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Preview: Mister Perturbed's ENTROPY

Mister Perturbed's ENTROPY

Mr. Perturbed is perpetually annoyed.

Updated: 2018-03-06T13:18:48.085-05:00


DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series BATWING



I've Been Robbed, Poorly


Apparently I forgot to lock the doors to my car yesterday when I was at the light rail.

I lost a lightning and 30 pin cables, and an old purple iPod nano I had hidden in my arm rest. The theft even went through my empty Warby Parker eyeglass case, but left it on the backseat.

The fiend, however, missed my $250 light saber, Godzilla mask, and a bunch of action figures on the floor in the back. All of which have more value than an iPod that works for less than one minute without a power source.

So, I am out only the $50 I paid for the iPod Nano on eBay, and a couple cables, one of which will be replaced next month or so, when the new iPhone is released. My current iPhone 6+ has a shattered screen. 

WONDER WOMAN Comic-Con Trailer


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="270" src="" width="480">(image)

First World Problems


Yes, I already posted this on the wretched Facebook, but you know, over a billion users there, maybe a dozen for my blog.

My horrible, horrible dilemma:
• My Sith Lord costume arrived today. It's a Darth Maul, but I don't acknowledge prequels.
• I have a arctic blue lightsaber, not a red one.
• I cannot see or use my camera while wearing my Godzilla mask
This is a horrible continuity problem I never thought I'd have to deal with. I can easily explain it away to the Star Wars Nerd... uh, um, Star Wars Fans. I could say I'm from a retcon universe or an evil Earth 3 type Jedi. Better yet, I have a Legion Flight Ring, I could be from the far flung future, rather than from a long time ago in a galaxy far away. 
Yes, I could have bought a boring old normal Jedi suit, but I don't like all of those Earth tones (Tattooine tones? Whatever.) Also, I have no intention of getting a red lightsaber. I do not have a spare $350 laying around, if I did, it would go towards a replacement 50mm f/1.4 lens. Besides, I'd rather get a yellowy lightsaber if I had anything resembling a disposable income. 

The Sadness


My extremely precious delicacy, the Pitch Black Mountain Dew had a mortally wounded, damaged can.

There  was no damage inside the box. No evidence of a leaked can of Dew. 

Star Wars: The Black Series: Star Wars: The Force Awakens First Order Tie Fighter



It's enormous.
Wonder Woman, Nikon D90, couch, and Miss Wawa are for scale.

I'll shoot something pretty later.

A Month Later


This is where we stand at the moment. 

People seem to love posing on Foot Bridges even more than they love posing on train tracks. I guess not that many people have died on foot bridges, unlike train tracks or busy streets. 

People are not squatting or crouching for no apparent reason anymore. What is happening to the world?

People love to pose on furniture sitting on fields or something other in nature.  How do they get their couches and beds out in the middle of nowhere?  I hope I never have to find out.

I separated guns and archery for some reason that I cannot fully remember. They are frequent props in senior portraits or basic hunting photos.

I have issues with deer. They are my natural enemy. I do not know if they so enjoy ramming my car because they are exorcizing or if they are being chased by their natural predator, humans. I am not a fan of deer. Bring back the wolves and bears and saber tooth tigers that used to hunt them. Just keep them away from me when I'm in the neighborhood.

Lots of People walking away from the photographer, or photographer stalking family photos.

Not so many people posing in the middle of roads and streets anymore.

I lost interest in the Babies in things. It's boring. Pumpkin season is over. 

Monitoring Photo Trends


I am compiling a list of horrible photo trends I see everyday at work editing photos. 

The list includes: 

• People squatting for no apparent reason
• Train Tracks
• People on foot bridges
• Furniture in nature
• Guns being held by anyone
• Archery
• People walking away
• People posing on (busy) streets
• Babies in things

So far this year, I have seen more portraits on foot bridges than on train tracks, which is surprising. 


New York Comic Con 2015


The CosplayersMore images can be found on Flickr.[...]

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers


I finally hit ten thousand followers on Twitter.


Last month I crossed another important number:
I have 666 friends on Facebook.
So appropriate.

Finally, in September I reached five million views on Flickr.



Capture One. Lightroom, Photos. I have Thirty Days


Testing new software. I think I love CAPTURE ONE, but I'm not so in love with the file indexing (for lack of a better word). Then again, I've only been using the program for less than a half hour. I've spent more time typing this stuff, than I have spent in Capture One.

Aperture was great for organizing images, but it seems photos I take with my iStuff probably will not be going to my old Photostream, but to the iCloud Photostream, which is not even showing the past two months of photos I uploaded.

I've never been impressed with Lightroom's indexing.

I have a month to determine if I want to go with Capture One or just use Lightroom.

Apple's Photos app is too consumer oriented at the present, and my current photo library is almost a terabyte. Additionally, my official photo archiving computer, the Mac Pro, will not upgrade to anything more recent than Mac OS X 10.7.5. My short term plan is to get a more recent Used Mac Pro Cheese Grater for my seven TBs of storage.

I will obviously start a new photo library, but I am currently awaiting my upgrade to whatever resembles an iMac with 5K Retina Display, since I am now doing ten hour days at work until about Christmas.


Otakon 2015


Click Here for many more images from this year's event.


Domain Name Change


I was awaiting the old domain to die elsewhere so I can point it in this direction, but I don't know how long that will take. I just bought, so this blog is now For now, or until I do something else with it,  points here as well.


It's The Ides of March


Where were you a couple thousand years ago today?


A note to Soundcloud about a song I did with my Late Dog that was removed because of copyright infringement.


I made the song "Grrrrr" in about 15 minutes in Garage Band in the year 2011. The "vocals" were by my dog recorded while I was giving him a bath. My dog is dead and I no longer have the original tracks or "music" I created in Garage Band, tracks which were not by any means remotely good. Any self respecting musician should be ashamed if they thought my really horrible song was something that they had done.

I did not copyright anything because it simply was not good and I am not a musician.

To the best of my knowledge, I have not heard the song or the artist that believes that I stole from them. If the tracks are similar, then it is unfortunate, but my dog's growling and the tracks I created in Garage Band, using sampled instrument tracks were 100% original.

I do not need the song reinstated. It was an exercise, nothing else.

In the near future I shall do something with vocals by my cat I already recorded. It will be horribly awesome or perhaps just horrible.


If I had the original elements of the song, I would have done something about it, but it was simply not worth the effort and I do not have money to battle anyone in court.

Some Years Ago at Harford Mall...


The Mall underwent a renovation of sorts into a partial "Lifestyle Center".

I was working there at the time and I lazily documented the progress of the renovation over a few months. Seven years later, I still have not tried the new restaurants, other than Five Guys. Sometimes all you need are an order of fries, but the mall removed the food court for their "Lifestyle Center".

More photos can be found in my Flickr Stream. 

More Perturbed Renderings


The SquareSpace site is live.

This site will continue, even though it is a victim of microblogging. Most thoughts just go straight to Twitter, just as my photos go directly to Flickr. Facebook is mostly for following my cosplay friends and comic book creators. Oh, and birthdays.

Apparently my old domain name for this blog has lapsed. I wonder when it expired. Not important, since we now have Google Domains. Another week will not cause any more harm. will live again.


Happy 75th Anniversary Captain Marvel!



Nothing against Marvel Comic's "Captain Marvel", but that name at Marvel does not really mean that much. During the last 35 years, five different characters have used that heroic title.

01 Mar-Vell: now deceased, but makes frequent appearances
02 Monica Rambeau: has had many other codenames
03 Genis-Vell: deceased
04 Phyla-Vell: deceased
05 Khn'nr: deceased
06 Noh-Varr: has had many other codenames
07 Carol Danvers: has had many other codenames

Meanwhile, the original Captain Marvel now has to go by the name "Shazam". I believe more people know him by that name anyway.

By the way, the DC Comics, originally Fawcett heroes using the name Captain Marvel are:

01 Billy Batson: now or also called Shazam
02 Mary Batson: more often called Mary Marvel

Freddie Freeman is Captain Marvel, Jr.

After the current series MULTIVERSITY  and the looming CONVERGENCE mini series, this entry will no doubt require an update for the original Captain Marvel, since the Multiverse will be threatened again.




I finally have an adult television. It's a 48" Sony with WIFI.

Cable television looks like poo.

Luckily I have Apple TV and a Bluray Player.
This means I have three sources of Netflix in a six inch area.

Yay Internet.

Baltimore Comic Con 2014

2014-10-04T22:40:21.608-04:00 WomanDave CrispinoBeast BoyJurassic Park CosplayFrom the DC Comics PanelThe GrinchBat ArmorMichael and LexiIvan ReisWhite and Blue LanternsCaptain America: The Winter Soldier More importantly, they're Facebook FriendsThe Boy Wonder and LexiSilk SpectreGumby and PokeyMorpheus BladeMore  photos of actual comic books and other things are in the Baltimore Comic Con 2014 Flickr Album [...]

Otakon 2014



No Bacon for Me


Next week is Free Comic Book Day.

Tomorrow is the Maryland Bacon Festival.


I have to spend $930 on car repairs.

It is a good thing I already ordered Skeletor and the USS Excelsior before the car dealership called.

Suffice to say, I shall not be attending the Maryland Bacon Festival. I may be in the area if I have a functional car. I need to do some photography that does not have action figures as the subject. If nothing else, I should be able to get some street photography done.

Perhaps I will not get to New York in May.

Fuck That.

The portfolio needs more New York photos. I've never even seen the Brooklyn Bridge. I must shoot that same photo that everyone else on the planet has shot of the Bridge. Maybe I can have Skeletor on the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Hot Toys Man of Steel



Hot Toys Man of Steel Unboxing


My second $200 toy. Action figure. Doll. Whatever.