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Preview: Get High on Hockey

Get High on Hockey

Your hockey cards aren't worth anything!

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Best Ever Hockey Card


(image) #25 - Titan the VooDoo Warrior
1994-95 Slapshot Vancouver Voodoo Team Set

This is clearly, without a doubt, the best hockey card ever made. From the back of the card:
"From the dense rainforests of northern British Columbia comes Titan the VooDoo Warrior. Titan leads the VooDoo tribe into battle as they claim another victim and celebrate each VooDoo goal in a ritual known as the VooDoo Bongo Beat."
Instead of using one of the many native groups that actually live in northern British Columbia, the Vancouver Voodoo organization adopted this Polynesian-styled character as their mascot. It kind of works: Titan is a gaudy perversion of native culture in the same way that the RHI was a gaudy perversion of the NHL.

The VooDoo tribe may not exist in BC anymore, but it lives on ... as a bar... in Malaysia?

From some random person's travel blog comes this amazing neon sign from the Voodoo Pub & Bistro in Penang:

(image) Amazing!

Worst Ever Hockey Cards #23


(image) #67 - Mike Grier
97-98 Upper Deck

Get High on Hockey is back from the dead. . . for today. . . just because this card features three of my favourite things: an unflattering photo, pizza, and an ugly couch.

It's been a while since I've seen a suitably awful card, although I have been interested in old cigarette cards that are certainly awful and offensive. You really have to read the back of this 'Puppy Stew' card to understand what I mean.

Hockey Card of the Day #45


(image) NNO - Sergei Federov
90-91 - ?

Does anyone know what set this off-brand card comes from? There is no company name or copyright date anywhere on the card. I'm hoping this was from some illegal, unlicensed set. The thing is, it's much higher quality than some of the crap that came out in 90-91 (I'm looking your way Bowman).

If it's any help, this foil Eric Lindros card seems to be from the same set as well.

Hockey Card of the Day #44


(image) NNO - Stan Mikita
72-73 O-Pee-Chee Team Canada

These decapitated heads were inserted in packs of 72-73 O-Pee-Chee. I like them much better than the regular 72-73 OPC cards, though I think I would like this card even more if Mikita was wearing his trademark bulbous helmet.

Actually, this card probably ranks in my top ten favourite hockey cards, coincidentally with a couple of other cards that also feature people who have had their heads removed-- though in these cases they were reattached on someone else's body: 71-72 Rogie Vachon and Mike Corrigan.

Also notable in the category of cards featuring head transplants is the '74 Nabisco Sugar Daddy set that placed pro-athletes heads on cartoon bodies. Derek Sanderson's card is my favourite of that bunch.

Worst Ever Hockey Cards #22


(image) #236 - Oleg Tverdovsky
95-96 Skybox Impact

It's embarrassing when the NHL tries to be cool. Like the NHL's Faceoff Rocks debacle that kicked off the 08-09 season and featured two artists, Def Leppard and Alanis Morrisette, who were arguably never cool, and have quite obviously not been cool for at least a decade.

All of the NHL's efforts to prove that they are cool through shitty events and celebrity endorsements (with the exception of this one) just remind me that I have nothing in common with 99% of hockey fans and make me wonder why I even like the sport.

This card gets inducted into the hockey card hall of shame for the hokey "Hockey's Hip" logo and the paragraph on the back that makes me want to punch the writer in the face.

Hockey Card of the Day #43


(image) #10 - Mike Dunham
95-96 Edge Ice - The Wall

Whatever that thing on Dunham's mask is supposed to be (a grotesque red-faced gorilla?), it gets my vote as the creepiest goalie mask ever.

This card was part of a insert set of minor-league goalie masks that featured such minor-league staples as Rick Knickle, Troy Gamble, Wendell Young and Pokey Reddick. These cards were inserted in packs of 95-96 Edge Ice, which was an ambitious 200 card set of AHL/IHL players. Like most companies that only released minor league sets, Edge Ice did not return for a second year. If anyone has one of these sets they want to get rid of, I want one.

Top 10 Hits


(image) I'm trying to find the ten best hits ever shown on hockey cards. I know the NHL and NHLPA don't allow fighting on hockey cards, but as far as I know there is no issue with bodychecks. Still, it's really hard to find many cards with good photos of players running each other over. So far I have just four worthy candidates.

#67 - 1980 U.S. Hockey Team Aggressive blocking - 1991 Impel U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame - Apparently running a guy over is also called "Aggressive blocking."

#79 - Steve Bernier - 07-08 Upper Deck

#149 - Dany Heatley - 07-08 Upper Deck

#520 - Rick Tabaracci - 90-91 Upper Deck - I think this one is my favourite right now.

Can anyone help me flesh out this list?

Worst Ever Hockey Cards #21


#157 - Mike Corrigan
71-72 O-Pee-Chee

My new favourite card of all-time.

Hockey Card of the Day #42


#69 - Randy Ladoceur
94-95 Stadium Club

Anytime I see someone wearing these jerseys in public I assume they are slightly retarded.


70-71 Topps


70-71 Topps is a pretty nice, simple set-- not the most exciting or attractive of all the 1970's sets, but it's definitely not the worst. The 132 cards in this set are almost exactly the same as the first 132 cards from O-Pee-Chee's set from the same year, though it is a little confusing why Topps would take the first 132 cards and have career minor-leaguers in the set (like Wayne Hicks and Dave Amadio, who hadn't played in the NHL since 67-68 and 68-69 respectively and would never play major-pro again) instead of players like Tony Esposito and Alex Delvecchio.The back of the cards have a nice ugly-green background complete with an illustration and a few player stats. I always prefer to see career stats on cards, so it's especially disappointing when cards don't even list complete stats for the previous season. At least the write-ups have lots of unnecessary quotation marks.Since the late-60's, early 70's were the era of the first two expansions and lots of players were changing teams, Topps (or OPC) decided to either crop out as much of the player's jersey out of the photo as possible or just take the logo off the jersey itself. I always disliked that in the past. Taking a logo off a jersey just makes it look like a budget set that couldn't afford the proper licensing, but now I would kind of like to see a new set do that on some those 'vintage' cards. Maybe they could bring back some airbrushing too!Five of my favourites:#69 - Gary Smith - It would take just a few more years for this respectable-looking young man to turn into this.#90 - Jim Morrison - Not the oldest, but the oldest-looking man to ever play in the NHL.#6 - Johnny McKenzie - The creepiest-looking man to ever play in the NHL?#40 - Gump Worsley - Gump does not find that very amusing.#105 - Bruce Gamble - Floatin'.I got many of these images from the great Hockey Card Cyber Museum. They have all the 70's Topps sets and are starting to work on the 80's O-Pee-Chee ones. You have to get a (free) guest pass to enter the site, but it is definitely worth it.Thanks to Jeremy and Nitzy for bringing the Hockey Card Cyber Museum to my attention. Check out their hockey blogs by clicking on their names.I also took one image from, which also has lots of 70-71 Topps cards for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.[...]

Hockey Card of the Day #41 - Grand Poobah of Unibrows


#65 - Rick Hampton
75-76 Topps
(Buy it)

This guy has it all wrong-- he's got his eyebrows on his upper lip and his mustache on his forehead. And I though Thomas Jelinek was the Lanny McDonald of unibrows. . .

1992 - Action Hockey Freaks


I've been looking at a bunch of other sports card blogs today and they all seem to be into listing what they pulled from whatever boring pack of cards. That's all they do, they open a pack of cards and list what was inside. Most of them don't even scan the full pack. Laammee.But if that's what people want, I'm prepared to compromise. So here it is: One pack of 1992 Action Hockey Freaks!Just in case you missed this set when it was first released, Hockey Freaks is a set of the fictional futuristic Atomic Hockey League which is set in the 2034. Sounds like a winner to me!SP1 - Detroit UnemployedNot just a foil sticker, but very topical too!#6 - The Stuntson Brothers - Boston Stranglers#14 - Charlie Horse - Chicago GangstersThis guy is into branding other players' asses with a 'G'.#23 - Brad Luck - Detroit Unemployed#31 - Wayne Grizzly - Los Angeles PollutionMust be a good pack if I pull the Gretzky parody. #41 - Great Sesame - Montreal Flying Hasbeens#48 - Greg Proctor - New York Scums#56 - Boulhouboulhou Boulhou - Ottawa MounteesAnd finishing off the pack is a racist caricature. Awesome! The back of this card is worth reading.[...]

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I've been too busy/tired/lazy to update the blog much lately, but I did put up some shitty cards for sale on

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Worst Ever Hockey Cards #20


(image) Worst Ever Hockey Cards #20
#106 - Manon Rheaume

94-95 Sports Stars USA

I thought I'd already found the ugliest Manon Rheaume card-- then I saw this reject from the Saved by the Bell set.

All you Rheaume fans will be happy to know that Upper Deck is finally releasing its first Rheaume card in the 08-09 NHL Legends Masterpieces set. It's about time!

Hockey Card of the Day #40


(image) #116 - Corrado Micalef
83-84 O-Pee-Chee

I've seen pictures of this guy without his helmet on and he doesn't have a big down syndrome forehead or Gary Smith-esque 'fro. So what's in that dome?

Despite having such a relic of a goalie mask in his NHL days, Micalef was hip enough to wind down his career with four seasons in the RHI with the Montreal Roadrunners, Orlando Jackals, and San Jose Rhinos from 94-97.

New Hockey Pin Store!


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Hockey Card of the Day #39


(image) #E9 - Jim Kyte
94-95 Classic Enforcers of Hockey

I guess these budget brands did have a good idea every once in a while. Since NHL cards aren't allowed to show fighting, Classic made a ten card set of AHL and IHL'ers beating this shit out of each other (or at the very least staring each other down).

(image) Apparently this career minor-league goon is a hero in Syracuse where he has a banner with his name and number in the War Memorial at Oncenter, the home of the AHL Crunch.

Hockey Card of the Day #38


(image) #412 - Link Gaetz
91-92 Pinnacle

I like what this card insinuates. But as much as I wish this card was made by some harsh Link Gaetz critic, the back actually talks about how Gaetz raises award-winning chickens. . . which I guess is kinda bizarre when you think about the guy. But if he was such a great chicken breeder, why is he working construction in Mission, BC? SPCA complaints?

Box of shitty cards!


My friends from Calgary gave me a big box of random hockey and baseball cards. Most of them were shitty, some of them were funny, all of them smelled like hippie.

Five of my favourites:

#45 - Gino Odjick - 93-94 Parkhurst Emerald Ice - Can you believe the Canucks traded this guy for Jason Strudwick? Forget the Luongo deal, this was Keenan's worst trade ever.

#28 - Eric Lindros - 98-99 Collector's Choice Starquest - The ugliest card in the box award winner!

#5 - Sergei Samsonov - 98-99 Pacific Aurora Championship Fever - For this set they had ten different people all design one small part of the card without seeing what the others were doing.

#645 - Alex Fernandez - 1991 Upper Deck Baseball - I don't usually write about baseball cards, but since they were in the box I thought I could at least show this card because number 13 is wearing a friggin' 'Can't Touch This' hat!

#NNO - Cleveland Indians - 1991 Upper Deck Team Holograms - The Indians logo is the most racist logo in sports. I can't believe they've been allowed to keep it for so long. Could you imagine a team getting away with this as a logo. It's about the equivalent.

Hockey Card of the Day #37


(image) #AR2 - Gilbert Dionne
92-93 Upper Deck All-Rookie Team

What a douche!

Worst Ever Hockey Cards #19


(image) Worst Ever Hockey Cards #19
#5 - Doug Bonner
1995 Signature Rookies

Surprisingly, Signature Rookies managed to fart out one more set after the 1994 Roman debacle. As much as I was hoping the 1995 cards would have a wild west theme, SR decided to go for a more toned-down kind of ugly. While SR did not shell out to license the team's logo, they were nice enough to spend a few seconds photoshopping "Seattle" onto the jersey. In case you were wondering, Bonner's pro career consisted of a handful of games in the AHL and a few seasons kicking around the ECHL and UHL. There are only 4,499 more of these floating around... you better grab 'em before they're gone.

Worst Ever Hockey Cards #18


#CXVIII - Wendell Young
1994 Signature Rookies Tetrad Autographs

I love when budget companies did their impression of high-end cards. Here is a Signature Rookies autograph of a washed-up player that is painfully hand-numbered 2640 of 7750. If the photoshopped jersey and ugly Roman column on the front aren't bad enough for you, check out the Windows 95 wallpaper and hockey clip art on the back. At least they had the good judgment not to write the blurb in Latin as well.


The Goon Collection (SOLD)


Since goons are the best sellers so far, I've put together a five-pin goon set that includes Tim Hunter, Link Gaetz, John Kordic, Gino Odjick and Bob Probert that you can purchase for the low price of $7.50 (plus $2 shipping to anywhere).

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Hockey Pins


Hockey pins are now available for $2 each! Each 1" pin is lovingly handmade from an authentic NHL trading card. Special requests accepted. Email bszine(at) of pins available (click to view flickr set or see individual pins below):Wendel Clark - 1 2Link Gaetz - 1 (sold out) 2 (sold out)Michel Goulet - 1Dirk Graham - 1Dale Hawerchuk - 1Kelly Hrudey- 1 2Guy Lafleur - 1Mike Liut - 1 (sold out)Lanny McDonald - 1Kirk McLean - 1 2 3Marty McSorely - 1 2Mark Messier - 1 2Stan Mikita - 1Gino Odjick - 1 2 (sold out)Gilbert Perreault - 1Bill Ranford - 1 2 3Patrick Roy - 1Denis Savard - 1Ilkka Sinisalo/Kevin Hatcher - 1Stan Smyl - 1Doug Wilson - 1$1 flat rate shipping to anywhere will be added at checkout. Be sure to specify which pins you want in the paypal comments section.[...]

Wish List #3


(image) #442 - Pavel Bure
95-96 DEL

In one game with the Landshut Cannibals of the German Elite League during the 94-95 NHL lock-out, Bure managed to get three goals and a sweet hockey card. I can appreciate any jersey that would not look out of place in the RHI . You can't tell from the front of this card, but those savages on Bure's jersey are actually holding a bone hockey stick! I found a site made by a person who owns Bure's game jersey from Landshut. He has a photo of the back of the jersey.

I thought I could get this card off of eBay for a buck, but it shot up to $25 since I last looked. I guess have to settle for friggin' 'Prince Pavel'.