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The Dinhgy Landing


The view of San Diego from the Dinhgy Landing on Coronado Island. This is a pen and ink piece done in plein air with the local urban sketchers of my town.

EL CID "Balboa Park"


 8 x 10 Pen and Ink with watercolor accents

Plein air sketch done in Balboa Park,
This sketch was accepted as part of a display for the contemporary exhibition throughout the San Diego International Airport terminal 2 to celebrate the centennial of our famous Balboa Park.
It is located on the ground floor of terminal 2 next to the international arrival gate. 
I hope you will have a chance to go see it !



9 x 6   Pen and Ink with some Watercolor on a Stillman & Birn - Alpha Series

Here is a drawing done with the San Diego Urban Sketchers from the Island of Coronado.
Drawing can be so fun especially when the view is fabulous like this one but even if you want to just draw a simpler view, drawing can be a release of your creativity onto paper and the more you practice the better you get.
I would encourage everyone to keep a small travel sketch pad to jot down something you think is nice, after some time you will find so many of your drawing to help you relive a moment or just enjoy again the setting.



8 x10 pen and ink with some watercolor
"Megan's wash"
This drawing was done in Vermont at my nephew house, his wife Megan had some laundry drying. I just like to see and draw these !



                             6 x 18  Pen and ink with some Tombow markers

The San Diego Skyline is very attractive. I enjoyed drawing my city from the view of Coronado Island sitting on the pier of the ferry. I decided to not put any color on my original and I will add some on the prints I will make. I will post the color version later.
This drawing was made originally for the header of the blog of the 3rd Annual Urban Sketchers Sketch Crawl which will meet here in August 7.8.9. 2015.
Come join us if you can it will be worth it to visit our beautiful city.



Mix media 8 x 10 Pen And Ink with some Watercolor

This drawing was done on location in Balboa Park San Diego. It is such a lovely park to visit. There is so much to see there. Seeing a performance here is so wonderful. In the summer they rent these big umbrellas for $ 2 so the sun won't beat on your head while you enjoy the show, this is why they are all the same !
This piece with others is featured at the San Diego International Airport, Terminal 2 next to the international arrival gate, ground floor before the TSA security so anyone can visit.

The light house


            Pen and ink with some watercolor

Cabrillo national monument light house

City Farmers Market


I've had a lot of problems with my computer and posting anything on my blog has been impossible. I have so many pictures to post I will definitively be busy for a while.
These where done at a farmers market which was a great place to sketch.

8 x 10 pen and ink with some watercolor

                                                       8 x10 pen and ink and watercolor



 This is the biggest festival of sails on the west coast and it's in San Diego  This is the biggest festival of sails on the west coast.It was such a wonderful adventure to see these big ship up close. They are impressive and majestic. It is so overwhelming to think most of the transportation was done in these back in the day. I had the chance to board a few of them and draw.One of the delight of this festival is you got to see individuals in the appropriate costumes for these ship , which I drew also.There where moment when you would see some sailing in our bay which is the first drawing but they where changing course so often that it was hard to capture them on paper. At times we where surprised by cannon shooting or old soldiers shooting their muskets aiming toward the water.It was such a great time seeing all these up close.I'm including some pictures with the drawings I did.[...]



                                                         11 x 14  Ink Pen and Watercolor

Here is the link for where I made my drawing from  HERE

This piece was done for a project called the Virtual Paintout that takes you to different spots in the world and this month is an Island in Denmark called Zealand using Google Maps.
It's quite a fun way to find a location to draw.
NYHAVN Street reflected in the window - On the Island of Zealand in Denmark

" Au Printemps "


12  x  9   Ink Pen and Watercolor

This is the last one I did for my daughters bridal shower. I enjoyed drawing these. Our trip to Europe and especially Paris was so nice. I recommend anyone to go at least once in their life.



                                                                12  x  9   Ink Pen and Watercolor

Here is the second piece of art I did for my daughters bridal shower. Her theme was black, white & French. This was a lovely flower tent selling gorgeous bouquets and loose flowers. They even had a chandelier at the ceiling of the tent. It was so lovely to look at.

" La Fille se Marie "


12  x  9 Ink Pen and Watercolor

This was done for the Bridal shower of my daughter. It is from a picture I took in Paris where these round things are used to display the latest movie posters. As I was drawing it I noticed that it had a young woman pulling a suitcase so I thought I would change it a bit and make the tittle reflect the event  translation " the girl is getting married "
The tree was not in bloom at the time but I choose to make it about spring time. The start of one's life which relates to the start of a married life. I had it framed and it looks very nice.

" PIP "


I encountered this lovely and so sweet pup called "PIP" as I was coming out of an art store. I could not help myself and said I would love to draw him. Well a few weeks later I got a call from his Mommy !
When I went to deliver my drawing someone in the street called out to him and said "Hi PiP" .... his owner did not even know them. I can understand the attraction from everyone. He seem to be  FAMOUS in these part.

8 x 10     Pen, Ink & Watercolor

Here I am with the original on my right !!



8 X 11 Ink Pen

Yesterday I got a call informing me of a free portrait class by a very good local artist held an hour later.  I jumped at the opportunity. When I got there I realized it was an oil painting class and the only things I had on me was my trusted ink pen. We had 2 models to choose from, husband in one room wife in the other and 2 hours with some critiquing and breaks in between.
I felt like I needed to draw both so I hurried a bit to get them done...... lol



                                                      8  x  10  Ink pen and Watercolor

This sweet little girl is part of my family and when you have a talent I think sometimes it needs to be given away. So this was my present to her parents.

I used to draw in pencil first but it is rare now. I had to push myself out of the boat sort to speak and start drawing directly in INK. It's a bit scary sometimes but it gives a certain look to the work that would not be there if I erased some of the line.
What about you ?
Do you go over the edge (artwork that is .......  ) sometimes too and what is it you do  ?



                                                         8  x  10      Blue Ink Pen

My daughter works for a great organization, the YMCA. She is a site supervisor at one of the after school care at an elementary level. They had a fundraiser today and I was invited to paint something.
Well I did this painting which I am posting on my other blog Art by Dominique of "Sweet Peas".
Painting in front of people with the intention of having something finished by the alloted time is a bit nerve racking especially when you don't even know what you are doing before hand, but I kept saying to myself I can do this. Of course it helps when your daughter tells you "if you don't like it mom it's  OK you can make a little sketch of something if you want, just have a good time !" (awww !)
Well I finished in about 2 hours and had another 1/2 hour to spare so I started to sketch this beautiful little girl called Samantha with radiant RED hair. I was really happy to capture that smile.



                                              "  The Brazilians Dancers "

 "The Magical Decor "

"The African Dancers"

A while back I was part of a big costume party here in San Diego where I had the privilege to paint at. There where quite a few performers and the decor was so beautiful. I wished I would of had more time to do a few more pieces but was glad I got at least these in.

Done in Ink Pen with some Watercolor 



8  x  10  Ink Pen & Tombow Pen

Local outings with the weekday Sketchcrawlers / Urban sketchers of San Diego. This is in the Old Town of San Diego, it is such a colorful place with so many areas that grab your attention. It is sometimes difficult to find what to draw but I finally settled on the corner of this building with this lovely tree. I am so attracted to shadows and what they can reveal !

" Forward on "


                                                              8  x  11 Ink Pen

         Harness the horses; and get up, ye horsemen, and stand forth with your helmets; furbish the spears, and put on the brigandines.

                                                       8  x  11       Ink Pen



                                                      11 x  14    Pen , Ink & Watercolor

Colette my grand-niece was chasing soap bubbles one day and I was able to capture a few pictures from the moment. I did this piece before Christmas but I had to wait until they got back home and opened the present to post it.
She is such a sweet little girl with magnificent red hair which I will have to paint one day also.



8 x 11 Pen & Ink
This piece was done as a fundraiser for a recovery facility called "Set Free"
Families would stay there until able to be on their own. I decided to draw a couple of the children  watching the Koi fish in a little pond they have.

One of the things I like to do is add color but only sparingly to add a focus impact to the picture.

But I wasn't sure which way I wanted to go. So I decided to make copies of the drawing on watercolor paper and try a few different ways.

I decided to have the one with the pond in color framed for the event.



8  x  11 Pen, Ink & Watercolor
" Chez Marie " is a small cafe in Paris very close to Montmartre. I thought I would post this drawing I just finished for CHRisTMAS.
First the place is red and second it is called Chez Marie and I thought it could be the new version for the stable where christ was born,
" At Mary's place " 
After all he was put in a trough and that's where you put the food you give to the animals, since he is feeding us still I thought it a perfect correlation.

BTW   This piece will be features on my general art blog also
Art by Dominique 

" MONtmARTre "


                                                     8  x  11          Pen & Ink

This is from my vacation with my daughter to Paris. I was showing her where her grandmother lived ! The only thing I can say is I hope everyone can have the opportunity to go there at least ounce in your life. We went in the off season and the advantage for me is that I could see the architecture of each building since there were no leaves on the trees, like in this drawing I could see the Sacre Coeur  in the distance. Otherwise it would be obscured by the leaves !



                                                         8  x  11 Pen & Ink

Well all I can say is YIKES  this is not easy ! My daughter is trying to find a dress for her wedding and after a while of seeing ruffles, sheer, lace, buttons and little flowers decoration it almost feel as if I want to create one.
I had fun drawing these. But I did not draw the one that looked so perfect on her you never know who might be seeing this !!!! ...LOL  : D