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Preview: Comments for Yzabel @ NaNo

Comments for Yzabel @ NaNo

Antics and progresses in NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriYe

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Comment on Frustrations by gavthorpe

Thu, 07 Aug 2008 07:40:45 +0000

Hi, The reason that the scene is coming across as dull is probably because, at the moment, it is... That is, you have convinced yourself that the scene is important and must have a certain gravitas, but nothing you have said so far mentions _why_ it is important to the characters or the readers. Good storytelling is about conflict, so what is the conflict and tension arising from the characters' interaction? Why is it relevant that they come from different places? What's the differences in tradition, beliefs and history implied by their places of origin, and what are the characters' reactions to finding out where each other comes from? This initial scene should help you as the writer lay the groundwork for some of the characters' relationships that will be explored throughout the rest of the story. Ignorance of each other's customs? Initial distrust? Historical enmity? A more personal approach - 'A Frenchman killed my father..." If you want the scene to be interesting, you have to come up with the points of interest! Hope that helps, GAV

Comment on Day 1 – It Has Started by Jim

Mon, 08 Jan 2007 20:43:49 +0000

Great Blog. I agree with the above and all there is to say really. Cheers for the read. Nice looking as well. Happy New Year J

Comment on Enters Nessa by Day 17 - An evening’s word count « Yzabel @ NaNo

Fri, 17 Nov 2006 21:56:22 +0000

[...] Chapter done. I ended up naming him Caine all the same. Duh. T_T But I swear it’s because I’m considering reading the Amber series again, and I quite liked the character of Caine there. Yeah, Julian’s and Gerard’s brother. That Caine. Twisted enough to my liking. So I snatched his name away. [...]

Comment on Day 3 – Word Count by Yzabel

Thu, 16 Nov 2006 20:39:47 +0000

A bit late in answering your comment, but thanks! I'm really struggling with NaNo this year, so all the 'good lucks' in the world are very much appreciated. :)

Comment on Day 3 – Word Count by The CK

Fri, 03 Nov 2006 21:15:32 +0000

I found your blog looking for a new word meter when I saw that zokoutu site had crashed, I didn't know NaNo had one...Thanks for the tip and Good Luck! :)

Comment on 2006 NaNovel Profiling by Yzabel

Sun, 22 Oct 2006 08:40:51 +0000

Not sure about the ping thing, I think I've allowed pingbacks, but probably it can be turned on or off from your side as well on each post? Anyway, I don't mind. As long as this profiling thing is useful to someone, it's good. :)

Comment on 2006 NaNovel Profiling by sickboycomagirl

Sun, 22 Oct 2006 01:06:31 +0000

Oh dude, sorry about that huge thing up there-- is there any way to turn that monster ping off? Anyway, fantastic profile format, had a lot of fun doing it! Thanks!

Comment on 2006 NaNovel Profiling by “Novel Profiling” « Totally Nude Vodka Fumes

Sat, 21 Oct 2006 23:58:05 +0000

[...] Totally grabbed this from this fabulous blog over here- so hope that’s cool. It’s for a sci-fi novel but I can adjust. Nanowrimo is comin and it ain’t lookin good for me. I’m trying to write a thank-you note right now and it is so not happening it actually is funny. Novel Title: Hello Adam Estimated length: Ha ha ha. Your writing experience: Whosis? New genre? Or old favorite?: Realistic ficshin. Any sub-Genres?: Wacky trippy road trippin. Gonna publish?: Ha ha ha. And then some Columbia alum will be like Bitch stole my plot and shitty syntax! Cliches/archetypes you’re including (not necessarily a bad thing!): Road trip. Misunderstood young peoples. Insanity. Music. Sex drugs an rock’n'roll. And stuff. Cliches/archetypes you’re avoiding: There’s nothing we won’t not do man. Theme(s): The whole punk conception of romance. Movement. What we (the readers) will learn: Passion is a fashion but some of us are stuck with one pair of jeans and it innint our fault. Reality ain’t shit. Moving is for what ails ya. Main character(s): Adam. Secondary characters: The Virgin fuckin Mary, Topper Headon, an an an- the hitchhiker guy and his posse. And Donny, Catalina, and the unnamed chick. Protagonist(s): Adam. Antagonist(s): Everyone else! Setting: The highway between Los Angeles and some town in New Mexico that I made up. Rough geography: That would be desert then? And asphalt. Conflict: Adam’s gotta get somewhere in a certain amount of time. No biggie. Obstacles in the journey: He’s in a stolen car, doesn’t have money, and is having trouble seeing things. Expected resolution: Oh dude, I totally wanna kill someone off. [...]

Comment on Magna Carta by Yzabel

Sat, 21 Oct 2006 05:41:14 +0000

1. Mary Sue: that's basically the 'too perfect' character. The traditional Mary Sue would be pretty much the beautiful girl with special hair/eyes colors, who is liked by everyone, has top marks at school, doesn't have any flaw (or flaws that can easily appear as 'cute' and likeable all the same, or with the effect that all other chars always and immediately want to comfort and protect her), generally succeeds in everything she does, and/or has powers of some sort. May also include being a half-elf without knowing it, or turning out to be a lost princess, etc. Gary Stu is the male equivalent, but more geared at fighting and other skills showing off strength and control. What's interesting in all of this is that a character may be a Mary Sue on the paper, but can also end up being written/played as a very decent character (and the contrary as well). Personnally, I tend to add an extra dimension to this: a Mary Sue appears when her author is too involved in her, e.g. a fangirl writing herself (through her characrter) in the world of her famous anime, then feeling angry when other people write fanfics starring the hero and another char than hers--or simply throwing a fit when someone criticizes ever so slightly her Sue. 2. Wangst is indeed based on angst. That's a term I've often seen when speaking of bad RPG players, or bad fanfics. I guess it's a mix of angst + whine, or something very close: when the angst becomes annoying instead of adding a dark element to the story, because there's just too much of it for reasons that wouldn't demand it. Kind of like "wah, wah, my mother cut my allowance for this week, now I'm going to cut myself and write emo poems in my room all evening long". ;)

Comment on Magna Carta by Larys

Fri, 20 Oct 2006 22:07:30 +0000

Interesting - got to keep that in mind should I want to write again in the future. Just two (stupid?) questions : 1. What's a Mary Sue ? 2. What's "Wangst" ? Has ist got to do with "Angst" ? (German for "fear")