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Hollywood celebrities are using there fame and fortunes to make a positive difference in the world. Fans have the opportunity to "partner" with there favorite stars in the causes that they believe in. This blog/RSS feed contains frequently updated content

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Ed Begley Jr. Issues a Challenge with New Reality TV Show


(image) Ed Begley, Jr.'s New Show: His Hollywood "Green" Acres

Ed Begley, Jr., of St. Elsewhere, Best in Show, and, most recently, Veronica Mars fame, is expanding his résumé with a new reality show. "Living with Ed" airs on HGTV on Sundays at 10 pm ET/PT. The show features Begley, Jr. and his wife, Rachelle Carson, who, according to the press release, "often sees red over living green with her quirky, eco-obsessed husband." The result, being called a "family docu-soap" is set in the couple’s entirely solar-powered, modest, two-bedroom Hollywood home; the six-episode series will take "viewers inside the unconventional lifestyle and comically contentious chemistry of the duo, and also offers real tips on ways to create a more eco-friendly home." It sounds like it'll be a combination of Ed's zany antics (timing his wife in the shower with a stopwatch), honest-to-goodness improvements (using a stationary bicycle to powers the toaster) applicable in the real world, and sincere, dedicated work to living a more sustainable lifestyle (the lush organic vegetable garden out back, cooking the harvest in a solar-powered oven).

For more visit the official show site at and bookmark the soon-to-launch to learn ways you can accept Ed Begley Jr.'s call to simpler, eco-friendly living.

Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt's Christmas Gift


Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt spend Christmas with Colombian refugees
by Ana Fernandez Tue Dec 26, 7:50 AM ET

SAN JOSE (AFP) - Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have made a lightning trip to Costa Rica to spend Christmas Day with Colombian refugees living in that Central American country.

The paparazzi magnets wanted a low-profile visit with no news media, so reporters were notified only after they had left the country, said Josef Merkx, the representative of the
United Nations' refugee agency, the UNHCR.
Jolie, a UNHCR goodwill ambassador since 2001, and her partner Pitt arrived in San Jose around mid-day Monday. They stopped by several small businesses setup by refugees with help from a UNHCR microcredit program, then met with refugee families and handed out Christmas gifts.
They also saw a group of young refugees perform a dance routine.
"We are automatically associated with bad things -- crime, delinquency, drug trafficking -- but people never think of us as victims of the conflict," said one of the performers, speaking to Jolie and Pitt after the performance, according to a UNHCR statement in English.
"They never think, maybe this person, this refugee, had to leave everything behind to come here."
Jolie said there was a need for greater tolerance and solidarity toward refugees around the world.
"It's been sad for me to hear so many negative stories that show confusion between refugees, who are the victims of the conflict, and some criminal elements," she said.
Colombia's four-decade-old conflict has displaced three million people within the country, and forced another half a million to flee abroad.
In Costa Rica there are 11,500 refugees, some 10,000 of which are from Colombia, Merkx said. The two countries do not have a common border but share historic ties.
"It is especially shocking that such a tragedy can go on, year after year, with the rest of the world paying so little attention to it," said Jolie.
"My Christmas message to Colombian refugees and to the millions of displaced people in Colombia is that the world has not totally forgotten them," she said.
The movie megastars then met with the Costa Rican ministers of Labor and Interior, and the vice-minister of Foreign Affairs.
"We had a wonderful Christmas here with the Costa Rican people and refugee families," Jolie said as she prepared to leave.
Carlos, a 45-year-old Colombian refugee, was grateful for the visit. "We know what you have been doing for us. Thank you for being here with us today and thank you for all your work," he shouted as he waved goodbye.
The last time Jolie was in the region was in 2002, when she traveled to Ecuador to visit another group of Colombian refugees.
Jolie, 31, won an Oscar for her role in the 1999 film "Girl, Interrupted," has a baby daughter -- Shiloh, 7 months -- with Pitt, 43. The couple also has two adopted children, ages five and two.
Jolie and Pitt first starred together in the 2003 action flick "Mr and Mrs Smith."
Currently Jolie is starring alongside Matt Damon in "The Good Shepherd," a Robert De Niro film about the early history of the CIA.

Leonardo Dicaprio Invites Fans to Share Ideas



What are some simple steps or creative ideas that people can take at home and work to combat global warming? -- Leonardo Dicaprio

"Global warming is not only one of the most threatening environmental problems, but one of the greatest challenges facing all of humanity. Danger signs are surfacing worldwide as temperatures increase (the last ten years have been the hottest years ever recorded causing glaciers and the polar ice caps to melt, coastal areas to flood and storms to become more severe). If left unchecked, global warming will continue to have a profound impact on our planet that will eventually cause catastrophic results. Fortunately, there are things each of us can do. Buildings -- including our homes -- are major contributors to greenhouse gases they’re responsible for up to 40% of all energy and resource use and approximately 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. "

Click here to share your ideas with Leonardo Dicaprio:;_ylc=X3oDMTFtMXI2N3ZvBF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEX3MDMzk2NTQ1MTAzBHNlYwNmcm9udCBwYWdlBHNsawNGUC1Ub2RheUludA--?qid=20061211141435AA87U7M&fr=hp

A Message from actor and activist Leonardo Dicaprio
I’m an actor, environmentalist and board member of Global Green USA and the NRDC. In 1998 I founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to foster awareness of environmental issues. I'm becoming increasingly concerned that the impact of people on the planet is threatening our clean air to breathe, clean water to drink and the stable climate we live in. I have also narrated two short environmental films, “Global Warning,” and “Water Planet” that can be viewed on my website . Currently I am producing "11th Hour, an environmental documentary with Tree Media that will be released theatrically in 2007. Just talking about global warming isn’t going to solve the problem. We all must take action now. Please visit to join me in signing the Pledge of Allegiance to American Energy Independence, and commit to personal actions while sending a message to leaders in Washington about the need to combat global warming.

Parter with a Country Star



Country Fans Care for St. Jude Kids is a friendly fund-raising program involving the fans of country music and country music performers. The program unites fans and fan clubs from across the world for one goal – to raise money for the life-saving work of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
Through Country Fans Care, donations to St. Jude are made in honor of the donor’s favorite celebrity. The program allows fans to show support for their favorite entertainer, while helping the kids of St. Jude at the same time.

How can fans help? Country Fans Care can work in a couple different ways. Fan clubs can chose to support St. Jude as a group endeavor, or individual fans can donate and/or organize fund-raising projects on their own.

St. Jude will provide fund-raising updates to the celebrities throughout the year. This way, the stars can be proud of their compassionate and dedicated fans.

Names of donors who make donations made prior to December 15, 2006, will be included on a holiday certificate that we will send to each artist on December 18, 2006.

For an audio message from Country Fans Care for St. Jude Kids Founder Randy Owens click the following link:

For full details, membership information, and to donate visit

If you or your club would like more information about Country Fans Care for St. Jude Kids, please call 1-800-886-3656 or email mail to: St. Jude, 1305 16th Ave. So.; 1st Floor; Nashville, TN 37212

Country Music Stars Unite for St. Jude's


This holiday season, a number of America’s greatest country music and gospel stars are sharing some of their favorite Christmas stories and delicious recipes to help St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the fight against childhood cancer.
A Country Music Christmas: Songs, Memories, Family Photographs and Recipes from America’s Favorite Country and Gospel Stars features holiday tales and tastes from Vince Gill, Naomi Judd, Crystal Gayle, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels, Barbara Mandrell, Wayne Newton, Jeff Foxworthy, Alan Jackson and John Michael Montgomery.
The book was compiled and edited by Edie Hand, assistant author of The GRITS® (Girls Raised in the South) Guide to Life and a cousin of Elvis Presley, and Buddy Killen, Nashville’s most successful music publisher whose hits include “Heartbreak Hotel,” and “Crazy.”
As an added treat, A Country Music Christmas comes with a 15-song CD of Christmas music including songs performed by Pat Boone, Michael Peterson, Chris Young, Jessy Dixon, and Dean Miller. Also included on this CD is a song written by Hand and Killen.
A portion of the proceeds from the book will benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Country Music Hall of Fame ® and Museum, and the Edie Hand Foundation.
"I'm excited that St. Jude is one of the recipients of the proceeds," said Terre Thomas, Board member and daughter of hospital founder, Danny Thomas. "I know it will be a great success, and children stricken with catastrophic diseases will benefit greatly."

For more on how Country Music Stars are championing the cause of St. Jude's Childrens Hospital visit

Ashley Judd and YouthAids Documentary Set to Air


Ashley Judd and YouthAIDS: Confronting the Pandemic premieres December 1, 2006 at 8/7c on TLC.

One of Hollywood's most celebrated actresses, Ashley Judd, is teaming up with her friend Salma Hayek on a one-hour documentary about Judd’s work with YouthAIDS. Judd is the goodwill ambassador for YouthAIDS and on this trip through Central America, she takes Hayek on an unforgettable journey. From the brothels of Guatemala City to the coast of Honduras, these women are on a mission to get the message out. It's a message of hope — these young people can change their future by changing the behavior that puts them at risk of infection.
On their travels, Judd, Hayek and Latin rock star Juanes (also featured in this documentary) meet with the leaders who can affect change in their countries, as well as with the women and children who are directly impacted by the ravaging disease. TLC follows along as they document the personal stories of a disease that still carries great shame and stigma in Central America.

Photo Gallery
YouthAids Foundation:
Video Preview:

World's Sexiest Vegetarians Announced


The results are in, and PETA is pleased to announce that Grammy-winning rock royal Prince and the veggie Venus of Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell, have been selected the 2006 winners of PETA's "World's Sexiest Vegetarians" poll. Red-carpet runners-up include V for Vendetta star Natalie Portman (proof that "V" is also for "veggie vixen"), desperately hot housewife Nicollette Sheridan, Brokeback Mountain beauty Anne Hathaway, INXS lead singer J.D. Fortune, TV Guide hottie Michael Ausiello, and Walk the Line's dashing "Johnny Cash," Joaquin Phoenix. Why are so many in Tinseltown shunning meat quicker than you can say "veggie burger"? Celebrities cite many reasons for forgoing flesh, from avoiding the cruelty that is inherent in all meat production to improving their health and energy levels and helping the environment by not contributing to factory-farm pollution. Both of this year's winners are more than just sexy vegetarians—they're also active animal lovers. Going vegetarian was an easy choice for brainy beauty Kristin Bell, who says, "I have always been an animal lover. I had a hard time disassociating the animals I cuddled with—dogs and cats, for example—from the animals on my plate, and I never really cared for the taste of meat. I always loved my Brussels sprouts!" Speaking of cuddling with companion animals, Kristen is crazy about her dogs, Shakey, Lola, and Sadie, explaining, "Lola and Shakey come from the East Valley pound in L.A. Sadie is a Hurricane Katrina dog. ... Sadie stole my heart. She is 12 years old and just wants a comfy home to rest in. She is a wonderful addition to our family!" A symbol of humanity and an artist of compassion, Prince is a "prince" of a guy to animals, and he won't eat "anything with parents" because "Thou shalt not kill means just that!" The strict vegan—whose critically acclaimed new album, 3121, just debuted at No. 1—was praised by animal lovers everywhere for giving fans the lowdown on wool in the liner notes of his CD Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic. Photographed looking fabulous in faux wool, he closed the CD with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi: "2 my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being." Previous "Sexiest Vegetarians" include Carrie Underwood, Chris Martin, Andre 3000, Tobey Maguire, Josh Hartnett, Alicia Silverstone, Lauren Bush, Shania Twain, and Natalie Portman. More than 40,000 people cast their votes in this year's "World's Sexiest Vegetarians" poll on PETA's Web site

Woody Harrelson Encourages Fans "Voice Yourself"


Star of Natural Born Killers and Cheers, Woody Harrelson has co-founded a non-profit web site called "Voice Yourself."

"I spent much of my life following the path, hot on the trail of the American dream. I dreamed of seeing my name in lights and hoped one day everybody would know my name. I later came to realize it wasn’t all about me. Which is why this site is called Woody and Laura’s VoiceYourself. I began to focus less on acting and more on activism. VYS, along with my two daughters, represents the ultimate product of my life’s work," stated Harrelson on his web site.

The site is about organic living, leaving a lighter footprint, and caring for "mama earth." The site encourages visitors to take action including this recent plea posted on the site "Woody and Voice Yourself have teamed up with groups in Appalachia to launch a national movement to end mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining. MTR is a radical form of coal mining where entire mountains are literally blown away -- and its happening in America on an unimaginable scale. Please visit to watch mountaintop removal in action, then sign up to join Woody and helping spread the word."

For more calls to action and to visit the site go to

Partner with Michael J. Fox in the Race to Find a Cure for Parkinson's Disease


Run Like a Fox (in the ING New York City Marathon) on November 5, 2006

The Michael J. Fox Foundation is honored to be a part of the ING New York City Marathon's expanded charity program. Team Fox has a limited number of guaranteed entries available for this year's race*. To qualify for a Team Fox bib, runners must first sign up online at as a Team Fox Athlete, indicating "ING NYC Marathon" in the name of event field.Once registered, you will have access to your own personal Team Fox Web page and e-mail center to help you make a difference in the race to finish PD.Fundraising tools and sample materials are available at to make it easy and fun to reach your fundraising minimum goal of $2,500. As part of Team Fox, ING NYC Marathon runners receive Team Fox CoolMax gear, invitations to the Team Fox marathon pre-race dinner and post-party, transportation to the starting line, and of course, our gratitude.Spaces are limited to be a part of this philanthropic and physical challenge. Whether this is your first marathon on your 50th, running with Team Fox will make your ING New York City Marathon even more meaningful. Join the team today!Participants who have already been accepted into the ING New York City Marathon and wish to run with Team Fox on the fast track to a cure can also sign up at Once registered, please contact with your entry number information.For additional event details, please visit *If you've run with us in the past, any outstanding pledges must be fulfilled in order to qualify for one of these spots.