping him out in a deal.  Trax, Perez, Vasquez -- any of those guys on the back of my rotation are AOK with me.
Happy to hear that the Manny rumors are alive and well again; but not clear where we're aiming Cliff and Piazza (if he's still on the block).  Not real high on trading for E. Byrnes, but then again, I don't know that much about him.  Chad Bradford isn't exactly sliced bread.
Main theory is we need to have guys on base...should be number one priority.  Homers and RBIs are nice, but we have a few guys who can deliver on that, provided someone is on in front of them.   Here's hoping that 2005 doesn't include any 10-game losing streaks.




Mets asleep at the wheel?


Not sure what Mr. Minaya is doing, but seems like the time is right to do something. While the smaller fish and snapping up the smaller prey (but paying them the same top dollar) Milton?  Millwood? -- Mets need to add some bats in a big way.  I keep going back and forth in my own head about Delgado and Beltran.  Of  the two, I think Beltran is the sweeter deal, and may be ripe for the picking -- particularly on the heels of Yanks having to overpay for the Unit and $25 Mil luxury tax, but his .280 BA outside of Shea scares me a bit.  But if we can have him at $100 mil, what the hey.


As for Delgado, I would have liked to sign him 3 years ago for a 3-year contract.  I like his numbers, but just wish we could trade for 2 or 3 can't miss prospects who will show us increasing returns over the next 3-5 years, not diminishing ones -- thus Nick Johnson, maybe the 1B from Philadelphia, a Kearns or Pena from Cincy, etc. Maybe Diaz is one that the Mets already have; I'm willing to give him a shot at that.  Guess that means I'd be willing to take a flyer on a Mags in the same vein, if it ties up less money, and allows us to try and get a few of these pieces.   Hillenbrand for Floyd gives me some of the same benefits, and maybe if we can get a prospect back as well ....


But the time to strike is clearly sooner rather than later ...

RJ a Better Acquisition than Pedro


Funny how everyone is all over Mets with risk factors of Pedro and the fact that he's a malcontent and overpaid, but why I haven't I heard the same about RJ who is not only older than my mother and has a greater history of injury, but also while under a contract forced a deal to only the Yankees, and is signed at more $ than Pedro.  Not to mention the fact that he's going from NL to AL -- assuming the deal goes through.






Andre the great?


And the Mets are getting heat for overpaying?  It took Beltre 5 years to find his thing in LA.  Good luck in Seattle.  Gotta think that creates a little more urgency in LA and might re-open Piazza-Green talks.  Green's a nice player and could take 1B or OF and I could live with a platoon at C or bettet Varitek is still out there.
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Who bats 3 and 4


I know I'm getting ahead of myself here a bit, but who bats 3 and 4 for this team. Only Piazza and Floyd are candidates in my moind and neither may be here.  So oif we get Delgado for the 4, then who precedes him.  Is it Piazza?
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Pedro plus


Am finally starting to feel comfortable that the Pedro deal is done, so now it's on to other fish -- seems like the Rockies are getting desparate about Wilson ... He could be a great fit if they eat salary... And there has to be someone else we can fleece.  If Nick Johnson is out there I'm all for it... Count me out of those looking to package Matsui -- particularly to net Cabrera.  Matsui was improving up until the time he got hurt and we can use his 2Bs in the lineup.  But I'd lose Cameron in the right deal.  So far, so good for Minaya.  I'd say at this point that the Mets are most improved team thus far -- in one transaction.  Let's hope the next coupla moves net similar gains.
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Pedro, Manny and the Loop


If the deal gets done, Pedro on the Mets is great news.  With all the jabber about the likes of Pavano, Wright this year -- or Vasquez last year; there's not much there but guys who have one career year and lots of mediocrity (see Estaban Loaiza) -- there are no more than about 5 pitchers you can count on to bring it day in and day out -- and Pedro is one of those guys.   There is now fear from opposing teams, and no doubt it makes the rest of the staff one magnitude stronger.


Personally, I'm still pulling for Manny -- another guy that can be counted on to produce day in and day out. A dependable pitching staff -- which this ensures us;  some part of the offense that gets the job done -- we need at least one more piece -- and a closer in Looper who can seal the deal makes the Mets a competitive team in a weak division and a  force to be reckoned with.

How Manny more mistakes


Gimme a break.  The mets should have signed Manny when he was a free agent, they should have swooped in last year, and it's a no-brainer now--plus they're willing to take Floyd off our hands.  I know the man makes a lot of dough, but he would instantly bring us credibility -- and a little swagger.  Not to mention the fact that he's a native New Yorker.

Yes, Hillenbrand wouldn't be a terrible pickup -- and Odalis isn't a terrible fallback for Pedro, but is there anyone who doesn't think Manny will continue to be an offensive force for the next 4 years.  Whether Piazza stays or goes, it gets harder and harder to see him as the face of the Mets.  So who will it be? Wright? Too early to tell.  Why not Manny.
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Holy moises, barry larkin?


Please.  I want no part of Barry Larkin.  He had his chance to come to NY and turned us down, when we needed him.  He and Griifey and JuanGone made their beds already, and she be tucked in quietly. 

I'm less against Alou who comes from a great baseball family, and has shown periods of greatness, and is certainly the lesser of two evils when compared to Sosa.  But if he's a placeholder, then so be it.  Not a tremendous amount of value left to be spending big money and lengthy contracts on, and that includes Sexson/Delgado.
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No Glaus; Please no Alou


Disappointed to lose Glaus, but he was a bit pricey anyhow. Not sure I buy paying a position player $12 mil -- or lets' say $10 mil more than an Olerud in regards to what they bring to the table; vs. pitchers who get less than $10 per and are years ahead of the replacement pitcher who fits in -- particularly in terms of speed and "stuff" in some instances. Not to mention that the Mets have always been and will always be -- thanks to Shea -- a pitching and defense team. Ideal fit would be signing of Olerud and trading for Nick Johnson.

Please lay off Alou. He's been bad before, and I'm confident that as a Met, he will no doubt be bad again and age real quickly. I'm liking Victor Diaz more and more nowadays, and assuming we don't end up with Beltran, not sure where we should go in the OF, though I'm hearing that Austin Kearns may be available; and if we could package Floyd and a bag of peanuts for something in return, I'd much rather give these guys half as much money to grow their expertise; rather than pay out the nose to see guys on the decline.

Floyd for Preston Wilson


Just a thought; how about getting Preston Wilson and some $ back in return for Cliff Floyd.  Rocks are looking to shed contract, and won't likely have much play for Charles Johnson.  Last year he was hurt, but 2 years ago, that 36/141/.282 looks pretty sweet, and paired with Mookie (again), might make some things happen in Shea -- provided we get enough $ back to fund part of the rest of his contract.

Can Pedro come quick


Not sure about you, but I'd like to get Pedro here as quick as possible.  Would give us a pretty strong Front 4; and with Zambrano on the mend; could have baseball's best rotation.  Pavano and Clement would be nice to have as well;  I'm of the mind that Clement would come cheaper and could have more upside, with Lowe and Odalis and reasonable Plan Bs. A few flamethrowers in the regular rotation will help Glavine and Trax immensely.  Bring it on.

What about Troy Glaus at 1B


Enough of this Sexson/Delgado talk. Sexson is a poor man's Jeromy Burnitz. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but 30 HR and 100 RBIs in Milwaukee just translates to 25/75/.230 at Shea not to mention his ills; and Delgado had a bit more to offer, but please no at $10M plus on the down side of his career. I don't want another K in the lineup.

Glaus is younger with more upside and probably comes at a cheaper price; Even Erstad had more upside for me at 1B -- or at least Olerud's a good placeholder and on-base guy we could count on.