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Tara Agacayak

challenging creative entrepreneurs

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I've Moved!


Read this week’s blog post on my brand new site.A big thanks to Erica Schreiber for getting me moved to Wordpress.There’s still a lot of tweaking to do and my head is spinning with all the new things to learn, but I’m excited for the chance to grow.Keep watching as Rose Deniz works on my trade dress.See you over there!



MOMENT #2 by alainalele What is the biggest excuse holding you back from doing what you really want? Be aware that it may not actually look like an excuse. Instead it might look like: Distraction Procrastination Confusion Chaos Illness Allergies Helpfulness Habituation Phobia Indecision Uncertainty Charity Addiction __________ (fill in the blank) How do you know that it’s



Color Hearts by Inoc I’m working with someone who is about to take a certification exam for a career she loathes. You can see it in her face.When I ask her what she loves, she replies, "decorating".“What if you pursued decorating?” I asked her.And her face lit up at the possibility."There are two year programs to get licensed and you could start doing jobs now to build your portfolio."



A question I hear over and over again is: How much should I charge? Macro Dollar by Chris Dlugosz Recently I received an offer to sign up for a summer coaching course. This course promised six-weeks of one-on-one coaching with the goal of helping me achieve my grandest dream. The price tag? $55. I declined the offer. If that’s her idea of thinking big, I thought to myself, that’s



I’m working on a little campaign to build up the community on my Facebook Page. Here’s the deal … Post a link to your site, event, project, Facebook page, photo of your business card etc. on my wall I’ll promote it on Twitter.  It’s a good opportunity to promote who you are and what you’re doing and a great chance for me to highlight the creative entrepreneurs in my professional



Rain over Street Lights by S Marcu On Tuesday I was supposed to meet a friend on the European side of Istanbul. To get there from where I live on the Asian side I take a train, and a ferry, and a funicular with lots of walking in between. The minute I stepped outside of my house the rain came down in torrents. I wasn’t going anywhere. So I went back inside and I waited. An hour later



Abstract Lightbulb by Paul Tomlin If what you’re doing isn’t working, change what you’re doing. To change what you’re doing, learn.   To learn, find someone who is doing it better than you are, and take their class.   Joining Lindsay Wilson’s program was one of the best investments of time and money I’ve made in myself and my business. She did for me in six weeks what I couldn’t do



Last week I asked you what one step you’re taking to move forward in your business and you shared some very inspiring responses. One forward step that I’ve taken is to sign up for a small business class with Lindsay Wilson and it has been a turning point for Turquoise Poppy Consulting. I’ve learned tons from Lindsay in areas where I’ve struggled and I know the new skills I’ve developed



“One of the most powerful ways to establish peace in your life and restore your beauty is to live in harmony with your inner rhythms.” - from Awakening Beauty the Dr. Hauschka Way. During my month-long trip home to California for my sister’s wedding I found a book that tapped into what I’ve intuitively believed about beauty, but never consciously acknowledged - that when all the areas of



"Deprivation is the mother of failure."  "Make choices that are meaningful to you." - Mirelle Guiliano author of French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure Rainbow Circus Candy by D Sharon Pruitt When I turned ten years old, I suddenly began having trouble with my weight. I’ve been on my fair share of diets since then and the only thing the diets have done is make me



Sarah Shaw likes to say "When in doubt, take the next step." When you don't know what to do next, start with what you do know. What you love What you want Where you see yourself What you wear What you eat Where you live What you drive How you work Then put that in contrast: What you hate What you don't want What style doesn't suit you What you don't want to eat Where you don't want to live



Blowing Underwater Circles by Christian Haugen  Do not limit yourself with: I can't I don't know how I don't understand I’m too old I’m too inexperienced I’ve never done this before It’s too late I don’t have the energy I don’t have the time I don’t have the money I'm sick Whatever it is that you want to do, know that it’s enough just to want to do it. The rest is simply a matter of



When you embark on the path to do what you love you will no doubt encounter a number of challenges akin to trudging through thick, dense snow in the dark of winter.  Some of these challenges might include: naysayers (people who’ll say you can’t do it) skeptics (people who don’t believe you can do it) temptation (to go for easy money doing something you hate) doubt (that what you want is even



What does it mean to be productive? Poppy Wall by A National Acrobat   Next month I’m traveling back home to California for my sister’s wedding. Not only do I have two years of catching up to do, but I’ve got to make every second of this special ocassion count. So I think productivity is doing the things that are worthwhile when you’ve only got a limited amount of time.   It’s about



You don’t have to do anything.   Explored by Nina Matthews It is perfectly acceptable to sit around all day and dream worry complain wonder fester cry sulk whine wish wander perfect research brainstorm It’s OK. Really. We all do it. But I have a feeling there’s something in you that you really want to do. Go and do that. I dare you. ….. Now through March 31, 2011 sign up for a



I have a secret - I love American Idol. Over and over in the show you hear contestants proclaim how being a performer is what they love to do - it’s their dream. Rainbow Clouds by Karen White But you know what? I don’t think doing what you love is about living your dreams.   I think doing what you love is about being who you are. Your dreams are just one way to gain insight into



One of the three things I plan to work into my life this year is how to be more productive.  Toward that end, two weeks ago Rose invited me to explore ways to manipulate time to my advantage. Time Flies by Neal Fowler One of my conclusions was that if I flipped time on its side and lived moments vertically (by diving into them) rather than horizontally (by counting them linearly) that



I’m used to living in duality. I live in two places, two religions, two cultures, two continents, two languages, two countries. Two of Arts by qthomasbower Living in between requires you to find a way to be both - to navigate your way between the two, and neither - to discover yourself amidst the division. Some say digital space is unreal, that it is a place to escape. But there are



The question was asked, “Why do all cities die while all companies survive?” City Inside Raindrops by taiyofj It reminded me of the question an English professor once asked us: “Why do languages die?” And the answer is that languages die not when they aren’t spoken, but when they stop changing. The things that die are things that cannot (or choose not to) maneuver or twist or bend or



DEFENSE When tensions run high and people start drawing lines between “us” and “them” I recall one of the things I learned as a psychology student - people tend to segregate themselves when they perceive a shortage of resources. At times when it appears there isn’t enough to go around, people feel vulnerable and threatened. To counter, they hoard, defend, segregate, differentiate. It is an



What is all this frivolous nonsense about following your passion? And what of this sappy talk about doing what you love? What kind of work is that? Heart Canopy from Mari Robeson* Who are you to follow your own path? And the different drummer? Please. Spare me. Who do you think you are? A free spirit? Able to do whatever you please? Wherever and however you like? Are you



If you have not met Oliver Sacks, let me introduce you. He’s a neurologist/author who has a fascinating and practical way of explaining how the brain works that helps us better understand how we work. abalone shell by featherlite In this NYT article, he describes some ways in which brain damage and cognitive deficiency can redefine our understanding of human capacity. His research and



Creative entrepreneurs are good communicators. Or at least they should learn to be. In The Science of Blogging, Dan Zarella suggests that you “talk as yourself, not about yourself”. But perhaps just a little side note that we’re going through a significant life challenge might be worthwhile. Golden Lights by EJMPhoto Because sometime in the course of your professional life you may be called



I’m currently reading and am fascinated by the book The Millionaire Next Door*. First published in 1996, authors Thomas Stanley and William Danko describe the counterintuitive habits of America’s wealthy as observed through their research. Reading this book has reassured me that building wealth is possible for anyone regardless of their income level. In fact, the amount of income you earn



We moved in September and I’m still trying to unpack. Seriously. The apartment building we moved into is brand new and for some reason unrevealed to me no one thought to wire the flats for telephone service when they were laying the foundation two years ago. In Turkey many people don’t even use land lines any more, but we rely on it for our internet service which means I was completely