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Answerman - How Does Merchandise For Live Action Remakes Work?


Fox has the merchandise rights for Alita: Battle Angel, but James Cameron's company has the film rights. How does all of this work, anyway? Justin gets into it.

Answerman - Is It Worth Seeing 35mm Prints of Ghibli Movies?


They're still showing 35mm prints of Ghibli classics like Princess Mononoke in some revival theaters - but what's so special about 35mm? Justin has some thoughts.

Answerman - Why Are Anime Voices Recorded After Animation Is Done?


We frequently hear about how in Western animation, performances are often taped before animation really starts - but the opposite is apparently true in Japan. Justin gets into it.

Answerman - What Is The Purpose Of Recap Episodes?


Recap episodes pop up in plenty of anime, retelling parts of a story you just watched. Why do these recap episodes exist in the age of streaming? Justin gets into it.

Answerman - What Resolution Are Early Digipaint Shows Made At?


Anime from the early 2000s often look kinda blurry and a little washed-out, even in HD - why do they look that way? Justin gets in to the technical details.

Answerman - Why Are Some Anime Fans So Cynical?


Like most fandoms, anime fans can sometimes be pretty wildly cynical - where does that attitude come from, and is it justified? Justin gets into it.

Answerman - Why Does Manga Turn Yellow?


You've probably experienced it yourself: you buy a bunch of manga, and over the years, the pages slowly turn yellow. What's up with that? Justin gets in-depth.

Answerman - What Social Networks Are Used In Japan?


Fate/Grand Order prompts one reader to ask - which social media networks are most popular in Japan, and how does that compare to the west? Justin gets into it.

Answerman - What's With The Tiny Trucks In Japan?


You see these little pint-size trucks and cars in anime all the time - are they a real thing? Justin gets into it.

Answerman - Why Aren't Master Tape Formats Used Everywhere?


If the video quality on a production's master tape is the best it's going to get, why aren't they just reproduced on the same format? Justin explains why you don't watch "master tapes" in the comfort of your own home.

Answerman - Why Does Rock-Paper-Scissors Come Up In Anime So Much?


You probably can't even count the number of times jan-ken-pon comes up in anime. Why is it so ubiquitous? Justin has an answer.

Answerman - Why Do Some Releases Of Older Movies Have Black Borders?


What's the difference between letterboxing and pillarboxing? And what are those tiny black borders you see on some old anime that don't have any of that? Justin Sevakis explains.

Answerman - Quick Answers Part 6


It's time for a speed round! Netflix original anime, Japanese daylight savings time, anime spinoff justification and much more!

Answerman - How Is Christianity Regarded In Japan?


Christianity doesn't come up all that often in anime - where does it sit, culturally, in Japan? Justin breaks it down.

Answerman - Why Don't DVDs Contain Japanese Commentary Tracks Anymore?


Once upon a time, anime DVDs occasionally came with commentary tracks from the Japanese artists who made the film. What happened?

Answerman - Why Do American Actors Show Up In Japanese Commercials?


Why do Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron, and even Sean Connery appear in Japanese commercials sometimes? Justin Sevakis has the answers.

Answerman - How Long Will Anime Stay Up On A Streaming Site?


So how long do you have to watch that series in your queue before it disappears off a service like Crunchyroll, Hulu, or Netflix? Justin Sevakis has the answers.

Answerman - Why Does Anime Often Feature Ear Cleaning?


What's with the practice of intimate ear cleaning in so many anime? Justin Sevakis gets into the gritty details of Japanese ear wax.

Answerman - How Are Theaters For Theatrical Releases Decided?


Anime has been showing up in movie theaters across America more and more these days - but how is it decided which theaters it plays at? Justin digs in.

Answerman - How Will Netflix Producing Anime Change the Industry?


Now that Netflix is pushing to create more original anime content for their service, how will this affect production and the industry as we know it?

Answerman - Quick Answers Part 5


Justin's back with a lightning round of questions about sexual harassment in the industry, K-Pop, Japanese perceptions of English dubs, and the social problems posed by this season's Inuyashiki.

Answerman - How Tough Is It To Get Into College In Japan?


Anime often depicts the incredible stress of college entrance exams in Japan - is it really that hard to get in, and what happens when it all goes south?

Answerman - Where Do "Seasons" On Long-Running Anime Begin And End?


For ongoing shonen series like Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Dragon Ball Super, where does a season of TV really start and stop? Do "seasons" even exist at all?

Answerman - Why Do Japanese-Owned Publishers Still Have To Pay For Licenses?


Kodansha USA has to pay Kodansha licensing fees for the manga it releases in the US. What? Why? Justin explains it.

Answerman - Are There Really Gangs In Japanese Schools?


You see delinquents and gang members of all stripes in anime high school - but are they really a thing in Japan? Justin gets into it.

Answerman - Why Do Westerners Make Assumptions About Japan Because of Anime?


Western anime fans sometimes carry around a lot of incorrect assumptions about Japanese society thanks to anime, but what can be done about that?

Answerman - Why Does Anime Occasionally Use English Songs?


Sometimes even famous English pop singles from artists like Duran Duran or Savage Garden get used as anime theme songs, but how does this process work and why?

Answerman - Is Anime Streaming Consumer-Friendly Right Now?


Justin follows up Wednesday's Answerman with a conversation about competition, service and consumer friendliness in the world of anime streaming.

Answerman: Why Don't Streaming Sites Work Together?


Wouldn't it be great if every legal anime streaming company got together and made one platform where you could watch everything? It might SOUND good, but there's more to consider...

Answerman - What Is "Digipaint"?


People say the term "digipaint" all the time when discussing old anime from the early 2000s - but what do they mean? Justin breaks it down.

Answerman - Where Did The Idea Of 100 Ghost Stories Come From?


It comes up in anime from time to time: telling 100 ghost stories in a single night. Is that a real thing? Justin explains.

Answerman - Why Are Sentai Titles Showing Up On Anime Strike?


Sentai Filmworks titles have been showing up on Amazon's Anime Strike service - what might we expect from this partnership? Justin considers the angles.

Answerman - Why Do Dub Voice Actors Stick To The Same Studios?


Most anime studios in the US have a "stable" of regular voice actors that you'll hear in most of their dubs, without much crossover - why is that?

Answerman - How Can You Tell If An Anime Is Popular?


Can you tell if an anime is popular by relying solely on disc sales? With so many different revenue sources, how do production committees determine "success" in 2017? Justin gets into it.

Answerman - Why Don't Manga Publishers Announce When Books Go Out Of Print?


Manga volumes go out of print all the time with no warning - why does it work that way? Justin gets into it.

Answerman - What's With All the Bondage Humor in Anime?


Why is something as risqué as S&M such an easy go-to for comedy even in family-friendly anime? Justin Sevakis has the answers.

Answerman - Why Don't Anime Musicals Get US Releases?


Japan has an ocean of stage musicals based on anime, from Naruto to Sailor Moon - why don't they ever get released in the States? Justin considers the angles.

Answerman - Why Is Sentai Filmworks Phasing Out DVDs?


Sentai Filmworks made a big announcement about phasing out DVDs forever - but why? Justin has a few ideas...

Answerman - What is "Video Post-Production"?


You see it in the credits of anime blurays and DVDs all the time - but what does "video post-production" actually entail? Justin has the answer.

Answerman - What's The Worst Anime Release You've Ever Seen?


There have been a LOT of really screwy anime releases, discs with the wrong subtitles and audio tracks, but what's the WORST one? Justin has one in mind...