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LuLu, A Lover Of Life

Boho'ish, art loving, vegan (mostly), DIY nerd, and thrifting pro who will most likely blog A LOT about her cat and nieces. I'm a Nashville born gal who took a little adventure to New York for a couple of years who is back in Nashville and loving every mi

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I desire the things which will destroy me in the end.”
— Sylvia Plath



Brett, my adorable, chunky, feisty three year old niece picked this for me today and then I cried.
I cry A LOT these days.  Out of joy.  Not sadness.  Which has been something I haven’t done a lot of for the past couple of years.  I have these two kids to thank for that.  
I know I post a lot about my nieces but as of recently they have been the reason that I smile every day and for that I’m grateful.

Downtown Girl


So, off to downtown I went today for my THIRD interview with the same company.  This is a great opportunity for me and I'm hoping and praying it all works out.  I know that everything happens for a reason but I have been searching for a job for over THREE months and it's getting quite frustrating.

I moved back to Nashville to start my life over and since I have been back....well, it's been sending resumes, sending resumes, sending resumes....

Here's hoping.  Crossed fingers and all.

I was in a bit of a rush but I couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures.  I just LOVE downtown and the energy and the hustle and flow.  The energy there totally takes me back to my New York days.

My Perfect Rainy, Lazy Day


Opening up the windows to a breezy day, laughing at Zoe and then in turn getting annoyed because she gets so wound up that she knocks everything over and starts attacking the plants (Bengal cats are half Asian Leopard so they are a little crazy), reading, and eating my FAVORITE cake. Which is yellow cake with chocolate icing. From scratch!!  

So I’m finally starting to feel back to normal.  I forgot how my body reacts to allergies down here in the good ole’ south.  It has taken me almost two weeks to kick this.  Good thing a family member had an “extra refill” of an antibiotic laying around.



I finally found some of my favorite albums, good ole’ country cookbooks, and a couple of my old boardgames.
I know what I am doing tonight.
Oldies music, fatty southern food, and old school boardgames. This is my past, present, and future. Which I am SO grateful for. Which also makes me sad that kids now-a-days don’t appreciate wonderful moments like this. What memories do they have to look back on? A new IPad? Crappy reality TV? Being handed a remote control at the age of three because their parents don’t want to be parents? If and when I have children this will not be their past, present, and future. I may have hated my mom for making me read a book a week, doing chores, watching Nick At Nite, listening to all Oldies all the time…but now I am so grateful.
My niece doesn’t even know who The Rolling Stones or The Beatles are. I have started to introduce her to these things little by little…yes she hesitates at times and laughs at my silly “french 1960’s pop music” or “spanish rap music” or “weird art stuff” but I will not stop until her brain soaks in something more than Katy Perry and watching UFC fighting and I-Carly and The Suite Life Of Zach And Cody. Don’t get me wrong, it could be much worse…she could be into drugs or drinking or sneaking out or rebelling. My nieces are amazing! But I want more for them than what they are being offered right now.



To all of the TWO people who actually read my blog...sorry for being MIA lately.  Lots of job searching and interviewing, playdates with the nieces, and daydreaming about having a job so I can take some jewelry and pottery classes, go out to dinner, coffee dates, movies...and oh yeah...get a car, an apartment...A LIFE! 

Starting over FROM SCRATCH is not fun AT ALL!  And the economy is a hot mess right now.  So I'm giving it up to God, a higher power, Kharma...what have you. 

I will hopefully have more to post soon. 



Now My Friday Evenings Are Filled With


poopy diapers, sippy cups, hide and seek, duck duck goose, impromptu dance party, face painting, coloring, soccer, trying to figure out what to cook that an eleven year old AND a three year old would both eat (let's just say that the BBQ tofu that I cooked tonight was NOT a hit). 

Tonight, it was arrrgghhh we're pirates and we're coming to get cha, then there was my attempt at sneaking some tofu into their diet, organizing the school supplies for Belle, finger painting with Brett (the three year old) and winding down the evening by shutting off all the lights and watching The Bratz Christmas Special. 

I was only able to click a couple of pictures because as we all know you can't always grab the camera for EVERYTHING!  Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment and that's your moment not anyone elses's.  And also, they don't always love it.  Every now and then I will pick up the camera and they either run away or take it from me and hide it.  Point taken kiddos.

*Before the kiddos were dropped off I decided to repot and live some new life into a huge plant that started to die on me.  I accidentally ripped out a huge chunk of one so I decided to stick them into mason type jars filled with water until they are healthy enough to repot.  A green thumb I don't have so here's hoping for the best.

Aunt Blogging And Picture Snapping


I had a beautiful day at the park with my 11 year old niece, Belle the other day and of course I documented every moment.  Which of course embarassed her deeply.  Especially since her "boyfriend" was there playing baseball.  After the game he asked...who is that girl with you?  She looks like a hippie.  Ha...BTW...are there any "Aunt Bloggers" out there?  As if you can't blog has pretty much turned into an Aunt Blog here lately.  There are plenty of mommy blogs out there but not many "Aunt Blogs" aunts need a supportive community too!  Any feedback would be great.  :)Belle taking a picture of herself.  I have taught her well.Shadow CatcherMy nephew (#21) playing with Belle's "boyfriend"Tomboy Belle showing me how to throw a football.  Which didn't turn out so great.  I pulled a butt muscle tossing the ball.  Only me...Sugar high.I see me..Gratutious Picture Of Me[...]

Back From The Country


I took a little trip to West Tennessee this weekend for a family reunion.  It was so nice to see family that I haven't seen in almost two years.  The best part of my family there is that they live a very simple life.  They don't care where you work, who you know, what you are wearing, if you have a blog (ok, let's be honest most of them don't even know what a blog is) and that's one of the reasons I love going there.  They are pure, simple, and lovely people with hearts of gold and ONLY want what is best for you...regardless of the mistakes you may have made in the past.  I love the country but I could definitely NOT live there full time.  So, here are some pictures that I took.  I am hoping to take a photography trip there soon.  The beauty of the countryside there is amazing![...]

Play Dough Cookies Play Date


The past couple of days have been difficult.  I found out that a really good friend from New York passed away.  As much as I wanted to melt away into my own thoughts...well you can't really do that when a three year old wants and NEEDS YOU!  To be honest, being around the kids in this difficult time helps me escape all of that.  So here is a little photo montage is one of our many little adventures.Mustache MommaAll You Need Is LoveCookies Made With Love...And Play DoughLook At That Face.  More Hearts.  More Love.[...]

Artist In Training


So, last night I decided to attend a painting class with a girlfriend and the result was mixed. 

My vision was Tim Burton character meets Black Swan morphing into the White Swan meets retired, tormented ballerina.

Any thoughts?

Gettin' My Antiquin' On...


Granted my niece would rather be playing soccer or shooting some hoops...but I love showing her stuff that I love doing. She actually had a blast and she loved the fact that the antique shop was "named after her". Her name is Anna Belle. Also, we didn't realize that the woman who owns this place named the shop after her granddaughter, Anna Belle AND that my niece's dad (who passed away when she was two) was a family friend of the owner's. She told us so many amazing stories of babysitting her dad as a youngster. She doesn't remember alot about her dad so it was really nice. I'm pretty sure that she enjoyed those stories more than actually looking at antiques. It made me so happy to watch her reactions as this stranger told us story upon story of her father and how much my niece looks like her father. Perfect day.Creepy enough for ya?Who remembers Howard The Duck?! me!This actually worked...but definitely not on my head of hair!Score! I bought this one for only $5.00. The picture doesn't do this piece justice. Especially the color, what a beauty.I'm such a sucker for old records.You can't tell from the picture but this is a fur coat that has been paint splattered...Jackson Pollock style.Priceless.Giddy-UpCan I pull off bloomers? Who am I kidding...Creepily beautiful.Good ole' USA[...]

Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it.


This is one of my favorite Anais Nin quotes and desperately applies to my life for the past couple of months. Appreciate and preserve every moment that you have been given. Life, friendships, and family are precious and could end today, tomorrow, or the next day. While living in New York for two years I didn't have the pleasure to hold or play or interact with my nieces on a daily basis so now that I am able to I embrace it and document it as much as possible. Which annoys my nieces to no end. :)

That being said....even though I have my nieces and family here in Nashville I left all of my friends back in New York. I never thought in a million years that I would forge the friendships that I did. Being back is's harder than I thought to make friends here. In NY it was easy to meet people (especially who was interested in the same things as myself). Going to museums, art, book readings, picnics in the park filled with beautiful conversation about their goals and ambitions, and walking around the city for hours, and Sunday brunch. I hope to meet new people here in Nashville soon.


Playing with my ring (sippy cup in hand) while she nods off.

Peace baby.

Flower Power

Used Book Stores Are A Dying Breed--Here Is My Favorite


A good book should leave you... slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it. ~William Styron, interview, Writers at Work, 1958Today I decided to take a trip over to my favorite used bookstore and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that it had not been bought out by "the man" AKA Books A Million or Davis Kidd. I used to sit in the back on the floor and read for hours. So today, I decided to document my trip there (just in case it actually does get overthrown by a big corporation one day). So, if you are ever in Goodlettsville, TN be sure to check out Book Attic. It's pretty small but well worth it.Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. ~Mark TwainRubber Duck by Jack Douglas. Wishing now that I would have bought this. Mr. Douglas also wrote for Bing Crosby, Laugh In, Woody Allen, and The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet. Click here for more info.Of course there are are John Deere Green and pick up truck books. I IS Tennessee.Theories Of Everything by Roz Chast. I think the kids are rubbing off on me...I have been digging on some pretty cool cartoon books lately. Roz Chast is one of my new faves. Click here for more info.Feiffers Album by Jules Feiffer. Another one I should have picked up. But I'm waiting to go in and trade some of my old feminism books for some cool art and 60's/70's cartoon style books.[...]

No Words...


Playtime at the parkThere was no stopping this kid...thank goodness for washable paint.Finger painting was a blast!Now it's play doh time and I'm still trying to figure out what this little guy is...Take an empty coffee container, a little bit of soap and water, a couple of stickers and voila! You have a cool, easy, and free container for art supplies or whatever else you may have lying around the house that you don't have a place or space for.Keith Haring (seen in the eyes of a ten year old). And no she had no idea who he was and yes she is now digging some of my favorite street/graffiti artists. I love the excited look on a kids face when they have learned something new!She had also never heard of Ying and Yang but assumed it was Japanese (which explains the Japanese Rules)This is going on my wall. I sort of love it! As we were doing these I explained to her that the "splatter technique" was made pretty famous by Jackson Pollock and in return she has told five of her friends this very same thing. They want to have a Pollock Painting Slumber Party! Spotted at a gas station in Nashville. Actually...this is pretty good idea. Bought these at Target for 99 cents....fingers crossed. Next up...patio vegetable garden and maybe even a couple of flowers! More finger painting....Which reminds me....Always use the washable paint when the kiddos are around....Old, leftover memory cards, glue, construction paper, frame, and voila! Art! Or my version of art at least...Target has mini donut makers. So tempted...A playground primarily made up of old!Surprise hidden hike at the park. More pictures to come.Tire swing awesomeville! [...]

Not Going To Bonnaroo...there is still plenty of stuff to do here in Nashville


Hey my fellow Nashvillians…for all of my peeps out there that aren’t at Bonnaroo there is still lots of cool stuff to do this weekend. Check out the list that Nashvillest put together. Take part and post all about it!

Also, I was hoping to add all of my Nashville friends on here on all of my social networking sites…Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram (my user name is lubranham), Blogspot, etc…Send me your links to

Since I just moved back to Nashville after a couple of years of New York thought I would try to make some IRL friends here. ALL of my New York friends were made via Tumblr which I thought was pretty awesome! Connect with you soon!!!

Lost In Transition



Day Drunk Central Park Funtimes With One Of My NY Bestie's (yes that is a big gulp of wine)

Here lately I have been missing New York something fierce! I don't usually use the word fierce but it is necessary. I miss the over crowded, smelly trains. I miss the street art in Brooklyn. I miss walking for hours on the streets of Manhattan. I miss day drunk brunches with my girlfriends. I miss having lunch at Central Park (I worked right beside the park on Madison Avenue). I miss the break dancers on the A Train. I miss the museums. I miss..well..everything.

The decision to move back to Nashville was a tough one. But I didn't realize how tough the transition would be or how much I would really miss it. So much...that I am kind of contemplating moving back...maybe...I don't know...Feeling torn between what you want to do and what you should do is tough. There is a lot that is keeping me here in Nashville and to honest it is what brought me back to Nashville and I feel like I haven't really been of much help to that "situation". So it's more than a little frustrating when I packed up my life in New York, headed home to take control of some issues that were escalating, and now feel like I'm stuck in this feeling of displacement.

I'm pretty sure most of this is stemming from...frustrations of trying to find a job (especially one that would challenge me), no car (which I sold to be able to MOVE to NY and which you NEED when you live in Nashville), and no apartment.

This will pass. My new life here WILL be amazing and challenging and beautiful. I am sure of it.

A Life Less Blurred...



This picture pretty much sums up how I have been feeling since I moved back to Nashville. Don't get me wrong...I am loving re-bonding with my nieces, reconnecting with old friends, and being surrounded with people who love me and support this new step in my life. But I have recently started to feel like Nashville was my "old" life and not sure where I fit anymore. I am a different person now than say...two years ago when I left for New York. I know all of the pieces of my new life will fall into place but let's be honest...I'm a Taurus...Stubborn as a bull. This whole philosophy of "taking one day at a time" isn't usually my cup of tea but hey it could work...right?

Vacation Photo Bomb


Just us girlsThe light of my life.My niece talked me into this! She loved it, I almost threw up. The things we do...My "bodybuilder" sister. It's always hard to capture a candid picture of her, she always want to pose...but I gotcha girl.Stingray...ouch!Collecting seashells. Plan on making some cool jewelry!More seashells and my niece.And more...And more...LuLuSo calming. Did a little yoga on the beach.Footprints in the sand.Taken from the view of our condo on the beach.[...]

Much Needed Vacation



After the transition of moving from New York to Nashville I was ecstatic when my sister asked me if I wanted to go with them on their summer vacation to Myrtle Beach!!

Along with money woes, difficulty finding a job, couch surfing, and no car...well it's been a bit overwhelming. Well not really overwhelming...more like depressing. So a condo on the beach is just what I need.

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend and I will definitely post some pics of the beach!

Thrifting Recap


Two of my passions...Thrifting and New York. Here are a couple of snaps of my thrifting trip today and my last days in New York/Brooklyn. Hope you enjoy!Day drunk brunch with my best girlfriends in New YorkMe And my talented friend, Kate. This girl was so supportive of my move back to Nashville. She is the type of friend that always knows exactly what I need to hear. Good or bad.My best friend, Nat. She is French-Canadian, painter, introduced me to Serge Gainsbourgh, dog sitter to her sweet doggie Bruno, and she was literally my family in New York. The most amazing person ever!!!View in Brooklyn headed to the airport.The morning of my move back to Nashville. For some reason I just love this picture...A restaurant in Brooklyn across the street from my apartment. The go to post drunk spot for the hipsters.My favorite 24/7 vegan cafe in Brooklyn, Manna.I bought this vintage dress today at Music City Thrift in Nashville for $5.00. The sparkles in the dress are so delicate. I'm thinking about hemming it just a bit but other than that this dress is perfection.Cobweb earrings for 99 cents. Need I say more?I didn't buy this at the thrift store....but at Old Navy. I spent more on this bathing suit than a huge bag of goodies at the thrift store but I had to buy a suit. I'm going to North Charleston and Myrtle Beach this weekend for a week with my sister and niece. So pumped! Many, many pictures will be taken and I will most definitely be photo bombing you very soon.[...]

My New Life In Pictures


Let's start off with my new favorite view at my sisters house. The view is breathtaking and what a joy it was when I came out here at about 6:00 am the other morning (after being woken by my three year old niece) with my coffee and all of a sudden I was surrounded by about 20 deer! Definitely not something you would see in Brooklyn. You may see drunk hipsters with deer antlers on their head as a "hat" at 6:00 am but not actual deer...At my ten year old nieces soccer game. Received many a weird looks as I took this awkward picture of myself. What? No one IPhone blogs around here?My three year old niece and her masterpiece that she made for my birthday. Ok...maybe this was one of her daily pictures she made at school and my sister wrote Happy Birthday Lu on the back of it because she forgot to buy me a present...but I love it non the less and I'm going to have it framed. Safe to say that she already more talented at three than I am at...well...that doesn't really matter. Right?Is it just me or is this picture very "Glamour Shots" circa the 1990's? I mean c'mon...who doesn't dream of rocking a purple puffy jacket and hot pink mini bicycle with tassels on the handlebars?I'm not really sure what's going on here...Eyes of an angel. But don't be deceived. Looks can be deceiving...what am I saying? She's perfect. Which reminds me...I'm too old for piggy tails right?She wanted to send this to her "boyfriend"...she's ten years old...she shouldn't have a I right or am I right?How about a S-L-O-W clap for this cutie right here?Playing Hide N Seek with the nieces and nephews. Needless to say I lost...those kids are crazy devious and mischievous when it comes to Hide N Seek. Game on kids, game on.I came across the cutest house the other day walking around the neighborhood. I want to live in this, build a herb garden, plant a bountiful array of colorful flowers, and make a mosaic pathway to the door. I should do this...immediately!My sister literally has a white picket fence.[...]

Long Time, No Post...


Dress-Thrifted at Goodwill-$3.99Sandals-Payless-$9.99Purse-Thrifted Vintage at Goodwill in NY-$3.99Heidi Braids--Via my girlfriendBeer purses...only in the southI so wanted this!!Tye dyed silk t-shirtsTo the whole...two people who still read this blog...I'm thinking of bringing it out of hibernation. The theme will be a bit different...a little bit photography, a little bit of Nashville, a little bit of me missing New York, a little bit of my nieces, a little bit of fashion, a little bit of DIY projects, and little bit of daily what I wore posts. What I have been up to...let's see...fulfilled my lifelong dream of living and dreaming in New York by way of Brooklyn and after two beautiful, fulfilling years I made the difficult decision to move back to Nashville. There are so many aspects of New York that I miss...the art, the fashion, my friends, the subway, the crazy people on the subway, the culture, the diversity....but what I missed most about Nashville was my nieces and the simple ways of the south. Don't get me wrong I love the hustle and bustle of the city but when I would lay my head on my pillow every night....I wasn't daydreaming about this beautiful city I was fortunate to be in...I was daydreaming about missing my nieces and my family. Missing out on two years of their lives breaks my heart but I have learned SO MUCH about myself and who I want to be. For me. For them.So, my first week of being back I headed on over to TACA Tennessee Arts Festival with a good friend and here are a couple of pics to prove it.Have a beautiful weekend and we will talk soon. I hope! Also, if you live in Nashville let's meet up! The one thing that I learned in New York was social networking! I met some of my best friends via the internet. So let's connect![...]

Daily Threads: Back In Black Edition





Dress-Forever 21-$9.99
Suede Blazer-Thrifted At Goodwill In Nashville, TN-$1.99
Tights-Sidewalk Sale-$1.00
Boots-Local Store In Williamsburg??-$12.99
Necklace-Thrifted At Goodwill In Nashville, TN-$2.99

Work…the reason for the happy picture…I’m off tomorrow and boy do I need it! Rough week but I’m determined to have a wonderful day…well hopefully. Running a couple of errands after work but other than that nothing too special. Maybe a coffee date…Anyone?


I don’t really wear this dress very often (especially after I have gained a couple of pounds) but hey…who cares…it’s comfortable and easy to wear. I threw on my favorite brown blazer and cool vintage necklace to break up all of the black.

Daily Threads: Vest It Up Edition





Skirt-Thrifted At Goodwill In Chelsea, NY-$9.99
Shirt-Old Navy-??
Vest-Given to me by a random guy in a thrift store in Williamsburg. It’s actually an insert to a coat and when I told him it was my first winter in NY he took it off and gave it to me!
Tights-Sidewalk Sale-$1.00
Boots-Thrifted At Salvation Army In Tribeca-$4.99
Necklace-Gift From My Ex-Roomate-FREE
Another Day Of Work And Then Off For A Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner & Drinks With These Two Ladies
I have been itching to wear this skirt again but since it’s a bit chilly out today I threw on this super warm vest and my new favorite motorcycle-esque boots. Lately I have been loving the feminine meets masculine vibe. The vest is a little big on me but I love it regardless.