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Published: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 15:52:00 -0800

Last Build Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 15:52:00 -0800


10 shadow - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 15:52:00 -0800

i wrote this in 1997, cribbing considerably from psalm 91 - i'm not as optimistic or as confident as the psalmist was - i'm also pretty disturbed to see how much more relevant it is now than it was then in the shadow of the lord where we shelter from the days all our words like dusty winds sand castles billow in desert haze when the fowler sets his snares in the places we called home we will cross the dry rivers where the lillies used to grow many mansions, many songs, many memories many sorrows of an endless spring many mansions, many songs, many memories many joys of an endless spring in the shadow of the lord we're still strangers to each other and the country we once knew is a game park for the fowler if i stand and if i sing forgive me if my song is uneven if i stand and if i sing forgive me if my voice is broken

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09 holler at the sky - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Sat, 16 Dec 2017 13:47:24 -0800

actually this is the first song of the second cd, not that anyone's burning this to cd, but ... it's also another monologue and dulcimer based tune ... walk the path to school and wander in the maze look out of the window at the multi colored haze the dream did not grow large, it was small enough to drown but not enough water there to wash the soulstain down make your bargain with your god, bloody on his knees learn to be sarcastic as you insincerely please the writing's on your wall and the chalk is in your hand and what you thought was life you don't understand i speak of nonsense singing and you just shake your head tell me that the life i want has already turned dead it's a bitter pill, knowing you must sell while things you wanted to give the world are thrown into the well skyscrapers and pyramids crush us with their bones and people try to contact god with their telephones and when the flag is waved and the sirens cry as our voices melt, we can holler at the sky

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08 magpie - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 06:23:30 -0800

this started as a duet between a korg monologue and mountain dulcimer the franklin stove in the school bus doesn't keep the freeze from my toes discussing destinations but who really knows what the magpie puts together let no man pull apart the frost builds on the windows, the frost builds on my heart sleeping bag in the living room of the yellow house broken bottles and dog shit and the occasional mouse what the magpie puts together let no man pull apart i want to change this scene but i don't know where to start spend all night and day talking about things we're going to do convince everyone we've got a plan when half a thought will do what the magpie puts together let no man pull apart the frost builds on the windows, the frost builds on my heart

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Everything That Isn't Bolted Down by Existential Dread

Thu, 14 Dec 2017 15:57:39 -0800

New work in progress, aiming for pissed off radical lefty sludge. Still a fair amount of work left to do, but I'm pretty proud of the beefy guitars and nasty bass. Any screamers out there, get in touch!

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07 crazy party - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Thu, 14 Dec 2017 05:45:40 -0800

some people keep going until they can't - i wound up watching more than i did, but got to the point where i couldn't watch either ok, this fat bearded guy in the white suit thinks he's hunter thompson writing up his little bar hopping nights in the college paper for pay telling me to taste, taste the new york pinstripe of something great while my friends are melting on the floor from the quaaludes, i think it was and it's a crazy party, i'm drinking too much it's a crazy night, i hope i don't throw up i'm a crazy person, i'm going to be certified some day well, this guy he's talking about finding a peanut butter jar of cocaine and snorting it over some weekend with his motely crew of friends and then this other guy sits on my lap and says i'm a prick and i'm not good at it if i was good at it, it would be ok but i'm not and so it's a problem and it's a crazy party, i'm drinking too much it's a crazy night, i hope i don't throw up i'm a crazy person, i'm going to be certified some day we're making it up as we go along at the benefit tonight and i already puked up the absynthe that john smuggled in from france and some guy who thinks he's bruce springsteen jr just threatened to kick the band's ass if we didn't shut up during poetry but we were told they needed atmosphere and it's a crazy party, i'm drinking too much it's a crazy night, i hope i don't throw up i'm a crazy person, i'm going to be certified some day new year's eve, everyone's decided the bus won't run, we can't afford the insurance but we got money for beer but no marge no pamolive for the stacked up dishes steve's a fastball pitcher for the team he's hurtling those bottles so they smash then he goes to the sink and destroys all the plates in a fit of grief and anger and it's a crazy party, i'm drinking too much it's a crazy night, i hope i don't throw up i'm a crazy person, i'm going to be certified some day we're stoned all the time, we're drunk every night and the bombs are all ready to go from sea to glowing sea we're all sacrificial lambs our whole fucking lives nothing's been right our whole fucking lives nothing's been right our whole fucking lives nothing's been right and still those bastards want more and it's a crazy party, we're drinking too much it's a crazy night, i hope we don't throw up we're crazy people, american all the way oooh, it's the downer party, lock up your kids and run here come dennis and debbie downer and they're here to have some fun

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(Gettin It On) On Christmas Eve by uncleozzy

Wed, 13 Dec 2017 05:19:57 -0800

Bro-country Christmas wishes to you and yours. Apologies for the paucity of pickup trucks and SoCo.

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06 robot morning - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Wed, 13 Dec 2017 05:08:10 -0800

back in 1976, the guy who owned the bus and was going to take it out west was an artist - and what he liked to sketch was pictures of things like dead puppies with the new NCR barcodes on them - it was punk and conceptually on it ... double parked in paradise on robot morning give out the barcodes for everyone's hand what do you need with an education when a chip will tell you everything you need? barcodes on the dead puppy in the road barcodes on the sunrise, barcodes on the beach barcodes on the shit you took this morning all hail to robot morning and the brave new world i looked at the future and it stared back at me and put wires and stuff right into my brain i'm never going to laugh and i'm never going to cry do 8 hours of work unconscious and free cause a robot's going to take control of my hands so i don't even have to think about the job it's just like going to sleep, yes it is the future's just like going to sleep going to run away to some farm and grow pot where the helicopters can't see it going to live off the grid and be free and i'll use all my textbooks for kindling they get that degree and get that first job and someone else does the talking for them they're reading from their newspaper souls they're reciting from the tv news morning once we have robot morning the sun's never going to set again on the world satellites to keep the sky up with light who cares if the birds burn out their eyes? once we get past this little hippie dream everything's going to be alright barcodes will help keep everything straight there's nothing wrong with a chip in your hand

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05 blessed are - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Mon, 11 Dec 2017 04:20:43 -0800

the more things change the more they remain the same blessed are the pickets in the drizzle protesting some kind of agricultural scam man runs by, says he fought in iwo jima and that's why gerald ford is gonna be his man blessed are the police and their boredom they know we're nothing but a little overtime shout a little at the brick and glass walls try to make it clever and make it rhyme blessed are the party crashers like me snuck in after the protest and stared at all the suits they're all enjoying talk, alcohol and power i'm wandering like a ghost inside the roost blessed are the brewers at stroh's brewery and the peasants in oaxaca that grew this dope i'm buzzin' at home without a manifesto i'm buzzin' at home without a hope

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Advent Prelude by SemiSalt

Sun, 10 Dec 2017 10:31:32 -0800

Advent Prelude by Charles Callahan. Written for flute and organ, but played here by flute and piano for various reasons. My sheet music is Copyright 1989, so 20th century music. Definitely not Bach or Mozart. There is a performance by a different flutist on YouTube.

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04 careful - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Sun, 10 Dec 2017 03:33:16 -0800

i've never been comfortable with flag waving and now i'm even less so wake up in america and everybody wants you to sleep stand or kneel but don't ignore the anthem of our deep beware the eye of the man who feels you're not one of the clan they killed god you know they did - to them you're nothing, man be careful how you walk in the minefield be careful how you sing your song be careful of the things you yield be careful how you sing your song look up from the killing floor, they tell you to look back down don't say a word of protest or we'll deal with you downtown watch out who you make your friend and tell confessions to there's a lot of outcasts who felt the same as you

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Fluid Bonded - John The Rabbit by eustacescrubb

Sat, 09 Dec 2017 20:13:02 -0800

After co-writing and producing an album for a friend this year I decided, what the hell, Trump is President and we're all gonna die, may as well get over my fear of singing and write a solo album. This is the first compositon that gelled from that effort and made it onto the final album (which album can be heard on Bandcamp here). Recorded entirely in my spare bedroom, using Logic, Ableton, various iOS music apps, and my own human body.

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call on me by thedamnbees

Sat, 09 Dec 2017 18:09:59 -0800

... the story of my life ... what's the use, i could never fool ya, you see right through the lies i tell myself tell you the truth, i haven't changed a bit, just a lonely kid grown long in the tooth you can always find me, in the basement, plugging away just like i always do it's gonna be a long time honey, it's been a long time coming call on me i'll come running, i'll come running back to you i was a fool, and i guess i still am, i'm still hoping there's a chance you come around sometime, i'll sing you a tune sing you a hundred songs i wrote every one for you

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03 make it rough - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Sat, 09 Dec 2017 03:00:51 -0800

so small compared with the size of the world somehow realizing i have failed to mark the day failed to teeth on the brass ring, failed to find my way some people want to bury me for their vacations and it's not right no one's going to marry me for my money - times are tight well, the philosophy of the world is what you get away with it's a zero sum soul - who are you trying to kid? i'm watching you on the sidelines in a conscious cast i'm watching you and thinking you're not going to last i have no more right in the world than a lousy squirrel no more right than a sparrow, now watch them whirl and watch you get upset because no one's driving fast enough maybe i'll just spend my life in your way, maybe i'll make it rough

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Arps-speriment by CarrotAdventure

Fri, 08 Dec 2017 22:44:21 -0800

Experimental arpin'

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02 division avenue - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Thu, 07 Dec 2017 17:36:51 -0800

division avenue is a street in grand rapids - it's the few blocks south of downtown i have in mind - used to live in a residence hotel in 77 for a bit there - it's changed and it's not changed - but there are many places like it the man at the farmer's market rollin' coal with his wheelchair and the keeper of the vault in the bank has kidnapped god accidents and purposedents are happening here and there and people just walk by without giving anyone a nod it doesn't matter what you do on division avenue clarence sings his elvis songs with his old milwalkee voice and the cops are collecting paper bags and rocks the air conditioned nightmare keeps driving on by choice everybody's ship came in but there were no docks it doesn't matter what you do on division avenue line up for dinner and line up for a place to sleep next to line ups for artisinal donuts and foreign films turn up that i pod and don't hear that brother's keep while the anointed trade their laurels for warrior's helms it doesn't matter what you do on division avenue

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01 appaloosa springs - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Wed, 06 Dec 2017 17:16:09 -0800

this is a rather complex album or story - parts of it seem like 1977 and parts of it seem like 2017 and it's inspired by both ... time to awaken to the razor of the morning let some magic happen to the blue sky frost is winter wind's first and last warning time to wonder where to go and why yes it's time to wonder where to go and why i wonder if this bus is ever going places engine's throwing oil, tires almost bare we could fill it with 15 new faces but how many dreamers could we share yes, how many dreamers could we share want to go somewhere, just about anywhere some place like a desert where winter hardly sings somewhere beyond the neon wilds of vegas some place like appaloosa springs where the eagle flies without fear of the gun where the people aren't afraid of having fun but it's only a photograph on a postcard dream an amusement park with a hidden theme appaloosa springs like the seven cities of acapulco gold appaloosa springs where hippie dreams are bought and sold appaloosa springs maybe in mexico, maybe in cali appaloosa springs on the north coast somewhere no one ever hitchhikes to you know the blathering on the radio gets on my nerves each morning tired of stoning away every day and the job i must get to maybe i'm falling down, maybe i'm falling up maybe this place has taken everything that i've got well i'm mixing the same drinks each night for the same damn drunks and this woodstove in this old bus ain't too hot appaloosa springs like ariel's tempest isle appaloosa springs bring out the demons and make them smile appaloosa springs maybe i'm bored, maybe i'm crazy appaloosa springs maybe i am just a young man who wants to see the land well the promises of settling down seem like a sucker's losing hand and the road i walk you know is full of shifting sand maybe it's wednesday, maybe it's thursday i have so little going on it's really hard to tell i'm just walking through heck i can't really call it hell and the setting sun reminds me of a bell appaloosa springs there's no such place on the freeway appaloosa springs where that place might be no one can say appaloosa springs yippie yo ki ay appaloosa springs yeah i wanna go there some day time to mend fences or maybe tear them down take coincidence and use it to fly i can't see myself living in this town time to wonder where to go and why time to wonder where to go and why

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Tapeworm Dreams of the Beehive by The Vice Admiral of the Narrow Seas

Sat, 02 Dec 2017 14:27:14 -0800

there are phonemes and bells and some textures. I am having TOO MUCH FUN with the latest version of Reason, and now the AlterEgo plugin. Thank you for your indulgence!

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The Home Ruler Set by gorbichov

Wed, 29 Nov 2017 19:00:16 -0800

Another set from some recent recording - two Irish hornpipes on guitar and octave mandolin. These two traditional tunes are "The Home Ruler", a very sweet little tune in D major, and the charmingly-titled "Nellie Your Favour I'm Afraid I'll Not Gain" in E dorian. Each tune has a few guitars, and the first includes some octave mandolin.

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04 - obscura sunrise - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Wed, 29 Nov 2017 15:41:09 -0800

the night is over, traffic picks up and there's still a vague hint of smoke in the air ... thanks for listening - big album, a double, coming up soon

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03 dance candlejazz - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Sun, 26 Nov 2017 15:15:40 -0800

well, i forgot to number the first two songfiles - but there's only 4 songs, which figures for a bunch of jammy instrumentals - this is more like when there's a little chill in the air and the fires are getting low

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Come here and see me by tmcw

Sat, 25 Nov 2017 19:59:57 -0800

My first time wrangling Ableton to do what I want, and the first song I've posted to MeFi since moving to SF. Result of a long drive down the coast and so on.

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02 dreams of ocean fire - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Sat, 25 Nov 2017 06:29:13 -0800

further on that night - a rather spaced instrumental

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01 obscura beach - vampire deer by pyramid termite

Fri, 24 Nov 2017 04:53:35 -0800

a surfy instrumental for the time of evening when the sun's just gone down and the campfires are starting

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Black Velvet Band by dorian

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 10:11:00 -0800

usual SSTO nonsense, 99th birthday of a friend-of-a-friend. antics aren't half-bad. guest appearance with Ballina ex-Philadelphia, love these guys. when threnody starts to get interesting? the pretty colleen lol.

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4llur by invitapriore

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 17:31:37 -0800

This is a little tachycardia-inducing club banger at 150bpm that I made entirely in iMaschine 2 on the train over a few commutes. I stopped when I ran out of clip slots (you get four per each of four tracks, so...).

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