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Intrigue ... Blog Of Sentince Poetry

Updated: 2018-02-21T08:59:55.937-08:00


Happy Birthday.........


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Happy Birthday to the one who walk by my side
Share my thoughts
Share my bed
Fill my heart with her warmth
Make me smile with just a touch of your hand
Today isn't just another year this planet has been blessed with your presence
But another year that you have shared all of your blessings with me....

Love always
PJ ..........


Happy Valentine Day


Thank you for the very large dose...
Happy Valentine...

Enough said


For L ....

Quickie series: Arousal (Prose poem)


Simply put....
When I arouse you
You arouse me.....


Happy New Year


Merry Christmas .....


Wising everyone a Merry Christmas...

Thought series... Love Bites...


The only thing we should ask of love
Is that the love that is given
Be given right back....

(C) 1ManView

At rest ..... Sensual prose poem


She laid her head on my chest
For a little rest
Never thought a small jester
Would last an eternity


Happy Autumn


Sweeter than ..... Prose poem .. Thought series ....


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Please push play
After forcing her way into the fold of my arms, she whispered into my ear " hold me"
As a soft cheek press against my cheek,  she took a deep breath in to smell my essence
With a smile on her face, she caress the back of my head and pulled my lips into a kiss that was softer than cotton, deeper than the fathoms of the ocean depths, sweeter than any candy made of sugar
A kiss ... That tasted like ... Felt like... Love....




Between the kiss .. Prose poem


Between the kiss... Slow shallow breaths are takenBetween the kissSensation of taste  Become sweeterBetween the kissTime has become dormant stillBetween the kissThe soft glow of the moon  Replace the bright reflection of the sunBetween the kissThe love between us   Patiently awaits to flowFrom one's lip   To the other(I love you L) allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="170" src="" width="320"> (C) 1ManViewThis poem was inspired by Hanna poem Kisses...[...]

Memorial Day



Thought of Spring... Prose poem


Following the spring path of the arctic air, the winter storms has cease 
Leaving the air with the breath of chill mixed with stagnant warmth

Tree limbs show off its spring buds of green, red and white
While daffodil stems that reach for the life-giving rays of the sun, rise from the death of winter coldness 

When my lungs inhale a deep breath of the air that's fresh and new
It leaves my mind with anticipations of spring being near

(c) 1ManView

Thought series: Lost and found


In this moment of time and space, you are not hereBut your persona is feltIn every strike of my heartbeatIn every breath my lungs takeIn my eyes glance of this room, that feels empty without youMy mind slips to the past of just yesterdayLingering on your gentle touchYour loving embraceThe sound of your laughterThe way you present yourself as one big open heartI know you are not hereBut my eyes still see youMy fingers still feel the presence of your flesh softness on their tipsThe tender embrace of your lips on my cheek I love the taste you leave on my lips, the taste you leave just before you whispered goodbyeAs another breath draws in, I smell essence of your body scent, that's fresher than the air that gently breeze over the calm of ocean wavesHow can a person miss another as soon as they are out of eyes sight comprehend  my thoughts,but its a factYes, I know it's all Inside my mindBut....All my senses are wishing you were still here with meAt this precise moment of timeIn this precise space that I'm standing inLost is my mind in thoughts of youAnd I'm wishing you would hurry back and find that my thoughts were only thinking of you...(C)1ManView[...]

Tăcerile... (Silences) by Teo Dor


Tăceriletăcerile acelea cândprivindu-te cum dormigândul meu urlăși mă ținede mâiniși de picioarede teamăsă nu te trezescși dorințeledorințele aceleastinseîn urletul din gând...By  Teo Dor silencesWhenwatching you sleepMy mind screamedand making myhandand feetFearnot to wakeand desiresthose desiresextinguishedthe roar of thought ...(The power of love and desire......)[...]

It's that simple ....


The way your tender kisses transcend into my heart
The way your touch breeze through my being 
The way you gentle hug folds into my soul
Always remind me
That I'm loved by you

(C) 1ManView

Merry Christmas .....


Xmas is coming....


Christmas is almost here...  

Never a tomorrow.....


When we first met, we became friends 
After we met, you became a good friend 
As we grew up, you became my best friend 
Yesterday, you left this world abruptly... 
Today and always, you shall be remembered as my one and only brother....


(C) 1ManView

Happy Thanksgiving


Follow me... (Thought series.)... Prose poem


Faces smilingPalms sweatyCheek to cheekAromatic scent of Channel No. 5 perfume entices my mindYour body followed mine in a slow rhythmic movementThighs rubHips gently gyrate in the darknessBe smooth enters my mindFollow his every step emerge in yoursPlatonic foreplay comes to an end too soonAs our first slow dance ends......(c)1ManView[...]

Music that fit my mood... Luther Vandross - I'd Rather


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="344" src="" width="459">I thought sometime alonewas what we really neededyou said this time would hurt more than it helpsbut I couldn't see thatI thought it was the endof a beautiful storyand so I left the one I loved at home to be alone (alone)and I tried to findout if this one thing is truethat I'm nothing without youI know better nowand I've had a change of heartI'd rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone elseI'd rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myselfI'd rather have hard times together, than to have it easy apartI'd rather have the one who holds my heartwhoo-oo-oo-oo yeahAnd then I met someoneand thought she could replace youwe got a long just finewe wasted time because she was not youwe had a lot of funthough we knew we were fakinglove was not impressed with our connection built on lies, all liesso I'm here cause I found this one thing is truethat I'm nothing without youI know better nowand I've had a change of heartI'd rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone elseI'd rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myselfI'd rather have hard times together, than to have it easy apartI'd rather have the one who holds my heartwho holds my heartI can't blame you if you turn away from me, like I've done you,I can only prove the things I say with time,please be mine,I'd rather have bad times with (please be mine) you,than good times with someone else (I know)I'd rather be beside you in a storm (anytime),than safe and warm by myself (so sure baby)I'd rather have hard times to gether,than to have it easy apartI'd rather have the one who holds my heart (my heart)I'd rather have bad times with you (surely),than good times with someone else (surely)I'd rather be beside you in a storm (oh yeah),than safe and warm by myself (all by myself)I'd rather have hard times together,than to have it easy apart (you know it)I'd rather have the one who holds my heartI'd rather have the one who holds my heartI'd rather have the one who holds my heartwhoooo.....who holds my heart[...]

Conscious ... Prose poem ....


I stand here with my heart in my hand
Giving it to you willingly
Just please don't ever drop it
Or I shall surely die....

(C) 1ManView

Jonathan McReynolds - Limp (lyrics)


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="270" src="" width="480">A little inspiration for LC....Love always PJ....I'm tired, brokenInnocence stolenAnd all I know, I am a different womanSee life hits, and life hurtsThink I've seen some of life's worstBut you've been here.So you understandSee I fell and I broke somethingBut I couldn't tell, cause I kept running away from your love and graceSo my trips, and my pains, my failures. they only make me desperate to seek your faceThe devil hoped this injury would make stop and take defeat, but I know Jesus walks with meSo I'll just keep on walking with my limp, Just keep on walking with my limpI'm imperfect, so I slipped up and I had my heart ripped upBut you're lifter of my headSo please come and please healHow I think and how I feeland I'll live by what you sayAnd you said heavy laden come to me, the sick, the flawed, the lame, the weakAnd I'll be everything you needSo I'll be walking with my limpJust keep walking with my limpLimps are every flaw, that keeps us from having an otherwise perfect walkLimps are every weaknessAnd we were born handicappedBut God gives us strength backAnd all that you lackIf you just keep on walking with your limpIll pursue my victoryCause when they beat youYou look just like meYou were struggling with your passion and your loveIt kept you walking with your limpCalvary walking with your limpNo matter what they said, you kept walking with you limpYea that's my saviour with his limpJust so one day I could walk with my limpAnd I could still be loved even with my limpAnd I could still be used even with my limpAnd I could still be saved even with my limpSo I'll just keep walking with my limp[...]