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Assistant (to the) Room Mom

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New Blog


I'm working on another blog.  I'm in the process of designing the page and trying to figure out what theme I'm going to stick with.  Hopefully I'll be more consistent and less sporadic on this one.  I'll post the link to the new blog when it's all finished.


I'm Writing! Shocking!


In 3 weeks, my baby will be 2 years old.  It has been the most tiring 2 years of my life.  Four children is enough to make anybody exhausted.  My younger 2 kids, being only 1 year and 3 months apart, have provided challenges to my schedule that I never expected.  The most important thing that I've learned through all of these stages is this:  IT'S ALL TEMPORARY.  My kids won't die if they don't have a home-cooked meal at every meal.  I will look pretty again one day.  These days of wearing my hair in a ponytail and no make up on my face will not last forever.  It's ok if I wear pajamas all day (as long as no one is coming over).  I will learn to talk about things other than my kids' fascination with bodily functions.  

I have also learned who my true friends are.  They are the ones that have sat at my house to visit  because it's easier than going out with my kids or I don't have a sitter.  They sit with me  (pajamas and all) while my kids run around like crazy and we try to have a conversation over my kids' yelling & silliness.  They are the ones that I have poured my heart out to about being a mom in ministry. SIDE NOTE: 2 of the hardest jobs in the world are being a mom and being in the ministry; constantly serving others all while being criticized, praised, argued with, honored, loved and hated.  They are the ones that have listened as I poured out every frustration and they have given wisdom and encouragement.  They have taught me how to be a better friend by being such a good friend to me.

I want to be a person that is constantly learning.  I am thankful for seeing the light at the end of THIS tunnel.  We'll see what challenges the next tunnel brings and how long it will take before I see the light.

Oh, my sweet little blog


I have neglected you.  I have neglected to read my friends' blogs.  Blogging has changed.  I can't keep up.  That's all.



Last night was prom night for many schools. We had the joy of seeing my cousin, Cassie, take prom pictures with all of her friends.  We also took the time to enjoy dinner with my Aunt Belinda and my other cousin, Kiara, and their family (long story as to why the rest of their family isn't my family so I'll just leave it at that).  To be honest, I haven't thought much about my prom since I've been married.  Last night brought back so many memories.  Picking out the perfect dress, making sure that your hair is gorgeous, finding the best location to take pictures, feeling like a celebrity among all of the parents taking pictures of you along with all of your friends/classmates.  I'm sure I could have scanned this for better quality, but we'll just go w/ a pic of a pic.My daughter was in prom-dress heaven!  She told Kiki that she didn't want to leave.  Her favorite dress was the sparkly one on the right side.I have also seen pictures of my other cousin, Taylor's, prom.  My daughter thought that she was just as stunning because her dress was blue with sparkles...her favorite color!  If I could steal a picture from FB I would, but she doesn't have any up yet.  :-)It's amazing how time seems to stand still on prom night.  For that night you feel absolutely beautiful & glamorous.  Much like a girl's wedding day, you feel that your dress is the prettiest ever; it's perfect for you and your moment.  You're a princess.  Now the sad news: I have officially hit that phase that says, "you're old".  In a couple of weeks, my husband & I are chaperoning prom for the school where he teaches.  CHAPERONE.  What does a chaperone wear?  How do I maintain some sense of coolness while having the word "chaperone" stamped on my forehead?  Am I too far gone?  Courtesy of[...]

All Access 2011


This past week our church staff attended the ARC All Access Conference in Baton Rouge, LA.  All Access is a conference for church planters, those that want to plant a church, or those that want to link up with the churches in the ARC.  It is packed full of amazing & women that have endured the struggles and joys of planting a church.  It is one of those conferences that you wish so desperately that you could put into words, but no words could ever express what this conference does for you.  We left there greatly encouraged.  We left with a deeper unity throughout our staff.  We left with more tools to reach our community and see it changed for the Kingdom of God.Our church secretary working hard during the conference!Another reason that this conference was special was because the founder & president of the ARC, Billy Hornsby, had just passed away a couple of weeks before the conference.  He was able to record a video speaking to us before he passed.  His opening line was, "If you're watching this then that most likely means that I'm with the Lord."  I'm not sure that there was a dry-eye in the place.  Even in his last days, he was thinking of others and encouraging others to keep persevering in the work that the Lord has for them.I know that I could go on & on about the conference, but I'm struggling to find words to describe it best.  So I'll just move on to the fun things that happened.  First up...our hotel.  We were the first from our team to arrive.  We walked around the mall, ate, I got a pedicure, and then we returned to our hotel.  My husband goes to pick up a coffee cup to pour some water in it.  And what to his wondering eyes did appear but.....a bag of weed.  Yes.  WEED.  My husband joked and said that it was an answer to prayer about 15 years too late.  We were kind of freaked out about it.  We did the only thing we knew to do and we flushed it down the toilet.  Second...the great Mississippi River.  Our friends, Tony & Fabiola (parents of our son's best friend & the children's pastors), had never seen the Mississippi River.  We took the opportunity on the morning before the conference to go down to the Mississippi.  We walked around Baton Rouge and enjoyed all of the historic architecture.  Then we found a hole-in-the-wall Cajun restaurant.  I'm not a fan of Cajun food but everybody else is.  They enjoyed some stuffed crab and gumbo.  I enjoyed a small meal only so that I could really enjoy my dessert of Mississippi Mud pie.Mississippi Mud!Tony & Fabiola at the river.Us in front of the former governor's mansion.On Wednesday night of the conference, Healing Place Church held their famous Cajun after party; equipped with crawfish, beignets, gumbo, a ferris wheel, fireworks, and of course, episodes of "Swamp People".  It was a great party!  It literally stunk...because I hate the smell of crawfish.  But it was fun!  Sucking some crawfish.The beignets were gone in 10 minutes.Sadly, I have to kiss this face after he's kissed that crawfish.Westgate Staff!The BEST part about All Access was seeing our precious Trisha!  She was in our youth group and is now a part of Highlands College.  She was there, with all of the ARC interns, serving.  She worked hard setting up and tearing down and ushering.  She sat with us as much as she could.  I cherish every single moment that I have with this girl.  She is my jewel! After the conference was over, my husband & I went to Pensacola, FL for a couple of days of R&R.  My husband spent 3 years there for bible school.  We lived there together for 10 months after we got married so that he could finish bible school and the internship.  Everywhere we drove & looked held a memory; anything from street signs to[...]

Precious Moments


When my 9 year old son gives me a hug and after a minute I start to pull away and he says, "No, mom. I'm not finished yet."

When my almost 7 year old daughter asks to sit in my lap no matter what I'm watching or doing, especially to read me a book.

When I'm laying with my almost 3 year old son and I reach over to touch his arm and he moves his arm to hold my hand...then he goes to sleep.

When my 20 month old son sees me walk into the room and yells, "DADDY!"...he'll get it right one day.

When my 30-something year old husband goes to sleep with our toddler during a storm so that the toddler doesn't get scared and wake up his mommy. 

Even still...


I'm still uninspired, but I'm going to give an update on life for all 3 of you that really read this.Two weeks ago we endured a nasty week with a virus making its way through our family, somehow missing my daughter.  Through it all we had to buy a new car seat, new pillows, and we still need a new mattress for our son's trundle.  The last kid to get sick was my oldest.  He decided to puke all over me & my bed while I was sleeping.  I'll spare the other details of that.  Just know that it was insanely disgusting!Last week was a much better week.  It was also a super-busy week.  We've had something going on every night for the past week.  Last Monday my husband and I went to see Hillsong United.  Words can't accurately describe a worship concert like that.  It can only be experienced. The best that I can do is LIFE CHANGING.Tuesday we took ManEater out for her birthday dinner.  It was belated due to sickness in our house.  We enjoyed an evening at P.F. Changs.  Their dessert shooters are amazing!  They're just the right size.  Plus we had a chance to catch up on all of the going-ons of ManEater and her ever-changing life.Wednesday we had life group at our house.  I love spending time with adults, but especially these couples.  We have some quality people in our life group.  I wish that we could duplicate them and spread them around.  Each church needs couples like the ones that we are privileged to know.  Thursday we drove to Cleveland, TN to attned the viewing of Doris Reynolds, my friend's mom.  She finally went to be with Jesus after a long battle with cancer.  She was surrounded by her family until the very end.  We are close with everybody in the Reynold's family.  So even though it was a somber occasion, it was nice to see our old friends.Friday we spent the day in Birmingham visiting a girl that used to be in our youth group.  Now she is part of an internship at Church of the Highlands.  She is learning and doing amazing things!  A couple of weeks ago she was able to spend the week with Darlene Zschech and many others from the Hillsong team.  She is being stretched and molded.  She has experienced more in a couple of months than many of us will ever experience in a lifetime.  To be young again. Saturday was the last day of basketball season.  I can't say that I'm sad.  I'm glad to have my Saturday mornings back so that I can "sleep in" until at least 8 a.m.  My son got a nice swoosh and my daughter cheered loud & proud.  Sunday was church and then after church we had a youth leaders meeting.  It's also my cheat day and I had Zaxby's for lunch.  Enjoyed every single morsel.  Today I went to the mommies life group at my good friend, Cassie's, house.  Love that time with my friends!  Mondays are also my long day because of my husband's staff meeting.  He left after staff meeting to go help a friend, so it's an even loooooooooooonger day.  I just like to spend time with him...ALL THE TIME! :-)Tomorrow I get some "me time".  Wednesday is life group again.  Thursday we make the trek to Augusta to attend a former youths match ceremony.  He's endured some tough times at medical school.  We have missed him & his wife so much!  We are praying he gets matched with Emory so that they will be close to us.  Selfish, I know.  But we just love them a lot!That's my glamorous life.[...]


2011-03-09T12:02:49.255-05:00 write.

Why I Miss Him So Much...


I think it's obvious to say that I had an untypical relationship with my father-in-law.  I have so many friends that complain about their in-laws and the problems that they've had with them.  I can't really say that.  Yes, there were typical differences as with any friendship.  For the most part, life with Chuck was easy.  He loved me very much and he took the time to show it.  After I had our first child, everyone would gush over our baby.  As with most mothers, I was invisible and was only seen as the person bringing in the baby.  Chuck always took the time to hug me and say to me, "I'm glad that you're here.  It's good to see you.  And I really mean that."Not too long ago I came across an email that he sent to me.  It was January 2006.  We had only been in Mexico for a couple of weeks.  My husband had gone on a 2 week trip to minister in some Indian villages.  I was left behind living with a family that we barely knew, in a house that wasn't mine, with 2 kids that had more energy than I knew what to do with, where the people spoke a language that I had yet to learn.  Here is that email:Gooooooooooooood morning Mexico!!! Hope all is well in the deepest, darkest, jungles of missionary world. I know that everyday it is thrilling to wake to another day of adventure and opportunity of spreading the gospel, reaching the lost, seeing lives changed, miracles abounding. What is that you say? It's not happening in Val's world. All you see is the miracle of another  meal for the kids, keeping {your little girl} changed, trying to keep {your son} busy, and for Val, just fighting the boredom and monotony of another day. And I know that in saying all this, I am missing many things that must be going through your mind, the mental battles. It is good to hear all the great things that are happening for Derrick, but I can imagine the days get long for you. I don't know if you thought it would be like this. It is my hope and prayer that if you are discouraged in any way that you could in some way be lifted up. We pray for both of you every day. With every report we hear from you, all of us in the church are encouraged. The sacrifices that you endure will in the end be rewarding, even if it seems Abby won't stop crying. And if what I hear is correct, Derrick is coming home Sunday. Are you singing "oh happy day" and making melodies in your heart? I hope so.  Well, got to go. Keep your chin up. Love, Chuck In the midst of everything going on in his, church, wife, handicapped daughter...he took the time to think of me and to let me know that he was thinking of me.And that is why I miss him beyond compare.They say that time heals all wounds.  I think time can be the enemy.  With every passing day that I live without Chuck, I think of more and more reasons to miss him.  I endure more difficult circumstances that make me long to hear his voice of wisdom or to receive a comforting embrace.  Thankfully this life on earth is over in the blink of an eye and we will have eternity together. [...]

My First Estate Sale


I attended my first estate sale yesterday.  It was bitter-sweet.  There were a lot of people there.  The house was full of practically brand new furniture.  From doing some research, the house had only been lived in for 10 months.  Here are the details of my day.

At 8:00 a.m. my friend picked me up and we rode together to the house.  There were already about 15 people there and it was only 8:20 at that point.  We got a parking spot in the driveway.  We sat in the car for a bit and then we joined the crowd.

As we're standing there, people are pushing towards the door, anxiously awaiting the 9:00 a.m. point when the doors open.  I made a comment to the lady next to me about how crazy this was and it being my first estate sale.  Come to find out, it was her sister's deceased boyfriend's house that they had shared with their daughter.  Because they weren't married, she couldn't get anything out of the house once it went to the state.  She was there buying back all of her sister's keepsakes and sentimental items.  I was almost in tears.  

We asked her to show us the list of things that she wanted.  We kept a few things in mind and as we rushed in my friend found the lampshades that she wanted and put them in a basket to give to her.  As hard as it was to buy this stuff, we knew that the money was going to the daughter of the couple.  The hardest part was to watch people walking out with arms-full of his clothes.  That almost destroyed me.  I couldn't imagine if I saw someone carrying around my loved-one's clothes.  At this point, tears were welling up.

My friend and I were able to find a few things at pretty reasonable prices.  I bought 6 framed prints and a nice magazine rack.  My friend got the mother-load with a leather love seat, a chair, a mirror, huge planters, and a super-nice elliptical for 1/4 of the retail price.  

During this entire thing, my husband was at a men's breakfast and my friend's husband works out of town.  We carried EVERY SINGLE THING out to the car ourselves AND fit all in by ourselves., except the elliptical.  People at the estate sale didn't know that they were attending the "Cass & Val Gun Show"!  ;-)  Aside from mourning for this family, it was a great morning.  It was nice to get out of the house with a friend on a beautiful morning.  I will definitely be attending more estate sales.

Here's what I found out from my research.  The owner of the house was a 35 year old man that died while waiting for a heart transplant.  He had lived in that house for less than a year.  Maybe it wouldn't have seemed as weird if it had been an person that had lived their life to the fullest and died in their sleep.  Either way, I will be praying for this family, even though I'm sure that I'll never see them again.



Aside from a little "changing of the weather" cough, we are free from sickness!  We are also out of groceries...seriously, OUT.  No bread.  No milk.  Need I say more?  What else is there if you have no bread and milk?  After my 2 younger boys wake up from their nap we're going to make an appearance at Sam's Club.

My husband and I are typically not Valentine's people.  We did not get our date night last week due to sickness.  My husband surprised me and switched our babysitter to last night.  We ate dinner at On the Border and then saw the movie, "The Dilemma".  Side note: it's funny at times but it has a long, boring part in the middle; Vince Vaughn and Queen Latifah made the movie what it was.

I have recently started watching the new HGTV show, "Cash and Cari".  She has inspired me and I am attending my first ever estate sale on Saturday morning.  I'm going with a friend and she has her eye on a couple of things.  That means we are getting there early and putting on our boxing gloves to beat people away from the items that she wants.  I'm not really expecting to buy anything.  I want to go for the experience and just to see.  You never know.

My husband and I are also officially starting P90X tonight.  What am I smoking?  Seriously.  I watched it for a few minutes today just to see what I'm getting myself into.  Yikes.  No worries.  I won't be posting those crazy before and after pictures of myself in a bikini.  No matter how much weight I lose, unless a tummy tuck is involved, I will remain covered.

To share a nice Valentine's Day moment with you, this became my profile picture yesterday on FB.

This is my husband and I in August 1998.  We had only been dating about 3 weeks at this point.  I had just returned from a cruise with my family so I was really tan.  Because he was in bible school at the time, we hardly held hands in front of people.  Silly I know, but that's how it was.  We still look exactly the same, right?

For Moi????


I was sitting at home on a typical Thursday morning.  I was still in my pajamas, which is usually what I'm in unless I'm leaving the house.  I had been cleaning in between taking my 2 1/2 year old to the bathroom and snatching Clorox wipes out of his hand.

Then something scary happened.

The doorbell rang!

Don't people know that I am not presentable?  I was hesitant.  But my 2 1/2 year old made it very well known that we were home by yelling, "Someone's at the door!  Doorbell!".

I walked to the door and was thankful to see that it was the UPS guy.  He only rings the doorbell to let me know that I have a package then he walks away.

As I'm opening the door I'm wondering, "What have we ordered?".  We have some friends in our neighborhood that have the same house number, different street.  I was thinking maybe it was for them.  What on earth?

I opened the door and found this staring up at me!

I was so excited!  Shari's Berries!!!  I've had them before when my mom received some chocolate covered strawberries for her birthday.  But I'm still at a loss as to who it's from and what it's for.  Valentine's?  Too early.  I was stumped.  So I did the next obvious thing and I opened it.

It was from my husband!!!  At this point I was jumping up and down on the inside.  My heart was bubbling.  It was a nice, after-fast treat for me.  He's so thoughtful! 

So I open the other box to find this.

Ummmmmm...HELLO!  Oh my Lord!  Such huge deliciousness in a small box.

Yeah.  It was so good!  I'm sorry...they were so good.  I ate more than one.  Being the sweet wife that I am, I'm saving some for my husband. 

Surprise gifts are truly the greatest!

Heartbroken and Nowhere to Go


My oldest is missing the science fair as I type.  He is heartbroken.  Rightfully so because apparently his project is really good!  My husband and daughter are there now.  He took the camera and I hope he returns with some great pictures.

I took all 3 of my boys to the doctor today for my baby's 18 month check-up.  He's just like his Daddy...growing taller and not gaining much weight.  He's healthy and happy.  Our doctor even checked my oldest and confirmed my viral diagnosis.  I'm so glad that I didn't have to pay $35 extra for her input.

On a positive note, our son will have been fever-free for 24 hours in the morning and can return to school AND basketball practice.  We just found out that his best friend is going to play basketball with him!  Our kids' school allows homeschoolers to play at this level.  It is going to be so much fun!  Saturday mornings spent with friends, laughing at boys & girls as they run down the court just holding the ball.  



My oldest is home sick today.  He has been sleeping with his brother for the past week to help him transition into a big boy bed.  When I went in to wake him up for school, he was awake.  He said, "Mom.  I did not sleep good because of him."  His cheeks were flaming red.  So sad because today was the day he was turning in his science fair project.  His Daddy took it into school for him.  He also requested chicken noodle soup for breakfast.  Thankfully I had some rotisserie chicken leftover from last night.  

We had our life group over last night to watch the Superbowl.  Poor Cristina.  Know the words, please.  As for the halftime show, I thought it went over really well.  For all of the haters out there, you have no idea how much goes into planning that 10 minute show.  You have minutes to set up and no mic check before you go one stage.  

When I was a junior in high school, I was in the Superbowl halftime show.  They called on a lot of cheerleading squads from all the high schools in the Atlanta area.  Our entire squad was in it. We practiced for 2 months, 3 to 4 times a week, for hours at a time.   Many times we had to practice outside, in the freezing cold, January weather, on football fields. All of this while going to school and still cheering for basketball.  We had 1 regular rehearsal at the dome and not all of the artists could be there.  We had a dress rehearsal and yet again, the Judd's weren't there.  Once it came down to the show, it was crazy!  And yes, they have to lip sync because of the sound in stadiums.  All in all, I enjoyed the experience.  So much work for just a few minutes of entertainment.

We had so much fun with our life group last night!  We have a great group of couples.  We wrote down our predicted scores for the game.  I WON!!!  Well, sort of.  I was the closest without going over.  We had a HUGE amount of food and thankfully most of it was eaten.  We all watched the game and enjoyed the commercials.  The kids stayed in the playroom.  Some of the toddlers wandered out, but they were not a distraction.  It was just another night of living life together.

She Left the Nest


This entry is dedicated to yet another amazing, young woman of God. TRISHA! And the disclaimer is that I got most of these pictures from her FB. :-)  If you want to read other posts dedicated to some of the other women that I love, you can go here or here.I first met Trisha when we returned from Mexico in March 2009. My husband & I usually sat in front of her and her parents at church.  She was also in our youth group, so we began to develop a relationship.When we first met she looked like this.Then shortly after that she looked like this.I don't know of a better person that could pull that hairstyle off!  She looked fabulous!She was in the room when the nurse told me it was time to push my last baby out.  She didn't stay in there but she came back in shortly after he was born.  She was one of the few that held our sweet surprise! Our daughter thinks she is so beautiful & loves hanging out with her!I wasn't able to attend her graduation but my husband did.  He had 2 different graduations at the exact same time.  He went to one and watched the student walk.  Then he rushed to Trisha's.  He got there just in time to see her before she walked up on stage.  It was a precious moment!She has spent many nights at our house.  She has watched our kids.  She's eaten plenty of Chef Boyardee ravioli out of our pantry.  She's asked tough questions.  She's been a source of joy and encouragement!She might kill me for this pic but it's one of my faves!She had an idea about a year ago to spend time with the middle school girls.  She gave them a "What Not to Wear" lesson.  She also talked to them about how to speak to adults, how to handle yourself in public, and many other things that girls would typically learn from an older sister.  She even did a makeover in my kitchen.  It was such a fun weekend and it was all her doing!And now?  She's gone.  Not forever.  Not too far away.  She took a huge step of faith and went to the 24/7 internship in Birmingham.  She's only been there 3 weeks and her life has changed immensely.  I also miss her immensely.She is going to grow up and change by leaps & bounds over these next 9 months.  She is another young woman that I am privileged to know.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.  If you know teenagers, then you know that finding a teenager that wants to live an honest & respectful life is difficult.  She's one of them.  She has fought against the odds of the stereotypes of her generation and has risen above.I love her and miss her so much!  We will hopefully see her soon.For her farewell dinner we took her to P.F. Changs & had dessert at the Cheesecake Factory! :-)[...]

All Grown Up...well, sort of


I have been a part of our church for 12 1/2 years.  One of the families that I began to hang out with early on was the Godfrey's.  I spent almost every Friday night with them for the few months before I got married.  At the time they had 2 kids, but now have 3.  Their oldest is my Gabby.  She was my flower girl.  She was my little friend.  She used to give me a makeover and it was scary.  June 1999Sometime in 2002Now she is all grown up.  She's of driving age, at least.  She is our weekly babysitter.  She loves our entire family and our entire family loves her.  Our toddlers don't like to be left with just anyone aside from grandparents.  They go to Gabby from me.  They ask for her.  They love her.  May 2009July 2010January 2011It is truly an amazing thing to watch someone grow from a little girl into a godly, young woman.  She is passionate for Jesus and seeks to do the right thing.  She respects her parents to the degree that she doesn't bad-mouth them behind their backs.  It has been a privilege to have her (and her family) in our lives and really as a part of our family.  Words cannot truly express the depth of love that we have for her.  And, yes.  She's taller than me. [...]

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I luv ya, Tomorrow!


Tomorrow ends our church-wide, 21 day fast.  These have been the most challenging 21 days of my life.  The beginning of the fast was tough.  But I would say that the end has been the toughest.  I can see the finish line.  It has been hard not to focus all of my mental energy on tomorrow.  I am working to stay focused and finish this race victoriously.  While the last few days have seemed like an uphill sprint, it has been worth it all.

My son has his first-ever, science fair coming up.  He is testing to see which product/formula cleans your teeth the best...Rembrandt, Crest Whitening, or a baking soda mixture.  He wanted to do something on teeth and this is what we came up with (thanks to the internet).  Right now we have white tiles soaking in a mixture of coke, coffee, and grape juice.  He will let them soak for a couple of days and then brush them and record the results.  It takes me back to my science fair projects.  I secretly love it!

Our son also starts basketball on Saturday, as well as our daughter with cheerleading.  I really am excited!  This schedule is way better than the hectic baseball schedule that we had last year.  Plus our kids are really into it.  I know that they won't get bored during these 7 games or so.

This weekend I am going to a women's conference at Lifegate.  Lori Champion is going to be speaking and I am looking forward to hearing her.  I saw her last year at All Access in Baton Rouge.  She is a woman in ministry that is also a mom.  Her balance of running a family in ministry is similar to the one that I strive for in our home.  Lots of anticipation for this weekend!

3 Toddlers and a Baby


This past Tuesday our kids finally went back to school after having all of last week off because of ice.  I really enjoyed our time off but it was also nice to get back to our normal schedule.  Also on Tuesday a good friend of mine called me to tell me that she was in labor.  Kara is our church secretary (or whatever the PC title is).  Her and husband used to be in our youth group a long time ago.  Now they're married with 2 children!  The reason for her call was because I was taking care of her 22 month old son while she was in the hospital.  So during the day this week I had 3 kids, ages 2 1/2, 22 months, and 17 months.  It was hilarious, fun, and crazy.  Three boys fighting over the same toy, but then playing harmoniously with cars.  They were all on the same nap/nighttime schedule which made things very smooth.  We had so much fun and our friend is now at home getting to know his baby brother.

Our oldest son started basketball this past week.  At the school our kids attend, they offer basketball for all ages.  Not only is he playing basketball but our daughter is going to be a cheerleader.  Thankfully, no short skirts.  Only shorts.  Unless they make cheerleading skirts knee-length, I don't see her advancing her cheerleading career.  The games kick off at the beginning of February and only last a little over a month.  It's a short season but it's enough to give them practice and allow them to feel what it's like to compete for something.

My kids are currently at a birthday party at Sparkles skating rink.  Oh, that takes me back.  I used to spend many nights at Sparkles when I was a kid.  We also had school skating parties there.  I attended friends' birthday parties there.  I remember their huge pickles, suicide drinks, video games, and of course, skating to some fabulous 80's songs.  Sometimes when I hear certain songs it takes me back to the skating rink.  

I will be leaving shortly with my 2 young ones to reunite with their playmate from this week.  I am taking dinner over to Ben & Kara.  I also get to meet their sweet baby Asher!  I know that my 2 younger boys and their 2 boys are going to cause a lot of trouble, I mean fun, in kids church in a few years.  I love that our kids have grown up with certain friends' kids and that they have close relationships already that will last a lifetime.

I know that I was long overdue for an update.  I'm finding that my time on the computer has become less and less as my boys get more and more active/demanding.

I love my family!


This week my 2 older kids and husband have been out of school every single day due to ice.  In Georgia, when it snows it usually melts on the roads and then freezes overnight to become an icy mess.  Anyway, I have loved every minute of having my kids and my husband home.  The kids have played the Wii a good bit.  They been outside a lot, too.  We've had great, family time together and I have cherished it.  I know that we will have to make these days up at some point.  That doesn't negate the fact that I have thoroughly enjoyed them.  

I'll leave you with a picture of my husband doing donuts.



Today is the first day of a multi-church-wide fast.  Our church is taking part in it, as well as many other friends' churches.  People have chosen different kinds of fasts...Daniel fast, fasting Facebook, sweets/chocolate, or a full-on, no food fast.  The goal of it all is to seek God and hear His heart.  Fasting is not easy.  It reminds me how much I really do live by my flesh.  I'm not sure what all is going to happen over the next 20 days.  I am, however, full of anticipation and excitement over it! 

If you want to know more about it, you can go to this website.  There are a lot of resources listed on the page.  Plus this is led by one of our favorite pastors, Stovall Weems. 


My Life in iPhone Pictures


This is what our fireplace wall looked like before the renovation.  Naked. This is what it looks like now.  I'm in the process of adding books, photos, and stuff from Kirkland's. My little princess.  She wanted to sleep with me while Daddy and big brother stayed up to watch the 4th Indiana Jones.  She slept the only way a princess should sleep.   New Year's Eve!  Just Dance Party in our house!  The guys tore it up to "Can't Touch This".  He's a bottomless pit.  It was HIS idea to go to Sonic to get this specific meal.  Cherry limeades are from Jesus! This is Mr. Nash.  You can read my post about him right here.  I had breakfast with him and my step-dad's hotdog club.  It was so nice getting one more hug from him! Just Dance has become the most popular game in our house.  You don't need a just need to dance! This is sweet Trisha.  She just left to take part in an internship at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL.  It's called 24/7.  God is going to rock her world and I'm so excited for her.  We will miss her terribly, though!Last, but not least, a picture of my kids.  All of them looking.  All of them smiling (baby for the most part).  They were getting ready to watch a movie together.  This sweet scene didn't last long, but I captured it.  [...]

Truly Uninspired


Maybe it's because my kids don't go back to school until tomorrow.

Maybe it's because I break up about 5 arguments a minute.

Maybe it's because of all the drugs that I did in the 60's.

Maybe it's because I need my eyebrows done.

Maybe it's because I'm currently watching the Best of Mike Myers on SNL, Coffee Talk w/ Madonna and Roseanne more specifically.

2010 ~ Not my easiest year


I've been reading a lot of updates about how 2010 was peoples' greatest year yet.  I hate to say it, but it wasn't my favorite year.  We had 3 major events in 2009 that fed over into 2010, making it a character building (difficult) year.The first of the events was of course the death of my father-in-law.  Even though he met Jesus 19 months ago, we went through a lot of firsts without him this past year.  Not to mention we had many trying situations that made us wish even more that he was here, to share his advice and wisdom.  Chuck was slow to speak and quick to listen.  He gave the best advice.  Advice that we really needed this past year.  God's grace is sufficient and I know that He is omniscient.  It's noted that his presence and his wisdom was missed.The second of the events was another that ties into Chuck...we left a denomination and planted a church.  We didn't have a church split or anything ugly.  It was very clean and very friendly.  Planting a church was harder than I ever figured it would be.  Even though we left the denomination at the end of 2009, we are only 9 months into our church plant.  There were many situations this past year, directly related to the church plant, that I had wished so much that Chuck was here.  He was for this church plant.  He believed in the vision.  We had to cry out to God even more.  Our hearts were broken many times.  Our minds were frustrated.  To quote Joseph Garza, "If you don't believe that demons are real, try planting a church."  Really, try pioneering anything.  When you are doing something that is new or against the grain, you find a lot of opposition; making 2010 a tough year.  Full of GRACE, but tough.  Grace is a subject that I could spend years on, but I won't do that today.  Just know that if it wasn't for God's grace, I wouldn't be here.The third was the birth of baby #4.  Born in August 2009, he came the day before the first day of school for my older 2.  He and his older brother are 1 year, 3 months, and 1 day apart.  There were phases where their age difference was ok.  For the most part, it has been so hard.  The past 3 or 4 months, since our baby learned to walk, have been even more difficult.  They are now both toddlers.  Both of them are into everything...especially my husband's office.  I am constantly cleaning up after them, snatching things from their hands, mediating a battle over a toy, changing diapers, fighting to make them eat something besides yogurt & craisins, and getting them to sleep when they are supposed to.  It's exhausting.  Even with all of the help that my husband gives and our babysitter, at the end of the day, all I long for is silence.  This also takes a toll on any time to myself...quiet, with God, exercise.  To gain that time to myself, I'd have to get up earlier.  Well the last thing I want at this point is less sleep.  I'm torn.Like I mentioned above, God's grace has been there through all of these times.  It's God's grace that keeps me from tumbling over the edge.  When people say, "Oh, I couldn't even imagine losing a loved one, or having kids that close together, (or whatever situation anybody else is going through)", they CAN'T imagine it.  Because when you imagine going through things like that, you don't imagine it with the g[...]

Less Jiggly


I was never a gamer as a kid.  I played Super Mario Bros. at friends' houses and stuff, but I was never that good.  I played certain video games at the bowling alley or skating rink, but only the ones that I knew that I could win.  I was never interested.  Until a few years ago......

We were so excited when the Wii came out in stores.  It made me feel like I could play video games and yet not be a complete loser at them.  I was doing more than just pressing buttons.  I was bowling, playing tennis, attempting to play golf (still not good at that one), etc.

Then the Wii Fit came out!  I was in heaven!  I don't really compete with my kids or my husband.  I compete with my own personal best.  I like to own spots 1, 2, and 3.  I am the only one in the family that has overcome the obstacle course.  I have the top spots in hula hoop, ski jump, add 10 (or whatever it's called), and kung fu.

When Rock Band and Guitar Hero came on to the scene, I liked them as well.  Give me the microphone and tell me it's karaoke and I'm on my way.  All pride kicked to the side.

Christmas came and my daughter received a new game.  Just Dance 2.  How did I miss this game before?  When can I get the first one?  I LOVE this game.  It's a workout AND it makes me think I'm back in my high school/college dancing years again.  No worries...the Wii is in the privacy of our bedroom.  I also bought the Zumba game.  If these things can make my thighs (to quote Lazy Mom) less jiggly, then I'm all for it!  Plus it's like being a kid again.  There are so many places I could go with how good it feels to have fun like a child, with no care of how I look (in the privacy of my bedroom). 

Last Wednesday's Walk


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