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Preview: Building A Better Dave

Building a Better Dave

Published: Wed, 29 Nov 2017 05:00:00 +0000

Last Build Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2017 13:32:16 +0000


Now I'm Done - The Big Screen TV

Wed, 29 Nov 2017 05:00:00 +0000

I have some friends who have giant TVs. Two years ago I bought a 32" flat screen. Now when I go to their house and come home, my 32" looks like a toy. So I decided to buy a bigger 1080 TV.

This lead to me asking about what is the difference between 1080 and 4K, then what was the difference between 4k and HDR?

Then the guy at Best Buy gave me a demo of both, and I could feel myself getting sucked in. I had found a cheaper TV but now I could feel myself talking myself into grabbing the credit card.

I ended up with a 55" 4K HDR tv.

Then I brought it home. Uh Oh.

Then I went to plug it into my soundbar. Uh Oh.

Through the process of carrying these items from store to trunk to apartment, I pulled muscles in my back.

When I watch the Tonight Show, it feels like Jimmy Fallon is in my living room. My TV is just about the size of my couch.

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A Hallmark Christmas

Sun, 26 Nov 2017 01:22:12 +0000

You must run do not walk to your television listing and find the Hallmark Channel. They are running the same movie (disguised with a different name) over and over. 

There will be lots of crying as Christmas is almost ruined, then, in the end, you find in the nick of time that Yes, Yes, (cheesy storyline) is true!

It will start people like Shelly Long (remember her from Cheers), Angie Dickinson (isn't she dead) and lots of people from sitcoms that you watched in the 80's and 90's that kind find work anyplace else and have no integrity. 

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Grief is Like A Website

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 05:43:00 +0000

I went to Washington DC last week. I met a girl who does a show called "Good Grief." She started recording her podcast after he died and she found out he had a second family with two additional children of which she was one. Woa. I also got to meet Darwyn Dave who does the show Dealing With My Grief. Darwyn's Dad was murdered. Damn. Like straight up murdered. So I listened to these shows on the way home. This lead to some strange thinking, and emotions bubbling through. Emotional Triggers I focus on the weirdest things lately. My brother got pretty sick a little while ago and he had a weird situation where he was sweating under a bunch of blankets because he was freezing. He had lost a lot of color, and looked bad. It was spooky even though I knew he would pull through. The bottom line is we are out of Grandparents, we have a few Aunts to play, one Uncle who is 94, and then we become the next generation in line. You know and I know that it's going to get here sooner or later. There is nothing we can do about that.  Maybe it's because my brother and I were estranged for years, and now we're not, that the thought of us being apart can cause my eyes to leak.  And when I start to grieve, I feel like I have a buy one get one free. That I have leftovers that have been sitting in the pantry waiting to be consumed.  My Mom died in 1989. That's a while ago. My finals at college were the next week and yet I still had to take them. I cried. I wept. Then it was back to school. I was now running a house as my Dad was still a long distance truck driver, and my sister..... while she has never been diagnosed I think she has assburgers.  She doesn't like any change in her routine. I remember trying to get her to write things on a shopping list. She would say, "but that's not how Mom did it." I would have to answer, "I know, but Mom's not here." It was a strange relationship because I was the little brother taking care of my older sister. When my Dad got home on the weekends, I would fill him in on the bills, house, and get to my homework.  I remember my last semester. I took more credit hours than I have ever taken because if I didn't graduate I was going to lose my mind. It was graduate or die trying. My GPA took a hit, but I got the piece of paper and moved on.  Being That Guy My Mom died when I was 24. Looking back, I was a baby. I thought I was an adult, but I was pretty young. It deeply affected me. I became a workaholic. I still am. I've never wanted that to be my calling card. Hello, I'm Dave Jackson and my Mom died when I was 24. Yet, it is part of my history. It left a scar. It shaped me. I just don't want it to be my definition.  I Asked God For a Kid and He Said No I spent myself into bankruptcy trying to have a kid. It didn't happen and instead, my wife became an alcoholic and cheated on me. Pity party for one, again...  The last episode of Good Grief, Sam has her Dad (the man who raised her ) explain what it means to be a Dad. He explained how it changes you. It transforms you. It makes you complete. It was like a bad horror flick where the person rips out your hear and holds it in front of you.  Again, I don't want to be that guy. When I got to meet my friend's nine-month-old son it was awesome. He is the sweetest kid. This doesn't bother me. I don't ache to have my own, but I do have a major fear of missing out. If having children makes you complete, then I'm not. Am I broken? I dunno. I like me. I think I'm ok... confused.. Playing Ball With My Dad My Dad was not a bad Dad. He just wasn't around. He was on the road four to five days a week and would come home and sleep and then repeat. My brother bought me my first baseball glove. My brother was pushing the bike that I learned to ride. My Dad did take me fishing once. But it was that ball thing. Aren't you supposed to go in the backyard and toss the ball, any ball around? It never happened. Now here is the stupid part. We played ping pong on a regular basis. It was fun. We laughed, and battle hard. I'm n[...]

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The Death of Common Sense

Wed, 25 Oct 2017 03:19:13 +0000

A West Virginia school during Patriotism week made a sign about their opponent from Pittsburgh. They made the sign red white and blue, and the sign read, "Trump Perry." It did not say, "WE HATE BLACK PEOPLE." A football banner is intended to intimidate the other team.

My high school was Ellet High School so Ellet rhymed with Smell iT. As our mascot was a giant Orange Hulk, and we were known as the Orangemen, we often saw many signs about "Squeezing the Orangemen."

Our arch rival was Springfield High School. Springfield had a lake. So we called students from Springfield, "Swamp Rats."

I guess by today's standards we were bullying when we played the fight song after a touchdown.

I can't believe this made the news. Instead of the superintendent from the WV school writing an apology, they should've suspended the LIBRARIAN for being a narcissist and making everything about her, and for not being able to process any opinion besides her own.

While I can't "tell you how to feel" you should be willing, and wanting to hear the other side of a story and be willing to participate in a dialogue. Here is the story from CNN



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White People Training

Sat, 16 Sep 2017 02:21:51 +0000

I was born and raised in Akron Ohio, and my elementary school had one African-American student (Melody Hardy) and she sat right next to me. What I'm worried about is it seems if a white person says something that is insensitive, they are INSTANTLY labeled a RACIST. 

If a person is like me, we aren't racist - we are untrained. We've had zero practice dealing with different cultures and races. If a white person says something that sounds racist, it may be that they are missing some key ingredients in their education of what it's like to be a person of color. 

The problem is if we are all waiting with our "guns" locked and loaded, then everyone (especially white folks) don't start any conversations. The ability to grow, and understand other cultures is limited if we don't open up the door to understanding different perspectives.

As someone who constantly hears about "White privilege," it sounds like all I need is to be white and have a penis and I will never have anything to worry about. It didn't work for my Dad when we went on welfare and we got to enjoy the awesome taste of government cheese. This doesn't mean I had it worse than you, I'm just saying not all white males got a free ride. 

Some of the best conversations you can have are when you quit trying to convince someone to think you like you do, and instead just provide your side of the story and let people make their own decisions. This requires you to listen, and I don't think we are open to hearing another side of the story because you might actually change your opinion. 

Just be careful labeling all white people as racists.

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Tue, 20 Jun 2017 03:28:33 +0000

I haven't been to a McDonald's in quite some time, and apparently, we've come a long way from the days of the paper hat and smock. Maybe it's just me flashing back to the days when I had to have my hair above my collar to keep my job.Maybe it's because I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't have a single tattoo, but some of the people who serve my food at the drive through are startling.

I drive up to the window to hand them my ATM card and they turn around and HOLY CRAP!

It looks like the dove face fist into a tackle box. I don't care that you have enough hardware in your face to pick up a shortwave radio stat, but when you're not ready for it, it can be quite a surprise.

Tonight I went to a Books a Million (BAM) and was surprised to see they had installed a Library in the coffee shop. There were at leat 10 people who are not "Skimming" a book to see if they should buy it, but starting at page 1 and going straight through. I swear one guy was in there the last time I was in this location. At some point, shouldn't you just buy the book and take it home? Why would you when you can buy a water and an oatmeal raisin cookie and come back tomorrow and finish up the book. One person even fell asleep in his chair.

It is one of the few places on earth that doesn't have 50 TV's on the wall.

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Surviving April

Thu, 27 Apr 2017 15:46:37 +0000

Today I talk about how I'm stuck.

I don't want to be a person who lives in the past. 

On the flip side, if I don't remember life changing events is that disrespectful?

There is a great quote in the Sheryl Crow song "Every Day is a Winding Road" and she asks, "Why am I a stranger in my own life?"

I talk about the day I watched my Mom breakdown upon hearing her father's voice for the first time in a long time. So now I'm worried about playing an old tape that has my Mom's voice.

I don't want to be "THAT GUY" who is always talking about his Mom. At this point, I've spent more time without her than I did with her. 

So I get really worried that I spend too much time looking back. 


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I Still Remember the Pain of Childbirth

Tue, 24 Jan 2017 04:31:14 +0000

So I was halfway filling out the application at when I hear a familiar voice in my head ask, "Is that what you're going to wear?" 

There is a part of me that feels I need someone to go through life with, and someone to hold my hand, when I get old and feeble. This might've been brought on by the Death of my Dad followed by my Aunt, but I can see the bus coming, and it's a ways off, but its not that far away. So I am torn between two worlds. 

And today I decided to turn on a microphone and talk about it. 

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Taking a New Look At the Holidays

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 02:09:51 +0000

Today I share what it was like to go through the holidays ALONE last year. 

As horrifying as that might sound, there were some perks. 

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Mon, 14 Nov 2016 03:51:50 +0000

Today I talk about the lost art of losing gracefully.

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If You're Happy and You Know It

Thu, 04 Aug 2016 03:15:36 +0000

Today I talk about a negative voice in my head that just always seems to be there. Always.

Lately something has not felt normal. Something was weird. Something didn't feel right. 

It turns out the thing that wasn't wrong, was there wasn't something wrong. 

I'm not dreading going home

I'm not under lots of stress.

I like my job.

I'm not super stressed about money

I'm pretty sure, that it may be a while before I get in another argument. 

I feel respected. 

What is this feeling?

Holy cow, I'm happy. I forgot what this has felt like. Much like a dog who has been beat too much, I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop - and it's not. 

You can feel bad about yourself when you compare yourself to others. 

The American life is to have a spouse, a house and kids. Well I have no spouse, probably not going to have a house, and the kids boat has sailed. If I think about this too much, I can feel like I've missed something. Yet, I have a great life. I'm sitting in air conditioning, employed, I'm down 30 lbs. 

Life is good, quit being an A-hole and enjoy it!

What You Focus On Should Impact You In a Positive Way

I almost bought a magazine filled with Shi-tzu dogs that in the end would leave me feeling sad missing my old dog. At first seeing their pictures of the dogs/puppies it made me smile. However, if I bought that magazine, I know I would eventually lead to me missing my dog. So I passed on the magazine. Instead I'm going to focus on the things in front of me that bring me joy (like air conditioning)

Support The Show

Want to help keep the show floating? Go to and use the shopping and donation buttons. 

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Marriage Advice from the Divorced Guy

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 19:56:09 +0000

Last weekend I was driving to the place where I ride my bike. It beautiful. I get out there, relax, and enjoy nature. This week I was driving and I passed signs for Brian and Linda's wedding, and then the reception. I thought of how happy Brian and Linda must be on this day. It was an awesome day to sweat 20 lbs off in a tux. I thought of how I felt on my wedding days. Yes, there have been two. With this in mind, you can learn from people who succeed at something, or you can also learn from people who fail at something so I feel I have some good advice from a divorced guy. Pick Your Battles, and Your Battle Times Your spouse is not perfect. This you need to learn right up front. Your life will not be perfect. How you handle the reality of that is HUGE part of how your marriage will go. This doesn't mean you become a welcome mat for your spouse to walk over, but you do need to set realistic expectations. With this in mind, let some things roll off your back. Wait a day or two to see if it is still bugging you. If it is, then start thinking about how to bring it up, and more importantly when to bring it up. There is that whole "Don't go to bed mad at each other" and it's next to impossible if you bring up stuff AS YOU ARE GOING TO BED. For me, when my head hit the pillow I had two things on my mind, and if we weren't doing the first thing, I wanted to sleep. This is NOT the best time to bring up serious subjects. Your spouse is exhausted and wants to sleep. I know, let's dump some serious discussion on them, and see how they make decisions when their brain checked out hours ago. In the morning before work is a crappy way to start the day. As soon as you get home from work is awful because you want to relax. How about after dinner. Another tip I would add is give a warning shot. Maybe some time during the day send a "I need to talk to you tonight" text to let them know. While a "we need to talk" used to mean you are breaking up, now that you're married that option is off the table. Don't panic. Reinforce Your Commitment Let's face it, there will be times when things are said or done, and you are royally cheesed off. This happens. Remember, it's not going to be perfect. So if you are going to bed angry, try to remind your spouse that while you don't like them at the moment, you do love them. I know that's weird. Buy can you love a child who just spilled chocolate on the carpet? Sure. Well then, remember that you can be upset with someone and still love them.  State that, "You know that really hurt me, and I'm upset. I want you to know that I still love you, and I'm sure we can work through this." Why I feel this is important is when you get into a bad situation, it may feel like everything you do is not good enough, that all you do is wrong, and that your relationship is doomed. A reminder that you are a team, and you will work through your problems might be a key to having a dialogue vs an argument.  A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down If you need to point out something that needs work, the "bad news" might go down better if you add something positive to it first. "I love that you are such a (hard worker, good mom, etc) and I can see that when you (whatever they did) and I deeply appreciate it. Here is a way that take that great action and maximize the impact would be to ____.  Don't Be A Buthead Be careful saying something nice up front if it is followed by "But..." as everything before the word But gets erased when you use it. This is really hard to do. I the love the way you do this, and that BUT when you.... that doesn't work. Know Your Schools of Thought on Marriage There are two schools of marriage (for me).  Two complete people who choose to be together. Two incomplete people who choose to be together to c[...]

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Why Is Everyone Fighting?

Wed, 11 May 2016 02:17:42 +0000

I went and saw Captain America Civil War, and I missed Batman Vs Superman. Why is everyone fighting? What is up with that?

I also talk about "The new Normal" and why old people are grumpy. 

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The High Road is Covered in Goose Poop

Mon, 04 Jan 2016 04:27:29 +0000

It’s been 5 months since I’ve documented my life. I’m trying to do this without throwing people under the bus, pointing fingers, cause in the end – it doesn’t matter. I am now divorced. Pointing fingers will not change that, so I take the high road and wish the best for my (oh, good God – now SECOND) ex-wife.

So I’m living alone. Me and a cat. Bernie. I’ve never been a cat person, but Bernie is OK. There are times when its nice to just have another heartbeat under the roof.

I’m not looking for as pitty party. It is what it is. I feel we did what we could. We spend thousands on counseling. We knew what to do, but thanks to our childhoods, our experiences, we are wired the way we are, and we couldn’t change. As a teacher, I find this fact hard to believe. I believe in constant improvement. In the end, I guess a leopard can’t change it’s spots, and a Zebra can’t change it’s stripes. At that pint you either accept what you have (even if it’s not exactly what you want) or you move on.

Things I’ve Learned So Far

Geese are pretty, but the crap on everything. It’s one thing thing to have a robin poop on your car. Its a whole other story when its a goose.

Toilet paper rolls last for MONTHS when there are no women in the house.

It’s easier to change the littler box daily for a few minutes, then to do it once a week.

I am developing an unhealthy fear of the unknown. I’m worried I will blow my 50’s worrying about my 70’s.

Play the Cards You’re Dealt

The choices I’ve made my life have got me to where I am. I can’t change the past. I can only do the best with what is left.

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The Other Side of Christmas

Thu, 18 Dec 2014 20:02:34 +0000

I ruined an Angel. I did. There was an Angel in my mother-in-laws bathroom. Its been there for years. One day while peeing, I looked up and noticed it had something (maybe a book) in its one hand, and in the other it had a candle with no wick. A candle with no wick, and the top of it slight indentation around it. It looked falic. Now there are certain words you don't use around your mother-in-law. You are still trying to help be happy that her daughter is married to you. That's the plan at least. But one word I typically do not use around my mother in law "Dildo." So on the way home I told my wife (trying to be weird, shocking and goofy) "Why is the Angel in the bathroom holding a Dildo?" To this I believe my wife just said ," David?... sigh..." My warped sense of humor that she found unique as we were dating has lost its magic. Never in my life would I think my wife (my trusted and most intimate partner) would tell her mother, "Dave thinks the Angel in the bathroom is holding a Dildo." Now for the record, I was told my mother-in-law laughed (I am very lucky in the Mother in law department), but on the other hand I ruined the Angel. Nobody can look at the "Candle" anymore without thinking Dildo. Rumor has it, I may end up with it as a present as nobody can look at it anymore. I was thinking of all the Christmas specials and how one sided the are. In the aftermath of children getting shot by cops we are becoming a little cynical. We want to look at the other side. When I thought about it, here is what I came up with. Frosty Was a Pedophile Frosty the snowman could slide around without moving his feet (OK, he didn't have any) and he loved to play with Children. He sounds like Michael Jackson and that’s when it came it me. Frosty was a pedophile Rudolph Had A Serious Coke Problem Rudolph stayed up thinking about leading Santa's sleigh. We think this was his dream, but really he was on a three day coke binge. His nose was Red because he did lots of coke. This is why Santa didn't want him guiding his sleigh. He knew Rudolph was going to crash unexpectedly, quickly, and Santa didn't want to die. It’s funny how different smells and sound just zap you back to certain time and places. Every time I hear "Eruption" by Van Halen its 1978 and I'm sitting in Al School's bedroom with Scott Kenepp looking at the record player (it was 1978) just baffled as to how Eddie is making that noise. When I hear the song "Linus and Lucy" (what most people consider the Peanuts theme) I think we all can flash back to sitting in front of the television, of hurrying back because the commercials were almost over and the show was coming back on, and watching a Charlie Brown Christmas. I had a weird experience the other day. I was driving to Michigan and stopped at a rest area (the older I get I have to pee every 15 minutes). Maybe it was the smell of diesel fuel and the sound of trucks, but for a second I really felt like my Dad was standing right behind me. It’s so strange to miss someone so much you rarely saw. I didn't turn around, but it was just a very strange feeling. It was cold outside, but I was suddenly warm. I just felt his presence. It’s strange how much someone who didn't see a whole lot at the end of his life. But in a way my Dad was like a Charlie Brown Christmas. You know every year he's going to be there. How weird would it be if all of the sudden they just didn't broadcast that? Well that's how I feel this year. It's not surprising after all. The holidays always make us think of family, but for the record I miss you Dad and I'm really going to miss you telling me the same thing you told m[...]

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Chasing the High

Tue, 18 Nov 2014 17:52:55 +0000

Today I share a story about playing an outdoor festival with my band "The $ugar Daddies" on a July fourth weekend. We headlined this outdoor festival. The bad news is nobody had tested the power going to the flatbed truck along with the power so that by the time my band took the stage we needed the lights. The bad news as is soon as we turned them on, the power would trip a breaker. The solution? We had to play the indoor stage where there was no air conditioning and it was easy 95+ degrees with the giant holiday weekend crowd. It was one of those nights that everybody was hitting on all points and we just had that groove. Everything was just working

Then it came time for me to do the Song "Texas Flood" by Stevie Ray Vaughn. This was a song that I just got to "Go Off" on and have fun. To this day, it was like being hit by lightning. I felt what I wanted to play from my toes and it just shot out my fingers. It was awesome. The crowd reacted. It was a feeling like no other. The band lasted a few more years, but we started flipping musicians, playing smaller clubs and we eventually fizzled out. For me, July 4th at the Northside was in the top 5 gigs. Opening for Blue Oyster Cult was another one. 

So one of the old trumpet players contacts me and he's trying to get a band together that is close to what my old band played. I've been in so many bands that just didn't work for so many reasons. This sounds promising. I'm a bit nervous as I might get really disappointed. I want that feeling one more time, so I'm going to go chase that high. e. 

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I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Thu, 26 Jun 2014 14:58:06 +0000

This week I am home alone (feel free to put your hands on your face and make a face like Macaulay Culkin). I did something I hardly ever do. Nothing. I sat on the couch and petted my cat.  It is here where I learned why I love working on my next project. This might be reading or listening to a book, thinking of the next product I want to create, etc.  When I'm not thinking about things coming in the future, I think about the past.  I don't like to think about the past.  I sat there and reality let me know that my Dad was really gone. The cards I had been dealt, were gone. Game over.  I had a good old fashioned cry.  It felt good in the end. My cat was very confused. Looking Forward I prefer to look forward, and see a picture of an improved life. One where I help people. One where I leave the planet a better place.  I often fall asleep at my desk. I then get up, and go home. I bop till I drop in the immortal words of Rick Springsfield.  I'm OK with that.  Relaxation is over rated in my book. It doesn't compare to the adrenaline rush of new ideas, of creativity pulsing in my veins. No contest.  I'll sleep when I'm dead. [...]

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I Miss Talent

Thu, 22 May 2014 22:14:55 +0000

Today I talk about the train wreck that was American Idol 13.

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What My Mother Meant To Me

Sun, 11 May 2014 13:49:30 +0000

When I was 24, my mother passed away from her second (well technically third) heart attack. It was April 27, 1989. It had been 6 years since she had passed. As someone who talks in public for a living (teaching technology) it didn't seem like a stretch to take two of my passions (teaching and God) and put them together. At least that's what the Pastor's assistant thought when she asked me to sub for him and do a sermon titled, "What my Mother meant to me" on Mother's Day.

This would be the sermon that would "Launch" my role as a pastor in training (a course that later went  away from this church and landed on the Internet). As this is Mother's day, I thought I would share it with you. The audio quality is very 1989 (originally recorded on a cassette deck)

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Do We Have to Become Our Parents?

Fri, 21 Feb 2014 06:00:24 +0000

Today I talk about turning 49, and making the same mistakes our parents made. The website is

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Greedy Santa

Sun, 22 Dec 2013 21:16:41 +0000

I was very surprised when I went to the mall and saw there was no line to sit with Santa. Santa looked pretty good (probably an out of work financial consultant), and I thought "Let's get our picture taken." It would be interesting to see how things have changed since you sat on his lap and had a polaroid taken. We asked, not the elf, but some college kid (or Santa has put into place "business casual" as the new dress code). We were told, "Here are the packages." Packages? I just need a picture.

What a lovely greedy con job that if they wanted to they could make $166 an hour, BUT THAT'S NOT ENOUGH. Before we can make $166 an hour ($9.73 profit on a 5 minute CD) you need to spend $20 on a "Package." That means Santa Will be making $357 an hour. Well here is what I say to you.



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Fri, 13 Dec 2013 22:41:22 +0000

Today Dave talks about the disgust that Dave is feeling based on the current holiday season

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A Tribute to Dudley

Fri, 30 Aug 2013 03:14:37 +0000

Today I talk about putting me dog to sleep. The behind the scenes story. FUN!

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30 Year High School Reunion

Tue, 06 Aug 2013 02:37:32 +0000

I'm reading about how you identify with different things. When these things disappoint us, we feel stress. Here in Cleveland Ohio we refer to Cleveland Browns Stadium as the "factory of sadness." The sports teams we identify with do not meet our needs, and we are stressed out watching them.   So I got to hang out with my high school class 30 years after we graduated.   At one point we did something new. We arranged people by the elementary school we attended. So there I was shoulder to shoulder with people I had know for most of my life. The little Hatton heroes. The Hatton school had recently been bulldozed along with all my childhood memories. Only to rebuild it in a more modern fashion. I remember us Hatton people as we prepared to go to Hyre junior high. We had gone from being the oldest at the elementary school to the youngest at the jr high.   We made it Jr high. Then we ruled the School in 9th grade.   Only to go to the high school, and put up with being the new kids again.   But we worried but learned to drive together in a truck trailer that simulated driving on a giant screen. We watched our football team, and celebrate at McDonald's every Friday rain or shine. We raced to see who could make it around the bases of sex.   We tossed our hats into the air together and sand the alma matter one last time and headed off to graduation parties, and plans of college, work, and future. We swore we'd keep in touch. Some of us did. Most of us didn't However, that doesn't mean we don't have that connection.   We traded that connection for homework, and jobs, and more tests, and degrees. And spouses, and children,. And once every five or so years we get together to see how much weight we've gained, hair we've lost. We look across the dinner table and someone who knows what its like to be us. We remember how awesome Deanna's Sebani laugh is.   It was weird. Our kids are now our age when most of use connected. We looked like out parents. Slightly gray, slightly overweight. And we worry together about our kids, and in some cases, grandchildren, great nieces and nephews. its nice to be around a group of like minded people. Who call the tree lawn the devil strip. Who know what its like to bleed orange and white.   We worried about leaving elementary school, and then JR High, High School, who take take to the dance, if we would win the big game, pass the test, live through the break up, what college to attend, how to plan the wedding, how to raise the kids, and now as we plow into middle age, we will start to ponder the thought of staying off "the list."[...]

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Charles Ramsey For Mayor

Thu, 09 May 2013 23:55:27 +0000

First things first. I am NOT taking light the horrible situation these women went through. What I'm pointing out is the media, and asking the question, "Do they help create these monsters?" Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight are free. Praise God.On the other hand, I commend Charles Ramsey for doing the right thing. He now has t-shirts, and a lot of attention. It should be interested to see what he does with the spotlight.

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The Last Semester

Mon, 14 Jan 2013 04:50:23 +0000

Today I talk about how the University of Akron has no clue about customer service, how my ethics class is a bunch of crap.

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Zombies in Vegas

Mon, 14 Jan 2013 03:52:38 +0000

Today I talk about my trip to Vegas

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Can You Guess Where I Am?

Fri, 21 Dec 2012 17:57:24 +0000

Today we have a short show where I am motivated by the fillings being rattled out of my jaw because of loud music at a restauarant to record a podcast. Our website is

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Deafening Silence

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 22:16:16 +0000

Today I talk about a new twist the justice department through into the mix - a restraining order. I had no contact with my wife for weeks.

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Through His Stripes

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 22:11:42 +0000

Today I talk about my night in jail. Whatever you do, do what you have to do to stay on this side of the bars.

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Courage & Stupidity

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 21:07:37 +0000

Today I talk about moving out of my house after some serious arguing gets out of control. I contemplate what is the difference between courage and stupidity. Music links at

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The Ripple Effect

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 21:00:37 +0000

Today I wrap up my discussion of 2010. Time to look forward. Thank you all for listening.

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Every Day Should Be Mother's Day

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 16:03:38 +0000

Today I talk about not blowing off Mothers Day, and how shields can't always protect you. Our website is

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Whacky Bible Stories I Samson and Delilah

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 16:00:55 +0000

Today I share some confusion that I felt after reading some scripture in Judges 13-16. Our website is

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Put Up or Shut Up - Getting Weird

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 15:59:09 +0000

Today I talk about Forgiveness, and strange circumstances that lead me to believe God wants me to work on my marriage. Our website is

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Thu, 20 Dec 2012 14:44:48 +0000

Today I talk about moving home, Health Care, and Honey Boo Boo. Our website is

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I Don't Want To Freak You Out

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 14:11:14 +0000

Today I talk about my wife having a fake heart attack, and how I can't read her mind.

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Hungry For America

Sat, 15 Dec 2012 20:13:44 +0000

Today I talk about voting and the queasiness it causes, and one of my students who understand American a lot better than I probably do.

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Dear Gay Fan

Sat, 15 Dec 2012 20:12:16 +0000

Today I address my fake gay voice. OUr website is

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The Power of the Boo

Sat, 15 Dec 2012 20:10:27 +0000

Today we talk about how nothing seems to change no matter how much we scream BOO! I also talk about the two weekends I worked ina haunted School House

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Fun at the Football Game

Sat, 15 Dec 2012 20:09:08 +0000

Today I provide my insights into the observation at the local football game. our website is, support the show by going to

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Role Reversal

Wed, 28 Jul 2010 14:33:00 +0000

It’s funny when you have young kids. How do they get your attention when they are hungry? They scream and cry. You can shake keys at them, put on Barney (or whatever the latest kid tv is), bounce them on your knee and NOTHING matters unless you solve their one problem: THEY’RE HUNGRY.

This week my father was disgnosed with Colon cancer. It’s a scary place to be and a scary situation to live through. The first night in the hospital, my father had gone through a few tests and he thought they had removed his giant tumor. They hadn’t.  What happened was they did a biopsy, and we needed to wait till the next day to get the results.

I had been telling my wife how you can’t tell me Dad what to do. At 80 years old he knows everything, and nothing will get in his way. He once walked 3 miles to the grocery store. Luckily a friend saw him at the store and gave him a ride home (he hadn’t thought throw how he was going to carry the groceries home).

After visiting him at the hospital that first night, we only made it to the parking lot before Dad had removed his IV, and was preparing to “break out” of the hospital. I turned to my wife and said, “Welcome to the world of my Dad.”

We went back to the hospital, and tried to explain to Dad that there was a tumor still inside him. Thankfully my wife still had her nurses uniform on, and she talked some sense into him. He just wanted to eat. He wanted food, and was not going to stop until he got some.

(image) So there I was with the roles reversed, with a better grip on the “big picture” than my Dad did. I was explaining what to do, and why these actions were what was best for him. Much like a teenager, he thinks he knows everything.

He goes in for surgery on Tuesday, and the road after that will be long and hard. There is no manual for this (except the bible), and it’s going to be tough. No human likes change, and nobody likes getting older, or hearing that they “Can’t” do (insert task here) anymore.

Luckily my wife has lived through this (she onced worked at a nursing home, and obsviously deals with all sorts of situations being a nurse) so she has already been a huge help, but none the less this role reversal will be like a new pair of shoes. They may fit, but they’re not comfortable and will take some breaking in

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Half Way To Dead

Thu, 04 Feb 2010 17:00:00 +0000

I will turn 45 in a little less than two weeks (Feb 8th). I’m starting to feel like Andy Rooney. Looking back at my life here are some thoughts: Every phone had a chord on it. The phone RANG. There were no ring tones. Movies were about $5 and if you didn’t see it at the movies you waited till it came on TV. There was no way to rewind or pause. If you had to do something you had to wait until a commercial came on. Cars ran on leaded gasoline. Speaking of Gasoline, the air was dirty and the sex was clean. Well, it wasn’t lethal anyway I barely, I mean barely remember black and white TV. Captain Kangaroo was cool. Mr. Rogers was not. Ernie was my favorite muppet, but looking back I wonder if Burt was his “partner.” Saturday mornings were spent with Bugs and Friends, and School house rock (educational TV, what a thought).  I would have a bowl of Captain Crunch, or Quisp, or Frankenberry. I remember when we left the cool new “video game” PONG on without turning off the TV and it burned the final score into the screen. It was so much cooler than playing pinball. I was the only kid in first grade who knew who Jimi Hendrix was when he died. Nixon was president and Ali was champ, and you could catch “The Johnny Carson show” (as I called it) at 11:30 for a large part of my childhood. In my opinion, Ali is still the champ. I remember listening to top 40 music on AM radio through the one speaker in dash board of my mom’s Plymouth duster. None of the words were bleeped out. I remember hooking up a CB radio in my bedroom with the antenna going out the window. On occasion I could talk to my friend at the end of the street. (ancient version of text messaging?). I road my bike everywhere. No hill was too tall. I’m not sure how, but my Mom didn’t seem to care that I was gone most of the day. There was no way to reach me. If I was going to be late, I would use a pay phone. I had to be home when the street lights came on. To this day, I never understood how 8-track tape players got popular. They sounded awful, didn’t play right, and often fell apart. I still have two containers of 45 records, and over 400 LPs. I haven’t listened to a single one in about 4 years. I still have a turn table, but nothing to plug it into (and yet I will not throw them away). I am noticing that more and more of my sentences begin with “these kids of today…” I remember life before Google when everyone had a set of encyclopedias. While I vowed as a child to never grow up to be like my Dad, I hear more and more of his words coming out of my mouth directed at my children. He’s kind of[...]

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Just Plain Hungry

Thu, 19 Nov 2009 17:00:00 +0000

Today I talk about a lovely trip to Chicago where we stop at a Burger King to get something to drink. When we go back to the to the car only to find our GPS missing.

We noticed the homeless guy near my car, and like my GPS he was also gone.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that all homeless people are thieves, and con artists. You should donate to those organizations that help the homeless.This way we know the money is being (hopefully) used for good.

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Who Wants Pancakes?

Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:00:00 +0000

  Pancake House Diane (my wife) and I  headed off for our honeymoon. Destination Pigeon Forge Tennessee. It was about a 9 hour drive and on the way we listened to the radio, and finally popped in an audio book about making your second marriage work.  It helped pass the time, and kept us alert. We got to Tennessee and when we got to Pigeon Forge it looked like a hillbilly version of the Vegas strip. Instead of spectacular hotels, you had a pancake house, and a pancake house, and a pancake house, and a pancake house, followed by, a pancake house. I’m not making this up. In a one mile stretch there were 5 pancake houses. I would also guess that on the other side of the pancake house was a “Barb B Cue” joint and on the other side of the pancake house was a fireworks place. With this in mind, if I ever meet someone with barbecue sauce on his shirt, maple syrup on his chin, and 9 fingers I’m going to guess he is from Pigeon Forge TN. On the other hand the Smokey mountains were breath taking. Seriously. Wow. Luckily Diane said, “We better find the cabin before it gets dark” as I wanted to get something to eat. The map from the cabin people’s website said, “do not use mapquest or they will send you on dirt roads.” We followed the map and I felt like I was on a roller coaster. I mean I know it’s a mountain, but the road went almost straight up, and had serious hair pin turns with no guard rail. If you were to slide off the road, you were going straight down. Needless to say this made Diane just a smidge nervous. It had me clutching the wheel with both hands as I would white knuckle it around a corner hoping there was more road under my tires. Our drive was an even steeper climb which was off the previous steep climb road. It also had another turn “blind” turn where you have no idea what you are turning on to. It had rained a bit before we showed up, and in some cases water would come out of the mountain and make the road wet. Kind of an “instant river” right in the road. Consequently, when I went to climb our driveway I spun my tires. Luckily, I made it up on the second attempt. Our log cabin was gorgeous. It had a pool table, Jacuzzi, full kitchen, etc. It just oozed cozy. It also had water pressure that dripped out of the shower. Consequently, we spent a large amount of our first day relaxing in the hot tub waiting for Gomer to show up and fix the water pressure issue. Later that day we decided to go hiking and get up close and personal with Mother Nature. After talking with someone at the vis[...]

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Just What I Always Wanted

Tue, 20 Jan 2009 17:00:00 +0000

Today I talk about a gift I got for Christmas. I’m going to be 45 in a few weeks, so I know I’m “Half way to dead.” However, what does it say if someone gets you the clapper? I mean the commercial shows some woman who sits up in bed and claps the light off. This woman looks, well, half way to dead.

Now the interesting thing is, the clapper is a great GIFT. I mean IT ROCKS. The sad thing is I ended up using it just like the old woman on the commercial. I have it hooked up to the light right next to my bed.

Dave turns 45 in a few weeks. Check out what he wants for his birthday

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Hey It’s Your Birthday

Tue, 22 Apr 2008 16:00:00 +0000

I’ve noticed that when you go to just about ANY restaurant these days, if its someone’s birthday they bring the whole kitchen crew out to sing their “Hey It’s Your Birthday” song. I’ve also noticed that after about the 27th time of hearing this song the performance needs some tweaking.

I think this whole thing was started by a mexican food chain called Chi Chi’s (which went out of business after giving many people food poisoning). THANKS CHI CHI’S!

It may be a bit before my next episode. I’m behind in school (been a bad boy) and I need to get caught up. Keep those emails and comments coming! 888-563-3228

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Popo Reads the Christmas Story

Mon, 24 Dec 2007 17:00:00 +0000

Today  I tell the story of Christmas Eve. For a child this was known as “Hours of Torture” followed by some presents. The “finish line” of the waiting for presents was Grandpa (better known as POPO – “poe poe”) reading the Christmas story.

So when my Grandparents left of to go live with relatives in Texas I had my Grandfather read the Christmas story into a cassette tape. I had lost this tape for years. I really thought I had lost it. So I have received a great present this year by having the voice of my Grandfather back in my life after many years of absence. Welcome to the Podcast POPO.

Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks so much for listening.

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The Christmas tree From Hell

Sun, 23 Dec 2007 17:00:00 +0000

My Grandfather was one of the first people to have an artificial tree. He had a unique way of decorating it. It sticks in my mind even though it was so many years ago.

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Santa's Workshop

Fri, 21 Dec 2007 17:00:00 +0000

Today is Day #9 in the Twelve DAVES of Christmas. Today I talk about how we turned the tables on our parents and had a Surprise for them when they woke up. This is a tradition that would take a horrible turn in the near future (tomorrows show). But it did teach me that it doesn't take much to stand out in a crowd.

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Merry Christmas, SMILE!

Thu, 20 Dec 2007 17:00:00 +0000

Yesterday I talkeds about Surprising your parents on Christmas. As I got older I took this to a new dimented level. I would talk pictures of my parents as they took their first steps out of their bedroom (yes that's really my Dad). Nothing like facing a flashbulb at 6 in the morning.

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10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes

Thu, 20 Dec 2007 17:00:00 +0000

Welcome to another installment of "The 12 Dave's of Christmas" (#8 for those keeping Track)

Today I'm going to do something I've NEVER done in any of my 100s of podcast episodes. I'm going to SING.

It's a Christimas song about the true meaning of Chrstmas. It's me, a guitar, and a microphone (and a touch of reverb).

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Grandpa’s Toboggan Shoot

Thu, 13 Dec 2007 17:00:00 +0000

Welcome to the “12 Daves of Christmas” where over the next 12 days I will be relating Christmas themes memories. Today I relive the tale of almost decapitating my cousing Kevin.

Please note this picture is not my Grandpa’s Hill (his was steeper).

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Open Valentine to the Nurse

Tue, 13 Feb 2007 17:00:00 +0000

Guys Valentine’s Day is here. So I talk a bit about the differences between Men and Women.  Guys we have an oppotunity to open up and bust that stereotype about guys not talking about their feelings. You have the opportunity, so take advantage. Being that my Valentine’s Day budget is kind of small, I’ve decided to use my podcast as a present to the nurse. You get to listen in. OPEN VALENTINE TO THE NURSE By Dave Jackson I still feel God has lead you to me, even though I now know you snore. I love you even though you think Spinal Tap is stupid and you refuse to watch The Holy Grail.I love you because your job is life and death, and then you come home and raise three amazingkids with a smile on your face. I love that you are a P A R E N T. I love you when you lie and say my beard looks good. I love the way the fire reflects off your smile. I love you because you forgive me when I forget to call. I love you because waiting in line at a car wash with you is an adventure I love you because no one fills out a black dress like you do. I love you because you don’t make fun of the fact that I drive a Toyota echo. I love your patience when I have homework, and I want you to know that I’m doing this college thing as much for you as it is for me. I love pulling into your driveway when I haven’t seen you for a few days. It’s like Christmas I hate pulling out of the driveway to go home. It’s like trying to pull two magnets apart. I love that you don’t mind that I interrupt, only to forget what I was talking about. I love the way that you say Yummy. I love that you share your children with me, and that they are thrilling. I love that you don’t mind that the top of my desk has not been seen since 2004 and you think thats great. I love you even if you do hate Howard Stern. I love that you know what’s inside my heart – no matter what crazy crap I say in this podcast. No matter what kind of trouble you face, I’ll always be there even though I’ll probably show up late because I got lost…. and didn’t ask for directions. I’m not going anywhere now, or in the future. I love right where I’m at. When I hold you in my arms it feels like Home. It’s safe, warm, and I never want to leave. When I look into your eyes, I see a future that I’ve only dreamed of. I know that[...]

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Facing Mistakes

Sun, 29 Oct 2006 17:00:00 +0000

Dave is having a bad day. Do you have anything in your life you KNOW is a mistake? I pondered not publishing this episode as its not my usual “Positive Upbeat” approach to life, but I thought I'd show I'm human and have bad days along the way

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Back Away From the Twinkie

Thu, 26 Oct 2006 16:00:00 +0000

Dave talks about how he has lost 15 lbs. It's all about commitment. He explains what is working for him in terms of weight loss. It's all about making the right choices. Do you have the ability to commit?

Moose "Fat Fun" from the Podsafe Music Network

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Amish Porn

Mon, 23 Oct 2006 16:00:00 +0000

The first “Sleep Deprived” episode where Dave has a weird thought, and decides to share it with you. Today’s thought? Amish Porn. This brings back those moments where Dave’s Mom would hear how Dave needed a “Special test” at school.

Ampsex ( )”Porno Movie” from the Podsafe Music Network
Buy their CD From

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She said she'd wear a short skirt - and she DID

Sat, 21 Oct 2006 16:00:00 +0000

Dave discusses further things about attraction, but more importantly the dilemma of "NO YUCK ROOM." She's not a psycho, she's not on meds, NOW WHAT?



Don't You Know

Batdorf & McLean

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You're Wearing That? Fashionably Challenged

Wed, 18 Oct 2006 16:00:00 +0000

Dave talks about a small discrepancy that he finds some women put upon men. No win questions such as "Does my butt look fat in these jeans?"

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