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Mon, 12 Feb 2007 22:55:02 +0000

Desperate Housewives: Mem’ries.. Desperate Housewives Title: “I Remember That” First Aired: 2/11/07 This week’s theme on Desperate Housewives is memory. Quite appropriately so — it’s been several weeks since viewers checked into Wisteria Lane, what with the SAG Awards and Super Bowl taking up our time these last few Sunday nights. But don’t fret — […]

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Jan. 8: Dog Parties with Carrot Top, Katharine McPhee is Over ItmeeveeEdanswers_1Cory_1bAlmaTriple_h_1Ent_1Grease_1Sosf_100x10017438_pccccccc1234567890_1Newyork84x77

Tue, 09 Jan 2007 00:48:07 +0000

MeeVee Exclusive! Interview with Ed Begley Jr. With over 200 credits to his name and 11 pages on his IMDB profile — that’s right, 11 pages — you would think that Ed Begley Jr. was ready for retirement. Not even close. He’s got a homegrown business, and three movies in the queue. Now, the man […]

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