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For the love of that team

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World Series 2006: Ratings are down? I can't imagine why!


Do you want to really know why people are not watching the World Series? For me, it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm not a fan of the Cards or Tigers. I am a baseball fan, first and foremost. I love the game. I love the Mets, and I'll be honest - the fact that the Mets are not playing the World Series puts a damper on it for me. But while there are some great stories going on in this year's Fall Classic, that's not enough for me to put up with Fox's irritating coverage. Anymore, post season television coverage is like this: it's as if Bud Selig presented me with a perfectly lovely chocolate cream pie, then proceeded to throw it on the floor and hand me a fork.

So, here are a few pointers for the folks at Fox and MLB, if you're interested in getting viewers back:

1) Kill some of those commercial breaks, and/or shorten them. Ok, I know that next year you're actually going to INCREASE the commercial time between innings. But maybe you won't have to if you heed some simple advice. If you make the commercial breaks longer, I'll just TIVO the game and start watching it a half-hour to 45 minutes in, so I can fast forward through them. But if you have fewer commercials, you increase the chance that people will actually stay put and watch them. If I know I don't have enough time to go out to dinner, walk the dog, or get a manicure between innings, then I'll sit still.

2) Dump the announcing crew. Fox, you need to face it: more people dislike Joe Buck than actually like him. And coupled with Tim McCarver, who is arguably suffering from early onset Alzheimer's disease, you couldn't ask for a more annoying crew than that. During the playoffs, I'd taken to muting the TV and turning on the XM radio so I could listen to WFAN while watching the game. And why not include an announcer from the home team along with your designated Fox Guy? So many talented announcers are sitting at home during the World Series (Vin Scully is another, as pointed out) and this is just wrong.

3) STOP: extreme closeups, six replays of every pitch, and coming back from the commercial break as the first pitch of the inning is sailing towards the batter (and sometimes after it's been pitched, which is inexcusable). Also, lose that stupid "plate cam" or whatever you call that idiotic thing. You know what I'm talking about. Why not add a camera that shows a view of the pitch from above the plate, or something useful like that?

4) Start the games earlier. For a league espousing so much "it's all for the kids" crap, you don't seem to care that most adults, let alone kids, cannot stay up until midnight watching a baseball game in the middle of the week. If you can't shorten the game by eliminating all the commercial breaks (and we know the game has gotten longer over the years due to managers making 27 pitching changes a game) then at least start earlier.

5) STOP IT with the endless promos for Fox television shows. All they do is remind me that there's probably something far less annoying on another channel.

You all need to face the fact that ratings aren't down because people don't care about baseball. Ratings are down because your coverage stinks so much that most of us, despite our devotion to the game, simply cannot put up with it.

I am really, really hoping that someone from FOX and/or MLB reads this posting, or any of the postings from the myriad of blog sites out there railing against the FOX Network's horrendous coverage of the series. Bloggers aren't doing this for money or influence. Fox and MLB have an invaluable resource on the Internet to help the suits really understand what fans think. Unlike The Worldwide Leader, we have no interest in market share. All we want to see is a ballgame, played in under 3 hours thank you, with decent, intelligent analysis, uninterrupted by moronic plugs for the network's television shows and all the other annoying crap I just mentioned. I just don't think that's too much to ask.

Oh, the humanity...


Like most of you out there, I am still in a deeply craptastic mood. I came to work today only to have my pain-in-the-ass boss (who is a Phillies fan) tease me mercilessly. As you might well imagine, the urge to kill him is stronger today than on most days. The only person besides my wife (who is a Yankee fan, and don't ask) who has been nice to me today is my friend Dara, a Red Sox Fan. (She's actually buying me lunch in an hour. Love her.) Anyway, the point of this post is really to point others to better posts, because I just don't have it in me to deconstruct last nights game, or the 2006 season for that matter, anytime soon. I will at some point. I commend Metstradamus for having the intestinal fortitude to post something so soon, as did Faith & Fear In Flushing, and probably several other Mets bloggers. I just can't bring myself to read them all right now. I did read this rather humorous post on ESPN by Bill Simmons, which gave me a much needed laugh or two, so kudos to Bill for that. I love it when mainstream sports guys bash Fox, because Fox needs to be bashed for their crap announcers and crap MLB coverage as often as possible. My one consolation right now is knowing that the Mets will be back and better than ever next year. Now, I am going back to bed.

Two things


Just a quick post for two things: first, I'm happy to see that the Cards won today. It means that Will Leitch's friends can abandon the suicide watch, at least for another night (though, if Houston loses, it's over for good). Now, even though the Mets are going to beat the Cards like red-headed stepchildren come the postseason (if the Cards draw the short straw and have to play the Mets, that is) I'd still hate to see Will T.O. himself and leave deadspin without an editor.

What I really wanted to post about was the Nationals announcers. I'm hoping the guy that runs the Awful Announcing blog is reading this (probably not) but these homers are just pitiful. So get this: Julio Franco comes up for the Mets in the first inning tonight with Beltran and Greene on base. He hits a monster shot to dead center. Now, this wasn't just a home run. Nor was it just a three-run home run. It was a monster shot to dead center field hit by a 48-year old man. It was history making. Ok, I know you're thinking that he already made history back in April when he hit a home run against San Diego at age 47 - but this is new history, because now he's 48. And those asses in Washington don't say a damned thing about it. They don't mention that Julio Franco started his major league career before pitcher Beltran Perez was even born. Nothing at all. Jerks. This is why I hate the Nats announcers. They are homer idiots.

Incidentally, we're in the third inning and Franco has 5 RBIs so far tonight. I envy those of you who get to hear this game on SNY, because at the pace he's going, Franco might break some other record, and I doubt the Nats announcers will pull their heads out of their own asses long enough to notice.

And that's all I have for now. Back to the game....

Edited at 11:32pm to add:
Offense + Momentum going into playoffs = happy Mets Fan

Thinking happy thoughts...


I'm trying really hard not to freak out. It was good to see some hitting last night, though Roberto Hernandez and Billy Wagner tried their best to undo everything the Mets hitters (except for Shawn Greene, dp sucka & LOB King) accomplished. I thought Hernandez was more a setup guy than a middle reliever anyway? I guess Willie just slotted him in because he needed the work. Anyway, on to more important matters:

As as much as I'm distraught over losing Pedro for the entire postseason, the Mets failure to sign another starter before the trade deadline is looming large right now. Of course, I'm not going to second guess Omar, because he's consistenly about 1000 or so steps ahead of me and frankly most Met fans, pretty much all the time. I trust him as much as I didn't trust Steve Phillips (that's quite a lot, by the way. A loooot.) Right now I think most of us are worried about the postseason roster. And I think it's safe to say that most of us are very, very afraid of Oliver Perez. It seems like Willie really believes in this guy, and that he might be willing to give him a roster spot over Dave Williams. And I'm hoping that's just crazy talk on my part, and that it'll never happen. Actually, I don't care if he's on the roster, I just don't trust him with the ball, ever, unless we have like a 15-run lead. Maybe then. It's just that the Mets have had too many headcases on the mound in recent years, blowing it in stupendous fashion, for me to have any faith in Perez when the fate of the Mets postseason is resting in his arm. Last night during the broadcast, even Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez both admitted they'd be "shocked" to see Perez in the rotation come October.

Finally, what ever happened to Brian Bannister? Is he even part of the rotation discussion anymore, or just a bullpen guy? I think I'm just out of the loop where he's concerned. Anyway, I'd personally like to see the rotation go something like this: El Duque, Glavine, Maine, Trachsel, Williams. Everyone else in the pen.

In sum, I'm still worried. Not ready to jump, but sitting on that ledge, on the balls of my ass, as they say.

Cut it out guys, you're scaring me!!!


WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? I just had to turn off the game. I couldn't stand to watch any longer (or merely listen, thanks to Fox or Turner South or whoever you people are, and your stupid video problems). As if getting shafted out of the final few games on SNY wasn't bad enough - you guys are not only stinking up the field, but you are violating the Prime Directive: BRAVES MUST NOT MERELY BE BEATEN BUT MUST BE DESTROYED! What is wrong? Y'all are leaving men on base, hitting into dps, and generally playing like you didn't just completely dominate the National League and OWN the best record in baseball for most of the season! (oh, shut up, Detroit).

Over on the YES network, which comes in just fine on my Ohio television, the Yankees are pounding the Orioles into a pulp. They have this thing called Momentum. And also, Guys Who Can Consistenly Hit Except A-Rod. It's like, the opposite of what St. Louis has? Yeah, that. The opposite of choke. The opposite of "hey, we just won the division, so let's sit on our asses and see how many games we can lose" and "hey, who needs 100 wins anyway? 93 is JUST FINE." Were you guys just feeling bad for all the poor slobs like me, who were too damned happy all season, and felt kind of lost because we had nothing to bitch about? Well, stop it!

Look, it's obvious before the tears on Petey's face even dry tonight that we are not going to have that pre-AllStar break ace with us this postseason. But we can't go moping around like Dr. Evil took our Mojo, and we're done for. First off, Steinbrenner had nothing to do with Pedro's injuries. Secondly, we have other pitchers, other good pitchers, and we have to believe that they can get us through the playoffs and into the World Series. You guys are playing like you think it's already over. It ain't over, goddammit. Not yet.

Now, I'm off to the Keith Hernandez shrine to anoint myself with glove oil and chant everything is going to be just fine ... everything is going to be just fine ... everything is going to be just fine...

I'm Going Back To My Happy Place Now


Ok, Adam Rubin's New York Mets Blog at the Daily News has some awesome celebration pictures from Monday night, so I thought I should link all of you folks out there reading my blog (hi Daddy!) to the site, because some of these are just priceless. Thank you Adam!

How To Go From Pure Joy To Abject Horror In Just Two Days:


I heard on the radio today that Columbus signed a two year deal to bring the Triple A affiliate of the Nationals to Columbus. I felt it necessary to put my reaction into art rather than words. And so:

Do the Buckeyes have a baseball team?

Where's Everybody Going?


Just read an interesting article on about the game of affiliate musical chairs going on in the IL right now. Looks like there is a good chance that the Mets might come to Columbus - but only for two years. Now, the more I think about that, the more I wonder why the Cleveland or Cinci affiliates would want to sever the relationships with their respective teams and come here to Columbus. Yeah, we're getting a new stadium, and Columbus is a great market for just about everything. I get that.

Right now, Cleveland's AAA affiliate is the Buffalo Bisons. They have really nice digs out there- the largest minor league ballpark in the IL, and a legion of loyal fans. And, Buffalo is only about a 3 hour drive from Cleveland. Geographically, Columbus is not much closer to Cleveland than Buffalo. And the Louisville Bats, the Cinci affiliate, are less than two hours from Cinci in Louisville, KY. Their ballpark ain't too shabby either. I know, I know, there's more to the decision making process than just geography. I guess I'm just hoping that all this speculation is nothing more than the delusional rantings of Cinci and Cleveland fans too lazy to drive a few hours to go see a ballgame.

This is the thing: Columbus has its own identity. We hate the fact that Cinci and Cleveland get all the attention. This may be why we're so fiercely loyal, to the point of insanity, to our Buckeyes. It's probably why we embraced the Blue Jackets with such fervor when the NHL came to town, and why people are still filling Nationwide Arena even after the strike failed to kill the NHL. So why would we need Cinci or Cleveland baseball teams? I say, screw them! We don't need your leftovers! We're the 15th largest city in the country - bigger than the both of you! We don't need your damned baseball teams!

What we need is the Mets. Is anyone with me? Anyone at all??

Mets Clinch Division - The Day After


This morning, I just wanted to point out two blogs that I absolutely love: Faith and Fear in Flushing, and Metstradamus. First, Jason's post last night (ok, it was actually this morning, at 12:32am) on FFL is just wonderful. He shares what it was like to be at the stadium, the whole experience of being there in person, surrounded by about 40,000 friends, and it's just beautiful. The comments are great too. For those of us living out of town, who couldn't be there but were lucky enough to get the game broadcast on SNY through MLB extra innings, it's a treat to read about it. Speaking of watching it on TV, Metstradamus posted his account at 1:30 this morning, about what it was like to take it all in on the tube. It's such a great post, there's really no point in me adding anything else. From a fan perspective, those two pretty much said it all. Except this: what's not to understand about luncheon meat? It's salty and delicious. What more do you need to know? (Actually, do you really want to know?)




Blackout Rules: I Hate Them So Much


Tonight, there's a really good chance the Mets will, for the first time in 14 years, clinch the National League Eastern Division. I won't see it on TV though. Why? Because the $160+ I paid for MLB Extra Innings wasn't enough to get me the game, which is in Pittsburgh, PA - about 3 1/2 hours drive and 200 miles from where I live in central Ohio. Blackout Rules, they tell me. Nevermind that I, living in central Ohio, am nowhere within television orbit of Pittsburgh, PA. I don't get a single Pittsburgh TV or radio station. I've never even been to freaking Pittsburgh. When it comes to blackout rules, the MLB is just an organization of greedy bastard people, and that's all there is to it. I hate them and their ass faces.

Meet The Mets... in Columbus, Please?!


Well, there's finally something to be happy about in this crummy little town I've grudgingly called home for the past ten years. The Yankees are movin out! The Yanks have ended their relationship with the Triple A affiliate Columbus Clippers. Yes, George has finally gotten tired of shipping his players out into The Middle Of Nowhere (also known as Columbus, Ohio) for rehab assignments. In fact, what was good enough for the likes of Bubba Crosby (who?) and Aaron Guiel (wha?) and even, once upon a time, HRH Mr. Yankee Baseball Personified Derek Sanderson Jeter, is no longer good for the Yankees organization. [Did anyone see Hideki Matsui rehabbing here last month? No, you didn't.] The fact is, Columbus is just too darned far away from NYC to be convenient. Oddly, this took the Yankees 28 years to figure out.

Now, people like this guy, a sportswriter with the local paper, seem convinced the Columbus Baseball Team, Inc., will jump on either Ohio team once they get the chance. So, let me get this straight: it'll be perfectly A-OK with the MLB team looking for a triple A affiliate right now to set down roots here next year, knowing they'll be kicked out in two years. Seriously? Dude, I so hope you're completely, utterly, fantastically WRONG about that. Besides, why would we need a Reds or Indians affiliate here when the real Major League Thing is just a few hours away (North for Indians, South for Reds - take your pick). Finally, and probably most importantly, everyone knows this town is too hopelessly, craptastically Buckeye-crazed to care which minor league franchise it gets.

Which finally brings me around to my point. There are three teams looking for Triple A affiliates right now: The Orioles (yawn), the Nationals (please, god, no) and..... The Mets! Yes, the Mets are apparently looking to leave Norfolk. Or at least, they have not, for whatever reason, renewed their contract with the city. So tonight, I shall say a prayer, and do a ceremonial Mets happydance in the livingroom. I may even light a candle in my Keith Hernandez shrine, chanting Columbus Mets... Columbus Mets... Columbus Mets!

Because It's Funny



Credit where it's due:

I Don't Care What Anybody Says:


You can't tell me this lineup doesn't look better with Shawn Green in it. This is the best looking lineup I've seen since the Mets traded Xavier Nady:

1. Reyes
2. Lo Duca
3. Beltran
4. Delgado
5. Wright
6. Green
7. Valentin
8. Chavez
9. Pitcher

I like that lineup a lot. Better than when Milledge/Tucker/Ledee or even Floyd is in it. I love Cliffy, I really do, but he wasn't exactly having a banner year before all the injuries started piling up. I hate to say it, but I think he's done. At least for now. That's a heck of a guy to have on your bench for the post season though, if he's ever healthy enough to bat. I'm just loving Endy Chavez more and more with each passing game.

I just heard we signed Kelly Stinnett. Looks like he might be brought up to backup Lo Duca now that Castro is effectively out for the season.

Mets fans, you are a classy lot for giving Green such a nice reception tonight. Well done. Ok, I gotta go watch the rest of the game.

Never Give Up


My poor dad. He's been so conditioned to expect failure from the Mets over the years that he actually turned off the TV the other night after Albert Pujols hit that grand slam that put the Cards ahead 7-1 in the fourth. I kept watching, and I'm glad I did. I have to say, that was by far the most entertaining baseball game I've watched all year. It had everything - great pitching, great hitting, great fielding. And of course, a great comeback that was punctuated by that Beltran Bomb in the bottom of the ninth.

This isn't my daddy's New York Mets. If anyone watched (or was fortunate enough to attend) the '86 celebration on Saturday, you saw, or remembered, the bravado, confidence, and swagger of a team that just *knew* they were destined to win it all. I think if Whitey Herzog was watching either of the Mets/Cards games these last two nights, he might echo his sentiments of 1986: "No one's catching those SOBs." Damn right, Whitey.


I'll be posting follow ups to my previous entry re: the baseball cards I bought. I was able to go through them all, and while I didn't find that Griffey Jr. rookie card, I did find a lot of keepers. One of them happend to be a Jeter rookie card. But my favorite thing about the collection is that it turned out to have quite a number of Roger McDowell cards from the 80's and 90's. And every one of them is hysterically funny. I'll be scanning them in and posting about them soon.

Also, I'm obviously tremendously relieved to hear the good news about Glavine, as are all Mets fans I'm sure. It looks like this pitching staff is what we'll have going into the post season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Brian Bannister comes off the DL looking as good as he did before he pulled that hammy. I'm also suspecting that there's more to Cliffy's injury(s) than the Mets are letting on. It's one thing to add Shawn Greene (which I'm fine with because we didn't give anything of significance up to get him) but I also heard a rumor on about Moises Alou. What the hell is going on? I am the only person that has 100% confidence in Endy Chavez as an everyday player?

That's all for today.

The Mother Lode


I'm usually adamant about not posting or linking to anything on this blog that isn't directly Mets related. But for what happened to me today, and because it's sort of tangentially Mets related because it's about baseball and there should be at least some Mets involved, I'm making an exception.

Today, something happened to me that as a twelve-year-old kid, I could only dream about. A very lovely little old lady just sold me over 20,000 baseball cards from her son's collection (yes, with his knowledge and approval) from the 70's, 80's, and 90's, in near mint condition, for $35. Seriously. Three paper boxes full of cards. And after briefly pulling just a few out to see if the collection had been culled of all the desirable cards, well, let's just say... Dave Winfield and George Brett convinced me that it was $35 well spent. I can't wait to go through them all, even though it's going to take many, many glorious hours.

I of course called my twelve-year-old nephew in North Carolina, a die-hard Yankee fan (he can't help it - he was raised that way) to gloat just a litte, but also to let him know that dreams do come true. Sometimes it just takes twenty-six years to get there.

Nats Beat Mets 2-1. Whatever.


I just wanted to share this for my friends and family out East who do not get the pleasure of listening to out of town announcers when they watch Met games (thanks to MLB Extra Innings through your local cable/satellite provider): Nats announcers are morons. There, I said it. If you watched the game tonight and had to listen to those idiots, you know what I'm talking about. Oh, how I miss Ron and Mex! I also miss the energy and excitement of Shea when the Mets are out of town. 30,000 or so Nats fans, who were treated to a stellar performance by their young pitcher, slept (or chatted about Beltway politics) through most of the game. Which was sad, really. The announcers yelled for the team more than the fans did.

One other thing I wanted to share. Did you know that they call Brian Schneider "Schneiderman?" Did you know that? I'm serious. They really call him that -I shit you not. Now, I really don't have anything personal against the guy. He's a very good catcher. But I must ask this: When you hear "Schneiderman," who do you picture?

This guy?(image) Or this guy?

Oh, and I miss Xavier Nady a whole lot. Can we get him back, do you think? I also miss Cliff. And if I haven't said it before (and I'm sure I have) - Endy Chavez needs to be our Everyday Right Fielder, in my humble opinion. Lastings just isn't ready for the bigs. Unless he goes on a tear, and then I never said that.

And that's all I have for today.



NOUN: Acid indigestion.
ETYMOLOGY: Italian, from agitare, to agitate, from Latin agitre. See agitate. See also "existential dyspepsia of the soul" from The Word Detective.
USAGE: (1) Boy, that New York Mets pitcher that closes ballgames sure gives me agita every ninth inning! (2) Why is it the Mets can't seem to sign a closer who can get three guys out in the ninth without giving the fans agita first?
HISTORICAL REFERENCES: 1999-2003; 2004-2005; 2006

Xavier, We Hardly Knew Ye


Well, I guess it could've been worse. That pretty much sums up the trade deadline moves that came out of the Mets front office today. Omar, you'll have to forgive me for the attitude, but that's the best I can do. Going into today, I was hoping for either of the following to happen: a) we do absolutely nothing or b) we manage to get Dontrelle Willis for Lastings Milledge or somehow get a hold of someone like Jason Schmidt for some prospects other than Milledge. So to come out of it thinking it could've been worse is actually pretty good. [non-sequitur: is anyone getting as sick of Steve Phillips' face since poor grabby hands Harold Reynolds was shoved outta ESPN as much as me? Just wondering].

Anyway, I really did like Nady. I wasn't a fan of the trade that brought him here, but his power changed my mind pretty quickly. And while I thought we should have held on to Roberto Hernandez to begin with, I'm glad he's back in light of what happened to Sanchez. Anyone know the name and address of that Miami cabbie, btw? I have a Louisville Slugger that wants to say "hi" to his kneecaps! (JUST KIDDING, PEOPLE!)

So. Oliver Perez, huh? Omar, do you know something we don't know about this guy? Cuz he hardly seems like that number four or five starter we were looking for, you know?
I guess time will tell.

'Nuff Said


(image) Ok, so I would have preferred a picture of a cartoonish little Brave tomahawk with arms and legs, running away in fear and horror from a freakishly gigantic Mr. Met laughing maniacally and wielding a Louisville Slugger. But you get the idea.

Stupid American League!


There must be something to rant about, because I'm blogging again. What've I got my panties in a wad over now? The stupid All Star Game and the Stupid American League, that's what. I'm sick of them winning. I'm sick of stupid Joe Buck. Is Fox's contract with MLB up yet? Stupid Trevor Hoffman. You know, you keep throwing change ups, and eventually they're going to figure you out, Trev. My grandmother could've hit that meatball you threw to Young. Jeez.

While I'm at it, you know what else gets me? That it's 11:30pm and the game just ended. What about all the kids, Bud? Isn't the game really for the kids? What kids do you know are allowed to stay up until 11:30pm to watch a friggin baseball game?

Finally... I hate this whole "this one counts" thing. It's seriously on my last nerve. Can't you guys just play the game to win? Can't you all just play for pride? What the hell happened to league pride? Why is it MLB has to institute home field advantange to the winner in order to motivate you to want to win? What the hell is wrong with all of you? I've had enough of it! Play because you have some pride! Play to win! And most importantly, let home field advantage go to the team with the best record at the end of the season, because that's who deserves it.

Ok, before I storm off to bed, I'd just like to thank David Wright and Carlos Beltran for making me feel proud to be a Mets fan. They alone accounted for the NL's only two runs. Well done, boys.

And finally.... DAMMIT!

A Little Shout Out To Sal & His Pals


Ok, so I know I don't write much here anymore, which is a shame because the Mets are awesome. Which might actually be the reason I don't write anymore. We keep winning, and I find I have nothing to bitch about. Hmmm. Wonder what Dr. Melfi would think about that.

Anyway, I was enjoying the game tonight, and the little shout out to Sal's Pals by the folks at SNY. And I just wanted to add my two cents. Yeah, I know the guy is a Philly. And before that, I think he was briefly an Oriole, and before that he played for the (gulp) Yanks. Actually, it was the Clippers, but he was still in pinstripes. The guy's numbers are honestly pretty unremarkable. But he's a journeyman player... he's Crash Davis, he's playing mostly for the love, and probably the paycheck doesn't suck either. But let's face it - he ain't exactly heading for the Hall of Fame.

So the reason why I'm posting this is because I met him very briefly a couple of years ago. My nephew from NJ sent me Flat Stanley, and one of the things I did with Stanley was take him to a Clippers game. We got there early to see if we could get a picture of some of the guys with Flat Stanley. After batting practice, only one guy stuck around long enough to let us get a picture. That guy was Sal Fasano. Here's the picture I sent to my nephew Tommy of Sal and Flat Stanley (taken before Sal's now famous Fu Man Chu stache). Sal's a mensch.

And, just to be sure I bitch about something... I have to be honest, I'm not all that happy about the Kaz Matsui trade. I know, I know, I was calling for his execution last season. But this year, it really did seem like he was starting to click. He was coming through in clutch situations. Jose Valentin really is playing great, but I keep waiting for him to wake up one day and realize he's Jose Valentin, you know?

And that's all I have today.

2006 Is Our Year!


We look marvelous. What else can I say? This is a Met Fan's Dream Team. So I know we're just four games into the season, but I really don't have much in the complaint department. I like the lineup. Happy to see Anderson Hernandez at second base - and I'm confident he'll find his swing. Frankly, with his amazing defense and the lineup we have, if he can manage to hit .250, I'm happy with that. Who'd have thought Xavier Nady would be such an offensive juggernaut? I clearly remember bitching and moaning on this very blog the day the Mets traded away Mike Cameron for Nady. Boy, was I pissed. Now, not so much. Welcome to New York, Mr. Nady. Decent defense, nice bat, and easy on the eyes. Has anyone else noticed that we have a team full of extremely good looking men?

My only complaints so far are minor. I don't like the new batting helmets. I especially dislike the two-color ones that start out black in the back and are this pearly blue in front. Is this baseball, or Nascar? One solid color, please. That's all I ask. The other annoyance occured last night. Fans who STILL insist on chanting "Yankees Suck" during the game. That is so ridiculous, so embarrassing, and so incredibly LAME. Stop it! Stop it now! I also was not too happy with the plunk-fest against the Nats the other night. If I were a Nats fan, I would have been pretty pissed at how the umps handled that game. I like that Pedro likes to pitch inside. But if your control is off, and you hit more than two guys, I think you ought to get tossed. Even if you're hitting guys unintentionally (and let's be honest - we all know Guillen was hit on purpose).

That's all I have for now. Game two against those poor Marlin babies today. Let's Go Mets!

Ok, I Was Wrong


I have to admit that I was wrong. Before I get to the business of discussing our wonderful Met prospects (Anderson Hernandez, welcome to 2B!) I need to backpedal off my cranky rants re: the WBC. I said I wouldn't watch, but I did. And you know what? I'm hooked.

First, I'll admit it was just plain weird to be rooting for Chipper Jones. But then, it was kind of cool to see him jumping around the field after we beat Japan with A-Rod and Jeter (despite the bullsh*t call that screwed Japan out of the lead run in the 8th). Weird, but cool. Honestly, what really won me over was the enthusiasm of the players. Those guys are *really* into it. They feel so much pride wearing the uniform and playing for their respective countries. They're doing it for the love. And I can't help but be won over by that. And who knows, maybe the Olympic spirit was still in me when the WBC started. Either way, I'm loving it. And you know what? I'm proud to see so many NY Mets on the various WBC rosters. So, we're getting shellacked in all our preseason games, who cares? The double and triple A kids get more playing time against big leagers. Good for them, too.

I guess when it comes down to it, guys have to warm up and get ready for the season. Whether they do it playing in the WBC every four years (or whatever it is) or in spring training, what's the difference? They're having fun, and they're getting psyched up for the regular season. And that's got to be good for baseball no matter how you look at it.

Go Mets! Go USA!