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i eat you

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In 2009, I took a beginner's Photoshop course online. It was much tougher than I'd expected, and being the perfectionist that I am, it took me hours to do one project. So, as you can imagine, it took me DAYS to finish my final project. I tweaked and tweaked with my limited skills until I could tweak no more. Below was the result. Who knows? Maybe I can add "aspiring artist" to my list of un-tested and un-verified talents?  :)The Concept:  A representation of the "Goblin Market" by Christina RossettiThe basic premise of the "Goblin Market" is that goblin merchant men tempt virtuous young maidens with luscious, ripe, and abundant fruit every morning and every evening. However, unbeknowest to the maidens, once they partake of the fruit, they can no longer hear the goblins' cries...and are doomed to pine and waste away from want.The poem revolves around two sisters - Laura and Lizzie - who are representative of the duality of innocence and desire, strength and weakness, the virtuous lady and the fallen woman, the woman who abides by society's rules and the woman who breaks away from patriarchal suppression, etc.The "Goblin Market" was quite scandalous for its time (19th Century), as many viewed the poem to be a thinly veiled analogy to sex:  "Then [she] suck'd their fruit globes fair or red: / Sweeter than honey from the rock, / [...] She suck'd and suck'd and suck'd the more / Fruits which that unknown orchard bore; / She suck'd until her lips were sore..."The poem was also viewed as an analogous discussion of losing one's virginity.   There are also analogies to the animalistic nature of those who partake of the fruit, the most glaring of which is Laura being likened to a swan (referencing Leda and the Swan), as well as the goblin men possessing the features or qualities of wild beasts.(I selected Da Vinci's depiction of Leda and the Swan - it's classic and the most G-rated.  If you want the more risque illustrations, go here.  Don't say I didn't warn you.) My Spin:  The subversive nature of the goblins, symbolized by the dichotomy between surface (land) and sub-surface (water).Since I'm no professional artist, I couldn't really draw what I wanted.  I was forced to use images I found online, so please take a moment to respect the artists from whom I borrowed many, many beautiful works of art.  This was my base image.  It's called the Time by Imperioli.  I loved the surreal creativity and serenity of this artwork.  Feeding off of this artist's creative energy, I decided to go with a three-paneled piece.The left panel consists of the first four lines of the "Goblin Market".  The lines are haphazardly placed to represent the chaotic, down spiraling path of Laura's innocence.  The font is Lansdowne.The right panel consists of the title of the poem.  I chose Daemonesque because its structure is rigid and fairly straightforward, but it's wrapped up in and decorated with (choked by?) luscious vines and flowers.  This integration of the straight and narrow with the chaotic is very Rossetti Goblinesque.I added Christina Rossetti's initials in red to represent life force, i.e. the life force of any written work is the author, and the life force of the body is blood.  I also chose red to represent the temptation of the goblins' fruits, which promises life beyond the grayscale.  Further, I chose red to represent the violence of Laura and Lizzie's experience as well as the blood bond between the sisters, which ultimately saves Laura's life.  For the font, I used FantasticPete.The middle panel consists of my work.  I borrowed images from many, many wonderful artists, including James C. Christensen.  I've incorporated clinging moss, gnome and elf prisoners, baskets of luscious fruit strewn about haphazardly (both inviting and dangerous), goblins hiding in the shadows (waiting for their victim), the temptation of the apple held by the lead goblin (yes, the lead goblin is from the movie, The Dark Crystal - those puppets always freaked m[...]

This City


This city has no soul. No heartbeat.

It pretends to breathe. But it's just a pretty little dead thing.

Oh, Sylvia


"The Heart"
by Alfredo Caceres

Every good story has two versions. Which would you prefer to hear, dear reader?

Sylvia finally found love and...

Sylvia took the scoundrel's beating heart and...

The Lonely Year


Artist Unknown

I was rooted.  All my life, rooted to the ground.
I watched my leaves break off, fly or fall, and leave me.
I watched the birds on my branches, flock and fly, and leave me.
I watched my brothers cut down, uprooted and stolen, and leave me.
I was filled with this unnameable desire, to leave this ground
that felt lonelier and lonelier
every year.

So, every day, I worked my roots out of the ground, little by little.
It took me years, and with every ring that grew around my bark,
the ground released me inch by inch.
I grew taller and older, lonelier and lonelier,
but shook the earth from me, day by day.
Until one day, my roots tore free.

Now, I am free to leave.
I am free to follow my leaves.
I am free to follow the birds.
I am free to wander the earth.

I am free to be rootless.

The Blue House: A True Story


It was the blue 'ouse on the corner, what done it.I ain't one to tell no stories, but you can askDavey and Tam and Ronny, they seen it too.The night was cold and clammy, like tonight.  That 'ouse wasgroanin' something fierce and awful.  I once 'eard my gran groanin' cosher bones ached, and it sounded like that.  Jest like that.I don't think the kids 'ad a chance, no they din't.  Davey and Tam and Ronny andI were lookin' for cats.  The sailors buy 'em to catch the mice on theirfine ships - two pence a piece, even!And we saw them over the wall, all starin' like.  They weren't movin' none, just starin' into them dark, dark windows.Then they went in, one by one, like a line of ants.I didn't hear nothin' but the groanin' of the 'ouse.And they were never seen again.  Their mams cried for weeks, and the men looked for them all over the town, but no oneever found them, no' hair nor hide.But I know it was the blue 'ouse that done it.  That 'ouse is alive, with its groanin' and grumblin' and old bones creakin'.You don't believe me?Go to it when the night is cold and clammy, but make sure to stand behind the wall!Look into its windows,Listen to it talk.You'll see it.  You'll hear it.And then you'll know.Just ask Davey and Tam and Ronny.They seen it too.That blue 'ouse on the corner.[...]

Packaging with a little love...


February 14th is looming...  I'm not a huge fan of gift-giving on Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate wonderful V-Day packaging.  Here are some DIY goodies for you love-stricken folks out there!

Use a straw to make a lovely little arrow.  Pairs well with a plain paper bag!

Use cupcake cups to make faux flowers.

Another arrow, but with a sweet little heart on the tail end.

A box wrapped with your love letter.

Popsicle sticks on a string!  You can personalize them with little love notes.

Friday Round-Up


Things I desperately want...

Bicycle with leather seat and handles.  And that basket...

Wide-wick candles.  Wood tray.

A mug.  That holds cookies.  Genius!

A nesting doll wearing a Burberry coat.

My very own pocket lynx!

A spot of honey with my tea.

Happy Friday, folks!

Lovely Spaces


I'm in the process of looking for new digs.  Part and parcel of that are obsessive apartment hunting and daydreaming about decor.  And some of the non-stop daydreaming can be blamed on...Warm blankets with lovely colors. Exposed brick wall.  Doorway.  And oh, the frameless art.Guest room, secretly used as a mid-week retreat.Jane Austen room.  No other comments needed.Old, natural kitchen with exposed beams and copper pots.A house is not a house without books.  Lots of them.A living room with a view.  Clean and fresh.The charm of mismatching frames.  And good art.Organization of your gift-wrapping propensities!The perfect background for a chat.A true retreat.  Low-lying sofa, exposed beams, and chandelier.My dream work station.  If only...A dog and your favorite chair to come home to.Of course, the furniture (and living space) I actually own are nothing like the above, but one day.  A girl can dream.[...]

A Bit of Style


I'm a self-proclaimed fashion disaster. Color sense?  Paint me color blind.  Matching or fashionable mis-matching of items? A complete mystery. Knowing how to wear hats and scarves just so?  Like solving a Rubik's Cube...blind-folded.

Having said that, I know what I like. When I see it. On other people. 

And this is what I like...

The polished look.  The sweater is simple, a little severe,
but softened by that beautiful, silky bow and flirty but modest skirt.

The staple look.  Since moving up to the PNW, this look seems to be a
staple.  Neutral sweater, tight jeans, beautiful loop scarf, tall boots,
and a bit of pizzaz with the purse.

The mini swag.  I had to add this picture because this kid
makes the outfit.

As I slowly attempt to get back into blogging, I hope to share more fashion, home decor, and random tidbits with you all!

Happy Thursday!

A New Proposal


Cannibalism is an underestimated and misunderstood form of affection.  At the very least, it staves off hunger and controls explosive population growth.  Yes, Mr. Swift.  Cannibalism for everyone.

With a dash of pepper and salt...

Let us eat each other into oblivion.



When you have a man...

and a dog...

and they're both so exquisite to look at...

Life becomes very unfair.

Early Winter


Yesterday, I experienced my first snowfall...ever.  I've been to snowy places, but I've never watched the snow fall from the sky. So pretty!It started out nice and gentle...That's my dog, sniffing suspiciously at the white stuff.  He's a Californian like me.  By evening, we had about 3-4 inches of snow, which may not be too bad for other places used to harsh winters, but it's bad for Seattle - when snow falls on an ill-prepared city, you get trouble.And  it wasn't without its mishaps - I took the bus yesterday because I'm a wimp and can't drive in the snow.  After 2 hours of sitting in traffic, a group of bussers and I decided to walk home...5.5 miles in the wind, chill, and snow.  I bought makeshift winter clothes from Sears, which was the only store close by, and trekked through crazy cold for 4 miles (at one point, we linked arms so we wouldn't get blown down the bridge ramp) before calling my roommate to pick us up.  Even then, the danger wasn't over.  We still slipped and slid all the way home! I got home at 9:00 pm.  My other roommate, who drove that day, didn't get home till midnight.  And she still had to abandon her car 6 blocks away because it couldn't make it up the hill.However, today is officially...SNOW DAY!!!  I don't have to go into work!  When I woke up this morning, I immediately got into my new winter kicks and ran outside...  I love snow.  :)[...]



Sorry, folks, my internet's been spotty (at best)!  My housemates and I are getting new Internet service on Friday, so once that's all set up, I should be able to post new entries, reply to your comments, and make comments on your entries more consistently.

I keel you, Internet!

Thank you for your patience!!!!!!

Living in the Emerald City


It's been a month and a couple of weeks since I moved up to Seattle, otherwise known as the Emerald City.

It's green!  But lonely.  It's beautiful!  But cold.  It's friendly!  But confusing.

I'm loving every minute of it.

I haven't taken many pictures of my new home - I started working immediately after moving up here.  However, I did make my first movie ever of my dog and my housemate's dog running around in the local dog park.  (Click on the caption: The Dogs)

The Dogs
It's rough, shoddy, and a little off.  But it captures their spirits well.  So enjoy!

P.s.  New blog to come soon!  It'll be fun and exciting, I promise.  :)

Packin' My Bags and A-Leavin'


Hey Folks,

I'm moving.  Packing my bags and a-leaving, finally.  I'm uprooting myself from my native Los Angeles, CA for the wild grey yonder of Seattle, WA.

And knowing me, this will be my fate halfway there:

Avouer qu'on est perdu - Cumulonymbus

In other words, lost as a bat in broad daylight.

So, for about two weeks (give or take), I will probably be missing in action.  Rest assured, I will think about you all every single day.  There will be much weeping and shaking from withdrawal, but I will be brave about this.  It's not like we're breaking up.  It''s just a brief, necessary pause to start afresh.  In more ways than one.

When I come back, I promise to shower you with lots and lots of ridiculous attention.  You'll beg me to stop.


Thursday Shorts


His Liquid Grave - Meluseena

Mully was a sailor, born on the high, rough seas.
A scallywag, a pollywog, an unrepentant lout was he.
He drank, he gamed, he lied, he cursed,
He charmed the ladies with words unrehearsed.
All to forget a love he once courted,
To the sewers and seas, he finally consorted,
Young but bitter, he lived on a close shave,
Till alas, he lost his life to a liquid grave.

The Inevitable Etsy Cache


It was inevitable.  It's an Etsy world, and we just live in it.  I tried to resist an out-and-out Etsy post, but there are just so many wonderful little finds on that soul-absorbing site that I...I can't resist no mo'.So, here are some of my top picks of the week!  Remember, my birthday is in March - but I'm not adverse to a little early gift-giving, iffen ye know what I mean.  Books and air balloons.  I love books.  I love air balloons.Come on, this is like a honeycomb to a bear!  Speaking of bears...A Monocled Bear.  And it's a brooch.I want this gentlemanly beast climbing on my lapelevery. single. day.Nerdy glasses on a string?I'm not beyond a little kitsch.  A watercolor of The Royal Mile inEdinburgh, Scotland!!  Here's an extra exclamation pointto emphasize my love for this print - !  Brings back memories ofmy lovely summer in Scotland. A Fiddlin' Kitty.  My dog would protest,but I'm the Master of my own Universe!  And some girlie vintage frames to match.If you have any favorite sellers or items, let me know!  I'm always up for a little wallet-torture![...]

The Lost Children of the City


Inspired by the  Art of Sanya Glisic Do you know where your children are? The school bell chimes But the yard is empty Where have the children gone? Hidden within the forest deep Far beyond society's rubbish heap,  Its burns, its fire Its callous revelry,  That leaves behind the wooded scar Lies a marvel Of dancing bears and Balancing tumblers Mighty buckets and Tutu'd divers Maidens fair and Poisonous creatures Cycling lions and Lions cycling Bull-headed men and Balls of string Men of steel and Their companion true They all await To awe and amaze you So don't delay Your visit, if you may [...]

The Weekend Is Upon Us


Enjoy the little moments.

Birds of One Feather


Artist UnknownPhineas woke up one Fall morningTo find the leaves turned brown and witheredHe donned a sweater and a scarfAnd human hands to keep him warmAt the wharf, he met a sageHandless, hairless, and lined with age"Fortune, fortune, will I read,"Cried the sage, to misleadChirping and whirring with delightPhineas agreed to pay any priceThe sage raised his stumps, a dark, dark blightAnd looked askance at Phineas, twice"Fortune, fortune will I read,For your warm mittens and a bead,"The sage was sly, and Phineas simpleA devil's deal...if 'twere not for Kimpel Kimpel the Fisherman, young and wiseHad made a pledge to his mother dearTo protect the innocent from false scriesFor to one, she lost her heart sincereThrowing aside his fisher's creel,A strong, firm hand did Kimpel useTo halt the lies, the steal, the dealAnd stop a most unfortunate ruseCries and howls, unholy to hearThe sage let loose with a single tearPhineas, simple and kind at heartWith his mittens did he gladly partAlarmed by kindness, the sage did pauseAs the cold shriveled the boy's poor claws"Ye are good," the sage did say,"I am changed, from this 'ere day."Kimpel assessed and judged and noddedTruth was told, redemption awardedSo the boy, the sage, and the fisherman togetherBecame fast friends, Birds of One Feather[...]



Sorry, folks.  Just going through some personal trials right now.  Need to go on a little break to take care of some things.

 The Return of Vacation by Cetrobo

I promise to be back soon...energized, refreshed, and full of monstrous activity (raaawr).  When I come back, I shall eat you all!  Nom nom nom!

Introducing Cole + Josephine


No need for introductions, really.  The art speaks for itself.  However, since I'm gregarious, allow me to expound:  Cole + Josephine is the brainchild of Nicole Sharp.  She's a self-taught artist, and her work is both visceral and intelligent, with a hint of "Wordsworthian" whimsy.  Every piece is like a stream-of-consciousness, as if a floating thought was captured mid-flight, which is manifested in the title of her works.  I've included some of my favorite pieces below, but you can see more of her wondrous artwork on her blog or in her shop. A Piece of Fried Gold   Fresh   Here I am just trying to relax and you just tear through here and destroy my calm   We can sit in our modern chairs and have long, philosophical discussions  The Frequency of Direction   Trompe L'oil Pears   Terrarium: Bringing the Outdoors In. Oh, and Making It Better.  I'm just going to throw this out there... the Beatles do nothing for me  Owls plus Bird Claw Talismans equal Incompatible Etsy Trends [...]

Picture Books


People have different motivations for reading and writing books.  Mine was always, always about the story.  Love of words?  A close second. I see stories in everything:  books, pictures, music, dreams, moments, even scents.  This morning, I stumbled across a treasure trove of a series of fashion photographs.  I normally don't pay attention to fashion, but the rich and compelling story found in each frame, the lush and vivid colors, the hint of history and the mystic... it was all too fantastic to ignore. Enjoy.    Tamer Yilmaz        Carter Smith [...]

Out Sick


I was out sick yesterday.  

I went to the ER and found out I had a tummy virus.

I took medicine and am a bit better now.

I wish you all a safe and healthy mid-week!

Lips Touch Three Times


It's been a long time since I devoured a book in one gulp.  It was like a delicious addiction - I couldn't put it down.  Lips Touch Three Times by Laini Taylor is an explosion of imagery, fairy tales, twists, pulls and pushes, tastes and sights, implications and delights.  My normally rooted feet actually left the ground, and I was hurtled into a completely different world.  I recommend.  Highly, wildly. You also get the absolutely stunning visual treat of Jim Di Bartolo's illustrations.  I was transfixed by this book's cover, and was taken aback when I found more lush illustrations inside.  Ms. Taylor begins with a spin-off of one my favorite poems, The Goblin Market...  before transporting her readers to hot, sticky, and exotic India for a re-telling of the Orpheus myth...  and then finishing off with a tale of her own imagining. I've been an aspiring writer for a while now, and have always wanted to play with The Goblin Market and the Orpheus myth in a number of different ways.  To see Ms. Taylor play with these stories so lovingly, and so seductively, is inspiring.  If you haven't already read it, please do yourself a huge favor and read the book.  I promise you that all your senses will be engaged.P.s.  In response to a special request...marshmallow madness!     [...]