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Published: Sun, 20 Aug 2017 11:10:21 -0800

Last Build Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2017 11:10:21 -0800


Down in the Well by Bluebird Wine

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 11:10:21 -0800

Vocal and guitar, one rough take, one track, melodic and intense two minutes and thirty seconds

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Just Like Me (Orsa's song) by thedamnbees

Fri, 18 Aug 2017 08:19:56 -0800

Due to circumstances almost entirely beyond my control, I recently became responsible for a wonderful young dog named Orsa. This song is written from her perspective. i'm just a dog, you see i can't help always tugging on the leash i don't even want to break free i just want you to run around with me can't you see you're a dog, just like me i don't really care where we go i just can't bear to be alone my days are so long without you waiting for you to get home can't you see you belong with me don't be fooled by my grinning don't be confused by my smile it's just the face that i make unconsciously when i want you to love me i'm just a dog, you see i indulge in my pleasures so greedily even though all i want is to please you i get carried away so easily can't you see you're a dog, just like me

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Indelible Swing by grumpybear69

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 14:21:48 -0800

The world is a crazy place right now so here's a new wave song about GOLF! Literally inspired by whatever online golf game I was playing at the time, at which I was not very good. This was a very brief period of my life. Lyrics: you've got an indelible swing you've got the whole world shaking precise motor control you get things where you want them to go i heard it on the radio your stats are incredibly high it's unreal how you make things fly i want to get you 1-on-1 so you can show me how it's done i jumped the gun i jumped it whoop whoop! aw yeah! frikki-frikki-frikki you've got a mellifluous curve you make grown men sing like birds waiting in the wings to catch your eye you get them high, you get them high oh, you make 'em fly whoop whoop! aw yeah! frikki-frikki-frikki hole in one, hole in one is what you're going for hole in one, hole in one, hole in everyone hole in one, hole in one, yeah, you've been here before hole in one, golden son get him or he's gonna run whoop whoop! aw yeah! frikki-frikki-frikki

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Lolly by umbú

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 07:30:14 -0800

The first of a new series of ditties titled "Realtors of the World," based on real estate agents' names that managed to worm their way into our heads.

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Fisherian Runaway (poison frog song) by es_de_bah

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 14:31:31 -0800

First song written and recorded since I moved to Napa. Spooky grungy punk that maybe doesn't reflect my sunny new locale. Written about my drummer's frustration with dating, online and otherwise. Lyrics in fold. Touch the blissful tips to your crisp full lips. All the pretty frogs are poisonous. So it's root root root for the home team: if they don't win it's a riot. Shoot for a love scene. Do it loud, do it proud or be quiet. And it's an honor just to be considered, even if you don't take the prize. So go and dip your tongue in honey, 'cause honey that's how you catch flies. It's the wistful sips and the pistol grips. But all the pretty frogs are poisonous. It's us ugly ones you ought to kiss. Like a blue jumpsuit on a blue screen: it's a good way to be a ghost. Could I snag your heart by a loose seam? That's a wrap. we'll just fix it in post. And it's an honor just to be considered even if you don't take the prize, when just a nod from the right direction is worth an awful lot of eyes. And all those handsome, spreading peacocks take up the halls from side to side. I guess you're gonna have to knock some over. Hey, you're just trying to get by.

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Sea Song (English) by metagnathous

Sat, 12 Aug 2017 09:34:36 -0800

Dagga Punisment (yours truly) featuring text and voice by my wife, Nadine. More on Soundcloud: Dagga Punishment

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Strictly Germ-proof by AxelT

Fri, 11 Aug 2017 22:29:56 -0800

Arthur Guiterman wrote it. droplet posted it. epj suggested singing. I was powerless.

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07 - no rain - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Fri, 11 Aug 2017 12:33:35 -0800

last song of the album - kind of seems to be about my life right now ... i can pray for rain inside my heart getting old is just a start i watch the clouds above my town but no rain is coming down doesn't seem like life is free but i realize that it's me i'm not good with anything i do i'm not good with the old or new vanity tries writing on the stars vanity tries writing on the cars vanity is getting drunk in bars vanity is just what people are well, it's so hot i want some rain and here comes the clouds again but it isn't cooling down and it's still stifling in this town

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Night Cruise by uncleozzy

Thu, 10 Aug 2017 05:28:23 -0800

Some goofy synthwave that I found lying around the old project bin.

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06 wondering - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Tue, 08 Aug 2017 16:11:56 -0800

next to last song wondering - what is wrong with me these days i said i'm wondering what is wrong with me these days someone's getting all the luck, but you know it's me that pays i'm really starting to feel like i'm not going to last i'm really starting to feel like i'm not going to last body's hurting all the time and my good times are all past all i can say is i don't like getting old all i can say is i don't like getting old the world just gets more senseless and i'm always cold

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filter party by CarrotAdventure

Sun, 06 Aug 2017 12:00:38 -0800

Havin a play on the Korg Monologue Featuring the Roland JX-8P on chords

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17 by Bluebird Wine

Sat, 05 Aug 2017 15:15:16 -0800

This piano part and vocal melody have been rattling around in my brain for a while--finally wrote some lyrics and fleshed it out a bit.

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it *doesn't mean much by thedamnbees

Wed, 02 Aug 2017 22:05:08 -0800

i guess it's about getting old...

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Sredni Vashtar - Epic by srednivashtar

Wed, 02 Aug 2017 06:02:04 -0800

Not a cover of the Faith No More song. Oh no. In the absence of 'proper' studio time this is one of those songs that gets kicked around and endlessly re-shaped. We're pretty happy with it now, although no doubt a professional recording would bring the vocals out of the mire and give the drums some punch. Especially proud of the middle eight at around 2.05. There are three of us playing guitar, bass, drums and pads, and this was all recorded in one take at rehearsal. More at our Soundcloud.

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05 - january - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Wed, 02 Aug 2017 05:50:56 -0800

or the song of this summer warm month of january, sparrows dive bomb to the ground paw paw debates the redskins, my soul's in the lost and found i dreamt the grateful dead had a song if you only believe but wild and weird as everything is, i'm still going to have to leave (brother gates sang of the black death train, oh yeah) warm month of january, maybe it'll snow like crazy next week maybe the prophets will play hide and seek, can we play hide and seek? i kind of feel like i'm fading right along with the world i knew and there's no way to summon god to court so i can sue

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ICHI NI SANBA by Sokka shot first

Tue, 01 Aug 2017 18:50:32 -0800

At this point I just need to acknowledge that childish major-key jams with samba feet are my home genre. I have resorted yet again to my home-multisampled drum kit, augmented with some electronic kit or other from Ableton. This one's entirely Ableton: softsynths and samples. The vocals were obviously the most fun, followed by the samba whistles, followed by what's one of the best drum fills I've ever programmed, followed by everything else. But most of all: I'm sorry.

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I never said I'd stay by Bluebird Wine

Sat, 29 Jul 2017 14:48:54 -0800

Warm, mellow vocals, guitar, fiddle. My first post!

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04 - down in downtown - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Sat, 29 Jul 2017 05:37:45 -0800

downtown, no finer place for sure downtown, everything's waiting for you i feel hungover but i haven't been drinking straight up tired of all the crap they're thinking down in downtown i'm doing things i don't really believe in betting chips i don't have just to keep my hand in down in downtown feel like a fable in someone else's story i'm just a background man in the distant scenery down in downtown feeling put down but i can't tell you why want resurrection but i don't want to die down in downtown well there's something that i don't understand we're electing boys when we need women and men down in downtown and if whiskey was a river, y'all would build a dam charge 10 bucks a shot and tell us it's god's plan down in downtown

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03 no one gets away - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Tue, 25 Jul 2017 08:21:54 -0800

under heavy manners mean little people make me want to scream got airhorn mouths in case someone tries to dream got to hassle everything make sure we all obey unless you're dying no one gets away judgement like a raincloud, judgement like a boulder balanced on your head, bending down your shoulder should have done everything like the bad book say unless you're dying no one gets away fingers on your mind, fingers on your paycheck fingers on your heart, they don't care what they wreck gonna hold you down - gonna make you stay unless you're dying no one gets away

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02 the future - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Mon, 24 Jul 2017 06:49:59 -0800

perhaps no future was the optimist view here's the future - here's your tin can voice of rain here's the pawn shop - here's the ticket like a stain stay abstract - do not tell us what you do not like here's a mountain - feel inspired by a motive spike here's the future - learn new alphabets that can't be used for words here's the forum - milk it all for meaning into little curds stay unchanged - you will think you are the all in all here's an ocean - and at the bottom is a telephone call here's the future - here's your chain of golden terracore here's the mission - you must be a buy at every store stay in motion - your shadow will eat you if you stop here's a rainstorm - and you will count out every drop

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Memories in Waves by Wolfdog

Sun, 23 Jul 2017 08:17:30 -0800

Just some piano.

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Voyager '86 by grumpybear69

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 15:17:12 -0800

A synthy jam about the magic of summer, youth and minivans.

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01 miss misery - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 05:47:24 -0800

new album is called no rain - this song's about someone who's not winning honey let me take you down and out from metairie i can be your six gun sam and you'll be miss misery you stare up at the ceiling when i make love to you baby you don't rock and roll the way you used to do robbed a bank in lake charles robbed one in lafayette i ain't a criminal genius but they ain't got me yet we can go through the delta to the piney hills they won't ever find us unless the devil wills you'll see it's almost certain we'll get a brand new life i'll get myself some honest work and you can be my wife we'll raise up some children to be better than we are you'll have a house with a basement and an air conditioned car she left him at the graveyard so they wouldn't have to carry him far she drove down to the station took the money left the car the sheriff called it justice, shipped him back to metairie and no one ever wondered about miss misery

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Things Are Pretty Awful Now by chococat

Sun, 16 Jul 2017 22:54:56 -0800

Next time I see you, it's on me.

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