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Preview: The Writings of Stephen J. Gray

The Writings of Stephen J. Gray

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Was This a Gathering of Ghouls?


The ghouls of the earth are in controlTo the devil they have sold their soulsCreators of chaos, filth and warExpensively dressed and rotten to their core... believe something is rotten to the core in our society today when NATO an organization that is funded by massive amounts of taxpayers’ dollars receives an “Award” as a “Builder” at a gathering in Halifax, Canada.  [1]When based on the evidence [1a] it has been a destroyer of a number of countries, reducing them to chaos and rubble, in a number of illegal wars, and even reportedly “harbouring” the terrorists, it claims to be fighting.“NATO is harbouring the Islamic State” Some of the countries NATO members invaded and bombed are Iraq, Syria, Yemen, [1b]and other countries including Libya.“Of course, as The New American has been reporting for years, and as numerous top Western officials have openly admitted, the U.S. government was directly involved in creating al-Qaeda. In Syria and in Libya, the Obama administration also provided direct aid to self-declared al-Qaeda leaders — some of whom were openly boasting of their terrorist credentials in the Western press as NATO provided air cover for them under a United Nations resolution.” - Alex NewmanThe New American, September 24, 2015.“Some officers in the Canadian Forces tried to raise concerns early on in the war that removing Gadhafi would play into the hands of Islamic extremists, but military sources say those warnings went unheeded. Later, military members would privately joke about Canada’s CF-18s being part of ‘al-Qaida’s air force,’ since their bombing runs helped to pave the way for rebel groups aligned with the terrorist group....” David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen, March1, 2015.“While the US Congress questions the legitimacy of the war on Libya, the Canadian parliament with one dissenting voice, votes in favor of extending Canada’s participation in an illegal and criminal military undertaking:” Prof Michael Chossudovsky, June 16, 2011.“Neither Libya, Iraq or Yugoslavia did the bidding of the West’s endless war lobby, which is why they were earmarked for destruction. The chaos which routinely follows a NATO regime change op is a ghastly experience for the locals, who see their living standards plummet and their risk of violent death in a terrorist attack greatly increase, but great for rapacious Western corporations who then move in to the ‘liberated’ country en masse, taking advantage of the lack of a strong central authority.”  Neil ClarkGlobal Research, December 03, 2017, RT Op-Edge 1 December 2017. is now in hellish chaos after being bombed by NATO, and some cities have been destroyed and reduced to rubble, [1c] that once were picturesque; [1d] and now there is slavery in Libya.“The American and British media have awakened to the grim reality in Libya, where African refugees are for sale in open-air slave markets. Yet a crucial detail in this scandal has been downplayed or even ignored in many corporate media reports: the role of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in bringing slavery to the North African nation.” Ben Norton. November 28, 2017.“The destruction of Libya by NATO at the behest of the UK, the US and France was a crime, one dripping in the cant and hypocrisy of Western ideologues...”John Wight, November 27, 2017.https://www.counterpunch.o[...]

The War Criminals of the World Stage Receive an “Award”


“HALIFAX, NS – Halifax International Security Forum announced today that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will receive its prestigious Builder Award during a gala celebration at Pier 21 tonight.” 17 November 2017 NATO really be called a “Builder” when it and its members have reportedly been “The Diabolical Destroyers of a Number of Countries”[1] causing  huge amounts of deaths and millions of refugees? Therefore one has to ask, “Is There Hypocrisy and Hypocrites at Halifax Security Forum in Canada?”[1a] Because there reportedly is evidence that NATO and its members are training and “harbouring” the terrorists they claim to be fighting. [1b]“NATO is harbouring the Islamic State”“Then there is Turkey, an actual NATO member,... Turkey has allowed ISIS to be replenished by allowing its own territory to be used as a transit zone for jihadist volunteers....” - Scott McConnell, October 15, 2014.“Our ally Kuwait has become the epicenter of fundraising for terrorist groups in Syria.”“... ISIS operated in the Syrian theater since August 2011 and its sabotage activities against the Assad regime were fully supported by the US' allies in the region: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Jordan.”  Nauman Sadiq,  Asia Times, Sept.22, 2014.“... CNN Arabic has confirmed that Jordan was one of the main buyers of ISIS oil, supplying the terror group with billions of cash used to kill Syrians and Iraqis as well as ethnically cleansing Yazidis and butchering Christians.” Mudar Zahran, The American Thinker, November 27, 2016., by the thousands, have been slaughtered along with other denominations in the Middle East. A question that needs to be asked is this: Are The Christians Slaughtered In The Middle East Victims of the Actions of Western War Criminals and Their Terrorist Supporting NATO “Allies”? [2]“Former US military adviser David Kilcullen says there would be no Isis without Iraq invasion” Lizzie Dearden, March 4, 2016., the war criminal culprits that plotted all these regime-change [2a] wars are free and attending gatherings paid for with taxpayer dollars.“With the generous support of the Canadian government, Halifax International Security Forum was founded in 2009 as a program within the German Marshall Fund of the United States.” according to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the United States; a NATO ally, is supporting terrorists.“Under U.S. law it is illegal for any American to provide money or assistance to al-Qaeda, ISIS or other terrorist groups. If you or I gave money, weapons or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS, we would be thrown in jail. Yet the U.S. government has been violating this law for years, quietly supporting allies and partners of al-Qaeda, ISIL, Jabhat Fateh al Sham and other terrorist groups with money, weapons, and intelligence support, in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government.[i]... Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, December 8, 2016,Press Release.“Under the rule of our bipartisan war-loving elites the United States has evolved from a bumbling giant into something far more threatening. The completely useless wars since 9/11 have killed[...]

A Trans-cript from Trans-mania: A Fairy Tale


                                        Trans-mania is a land of diversity and inclusivity, a land of sunny ways that was changing with the times. So on arriving there I took a trans-it bus into its capital town. The trans-it driver asked me, “Do you want a trans-fer”? “I said no thank you sir.” And he replied, “I am not a sir, I am a Trans-manian or a Zir or a Ze, not a him or a he, I am whatever pleases me. Please remember the difference when you arrive in our town called Trans-haven.”  On arriving in Trans-haven, I booked into a hotel called “The Trans-ient.” The hotel had a “safe place” sticker on its front door, which I thought was wonderful and welcoming and said so to the Trans-manian desk person. Who then said, “Trans-mania is a safe and welcoming land of diversity. These ‘safe place’ stickers are everywhere, and are a comfort and help to those who feel they are trans-latent. There are no words allowed in this land using mother or father, he or she, male or female, him or her, boy or girl--those words are gender discriminatory, and we are a gender neutral, ‘safe place’ land. The approved correct words are trans this or trans that.” To which I replied, “Bully for you.” To which the Trans-manian replied, “Please do not use the word bully, it is an obscene word and we are trans-ferring bullies and erasing the bully word out of our trans-diction, as well as other words I mentioned earlier that are trans-discriminatory.”Being very interested in how their land was governed I then asked,“How is trans-genderism portrayed in Trans-mania”?  I received this reply, “Very well. The politicians are wonderfully supportive and even pass laws favouring us; they even march in our parades of pride as do law enforcers. Some of our community are even allowed to parade naked in violation of the law. The media have been very supportive too, and label those that have a different view from us as ‘trans-phobic,’ and ‘controversial.’ The media also march in our parades. We are even allowed to promote and have programs for trans-genderism in the schools.” I then asked. “How do parents feel about that? And was told, “Many, if most, parents do not know what their children are being taught at school, and anyway, it is mandated by the government, and they know best what is good for us all, and we Trans-manians agree on that. We are a caring, conditioned and inclusive society that has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms and it is interpreted by unelected judges that used to be lawyers, and they are more powerful than the politicians, because the Charter is supreme.  Anything can be found as a right in our charter; one of our judges even said it was a ‘living tree.’ And others just ‘read in’ what they cannot find in the charter. This is known as hallucinatory and imaginative justice.  So, as you can see, we Trans-manians have much to be thankful to our judges for.”On hearing all this I nearly said, “Bully for you” again, but quickly realised that this supportive comment would not be understood. Anyway, I was trans-fixed by all this information, but not wishing to appear trans-ignorant, I asked the Trans-manian behind the desk, “How should I address a Trans-manian properly”?  The Trans-manian said, “Do not use offensive language, such as him or he; we are anybody or anything that we want to be, so you can address us as a Zir or Ze.” To which I replied “I am so sorry sir.” Then realizing my mistake, by using the word sir, I said “Pardon me Zir or Ze, please forgive me.”  Ze or Zir, then said to me “apology accepted, but here in Trans-mania using the wrong words can be hateful and a hate crime, so be careful in your speech. We are a gender neutral, gender exempt, gender fluid, genderles[...]

The Slaughter of Millions by “The Good Guys”


We kill innocent children with dronesWe destroy their families and their homesWe bomb other countries that never invaded usWe murder and kill, so why all the fuss?We’re the “good guys”We ally with dictators who chop off headsWe are their partners, in making people deadWe consort with evil and spread it aroundWe are its allies and mass bombings aboundsBut hey, we’re the “good guys”We finance and train terrorists, we say, “we oppose”We play this deadly game while helping our foesWe are “respectable” hypocrites, and have the powerWe really are gangsters but an “honourable” shower Still, we’re “the good guys”We are the “leaders” who rule the massesWe peddle bullsh-t and are dangerous assesWe are the “warriors” that never fight in battleWe send the serfs, who obey like dumb cattleBut, we’re the “good guys”We perform and parade on the world stageWe really should be in handcuffs and locked in a cageWe are dictators and despots and “statesmen” tooWe all would look “impressive” in an animal zooBecause we’re the “good guys”We “bring democracy” and have a “responsibility to protect”We bomb and blitz countries with hellish effectWe form coalitions with other war criminalsWe devilishly succeed in making many countries unliveableBut, hey we’re the “good guys”We spout words like “rule of law” and “democracy”We are creative liars, and market and sell hypocrisyWe speak about “freedom” and “human rights”We are bloody hypocrites whose forte is to inciteHey, we’re the “good guys”We are running amok and nothing will stop usWe are a deadly disease and we are filled with pusWe are Satan’s helpers and fiends from hellWe will eventually contribute to the Earth’s farewellSo goodbye: We are the “good guys” “good guys” operate out of Parliaments, Houses of Congress, Palaces, The United Nations (UN), NATO, International Banks, and many other organizations paid for by the peoples’ tax dollars. In fact, there was an “International Security Forum” held recently in Halifax, Canada. Where I asked this question in my article, “Is There Hypocrisy and Hypocrites at Halifax Security Forum in Canada?” the above article out and see the reported evidence of complicity in slaughter by some supposedly, respectable governments, aided and abetted by a compliant media.I asked this question about the so-called “investigative media” a short time ago, “Are The Corporate Media Propaganda Pushers For The War Criminals?” believe the so-called mainstream media are a disgrace, and dishonest in their reporting. I also believe all this treachery is interconnected. See the link below. article at an alternative media site is a real eye opener and a must read and can be checked out at the link below. closing I could go on and on showing the evidence of the treachery and criminality of past and present “leaders” in positions of power that are I believe responsible for the slaughter of millions but masquerade as “The Good Guys.” In my humble opinion present day Nuremberg Trials are need to bring these “respectable criminals” to justice. Because I believe they are getting away with murder."In such a world of conflict, a world of victims and executioners, it is the job of thinking people, not to be on the side of the executioners." – Albert CamusStephen J. GrayNovember 24, 2017.Note: There is a ton of information on my website for those interested and it can[...]

Is There Hypocrisy and Hypocrites at Halifax Security Forum in Canada?


“Representatives from more than 70 countries are attending the three-day forum in Halifax, which bills itself as an annual gathering of democratic leaders committed to global security and prosperity.”November 17, 2017.“Canadians ‘well protected’ from returning Islamic State fighters: Sajjan”Nov 17 2017 — The Canadian Press“Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says Canada will deal with threats posed by the Islamic State group, whether they come from afar or closer to home. At the Halifax International Security Forum, Sajjan said the military and other security agencies are taking measures to ensure that Canadians who fight with the Islamic State pose no threat […]” is really nice that our leaders are “committed to “global security and prosperity.” Too bad that many of these leaders (Many are NATO members) are reportedly in bed with terrorists and supplying them weapons.“Known and documented, Saudi Arabia has played a key strategic role in promoting and financing terrorism on behalf of Washington. Moreover, Saudi weapons purchases from the US and Canada are also being used to equip and arm various ‘opposition’ rebel groups in Syria including the ISIL and Al Nusrah.” Prof, Michel Chossudofsky, Global Research, March 02, 2016Global Research 22 December 2015“Our ally Kuwait has become the epicenter of fundraising for terrorist groups in Syria.” “Qatar and Saudi Arabia have ignited a ‘time bomb’ by funding the global spread of radical Islam, according to a former commander of British forces in Iraq. General Jonathan Shaw, who retired as Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff in 2012, told The Telegraph that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were primarily responsible for the rise of the extremist Islam that inspires Isil terrorists.”  David Blair, The Telegraph, U. K. October 4, 2014.  “Prime Minister Theresa May is withholding a Home Office report on foreign funding of British terrorist organizations because exposing the truth could sour relations with the UK’s major trading and security partner, Saudi Arabia.” RT. Published time: 4 Jul, 2017 11:03 Edited time: 5 Jul, 2017 07:38“NATO is harbouring the Islamic State”“Then there is Turkey, an actual NATO member,... Turkey has allowed ISIS to be replenished by allowing its own territory to be used as a transit zone for jihadist volunteers....” - Scott McConnell, October 15, 2014.“ seems to me that everything the US and its so-called allies have done since the very beginning has been what I would call the ‘Kissingerian’ double-track diplomacy - pretending that they are against ISIS when they in fact they are arming ISIS,..”William Mallinson, a former British diplomat and professor at Marconi University told RT.... Sepember 30, 2016.[...]



Don’t join their armies or fight in their planned warsDon’t obey the orders, of these mad and treacherous cursDon’t listen or buy their propaganda that passes for “news”Don’t buy their B.S. or their propagandized views                           Don’t vote for politicians, they really are all the sameDon’t vote for “democracy,” it’s just a corrupt gameDon’t place an X in a ballot or next to any “nice” nameDon’t listen to their plans for you, they are just seeking fameDon’t believe the politicians that support more warsDon’t do their “fighting” as they hide from all the goreDon’t listen to your mad rulers that run the political gameDon’t be one of the brainwashed obeying the insaneDon’t believe what they say when their lips are movingDon’t cheer and wave a flag as your freedoms they are removingDon’t applaud these “leaders” and “statesmen” hell bent on more warDon’t cheer the corporate cannibals that profit from blood and goreStephen J. GrayNovember 12, 2017.    Links of interest below:                                     [...]



Conditioned to believe, there is no he or sheConditioned to accept that we are gender freeConditioned to believe we live in a “democracy”Conditioned to accept political hypocrisyConditioned to accept whatever our kids are taughtConditioned to believe gender bender rotConditioned to accept unhealthy lifestylesConditioned to approve all this with a smileConditioned to believe the media’s viewsConditioned to accept what is the “news”Conditioned to approve of idiots appointing idiotsConditioned to believe whatever they tell usConditioned to approve the killing of the pre-bornConditioned to treat innocent human life with scornConditioned to accept the killing of the old                               Conditioned to accept euthanasia, and do as we are toldConditioned to approve of illegal wars and killingConditioned to join a “coalition of the willing”Conditioned to approve of selling arms to dictatorsConditioned to support a political fabricatorConditioned to kill, bomb, destroy, and maimConditioned to obey orders of the politically insaneConditioned to approve of “legalized” murderConditioned to obey, as long as it’s an orderConditioned to accept nuclear weaponsConditioned to accept the killing of millionsConditioned to pay and pay more taxesConditioned to help, to reduce the world to ashesConditioned to allow offshore tax havensConditioned to accept this by hypocrite nationsConditioned to be tax slaves of the ruling “elites”Conditioned to be conditioned, are we asleep?Stephen J. GrayNovember 9, 2017.[...]

The End


                                           When the war criminals fallout, will the end come?Will their use of horrific nuclear weapons blot out the sun?Will raging fires and smoke cover the earth?Will all the stock markets lose all their worth?Is it all going to end with an enormous bang?The final “work” of the ruling gangster gangsWill offshore tax havens go up in smoke?Will their bandit owners be devoid of hope?Will some cower and cringe and think they are “safe”?While hiding in their bunkers hoping to escape?Will any that survive be thankful and anxious?Will the villains in their bunkers still be thankless?There will be no escape for the so-called “elites”?Nobody will grovel anymore at their rotten feetThe burning earth will be all aflameA fitting end to the rule of the corrupt insaneSadly, innocent people will also dieThe nuclear bombs will silence their criesArmageddon arrives for one and all.There is no escape from the Hell that befallsCorruption and greed will be erased from the planet.A fitting end for all those that caused itNuclear justice sent by their very own hand.Ended the rule of the villains and the people in every landStephen J. GrayNovember 7, 2017. [...]

Who Will Remember the Victims of Present Day War Criminals?


In various countries around the world, there are presently war criminals that will probably lay wreaths on Remembrance Day. They are responsible for millions of deaths around the world in present-day illegal wars. They are “The Diabolical Destroyers of a Number of Countries” [1] Therefore, to see these treasonous war criminal hypocrites laying wreaths for the dead, when they have the blood of millions of dead people on their hands, is, I believe, to see “Heinous Hypocrites and Their Fancy Titles.” [2]  These present-day mass murderers in expensive suits pretend to honour the victims of past wars, when in fact they are the present day perpetrators of millions of war victims (dead and alive) around the world. One could call them “War Criminals At Large.” [3] And they even reportedly assist the terrorists they are supposedly fighting, and these same terrorists have killed soldiers and numerous civilians.“Under U.S. law it is illegal for any American to provide money or assistance to al-Qaeda, ISIS or other terrorist groups. If you or I gave money, weapons or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS, we would be thrown in jail. Yet the U.S. government has been violating this law for years, quietly supporting allies and partners of al-Qaeda, ISIL, Jabhat Fateh al Sham and other terrorist groups with money, weapons, and intelligence support, in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government.[i]... Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, December 8, 2016,Press Release. U.S. Code Chapter 113B - TERRORISM U.S. Code § 2339A - Providing material support to terrorists“Known and documented, Saudi Arabia has played a key strategic role in promoting and financing terrorism on behalf of Washington. Moreover, Saudi weapons purchases from the US and Canada are also being used to equip and arm various ‘opposition’ rebel groups in Syria including the ISIL and Al Nusrah.” Prof, Michel Chossudofsky, Global Research, March 02, 2016Global Research 22 December 2015“The Liberals and Conservatives allowed Canadian companies to sell weapons to a murderer, and whether or not there is already blood on their hands, there is shame of the highest order.” Shannon Gormley, Ottawa Citizen, August 4, 2017.“Last year the chiefs of staff of the US, Britain, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey met in Jordan; and a report by UAE's newspaper... also mentions the existence of a secret command center in Jordan which is staffed by military officials from 14 Western and Arab countries including Israel. This command center coordinates the operations of the rebels (jihadis) in southern Syria; while the operations of the jihadis in northern Syria are coordinated by similar command centers and bases in Turkey....” Nauman Sadiq, Sept, 22, 2014.“Then there is Turkey, an actual NATO member,... Turkey has allowed ISIS to be replenished by allowing its own territory to be used as a transit zone for jihadist volunteers....” - Scott McConnell, October 15, 2014.“NATO is harbouring the Islamic State”         [...]

The Country Where Anything Goes


There is a country where anything goesWhere people march naked without any clothesThe marchers are led by a number of politiciansAnd police chiefs have participated--is that a “tradition”?At one time people marching naked were declared obsceneIs “law and order” now in the dumpster or in a latrine?Politicians that march keep their clothes onThey are “politically correct” and like to grovel and fawnThe “leader” of the country calls all this “diversity”At one time marching naked would have been labelled perversityBut when a country loses its morals, it starts to decay and rotIs this once-great country, now going downhill and to pot?Pot is going to be “legalized” very, very soonAnd all the dopes and potheads will howl at the moonThe air will be filled with the smell of marijuana smokeBecause this is a “sunny” land that endorses dopeIn this land you can even be killed if you give your consentIs this what happens when “justice” becomes corrupted and bent?“Assisted” killing (euthanasia) is now enshrined in the “law” of the land“Justice and Law” have been perverted, and this murder no longer is bannedThis land also kills its young and calls the vile act “a choice”These innocent tiny pre-born children have no lawful voiceThe powers that be gave an abortionist their land’s highest honourA man who was the pre-born executioner--is that not a diabolical horror?Some pre-born babies have managed to surviveThe vicious attacks and were able to be born aliveBut then these innocents were left alone to dieThe atrocities were covered up; nobody heeded their criesThis is a land where people can be classed as “gender neutral”And if you believe in male and female, you could be called a fool. A “Third Sex Category” has now been declared as a givenEven though the good book says, “God created man and woman.”Who would have believed that all this would come to pass?Is that old saying very true: “The law is an ass”?Is this a land where the “emperor” has no clothes?Do we live in a country where anything goes?“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.”  -GoetheStephen J. GrayOctober 23, 2017.       [...]

Is This The “Democracy” of the Depraved?


“THE GLOBAL ELITE ACT CULTURED AND REFINED, BUT THEIR POLICIES ARE SAVAGE AND UNCIVILIZED.EXPLOITERS, PLUNDERERS, WARMONGERS AND MASS MURDERERS, THEIR GREED, ARROGANCE AND CRUELTY HAVE CAUSED UNTOLD MISERY.WHILE CHAMPAGNE DRIPS FROM THEIR LIPS, THE BLOOD OF THOUSANDS DRIPS FROM THEIR HANDS.THEY ARE BARBARIANS IN SUITS.” I believe the “barbarians in suits” are running amok. The financial system was looted by gangsters in pinstriped suits. [1] And nobody went to jail. Therefore, I ask: “Has the rule of law become the rule of outlaws”? [2]There is no doubt the outlaws are in control because they run and control the system called “democracy.” A system that has made the ordinary people: Prisoners of “Democracy.” [3]“The prisoners of the system thought they were free           After all, they lived in a “democracy?”Every few years they were allowed to voteThen they got punished by the winning lot”... the people is what politicians, despots and dictators do. These politicians that claim to be “democrats” think nothing of grovelling to dictators, and some even do sword dances with bloody head chopping dictatorships.“President Donald Trump and other male White House officials bounced along to a ceremonial sword dance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Saturday outside the Murabba Palace....“Other world leaders have similarly participated in the ardah. Britain's Prince Charles donned traditional robes and a sword as part of his tour of the Middle East in 2014, and former US President George W. Bush in 2008 held a sword and linked arms with King Salman, who was prince at the time.” Eric Levenson and Noah Gray CNNUpdated 11:43 AM ET, Sun May 21, 2017 would appear that “world leaders” have no shame in dancing with dictators that are reportedly funding “radical Islam.”“Qatar and Saudi Arabia have ignited a ‘time bomb’ by funding the global spread of radical Islam, according to a former commander of British forces in Iraq. General Jonathan Shaw, who retired as Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff in 2012, told The Telegraph that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were primarily responsible for the rise of the extremist Islam that inspires Isil terrorists.”  David Blair, The Telegraph, U. K. October 4, 2014.“A Saudi-led coalition has been accused of using banned cluster bombs, bombing civilian targets and destroying hospitals – either by accident or by design—using weapons provided primarily by the US, UK and France.”Thalif Deen, Jan. 14, 2016.“Known and documented, Saudi Arabia has played a key strategic role in promoting and financing terrorism on behalf of Washington. Moreover, Saudi weapons purchases from the US and Canada are also being used to equip and arm various ‘opposition’ rebel groups in Syria including the ISIL and Al Nusrah.” Prof, Michel Chossudofsky, Global Research, March 02, 2016Global Research 22 December 2015 reading the above information, Should we call “our democratic leaders” that consort with dictators: “The Scumbags of the Western World and Their “Allies” that Fund and Arm Terrorists” [4] And: Do We Even Realize What “Our Leaders” Are Doi[...]

The Tweetaholic


Is there a Tweetaholic in charge of the “free world”?Could this twit of a tweeter get us all killed?He is the kingpin and chief, of nuclear weaponsHe says he will teach, some countries a lesson              He tweets and he tweets about this and thatHe tweets and tweets, about “tit for tat”He tweets in the morning and tweets at nightHe tweets when it’s dark and during daylightThis tweeter “supreme” is in charge of it allTweeting, and tweeting, to “build the wall”He talks about eating “beautiful chocolate cake”And fires 59 missiles: was that a deadly mistake?Syria was the target of this illegal war crimeSome people were killed, was that just fine?This powerful tweeter is “capable” of anythingWill a horrific nuclear war be his last mad fling?Will he start a war with the country of Iran?If he does, will the poop hit the fan?Iran signed a deal, done in good faithWill this tweeter do a double crossing, “about face”?Should a Tweetaholic control the nuclear button?Could he end this world, all of a sudden?Are we all in danger: is this tweeter psychotic?Are we in the hands of an unstable Tweetaholic?Stephen J. GrayOctober 14, 2017.[...]

Do We Even Realize What “Our Leaders” Are Doing?


There are so-called “leaders” (past and present) in positions of power that are responsible for the deaths of millions of people, and millions of refugees. These, dead and those still alive, unfortunate people, once had homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and all the other things many of us take for granted.  Our “leaders” and their “allies” destroyed a number of their countries and reduced them to smoking rubble, and are still doing it. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and other countries never invaded us, but our tax dollars are being used to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, including Genocide.The Genocide in Yemen [1] is another horrendous example of what these demons of death, masquerading as “leaders” have perpetrated upon the people of Yemen. These well dressed villains in expensive suits supplied the weapons that are killing and destroying the people of Yemen. One piece of political scum even described the selling of weapons to his head chopping “allies” as “creating jobs.” Make no mistake we have sick and perverted people ruling over us, and they inhabit all political parties. They may not fight in these wars but they sure as hell, created hell on earth for millions of people. Therefore I ask this question: Should some political leaders be tried as accessories after the fact? [2]“Over the last two days, we lost 15 people to cholera. Eight of them children. Over the past few months, I’ve seen and experienced things such as having to remove children as young as 5 months old, to 10 years old from under the rubble – most of whom came in chunks of flesh; whose heads had been detached from their bodies, or whose craniums had been completely emptied. I’ve seen the human body contorted and mangled in ways no nightmare can think up. In ways not even those of you who read the Bible’s descriptions of hell can think up. Whose limbs had been blown to shreds ; whose faces had become like masks. During a recent rescue effort, someone accidentally stepped on what used to be someone’s head, that reacted like a silicone mask. That was the extent of the damage caused by Saudi airstrikes bought mainly from the US and the UK. As a doctor, the human body is sacrosanct to me, as is life. Seeing all this for months has set me quite close to a mental breakdown, and I’m an adult with previous, similar experiences.” Adrian Rossi. Sanaa, Yemen, October 2, 2017 dirty devious blood soaked “leaders” have formed themselves into political gangs I guess they believe there is “safety” in criminal numbers. “After all,” they might say in justification, “leaders of other countries are also part of our coalition against terrorism.” Yet, these are the same gang “leaders” that are also financing, supporting and training terrorists. [3] Was there ever a more evil perverted gang of “Heinous Hypocrites and their Fancy Titles”? [4]“We have to ask ourselves how it can be that the world’s worse criminals—people responsible for the death and displacement of millions of peoples—occupy high office...?” Paul Craig Roberts. The Unz Review, March 9, 2016. gang of evil cavorts and postures on the world stage, a true to life production  that promotes and sells death and destruction around the world. I believe if we truly had a functioning justice system, there would be mass arrests of these perverts of power.Still, one must ask: “Is This What Happens When Evil Rules”? [5] And we are seeing, daily, “The Posturing of Evil.”?                &nb[...]

Potland Goes to Pot


                                                                                                        Potland is going to pot in 2018Marijuana will be legalized in the dope sceneThe dopes and dopey will celebrate as they puff and smokeThe potheads will be happy as they share a tokeThe political dopes will tax it, as they are addicted to moneyAnd the ruling dopes that will legalize it--Are they really crummy?Potland already has a big drug problem because of drugs like FentanylDo the political dopes not realize that all kinds of drugs can kill?Potland is not immune to dangerous drugs--they are used in “mercy killings”Just sign your name to be medically murdered, and meet those that are willingAs long as you have an identity, and are perhaps not a Him or HerYou will be given your due “respect” if you are addressed as Ze or ZirPotland is a land where gender can be not a man or a womanIf you get high on pot, you will know that I am not foolingThis is a land just like “Animal Farm” where human animals ruleA land where all is “sunny,” and anyone can play the foolMost of the media in Potland find all this acceptableSaner people with ethics would surely call it diabolicalBut this is Potland, a place that appears bereft of principles and ethicsA place where some even question the truth of gender and its specificsIf you come and visit this strange place called PotlandYou will see some people marching naked; some think that this obscenity is grandThe marchers are led by politicians, but these “emperors” wear their clothesThey are Potland’s “emperors,” trying to smell like a beautiful roseThis then is Potland where every day is like a big fertilized gardenOf course some weed abounds (did I make a pun?) Oh, I beg your pardonStill, if you think this rhyme is silly and full of too much rotCome visit and see for yourself, as Potland goes to Pot“The civilization of one epoch becomes the manure of the next”Cyril ConnollyStephen J. GrayOctober 1, 2017.[...]

The Posturing of Evil


The posturing of evil is a sight to beholdPurveyors of war crimes that need to be toldClad in expensive suits, are these well dressed war criminalsMen and women without any morals or principlesSo called “leaders” of the human raceThey really are a bloody disgraceInvaders of countries in illegal warsThey are yesterday and today’s warmongering whoresMillions are dead because of their atrocious war crimesMillions are refugees because of their dirty pastimeCreating wars is what these war perverts doPaid for by compulsory taxes from me and youFinanciers and supporters of terrorists as wellThese treasonous villains create more hellThey are hypocrites that talk of, ‘the rule of law”Their lying words should stick in your crawCountries are destroyed and civil wars rageThis is how the corporate cannibals get paidSupplying the weapons of death and disasterKilling innocent victims very much fasterIraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and other countries tooAre hell holes of destruction caused by this unholy crewThey parade on the world stage and give unctuous talksWhen really most of these criminals should be in the dockOn trial for war crimes and crimes against humanityInstead they are free and spreading their insanityThey have caused death and destruction and massive upheavalHow much more will people take of this posturing of evil?Stephen J. GraySeptember 24, 2017.Links of interest below:[...]

I Believe I Saw a Dangerous Hypocrite Today


I believe I saw a dangerous hypocrite today his hair was orange instead of greyHe threatened to “destroy’’ another country, if it didn’t do things his wayHe talked of being “righteous” but then spoke very angrilySometimes he says, “God Bless,” is this hypocrisy and blasphemy?He does sword dances with head chopping dictatorsAnd sells to them arms and missiles, and is a peace violatorHe fired 59 missiles into Syria and killed some innocent peopleWhile enjoying chocolate cake and being very gleefulHe is a member of a coalition that is destroying YemenThey have been called war criminals and to that I say “Amen”He talks about fighting terrorism while arming terrorists as wellAre he and his helpers, hypocrites straight from bloody hell? He talked about upholding “respect for law” and bordersIs he hallucinating, and suffering from a mental disorder?This is a man that fires missiles into another country in an illegal act of warIs he a self deluded hypocrite and a creator of blood and gore?Will this man, who could be unstable, start a nuclear war?Is he being egged on by those, that don’t come to the fore?Are the secret war planners, using him, to get their way?Do they control the dangerous hypocrite, I believe I saw today?Stephen J. GraySeptember 20, 2017.[...]

The Biggest Warmonger on the Planet


The biggest warmonger on the planet is seeking more warsThis warmonger and its helpers are responsible for lots of blood and goreThey have slaughtered millions and destroyed a number of countriesNow they are seeking more targets, is their no end to their effronteries?Their propaganda pushers are promoting more military confrontationsCould North Korea, China, Iran and Russia be their next target nations?Will the ‘Great Satan’ and his Nato-rious gang bring about the end game?Will we all be nuclear incinerated by politicians and generals, who are insane?The latest “war leader” talks about fighting terrorists along with his war criminal crewAt the same time he is part of a coalition, that arms and trains terrorists tooHypocrisy is the forte of this evil satanic war mongering dirty coalitionUnfortunately they are in the halls of power and will lead us all to perditionHas the rule of law become the rule of outlaws and war criminals?Are we in the hands of depraved and deranged bloody imbeciles?Has the world stage become a platform for killing and those that plan it?Are we all prisoners of the biggest warmonger and its helpers on the planet?Stephen J. GraySeptember 18, 2017.Links of interest below: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------US Wars and Hostile Actions: A List[...]

The Victims of Devastation and Destruction


Devastation and destruction brought about by Hurricane Irma left many homeless and their houses destroyed. Some lost their lives. Planes flew in to bring supplies and help those suffering from lack of food and water. Tourists were airlifted back to their home countries, and very thankful to be home. A Telethon raised money. Politicians were interviewed and proclaimed that all these unfortunate places to be devastated by Hurricane Irma would be rebuilt and every effort would be made to help the victims, and rightly so.Meanwhile, other victims--but of people in power (past and present)--have had their homes destroyed and decimated in illegal wars. Millions of people are dead; millions are refugees; and the planes flying in to these war-torn countries are dropping bombs and missiles. Where is the aid for them?  Death is a daily visitor to this man-made horror. Yet, these “compassionate leaders” are some of the same “leaders” that are dropping bombs on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and other countries, while at the same time uttering platitudes over Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Dare one call them “heinous hypocrites”?, there is enough hypocrisy to go around. The media did a good job of showing the destruction of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. They were all over these stories and still are, showing the unfortunate victims that have lost everything; it is excellent reporting. Unfortunately the same media, when it comes to showing the victims of man-made atrocities, are, one might say, missing in action. “The Genocide in Yemen” is but one example. There are others where they are “Propaganda Peddlers....” Harvey and Irma got saturation coverage by the news media, and it showed that when the media does its job, their reporting is adequate. However, these are stories that could not be hidden or censored, since it was happening in the backyards of most of the media. On many other issues their “investigative journalism” is sadly lacking, especially when it comes to exposing “The Diabolical Destroyers of a Number of Countries.”“The despicable Washington Post is a prime apologist for these war criminals. The entire Western print and TV media is so heavily implicated in the worst war crimes in human history that, if justice ever happens, the presstitutes will stand in the dock with the Clintons, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, Obama and their neocon operatives or handlers as the case may be.” Paul Craig Roberts, November 28, 2016. summing up, the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma need to be supported and helped in every way. They are people who through no fault of their own have been subjected to uncontrollable weather.  Yet I believe this question must also be asked:  “Are the victims of illegal wars less human than the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma”?And should they and their countries also be recompensed and helped after suffering devastation and destruction at the hands of our “leaders” in illegal wars?For to use the words heard at a self promoting T.V. media station,“When will justice be done”?Stephen J. GraySeptember 15, 2017.Links of interest below:[...]

The Genocide in Yemen by a Coalition of War Criminals


“... the crisis unfolding in Yemengoes routinely under-reported in mainstream media. Hard-hitting coverage is kept to a minimum by those controlling the narrative — namely, outlets loyal to the U.S.and its allies which are enabling these atrocities.” Mnar Muhawesh. January 17, 2017. “The Financial Times reports on the enormous humanitarian disaster inYemen:... If you relied on this report, you would not know that the Saudi-led coalition imposes a sea and air blockade of the country....“Likewise, you wouldn’t know that the coalition has routinely bombed hospitals, clinics, sanitation plants, roads, and bridges, all of which have contributed to the famine and cholera crises in the country. The mass starvation in Yemen isn’t just happening. It is being created by ongoing policies of the coalition governments and their Western backers.” Daniel Larson, September 8, 2017. The American Conservative. is overwhelming evidence that there are war criminals that plotted and planned a number of wars in various countries. Yet, you won’t hear or see most of the corporate controlled media exposing the criminality of the powerful war perverts in our midst, or the victims of the war criminals and their war business.... is a Holocaust in Yemen, does anyone care?Children are being slaughtered by bombs from the airTheir parents are being killed and their homes destroyedAre world “leaders” guilty and of sympathy devoid?Cholera is raging and disease is rampantHelp from humanity is notably absentInstead “our leaders” supply the weapons of deathToday’s war criminals are of decency bereft... Holocaust in Yemen is supported and supplied by weapons from the U.K. U.S.A. and other countries.“In the last two years, the UKhas licensed the sale of £3 billion (US$3.86 billion) worth of arms to the Saudi government. The sales have come under sustained scrutiny since the start of the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen....“The United Nations estimates around 2.5 million people have been displaced during the conflict, and 17,000 people have died.“Despite this, Britain appears to be turning a blind eye to the conflict, with Saudi Arabiaremaining the UK’s most important weapons client.“Arms sales have included Typhoon and Tornado jets and the UKhas had military personnel embedded in Saudi headquarters throughout the Yemenconflict.” 8 Sep, 2017.“President Trump signed a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia on Saturday, the initial day of his first foreign trip since taking office.” Jordan Phelps and Ryan Struyk, May 20, 2017.“Representatives of not one but two Canadian governments – a previous Conservative government that in its steadfast avarice struck a $15-billion arms deal with the devil, and a current Liberal government that in its flippant cynicism signed off on it – are, with great conviction, taking turns promising and demanding the most rigorous of investigations into the alleged war criminal they have each aided and abetted.” Shannon Gormley, Ottawa Citizen, August 4, 2017.http://[...]

The Holocaust in Yemen


There is a Holocaust in Yemen, does anyone care?Children are being slaughtered by bombs from the airTheir parents are being killed and their homes destroyedAre world “leaders” guilty and of sympathy devoid?Cholera is raging and disease is rampantHelp from humanity is notably absentInstead “our leaders” supply the weapons of deathToday’s war criminals are of decency bereftThese blood soaked villains in luxury resideAnd the helpless people of Yemen have nowhere to hideTheir homes are razed and reduced to rubbleTheir hospitals are bombed which creates more troubleThey have nowhere to run and nowhere to goAs bombs from the sky rain down belowVictims of violence, their country is being destroyedEverything is gone, that they once enjoyedHead chopping war criminals and their western alliesAre responsible for the bloodshed and thousands that dieThey are partners in war crimes, to which we must say, “Amen”They are all responsible for the Holocaust in Yemen“The Saudi-led coalition and its Western patrons are among the chief authors of nightmarish conditions that threaten the lives of millions of innocent civilians.”Daniel Larson, July 20, 2017. The American Conservative. J. GraySeptember 2, 2017.Links of interest below: photos the U.S. and Saudi Arabia don’t want you to see[...]

The Past and Present Ruling Scum


The past and present ruling scumAre getting away with what they have doneTheir wars on Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen tooCaused millions of deaths and refugees anewTheir media conspirators’ promote propaganda and “news”And keep parroting their lies and hiding their abuseThey tell us, they are, “bringing democracy”And we are fed daily diets of consistent hypocrisyIs this what happens when war criminals rule?Do these monsters believe, we, the people are fools?They use our taxes to wage endless bloody warsAs they bomb and blitz a number of countries offshoreWeapons are supplied by profiteers of slaughterThe result is atrocities where blood flows like waterBut hey, this is a “war business” albeit gorySurely, this is a repulsive, and a sad, sad story?The carnage created by these dealers in death                     Has left this world in an unholy messMillions are homeless; their countries destroyedOnce they had homes and were mostly employedNow those still alive, live in misery and despairWhile the perpetrators are free, and really don’t careThis is what happens when justice is perverted and dumbAnd in the bloody hands, of past and present ruling scumStephen J. GraySeptember 1, 2017.Links of interest below:[...]

The Mass Murderers of the Human Race


“He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.”Leonardo da VinciThe mass murderers of the human raceReside in every country and placeThe abortionists kill the pre-born childMillions are slaughtered; their bodies defiledThe rulers of various and many countriesPermit and legislate these atrocious effronteriesThe old and sick are also prime and helpless targetsEuthanasia is now practiced by evil sick banditsKilling and more killing is the “end game”No pun intended there is plenty of blameAnother way of killing is by endless warsPlanned and plotted by warmongering whoresDeath and destruction, killing and maimingAll brought about by rulers proclaiming“We must bring democracy and help people too”Such is the perverted speech, to hide what they doBodies pile up amidst bloody gore and carnageThis the result of their illegal invading armies’Countries are destroyed and millions are deadThis is where corruption and the ruling evil has ledThey kill before birth and call it a “choice”Slaughtering the innocents that have no voiceThey kill the elderly in the twilight of their lifeThey kill and they kill in endless wars of strifeBlood soaked maniacs in positions of powerFancy titles to their names; Oh what a shower!Someday they will meet their Maker, face to faceJudgement will come to the mass murderers of the human race“Woe to those who call evil good” (Isaiah 5:20).Stephen J. GrayAugust 29, 2017Links of interest below:[...]

Memo to the Commander in Chief: For your eyes only.(satire)


You now have help in the White House. The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has kindly supplied a seasoned ex general to assist with communications. You, yourself have appointed him and others of great military talent. The MIC got a bit worried when you said “NATO was obsolete,” and “rattling allies” is not good for the war business.  Still, now that you are supporting the Afghanistan War, there is some relief in the ranks of the MIC. Big money, corporate profits and jobs are at stake, if there is PEACE in the world. Wall Street nearly collapsed with worry and the stock market shares of the war industry depend on more war. (Please no more peace scares.)  Peace would be a disaster, and people might like it. Therefore, we must keep bombing, blitzing, destroying, killing, murdering and supporting both sides in some of the conflicts. That is the reality of what is happening today. Anyway we are glad you are hopefully getting with the program. Keep on tweeting and doing what you are doing best. Leave the Big Stuff to the MIC, consider us your obedient helpers and may God Bless Americaas we make it great again. Note: This memo could be construed as Satire.Stephen J. GrayAugust 27, 2017.Links of interest below:                                                                                                              [...]

More War...


More war is needed to keep armies trained and employedMore wars are needed so that countries can be destroyedMore killing, bombing, destruction and deathMore of this is needed until the victims have nothing leftMore profits will ensue to the corporate cannibalsMore loot to feed their greed which is “admirable”More weapons produced and more missiles as wellMore action and propaganda to create bloody hellMore medals for generals and other ranks tooMore flags waving and more war “work” to doMore taxes for the masses as they pay and payMore bloody tax dollars are being blasted awayMore refugees trying to escape from the carnageMore wounded and maimed needing to be bandagedMore body bags for those killed in horrendous actionMore “experts” and “think tanks” to express “satisfaction”More parades for “leaders” to preen on the world stageMore adulation, more hypocrisy, after their bloody rampageMore terrorists created from the countries that were bombedMore mayhem, murder, killing and death as they respondMore violence begets violence that is for sureMore chaos and misery are the “fruits” of warMore atrocities, more carnage and more blood and goreMore deadlier weapons, finally used, until the earth is no moreStephen J. GrayAugust 22, 2017. Links of interest below:[...]

Trump, Trump, Trump


Trump, Trump, Trump, the media are marchingAttacking Donald Trump, they sound like dogs barkingSnarling, showing their teeth, growling and angry tooHave you ever seen such a howling biased crew?Day and night and on the hourThe media “presstitutes” continually glowerTrump said this, and Trump said that,Have the media become like dirty rats?Scurrying and making squealing soundsBelieving their own B.S. and hypocrisy aboundsTheir hate for Trump is a sight to beholdTheir nasty propaganda is totally uncontrolledInterviewing each other with partners in biasThey pretend they are the ones that are totally piousDuplicity and deceit is surely their forteHas truth become a victim of the media today?Whether people like Trump or notThe media’s personal vendetta says a lotDo they decide who should rule?Or will the people ignore these raving foolsHow will it end, one might ask?Will the establishment’s media be taken to task?The solution is in Donald Trump’s handsExpose all the evidence of corruption in the land“And what sort of lives do these people, who pose as being moral, lead themselves? My dear fellow, you forget that we are in the native land of the hypocrite.” Oscar Wilde...Stephen J. GrayAugust 17, 2017. Links of interest below: the hysterical “media” gossips about Donald Trump: The Info below is censored by the “media.” [...]