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Preview: New York Mets

New York Mets

As a long time fan of the Mets, it's hard to sit by and watch the Wilpons screw this team up more. So this is my therapy and hopefully your enjoyment as we watch the Wilpons pull Omar's strings and play puppet GM.

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Bullpen getting retooled


With the close of the year upon us, I thought it was fitting to write about the Mets' closer and his merry men.

This off season brought us Billy Wagner, the fireballer from Philly, who without even throwing one pitch for the Mets makes us a better team. I'm so glad the Mets dumped Mr. Looper and replaced him with a future HOFer. Billy Wagner deserves the chance to go down as the great relievers of Mets past -- McGraw, Orosco, Franco and now Wagner -- a winner. I just hope that the new crop of arms that Omar has brought in do their job in setting up Billy for the close.

With Heilman staying put and being pencilled in as the set up man, I have to think that many teams will be looking to attack the Mets' bullpen early this year. Last year, the strategy was, wait until they bring in Looper and watch him give us the lead. This year games will be won or lost in the 7th and 8th innings. Aaron, Royce, Pedro, even Victor will have to do a phenominal job in keeping us in games.

I know Peterson thinks he's up to the job but he really has a challenge ahead of him. Willie and Rick will have to rely on using pitchers in specialty spots. Fans, get ready for many late inning commercial breaks. I expect to see the Mets budget rise, on sneakers for Willie and Rick and a little extra for sod and grass seed, with the way they will be popping out of the dugout for mound visits.

The Mets also added another Red Sox departee, Chad Bradford, a side armer with some big game experience. I don't expect much except an out or two from him maybe every third game or so. He's not going to be the perfect addition but it's better than nothing.

Speaking of relievers, I want to shout out to a blast from the past, Jeff Reardon, and wish him all the best. I hate to see the demise of ballplayers. We hold athletes so high up and watching them fall in so painful. This is more especially painful with the lose of Jeff's son. Being the father of two, I would never want to lose either of them. I feel for Jeff and his family and I just hope that he recovers from his bout with depression. God speed Jeff. 2006 will be a better year.

And to all my fellow Mets fans, 2006 proves to be a hopeful year. Happy New Year everyone.

Three wise men


Christmas came early this year in the shape of a slugging first baseman, a monster closer and a new backstop.

Not bad for the Wilpon trust. I have to say, I'm excited. If the season started tomorrow, I think we'd win the East. Maybe not the whole enchalda, but at least the East. With all the great signings there's still a need to get an arm or two for the 7th and 8th innings. We need a second baseman.

I think they have the two-bag covered with Keppinger. I would love to see him play everyday in this line up. He would be a solid .280 hitter and 60 RBI's. Probably more dangerous than LoDuca's bat.

Speaking of which, I know the Mets have a thing for Dodger catchers but this is getting weird. Dodgers, Marlins, Mets. I wonder if it works the same way. Has there ever been a player to go from the Mets to the Marlins and then the Dodgers?

Well, the winter meetings are upon us. Minaya has money to spend if he dumps Kris Benson and I like the rumblings of Zito to take his spoit in the rotation.

Let's Go Mets!

Gloves Fail Mets In Subway Series


I hate to admit it, but we need to be perfect to win. It's not enough to get solid pitching and timely hits, you need error-less gloves to keep you in the game. This weekend the Mets lost two games by the glove. I'd rather be out slugged than to give a game away, not once, but twice!

I went to Friday's game and it was awesome. First, we got a spot in the parking lot. Then we got some food and beers and the weekend was on! Yankee fans cheered and Mets fans jeered. Back and forth it went all night. On the field, Zambrano threw a decent game by his standards. The Mets got a timely hit by Kaz but he gave it back with his glove. Not the way I wanted this Subway Series to begin.

Saturday was beautiful. A good ol' thumping by the Mets. Enough said!

Then there was Sunday. A day of rest for most. I think the Mets forgot that they were working yesterday, because their gloves went on vacation again. Up 3-0 and the Mets let the game get away. Error after error.

Not all the errors were on the field. I think Willie made a few mistakes too. First, taking Pedro out after the 7th. Up 3-0 and with Pedro at 99 pitches, I would've at least started the 8th with Pedro and saw what he had left in his tank. I know it's only May but you win a division series by series. Taking 2 of 3 from any team is as important as watching a pitcher's pitch count. Pedro can't be on such a strict count all the time. Second mistake by Willie was pitching Roberto Hernandez 5 days in a row. Someone made this comment on the FAN yestreday and I totally agree. If we're playing Reyes and Wright everyday, then why not try Heath Bell in the 8th. Give Hernandez a day off –– well deserved day off, especially when you're a 40 year old power reliever -- and see if Bell can get you to Looper.

I know it's Monday morning quarterbacking but I think Willie contributed to that loss yesterday as much as anyone else on the field. It's not forgiveable right now as I have to put up with all my Yankee loving friends disses, but over the long haul these games were a chance to see the resilience of this team. Let's see how they bounce back in Atlanta.

Let's Go Mets!

Mets Bench Reds


Not even the Big Red Machine could've out slugged the Mets yesterday. Yet again, the long ball proves to be the difference in this series-sweeping game. At this pace, this Mets team will out slug any other Mets team in history.

What's even nicer is that Glavine gets the win in this lumberfest. A quality start could be the catalyst that Tommy needs to get things on track again. At one point he had 14 scoreless innings pitched. If Glavine is throwing zeros, the Mets will be winning.

So we had the bats clicking, the pitchers nipping and tucking the plate and the gloves, well, just look at what Cliff Floyd did in the 6th. He threw out D'Angelo Jimenez at home plate to end the inning. As quoted on the Mets site, "That feels awesome," Floyd said. "It gave us a lift."

It sure did. Hopefully it lifts the Mets past the Yankees this weekend. With Star Wars being released tonight, it would be nice to see Master Jedi Met, Willie Randolph, defeat the evil empire Yankees.

May the force be with the Mets -- LET'S GO METS!

Kaz squared proves to be too much for Cincy


Kaz Iishi and Kaz Matsui prove to be the heros in last night's win vs. the Reds. Who whould've thunk? Iishi threw a gem of a game. I was at Shea last night and from where I was sitting, he looked sharp. I was impressed with the location of his pitches and the way the Reds players reacted to his motion. They looked off balance to me. Okay, maybe it was the Heineken's that had them looking off balance. Only kidding.

With Matsui having a couple of big hits this past week, it may be a sign of better days ahead. Last night's homerun was not a cheap shot. He hit it solid over the wall. Geico had to love it, with all the replays on ESPN. Speaking of which, Griffey's diving catch last night was a Web Gem if I ever saw one. He's still a top 25 player of all time.

Well Willie, looks like the Kaz's have given you some decisions to make. Who goes to the bullpen? How do you get Cairo in the lineup when Matsui is hitting the ball?

Speaking of roster moves... Omar are you ready to unload Cameron and Zambrano? Trade a hot bat and cold pitcher to someone who needs a CF? Maybe the Yanks are interested? Wang would slot in nicely in this rotation.

Let's go Mets. Sweep the Reds!

Benson gives the Reds the blues


With a commanding performance, Kris Benson mowed down a Reds line-up that put the hurt on the Mets back in early April. Benson's performance is a tremendous boost to this rotation. Now we just need Iishi to pitch well and we may just take 2 of 3 in this series. Not too sure about Tommy Glavine in game 3 of the series.

It was also nice to see the Mets' bats come alive. Nine runs is a gift to a starting pitcher. Glad to see Kris didn't hang up the glove after the 6th inning. He had a low pitch count and a desire to go out there and pitch the 7th and even the 8th. Seeing starting pitchers pitch that deep into the game is a throwback to the day's of the complete game. If Benson can give us a handful of CG's, he will be possibly be giving us a few more wins by keeping the bullpen fresh.

Welcome back to Shea Kris. Great game, just don't let up.

Umps are hurting the Mets game plan


This past weekend I never saw a worse bunch of blown calls by the umpires. At least three calls at second base were called outs when the replays clearly showed that the Mets were in safely each time. I'm tired of the cliche "if the ball beats him down to the base..."

When Reyes sticks his hand inbetween the players legs and touches the bag before the tag, he's safe. Plain and simple. Nevermind the plate calls that have been effecting Glavine's game for the past two seasons. This weekend, we were taken out of more innings by blown calls than I care to talk about in this blog.

MLB has to do something. The umpires need to pay attention to who's on the base path and what kind of game is being played. Wille uses small ball to create runs and distractions. Umpires have taken us out of key situations by missing calls entirely way too much this season. Instead or 0 outs or 1 out, a man on second. We now have the perfect equation for a doubleplay. And the Mets have hit into their share of DPs.

Willie, you need to go out there and argue for your team. Make a stink. Throw some dirt. Get fined. Maybe the umps will get tired of you running out to second base so much that we'll get a few calls turned our way.

Looking forward to the upcoming subway series. Want to kick the Yankees ass so bad. Let's see how the Yanks hit against Pedro. I can't wait! Go get 'em Pedro.

And go get 'em Willie.

Say Hey Willie


Well, put one month into the books. We almost came out at .500. That's not what I was hoping for as a fresh start but it's not bad considering what the rest of the NL East pack is doing. What impresses me so far with Willie's Mets is the fight in 'em. They keep on coming back.

Take last night's game vs. the Nationals. Typical Mets come back. Bloop hits and well-timed moves by Willie. I just loved the fact that he let Marlon Anderson hit away and forced Reyes to lay down that bunt in the 9th. That's a manager. I'm positive Art Howe would not of treated that situation the same way. Willie has a good feel for the capabilities of his players and it's only going to get better.

Overall grade for the Mets -- B-minus. I think they need more help in the bullpen. They need to wake up Piazza's bat. Best lineup move in years was dropping Piazza to fifth. It gives the hot bat in Floyd room to knock in runs and it gives Beltran some better protection in the three-hole.

The only wish I have is finding a better spot for Wright. Maybe it's the two-hole or maybe it's 5th and drop Piazza to 6th and Minky to 7th. We need to stay away from all the double plays the Mets have been hitting into.

Well, May is here and Pedro is on the mound tonight. Maybe we can win two in a row and start something nice for the month of May. Let's Go Mets!

I wish we had diez Diaz'


Hey Mets fans, remember him when, because Victor Diaz is here to stay. I just might start calling for him to bat fourth and drop Mikey to the eight hole.

Another great day for Diaz -- 4 for 4, 2 doubles, a walk and a couple of runs scored. Not a bad day at the plate, even though one of those doubles was wind-blown. Just shows you that he hustles. Pedro has nicknamed Victor "little Manny" but I think this kid deserves his own nickname. Give him some time to learn the pitchers and you'll see a .320 power-hitter playing rightfield for the next ten years for the Mets. How do you say "decade" in spanish? Maybe that could be his nickname.

Now, what to do for Mike Cameron. Either trade him or release him. Either way, we just don't need him. Trade would be nice just so we can say we got someone for him, but really, the guy is not meant for rightfield. Maybe the Royals or some other last place team needs a former gold glover who has HR power and strikes out way too much.

Looking Good
The Mets looked like the '86 Mets yesterday. Role players coming up big. Seo was such a surprise. Willie, just remember Heilman's game after the ready for a let-down. Only one way to avoid the up another arm from the minors. I like it. You can rotate the Tides rotation into the Mets' rotation every fifth game. The NL won't know who or what hit them.

And since we're on the subject of pitching -- why do we have to score ten runs to feel comfortable? Seems like the bullpen is always good for 3, 4 or 5 runs. I know the bats are clicking but ten runs a game is an awful lot of runs to expect every night. Omar, get on the phone and find some bullpen help. FAST!

Stay dry Mets fans and enjoy the sweep today.

Big bats, big crowds...big hopes?


Looks like next year is now. Crowds have been pouring into Shea. The team rebounded from that horrific start. The bullpen is still a russian roulette deal but it's lived so far.

Now the biggest surprise is the power department. This week saw a break out of the dinger virus. Let's hope it lingers for the whole season. What an exciting team to watch play small ball and long ball. Willie has to be relieved to see Piazza with some power left in his bat. Beltran is getting warmed up just in time for the sun. And Floyd is doing his best to stay on the field. Then you have Reyes, who's a joy to watch run the bases and Diaz... yes Diaz. He was my rightfielder all along. (Read my past blog postings.) We don't need Cameron. Package him up and get another reliever Omar 'cause Diaz is here to stay!

Just need the bottom of the rotation to stop walking so many batters and the bullpen to provide relief, not angina. I know it's early Omar, but you need to be making calls around the league for some young arms. Let's rotate them in all season from the minors and see who sticks. You really can't think that this bullpen is going to be the bullpen for the season. I'd rather see some young wanna-be studs try to stick in the majors then some has-beens play out their careers for the Mets.

My only real worry so far is David Wright. I think Willie has him in the wrong slot in this line-up. Willie should put him in the two hole. Get him away from the double play. In the two hole, he'll see more pitches and have to take more pitches to let Reyes do his thing on the bases. He's a young talent that needs to be protected -- ego and all.

Let's root for a strong homestand this weekend. Let's catch these Nationals and show 'em who the real player is in the NL...the Mets! Because, as the slogan says, "next year is now!."

The Bullpen Sucks!


Rick Peterson, Omar Minaya and Willie better get ready for the boo-birds because this core of bullpen arms SUCK! Plain and simple, they are going to be a thorn in Mets fans sides for the year to come.

What a horrible start to the season as far as the bullpen is concerned. Martinez throws a gem. The lineup delivers 6 runs and the bullpen gives it right back! Braden Looper -- YOU SUCK!

Looper was and never will be a true closer. He needs to pitch in the 7th or 8th and he needs to add movement on his ball. I haven't seen a more predictable flat fastball since Benetiz pitched for us. What is it? Is there something in the uniform? These relievers seem to be slow, batting practice pitchers. Tee it up boys, the Mets' bullpen is throwing a HR contest tonight.

Nothing on sports tonight, just tune in to ESPN. Watch the Mets bullpen give up HR after HR. ESPN will have more highlights to show than the all-star game HR derby if the Mets don't do something fast.

Please Omar, get on the phone and find us an arm or two or three!

First game and the bullpen blew one already. How many for the season? 162? The way the played today I won't be far off.

Who does Rick Peterson think he is?


I'm starting to get worried with all these "quick-fix projects" that Rick Peterson is taking on. I mean, does this guy have some ego or what? First, he pushes for the Zambrano trade. Zambrano? Just a reminder folks -- the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, a recent expansion team, didn't want this guy. And when the Mets offered Kazmir? They jumped all over that trade.

By the way, that trade just might be the worst trade in Mets history. Worse than the Ryan, Seaver or Cone trades. I'm of the belief, when you have a good arm, stick with it. If it's bad, toss it.

The Mets got burned on the Zambrano trade because Rick Peterson said he can fix Zambrano's mechanics. Now he's taken on another wild pitcher in Iishi. On the Iishi trade day, Dodgers' coaching staff wished Peterson well. Sounds more like a good ridance rather than a good luck. Yes, some guys resurect their career by changing teams. And that is influenced by the coaching staff that surrounds that team, but Rick Peterson has his hands full. He has a weak bullpen at best. He has two aging stars at the top of the rotation and he has Kris Benson, where in my book, court is still out on this guy. He may be the 5th starter we're looking for and we need to upgrade the 3 and 4 holes.

With that said it's time to take Iishi and package him up with a Cliff Floyd or a Mike Cameron and get a young arm back.

What it would've been like to see Kazmir come up in August for the Mets, pitch 6-7 starts and win 3-4 of those. There would be many more jersey sales for the Wilpons to ring up.

I sure hope Rick Peterson is efficient with his time and his students listen well. He has a lot on his plate and let's just hope that some of those projects can toss the rock across the plate.

Happy Easter!



With pitchers and catchers reporting this week and Canseco making all the headlines, baseball comes storming back just in time!

I can't wait. Not only have the Mets made some good moves but there's no escaping the steriods story. As Bonds chases Ruth, you know it's going to come to a boil. Bonds may elude the question for a while but the fans will be demanding answers. And I think if we don't get any answers from Bonds and the other stars of the game, then their lack of communication will be taken as admission of guilt and the game is scarred for life. Fans should walk away in droves.

As a fan we hold ballplayers, in any sport, as heros. People we look up to. And when the subject of steriods came up years ago it was brushed off because it saved the game. Yeah, It brought back the prominence of the home run but it was a short-term fix. Yes, it did bring back the fans but it also layed the foundation for a huge backlash for tarnishing the game. Selig and company had a chance to do something 10 years ago and didn't.

Now MLB has decided to make steriods a front and center subject and they better do something greater than talk about it. I think there's a chance for leveling the playing field and making the game of baseball a purer sport. One in which finesse is just as exciting as brawn. I love the great pitching duels. Last season's playoff games had some great pitching matchups and I thnk fans really loved them. To see these guys stand on that mound and say, "hit it if you can."

Baseball needs to clean up its act. It risks turning fans away. It risks failing future generations. If MLB doesn't take a stance and make examples of players today, then they fail to teach youngsters right from wrong. Steriods are everything baseball is not as far as I'm concerned. When guys who couldn't hit a pop fly out of the infield suddenly have 40 HR seasons we need to ask oursleves -- are we being entertained or cheated out of the lore of baseball.

So as pitchers and catchers report to camp and Canseco gets rich off his tell-all book let's remember that this is a game played by children. Fans, players and the Commissioner need to take responsibility and educate kids that nothing comes easy. You work hard and play hard and maybe you'll succeed. There's no fun in cheating and no fun in being a cripple 40 years from now because you thought you needed an edge.

It's going to be a hell of a 2005 season.

The Straw is Back!


Well folks, the Strawman is back.

It's great to see the Mets bringing back the alumni that made this baseball team exciting, arrogant and just awesome. Or should I say "Strawesome". The prolific homerun hitter with more talent than anyone in his prime is ready to share his knowledge with the youngsters in Metsville. Let's just hope he doesn't show 'em the wrong ropes...drugs, booze, women, etc...

1986 was a magical season for me and to bring back those influences -- Hernandez, Carter, Dykstra and now Strawberry -- hopefully some of that swagger will rub off and make the 2005 Mets a knock-down, drag 'em, come out swinging kind of team. A team with a personality. Let's see Shea come alive like it did in 1986.

Welcome home Darryl. It's been a long time since your wore the blue and orange. Let's see what you can do with these boys.

Second best or is that first?


So we get Doug Mientkiewicz as a contingency to the Delgado ordeal.

Not bad. As the site says, "Mets infield in Mient condition," I have to agree. While he's not a big bat, he is stability to these young and talented players. If he can bat .280 or better in the 6 or 7 hole that would be a bonus.

Now we need to decide what to do with Mike Cameron. Is he going or staying? Quite frankly, I want to see him stay. I think he would slot in nicely in left and we should dump Floyd. Yes, Floyd's a strong left-handed bat, but he's a liability. He's going to get hurt. He's going to get frustrated and tune out Willie at the first sign of anything. He's Cliff Floyd!

Let's get some young arms into the minors and slide Cameron over to left.

You never know. Mike might like it and give us a hell of a season to prove NY that we didn't need a centerfielder!

That's how I would look at it, as a challenge.

So we didn't get Delgado. Let the Marlins have him. Let Leiter, the traitor, have Carlos. We've got the better lineup. So they have Pierre and Castillo setting the table for Carlos. Big deal. We've got Reyes and Wright for Beltran and Piazza. I like our one-two punch any day of the week because they have pop in their bats. Let's see who re-tools their lineup by mid-season. I bet the Marlins will be dumping salaries as the fans still won't show up at the stadium and the Mets will be adding to their arsenal for an explosive drive to the World Series.

I predict that the Mets finish second in the east and win the wild card. It's just realistic folks. I think the Braves have a great rotation that's going to carry them far in the win column. Although, if they lose a Smoltz or Hampton, then I think we have a shot at first. The Phillies are going nowhere by the way. The guys on ESPN said to not forget about their lineup but I think they're their own worst enemies. They'll implode by July and be a nothing but Thome hitting HRs for his own personal gratification.

So let's embrace out new firstbaseman. Learn how to spell his name and hope he hits .280, 15 HRs and 75 RBIs in the 7 hole. Welcome to NY Doug. Dig in and get to work.



That's what it comes down to, figures...and lots of them. If Beltran's numbers were a woman, she would be Pamela Anderson Lee. You know, a little inflated on the top but had a killer body to start with.

The Mets made a great opening offer and added a little sweetener to the pot to close the deal. We landed our centerfielder! Carlos Beltran is a New York Met.

Omar made good on his word. He's brought credibility back to Queens. The Wilpons have to be happy now. They have guaranteed a little income for their future network operations. Or did they? Carlos had to perform now. Yes, he proved that he can play on the big stage, but the Mets have to get there to let him shine. Carlos will not carry this team alone. He's our number 3 hitter and centerfielder. No more and no less. They need to put others around him. Like a real power hitter in the four hole.

I'm loving the top of the order with Reyes in the number 1 or 2 slot, Matsui has to drop to eighth in the lineup (or traded all together and give Keppinger a shot at second -- a good young player who's scrappy and seemed to have a good bat and decent glove) and Wright either fills the 2 hole or five hole with Beltran in 3, Piazza at clean up unless they get Delgado now, and then Cameron, Victor Diaz (I'm still liking this kid for rightfield), Galaragga (if they don't sign Delgado) and Martinez.

Nice opening day lineup for starters. By June, it should be tweaked. A trade or two. They still need to dump Floyd. Matsui too. If they do that, I guess Cairo gets to play every day but I still prefer to see Keppinger in the lineup everyday. They also need to do something with Wilson and Phillips. Both deserve to play everyday and with Piazza moving back behind the plate one of them has to go.

Seven years, $119 million dollars later and we have ourselves a hell of a centerfielder. Let's finsih what you started Omar and round out this lineup. Go get another power hitter in Delgado and I'm ready to win the east at the very least.

As a side note, I can't wait to play the Marlins and show off our line up to Al Leiter. He's going to be so jealous of this team. I bet he's wishing he never signed with the Fish now.

Figures, that's what it all comes down to.

Welcome to New York Carlos. Enjoy, it's your home for the next seven and hopefully, glorious years.

The Mets signed who?


So Omar made some more free agent signings yesterday. No, it wasn't Beltran, not even Delgado. It was three scrubs I never heard or want to hear of. If Omar thinks that signing someone else's rejects is going to deepen our bullpen, it's only deepening the amount of crap that sits in the rightfield bullpen.

We need quality. If the Wilpons are opening the checkbook, then we need a little bit better talent than Joe Nelson.

You said it yourself Omar. Beltran is your priority. Beat George to the punch and make an offer. Last minute offers like the one we made to Griffey or Guerrero get considered as insults and fan pleasers. Not real offers that the players would consider for more than it takes to read the offer sheet. Let Scott Boras know that you mean business. I say offer 7 years at $18 million per year with bonuses for MVP, World Series MVP and Gold Gloves. If George goes higher than that, God Bless him.

It's not about offending Piazza or making back page news. This is about getting a quality young athlete into our organization that can contribute for many years to come. To build around and grow with. Maybe even make the playoffs sooner than later.

And when you're done signing Beltran, go back at Delgado and some bullpen help. A quality set-up man and some decent lefty other than that Yankee trash Heredia. I hate to say it but Stanton will flourish in pinstripes again, relieved not to be at Shea and hearing the boobirds again this season. Torre knows how to use his bullpen and I think Willie does too. It's just a matter of having the right guy to call on when needed.

Until next time. Let's go Mets!

No power hitter under my tree


So Christmas is over and I'm sad to say that Santa Omar didn't leave a power hitter under the tree at Shea.

I guess he's waiting for the new year to make his move. It better be soon, with pitchers and catchers just 7 more weeks away.

I'd like to have that bat in our lineup and not in someone else's, say in the Bronx. Wouldn't it be nice to have Beltran in CF? He's a good present for all the Mets fans in the world.

Well we'll have to wait and see but until then, all I have to say is may Reggie White rest in peace. He was a fan favorite for the NFL. I liked the guy and it's sad to see him go so soon. God speed Reggie.

Dear Santa


This entry just might get me a lump of coal in my stocking when it really belongs in Omar's!

Why would we sign a 43 year-old firstbaseman, even to a minor league contract. That spring training invite is valuable for say someone under 30.

I'm tired of this Omar. You can't bring along everyone you ever drafted, signed or once talked to during your previous careers around the league. Andres Galarraga was a great ballplayer. I know he's one homer from 400 but it's not a reason to drag along his bat with this ball club. We need a productive, young, and yes, healthy firstbaseman.

I'm disappointed by the action of this front office. There's lack of imagination so far in this winter off-season. If you think that Mets fans are going to be happy with Pedro alone, you're sadly mistaken. Truth is, I'd say more than half are upset about the deal. And you'll have many more boo birds this season when he gives up when are bats go quiet.

If the Mets sign Beltran and get Delgado, then maybe, we have a chance. In fact, I'd really like our chances. That lineup would be something like this:

Reyes, SS
Wright, 3B
Beltran, CF
Delgado, 1B
Piazza, C
Cameron, LF
Diaz, RF (I really like this guy. I think he's going to be a huge surprise in this league.)
Matsui, 2B
Martinez, P

That's a pretty good lineup. Now imagine if they don't sign them.

Matsui, 2B
Reyes, SS
Wright, 3B
Piazza, C
Cameron, CF
Galarraga, 1B
McEwing, LF
Williams, RF
Martinez, P

Pretty ugly and vulernable. It could be a reality and it stinks.

Omar, take the holiday off. Everyone gets to celebrate Christmas. But in between servings you may want to call Scott Boras about Carlos. Better yet, you may want to throw on that Santa suit and drop a big bag of cash under Carlos' tree.

Merry Christmas Mets fans. And let's hope '05 is a "Happy" New Year.

Whew, they signed Moreno


Omar, good job. You got Moreno to stay. Why? Better yet, is that all you've been doing?

The best you've done is get us Pedro. I still don't like the deal. You're still talking about Alou and now Galaragga (he's so old, I forget how to spell his name). Omar, please. You're supposed to be building us as a younger more athletic team.

We need youth. Players who can grow together and give us a few good seasons. They have the right combo in Wright and Reyes. Now we just need a right side of the infield.

The more I think of it, the more Kaz has to go. I'd rather try Keppinger there for a full season than have Kaz try and learn the position. Package him with Floyd and dump both. I don't care what you get for them. Rid yourself of the circus. I know Kaz brings in sponsor dollars and TV revenue from Japan but it wears off fast. He's not the leadoff hitter we need and he's a liability in the field. Defense and pitching Omar, defense and pitching.

That brings me to pitching and why I started this rant today. For all the hoopla that Pedro's signing brings, I think we need to deepen the bullpen quickly. Concentrate on some good rubber arms. Guys who can throw a lot of innings and keep us in a ball game. They don't need to lock down hitters just keep us in the game. God knows half our rotation will be done by the 5th or 6th innings and we'll need some bodies to bridge the gap to Looper.

Well, hears hoping that Christmas brings us a firstbaseman, another starting pitcher that is younger and healthy, and an outfielder or two (and not a platoon of former Yankees like last year) that can hit for decent power, have a glove and want to give it there all day in and day out. I know it's asking for a lot, but in my house, Santa usually treats us well.

Feliz Navidad, Omar.

Por Favor Omar


Well they did it. Pedro sayd he likes the money. He said his goodbye's to Boston last night. Now say hello to Shea Pedro.

Let's see what this move does for us. I think it puts us in a win now situation.

As Pedro gets his fourth year guaranteed...


...I plead the 5th! No, not years. 5th Amendment. Because if I spoke out against the new regime of baseball management, el puppetto, Omar Minaya, I may never get my invite to opening day.

Like for instance, if I said that he was making a HUGE mistake in signing Pedro, especially by guaranteeing that 4th year, that could hurt my chances of rubbing elbows with the other Mets fans in that big tent at Shea. And, if I said something like, by signing Pedro to this huge contract, you put the pressure on the youngsters to win now because how much do you really think Pedro has left in his tank. And, if I said, what are the Mets going to do about team chemistry with this guy? Everyone knows that Francona and Pedro didn't get along. Gee, I thought Willie was Omar's guy. Why would Minaya put that much of a strain on the clubhouse?

See, if I said things like that, I definitely wouldn't get invited to Shea. Hey, I forgot, this is America and the 1st Amendment gives us freedom of speech. And to boot, I could always scalp my ticket for opening day. God knows I love the Mets. I just hope that there's a reason to root for them this season before Omar finishes.

This weekend I expected to see big things. Trades and signings. What we were left with is a rumor of Manny Ramirez, another troublesome BoSox coming to Queens and Pedro, I like to take a few weeks off each of the past three summers, Martinez. What about firstbase? What about leftfield? Alou in rightfield? What happened? I hope Omar puts the Wilpon's money where his mouth is and pulls something of worth off before all the good free agents are signed.

So far, we've signed two free agents, Kris Benson and Mike DeJean. I don't know about you, but I'm not impressed. Maybe Jeff Wilpon has been holding Omar back. If so, I hope Jeff lets go of the reins and we see the true Omar do his job.

To all you Mets fans out there, join me when I say, JUST SAY NO TO PEDRO.

Pedro is not worth $50 million


Well Omar, Pedro's got you waiting. So while your offer of 3 years at $38 million with an option for a fourth year -- bringing his package to potentially $50 million, there are 100+ other free agents ready to sign since their teams didn't offer them arbitration.

Who else is on your wish list? Richie Sexson? Pass! He's another Jeremy Burnitz waiting to happen. Too much for a strikeout king. Yeah he can hit the long ball but he's not worth it. Look at who the Diamondbacks are courting to play first -- Troy Glaus. Gee, who said that yesterday? Oh, it was me. Troy Glaus is our man to play first. He's a pefect fit for this young infield.

And if you have any ideas to getting Delgado to play first, he's another guy ready for his downslide in a pretty good career. Pass on him too.

What you really need to do while you wait for Pedro to decide on where he's going -- hint, it's going to be Boston -- you need to sign a pitcher. Go after Kevin Millwood. Make Tom Glavine happy. Maybe he'll rebound with Kevin on the staff.

Lastly, please, please do not sign the 38, let me repeat that, 38 year-old Moises Alou. He's not the solution to the outfield. We need youth. JASON BAY and VICTOR DIAZ are your guys in left and right.

So go ahead Santa Omar, go get our men!

So long Hidalgo. Who's next?


So, what could be Jim Duquette's finest trade, Richard Hidalgo, is gone. With the need for a power-hitting outfielder, the New York Mets don't extend arbitration to Hidalgo. Leaving the outfield with yet another huge sucking hole of air to fill. Hidalgo's void could be another huge mistake waiting to happen.

Enter Magglio Ordonez. Just that last name gives me the willies. Here's a perfectly unhealthy, injury-prone, former stud that the Mets are interested in. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again. They should go with Victor Diaz in rightfield and go after Jason Bay for leftfield. Go young Omar. Build for the future. You have a young infield with huge potential. Stop going after the tired and not so poor.

And what about our untradeable leftfielder, Mr. Floyd? Well, the light is at the end of his tunnel. He has to go! Try and get a young arm or two. I'm not talking about future superstars, I'm talking about breathing young men with a chance to make the AA farm club. Anything would be better than Cliff's negative impact on the club.

They did the right thing by letting Leiter go. Now they need to trade Floyd and Piazza and start over.

Lastly, why are they trying to retain the services of Mike DeJean? Is he really worth it?

Omar, who else are you talking to?


What's it been? Four weeks since the World Series and Omar Minaya has talked to everyone but the kid down the block from me about an outfield position.

Where is Omar going with this team? First, he wants Sammy. Then he sets his sites on Pedro. Nothing's brewing so he starts talking about Hidalgo and Moises Alou. When was the last season that Alou played the more than 140 games? Sure Omar, Alou's a perfect fit for the Mets. He's boring and predictable. When are the Wilpons going to realize that they need to mix things up? They need a big bat in the line up and it's not Piazza. Maybe they think Victor Diaz is the answer? Who knows. We'll never get to see him because Omar is going for the big name. It's certainly not Richie Sexson. Please, anyone but Sexson.

You know who is the right guy for this team? Troy Glaus. Yes, he would be playing out of position, but he's a gamer and perfect for these young players to be around.

Imagine a lineup of Matsui, Reyes, Wright, Glaus, Cameron and Diaz. I think you have a potential explosive offense.

Omar, forget the glory days of Pedro and Sammy. It's time to buck up and shut up and go after a young talent. Dare we say trade back for Jason Bay -- Piazza straight up for Bay. Looks like Phillips let a good one get away, but that's another whole entry.