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Preview: Gareth's Waste of Time

Gareth's Waste of Time

Updated: 2014-10-04T19:30:33.911-07:00


Waste of Time podcast episode 17


There's chaos in the streets in the latest Waste of Time podcast as I discuss my feelings and thoughts on the recent riots in England. I also chat about my latest thoughts on the tv shows I'm watching (Breaking Bad, Firefly, Entourage, True Blood).

Plus, it's Ethan's Movie Quote!

Grab it from iTunes or use this direct download link or play the podcast here:

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Waste of Time Episode 16 - The Return


After nearly a year away, Gareth's Waste of Time returns, prompted almost entirely by a nudge from my good friend Axel Foley of the Podtourage podcast (check it out on iTunes) during my guest appearance this week (Podtourage episode 3.11 "A Visitor from Across the Pond").

Apologies for the loooooong hiatus. Not deliberate and not for lack of things to talk about. Just lack of time to get organised and do one, plus I've been concentrating my podcasting time on Dissecting Dexter (again check it out on iTunes!).

Anyway, I'm back, at least for today, talking about the tv shows I'm watching at the moment (Breaking Bad, True Blood, Entourage, Six Feet Under, Community, Falling Skies). There's also a story about something that unsettled me, despite me not being a superstitious person: my Dibbuk Box experience. Be warned though - people have reported strange things happening after hearing about the Box. Honestly!

Grab the new podcast from iTunes or if you're not an Appley person, use this direct download link

Or if you want to listen now, use this handy embedded thingy to play the mp3!

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Waste of Time Podcast Episode 14 - The Finale


It's been a while but Gareth has finally put Dexter down and done another Waste of Time. This time he takes a look at the deluge of finales since he last recorded, including 24, comparing it to the Lost finale, Glee, Fringe, Breaking Bad, Luther, with mention of Ashes to Ashes, Sherlock and Doctor Who.

iTunes will be updating shortly, or use this direct download link.

Waste of Time Podcast Episode 13


Episode 13 is an initial reaction special looking at the Lost finale.

A full Waste of Time episode will be along in a week or so. In the meantime, catch my thoughts as we say goodbye to Lost.

The episode is on iTunes or use this direct download link.

Waste of Time Podcast Episode 12


The Gareth's Waste of Time Podcast Episode 12 is now available to download.

With the Lost series finale just a couple of days away, I talk about the last two episodes and how they've left me feeling with the show about to end. We also take a look at 24 and Breaking Bad and chat about three British tv shows: Ashes to Ashes, Luther and Doctor Who. The Classic Movie Spot features the Sean Connery film, The Hill (1965).

Grab the new episode form iTunes or use this direct download link.

Waste of Time Podcast Episode 11


Gareth's Waste of Time episode 11 is now online for download.

This episode features chat about the likes of Breaking Bad, Glee, Flash Forward and Lost. There's also some listener feedback with more discussion about the ongoing improvement on 24. I also take a look at Luther, the new BBC police drama starring The Wire's Idris Elba, which debuted on British tv this week.

It'll be on iTunes shortly or you can use this direct download link.

Waste of Time Podcast Episode 10


The new Waste of Time Podcast is now online and available to download. Featuring listener feedback and chat about 24, waffle about Fringe, Glee and Breaking Bad. Plus, by popular demand, an old favourite is back.

Grab the new episode from iTunes or use this direct download link.

Waste of Time Podcast Episode 9


The latest Waste of Time Podcast finally features some UK TV! Ashes to Ashes and Doctor Who are discussed along with Lost and listener voicemail which leads to a rehash of 24 season 8 so far. Oh yes, there is also another cheap plug for the new Dissecting Dexter Podcast.

The new episode is on iTunes or use the direct download link.

Thanks for your support. Please send any feedback to or follow on Twitter @gareth_uk

Waste of Time Podcast Episode 8


The new Waste of Time Podcast features chat about tv shows including 24, Lost, Breaking Bad, The Pacific, FlashForward & a new zombie show. There is a classic film spot and a cheap plug for the new Dissecting Dexter Podcast.

The new episode is on iTunes or use the direct download link.

Thanks for your support. Please send any feedback to or follow on Twitter @gareth_uk

Lost Poll - 3 days left!


Is Lost in danger of jumping the shark?

The question still burns at the back of my mind even though Ab Aeterno was a fantastic, flash-sideways-free mythology episode. The concerns I discussed in the Waste of Time podcast episode 6 (iTunes link) still apply.

There are three days left to cast your vote. Do you think Lost could be in danger of jumping the shark? Vote now!

Waste of Time Podcast Episode 7


The latest Waste of Time Podcast is now available for download.

This episode concentrates on feedback received after the question was asked as to whether Lost is in danger of jumping the shark. Also in this episode, a brief look at the last episode of Lost, "Recon", and a plug for the new podcast Dissecting Dexter.

The podcast will be on iTunes today or else use this direct download link.

Dissecting Dexter Podcast Trailer



Dissecting Dexter is a new podcast delving into the journey of Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C Hall in the brilliant Showtime series, Dexter. The podcast will start at the beginning of season 1, analysing the pilot and then subsequent episodes, with episode recaps, character and plotline discussion.

Online now is a teaser trailer with a tiny taste of Dexter to get you in the mood for the podcast. Episode 1 of the full podcast is in preparation and should be ready in the next week.

The podcast will be subscribable on iTunes imminently with the trailer being accessible from there in the next 24 hours but in the meantime, you can download it here.

The podcast blog is at

Follow the podcast on Twitter @dissectdexter

Waste of Time podcast episode 6



The new Waste of Time podcast is live and available to download.

This is the longest episode to date thanks to a good chunk of Lost talk (by my standards!) in which I pose the important question: Is Lost in danger of jumping the shark? I'm keen to get the thoughts of the community to feedback is very much wanted either by email, voicemail or twitter!

Also in this episode talk about: The Oscars, 24, Glee, Nip Tuck, Dexter and some listener feedback.

Grab it from iTunes or use the direct download link here.

Gareth's Waste of Time Podcast - Episode 5


Episode 5 is now available. I cover two episodes of Lost (The Substitute & Lighthouse) and this time I try my hardest not to get either of the titles wrong! Also discussed are the latest episodes of 24 and Nip/Tuck plus I talk about my early impressions of Glee, which I'm a few episodes into. Finally a new feature makes its debut: the classic movie spot.


Subscribe through iTunes or use this direct download for Episode 5

Gareth's Waste of Time Podcast Episode 4


In episode 4 of the Waste of Time podcast, I concentrate on the Lost episode "What Katy Does", talking about what I thought let it down. Let's face it - it was a plodder. I also take a good look at a tv show I've watched from the beginning and, after some periods of total boredom with it, now enjoying the final season: Nip/Tuck.

You can grab it from iTunes or click this link.

The Wire season 1 rewatch


Are you a fan of the HBO show The Wire? If not, why not? Believe the hype, it really is one of the best shows ever to grace our television screens. Authentic, brilliant writing, great acting and a wholly rewarding viewing experience, The Wire demands your attention and concentration and pays off in spades.If you are a fan of the show, I hope you've subscribed to the excellent companion podcast Wirecast, available on iTunes. Presented by Alex Hahn, who also does a very good Lost podcast, It Only Ends Once, Wirecast looks to document the show and act as a viewing companion as each podcast is devoted to a single episode, analysing the key characters, events and plot developments while also looking at the broader themes of this important show.I have regularly contributed to the podcast, guested on one and will hopefully soon be guesting on another as we look at the season one finale, which I have rewatched this week.The season followed a special police Detail tasked with making a case against a powerful drug gang in West Baltimore. They get some results but watching the closing minutes of the episode and it is clear that although convictions are forthcoming and the upper echelons of the police department consider the case a success, there is barely a dent made in the Barksdale drug operation. One of the lead detectives, McNulty, knows it and the deflation is evident on his face as he sits outside the courtroom while sentences are handed out inside. He thinks about the hard work relative to the results obtained, the lives affected, the lives lost. He sees nothing to celebrate.The Detail is disbanded, its constituent officers reassigned to other departments, while the Barksdale gang is still fully functional and drugs are being sold.Yet the higher ranks in the police department still consider it a success. They are interested in numbers and as far as they're concerned, 20 or so drug gang members, including the figurehead of the Barksdale gang, are now incarcerated. The fact that most will be out in a couple of years is irrelevant.This highlights a key point of The Wire. It depicts, throughout its five seasons, broken establishments. The police department for example: the commissioners want to see convictions, period. Whatever they may be. Arrests. Successful prosecutions. Numbers. While you have the lower ranking officers on the street who know things haven't changed and are totally frustrated that cases are brought prematurely just for the sake of numbers when a bit of extra time and work, bigger fish could fry, or bigger charges brought.The estalishments depicted in the show all share one thing: they are all dysfunctional in some fundamental way and you have a core of hardworking people doing the best they can to do a good job despite this.Season one is a great introduction to the show. If you give it a try, don't be put off by the lack of nice neat episodes with a "case of the week". A case spans a season and the show rewards the long term viewer. The brilliance of the show will only become apparent when you view it as a whole and it could be a few episodes before you start to see this. But watch it you must![...]

24 Season 8 - time to call it a day?


Season 8 is here and after a promising start, I'm feeling that this series has slipped back into the old formula. This is a huge pity because season 7 really shook things up a bit, taking the show out of its stale LA setting (stale because they'd used it for 6 seasons) and planting the action in Washington. They'd also excluded our beloved CTU offices from the proceedings, which wasn't a bad thing because it gave the series a fresher feel.

Season 8 and we're in a new setting again which is a big plus point. We're in New York and the CTU offices are back with a new glossy facelift, also in the new location. This is all fine but the plot and action feels like a rehash. I know it's the tried and tested formula that's made 24 such a popular show for the last several years but it really needs to be offering something a little different each year to keep it from becoming stale as a show. That said, the New York setting helps a lot plus we've got the return of Renee Walker, now ex-FBI agent and with huge psychological baggage, and acting a lot like Jack Bauer did, all cavalier and stuff.

Which brings me to another point: Not long has passed in the show timeline since season 7 yet suddenly Renee is like a different person. Much of her emotional state is put down to her spending time undercover in the Russian mob, but that was pre-season 7 so where were all these psychological issues last season? She was upstanding and stable and acted as a good foil to Jack Bauer. This year, she's become pretty crazy, suicidal even, and Jack is the one acting as her conscience. Bit of a leap for the character and it doesn't ring true with me. It seems this change is just for the convenience of the plot. Smacks of lazy writing.

Renee Walker - imagining her fingers are the barrel of a gun?

Jack certainly seems to be a bit more mellow this year and appeared to be in a good place at the beginning of the season. He's repaired his relationship with daughter Kim and has a grand-daughter to live for. He seemed happy for the first time in a long time and good luck to him - if he survives the next 24 hours! Who knows, this could be the final season of 24 (I've not heard any spoilers to this end, nor am I looking for them!) and will the show let him live in peace at the end or not?

I'm going to keep watching though. Like I said in my latest podcast (see post below), I enjoy the 24 ride for the most part but I am a little tired of the old formula.

Gareth's Waste of Time Podcast Episode 3


Episode 3 of the Waste of Time is very Lost-centric with discussion about matters arising from the 2 hour premiere of season 6. To save from becoming totally Lost, I have a quick look at the new season of 24 and cast an eye over recent developments in season 2 of Fringe.

Download here



Until a couple of years ago, I was really into collecting autographs. I wrote to celebrities via agencies and movie sets and got a decent haul of successes. Fatherhood has curtained my letter writing severely but my website housing scans of all my autographs is still online. There is a large assortment of actors and actresses and a few authors, including the likes of Clint Eastwood, Bill Murray, James Stewart, Scarlett Johansson, Ewan McGregor, Wilbur Smith, Sir Alec Guinness, Kevin Spacey, Sir Ian McKellen, Peter O'Toole, Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, Lauren Bacall, to name but a few.

I concentrated on a couple of shows and movies at different times and have themed sections on the website devoted to the tv shows Star Trek, Deadwood and Rome, and also to actors who starred in the Coen Brothers' films.

I'd like to get back into it at some point and some of the website content is a little out of date, but for now the autograph scans are all there so you may like to check out my collection by clicking here.


Gareth's Waste of Time Podcast Episode 2


Episode 2 of the Waste of Time podcast is now online. In this episode I take a look at Californication, Dexter at the Golden Globes and chat a little Lost. Oh yes, we also have a laugh at Channing Tatum and Samuel's Movie Quote returns - turns out he only wants a packet of Milky Chocolate Buttons in return for his services.

Grab the new podcast episode here

Michael C Hall and John Lithgow winning their Golden Globes


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Congratulations Dexter!


I am so happy for Michael C Hall today. We just heard recently he was winning a battle against cancer and last night won the Golden Globe award for best actor in a television drama for his role in Dexter. Thoroughly deserved, his performance over the last four seasons, slowly bringing more humanity into Dexter's character while still maintaining that dangerous killer edge, has been great to watch.

Not only does MCH deserve his award, but John Lithgow won Best Supporting Actor in a television drama for Dexter. In season 4, Lithgow played the Trinity killer, who became Dexter's nemesis for the season. His performance really elevated the show and forced Hall to raise his own acting game.

Congratulations to both Michael C Hall and John Lithgow.

Can't wait for season 5 later this year and best wishes to Hall for a continued recovery from his illness.

Californication Season 3 finale


(SPOILER ALERT for those who haven't yet seen this episode)

What a dramatic, heartbreaking end to the third season! There was nothing to be happy about as the show ended, except to take solace in the news that Showtime has greenlit a fourth season to air later in 2010.

Just when we thought Hank Moody had sorted things out with long time love Karen and they were looking set to head to New York with their daughter. But of course he had to go and screw things up didn't he, and he doesn't do things by halves. He made a proper job of it, hitting a policeman in the process.

Just when we thought everyone's favourite self-abuser, Charlie Runkle, was getting back with his wife Marcy, something went pear shaped while he was asleep and he finds she's signed the divorce papers, taking the wind out of his sails.

The final few minutes of this episode were really well done and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to Hank and Charlie in season 4.

I'll be talking a lot more about this show in my next podcast.

Waste of Time Podcast Episode 1


I've gone and done it! After months of toying with the idea of doing my own podcast and being able to talk about the things that I want to talk about, I've spent some time this week putting one together. It's a first attempt, please go easy on me :-)

It will surely take a little time for me to find a good focus for the show but it's likely to concentrate on chat about tv shows and films. I've already had one offer from a possible guest (thanks Tom!) so the future looks promising!

This first podcast talks about the Golden Globe nominations and discusses a glaring omission from the nominated tv shows. I also look at the return of two very significant tv shows, 24 and Lost, chat about some of the other tv shows I've been enjoying lately and review a couple of films I've seen this week. There is also the debut of Samuel's Movie Quote.

You can download this first episode by clicking the link:
Gareth's Waste of Time Episode 1


Bill Bailey's Bird Watching Bonanza


Twitchers of the world unite! ...And watch Sky One at 9pm on Thursday 7th January.

As a birder myself, this is up my alley and it's great when there is a programme that can show the fun side of birdwatching. Cos it really can be - honest! Obviously not when you're standing in a crowd of grumpy twitchers in the pouring rain for hours waiting in vain for a small brown bird to show itself.

Bill Bailey hosts this show with a selection of "celebrity" birdwatchers in a challenge to complete various birdy tasks.

Check out the preview clip here in which our heroes have to build a hide out on the breezy Solway Firth to accurately count Oystercatchers (see the photo above; credit: M Holderness)