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Preview: Anime News Network - Column

Anime News Network - Column

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Updated: 2018-04-26T13:20:18-04:00


This Week in Games: World of Demons


DeNA producer Andrew Szymanski spills the details on Platinum's upcoming mobile action game World of Demons. PLUS: Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball FighterZ news and a whole mountain of new releases!

This Week in Anime - Why Aggretsuko is the Voice of a Generation


Sanrio's new workplace comedy has screamed its way onto Netflix to summon a legion of new fans. We explore what makes this millennial metalhead panda's quarter-life crisis so incredibly relatable.

Answerman - Why Don't Anime Characters Go To Therapy?


How come therapy never seems to come up as a solution in anime? Justin discusses the differences in mental health culture and why we might not expect to see therapy explored much in anime.

This Week in Anime - Just How Weird is Hinamatsuri?


Hinamatsuri is part absurdist comedy, part sentimental sap, and all too unusual to summarize. We do their best to explain what makes this odd show so special.

Vice & Luna - The Plural of Anime is


Sometimes the ones you love are the ones that hurt you the most.

Shelf Life - My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Complete Series


James Beckett reaches the memorable conclusion of Hachiman's unexpectedly romantic adventures, while Paul Jensen breaks down all this week's new anime releases.

Answerman - Are "Upscaled" Blu-Rays Worth The Upgrade?


If a show was produced in a low resolution and has to be "upscaled" to HD, is it worth buying the HD version? Justin gets into the details.

The List - 6 Bizarre Magical Transformations


Sentai heroes look cool when they power up and magical girls transform with grace and beauty, but some magical metamorphoses are less comfortable to watch. These six examples are just plain weird.

Answerman - Who Are The Ainu People?


After a high-profile spotlight in the new spring anime Golden Kamuy, some readers are curious to know more about Japan's Ainu population. Justin is happy to oblige!

This Week in Anime - Uma Musume Means Horse Girls


This series galloped into the new season with a truly bizarre premise that hasn't yet drawn much attention. We make hay about this uniquely equine sports/idol show while it's still sitting pretty in the spotlight.

This Week in Games: Kirby Star Allies


Amidst an absolutely punishing amount of Sega news, Heidi finds time to finally catch up with Kirby's latest adventure. The verdict, plus all of this week's explosive game news!

Answerman - Why Do Some Series Have Long Gaps Between Seasons?


One Piece shows up every week without fail, but there are gaps between seasons in My Hero Academia. What gives? Justin explains it all.

This Week in Anime - Rocking and Socking with MEGALOBOX


Since it's an anime-original production, nobody knew what to expect when Megalobox punched its way into the new season. This week, we pick our jaws off the floor to discuss this boxing series' strengths and future potential.

Vice & Luna - Mind the Gatemaster


You can't watch a frame of Fate/Zero until you've played every last route of the original visual novel - so says the gatemaster!

Answerman - Is There Anything To Miss About Old School Subtitles?


Some people miss the way subtitles "used to be", wonky translations and all. But is there anything to sincerely miss about the "good ol' days"? Justin gets into it.

Shelf Life - March Comes in Like a Lion Season 1 Part 1


March Comes In like a Lion and quickly melts Gabriella Ekens' resistance to the charms of this beloved series. PLUS: all of this week's new anime DVD and bluray releases!

The Mike Toole Show - All Dogs of Flanders Go to Heaven


Mike takes a look back at one of the most influential and pervasive sad children's stories in anime history, from remakes to references to parodies, all about a Dog of Flanders.

The List - 7 Appetizing Anime Restaurants


From festival food stalls to floating franchise eateries, these are just seven scrumptious spots to visit in the world of mouth-watering anime food porn.

ANNCast - Just A Little Bit of Spring


Jacob's out sick, so interest editor Lynzee Loveridge stops by the podcast to help Zac sort through the best and worst of Spring 2018 so far.

Answerman - What "Editing" Needs To Be Done To Anime For US Release?


Justin digs in to what "video post-production" means when it comes to anime - how we handle the masters Japan sends for home video production.

This Week in Anime - Giving ReLife a Second Chance


Almost two years after it first aired, Crunchyroll has released the final four episodes of the heartwarming high school drama, ReLife. This week, Nick and Jacob return to this underrated gem to share their thoughts on the full journey.

This Week in Games - VR Kanojo


Virtual reality girlfriends finally arrive on Steam thanks to Illusion - what does it mean for the industry? PLUS: Blazblue, Witcher Nendoroids, Yo-Kai Watch and so much more!

Answerman - Why Are People More Upset By Nudity Than Violence?


One reader wants to know why western fans clutch their pearls over anime boobs but give blood and guts a free pass. Justin has a few ideas.

This Week in Anime - Is Violet Evergarden Worth Watching?


Netflix has finally released Kyoto Animation's visually ambitious new series to audiences around the world. This week, Nick and Steve discuss their feelings on this gorgeous yet divisive story.

Vice & Luna - Creature Feature


Vice is pretty sure he knows what the next season of Free! is gonna be about, and it's a surefire prestige piece!

Shelf Life - Akiba's Trip


James takes a look at Gonzo's cartoonish clothes-stripping comedy, while Paul runs down all this week's new releases, along with a new Shelf Obsessed collection!

Answerman - Is It Really Illegal To Take Pictures Of People Without Permission?


You hear it often that taking photos of anyone in Japan without their permission is illegal - is that true, and how did those laws come about? Justin gets into it.

The List - 7 More Weird Evangelion Products


From fishing gear to bullet trains, there really is nothing you can't buy with Shinji and his friends stamped on it. Here are seven more weird EVA collector's items from Japan.

Answerman - Why Aren't More Original Anime Made?


There's an avalanche of anime these days, but a huge percentage of it is adapted from a manga, light novel or video game - why isn't there more original work? Justin considers the angles.

This Week in Games: April Foolishness


Heidi runs down the week in April Fools gags from the gaming industry, plus an obscure spooky visual novel arrives in English at long last, and next week's new releases!

Answerman - Where Have All The Mechanical Designers Gone?


Traditionally animated cars, motorcycles, tanks and planes look awesome - have they all been completely replaced by CG? Justin considers the angles.

Vice & Luna - Franxx, But No Franxx


Those butt handles on the Franxx pilot suits have a lot more uses than just murdering klaxosaurs, you know.

Answerman - What's A "Mainstream" Anime Fan?


Back in the day you'd say a "mainstream" anime fan just watched Toonami on TV and didn't buy DVDs or blurays. But what does a mainstream fan look like in the modern age? Justin gets into it.

Shelf Life - Scar-red Rider XechS


Paul dissects a disastrous sentai-themed otome game adaptation alongside his rundown of all this week's new anime releases. Plus, a new Shelf Obsessed with an impressive manga collection!

The List - 6 Most Dangerous Military Institutions


One day they're swearing to protect your nation, the next day they're overthrowing your government. Anime frequently depicts dangerously powerful militaries, here are 6 of 'em!

ANNCast - Remember Gundam?


Zac and Jacob get in a fight with Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs and Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One - PLUS: The end of Winter 2018 and your weekly allowance of FRANXX!

Answerman - What Software Is Used In Anime Production?


What software do they actually use to MAKE anime? Justin runs down the list.

This Week in Anime - A Place Further Than the Universe and Back Again


This season's hidden gem dramedy about four girls chasing a dream to travel to Antarctica has finally come to its bittersweet conclusion. We break out the tissues and talk about what this show meant to us.

This Week in Games - Dragon Quest XI


The latest expansive installment in the Dragon Quest series is finally getting an English release! Everything we know, plus Kirito and Asuna on your phone, next week's big releases and much more!

Answerman - Why Do Streaming Sites Block VPNs?


Ever try to visit Crunchyroll or another streaming service with your VPN on, only to be turned away by a message telling you to come back when you've got direct access? Why do they do that? Justin has a few answers.