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30 Under 30 Europe: Meet The Millennials Changing How We Shop

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:47:00 -0500

These young professionals hail from 15 countries and combine technology, creativity and passion to change the way Europe shops, online and off.

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Indians Are Worse Off Under Modi

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:47:00 -0500

Only 3% of Indians considered themselves thriving in 2017 compared to 14% in 2014.

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Fighting Corruption, Inequity, And The Status Quo: The 30 Under 30 Europe, Law And Policy

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:45:00 -0500

These are the 30 Under 30 shaping European politics: fighting corruption and holding governments, leading political movements and founding opposition parties to challenge status quo, reframing the narrative of refugees and immigration, and using technology to personalize the democratic experience.

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30 Under 30 Europe: Transforming Industry From The Factory To Earth Orbit

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:45:00 -0500

This year's 30 Under 30 Europe list for industry features young innovators in a variety of industries.

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From Dinosaurs To Bionic Limbs: The 2018 Europe 30 Under 30 In Science And Healthcare

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:45:00 -0500

The Europe 30 Under 30 in Science and Healthcare are just getting started. Check out the full list for more on what they're up to.

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30 Under 30 Europe: Daniel Kaluuya, Rita Ora, Dua Lipa And The Entertainment Class Of 2018

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:45:00 -0500

We searched the continent for the finest candidates across music, film, television and sport to find entertainment's new elite.

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30 Under 30 Europe: Meet The Trendsetters Inspiring Art & Culture In 2018

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:45:00 -0500

They come from all over Europe, and work in everything from ballet to art dealing. But what unites the 30 Under 30 in arts and culture is how each person is using their experience as a Millennial to enhance and expand the worlds of dance, fashion, design and more.

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30 Under 30 Europe: The Financiers Shaping Global Markets In 2018

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:45:00 -0500

The financial industry is not typically known for being on the forefront of innovation. But Europe's Finance Forbes 30 Under 30s are disrupting the stodgy industry through fintechs and AI-based technologies.

Media Files:

30 Under 30 Europe 2018: Meet The Young Leaders, Inventors And Visionary Entrepreneurs

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:45:00 -0500

Our third annual 30 Under 30 Europe list features 300 young disruptors across ten categories like entertainment, finance and technology. The honor roll features a record number of 34 European countries, with entrepreneurs from coming from up-and-coming countries like Belarus and Ora’s native Kosovo.

Media Files:

30 Under 30 Europe 2018: Meet The Social Entrepreneurs Bringing Change In 2018

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:45:00 -0500

This year's European 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs list highlights entrepreneurs making an impact combating climate change, empowering refugees and deploying big data to elevate the efficiency of international aid.

Media Files:

Meet The 30 Under 30 Driving Europe's Media And Marketing Innovation

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:45:00 -0500

These founders, journalists, creatives and personalities are changing the world of content.

Media Files:

Meet Europe's 30 Under 30 In Technology 2018: Masters Of Robots, A.I. And Malware

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:45:00 -0500

Leading the fields of artificial intelligence, fintech, cyber security and robotics, these are the 30 young people to watch in European tech this year.

Media Files:

2018 30 Under 30 Europe: Finance9fin: Hussam El-Sheikh & Steven HunterAFGC: Charlie Meraud, Karim Sabba & Zahreddine TouagVandit ShahTugce ErgulTim HenningBlazar Capital: Christian Arnstedt & Denis FedoryaevTej JoharHinal ShahNatasa KovacevicCarl Finance: Kurosch Daniel Habibi & Pascal StichlerLulu MengNiklas Hagen SchwakeAlexandru AgachiBartosz JakubowskiMathias NestlerAndrew WongJonathan UseroviciAli-Reza PanjwaniCyril BerdugoLendable: Victoria van Lennep & Martin KissingerReto TrinklerNataliia LipikhinaMonetha: Justas Pikelis & Laurynas JokubaitisMorten BruunNatasha Ratanshi SteinMarcel GleichmannSia HouchangniaAngelica AntonMegan CaywoodElena Mustatea30u30 Euro: Finance Judges

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:38:07 -0500

Hussam El-Sheikh, Steven Hunter,

Cofounders, 9fin

Charlie Meraud, Karim Sabba, Zahreddine Touag,

Cofounders, AFGC

Vandit Shah,

Portfolio Strategist, Alphadyne Asset Management

Tugce Ergul,

Founding Partner, Angel Labs

Tim Henning,

Lead Global Consultant Relations Germany & Austria, BlackRock

Christian Arnstedt, Denis Fedoryaev,

Cofounders, Blazar Capital

Tej Johar,

CIO, Broad Bridge Capital

Hinal Shah,

Associate Investment Director, Cambridge Associates

Natasa Kovacevic,

Principal, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Kurosch Daniel Habibi, Pascal Stichler,

Cofounders, Carl Finance

Lulu Meng,

Quantitative Trader, Citadel Investment

Niklas Hagen Schwake,

Director, Earlybird

Alexandru Agachi,

Cofounder, Empiric Capital

Bartosz Jakubowski,

Venture Lead, EQT

Mathias Nestler,

Cofounder, FRIDAY

Andrew Wong,

Partner, Fundie Ventures

Jonathan Userovici,

VC Investor, Idinvest Partners

Ali-Reza Panjwani,

Vice President, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Cyril Berdugo,

Cofounder, Landis

Victoria van Lennep, Martin Kissinger,

Cofounders, Lendable

Reto Trinkler,

Cofounder, Melonport AG

Nataliia Lipikhina,

Equity Analyst, Mirabaud Securities

Justas Pikelis, Laurynas Jokubaitis,

Cofounders, Monetha

Morten Bruun,

Cofounder, Penstable

Natasha Ratanshi Stein,

Principal, Piton Capital

Marcel Gleichmann,

Vice President, Rothschild & Co

Sia Houchangnia,

Partner, Seedcamp

Angelica Anton,

Founder, SILK Ventures

Megan Caywood,

Chief Platform Officer, Starling Bank

Elena Mustatea,

Entrepreneur in Residence, Zinc VC

Ramin Niroumand,

CEO, Finleap

Dr. Jens Ehrhardt,

Chairman, DJE Capital

Luciana Lixandru,

Partner at Accel

Media Files:

2018 30 Under 30 Europe: TechnologyAimBrain: Andrius Sutas & Alesis NovikMaria MarkstedterBeamery: Michael Paterson & Sultan SaidovChristine SpitenMarijn FlipseJulian SchrittwieserJordan HatchDhruv GhulatiFlux: Matty Cusden-Ross, Tom Reay, & Veronique BarbosThomas RothHaytham AssemICEYE: Pekka Laurila & Rafal ModrzewskiOliver DlouhyJohannes SchildtAleksandra DoniecJonas HuckesteinJosef PrusaShane CurranImogen WetheredRasa: Alan Nichol & Alexander WeidauerStephen WhitworthSilas AdekunleDenys ZhadanovJenna BrownMarkus VilligBenjamin BilskiBirk JernströmNick LarssonIshaan MalhiThomas Shadwell30u30 Europe: Technology Judges

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:37:56 -0500

Andrius Sutas, Alesis Novik,

Cofounders, AimBrain

Maria Markstedter,

Founder, Azeria Labs

Michael Paterson, Sultan Saidov,

Cofounders, Beamery

Christine Spiten,

Cofounder, Blueye Robotics

Marijn Flipse,

Cofounder, Bolt Mobility

Julian Schrittwieser,

Senior Software Engineer/DeepMind, DeepMind

Jordan Hatch,

Head of Web Technology, Department for International Trade

Dhruv Ghulati,

CEO, Factmata

Matty Cusden-Ross, Tom Reay, Veronique Barbos,

Cofounders, Flux

Thomas Roth,

Chief Technology Officer, Gryphon Secure

Haytham Assem,

Chief Scientist, IBM Ireland

Pekka Laurila, Rafal Modrzewski,

Cofounders, ICEYE

Oliver Dlouhy,


Johannes Schildt,

Cofounder, KRY

Aleksandra Doniec,

Malware Intelligence Analyst, Malwarebytes

Jonas Huckestein,

Cofounder, Monzo

Josef Prusa,

Founder, Prusa Research

Shane Curran,

Founder, qCrypt

Imogen Wethered,

Cofounder, Qudini

Alan Nichol, Alexander Weidauer,

Cofounders, Rasa

Stephen Whitworth,

Cofounder, Ravelin

Silas Adekunle,

Cofounder, Reach Robotics

Denys Zhadanov,

Vice President, Readdle

Jenna Brown,

Cofounder, Shipamax

Markus Villig,

Founder, Taxify

Benjamin Bilski,

Cofounder, The NAGA Group

Birk Jernström,

Cofounder, Tictail

Nick Larsson,

Head of Growth & Partnerships, Truecaller

Ishaan Malhi,

Founder, Trussle

Thomas Shadwell,

Security Engineer, Twitch

Eileen Burbridge,

Partner at Passion Capital

William Shu,

Founder and CEO of Deliveroo


Media Files:

2018 30 Under 30 Europe: Art & CultureAlexandra Sophie, 28Rosh Mahtani, 28Lozano Aran, 29; Clara Campo, 29Tatyana Kozhevnikova, 28Mattis Curth, 28Gilda Ambrosio, 25Christian Luiten, 24; Curtis Penning, 22Floriano Pellegrino, 27Camille Thomas, 29Negin Mirsalehi, 29Sophie Hardeman, 27Julius Juul, 28Karim Adduchi, 29Lorenzo Uggeri, 29Lizzy Stuyfzand, 22Luc Aarts, 28Marina Sula, 26Martijn Nekoui, 28Marine Tanguy, 28David Taylor, 29Hugo Marchand, 24Levy Sekgapane, 27Ben Marks, 26Merritt Moore, 29Davide Caranchini, 27Marcelino Sambe, 23Hannah Weiland, 27Anna-Sophie Berger, 28Barbara Palvin, 24Ruby Tandoh, 25Arts & Culture Judges

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:37:41 -0500

Photographer, Alexandra Sophie

Founder, Alighieri Jewellery

Cofounders, Amarist Studio

Cofounder, Artefact London

Cofounder, Artland

Cofounder, Attico

Cofounders, Avante Arte

Owner, Bros Restaurant

Musician, Camille Thomas

Cofounder, Gisou

Creative Director, Hardeman

Creative Director, Heliot Emil

Cofounder, Karim Adducchi

Founder, Kooness

Junior designer, Lizzy Stufyzand

Owner, Luc Aarts

Artist, Marina Sula

Founder, MOAM

Founder, MTArt

Founder, Yorkshire Young Sinfonia

Dancer, Paris Opera Ballet

Tenor, Paris Opera House

Owner, Perilla Dining Ltd

Dancer, Physics on Pointe

Chef, Ristorante Materla

Dancer, Royal Ballet

Founder, Shrimps


Tom Parker Bowles, Taco Dibbits and Carla Sozzani.

Media Files:

2018 30 Under 30 Europe: Science & HealthcareAidoc: Elad Walach, Michael Braginsky, & Guy ReinerIsabel SchellingerCambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems: Oliver Armitage & Emil HewageCortiCare: Renato Circi & Rafael MichaliDAMAE Medical: Anaïs Barut & David SiretETH Zurich: Nicholasv Cohrs & Anastasios PetrouEstefania TapiasETH Zurich, Brain PET: Max Ahnen & Jannis FischerArnau VerdaguerMala MawkinWilliam BroadwayJames FieldLabstep: Jake Schofield & Jan DomanskiTimo KuschmaSamantha PayneOral3D: Giuseppe Cicero & Martina FerracaneOurPath: Chris Edson & Michael GibbsMartin Bonde JensenRedbrick Molecular: Andy Hogben & James GibbonsSBT Instruments: Gustav Skands, Frederik Aalund, & Christian BertelsenEve Tamraz NajjarSixfold Bioscience: Anna Perdrix Rosell & Zuzanna BrzoskoDevika WoodVahe TshitoyanMatthew BaronFlaviu CipciganJawad FaresPriyanka JoshiJohanna PirkerPhilippe Wilson30u30 Europe: Science & Healthcare Judges

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:37:39 -0500

Elad Walach, Michael Braginsky, Guy Reiner,

Cofounder, Aidoc

Isabel Schellinger,

Cofounder, Angiolutions

Oliver Armitage, Emil Hewage,

Cofounders, Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems

Renato Circi, Rafael Michali,

Cofounders, Corticare

Anaïs Barut, David Siret,

Cofounders, DAMAE Medical

Nicholasv Cohrs, Anastasios Petrou,

Researchers, ETH Zurich

Estefania Tapias,

Postdoctoral researcher and lecturer, ETH Zurich

Max Ahnen, Jannis Fischer,

Pioneer Fellows, ETH Zurich, Brain PET

Arnau Verdaguer,

Cofounder, HPNow

Mala Mawkin,

Medical Student, Imperial College London

William Broadway,

Founder, Isobar Engineering

James Field,

Founder, LabGenius

Jake Schofield, Jan Domanski,

Cofounders, Labstep

Timo Kuschma,

Associate, McKinsey & Company

Samantha Payne,

Cofounder, Open Bionics

Giuseppe Cicero, Martina Ferracane,

Cofounders, Oral3D

Chris Edson, Michael Gibbs,

Cofounders, OurPath

Martin Bonde Jensen,

Cofounder, Particle3D

Andy Hogben, James Gibbons,

Cofounders, Redbrick Molecular

Gustav Skands, Frederik Aalund, Christian Bertelsen,

Cofounders, SBT Instruments

Eve Tamraz Najjar,

Cofounder, Sensio AIR (WLAB)

Anna Perdrix Rosell, Zuzanna Brzosko,

Cofounders, Sixfold Bioscience

Devika Wood,

Cofounder, Vida

Vahe Tshitoyan,

Senior Scientist, Zedsen Limited

Matthew Baron,

Student, University of Cambridge

Flaviu Cipcigan,

Researcher, IBM

Jawad Fares

Priyanka Joshi,

Research Fellow, University of Cambridge

Johanna Pirker,

Researcher, Graz University of Technology

Philippe Wilson,

Lecturer, De Montfort University

Talib Alhinai,

Founder of Buildrone

Katherine Joy,

Space Researcher, University of Manchester

Paul Barrett,

Researcher, Natural History Museum

Media Files:

2018 30 Under 30 Europe: Social EntrepreneursAlex HolmesMatthew PowellBreeze Technologies: Robert Heinecke & Sascha KuntzeCareship: Antonia Albert & Nikolaus AlbertChester Mojay-SinclareMursal HedayatHera HussainRositsa ZaimovaDigital Therapeutics: Maroof Ahmed, Yusuf Sherwani, & Sarim SiddiquiGather: John Peter Archer & Lindsey NoakesGoodwall: Taha Bawa & Omar BawaHeadstart AI: Jeremy Hindle & Nicholas ShekerdemianMargherita PaganiISHKAR: Edmund Le Brun & Flore de TaisneIva TsolovaJacob BurenstamKarma: Ludvig Berling, Elsa Bernadotte, & Hjalmar Ståhlberg NordegrenMindmate: Rogelio Arellano, Susanne Mitschke, & Patrick RennerMyTutor: James Grant & Bertie HubbardNo Isolation: Matias Doyle & Karen Dolvarefugees{code}: Daniela Wolf, Alexander Hartveld & Stefan SteinbergerSeepje: Jasper Gabrielse & Melvin LoggiesDaniel MiodovnikSustainer Homes: Wolf Bierens, Wolf Bierens, Jacintha Baas, & Gert van VugtSimon BushellBecca DeanTootoot: Kieran Innes & Michael BrennanUp Learn: Andrew Mitson & Guy RiesePascal ChristiaensCornelia Röper30u30 Europe: Social Entrepreneurs Judges

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:37:28 -0500

Alex Holmes,

Founder, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Matthew Powell,

Founder, Breaking Barriers

Robert Heinecke, Sascha Kuntze,

Cofounders, Breeze Technologies

Antonia Albert, Nikolaus Albert,

Cofounders, Careship

Chester Mojay-Sinclare,

Founder, Charity Checkout

Mursal Hedayat,

Founder, Chatterbox

Hera Hussain,

Founder, CHAYN

Rositsa Zaimova,

Founding Partner, Dalberg Data Insights

Maroof Ahmed, Yusuf Sherwani, Sarim Siddiqui,

Cofounders, Digital Therapeutics

John Peter Archer, Lindsey Noakes,

Cofounders, Gather

Taha Bawa, Omar Bawa,

Cofounders, Goodwall

Jeremy Hindle, Nicholas Shekerdemian,

Cofounders, Headstart AI

Margherita Pagani,


Edmund Le Brun, Flore de Taisne,

Cofounders, ISHKAR

Iva Tsolova,

Cofounders, JAMBA - Career For All

Jacob Burenstam,

Cofounder, Just Arrived

Ludvig Berling, Elsa Bernadotte, Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren,

Cofounders, Karma

Rogelio Arellano, Susanne Mitschke, Patrick Renner,

Cofounders, Mindmate

James Grant, Bertie Hubbard,

Cofounders, MyTutor

Matias Doyle, Karen Dolva,

Cofounders, No Isolation

Daniela Wolf, Alexander Hartveld, Stefan Steinberger,

Cofounders, refugees{code}

Jasper Gabrielse, Melvin Loggies,

Cofounders, Seepje

Daniel Miodovnik,

Cofounder, Social Finance Digital Labs

Wolf Bierens, Wolf Bierens, Jacintha Baas, Gert van Vugt,

Cofounders, Sustainer Homes

Simon Bushell,

Founder, Sympower

Becca Dean,

Cofounder, The Girls' Network

Kieran Innes, Michael Brennan,

Cofounders, Tootoot

Andrew Mitson, Guy Riese,

Cofounders, Up Learn

Pascal Christiaens,

Founder, Volunteer World

Cornelia Röper,

Founder, Wefugees

Cheryl Dorsey,

President, Echoing Green

Randall Lane,

Chief Content Officer, Forbes

Alexandre Mars,

Founder, Epic Foundation

Media Files:

2018 30 Under 30 Europe: Media & MarketingScott Kelly, 27Taha Riani Achhab, 21; Hanan Challouki, 25Julia Macfarlane, 28Charlie Northcott, 26Jakob Wais, 28Bola Awoniyi, 27; Tobi Oredein, 28Emma Gannon, 28Fritz Jergitsch, 26Zarko Dimitrioski, 28Mohammed Khairat, 25; Mostafa Amin, 29Ben Goldsmith, 27Amy Williams, 26Jamie Balding, 26Quentin Le Pape, 29; Guillaume Le Pape, 28Christoph Kastenholz, 27; Lara Daniel, 19Tuomo Riekke, 29Karoline Gross, 29Toby Andrews, 27Tolgay Azman, 27Wing Chan, 26Louise Callaghan, 27Marcus Taylor, 26Léa Steinacker, 28Otegha Uwagba, 27Dolly Alderton, 29Kübra Gümüsay, 19Marie Le Conte, 26Morgan Meaker, 27Alice Tomassini, 29Tommy Trenchard, 2930 Under 30 Europe: Media & Marketing Judges

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:37:04 -0500

Art Director, Abbott Mead Vickers

Cofounders, Allyens

TV Journalist, BBC News

Senior journalist, BBC News

Head of New Platforms and Video, BILD

Cofounders, Black Ballad

Founder, Ctrl Alt Delete

Founder, Die Tagespresse

Cofounder, Eden na Eden

Cofounders, Egyptian Streets

Founder, Goldsmith Communications

Founder, Good-Loop

Founder, Jungle Creations

Cofounders, Mobkoi

Cofounders, Pulse Group


Founder, Smartzer

General Manager, International Marketing, Sony Music International

Deputy Editor-In-Chief, Stern Digital

CMO, The Hut Group

Middle East Correspondent, The Sunday Times

Cofounder, Venture Harbour

Chief Innovation Officer, WirtschaftsWoche

Founder, Women Who







Charlotte Moore, Emilie Tabor, Maddie Raedts and Arianna Huffington.

Media Files:

2018 AFC Championship: Tom Brady And The Patriots Steal Win From Dynasty Killers Once Again

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 19:37:00 -0500

When the odds seem the most impossible is when the Patriots shine the brightest time after time after time. The Pats finally met their dynasty-killing match and still found a way to escape with history intact and thriving.

Media Files: