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A collection of thoughts and ideas from artist Carrie Falquist, as well as listings to new works, a featured painting every day, and space to network with other art professionals.

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Portland Rain, a minimalist, abstract cityscape


(image) 18x24 inches
1.5 inch deep gallery wrapped canvas
subtle metallic shimmer through the piece eminates the feeling of the Pacific Northwest!

The Warmth of Your Embrace


20x16 in on 1.5" Gallery wrapped deep edges. Bold, warm colors, jewel tones shimmer.

See this piece and many others on sale now in my eBay store!

"Today, I Found My Wings" a bold, contemporary metallic abstract



Today, I Found My Wings c2007

18"x24" on 1.5" deep gallery wrapped canvas.

Up for auction now. Click here to visit my ebay store.

Part of my transformation and inspiration series.

Law of Attraction, an abstract red metallic heart painting



Law of Attraction c2007

20" x 30"

on 3/4" gallery wrapped canvas

Dreaming of Perfection, a bold, abstract metallic tree



I'm going through a personal journey right now, and the emotions from that are appearing in my work.

This painting is titled "Dreaming of Perfection" and what the camera fails to capture is the way the piece changes when the light hits the leaves on the tree. As you walk past this painting, the angle of the light will make it look like the leaves are shimmering on the tree.

Bold, vibrant colors along with jewel toned metallics make this painting really sparkle. It's a new technique I have started, and my clients are incredibly pleased with the results.

This, along with another dream sequence piece will be available in my ebay store.

Autumn Eclipse, A bold, contemporary Asian inspired landscape



A feng shui inspired painting, large scale, 60"x20". Will make a bold statement on any wall.

Warm reds, golds, orange, lots of texture.

Horse on Purple - Daily equine color study on purple and blue



I love this little horse. His form goes back to a more primitive style, which really pops against the bold hues of aqua and purple.

Hummingbird in Flight - a bright color study against a black background



Today's painting is another bright and colorful hummingbird study.

5x7 on canvas panel.

One in a series of three.

Colorful Hummingbird - a daily color study of a hummingbird in flight



Lately I've been blogging a lot on another site, so I apologize for not sharing more on my daily painter's blog.

Today's piece is to celebrate the gradual move toward springtime. It's a 5x7 painting of a hummingbird in flight. Lots of vibrant, rich colors capture the spirit of these festive little guys.

The sun is shining and my husband has been working in the yard all day. I am ready for spring and summer.... ready for fushia planting next Saturday and digging in my flower beds.

Band of Brothers - an abstract, knife painted horse equine painting



"Band of Brothers" c2007

This past week has been crazy trying to balance my new workout schedule and painting. I think I've figured out how to get a few hours of studio time in every day, and should be able to get more time in as the weather gets nice enough to where I can move my easel and paints outside.

Today's painting is another knife/spoon painted horse abstract. I love this color palette, so calming, but filled with energy at the same time.

The other piece I had similar to this one was sold to one of my favorite collectors, a wonderful woman who is a veterinarian in Tennessee. She has a number of my horses hanging in her home, and thanks to her gift giving, her friends do, too!

I hope to have more listed tomorrow! We'll see how early I get done at the gym tonight, and if I get my preschool newsletter completed.

"A Lady Waits" an abstract metallic nude figure painting


A Lady Waits is my latest installment in my red metallic series. I'm really enjoying the way the light works its way across these bold red paintings and reflects off the metallic teal, gold and purple accents.

This piece changes depending on the angle. At times, looking like a demure woman with a blanket over her legs, but then the light changes and you think.... could this be a mermaid with her scales shimmering in the sunshine?

"Lady" measures 16"x20" on 1.5" deep gallery wrapped canvas. It is available now in my ebay store, and comes varnished and ready to hang.

"Fruition of Dreams" a modern abstract tree metallic


Fruition of Dreams was actually painted out of a response to some bad news I received. I was not chosen for an opportunity I really yearned for. But as I digested the facts, and got over my pity party for a an hour or so, I realized that this is what is meant to happen.

I'm following the principles of "The Secret" in my life right now. And I do believe that the universe gives you exactly what you expect to receive. With this opportunity, I would have been away from my family for 15 weeks, or nearly 4 months. And that part of the plan broke my heart. I had wrapped my mind around 10-12 weeks, and adding another month to that made the whole thing seem a lot less appealing.

And that's why it didn't happen for me. It wasn't the right fit for me and my family.

That's what today is all about. Creating my own opportunities. I'm moving past the fact that TIME CHANGE SUCKS and I didn't get a lick of sleep last night.

I got up at 5:30, worked out for an intense half an hour on my elliptical machine while watching a Dr. Phil episode tivo'ed from Friday. The baby is up and dressed, happily eating her breakfast and watching Sesame Street. My eldest daughter, despite a bit of a restless night is still slumbering, and I'm eating a yummy HEALTHY breakfast.

I'm going to drop off my three year old at school this morning, then the baby and I will be heading to the gym to meet my friend and lift some weights.

I've got a busy day planned, so I had better get to it! If you want to see more of this painting or any others I have available, come visit my ebay store!

"Portland Rain" an abstract, minimalist cityscape


I can't get enough of my studio these days. I'm able to focus on the wonderful world of creating the images in my head....

Today's painting is titled "Portland Rain", and it's a knife painted minimalist contemporary cityscape. After living in the Pacific NW for almost 10 years, I've come to really love the beauty in the rain in the city.

This piece is available in my ebay store. It's 18"x24" on deep 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas. The slashes of rain are a multitude of iridescent color.

"Ride Your Wild Horses" a contemporary abstract horse equine painting


Again, a horse painting... always a horse painting! I love painting horses. This particular piece came to me while I was listening to Classic Rewind on Sirius Radio. U2.... brings back a lot of memories.

And as I was sketching for ideas to paint today... the lyrics "who's going to ride your wild horses" came on. The painting was born at that moment.

Lots of thick paint, movement, texture.

Available now in my ebay store, along with a number of other pieces.

On another note, a journey in my life came to an end last night. I was not selected for a project I had been waiting to hear about. But.... one more opportunity still stands in front of me. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

I will control my destiny, whether through that exciting adventure, or another. And knowing that, my heart is light, there is a spring in my step, and the paintings are flying off the canvas...

It's a good day!

"One Fish" an abstract bright yellow orange fish


"One Fish" c2007
Click here to bid

This piece is a 12"x12" study of a fish, in bright yellows & oranges against a vivid blue. Canvas is 1.5" gallery wrapped, and ready to hang.
This item is ebay item number 120094646305

Starting bid is only $39.

"Rain Poppies" a bold abstract field of red poppies in the rain


"Rain Poppies" c2007

It's funny that on the most beautiful day in the pacific northwest in more than four months I choose to paint a scene that centers around rain! I thought the bright red abstract poppies contrasted beautifully against the dark chocolate background.

The shades of blue from the slashing rain combine to make quite a fluid, movement filled piece.

I'm so happy to be over my "painters block"and creating work that I enjoy. Have a lovely Tuesday everyone! We're going to have one more bonus day of beautiful weather, so I'll be taking the girls to the duck pond this afternoon again.

"Running on Air" an abstract equine horse knife painting



Yes! I have found my mojo again. I'm painting, I'm inspired, I am feeling good! Even with my husband out of town all last week (blah), and lots of crazy crazy stuff going on in my personal life... I am feeling the creative bug.

So, painting... soothes my soul, boosts my spirit, and is better than meditation for calming my mind.

This piece returns to one of my favorite subjects. Horses. Bold horses painted with a palette knife and a spoon.... lots of texture, movement. Up for sale now.

"Birth of Spring" a jewel tone abstract tree landscape



I'm inspired again to paint. So I'm running with it. Sleep or no sleep.

This particular piece is 20"x30" on 3/4" gallery wrapped canvas. It is up for auction now with no reserve.

Bask in the Glow, an abstract tree landscape


"Bask in the Glow" c2006

This particular painting is inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt, with rich bold reds, deep browns, and metallic gold.

Contemporary and modern, this piece will enhance many different decor styles.

20"x32" total size, on two gallery wrapped canvasses, 20x16 each

"After a Swim" a bold red yellow lab labrador portrait



11"x14" gallery wrapped canvas

This is painting number two in the series of dog portraits I'm putting up to help raise the funds necessary to care for my sweet old lab.

"Eager to Please" a contemporary chocolate lab portrait



This portrait is near and dear to my heart. It is fashioned after my sweet Mollie Moe, a chocolate lab I have had for nearly 11 years.

Recently, Mollie has had some serious medical issues, and at one point last week, I thought I would have to say goodbye to my best friend. But, she has pulled through, and will some vigilant medical care, we can keep her comfortable and as healthy as possible for the time she has left with us.

To assist with this, I created a series of canine portraits, mostly labs that I will be listing this week.

All proceeds from these paintings will go towards the veterinary care Mollie needs to stay healthy.

Mollie, my chocolate lab


I'm worried about my dog. My dog, Mollie, an 11 year old chocolate lab is sick. She's been sick before, in fact, through her entire life she has had a host of problems, including, but not limited to epilepsy, which would render her completely incapacitiated in the throes of a grand mal seizure.

The epilepsy has passed, but now she's having problems with her hips, she is losing her eyesight, and lately she has developed some really bad tummy problems.
Mollie won't eat. And that is NOT normal. My big fat dog loves her food, so not eating means she really doesn't feel well. And she's had accidents several times in the house in the middle of the night, again NOT normal.

So, today, she is spending the night at the veterinarian's office, while we wait for blood tests to come back in the morning and make a plan of action for treating her.
I'm in a hard place right now, and am trying not to worry about what the future holds for my sweet Mollie. With her hips, I made a promise to myself that I would not make her live out her life in pain. I decided that when she could no longer climb our stairs, I would face the possibility that she was in chronic pain.

But I'm having to look at the idea that my dog might not be around much longer. She's getting old, and it seems like she's going downhill.

It breaks my heart. She is my first baby. I have had her for three years longer than I've known my husband. She used to go everywhere with me when I was single, and slept at the foot of my bed. She snores incessantly, has terrible gas, and her eyes go cock-eyed when she's really tired.
In the vet's office today, I took a good look at her. At the grey that covers her muzzle, her eyes that are starting to get cloudy, and her tired, wobbling gait. I don't know what I'm going to do without her... and God willing, I won't have to find out any time soon.

But, I will do what's best for Mollie, to keep her from feeling pain, regardless of how much it hurts me. Because I love her.

Poppies in Perspective - large scale semi abstract field of red poppy flowers


"Poppies in Perspective" c2006

Ok, so I have not been able to paint in over a week. And now, I'm creating a large order for a client of mine to hang in her boutique in Arizona, I've got some major things happening on a personal level, and I am itching to create.

Driving me crazy.

Hopefully, I'll be able to sneak away tomorrow morning and spend some "me" time in the studio. I need it. Desperately.

In the mean time, I have put up Poppies in Perspective for auction. This is the only time it will be available, if the reserve for some reason isn't met... it will be retired, meaning it will live in my house forever. I love this painting, and it resonates for me.

So, that said, if I can't find the right home for it, the piece will stay with me.

Click the title to be taken to the listing for Poppies.

"Desert Kisses" - modern, earthy heart duo


Only two days left to order your custom heart painting!

This particular design is one of my favorites. It's subtle, yet the black gives an impact to the overall composition.

If you look closely, you will see that the cream colored hearts have a shimmer of antique gold.

A timeless painting you're sure to enjoy for years.

Blues & Chocolate - a duo of hearts in brown, blue and cream


There's only two more days left to order a set of hearts for your sweetheart. You can choose from four unique designs, and will receive one painted canvas, 20"x30" depicting two hearts on different backgrounds.

A lovely gift for someone special in your life.