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Preview: Tales of the Countess Shadowbane

Tales of the Countess Shadowbane

Updated: 2016-09-07T21:21:58.684-07:00


Welcome Reed NightSword to the Blogging Realm!!!


(image) Light dawns across the spiral, angels singing in the background - Reed NightSword has joined the blogging community!!! Hehe xD!

Welcome to a dear friend and fantastic player! Reed has been a friend of mine nearly as long as I have been playing wizard. He has helped me with all of my characters and he knows literally everything about this game, and I do mean literally. He and his brother hold the record for finishing Grizzleheim the quickest lol. Reed has a talent with houses that I have yet to see anyone else surpass. You've all seen the posts I've done on Reed's houses. His ideas are unique and beautiful. There is not one aspect of this game he does not know. An exemplary player, loyal friend, and a completely awesome person, I am sure his blog will be one to follow. So make sure you watch If you run into us in game, say hi!




I do make rather a lovely krokomummy, don't I?I do not get as many questions as our dear Friendly Necromancer, but I do get a few now and then. One question that I have received multiple times is about the spell Animate. Animate is of course the death minion spell. Of all the schools that receive minions, this spell is quite unique in that a necromancer is able to summon so many different minions with different traits and health with only one spell. For example, a myth wizard has to use the minotaur minion card to get the minotaur minion. To summon different minions, myth has to keep each of those separate cards in their deck. A necromancer can use animate to summon every minion available to death with only one card. I am not intending to say that death minions are superior to other schools, because each is different. I will keep my opinions out of this - this is an informational post and not one intended for argument about who has the better minions.As a necromancer, you either use animate to its full potential or probably not at all. Animate can be one of a necromancer's most powerful tools when used correctly, and certainly helps one to solo nearly everything. Animate is useful in questing if you don't mind chancing your minion messing up your setup. Minions have a way of knowing just when you have your feint set and then using some ridiculously low level spell to ruin the setup lol. Animate is also deadly useful in arena (1v1) when used correctly. In my experience in arena, if you shield and boost yourself while retaining pips to summon a high level minion, it typically leaves your opponent trying to kill your minion while you are able to setup and kill them instead. Several times I have setup and shielded, summoned a wraith (death incarnate) and watched my opponent go solely for the minion with 1400 health while ignoring me. Ends in their death lol. Doesn't work every time, but my point is simply that when used correctly, minions can be an advantage in 1v1 in arena.The question I have received is about how animate works, how many minions can be summoned, what are they, what are their specs, etc... So, I took some time and spent a day playing with animate over and over to see exactly what I could get at each pip level. As my necromancer is a grandmaster, I can't seem to get rid of my power pips no matter what I do, so I may have missed some minions. If that is so, PLEASE post a comment and let me know what you've summoned that I've missed so we can have a complete list. Below you will find a list of each and every minion I was able to summon (the total stands at 14 different minions right now), their rank, health. I will also tell you a sampling of what spells they cast for me. Also included is the pip level at which I summoned them. I have screen shots of most of them as well, which will be included at the end of the post.Minions summoned using Animate:Ethereal Servant. Rank 1. 100 health. 1 regular pip.Charmed Sprite. Rank 2. 200 health. 1 power pip.Crypt Watchguard. Rank 2. 300 health. 1 power pip, 1 regular pip.Ghoulish Retainer. Rank 3. 400 health. 2 power pips.Summoned Soul. Rank 3. 500 health. 2 power pips, 1 regular pip.Captive Banshee. Rank 4. 600 health. 3 power pips.Living Scarecrow. Rank 4. 700 health. 3 power pips, 1 regular pip.Ghostly Spectre. Rank 5. 800 health. 4 power pips.Enchanted Howler. Rank ?. 900 health. ?.Crypt Walker. Rank 6. 1000 health. 5 power pips.Risen Tomb Master. Rank 6. 1100 health. 5 power pips, 1 regular pip.Skeletal Sergeant. Rank 6. 1200 health. 6 power pips.Soul Crusher. Rank 6. 1300 health. 6 power pips, 1 regular pip.Death Incarnate. Rank 7. 1400 health. 7 power pips.As I said, I may have missed a few because I could not get the pip levels needed to summon some of the lower rank minions. If you know of others, please post a comment. Ok now for the fun part! Pictures of most of the minions:Ethereal Servant, Rank 1, 10[...]

The Countess has Returned to the Spiral :)


(image) Hello! It really is me :) I'm actually back this time. I apologize for my long absence, life just gets in the way sometimes. However, I have worked past those things restricting my time here and I am well and truly back. So much to tell you! So many things have happened in game since I've posted. But as I seem to have a problem with daily content (rofl) I shall save each one for a separate post! Aha! You hate me now lol. Shadowbane has been busy, as have PixieWhisper and StormWeaver. (Wait, did she say StormWeaver? Who's that? Huh? Does the countess have a new wizard? A new grand? Maybe with wings in arena?) Oops. Gave something away there. Oh well, consider that a free teaser :D The point is, I am back and I appreciate your patience. Upcoming today is a post on Animate. I look forward to seeing you all again! Another picture just to tease haha! See ya soon!


Coming Soon...


Once again, I have been remiss in regular posting here. Alas, real life does take precedence sometimes, no matter how much I enjoy the wizarding world! Just a quick note to let you know that I am tying up issues that have kept me from posting for such a long time, and I will be back to posting (hopefully on a very regular basis) very soon. Thank you all for your patience, I greatly appreciate it.

The Countess

House of the Week UPDATE! Check this out!


After posting about Reed's MooShu Palace, he added a lot more inside and out (enough to max the 150 item limit outdoors), and I tell ya what, that boy has ideas! So, I must post an update so all can see how fabulous this little paradise has become! Reed's palace is an excellent example of what can be done with a house - the possibilities are endless when you have ideas like he has! He has taken an empty simple home and turned it into a place that I love to be - it is simply fantastic and full of surprises! This is also what a guy with 5 grandmasters does with his spare time :). I'm telling you, he has a vision!The picture above is indeed what it seems. Reed built a massive bridge out of chessboards that starts in a peaceful beautiful grove at one end of his property, circles around, and ends at his favorite spot, giving a fantastic view of the palace and grounds from afar. I mean really, just LOOK at this! It's breathtaking! Here you can see the grove where the bridge starts. The bridge ends here, at Reed's favorite spot with the tree, the waterfall, and all the tiger lillies :). He circled the entryway with trees as well. Such awesome details (of course I'm a sucker for trees lol). Every inch has been customized into a personal paradise, but none of it is the least bit random or thrown together. Everything has been well thought out and items placed to maximize beauty and aesthetic quality. A view from the spiral door. Reed added trees on either side of the ramp as well which hides the house from view.My special spot - all the tiger lillies :).What can I say? There is not one spot on the island that is not beautiful and peaceful. Reed has done a fantastic job. Reed has made a few changes indoors as well. A wall of dogfish statues. Enchanted ice cream! And who knew we could fly! If you take nothing else from this, take a look at the MooShu Palace next time you have a chance before anyone moves in. See what Reed has taken this place from and what he has created. This should show you the amazing possibilities and the fun you can have with housing! I don't think I can hope to create a place that can compete with this, but it does make me want to try lol. I am excited to see what Reed will do next, and to see which house he will show next. Thank you again Reed - [...]

Featured House of the Week


Housing is just cool. I know opinions range far and wide on the housing subject from literal obsession with creating the perfect house to thinking the whole idea is ridiculous. I, predictably enough, am one of the first. I think that housing is one of the most unique and customizable options of this game. The ability to choose your house, the items to put into it, working for special drops, farming for statues and rare items, and collecting all sorts of housing items - just fun. But then comes the more difficult part - arranging it into a home and making it purely yours, something different from anyone else. I have visited lots of houses (always up for that lol), and I thought that since many of you do a housing item feature, I would perhaps do a house feature. I think it is incredibly interesting to see how people arrange their homes and how they use both items that everyone receives and more rare drops as well. The first lucky victim, I mean winner, is a very good friend of mine, Reed NightSword, who has opened all of his homes to me. The house showcased today is his first house on his first grandmaster - the MooShu Imperial Palace. In one word? Serenity. Above you see the grand entrance.The MooShu houses offer a tranquility and peace unlike the rest. They are a place where your mind can rest from the game and enjoy beauty. Reed's favorite spot. What's not to love? Beautiful tree, waterfall....sigh... The entry into the palace. Reed has a number of statues that continue to elude me, including the unicorn. You may have also noticed the trion, the cyclops, colossus, and others. When you walk inside, a comfortable starry scape awaits. Very welcoming... I have found that houses most often match their owners personality. A lot of "you" goes into the creation of a home. So it is only logical that Reed's house would be a very warm, inviting place to enter. Always ready for a party :). The master's room.Drake egg nestled down on its own bed. An entire room for crafting - now that is dedication! Thank you Reed for sharing the first of your beautiful homes with us. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them! [...]

And the Winner Is.....


In a very nonsurprising close of the poll, the voice of the wizarding population has been heard. Pets were the number one answer by a landslide as far as a desired display option for one's home. Swords came in second, not close by any means, but second. Who knows, maybe in the future I'll be able to let Princess Zoe out to run all by her beloved two-headed self. Hmm...

I am certain each and every one of you has a favorite pet. Leave me a comment with your favorite pet. It would be interesting to find out what pet tops the list...




My friends - if I did not or do not answer you in game, do forgive me. I am having either computer issues or account troubles, and the game is not working correctly for me on any of my characters. I have names disappearing and reappearing on my friends list among a long list of other things. That said, I just wanted to let you know before anyone gets annoyed with me. Thank you kindly -


Wow What a Night


Wow what a night. I log on, anticipating another round of "whatever shall I do, I am sooooooo bored," and I must say my evening was anything but boring! First, a round of farming with the Friendly Necromancer - the poor man just needs his boots, and that Kraysys, he just doesn't want to play fair even after being slaughtered time and time again. Even the luck of the pink goddess of death was not enough to turn the tide this time he he. So I crashed the party upon request and a few of my most excellent friends dropped in for the fun as well. Reed NightSword and Antonio DragonFlame came to lend their wizardly aid - fun to be had by all! Kraysys and evil spider died time and time again at various levels of slaughter. There were even references to pirates! Just fun I tell ya! Still no luck even after a spectactular hit by none other than the necromancer himself. Maybe next time... Nice hit! And yet, the dragon remains stubborn... So, after allowing Kraysys a short reprieve from constant death, I set off for more adventuring. Spent some time working on my noob life wizard with dear friend Valerian NightBringer. We rocked Cyclops avenue and I am afraid it will never be the same! The trolls will run and the sight of us! After that, had to answer invites to see houses. First was Reed NightSword's DragonSpyre mansion. Had to go see the newly scored fountain. All I have to say is "I MUST HAVE ONE!" He also set a very nice little trap in the doorway that catches anyone who chances through unawares. Tricky, my friend, very tricky! So a midnight, or rather 3 a.m., pool party was called. Chilling in the awesome fountain with Sean EmeraldWeaver, Reed NightSword, and Antonio DragonFlame. Lovely way to spend an evening. After this, we had an invite to both Sean and Antonio's houses. The first picture above was taken at Antonio's by the way. Most of what happened after this was a blur as I was incredibly sleepy lol. I did have a duel of wits with most excellent friend Kyle DuskThorn, a.k.a. Ice Man. Fell out of my chair laughing at the death and ice references - trust me, you would just groan - it got pretty silly. Talked shop with Sean for a bit, and had to call it a night.The point is, I am ever so thankful for friends who strive to keep me busy and happy when I am online! Goddess of death is not someone you want bored :) Oh, a few more random pics of the last few nights events - craziness I tell you!Jail? Are you kidding me? Who puts the goddess of death in jail! Someone not attached to his soul! Revenge will be mine!I have also done a lot more pvp lately thanks to Reed NightSword and Valerian NightBringer. Unfortunatley I do not have a screen shot with Valerian, but here is Reed - storm lord ready to rock the arena again!Thank you my dear friends for keeping me busy and happy! You're all ever so fantastic! Until my next adventure, Countess is signing off -[...]



Ok I have a bone to pick here. I have, somewhere along the way, become a collector of swords among other items. Farming, farming, and more farming. It takes a lot of work to acquire some of those items! However, they just rattle around in my backpack where no one can see them! Would it not be TOO cool to be able to display them all in your house? I guess you know where I'd vote on my poll lol. I'd like to be able to display backpack items. And I'm also one of those "I love my house" people too. I've worked hard on my house! I would simply love to be able to have a wall of weaponry in my home! Total bragging rights - come and watch the sparkles :). Speaking of sparkles, you know how you can dye your outfits? I would love to be able to change the color of the sparkles a sword gives off to match my outfit. Guess I'm full of ideas today... So, tell me, anybody else out there wishing for a display option? Ooh ooh ooh maybe swords and armor too! Hmm...

Crazy Meet and Greet


(image) Wow. And I didn't know you could cram so many people into one area lol. Absolute craziness. Nice to finally meet some of you though - and I am sorry I missed others. I kinda have my doubts anyone was actually there to meet me but hey I got to meet people I needed to put a face to a name with!
(image) The lineup of bloggers. At least I am easy to see as the pink necromancer lol. Although I cannot stand out quite as much as Thomas there lol.

(image) My computer was running so slowly at this point that I didn't catch much and I certainly couldn't find any of the people I was looking for. Still, tons of fun.

(image) The run to Malistaire following the meet and greet with the dragon master and Sean EmeraldWeaver.
*Sigh* Lots of fun - thanks all!

The Pink Necromancer and Other Stuff


(image) Recently, I Amanda PixieWhisper, grandmaster necromancer, was dared to dye my lovely malistaire robe and the rest of my outfit entirely pink. Who dared me? I'll give you one guess - trust me its an easy one. That's right, good old DragonBlade. As the picture above shows, I took the dare. I even equipped my sparkly pink sword to match lol. However, I refuse to stuff Jasper into my backpack - he is my status symbol and when people see the all pink, at least they also see Jasper and recognize! I refuse to bring the unicorn out lol. So, tell me, am I the first pink necromancer? Seems a little girly for the goddess of death, but I actually think I like it. So there ya go - I've gone pink.

On another note, I am incredibly frustrated. Maybe its all of this combined with the fact that I've had more than my share of disappointments lately. I've attained my level, my gear, my wraith. I still have lots of quests to do to complete the game this second time around, but I am struggling with even bothering to do them. What is the point (beyond being a perfectionist that can't stand to leave things unfinished) when I no longer earn xp and have no chance at advancing? No new levels, no new spells. And to top it, I've never been one for questing alone. Blah! I am sure I am not the only one frustrated with the fact that Grizzleheim did not fulfill these expectations. Now, dont' get me wrong, I simply adore Grizzleheim! The ambiance, the atmosphere, everywhere you look is just cool! I could just stand there and enjoy Grizzleheim for a long time. I look at the wolves and visions of the movie Underworld come to me lol. Visually, it was very well done. There are some nice new features. The teleport stones rock (ha ha). I was disappointed that Grizzleheim did not continue at the level 50 point coming in after DragonSpyre. And as far as gameplay goes, I was disappointed. I am SO glad I got to battle the ravens and Jotun before they made them easier. I can understand weakening Malistaire back down, but I wish they'd left the rest alone. The Oni battle was epic! It was nice to have a challenge, especially one that challenged an entire team. But honestly, grandmasters being able to finish the new world in a day or two? Disappointing. C'est la vie - oh well. And so the pink goddess of death signs off - see ya around the spiral.

27,861 Take That Oyotomi!


(image) First, I must apologize for dropping off the face of the earth for a couple of weeks here. Life just got crazy! Had to choose bettwen time to play or time to blog, and I'm afraid I chose to play :). But I'm back after much prodding from the dragon master!

My first item of note involves the above picture. I recently, as a test, decided to try and setup a big hit just to see what I could do. Oyotomi was the unlucky recipient of my wrath. After 13 assorted traps, blades, feints, curses, etc... I managed a hit of 27,861. Not too bad! I was really quite pleased, especially considering the fact that I was missing one hex and a blade. Yay me! Death Rules! Oh, and Autumn, you will be interested to know that, even after that hit, Oyotomi still didn't give up anything good.

(image) I scored the Hydra statue from Vika Markmaker in crystal grove - that made my day! Think I'll have to go after the helephant stat next...

(image) Finally, after much determination and lots of work, I got my coveted scarecrow spell, my darling wraith, whom I named Jasper, and I gained the title of Grandmaster! Ah what a wonderful feeling! I had to take a moment to don my level fifty gear that I could FINALLY wear! Here - this will make the dragon master jealous hehe - my malistaire drake ebon robe, spiderkeeper's darkshroud, kraysys boots of retreat, soulsingers soulsword, gurtok mortis steel, soulsingers blade, and my grimcaster's doomfaring deck - dang am I lucky or what?!? And that's just it, luck was on my side lol. Took a break from Dragonspyre and headed over to check out Grizzleheim. Love the look of Grizzleheim! Fun to have something new, though it didn't last very long. Two days and its finished already. Oh well, back to DragonSpyre I guess!

That sums up the last couple of weeks in a nutshell. I realize this is more of an information post than anything fun, so I shall strive to make the next one that much better, and again I apologize for disappearing! See you all soon -

The Countess

Ah Sweet Success!!!


(image) I have long been frustrated with the fact that everyone I know has a statue and I do not. I've tried with no success - plenty of statue base drops, resulting in empty statue bases sitting all over my property, but no statues :( So, today, while helping a friend with Jade Oni and expecting nothing, I got a statue! That lovely oni decided I needed a statue of Koto! Now, honestly, the ninja pig would not have been my first choice, but hey - its a statue and I'm happy! As an added bonus, when I got him placed at the castle, I noticed that his sword sparkles! So like the silly necromancer that I am, I stood there and admired him for a long time. Did a silly little dance to celebrate my triumph, and then I yelled my success at the dragon master in all caps (he thought I was nuts) and proceeded to bother everyone on my list with my ridiculously happy mood. Sweet success! Finally a statue for this girl! Incidentally, you'll also notice my other triumph in the picture - I did finally manage to get Ivan SoulSinger's sword and his lovely winged hat! Combine that with the Jade Oni death boots, and all in all its been a good couple of days. Still a lot of collecting to do, and hey, one statue is simply not enough! But for now I am content.

An Evening with Ivan


Recently, the dragon master and I spent an evening (and I do mean an entire evening, or wait, maybe it was more than that - long enough that I can't remember lol) farming poor Ivan SoulSinger in hopes of proving the "be crabby" theory. Unfortunatley, I must report that so far we have had no luck. The evening started out well! I mean really, how much trouble could one little possessed wizard be! I found that Ivan is more stubborn that I am! He simply would not drop that sword. We tried yelling at him, using all caps of course. He only scowled at us. Apparently, Ivan is not to be bullied. We tried insulting him (he does kinda look like a little boy). Not even a flinch - not even when, well, never mind. We even, on a last desperate note, tried flattery. I guess I'm not Ivan's type :) I would dearly love to repeat our conversation with Ivan here, but I am not sure it would be appreciated by all. Beyond a ridiculous amout of laughter at what we were saying, no results. With the way he flips that sword around, its amazing he hasn't taken his own head off or at least managed to skewer his minion! So Ivan gets to keep his sword for the time being. But we will prevail! We're just taking a break to put him off guard!

On a slightly more positive note, we also spent a couple days farming Jade Oni for a particular fire robe (have to sate the dragon master's need for new clothes). Though it did indeed take a long time, I got my death boots and the dragon master did get his fire robes! The picture above just happens to be the killing blow that made Jade finally give up the robes. Guess I should have had a screen cap of the finally acquired and much treasured items. I guess it is also kind of nice that everything useless we do get does sell quite nicely!

Next on the list? Perhaps Malistaire. Lots of goodies to be had there! And who knows, maybe we can prove the theory right after all. To be continued...

Why C&C aka Blake DragonBlade is a Pyromancer




And there you have it - why the dragon master became a pyromancer! Although if you'd seen him change as many times as I have, you'd think it was for the wardrobe! Ha ha just kidding Blake! Wonder if Frank likes pizza too since he's all about fire? Hmm...

The Power Behind the Wizard


Pet spells rock. Cute little mini version of my enemies death standing at my side! If you mess with the wizard, you have to know that these guys (and girls) will take care of us! Wizard's best friend lol! So we'd like you to meet our little friends and their larger, more deadly versions.First, meet Zeus. Normally a mild mannered, quiet little helephant who is content to stand at the dragon master's side in silence brandishing his killer sword. But make him mad? Threaten the master? Dang you're in for trouble there! I wouldn't want to mess with that blade!Next meet Frank. Who doesn't love a dragon! He's so red and fiery! Frank is a good boy. He comes whenever the dragon master calls him, he kills whomever he is told to, and he goes back to his home when he's done! What a good pet! Don't be fooled though, get on Frank's bad side and you'll feel those fangs! Deadly little pet. Kudos to the dragon master just for being able to control such a magnificent beast!Yikes!Lastly for now (until my necromancer levels :) is my own dearly beloved Princess Zoe! Everyone should want such a fantastic little puppy! She does dig big holes though - still working on that one. Zoe is such an affectionate pet with her flaming eyes and killer howl. She'll come cuddle up in a minute with her two sweet heads. Much nicer than her brother Cerberus who is yet guarding the river Styx in Hades and has three heads - makes him much more irritable. She is absolutely loyal and very protective. Mess with the conjurer, feel the bite. My enemies should be only too happy that I only let her howl at them - she could just bend down and snap them up!Ok Zoe, I guess one little snack couldn't hurt. :)So, you've met some of the power behind these two wizards. Not to say that a wizard can't take care of himself, but you have been forwarned - mess with the wizard, mess with the pet! What a deadly combination![...]

Welcome Dragon Master DragonBlade


I'm sure you have noticed the slight change in my blog's name. As you all know, C&C and I are great friends in the wizarding world. I am pleased to announce that C&C, aka Dragon Master Blake DragonBlade, will be helping me out with this site. We get into a great deal of trouble playing together, so having him help out on the blog should spell instant hilarity for all of you! We have some fantastic ideas and a post coming up that will indeed be fun, so stay tuned. For the meantime, welcome to the dragon master!

The Advice of a Friend - Be Crabby!!!


C&C and I were farming for stuff last night. Yes the picture is of us, although its not a very good screen cap. Fortunately for him, it was his lucky night! Either that or I was a good luck charm :) He got everything he wanted! And he had to change every time he got something new - I warned him that I could do an entire post just about his wardrobe changes complete with pictures! Ha! I will hang on to that idea :) I, however, got nothing. His advice was this - Be Crabby! Apparently I'm too nice. His philosophy is that if you rant and rave enough at the boss, they'll drop what you want hehe! It seems to work for him, although after convincing me to try the same tactic (of which I felt pretty silly though he certainly got a kick out of it) it did not work for me. I guess I'm just not a crabby enough person! So, I think I'll have to test this theory over the next couple of days and we'll just see if C&C is right or not! Have to reach deep down and find a meaner, crabbier me! So look forward to another post with the results of the crabby test! Ok let me practice...GIVE ME MY SWORD! Yeah, that still feels silly...

More Random Screen Shots



Meet Amanda PixieWhisper


Here is the other me, Amanda PixieWhisper. I obtained the coveted rank of Master a day or two ago and now have my wraith spell! I am truly loving being a necromancer, though I do miss my puppy (orthrus) that Shadowbane has. The art of death is strong, and I love being able to heal myself by stealing health from my enemies. I am currently finishing MooShu and will be on my way to DragonSpyre very soon. Yet again, it has been fun. Think maybe I'll try fire next...

A Very Unintended Party


You know, I really like the teleportation tool in Wizard 101. I have found it to be incredibly useful. However, I need to vent a little here. Let me set the stage... So here I am in my own beautiful house in MooShu working on some home repairs :) when a friend teleports to me. No big deal - chat for a minute and get back to what I'm doing, right? Except, when he ports in ten people port to him and ten to each of them and I am stuck with a house full of people I do not know and did not invite and cannot get to leave! I can't even be alone in my own house! So when my real friends port in I can't even think let alone talk to them and they are left with a very wrong impression of me if some of those people in my house are not the type I'd accept as friends. I think KI should have a remove all function. Push a button and woosh everyone is suddenly standing back in the commons wondering what happened. All right, I think I'm good now. It might have been the language post that set me off on this as I've had a lot of trouble dealing with that issue lately as well. Thank you for allowing me to vent :)

- The Countess

The Life of a Bored Grandmaster :)


My first character, Amanda ShadowBane, finished the game some time ago. The road was long and thoroughly enjoyable! In the process, I had the chance to make new friends and I also unfortunatley lost some. Not cool when you make it to level forty or so and the person you've played with up to that level simply vanishes! Funny to feel so alone in a place where there are so many people :) It changes your entire fighting style when you're used to fighting with someone who is no longer there. So as I have been finished, I have concentrated on pure unadulterated fun! I live to help others attain the level I have so that when Grizzleheim finally opens, I will have friends to play with!

Occasionally a friend and I do settle for playing tricks on the little novices down in Triton Avenue. That first kraken fight is just so intense for the novice wizard, its hard not to have a little fun with them, so we don mismatched wizard city clothing, remove the rare pets and swords, and put on a show! We join the fight and comment on how incredibly strong the kraken is and how we will never be able to defeat him - no spell could be that strong! Oh no however will we survive! We have a ridiculously dramatic script. Then we pull out orthrus or the scarecrow and watch the little novices stand back in shock and awe! Then to reveal the true us after the fight - ds clothing, sparkly sword, orthrus at my side - it's priceless - you should try it sometime!

It's nice to have something to do besides farm for more equipment or help out on quests all the time. Of course I do also have my death wizard to work on. She is Amanda Pixiewhisper, adept necromancer. Death rocks! So does myth lol. So this is my life as a grandmaster who has nothing to do lol! If you need some help, you can find me - I'm always up for a good fight! And if you come up with something incredibly fun to do, count me in! I realize this is kind of a random info post, but then what are blogs for :)

Random question for you all


What's with the evil tree in DragonSpyre Academy? Did I miss part of the storyline (entirely possible) or is this explained somewhere? Hmm...