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Preview: Anime News Network - Buried Treasure

Anime News Network - Buried Treasure

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Updated: 2018-04-26T17:34:03-04:00


Buried Treasure - Legend of the Angel


Buried Treasure makes a special return appearance! This time, a little-known 90s OAV about a new transfer student and his terrifying, awful, no-good face.

Buried Treasure - Dirty Pair: Project Eden


It's Justin's last Buried Treasure for a while, and he's going out with style. Gleefully outdated, 80's chicks-with-guns-and-bikinis style.

Buried Treasure - Cosmo Police JUSTY


This 80s ESPer space opera could have been one of the seminal works of 80s anime. It's not. In fact, it's pretty flawed. But that doesn't mean there's nothing here to enjoy.

Buried Treasure - Call Me Tonight


A perverted, though not pornographic, dark satire of 80s tentacle porn, Call Me Tonight has a lot to say, and is pretty funny at the same time.

Buried Treasure - Mysterious Cities of Gold


This early 80s French/Japanese co-production delighted kids in the 80s, but does it hold up to an adult's scrutiny today?

Buried Treasure - The Phoenix: Karma


Rintaro directs what is easily the most popular story in Tezuka's life's work. Possibly the best Tezuka anime ever made, and yet nobody here knows it even exists.

Buried Garbage - Dark Cat


In a rare Buried Garbage, Justin delves into the world of bad Japanese direct-to-video live action movies and emerges... with an anime featuring celibate tentacled monsters.

Buried Treasure - Alien Nine


Alien Nine works both as shocking amusement and as art. It's merciless in its treatment of its characters, and though it's not substantially more horrifying than other anime, something about it cuts deeper.

Buried Treasure - One Pound Gospel


As someone who enjoys food way too much, Justin can totally relate to the main character of One Pound Gospel.

Buried Treasure - Boys over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango)


For all of its escapist fantasy and girly surrealism, Hana Yori Dango is a reminder of the pull of tradition, and a reminder of how hard it is to stand up and truly change things. Warning: spoilers within.

Buried Treasure - Barefoot Gen


Barefoot Gen is horrifying. It's incredibly hard to watch, and possibly impossible to watch without being deeply affected.

Buried Treasure - The Door Into Summer


A profoundly honest, if over-the-top, examination of puberty and sexual awakening, this relic of shoujo past knows teenagers better than nearly any other anime set in a schoolyard.

Buried Treasure - Glassy Ocean


One boy's oceanic flight of fantasy becomes an incredible journey over an ocean of glass.

Buried Garbage - Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned


Why, yes, that IS Dracula eating a hamburger. It's actually one of the more normal things about this little-seen made-for-TV movie.

Buried Treasure - Only Yesterday


Only Yesterday is a delicate piece that seems more like an art house film than something one would expect to be animated. It's deeply personal and undeniably moving, despite (or perhaps because of) its eccentricities.

Buried Treasure - Macross DYRL


It's time to bust out the big one: the most notorious buried treasure out there, and the one that changed anime forever.

Buried Treasure - Fairy Florence


For the adult who has learned patience, and the child in us who might still be able to experience wonder, however, Fairy Florence is indeed a rare treat.

Buried Garbage - Arcade Gamer Fubuki


A 4-episode punch-to-the-soul that not only drained me of my zest for my job but life in general.

Buried Treasure - Assemble Insert


Assemble Insert feels like Project A-ko by way of Patlabor, a mix of cute destruction-causing anime hyperactivity and Simpsons-esque "everything sucks" societal humor. And it doesn't try to do much beyond make you smile.

Buried Treasure - Domain of Murder


This week, a little known detective story from the early 90s, now forgotten by even Japanese fans. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it's sure fun to watch.

Buried Treasure - Southern Cross


Best known as the Masters section of Robotech, Southern Cross is a fun little diversion of a giant robot show that doesn't get quite the amount of love it deserves.

Buried Garbage - Ki•Me•Ra


According to this OAV, vampires are really aliens, lived amongst unicorns and dragons in a generic fantasy kingdom, have tentacles and reproduce like bees. Needless to say, it's not that smart.

Buried Treasure - Project A-ko


Justin goes a little nostalgic this week as he remembers the first anime that made him really want to see more anime, Project A-ko.

Buried Treasure - Megazone 23 Trilogy


Who knew that a sequel to an ambitious-but-dumb giant robot/motorcycle OAV could speak so much about the way the world is today?

Buried Treasure - Ringing Bell


Like Bambi by way of No Country for Old Men, Ringing Bell is probably the most angst-drenched film ever to star a baby lamb and a wolf.

Buried Garbage - Harmagedon


Rintaro's epic disaster is something akin to listening to an aging hippie burnout: tedious rambling punctuated by bits of well-meaning racism.

Buried Treasure Special Edition: Justin's Favorite Things


Justin is sleep deprived and has pretty much lost his mind, but he has one more column to do this year. So he digs into his collection and pulls out a handful of nifty things you probably haven't seen. And he thinks he's Oprah.

Buried Treasure - Grey: Digital Target


It's got some truly interesting things to say and moments of sheer brilliance, albeit ones encased in old and fragrant cheese.

Buried Treasure - Serial Experiments Lain


Lain was once the darling of the anime world, but it's all but forgotten today. Does it stand up to the test of time, now that most of us really do live in the wired?

Buried Treasure - Ashita no Joe


You can't get much older school than Ashita no Joe and still call it anime. And yet, it's referenced by so many different titles out there, it's astounding that more people haven't actually seen it.

Buried Garbage - Raven Tengu Kabuto


Kabuto is a bad-ass who slices up a lot of people and saves a princess. He lives in the Edo period and battles mecha. He also has 80s hard rock hair. And wings. Yes, wings.

Buried Treasure - The Legend of Sirius


Also known as Sea Prince and the Fire Child, this 1981 Sanrio film blends Disney aesthetics and Shakespeare with elemental fantasy. The result is stunning.

Buried Treasure - A.D. Police Files


A flawed work, but it has enough memorable moments and beautiful, macabre touches to make it a gem.

Buried Treasure - Marmalade Boy


Justin loves Marmalade Boy and he's not afraid to admit it! The seminal shoujo romance show of the mid-90s is a load of edge-of-your-seat soap opera fun.

Buried Garbage - M.D. Geist


There is no sport left in ripping on M.D. Geist. It's hard to fathom how someone can see MD Geist and consider it good, or even watchable.

Buried Treasure - The Laughing Target


Anime horror is not easy to do, but somehow Laughing Target manages to maintain a level of creepiness throughout, and its 1980s production values only add to it.

Buried Treasure - The Great Happiness Space


Ouran might've made you think Host Clubs are glamorous places of joy for everyone, but as this week's Buried Treasure proves, the reality is quite a bit uglier.

Buried Treasure - Compiler


An utterly insane, a bipolar high-speed assault on sanity and character development that somehow rises to another level. It does so almost entirely by being weird.

Buried Garbage - Idol Fighter Su-Chi-Pai


It should come as a surprise to nobody that a short OAV based on a strip mahjong video game would probably be one of the most mind-numbing pieces of animation Japan ever crapped out.

Buried Treasure - Orguss 02


It's pretty rare that a sequel manages to outshine the original, but Orguss 02 does so in spades. It's one of the most accessible giant robot shows... I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.