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Published: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 14:00:36 UTC


Tips For Improving Employee Performance

Wed, 25 Apr 2018 14:00:36 UTC

Underperforming employee? The answer's simple. Berate them in front of their colleagues, dock their pay and beat them with a stick. That will kickstart the lazy nuisance into action! Of course, before you take that statement too seriously, it won't. You will face legal action, for starters, and you

29 Vote(s)

3 Tips to Find the Best Talent for Your Business

Wed, 25 Apr 2018 04:36:03 UTC

Employees are the best asset for small business owners. The success of your business depends on them. How do you find the best employees, and keep them.

29 Vote(s)

Lies, damned lies: Your job title vs. your actual role

Tue, 24 Apr 2018 14:23:04 UTC

Did the job offer give you a title of "data scientist" but the work is more like data scullerymaid? Oh, dear, you fell for a shiny bauble of a job description! Here's how to identify when the job description doesn't match the job duties.

28 Vote(s)

Portable Employee Benefits: Here\\\'s Why They\\\'re In Demand

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 10:43:30 UTC

Uber chief executive, Dara Khosrowshahi, recently called for Washington state to develop a ‘portable benefits system' to give contract workers access to the benefits that full time workers typically get. Will they actually do it though?!

18 Vote(s)

Why do people resist change?

Wed, 11 Apr 2018 11:13:46 UTC

People are creatures of habit and resist change because it is too difficult, or unproven to be better than what they are currently doing. Better the devil you know, is a well-used phrase when it comes to change, but should you accept it?

32 Vote(s)

How To Improve Your Employee Onboarding Process In 5 Simple Steps

Fri, 06 Apr 2018 14:07:30 UTC

Wondering how you can make your employee onboarding process easier? Here are the 5 steps you need to take to improve your employee onboarding process!

31 Vote(s)

4 Tips to Secure Your Next Career Opportunity

Wed, 28 Mar 2018 08:52:06 UTC

Everyone must be on the lookout for next big career opportunity all the time. How can you prepare yourself to secure that next opportunity.

31 Vote(s)

How to Manage Work Related Stress

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 05:10:09 UTC

Stress is a fact of life. Stress can make you stronger, IF you know how to manage it properly. Take a look at these steps you can take to cope with stress at work. Manage your stress and you will be more productive, without burning yourself out.

33 Vote(s)

How to Beat Your Bigger Competitors in Attracting and Retaining Top Talent – Venture Catalyst Consulting

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 11:06:02 UTC

How to turn what most people see as a liability with millennial workers into a strength and a way to set your business apart in the battle to attract and retain the top talent.

16 Vote(s)

5 Ways to Get Your Employees Out of the Office - Tweak Your Biz

Thu, 08 Mar 2018 15:08:40 UTC

Here are a few suggestions that can make your employees more productive and loyal, and happier! Believe it or not, your business can benefit from getting its team members out of the office.

29 Vote(s)

Your company book is the ideal recruiting tool

Mon, 05 Mar 2018 08:45:52 UTC

Some companies publish a book as a marketing and sales tool. But there is another reason to publish your own company book: to attract the best talent. Being seen as a good place to work makes it easier to recruit top talent and build a stronger team.

22 Vote(s)

The Psychology of Processes: How to Work with Imperfect Humans

Tue, 27 Feb 2018 14:58:05 UTC

Humans are responsible for 70% of airplane crashes, 90% of car wrecks, and 90% of workplace accidents. But people are also a core part of business. The same factors that make humans irreplaceable - nuanced judgement, emotion, and creativity - also make humans a pain to manage.

30 Vote(s)

How to humanize your hiring process

Tue, 27 Feb 2018 12:38:57 UTC

Let's face it-applying for jobs is up there with doing your taxes and standing in line to renew your passport. Trying to inject a healthy dose of personality into a cover letter while conforming to a rigid job spec isn't the most exciting way to spend an evening. And navigating a sea of blank te

18 Vote(s)

How to Build Culture With Remote Teams

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 00:23:16 UTC

In a remote work era, workplace culture is becoming even more important. Here is how to build company culture with remote teams.

30 Vote(s)

The Importance of Change Management Training

Mon, 05 Feb 2018 13:41:32 UTC

Change of one kind or another is on the way: Climate change, economic change, political change, technological change. In order for these changes to have a positive effect on your organisation, you must manage the changes well.

23 Vote(s)

Tips to Improve Your Communication Technique

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 11:47:09 UTC

Communication skills are important in order for you to communicate your goals to other people. These six tips will help to improve your communication skills and lead to a greater success in achieving your goals.

18 Vote(s)

4 Skills to Master for Improving Business Processes

Thu, 25 Jan 2018 17:19:13 UTC

There are small skills everyone in your company can learn to help improve your business processes. Start by focusing on these often-overlooked business skills.

33 Vote(s)

How to Mix Business Travel with Leisure Without Jeopardizing Either

Tue, 23 Jan 2018 12:56:28 UTC

Traveling on a business can be tiring and boring. Adding some personal leisure time during business travel can make it more tolerable. Here are the tips to do just that.

19 Vote(s)

5 Trends HR Pros Are Preparing For in 2018

Mon, 22 Jan 2018 09:48:41 UTC

Trends indicate that HR pros must find balance between seemingly opposing demands, such as helping companies get work done while giving employees freedom.

19 Vote(s)

7 signs your star employee is quitting soon

Mon, 15 Jan 2018 16:37:24 UTC

Are you monitoring your top-performing team members for signs of wanderlust? You should. Here are seven signs your star employee is quitting soon.

23 Vote(s)

Employee Retention Before and After Your Exit

Tue, 09 Jan 2018 19:28:19 UTC

In most businesses, employee retention is a material factor in valuation and transferability. The ability of a buyer to assume control of a fully-functional organization has substantial influence on his or her perception of a company's value.

19 Vote(s)

Workplace Injuries: An Increasingly Worrying Number

Mon, 08 Jan 2018 11:47:17 UTC

It was reported that there were 144 workers killed as a result of workplace accidents throughout 2015/2016In 2015/16 - this number decreased slightly in 2016/17 to 137 workers. Whilst the number is still worryingly high, when comparing the past two years' figures with 2006/07 when there were 247 de

35 Vote(s)

Ways to improve productivity in your office environment

Mon, 08 Jan 2018 10:56:44 UTC

Creating a positive work environment is essential for the productivity of your team. Discover suggestions and ideas for immediate improvement.

28 Vote(s)

11 questions to stop asking applicants right now - Workopolis

Sat, 06 Jan 2018 15:45:19 UTC

We asked 11 professionals to share the most inappropriate interview questions they've ever been asked. Here's what they said.

20 Vote(s)

5 Reasons Why You Should Raise Employee Wages - Tweak Your Biz

Sat, 06 Jan 2018 13:17:23 UTC

Increasing employee pay is imperative in an economy where competition is extremely fierce. Employees must know they have mobility. They can earn rewards for good work. In return, they'll help your organization perform at its peak.

16 Vote(s)

How to Give Your Employees a Raise Using the FLSA Overtime Rule Amendment

Mon, 25 Dec 2017 12:56:38 UTC

The changes to the salary threshold for overtime exemption make it worth offering non-exempt employees a raise in their salary to cut overtime costs. However, only if you can prove the majority of their duties are "white-collar" because then the exemption threshold it's just 47K a year.

17 Vote(s)

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Sun, 24 Dec 2017 18:33:09 UTC

Too much to do and not enough time to do it? Take a look at these tips which will enable you to work smarter and more effectively, without having to work harder.

18 Vote(s)

Top 5 Common Examples of Misconduct in Workplace You Must Address

Thu, 21 Dec 2017 01:37:21 UTC

Employee misconduct at workplace can not only impact other employees, but it can damage your business badly. Make sure you address these 5 issues right away.

20 Vote(s)

3 tech tools that can simplify your recruitment process

Tue, 19 Dec 2017 06:26:34 UTC

An efficient, high-tech recruitment process doesn't have to be impersonal. Here are three tools that can give it a personal touch.

35 Vote(s)

How to Get, Process, and Act on Employee Feedback

Sat, 16 Dec 2017 02:01:02 UTC

Saying "employee feedback" conjures images of awkward conversations with managers and meaningless buzzwords during performance reviews, but it doesn't have to be that way. Feedback cycles shouldn't try to force comments out of your team, but instead support them and let them know when and where

19 Vote(s)

6 big mistakes to avoid when writing a job posting

Tue, 12 Dec 2017 15:34:54 UTC

Do you know how to attract top talent? Here are the 6 most common mistakes companies make when writing a job posting, and how to avoid them.

32 Vote(s)

Take This Job and Shove it! 5 Things That Should Make You Go HMMM

Sun, 10 Dec 2017 18:12:56 UTC

We've all worked crappy jobs. But, how is a crappy job defined? The answer is different for everyone, even though there are definite negative triggers the majority of us all share. In the end, there are certain behaviors that should make anyone go "HMMM" and make you seriously consider abandonin

19 Vote(s)

5 Important Tips for HR Professionals in the Digital Age

Sun, 03 Dec 2017 15:45:14 UTC

The role of HR professionals have changed significantly in this digital age. These tips will help you align your skills to the needs of today's business world.

23 Vote(s)

How to Achieve and Maintain a Positive Attitude

Sun, 03 Dec 2017 11:04:20 UTC

Your attitudes are important, because they affect how you feel in a given situation and how you respond to that situation. How you act in response to a situation will affect the outcome and your success in life. Learn to be more positive.

19 Vote(s)

Understanding Human Behaviour

Fri, 01 Dec 2017 20:37:02 UTC

Understanding the behaviour of other people can be difficult, understanding ourselves can be even more tricky. Understanding why people behave the way they do, can be better understood by studying both the disciplines of philosophy and psychology.

18 Vote(s)

Skills Every Business Administrator Should Have

Mon, 27 Nov 2017 11:27:19 UTC

Whether you take an online MSMPP program or study on campus, there are skills every business administrator should learn and master. Here are four of those.

23 Vote(s)

How Can We Improve Management Skills?

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 12:52:28 UTC

The purpose of your organisation is to achieve its goals. Therefore your managers needs to be skilled in six key areas in order to lead their teams to success.

21 Vote(s)

Why you should hire someone who’s 55 and older

Sat, 11 Nov 2017 13:43:10 UTC

Move over millennials - employment is growing quicker among people aged 55 and up. Here's why you should consider hiring them.

19 Vote(s)

Communication: Negotiation Skills Training

Fri, 10 Nov 2017 03:47:02 UTC

Every organisation has to trade successfully with others and being able to negotiate skillfully is vital to your success. Negotiation skills training will enable your team to agree the best possible outcome from any negotiation situation.

20 Vote(s)

Understanding Employee Handbooks and Culture Guides

Thu, 02 Nov 2017 12:58:26 UTC

Learn how to make an employee handbook that's actually useful as well as what the heck a culture guide is.

29 Vote(s)