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My father Chiluveru Ramalingam's IKAT ART


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This is a video on my father late Sri Chiluveru Ramalingam's ikat art [tie and dye weaving] shot by T NEWS. The film shows my father's hand-woven portraits of national leaders, three pallu saree[mudu kongula cheere] without a stitch, teliya rumal with vegetable colours and several experiments in tie and dye technique.
The most amazing feat was a saree woven on the bullock cart on the way to the temple. By the time he reached the temple, he would have completed the weaving!! The exclusive saree is, of course, offered to the goddess Mahankali, on the occasion of Bonalu. This annual feat in Boodan Pochampally disappeared with my father..."

Baby Akshara



Reminiscence of Mario Miranda




Exactly a decade ago, I went to Bangalore on the invitation of Karnataka cartoonists' association to the Telugu political cartoonists. the occasion was to felicitate Mario Miranda, Yesudasan, Bapu,Gopulu and Fudnis etc. with Lifetime Achievement Awards. The hotel was colourful with cartoonists from different states. I was busy with 'spot caricaturing' and soliciting autographs of the invitees. Then I spotted Mario Miranda at a distance. I recalled his Mumbai buildings sketches. He was more like his Rajbai Tower, Royal Opera House. Goa beaches, murals, the slanting coconut trees...scores of his illustrations passed before my eyes. "He is not a mediocre stuff like us, man. His is a royal family. He is handsome, modeled for Raymonds...entertains plenty of girlfriends..." introduced veteran cartoonist Mohan. I had tucked up a few of my caricatures and cartoons to show him. I felt mine were the dirty stones of Musi and could not dare to expose in front of the genuine pearls of Goa. I kept them tucked firmly under my arm pit.
The legend spoke about his cartoons in Mad and the Mad cartoonist Don Martin, about the pocket cartoons he did for pocket money...he spoke about many things.
During our student days, since there was no access to specialized art courses, we had copied cartoonists such as Mohan,Bapu,Sridhar, Surendra etc. And, there was no 'net culture' yet. I was introduced to Mario's cartoons in the pink-coloured Economic Times, which came to our village via an evening bus. The cartoons were totally different from the local stuff. They were even different from the RK's comman man. High-class ladies, detailed sketches of Bombay buildings, Goa beaches....they were fresh and new and different. A pumpkin head with a brinjal nose; eternally obese 'netas' with a pyramid shaped'gandhi topi'; sexy bimbos wearing polka dot nighties...they were absolutely exhilarating. Every character of his cartoons was doing something. His miss Fonseca was as close to me as was my neighbour. We were experiencing frustration when our 'copying' his illustrations did not yield even remote resemblances.

Some of his contemporaries -- RK Laxman, OV Vijayan, Kutti, Abu -- were adorning the shelves of our college library, but I was fond of Miranda.
The Sunday morning facebook message screaming 'Mario Miranda is no more' reminded me of Bombay I had witnessed in Bangalore. Miranda must be visiting the gateway of Heaven through the Gateway of India, to make a detailed sketches of the other world.
Cartoonist 'Namaste thelangana' Daily

Here is the Telugu link..




Malle Venkatasubbamma



MALLE VENKATA SUBBAMMA-My Family Doctor Srinivas Rao's Mother.




Chityala Ailamma or Chakali Ailamma is an Indian revolutionary leader during the Telangana Rebellion. She revolted against the feudal lord, Zamindar Ramachandra Reddy to save her four acres of land when he tried to occupy it. She became an inspiration for many during the Vetti Chakri Udaymam against the feudal lords of Telangana region.




'Nightingale of South India' : K.S.Chitra from Kerala with her melodious voice, has built a formidable reputation as a playback singer in South Indian as well as Hindi films. She has to her credit, over 11,000 songs in languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali and Oriya.




Article about my work..



My Animation in GAAYAM-2


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My Animation has been an inspiration to the movie "Gaayam-2"

A painting



Michelle obama



Warm up sketch..

Ramgopalvarma Dance with Sridevi


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Nagabhairava Koteswara Rao,a telugu poet.
I did it in one full day.

My 3D Dinosaur


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Any one can give you knowledge..



My post - Auto jaani-Ayn Rand -- in my blog was appreciated by the American Narth Carolina State university professors. One of the professors CAT WARREN even mailed me, saying "you are incredibly talented". They procured my caricature of Ayn Rand for thier maganize's article, Ayn Rand Influence on College Curriculum, for $500 as a one time copy right!
This, I feel is a great achievement for a regional cartoonist. I am thankful to Ram Gopal Varma and Auto Jaani for being instrumental in producing the caricature...
As KNY Patanjali said, any one can give you knowledge, but food must be earned by ourselves. They bestowed me knowledge, I earned food.




This is unfinished DiCaprio...



my telugu blog..
నా తెగులు...







Test signal



I had to meet Mr.KCR[A Revolutionary Leader for Telangana state].
And I watched 'Suspect zero'.
With its influence,I prepared a sketch of how I would meet KCR,
If at all I meet him.

My sketch came true



Surprisingly,My sketch became a reality!
My meeting with KCR recapitulated my imagination.
Eventually,We ended interacting for morethan half an hour.




A woman is like a highway. More the curves more the dangers.

Yes but I would rather risk the danger than loose out on the travel.
-----Ramgopal varma

I was surprised to see the Indian maverick Director Ram gopal varma had responded to the post below[Highway].
I was attracted to Ramu after I came to know he was a great fan of MAD magazine.
Ramu's opinion about cartoonists: There are no better Philosophers than cartoonists in the World.

[After releasing 'AGYATH'movie,Some Woman Organizations presenting Bikinis to RGV. I wonder what they would present when RGV shoot the heroine in nude. ]




A woman is like a highway.
More the curves more the dangers.

common science



There should be a Caricature library somewhere in the World;
there should be a caricature of every common man in that.
---Uncommon common line