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Star Citizen Alpha - Trading Round 2


My newest article discussed the ups and downs of my second attempt at trading in Star Citizen's Alpha 3.0 Patch. My objective was to see how much I could earn doing trading for two hours using one of the smaller ships, the Cutlass Black.

Star Citizen Alpha - Let the Trading Begin


Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 has unveiled the first implementation of cargo hauling and trade. At first, I spent time doing a little of both. In the end, I decided to focus more on trading. It suits my preference for ad hoc free wielding gameplay scenarios versus checking off lists for NPCs

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 PTU - Turned a Corner


I sat out two patches due to CPU spikes and what seemed like rampant RAM consumption. It's testing of Alpha on the Private Test Universe, so it's not entirely unexpected to run into memory issues and unoptimized code. Both of which have been addressed EXCEPT my technical problems persisted, as it has for others

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 PTU - The Rest of the Story


In Part 1 of my Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 PTU experience, I expressed my concerns about the game in general. Now for the rest of the story.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 PTU Leaves Me Concerned


I've been play-testing the newest patch for Star Citizen, Alpha 3.0, on the Private Test Universe. I'll admit up front, this is the first patch that's left me feeling concerned about Star Citizen as a whole. I'm a long time backer with a considerable amount pledged. I'm not worried that the game won't be completed. I'm not concerned about how backer money is being used. I believe that CIG is doing everything in their power to deliver what has been promised. However, the time it's taken to develop and test 3.0 leaves me with the impression, it's a much longer road to hoe than many of us think.

Star Citizen Nightbus EP7 - New Ship, Game Changer, New Aly's World Content and More


It's been a while since I've posted about Star Citizen or produced one of my related shows. It's not because I've lost steam or interest in following the game. I've just been very busy with real life commitments, some of which, are the result of producing my SC content.

Writing Template to Help Formulate a Cohesive Story


An easy to use template that helps you formulate the essential elements for defining a cohesive story. This is something I've developed iteratively over the past year of writing short stories in the Star Citizen universe. It's helped to simplify the process and ensure the critical elements of storytelling are in place before I begin writing. You may find this useful for penning fan-fiction, short stories or creating the outline of a story for machinima scripts. This article on my blog explains how to use and access the template. Cheers, hope you find it useful.

Star Citizen - My EVE 2.0


It's been several years since I've had an MMO to call home. I've played all the AAA MMOs that have come to the NA market. Unfortunately, out of the seemingly endless sea of MMOs, I've tried, the only ones that felt like home for any period of time since my WOW days were GW2, EVE, ROM, WAR and AA. With EVE being the only sci-fi title among them.

Star Citizen - 3 Hours of Narrated Fan-Fiction


I just released Star Citizen Nightbus Fiction Collective Volume 1. Whew, that's a mouthful. It's a compilation of the fan-fiction I've written thus far for Star Citizen. It contains the serialized stories that were previously released in NB episodes 1 to 6, plus the narration of Maggie's Origin Story. Star Citizen lore and the upcoming MMO have inspired me to start writing fiction again and I'm enjoying it. As ever, I wish there were more leisure hours in a day to explore all of my hobbies but, I try to make do as I can. Smile Somehow, I'm going to begin making time to resume writing my own fiction while I'm feeling excited and motivated. There's more to come for my NB fan-fiction too. The next two pieces of fiction that will appear alongside my OpEd pieces will be "An A.I.'s Story" and "Murder on the 890 Jump". A.I. will...

New Star Citizen Fan-Fiction: Maggie's Origin Story


Story Synopsis: Maggie, a licensed paramour in Croshaw plans a new life in Stanton but a demanding and malevolent client has other ideas. Background: Maggie made her first appearance in The Exterminator. This is her origin story, describing how she ended up in Stanton. Excerpt Maggie rolled away from him, relieved his session was over. She sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. It was out of fashion but she wore her hair loose and natural. The auburn waves undulated down below her shoulder blades. She clutched the bed sheet to her chest, about to stand up and wrap them around herself. She stopped when she felt him reach out and rub his knuckles up and down the small of her back. She winced as he slowly traced his fingers along the bruises he’d left there. It took all her composure not to flinch away...