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Super Summaries

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Lois Lane, Murderess


As Clark sits around the office complaining that the news isn't coming to him (who hired this idiot?) Lois lectures him on proper reporting before setting out to find a story. Okay, so no one is going to give a damn about some jeweler with a security system, at least it's better than the blank page soaked in his own tears and snot Clark submitted.  Unfortunately, before she can actually speak

Superman and the Miracle Drug


Hold onto your hats and batten down your hatches, because Morton EFFING Craig has been arrested for grand larceny!  I'm not even kidding, but I wish I was.  Morton Craig.  I mean, wow.  Since we've never actually heard of the guy before Clark informs us that he is the most honest man in the world and his sudden turn to crime is shocking, which clues us in to the fact that Something Is Up.  After

In Which Superman Investigates a Strange Odour Part 2


Continuing from where we left off... Superman had just destroyed the autogyro in which the villainous Mosely was escaping, sending the both of them hurtling towards the ground and certain death.  We pick up as Superman trails Mosely on foot post-crash.  What?  We know how Superman survived, but how did Mosely?  Sucka didn't even have a parachute!  And if he survived the fall why would he assume

In Which Superman Investigates a Strange Odour


Superman has once before done battle with a failing economy, but has he done it within the pages of issue 5?  No, so it's all new to us! Editor George Taylor sends ace reporter Clark Kent to interview Metropolis' "leading men of finance" to learn just what is up with the "worst depression" in United States history!  Frustratingly for the reporter, Clark is fed placating words by these rockstars

Superman and the Newspaper Wars


The second story in issue 5 gets off to a rip-roaring start when unpopular politician Alex Evell (his name makes me trust him) forces Zachary Collum (giving his name because Siegel did, maybe it'll be important!) to sell his paper the Morning Pictorial, under threat of his wife and son coming to harm.  Clark and Lois find this news unbelievable for an entire panel before we cut to a city council

Superman vs. Gambling


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Superman Issue 5! To start this exciting Superman adventure intrepid reporters Lois and Clark bear witness to a crooked convenience store owner tricking kids into losing their lunch money on his slot machines.  The guy is clearly a total jerk (what does he want with a few nickels anyway?), but even still the panic with which Lois/Clark interrupt the children's

Superman is a Criminal and Should be Stopped


We begin, as usual, with Clark being assigned a story. In this case Chief has an inside tip that there might be "some excitement" down at the truck drivers' union meeting! Hey Chief, here's another inside tip: union meetings aren't exciting!Not even when a member of the audience stands up and demands the chairman step down, only to be punched in the Goddamn face by said chairman . Let's put this



Why is The Spectre in Fun Comics? And that's certainly not the Ultraman I know and love (okay, neither is that).

Superman vs. The Economic Crisis Part 2!


Superman arrives at the bridge just in time to throw a boulder at a detonator, thus preventing the explosion of factories all over the city! Punching the thug in charge of the now-destroyed detonator into a tree, Superman threatens to strike him again if he doesn't give him some info. Actually, that's not entirely true but it's what the thug assumes. It's pretty clear Superman just wanted to

Superman vs. The Economic Crisis!


Hello!Clark is tasked with interviewing Paul Dorgan eminent sociologist about his fantastic theories, and brand new book. Upon his arrival at the man's apartment Dorgan tells Clark that no, he cannot view his manuscript and to just print that there are evil people trying to stop the return of national prosperity. Good God, this story could have been written today!No sooner is Clark out the door

Superman vs. Jurassic Park


Carried from their destroyed plane by a giant green pterodactyl, what fate awaits Clark Kent and Lois Lane??Fortunately for Clark, Lois has been knocked out in the attack thus allowing him to beat up the pterodactyl mid-air. Unfortunately, this leaves him with nowhere to go but down.Upon landing in a deep jungle Clark dons his Superman costume, and notices that while Lois appears to have regained

Where Will Luthor's Face Show Up Next??


One by one the oil wells of the world are drying up, and Clark Kent is sent to Oklahoma to find out why! Rushing to the scene as Superman, The Man of Tomorrow quickly notices he's picked up a tail in the form of a Superman-seeking missile. Unable to shake it, Superman instead opts to mount the missile and attempt to disable it, a task which he is all too suited for.The missile's radio control

With the Contest Over, Superman Formulates a Plan


The military developed an earthquake machine, Luthor kidnapped its creator and attempted to steal the machine itself but Superman prevented him from getting it, and now the two of them are involved in a battle of man vs. machine! Superman won the first round, a race around the world, can he win the rest? Let's find out.The next contest is to see who can rise higher in the sky before returning to

Superman vs. Luthor at the FUNlympics!


Earthquakes are a rare sight in Metropolis, so when Superman #4 opens with one The Daily Sta-...sorry, The Daily Planet's editor sends ace reporter Clark Kent out to cover it. Clark suspects something is afoot, and so delegates the job to his good friend Superman. Yes, it's The Daily Planet now and no longer The Daily Star! As us prideful Canadians know Metropolis was initially based on Toronto,

Correcting an Egregious Error


In an earlier update I made the claim that Superman #4 consisted of reprints of stories already seen in Action Comics. I was dead wrong! Reading Action Comics #23 in order to witness Luthor's first appearance I uncovered this ad:Which explicitly states that Superman #4 contains all new stories! HELL YES! This also means that Luthor appeared in Action Comics and Superman in the same month,

Lex Luthor is a Bad Man


The incredible debut of the man known only as "Luthor" continues!Luthor's minions, having kidnapped Lois instead of Clark out of sheer laziness, bring her back to Luthor's dirigible which is floating high in the stratosphere. Perhaps Luthor is used to such bungling, as he immediately takes Lois as an acceptable Clark substitute. However, he doesn't have time to question her about Clark's

Hero House - A Review


This is unusual. Today I'm reviewing something that only relates to Superman in the scantest of senses: they're both about superheroes. I hope this doesn't freak anyone out too much.Season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer featured the Slayer attending college for the first time, and being introduced to a whole new set of real life challenges in addition to the supernatural ones she had grown used to

In Which a Huge Debut Occurs


As you may or may not know the issues of Superman covered thus far are simply reprinting earlier Superman stories from Action Comics. Superman would eventually become its own stand-alone comic, but we haven't reached that point yet. (Edit: I was very wrong about this!) I mention this because Superman #4 begins with a story centering on a character who had been introduced in an Action Comics story

Sidetracked by Images


First of all, if you're reading my blog and not reading Comics Make No Sense then you might consider remedying that! Second, if you're reading my blog...thank you!Today I've decided to focus on a few of the things included in these issues of Superman that I've thus far glossed over or ignored. These early issues of the book don't just contain Superman, they also have Ripley's Believe It or Not "

Seen it All Before


Remember when Superman saved that boxer from suicide and then wasted months of his life helping him win the title back? Well get ready for some sweet, sweet continuity! Clark covered that story so well that he's earned himself a promotion, and Lois a demotion. She'll now be covering the "lovelorn column", while Clark will be doing something else that isn't specified because I guess it just isn't

Superman's Manager Part 2


Recap: Superman has a manager, but this is news to Clark Kent! An interview is arranged between Clark and Superman, which Lois worms her way into attending. Clark and Lois stop by a nightclub, where a song is sung about Superman...Which Lois is enthralled by, because she loves anything to do with that Superman guy. Meanwhile Superman's manager and a guy in a Superman suit treat us to some

Superman's Manager


This story begins with an official overview of Superman's powers at this point. Siegel gets a bit carried away describing Superman's manly, drool-inducing strength and doesn't leave himself enough room to mention the super hearing we've already seen in action. However, this remains an interesting bit of trivia. An eighth of a mile!Next up we learn that Superman is in the news more and more each

Superman vs. a Dam, Lois vs. Clark


Disaster! The Valleyho (home of California's biggest slut?) Dam is ready to burst, its walls already cracking under the pressure of an unprecedented rainfall! Just a few years from now ("now" being October 1938) you could be certain that an evil alien, robot, or fat guy who likes toys a lot was behind this. However this is a more innocent time for comics, Jerome Siegel has no reason to "spice up"

Savin' dem Orphans


Quick refresher: Clark saved an orphan and returned him to his hellish orphanage to act as his "inside man". Clark, Lois and two unwanted tagalong reporters are now investigating the orphanage, attempting to expose it for what it truly is. Upon the reporters' arrival the orphanage's Superintendent, a man named Lyman, rushes out the back of the building and orders the children to stop their work

Superman Saves the Kids, and Gets the Ladies.


Welcome one and all to Superman #3! This post is going up a day early as I won't have time to write it tomorrow.The issue begins with a little boy climbing from the window of his orphanage and bidding it adieu. The child has a newsboy hat placed at a jaunty angle atop his blonde head, a bindle slung over his shoulder, and is accompanied by a black and while spotted dog. This should be a quick way