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Preview: Anime News Network - The Click

Anime News Network - The Click

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A Very Special Episode of The Click - November 8th - 14th


The Click is here, again, for you to read. Contained therein: New episodes of Code Geass and Bleach and more, as well as some SOMBER NEWS!

The Blood-Soaked Terrifying CLICK! October 25th - 31st


Welcome, foolish mortals, to The Click. Brian will be your host - your... nerd host...

The Click - October 18th - 24th


Brian has more goodies and lists, jokes and sarcastic asides, as The Click descends upon your hazy monitor screen for another week of fun! Unless reading about anime on TV with snarky asides is a dreadful thing to you. In which case, move along.

The Click - October 11th - 17th


The Click shows up once again in its own sort of cool, laconic way, tossing aside the premiere of the second Naruto movie with a kind of devil-may-care attitude and detached air of understanding. Or maybe there are some lame jokes as usual. Who knows?!? I guess you'll have to read it.

The Click - October 4th - 10th


Brian is angry about Toonami's death! This means he talks angrily about things tangentially involved with Batman: Gotham Knight's premiere and new episodes of Naruto and more!

The Click - September 20th - 26th


Brian wrote The Click this week, so give it a try; he will make some lame jokes that will make you ask "why?" And then he'll feel all sad and eat a whole bunch of fries; and later on he'll sleep after a good solemn cry.

The Click - September 13th - 19th


Brian wrote The Click this week while on a plane to mars with his limbs slowly being torn apart by cheetahs. It's the only way to properly expound upon the sad fate that has befallen Code Geass and Moribito!

The Click - September 6th - 12th


The Click is back!! And it's here!! Right now!!

The Click - August 30th - September 5th


Today's edition of The Click will delight some, terrify others. Behold new episodes of Moribito and more, discussed with the torrid combination of doodles and outright dementia!

The Click - August 23rd - 29th


Delicious cakes; delectable pies with flaky crust. The Click contains neither of these things, I'm just incredibly hungry. Instead, Brian urges everyone to watch Moribito's premiere on Adult Swim, and more stuff than you can shake a sauteed kebab at!

The Click - August 9th - 15th


Brian makes a family-appropriate Click column for once in his life, in the sense that his family helped him write stuff. The lazy degenerate. Check out new episodes of Gurren Lagann and Bleach and more!

The Click - August 2nd - 8th


Brian returns from his vacation a more introspective, respectful, and insightful human being. Which is to mean that he uses far less racial epithets and four-letter words when he tells you to watch Gurren Lagann and Now and Then, Here and There this week, plus other surprises!

The Click - July 19th - 25th


Shortly before skipping town in a flurry of hydrocephalic glee, Brian nonetheless felt a great deal of guilt to leave behind at least something Click-related for the enjoyment of all. Or at least some. So! Check out new episodes of Zatch Bell and other things that aren't superb but are content to just be good enough.

The Click - July 12th - 18th


Greeting boys and ghouls! This week's The Click is frightfully good, and... actually, honestly, there isn't much on this week. But that won't stop Brian, no sir! He's got all that synopsizin' goodness you know and love. New Shin Chan and more!

The Click - June 28th - July 4th


Brian sits down and writes The Click again this week, meaning that you should sit down and read The Click this week and think about, think about it real hard, about what it all means. Death Note is wrapping up and other new shows are on! Hot Diggity!

The Click - June 21st - 27th


Brian is begging you; give him another chance! He can change! He can clean himself up, stop drinking, stop borrowing all your money, stop letting his old roadie friends sleep on the couch! Just read this week's new Click column, about Death Note and other new shows!

The Click - June 7th - 13th


Brian copes with the loss of innocence, man's inhumanity to man, and the inability to grasp the uncertainty of death, but mainly he talks about Paprika showing on TV, Robotech's return to Canadian airwaves, and lots of other stuff invading your TV set! With gusto!

The Click - May 31st - June 6th


Of the 168 hours in the week, approximately 62 of those hours will be taken up with anime-related programming on television. Brian's job is to report on these things, with his usual blend of deft charm and subtle grace. Or at the very least, profane non-sequiturs and tangential rants about the government and paranoia about his neighbors.

The Click - May 17th - 23rd


Brian sees distant visions of death and despair, our milk and honeyed land crushed to dust under the heels of the forces of evil. He also sees whats on TV for the week, for you!

The Click - May 10th - 16th


Brian's dreams of turning an inner-city urban dance center into a coffee shop for stuffy yuppies are crushed by the pluck and spunk of an assorted gang of lovable misfits and their sassy new dance moves, so he writes The Click this week instead.

The Click - May 3 - 9


Brian's concentrated beam of pure TV listings and wry commentary barrels into the chests and hearts of all, causing massive bouts of enlightenment, laughter, and coronary failure. This week, an OAV that sucks, and more!

The Click - April 26 - May 2


Brian grunts and scratches himself inappropriately while uncharismatically doling out more info on shows that invade the talking picture box. This week, Code Geass arrives and more! Oh so much more! Good Lord!

The Click - April 19 - 25


The Click loves you very, very much, so sometimes when he says things that are hurtful or completely false or grammatically incorrect, just remember that. That said, here's some new episodes of Bleach and more of your favorite shows to chew on! Figuratively speaking.

The Click - April 12 - 18


Brian writes an open letter to Adult Swim, that will be thoroughly ignored by Adult Swim, so essentially watch as Brian fights valiantly against the scourge of futility! Also: Castle of Cagliostro and more!

The Click - April 5 - 11


Calmly and soothingly rest your buttocks in your favorite armoire, with a smooth vintage Chablis in one hand, and a fine humidor in the other, and let the wafting waves of TV listings slowly drift in front of your eyes in a most dignified manner. It's The Click!

The Click - March 22 - 28


It's The Click! It's New! For You! And anybody who enjoys smarmy commentary on anime shows that air on TV, really.

The Click - March 15 - 21


This week's The Click has been hailed as "...miraculous.." by The New York Times, " outstanding [achievement]" by the Chicago Tribune, and "stupid and lame" by random anonymous 17-year olds on the internet. Look inside for new episodes of Death Note and Black Lagoon!

The Click Super 2nd Anniversary Retrospective!


Two years, seventeen mental breakdowns, three change of address forms, one hundred episodes of Pokemon, and an indeterminable number of bottles of pure Scotch later, Brian is still prepping The Click! Except not technically, because it's a retrospective, but still!

The Click - February 23 - 29


Brian refuses to allow you to read his column unless you first solve an arcane puzzle wholly unrelated to anything in particular, except for maybe your long-since-forgotten SAT scores. Later: new episodes of Black Lagoon and more!

The Click - February 16th - 22nd


Back in his day, Brian Hanson walked uphill in below-freezing weather with TV listings etched in cuneiform tablets, and brought them door-to-door to everyone in a ten mile radius, barefoot and suffering from rheumatism! The advent of the internet brought with it some changes to his routine, for which he is grateful. Check out new shows on Sci Fi and IFC!

The Click - Feburary 9th - 15th


Like the guy that shows up unexpectedly to the party where everyone spends the rest of the evening asking each other, "Who in god's name invited that guy?" Brian prepares another edition of The Click! With Hellsing Ultimate and others! Zounds!

The Click - January 26 - February 1


Brian is back with some The Click for ya! Or "you" if you don't like colloquially-accepted spelling corruptions. Check out Robotech and Death Note and many more!

The Click - January 5 - 11


Passion. Desire. Betrayal. Unmitigated, unfettered egotism and self-aggrandizing bombast. Three of those things are not in this week's The Click, but new episodes of Death Note and Naruto are!

The Click - December 29 - January 4


A whole new year is upon The Click, and what will 2008 offer on the TV front? Who knows, but Brian Hanson is foolish enough to scope it out.

The Click - December 15 - 21


Amidst the usual premier episodes and repeats, a special one-hour documentary on Starz headlines this week's The Click! (FUN FACT: Brian wrote this week's entire column with his toes while doing a handstand.)

The Click - December 8 - 14


While the rest of the ANN staff parties it up in NYC, Brian holds down the sadly literal fort with new episodes of Shin Chan and such!

The Click - December 1 - 7


A mildly ill Brian Hanson nonetheless delivers a brand new Click!

The Click - November 24 - 30


The Click is here to ring in the officially unofficial start of the Holidays! In case 24-hour marathons of A Christmas Story aren't your thing, new episodes of Death Note and others abound!

The Click - November 17 - 23


You can put down your Imagination Helmets, kids - The Click is back FOR REAL this week! Talking about the Fullmetal Alchemist movie to boot!

The Click - November 3rd - November 9th


It's The Click! And it's new! Read it already!!