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Published: Sun, 26 Mar 2017 15:10:02 -0800

Last Build Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2017 15:10:02 -0800


3 - not coming home - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Sun, 26 Mar 2017 15:10:02 -0800

song 3 of my rpm album, 10 pounds of blues in a 5 pound bag all i know is my baby's not coming home left her by the station - she said she had to roam she was talking in her sleep but she wasn't talking to me i think she's scared of something but she won't just let it be got up in the morning don't know what kind of life i have but then i just don't know what kind of life i had

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Anarchist by comealongpole

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 14:18:09 -0800

Brief, brief cargo-cult '90s jungle piece without the Amen break. In common with three-quarters of what I've come up with over the years this was composed on a PS1 using Codemasters' MUSIC 2000. I used to love that software, not least since it was my first real chance to compose/construct something that was my own, even as I leant heavily on (up to 8 seconds) CD samples for "vocals" and other texture. Whilst I'm well aware of my lack of musicality, my proudest/fondest/favourite creation from that era is easily Move Right Now which I fiddled with obsessively since it was super-important to me at the time (and still). That also stands out as not being dodgy prog-gabba or iffy thrash'n'bass. Granted everything I made has a lot of painful timestretch going on, what can I say, it was the late '90s! Which brings us back to this here track, one of the few that were more of my construction than some simple sample support... an Anarchist, you know that? An Anarchiiiist!

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Fuck The Sad by chococat

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 23:23:48 -0800

Failed attempt to write a song about depression from a few years ago. A story without an ending. Sometimes that happens, kids. 2nd or 3rd attempt at this song at the time. Roughed-in, trivial, cringey half-assed chorus, bridge with harmonies but no words yet, guitar solo, then nothing. I hated the title...Fuck the Sad? Like fuck sad people? No. Or like a Peaches "fuck the pain away" kind of thing? Not really. So I sang "fuck this sadness" instead but then depression isn't just "sadness" so the whole thing just stalled and I didn't want to go back to it. Festering on my hard drive ever since, so here it is so I never have to complete it. I did like the bass though.

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Death Would Be Unkind by dagosto

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 06:18:53 -0800

Instrumental country death song

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Owe by erikgrande

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 23:21:56 -0800

Sad slow self-pitying muted acoustic thing! This is pretty old, I only had a crappy mp3 of it for years, recently found the original wav, decided to give it some work. The lyrics actually mean something different to me now, which is kinda cool.

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Beneath Broken Earth by Existential Dread

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 21:41:32 -0800

Cover of a massive doom death beast by Paradise Lost with a Boss HM-2 clone that I built. About 8 years ago I played in a proggy death metal band with a couple really good friends. We played mostly for fun, and half our practices were spent cracking each other up and the other half watching campy 80s horror. I moved out of state for work, and recently had the opportunity to visit the dudes again. I decided to build each one of them a guitar pedal, something I'd recently picked up, so I built a Boss HM-2 clone (the canonical Swedish death metal sound) for one friend and a nice compressor for the other. Before I gave them the pedals, I decided to use the pedals to record this track, which has been one of my favorites for the last year or two.

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Humbler than Thou (studio version rough) by saulgoodman

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 03:50:16 -0800

This song originally came together accidentally while I was setting up my VR drum kit for my son for Christmas, as I posted about here at the time. Yesterday I decided to try to do a studio version and this is how it's coming out so far. It's pretty far along but I expect to add some horns before it's all said and done. It blows my mind a little this is what I was working on when Chuck Berry died because his song "Johnny B Goode" was part of what first gave me the idea to try to earn money from making music as a kid, starting out playing gigs on drums at fifteen, and this is one of the first tunes I've played drums on in many years. LYRICS: If peeling onions makes you cry You'd better stay out Of the kitchens where I dine Peeling off one layer at a time I see you naked And you pretend not to mind I say, whoa, everybody knows I've been Down and out for so long That I can't sin! It hits me right between the eyes The more I want something The more I'll be denied In a perverse display of pride I ride my high horse upside down Into the sky I say, whoa, everybody knows I've been Down and out for so long That I can't sin!

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Early Warning System by cicadaverse

Sat, 18 Mar 2017 17:21:00 -0800

I can't really sing but every once in a while I forget that and try anyways... my Heart is content. at times we spoke in riddles then, but I think you knew what I meant, or at least I'd like that, then I could think that we connected just for a moment. bad times for the troubled, they can see their future, it's never going to be alright. bad times for the troubled, the way it's looking, it's never going to be okay.

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Harvest Home by mandolin conspiracy

Sat, 18 Mar 2017 13:31:44 -0800

A day late for St. Patrick's Day, but here's an Irish tune. Not quite as triplet-y as you'd hear it from a bona fide Celtic player.

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vampire deer - 2 - circus blues by pyramid termite

Sat, 18 Mar 2017 06:01:30 -0800

song 2 sun rises, no one left to save sun rises, no one left to save goodbye, circus be my grave don't know, but i fare thee well don't know, but i fare thee well call me in heaven cause they don't have phones in hell old man whiskey led me to this place old man whiskey led me to this place circus gave me money, circus took my face

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Spotted Pony by hades

Sat, 18 Mar 2017 00:05:48 -0800

The old-time tune "Spotted Pony", played at a jam session at the 2016 Portland Old-Time Music Gathering. A few years ago, when I was still what I consider an advanced-beginner fiddler, I went to a jam session at the house of Phil and Vivian Williams, pillars of the folk/bluegrass/old-time community in the PNW. I had maybe five or six tunes I felt confident playing at non-plodding tempo, so when it came around to my turn to call the next tune I picked the one that I liked best of those: Spotted Pony. Now, Phil was kind of a known crank. He and Vivian had been active folk musicians and musicologists since the 50s, documenting the folk music of the PNW, recording and publishing local traditional players, helping start the NW Folklife Festival, winning fiddling contests, and the like. He was known to have strong opinions, and apparently I stumbled on one. When we'd finished playing the tune, he announced, "I hate that tune. And this is dance music -- that version takes all the danceability out of it!" I was, needless to say, a little crushed. Luckily, the accordion player sitting to my right leaned over and told me that "Spotted Pony" was a sore spot for Phil -- apparently the tune's real name was "Snowshoes", but in the early 70s Phil and Vivian published on their record label a set of recordings from jam sessions at the Weiser fiddle contest, and one of the recordings was mislabeled. "Snowshoes" got published as "Spotted Pony", and a ton of people learned the tune from that record under the wrong name. Phil felt personally responsible for all these people learning the wrong title for a tune, and I guess as a musicologist and archivist it really rubbed him the wrong way. The accordion player told me to ignore him, and called across the circle, "when was the last time you danced, Phil?" Then he leaned back and told me that there were just a couple of tunes that Phil didn't like, and I'd called one of them. The guy to my left called "Red Haired Boy" as the next tune. The accordion player leaned over to me and said, "and that's the other one". I've listened to old recordings of "Snowshoes", and I think that in the last 40+ years there's been enough folk process at work that "Snowshoes" and "Spotted Pony" can legitimately be called different (but clearly related) tunes now. They're both good tunes, but I like Spotted Pony better. I've made it a point to play it at jams as often as possible. So as a result of Phil being kind of a dick to me that one time, I've been goaded into both becoming a better player and being more interested in the history and provenance of tunes. Phil died of cancer a couple weeks ago, and there's no way I can separate that story from the tune, so I think it's going to be my Phil Williams Memorial Jam Tune from now on. This particular recording is from a jam session at the Portland Old-Time Gathering last January. I was wandering around looking for a jam and found one with a few guitar and banjo players and one fiddler. As soon as I sat down, the other fiddler thanked me, because now he could go back to playing banjo, which he preferred. So I ended up being the only fiddle for a while. I think this is the first recording of myself I've heard where I don't think I sound terrible. I play it better now, but I don't have a banjo-heavy jam circle in town to play it with.

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Sunrise A by Devils Rancher

Thu, 16 Mar 2017 20:04:44 -0800

Carbon 7, recorded 12-21-14, winter solstice. As close as we've gotten to ambient. All the Metaverse has been asking itself "What has become of Carbon 7?" I am sure. Well, ask no more-- not much. After a bit of a hiatus, we've started recording again, BUT! I realized there were 2 "lost" (i.e. neglected) sessions festering on my hard drive, so I'm finishing them first. This is from the second of those. This is us at our absolutely most restrained. Dennis plays the aluminum can for a bit prior to his more normal trap kit musings. It's just noise for 8 point something minutes before we pull a theme together finally, & hold it for the last 9. Maybe that's your thing, though. Music for gluing two pretty things together to form a single, prettier thing, waiting for the cat to finish its nap on your legs, or arranging items found in your pocket after a cold, windy day at the beach.

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vampire deer - 1 - ten pounds by pyramid termite

Thu, 16 Mar 2017 15:00:39 -0800

i did another album for rpm this year - 10 pounds of blues in a 5 pound bag - in this song, i go to work, leave work, meet the president and go back to work and yes, it's all blues this time 1 pound now i'm on my way 2 pounds yeah, it's gonna stay 3 pounds that's alright 4 pounds that's still a bit light 5 pounds, yeah, that's just right 6 pounds, it's a little too tight 7 pounds, it's a bad bad fight 8 pounds, it's taking all my might 9 pounds, what an awful sight i got 10 pounds of bullshit in a 5 pound bag i got 10 pounds of bullshit in a 5 pound bag what i can't carry i wear and it's a drag

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Christmas party for one by cicadaverse

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 20:04:50 -0800

Recorded December 24th, 2016 This song is what happens when you spend christmas alone..

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You and I Alone by johanze

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 14:55:02 -0800

Been awhile MeFi Music - first new song to upload in awhile! Trying to be as concise musically and arrangement wise as possible. First of a few tunes from a new project I've been working on. Love to know peoples thoughts!

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Doc McStuffins Theme by uncleozzy

Mon, 13 Mar 2017 19:10:45 -0800

I have a cheap, cruddy second-hand drum kit and a two-year-old. Just a sketch to see how the kit records: a stack of one-take performances (okay, except the drums; this is easily take 30 of the drum track). Cymbals sound like hot garbage, but the whole kit was cheaper than a single mediocre-to-bad cymbal, so I guess I can't complain much.

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dreams over drones by kaibutsu

Sun, 05 Mar 2017 12:34:48 -0800

A very brief (50s) sketch I worked up on the train the other day. Crunchy synth bass drone in conversation with a ringing guitar (also synthesized).

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King of the World (Cover) by limeonaire

Sat, 04 Mar 2017 20:51:41 -0800

Super 8's "King of the World" is one of my favorite long-lost '90s songs. I recorded this, per l'usuale, with the ol' Telecaster Thinline, the Super Champ XD, and GarageBand, fast and dirty. This is one I've been working on off and on for about 10 years, though. The back story and qualifier for the "Storytime" tag is this: This was one of those songs I'd heard on the radio sometime around 1996, fallen in love with, then eventually stopped hearing and never managed to find again. It wasn't a big hit, but it got a good bit of play on local radio. Then one day, maybe a decade later, I was in Vintage Vinyl, the local record store, flipping through the bargain bin, and there was the CD! So yeah, this song is one of my staples, deceptively simple but something I could always layer more on top of, the kind of thing I'll always riff on when I'm warming up. And it has enough chord variations that I'll always forget one here and there, always rendering it a bit loose around the edges. Also, GarageBand kind of cut out in the middle like it does sometimes (claiming too many live tracks playing at once when there are only 2 tracks audible, le sigh), but I don't actually mind the breakdown effect that created. The other part of the back story is that I've been trying to record myself singing an average of a song a day this year (previously, per the Do the Thing That Scares You challenge). I don't record accompaniment for most, and many songs I've recorded via video, singing along with the radio while filming the traffic I'm driving in. Counting those (I count anything that involves recording myself singing, since this is basically immersion therapy via band practice), this makes about No. 72. So I'm right on target, and I think my singing is indeed improving. Thanks for listening!

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A Simple Song (in Troubled Times) by Shmuel510

Sat, 04 Mar 2017 09:43:38 -0800

An original song, just written and performed on the ukulele, recorded on my cell phone.

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Pavane by Thoinot Arbeau by shapes that haunt the dusk

Fri, 03 Mar 2017 19:05:35 -0800

Renaissance music on synthesizer. I think Wendy Carlos would be offended if I called this an homage. This is a pavane from Thoinot Arbeau's Orchesographie, published in 1589. This was all done on my Vermona Mono Lancet 15 with a TC Hall of Fame for reverb. I recorded the whole thing on my phone in Garage Band, because that's all I've got. The sounds in the first part are primarily the filter self-oscillating over white noise. The second part is me trying to sound like Wendy Carlos and falling a little short. It's a little, er, rubato.

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More Fiddle Tunes for a Friday by mandolin conspiracy

Fri, 03 Mar 2017 13:04:55 -0800

Some fiddle tunes on the mandolin. Medley in A of Old Joe Clark, Red Haired Boy, and June Apple.

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The Fall Season by Pecinpah

Thu, 02 Mar 2017 10:21:00 -0800

I wrote this on a train going into the city. I was thinking about a girl I'd once made love to, and how sweet and slow it had been, and how I never saw her again after that day. It was Fall and I was in that gloaming mood between comfort and sadness that sometimes comes on when the weather has been drab for a while, and this just kind of popped out. Hope you like it.

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New World by srednivashtar

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 06:15:25 -0800

A big and brooding song recorded in rehearsal by Sredni Vashtar. This one is a bit of a stomper, with the usual messy collision of bass, guitar, synth pads and drums.

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Dreamliner by ageispolis

Mon, 27 Feb 2017 21:39:35 -0800

The Dreamliner effect. That's a better way to fly.

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Eunice Waltz by frecklefaerie

Mon, 27 Feb 2017 21:00:04 -0800

Bon Mardi Gras! Here's a traditional cajun waltz to celebrate Fat Tuesday. Trio with fiddle, accordion, guitar and vocals. This was a mini jam with myself (harmony and guitar), Kim (fiddle and lead vocal) and Dwayne (accordion). Recorded live in their living room last week.

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