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Saris: Traditional Wear of India


The sari is a traditional dress and it is not merely a piece of cloth wrapped around the women's body. Saris are a perfect depiction of stitching and artistry. It is a woven cloth consisting of two main pieces of cloth. First is the blouse that can be of any type and second is a long and broad piece of cloth that is long up to the feet. It is wrapped around body and the skirt is extends to the floor and is put around the shoulders and on the blouse to depict the corners of the cloth on the chest and around the collar bone. The length and the width of the cloth vary from type to type and style to style.

Saris are of many different types and fabrics. Depending upon the material used it varies from a very broad range where as depending upon the style in which it is worn it comes in more than 20 main styles that are commonly famous and popularly worn by the women of all ages and all over the world. However a sari can also be grouped depending upon the embroidery it has like the beads or the thread work or something different and unique like the stone work and mirror work etc. All is available in the market nowadays by the very keen designers who are developing the new modern day wears.

It is also becoming popular for the purpose of bridal dresses and many designers have turned their concentration to this end to create many sparkling and fabulous bridal dresses in this style. Woman have replaced the traditional style of wearing lehengas on their wedding day. Modern sarees bring a unique style which an ever increasing number of brides are starting to wear during their wedding ceremonies.

Besides the purpose of wearing a sari during formal events, there are varieties worn for strictly for a casual purpose. This outfit is also liked by women of all ages and it is worn in a casual way in rural areas of India as the normal wear. It has been introduces into market for the purpose of casual wear in many various styles and the fabric used for the casual wear is very soft and smooth making it most suitable to wear.

In this age of modern technology, today's designers have created dresses which have been modified in very beautiful ways and the old and tedious look has been left behind for a more broad appeal. Nowadays it has been created and adorned by the modern ways and technology that has also made it costly but there are some hard working and concerned designers that are trying their best to get the cost of the adorned and beautiful saris back into the range of the mediocre.

The sari is also becoming popular equally in both elite and aristocratic classes as well as in the middle class. It has removed the stamp as the dress of the old peasants and workers and it's in today's fashion trend and style. It is the usual wear for functions and party wear. New styles and looks of saris have also made it the most popular outfit for both formal functions and casual wear.

Get Trendy With Enyce Clothing for Men and Women


Enyce clothing is a brand that was launched in 1996 for men's and women's apparel. It is a brand of quality, comfort and trust. As you know women's clothing shopping is not an easy task and if you have to shop for your woman then it would really be a difficult task. But if you have known about Enyce clothing brand, then your problem can come to an end. You can find lots of varieties in this brand in several outfits. It is not only confined to young age people, in fact individuals belonging to all ages can wear their cloths. Most of the people consider that branded cloths are expensive to buy; well it is costly if you buy through traditional methods.

Now-a-days, you can find several other modes of buying Enyce clothing, like through online stores, by visiting the shops, and their franchises. This brand is in collaboration with other brands so you can find their outfits at various other branded shops. The online routes are preferred by many of the individuals for making purchases, because online routes are easy, simple, quick and effortless. All you need to do is to conduct thorough web search and find the best online store. You will be provided with plenty of websites which can sell you Enyce outfits at reasonable prices. You need to find the legitimate and original online store. As there are some imitate and fake online websites present on internet too. So you need to be very careful in making final selection. After choosing the dress you want to buy, just place the order of it and get your things delivered to your place with in two to five working days.

If you are in search of wholesale Enyce clothing then you should know that wholesale clothing would get off from the shelf within no time. So you need to rush to the store for buying the apparel at discounted prices. The outfits of this brand are not only comfortable but trendy and elegant too. It makes you look different and unique from the crowd. No doubt people wearing Enyce outfits feel on top of the world. Some of the items you can obtain from there are: hoodies, jackets, jeans, denim, denim jeans, hats, caps, shirts, sweaters, tunics, tops, ladies jeans, scarf's and several other accessories. Thus you can find a complete range of products from one shop.

Enyce women jeans are famous because their cuts are amazing; you get perfect fitting in jeans. The variety of jeans has no limits; therefore, ladies can find jeans of every style and design. You can find bell bottom jeans, narrow bottom, baggy, skin fitted and Capri's too. Women jeans contain a style of 6 pockets, which got very popular among women of the entire world. It comes in casual style and use. Most of the women wear these jeans at home or while hanging out with friends. Some of the jeans have little size wings and pockets, with zippers and matching jackets.

There comes Enyce gold-plated Capri's; it is famous among ladies of all ages. It is mainly used with funky denim. It is comfortable in wearing and can be washed easily. It contains a small pocket which has two benefits, you can keep anything in it, or moreover it is a style statement. You can keep cell phone or coins in this small pocket. The tops of this brand are really stylish and funky too. You can find decent tops and tunics. The color combination of the tops is vibrant which are loved by ladies of all ages. The stuff of the tops is pure, light weight and comfy in wearing.

Be The Real You


Graphic t-shirts are just plain awesome. They go with everything, especially jeans! Young adult t-shirts know no bounds. You can make a personal statement or just wear a funny t-shirt just about anywhere you go. People may show how they feel or what they think by the type of t-shirts they wear.

Young adult t-shirts come in unlimited varieties of colors and sizes. The most popular pop culture shirt themes include music and entertainers, political figures, TV and movie characters, sports figures and sports teams, super heroes--Batman, Superman and Spider-Man, are long time favorites. Animal lovers love their t-shirts with especially kittens, puppies and all sorts of animals.

Pop culture t-shirts and graphic t-shirts appeal especially to young adults and kids. School age kids live in their t-shirts and need to look cool with their friends. T-shirts are comfortable and durable. A wide assortment of funny t-shirts highlights fictional cartoon characters like the Simpsons and Family Guy. Starlets such as Marilyn Monroe and James Dean are featured on pop culture shirts. Boys and girls both like to wear skulls and skeletons. Music stars and rock stars including Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Grateful Dead, Metallica and Iron Maiden are all-time favorites.

T-shirts are used for everyday wear and can be customized to display your choice of names, dates and events. Graphic t-shirts can be personalized with pictures, sayings or whatever to commemorate weddings, graduations or special events.

Personal likes or dislikes reflects individual choices of heroes and villains. Sports teams; baseball, football, hockey and basketball, show their logos in bold and bright colors. Schools, universities and top-name colleges display time-honored logos to endorse their organizations.

People travel on vacation to places and locations, and a favorite thing to do is buy a t-shirt as a souvenir. A trendy saying that is sold in many cities around the U.S. declares, 'My parents went to (Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York) and all I got was this crummy t-shirt!' Another trendy saying that is found on souvenir t-shirts are the 'I love (heart) New York'. Souvenir t-shirts are inexpensive and vacationers can come home with a simple memento that will last a long time.

Many different designs, colors -- solids or multicolor pop culture t-shirts offer casual wear for active individuals. T-shirts provide comfort with an informal look. Functional clothing and easy to wear, t-shirts are easy to clean - just throw them in the washer. From the mundane to the macabre, funny t-shirts or solemn, pop culture shirts are always IN.

Knowing The Silhouette and Fabric Of Your Dress


Girls can never have enough dresses to wear. Shopping is their sole right and they diverge in it with utmost pleasure. Besides there are so many options regarding special occasion dresses, wedding dresses, also new style of dresses known as bandage dresses that it is easy for a person to get confused.

In order to avoid such a situation I did some research and found out a list of things on silhouette and fabric of the dress that might help a girl buy the best wedding party dress.

So here is a detail about the silhouette which is the outline of the dress. When you know the options and what suits u best it is easy for you to decide on your wedding dress.

· A-Line is an easy style for almost any figure. It has a flared skirt and less defined waistline.

· Ball Gown is the ultimate fairy tale dress, with a tightly fitted bodice, full skirt and defined waistline.

· Empire is great for a slim line. The waistline starts just under the bust, and the skirt is close fitted.

· Mermaid is a form-fitting gown with a fishtail hem; looks great in slinky material.

· Sheath is the most contemporary style. The close-fitting shape hugs your curves and ends with a slight flare.

There are many factors that determine your choice of fabric: dress style, season, body type, and the formality of your wedding.

· Brocade is a type of fabric that can be very heavy, it is a good option for a winter wedding dress or a fall wedding dress.

· Chiffon is the most delicate and sheer fabric. It can be made from silk or rayon and due to its transparency it is often layered.

· Damask is a lighter weighing version of brocade.

· Illusion is a fine net fabric; used on sleeves or necklines.

· Lace is a delicate net with fine embroidery of flowers, foliage or geometric patterns. The finest lace is handmade. Some dresses are made entirely of lace; and lace is frequently used to trim veils.

· Linen is perfect for a summer wedding at the seaside. Light and breathable, but wrinkles very easily.

· Organza is a stiff, sheer fabric. Can be very sculptural, almost Asian-inspired.

· Satin is one of the most classic and popular bridal fabrics.

· Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics, but can be very pricey.

· Shantung is a rough-textured, lustrous fabric that resembles raw silk. Gaining in popularity, especially for bridesmaids dresses.

· Taffeta is crisp and smooth with a visible weave. Fine taffeta can be very elegant, but beware lower quality, which can look cheap.

· Tulle is a net-like material used in veils and underskirts, gorgeous in a ballerina-style dress.

How to Wear Leopard Prints With Wild Style


Wild animal prints are a stylish perennial in designer fashion, but this year top fashion designers have gone wild over leopard print. You'll find it everywhere in all sorts of accessories and separates, so that if you wanted you could dress top to toe in leopard and scare more than the wild animals! However wild you are about this current trend, we urge you to resist the temptation of going over the top with it. Here are a few dos and don'ts of how to wear your leopard print with style.

DO choose just one power piece from your wardrobe and build your outfit from there. It might be a silk shirt in leopard, a statement handbag or a scarf. Once you've chosen that piece, select others that complement it rather than vie for attention with it.

DON'T mix other animal print pieces. Leopard and python, or leopard and zebra will just make you look like you're heading out on safari.... as one of the four legged attractions! Even mixing two different leopard pieces is probably too much in one outfit.

DO keep it simple. There is a lot going on in a leopard print, so the rest of your outfit should be in simple neutrals that pick out the leopard colours and work as a frame or background to the main print.

DO have fun with all the new accessories and animal prints out there this season. Just because we suggest you limit yourself to one leopard print at a time, doesn't mean that you can't have a different piece for each day of the week. Think leopard silk blouse over plain jeans one day, leopard jeans with a simple white tee another, that stunning leopard scarf the next day and so on.

If you haven't yet invested in a leopard print item, then you've got almost too much to choose from. Think about starting with a simple accessory such as a beautiful leopard print scarf, which will update a classic wardrobe with the latest trend very easily, then once you've fallen in love with this versatile and flattering animal print, you can go all out for the latest in leopard print designer jeans and silk shirts.

5 Essential Scarves For The Stylish Wardrobe


Scarves might once have been all about keeping warm in winter, but now they are an essential accessory all year round for the style-conscious. A beautiful scarf can bring new life to a classic neutral outfit, it can ring the changes when you are travelling light with just a few staples in your bag, and it can of course keep you snugly warm in winter. One scarf is never going to be enough for one person however and because they are a relatively inexpensive accessory it makes sense to have a varied selection to choose from. Here are five essentials that we suggest, but there is no need to stick to just five!

1. Cashmere
A soft and sensuous cashmere scarf is a top winter essential, that not only keeps you warm but looks stylish and beautiful too. Look out for Artemis Wragge's gorgeous cashmere scarves in an array of rich colours and as soft and lightweight as thistledown.

2. Silk
Every girl should have at least one silk scarf at hand, better still several. Fling a light floaty wisp of silk around your neck in an accent colour on casual summer weekends, or fold and tie it more formally for the boardroom.

3. Leopard print
A leopard print scarf is a great way of wearing this season's hottest print. You can get the look without going for overkill and bring cutting edge style to an otherwise classic outfit. There are plenty of stunning ones about but check out Lily and Lionel's gorgeous range in light wool or modal for starters.

4. Floral
Floral prints are another oh so pretty summer trend - even if you're not naturally a flowery person a delicate floral scarf can catch the mood without you looking like a hothouse flower yourself.

5. Wide
A wide and generous scarf in bold colourful prints and a light cotton weave is essential for any summer holiday. Use it as a beach wrap, an impromptu dress or sarong, wrap up in it on cool summer night walks along the beach - so versatile you can't do without it.

When choosing a scarf, remember that the feel of it against the sensitive skin of your neck is just as important as the look for the feel-good factor, so go for sensuously soft fabrics, such as cashmere and silk. There are also some great silk blends and wonderfully soft new synthetic fabrics such as modal to consider. Happy scarf shopping!

What Exactly Is Dry Cleaning?


So what exactly is Dry Cleaning? To be frank, it's a technique for washing garments and other fabrics using some form of chemical solvent instead of everyday water. This chemical is a much gentler way of saving a fabric of stains, dirt, and other debris, when compared to traditional washing. The chemical solution most widely used in the dry cleaning industry is Perchloroethylene. Nowadays there are substitutes for "Perc" that are much safer for the environment.

For the naked eye, the dry cleaning process appears similar to using a regular washing machine except for the machine being much larger and heavier. The process is gentler, replaces water with a chemical solvent, and will also dry its contents. After the load has been washed in the chemical solvent, it is then rinsed, and the chemical solvent is removed from the fabrics. When all of the solvent has been removed, the machine will then dry the textiles using a lower heat than traditional machines.Before the actual cleaning process, workers ensure that all garments are free of pens, lipsticks, and other objects that could damage the fabrics. While dry cleaning cannot remove every stain, it will remove a larger amount of dirt and residue than traditional washing.

Pre-treating stains is similar to the procedure used at home when you apply a stain remover to stains prior to washing them. The idea is to try to remove the stain or make its removal easier using chemicals. You can even help the process, especially if you catch the stain early. Apply water for wet stains (a stain that had water in it) and solvent for dry stains (a stain that has grease or oil in it). Then, gently tap and blot both sides of the fabric with a soft cloth so the stain "bleeds off" onto the cloth. Then, rinse the fabric, let it dry and your cleaner will do the rest.

If you're trying to save money, perhaps you could try gently washing your garment by hand. On the other hand, if you have wool or silk clothing, it is always best to take it to a cleaner. The potential to ruin these valuable items is high if you wash them in your home washing machine. Other articles of clothing, like dresses and suits, should be taken to the local cleaners. These are more expensive items and usually require the best care. Mixing them in with other clothes is not the best thing for them. Knowing that you don't wear these items on a daily basis, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you don't always have to take them in for professional care.

Comparing Sheepskin and Wool


Many people hear the term sheepskin and instantly assume that it is the same as wool. This is because they know that sheep have wool, rather than fur, hair or other types of natural insulation commonly found on animals and livestock. However, the two terms refer to something that is far from identical.

The term 'Sheepskin' is exactly what it sounds like, the skin of a sheep. It can also be referred to as a 'hide', the term commonly associated with cow skin. This means that when you see or hear of a sheepskin, the sheep that once carried the pelt has now been slaughtered. Typically, the sheepskin is only a byproduct of the sheep's meat. Many people think of the skinning process as cruel, while others feel that if you are going to take an animals life, you should use everything the animal has to offer. It is a widely debated topic driven solely by the opinion of each individual. Once the sheepskin has been removed from the sheep, it goes through a process called ''tanning' in order to create a very strong leather underside while also maintaining the quality of the wool.

The term 'Wool' refers to the fibers of a woolen fleece that is cut (or sheared) from a sheep. The main difference between wool and sheepskin is that sheep raised for their fleece usually live full lives and can be sheared multiple times. This means that wool is not a byproduct, and is viewed as a much more humane way to acquire wool from animals. Yes, more animals than sheep grow 'wool' rather than hair or fur. These animals include but are not limited to alpaca, rabbits and camel.

Sheepskin and wool are not without their similarities, however. Both are used to make a long list of products including rugs, boots, seat covers, slippers and much, much more. Before any of these products can be made, both wool and sheepskin must go through a process known as 'scouring' in order to remove the natural, but unappealing substances. These substances include dead skin, lanolin, dirt and pesticide. Clearly, no customer would want to buy a product containing these types of substances.

In addition to the similarities above, both wool and sheepskin must go through quality inspections to determine its grade. Higher graded wool and sheepskin are used for higher quality and of course, higher priced items. The factors considered include the diameter of each fiber of wool, the color, and the breed of sheep the wool or skin came from.

How to Improve Your Saree Collection


The saree is a staple of the south Asian woman's clothing collection. No matter what the occasion is, you can always wear it and look your best. A saree is the best attire a woman can have. It enhances the beauty well; no matter what kind of body you have, or how tall or short you are. You know a saree is going to suit you in any case.

Women in the Indian subcontinent normally wear Sarees, but they are popular, and available, throughout the world. Men love watching their women draped in a saree, and women love to flaunt themselves in them.

This article is going to guide you how to improve your collection, make it better and worth showing off.

Make sure you keep all these points in mind when building up that saree collection.

1. Variety

Make sure you have variety in your collection. Variety means having sarees of different kinds. As you know, sarees are available in many designs and are worn differently. Be ready to experiment.

If you want your collection to be envious, make sure you are ready to experiment with the kind of saree you wear.

It should also be mentioned that people often make up a collection not just for themselves, but also for people around them, for various reasons. Be certain you draw your collection keeping your taste, your friend's choices, and the kind that looks good on you, in the back of your head.

2. Designer Wears

Designer Sarees and blouses are highly likeable for all the right reasons. People often complain about them being very expensive, but the quality is pricey. Make sure you have those tagged, designer wears in your collection to wear at the right occasion.

Of course, you would not want to end up in your local bazaar's sari at your best friend's wedding. When choosing a designer saree, make sure you know the source you are purchasing from, and the genuineness of the seller.

3. Colors

Sarees are available in different colors and contrasts. A very colorful dress that enhances life and spreads beauty when it is worn.

You need to have a saree for every occasion: a party, a wedding, a funeral or day-to-day events. Make sure you have all the colors in your saree collection, so you do not have to worry about what to wear tomorrow.

4. Be updated

Trends keep on changing regularly. What's in today might not be in demand tomorrow. Make sure you keep an eye on your closet and the on-going trends. If low-cut is in today, it might not necessarily be worn tomorrow. Make sure you are willing to update your saree collection, when needed.

Also, you have to spend cleverly. Always make sure you get the right product at the right price. Bargaining and roaming around is the key here.

5. Complimentary Blouses

The right blouse adds those stars to your saree. There are different styles, cuts, makes, and patterns of blouses available today. Make sure you wear the one that goes well with your body type and the sari you are draping.

A wrongly matched blouse stands out like a sore thumb. Make sure you double-check yourself in that mirror before stepping out.

These are five points that you need to keep in your mind when making your saree collection. Also, remember to be confident and ready to change, as change is inevitable.

Half Sleeve or Full Sleeve Formal Shirt?


Imagine you have a formal meeting to attend, what will you wear? Jeans, casual shirt? No, for a formal business meeting, you need to be dressed formally. The reason behind this is that formal clothes boast your personality with a pleasing touch.

Formal make for a crisp wear and are attention-seeking. This is a normal sight in corporate offices. There are some who love to don formals wherever they go, and there are others, who don't like to wear them outside office. Also, there are people who hate wearing formals. Be it for wedding or office, they are the ones who don't want to wear them at any cost.

But, this article is not about them. It's for those people who love to wear formals or have no other option, but to don them for office or business meetings.

Tough these shirts come in various styles and fashion, basically there are two types of formal shirts: half and full sleeve. Let's take a closer look at both of them.

Half sleeve
Seldom will you see formal half sleeve shirt in corporate offices. Most of them wear full sleeve shirt in such offices. Half sleeve shirts are good when you're donning a blazer over it, as your hands are covered and can't make out if its half or full. Also, there are various formal shirts sale from which you can have your choice. There are many shirts online shopping portals which offer half sleeve shirts on discounted rates.

Full sleeve
These are the staple office wear shirts, which also enhances the overall personality. Full sleeve shirts when matched with trousers, offer a thorough gentleman look. While purchasing shirts through online shopping portals, you should be very choosy. There are endless options on the internet that can take some time, but it's surely worth than going and purchasing the shirt yourself.

And, if you're rubbing the shoulders with some prominent individual, then you should take extra care. Not only your attire, but on a whole your personality must be pleasing enough to grab the attention of the people gathered. You should be neatly dressed from head to toe. You should accessorize yourself appropriately.

If you come across formal shirts sale, do pick one for yourself, because this kind of sale doesn't come everyday. But do check on the size, design and other issues, which are necessary while buying the shirt. Keep yourself ahead of others in your office by donning an elegant posture.

Bridal Hosiery Is As Important As The Dress


A wedding ceremony is among one of the most memorable events in your life. It requires years and months of preparation to ensure every last detail is correct and nothing is missed out. The reception, the flowers, the honeymoon, the rings and the dress are all sorted and ready. Then before you know it it's your big day and all eyes are on you, looking your absolute best. Most brides recognize the dress as the most important item to purchase. However, a bride must remember that the dress is just one part of your wedding outfit and should consider other accessories to pair with your dress to achieve a classic and luxurious style. Bridal hosiery has been a traditional and classic part of a brides outfit centuries. Stockings, Hold Ups, Garters and suspender belts they all come together to create a glamorous look only for the eyes of your loved one on your first night as a married couple.

You should treat your bridal hosiery the same as shopping for dress, take someone with you to get an opinion, make sure on size and fit and don't leave it till last minute. It should be a keep safe as a reminder of your big day. Search many different designers and brands for a range of shape, styles and colours. The internet is a great way of achieving this by being able to access to thousands of products and most retailers now allow you to return products free of charge.

Colour choice is key to pulling off an amazing bridal party. You should try keeping your colour palette the same throughout the weddings components. Traditional colours are great but try to add personality to your wedding through colour. This will make it more personal and special for you and your partner. Include the classics like conventional white and ivory but add dashes of lively pinks or midnight sliver and blues for that flare of character. This can be achieved through your bridal hosiery. Garters are a great way off adding that something special to your outfit. Mostly made from satin it offers ultimate comfort, a lace bridal garter are also popular for the modern bride. A perfect wedding garter should be made of beautiful fabrics and outstanding designs which suit your wedding motif. A garter toss is among the most significant parts of the wedding ceremony. Never ignore the importance of wedding garter on your wedding day. Though it is conventional, this piece of accessory can certainly make you the most magnificent and appealing bride. It additionally provides you with a sense of being special.

Hold ups and stockings are perfect for your bridal hosiery. Lace top hold ups give you effortless class and sexiness. Stick to ivory's whites and pale colours to avoid an overly sexy look. More recently nude coloured stocking and tights have become a popular choice for bridal hosiery. Go for a low denier as you want to show off them gorgeous pins of yours and you will want to be cool and comfortable on your special day. Only pick items that use quality fabrics. Not only so that they are comfortable against your skin but also so the garments last so you keep them as a reminder of your big day.

So pick wisely, don't leave it to last minute your bridal hosiery can make you feel confident, classy and ladylike. It will only be worn once so make it sure they are something special that will give you great memories of your amazing marriage.

Designer Sunglasses Vs Cheap Sunglasses


It's a debate which has surrounded the fashion and shopping industry, as to which sunglasses should we invest in. Is it worthwhile spending hundreds on one pair of sunglasses? Or should we opt for a cheaper alternative? Today within this article I'm going to hopefully settle the dust, giving the benefits of both and giving you the advice as to whether you should invest in designer sunglasses or cheap sunglasses.

The first thing I wanted to touch on was the benefit of sunglasses in general. Sunglasses serve the obvious function of protection from the sun, but they should also be used to enhance style. Like with any accessory, sunglasses can be used to add individual touches to a look. You want a decent pair of sunglasses with high UV protection, but you also want a pair that look good. Focus on your face shape and find what style of sunglasses suit you. Go out with a family friend and try some pairs on, get their honest opinion and ask the retail assistants also. It's all about finding a style your comfortable for, then shop around for the perfect pair. For example I used to wear wayfarers A LOT, too much in fact. I personally wasn't getting the compliments I wanted so opted for a different style. I invested in some clubmasters and the compliments flew in, I loved the way I felt in them and knew this style of sunglasses was for me. Find your style and shop around...

So what are the benefits of cheap sunglasses?

  1. You can mix and match styles. The cheaper alternative means you can have a few pairs. Mixing what you style of sunglasses you wear with what look you're wearing is a great style tip. If you owned a pair of wayfarers, clubmasters and aviators you can decide what style best suits your outfit. If you invested in a few pairs at designer level, you'll be poor! Cheaper alternatives give you this freedom.
  2. Affordable - Of course cheap alternatives aren't going to break the bank balance.
  3. Extensive range - There's a lot available. Wherever you go you can buy cheap sunglasses, high street, market, online.

How about designer sunglasses?

  1. Quality - The quality of designer sunglasses is of course better. If you're going for cheap sunglasses focusing on quality is key. There's no point buying a few cheap alternatives and them breaking every week. Designers invest in good quality sunglasses, which can be used for a good amount of time.
  2. Brand Story - People like to invest in tradition and the history behind a brand or designer. The history of Ray Ban is great, I love the message they send out and I love their products. Therefore I own a pair of Ray Bans.

Comparing the two, it really does depend on your budget and what you want to gain from sunglasses. I personally prefer cheap sunglasses because it means I can vary the pair I wear. This adds originality and uniqueness as my friends don't see me always wearing the same pair of sunglasses every day!

Doing Things a Little Differently, Try a Daring Splash of Colour With Your Shoelaces


Have you ever wondered why most shoelaces are plain old black or brown? Do you even notice your laces? Do you simply replace them with exactly the same type, colour and style when they break or fray?

Attention to detail, even the smallest details, can make all the difference to your overall look. Sometimes just a dash of colour can be all you need to bring that special touch of class, individuality and personality to an outfit.

A well-cut shirt in crisp plain white cotton can be set off with a well chosen pair of cufflinks, the right watch or coloured stitching to highlight details on cuffs, collars, pockets or buttons for example. In exactly the same way the right pair of coloured shoelaces can really set off a pair of dress or formal shoes, making something classic and unremarkable into something really different, original and special.

What do you know about shoelace styles? Waxed? Round? Thin? Wide? Flat? Cord? Which style do you choose to put on what kind of shoes? For example, round shoelaces are made of braided waxed cotton and are slightly shiny. They are quite hardwearing and can be worn on both leather and suede dress or casual shoes. Cord laces are also made from braided cotton. They are perfect for all kinds of hiking and walking shoes, particularly those designed by brands like Timberland, Caterpillar, Dr. Martens, Kickers and Geox. Extra wide flat laces (often referred to as fat laces or fatties) are perfect for skate shoes. They have a very urban look and the brighter the better. As for thin round cotton shoelaces, well these are very versatile and can be worn with all types of dress, formal and casual shoes. Longer pairs (between 150 cm and 180 cm) can be used to lace boots.

The most important thing is not to be afraid to experiment with colour associations that are out of the ordinary. Orange shoelaces on blue suede work wonderfully. Bordeaux or wine shoelaces on brown leather. Purple on slate grey. Red on white. Play about with how different colours look on polished leather, suede or canvas. Remember that a little touch of colour is enough. The rest of your outfit can remain relatively sober or understated. You can use accessories such as a belt, a watch, a tie or a handkerchief to recall the colour you have chosen for the shoelaces and create an overall harmony and unity.

Shopping and Product Reviews: Fashion Style Article Category


Fashion is everywhere, and whether individuals are window shopping on the high street or relaxing at home, images of sleek and beautiful women wearing the latest garments cannot help but penetrate into everyday life. For many, modern day ladies fashion has become conformist and generic, as women's clothing is sold cheaply, both online and on the high street. For those wanting to add some personality to their style, it's important to think outside the box and not always follow the fashion trends, instead making an effort to create some unique looks.Vivienne Westwood, herself, has expressed that cheap clothing has done nothing for fashion, with high street stores pumping out low cost garments, and flooding the market with thousands of similar pieces. This means that it's all too easy for individuals to buy clothes that have no real personality, and offer nothing fresh or new to any look. Whilst dresses, tank tops and trousers may all have been cheap to buy and are comfortable to wear, for those trying to make a statement, fashion is often lost in translation.To give high street fashion some real personality, women need to look at their style in a new way. Rather than simply buying a number of pieces from a high street retailer or online clothing store and pairing them together, accessories, customisations and one-off pieces can be added to bring some vital life to an ensemble. By combining clothing bought at high street stores and small, independent outlets, women can create a look which no-one else has. In addition, by using a mix of garments, unique looks can be brought together without huge expense.With modern manufacturing meaning that ladies fashion can flow off the catwalks and into stores within mere months, it's important that individuals wanting to look a little different from their counterparts, take steps to make changes that are unique. It's no good simply mismatching clothing items from different stores, as whilst fashion may vary in branding, it is often very similar in colour, style or cut. This means that people wanting women's clothing with a little something extra, should look to independent fashion boutiques, vintage stores and even charity shops, to help.Independent fashion boutiques are not always as expensive as they sound, and women can often find small, start-up companies who have unique products for sale which don't break the bank. An online clothing store which isn't well known is the perfect place to start, and with lower overheads, companies can often pass lower prices onto their customers. Meanwhile, there are many vintage stores which sell dresses, tops and a huge range of accessories. Each piece has its own history, and will instantly bring a personality to any ensemble when it's paired with high street fashion. Vintage shops also tend to provide good quality pieces which are well priced and offer something unique to any wardrobe. Dresses, gowns, shoes and jackets can all be found at vintage stores, making stores extremely rewarding for those wanting to customise their look. Lastly, charity shops can be a great place to look for fashion, as long as individuals are happy to rummage. Here, the quality of goods can be low, and whilst many items are well priced, it can take a certain amount of time and effort to find a hidden gem. However, charity outlets are ideal for finding accessories such as costume jewellery or scarves, and as women get to know the stores in their local area, the process of glancing through the racks will become far quicker.Ladies fashion doesn't have to be dull, and women wanting to create their own style and allow their personalities to shine through their clothes, can do a lot to make an ensemble unique. High street f[...]

Review of the Hottest Sperry Chukka Boots of 2012


The Sperry Top-Sider brand has come a long way in manufacturing functional and stylish footwear. Since the mid 1930s, they have remained to be the leader when it comes to boat shoes. And now, the company has also created a lot of great casual footwear for men, women, and even children.

Another great thing about this shoe brand is that the price of its products is very reasonable. You will get to enjoy its very stylish and comfortable shoes without having to pay a lot. If you are looking to get yourself a pair or two, you should check out first our short reviews on the best Sperry Chukka boots of 2012.

Sperry Men's Authentic Original Chukka Boot - Commonly known as the A/O, this collection is one of the hottest right now. This chukka comes in several materials and colors, but the leather is the most preferred. This is a great casual footwear because it is very light and the sole is flexible. It also has a low-top construction with a moccasin-toe and wrap-around laces. Its leather material is very durable but soft at the same time.

It also has detailed stitching for added style. One of the common concerns with this product is that it is narrow and those who have wide feet will have problems with it.

Largo Chukka Boot - This pair looks more of a sneaker than a boot and with this, you can take advantage of its benefits such as flexibility and ease of use.

The upper and the laces are made available in a couple of different materials such as leather. It has a lace-up design that comes with a flat collar for that chukka influence. The lining is very soft and the removable insole absorbs tons of shock for all-day comfort. With its great colors, it looks good with a dark-colored jeans and khakis.

Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Chukka Boot - This collection is a trendier version of the boat-shoe. It features soft leather upper that is complemented by a detailed stitching and a wrap-around lace-up design. It also features a vulcanized construction for flexibility and long-lasting footwear. A part of its collection is a variation that has a high collar which can be folded for a more stylish look.

Oxford Desert Boot - Of all the Sperry shoes, this pair looks closest to the famous classic desert boot which has a plain round toe, minimalist lace-up, and a flat collar. This is perfect for business or casual attire. What makes this model different from the other brands is the rubber out-sole which uses the patented Wave-Siping system that offers a lot of great traction whether in a dry or wet surface.

Latest Footwear Fashion Trends for Men and Women


Color variety and bold patterns define the footwear fashion trends for men and women this year. While you'll still never go wrong with the basic black or brown shoes, you should get, at least, a pair of shoes in a livelier shade to spice up your wardrobe and stay in style.

Men's shoes this year are somehow a mixture of the eighties, the gangster era, and the rock-and-roll period. The major fashion week events worldwide recently showcased footwear in eye-catching colors. They all looked like a collection of fruit-flavored candies. In Paris and London, brands like Kenzo, Topman, River Island, Russell and Bromley, and Boxfresh featured sneakers, loafers, lace-ups, and other types of shoes in baby blue, bottle green, canary yellow, and even hot pink.

Two-tones are also making a comeback. If you want to make a bold statement even in more formal occasions, check out some two-tone shoes in stores today. Burberry, Emporio Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana are among the well-known brands offer this fashion trend in men's footwear. The designers' only advice to men who'll be wearing these pairs is to keep their socks simple.

For the daring men, patterned footwear is also in. Just take the examples of Tommy Hilfiger, who recently introduced his camouflage desert boots, and Paul Smith, who made his models wear leopard-print lace-ups on the catwalk. D&G has its own cheetah-print slip-on lounge shoes, while Stubbs & Wootton has its red-and-blue tapestry slippers.

Women, on the other hand, can go from pastel to pop colors. Especially in the warmer months, pastels will definitely be a smart and stylish choice. Aqua, mint green, yellow, and other light colors will be the popular hues for women's sandals and wedges.

Just like men's shoes, women's footwear will also come in bright pop colors this year. Jelly shoes have risen in popularity in the previous year and will continue to do so. They will also be available in more colors as more designers are making them. Platform shoes will still be in and will also be available in a wider array of colors. Braided sandals, espadrilles, and wedges will come out in the summer and, perhaps, all year round in tropical regions.

Trendy shoes can make a big difference in your outfit. Even your most basic clothing can be the most stylish with some accessories and a pair of shoes in the color or pattern that you like.

I Will Wear Those New Clothes Soon - Yeah Sure!


I wore a new skirt and top to two networking events recently. They had been hanging in my wardrobe for two months before I finally got the courage to wear them. Why, I asked myself, do we women do that?' We buy clothes and then let them sit there neglected, sometimes for years.

I am sure I am not alone in this. Have you ever bought something new - clothes, shoes, handbag or jewellery - and three months later you still have not worn it?

Here are three insights and dressing tips for business and professional women over 40 to help you finally wear those unloved clothes and accessories in your wardrobe.

The Cold Feet Syndrome

With my new outfit it was the skirt I was worried about. I bought this pair of long, wide-legged culottes with a split skirt over it. I love it but I thought it was a bit too dramatic and might turn people off. Silly, is it not - the fear of being judged as weird. It never happened. If it did, what does it matter. I was being true to my personality and wearing something a little dramatic and playful. So why did I fear looking stupid? We all do it. You buy something that brings a smile to your face and then you get cold feet about wearing it.

Solution:After you bring it home, decide to wear it as soon as possible. Face the Cold Feet Syndrome and prepare your answer for your imagined critics. Be true to yourself.

Almost Perfect

Then there are the clothes you buy that need altering in some way to fit better. I will fix it soon - you say to yourself. Maybe there is a family heirloom ring that does not fit and has been in your jewellery box for ages. Yes, I finally took that one in for alteration last week. Are you hesitating because of the time or the money? I have no time this week. I cannot afford it. It gets put off and put off and put off, even if you have no idea of the cost.

Solution:Make the decision to get it altered now. Do it yourself or find out the cost from a professional. Then pay them to do it. You must love your clothes and accessories 100% or you will not wear them. Enjoy the money you have already spent and honour your heritage.

Bought It Under the Influence

No, not alcohol! You bought it because someone cajoled, nagged, harassed, bullied or hit your emotional hot button to get you to buy it. Maybe an overpowering saleswoman, party planner or friend pushed you into buying it when you were hesitating or not wanting it at all.

Solution:It is time to learn to stand up for yourself, what you like and what you want. Maybe you need a Colour or Style Session to help you know what is right for you.

So whether you bought under the influence, have cold feet or you feel dowdy in imperfect clothes, get into action. Wear it this week, get it altered or contact an Image Consultant to organise your Colour, Style or Personality Session.

How to Choose the Right Hosiery


A woman's lingerie collection is very complete with pantyhose, stockings, and stay-ups of different colors, types, and styles. But it is important that they're worn with care, because even the most beautiful cocktail dress can become a disaster if you haven't worn the right hosiery. While the right type is a matter of personal style and taste, it is important that they compliment your outfit. Here are a few things to look for before buying the right legwear.

- Choose the right color: Unless you want to stand out in the crowd, buy stockings that match the shoes. And if you're wearing a red dress with a red shoe, do not wear red stockings. Nude stockings are perfect for red dresses and shoes that have an open toe. Also, when you buy nude hosiery, choose stockings that are a shade lighter than the color of your skin. This makes the hose look darker and slimmer. If you are looking for pantyhose with a different texture, fishnet stockings are a great choice. There also the right choice if you're looking for some peekaboo effect.

- Choose the right fabric: Lycra and nylon are the most common choice. Silk is also a popular choice, but they are expensive that the others, and hence reserved for special occasions. You can also choose from hosiery made from cotton or wool. There's also hosiery made from support materials. These are used for special conditions like varicose veins and swollen legs. You can choose the shimmer type if you are looking for a hosiery to match your evening wear. Since lycra stretches more than nylon, you will have to buy legwear that is one size smaller.

- It is usual for underwear to be classified under sizes like A, B, C, or a combination of letters. Make sure that you check the sizing chart on the cover, to determine the size that is right for you. You will have to choose one that according your height and weight.

- Make sure that you buy the right hosiery to ensure that it lasts long. Avoid buying stockings that are too loose or tight. Loose stockings can be embarrassing because you would be spending your night pulling it up.

- While it is tempting to buy cheap lingerie, make sure that they are odor proof. Good quality hosiery are treated to kill bacteria that grow in moist conditions.

A 'Miraclesuit' for the Beach


Finding the right swimsuit can be a stressful experience for plus sized women. Either the swimwear makes them look unshapely or comes in limited designs. But Miraclesuit has been a boon for women who find the sand sinking down on their hourglass figures. Here are some of the features of a miracle suit:

- The product is made from a patented spandex material called Miratex. Manufacturers claim that this material can make you look 10 lbs lighter as it has three times the amount of lycra used in normal swimsuits.

- Miraclesuit swimwear is also known for the excellent bra support provided in the design. Bra support is provided through underwires through a built in foam bra.

- The designs are carefully crafted to compliment the body type. In fact, these designs draw your attention away from unflattering areas. You can either choose from European inspired prints, animal skins, and other classic designs.

- They also sell pareos, scarves, and shirts that match the swimsuit.

- The best thing about miraclesuit is that they are available in a wide range of choices. While some women may need designs that slenderize the hips, others may need designs that decrease the bust. Cup sizes also vary according to the size chosen. It is important that you choose the right style that fits the body type.

- Because the fabric is made from a special material, it stays in place and doesn't ride up. This special technology uses the patented Wonderful Edge silicone that is placed on the waist top and leg openings to prevent the swimsuit from riding up. Thus women feel immensely comfortable, yet stylish when they wear Miraclesuit.

- In order to choose the right Miraclesuit, make sure that you understand your body type and choose one accordingly. For instance, women with a heavier bust can choose from plus sized swimsuits with C, D, E, and F cup sizes. They also sell the D cup or larger size. Each of these swimsuits comes with an inner layer that is designed to make you look slimmer. Women with heavy thighs can go for dress styled swimsuits. For women with muffin tops, a control miraclesuit is the best choice.

- There are many online stores that sell Miraclesuits at affordable rates. If you are buying during a sale, make sure that you buy from a store that is well stocked and offers a wide range of choice.

- They're designed for women of all ages and sizes.

How to Buy Bras Online


Buying bras can be a real headache, especially if you are not sure about your size. Statistics indicate that bra sizes are increasing, yet more than 80 percent of women wear the wrong size. Sadly, people do not realize that a wrong size of bra can do more harm than good to them. Thanks to the internet, you can now shop for the right sized bra from the comfort of your home. Most online stores guide people on the right size to wear and also educate them about the importance of wearing the right sized bra. In fact some even have the bra size calculator.

There are several benefits of buying bras online, especially for women who need a big bra size. All that you got to do is to search for bra by mentioning the size on Google and you will find plenty of sites that sell them. When you buy them offline, you are forced to choose from their limited choice. But online stores often a wide variety of choice; even for those looking for a bigger sized bra. Every major brand including Simon Perele, Berlei, Pleasure State, Spanx etc. can be found in these sites.

But remember to choose the site with care. There are plenty of sites that follow a clinical approach and don't really make an effort to understand their customers. But there are several others who aim to appeal to the user. Make sure that you find a site that is easy to navigate and appealing to the eye. Also check for their return policy. This will help you if you unfortunately land up with the wrong size. The shopping experience should be good and enjoyable. You do not have to waste time looking for information.

The price of these is definitely affordable when compared to conventional lingerie stores. Unlike offline stores, these stores do not have to spend on overhead costs. All that is needed is a website and a warehouse to store goods. Some even provide free shipping.

But try and resist the urge to buy cheap bras with unfamiliar brand names. These brands do not use standard measures, and you may taking a huge risk with the sizes. A sensible way to look for affordable bras is to look for sites that offer discounts and promos. These promos are usually announced around special occasions such as Valentine's Day or Christmas.

Classic Leggings: Tips and Tricks


Whether you have a whole collection of fashion leggings and would like some more ideas, or if you are new to the whole thing and would like some advice on where to start then this is the right place. From classic leggings to the newest and outrageous styles there will be leggings to suit every style and body shape.

If you are new to the leggings game then the best piece of advice is to start simple. With all the trends, colours and styles you could find yourself lost in a sea of leggings, try not to let this cloud your vision and stick with one thing that you have in mind. The best place to start if you are new to this is with a neutral colour like black, grey or brown, from this you can build up your collection. You could also play around with footless tights so see what suits you best look. Once you have the basics down, you can then expand into more adventurous styles and patterns.

Fashion leggings come in a variety of lengths so you will need to find what style suits your body shape best. If you are fortunate you could find that many styles and sizes will suit your body. The most popular style at the moment is ankle length leggings, however this may change as we move into the warmer summer months. The best style of leggings for those who are tall and slim and full length and they enhance the look of long legs. This who do not have long legs could run the risk of make their legs look wider by wearing full length leggings, one way to get around this is to look at different patterns but also try ones that are cut off at the calves.

If youre not sure what colours to go with, then you should start with the neutral black, grey or brown classic leggings and branch out from there. However, the more neutral colours are the more slimming if this is the look you are going for. However there are so many patterns and colours of leggings on the market that you should try and be a little experimental and have some fun. The next step on the leggings adventure ladder is to go for brighter block colours such as blue or green and if you are feeling particularly daring then red! As long as you feel good in what your wearing then you will look good too!

You cant just wear leggings, you need to have an outfit to match. Have too much colour or pattern could create an overwhelming effect. Vest top and long t-shorts are a great combination with leggings. A good compliment to a pair of shorts would be some classic leggings. If you want to go for more exciting fashion leggings then consider something a bit more plain on top.

How to Stay Ahead of Fashion Without Sacrificing Budget and Comfort


Staying on the edge of fashion and beauty is a must in our society. Being a fashion forward, trend-setting woman is really about knowing what is popular, what is now, and what looks good for the future. This includes every single article of an outfit, especially shoes. So, for that woman looking to be on the front of style or even just wants to look good, there are some wonderful things they can look for in shops and online.

Stunningly beautiful beaded and jeweled flip-flops and sandals are absolutely perfect for any occasion! Whether you want to go out on the town in a beautiful gown or don a swimsuit with a beach dress and take in the sun for a wonderful summer tan, sandals are perfect for occasion.

Sandals or flip-flops that are adorned with a variety of crystal gems and beads, are perfect with any dress, from the little black dress to a colorful patterned, flowing moxie dress.

Perfect for spring and summer, the beaded sandals embody the warmth and comfort of everything you want when you think of fun in the sun. Walking on the beach does not call for high fashion but it does not mean you should ignore it. Better still if you can find beaded sandals that are comfortable and in a wide range of colors and styles.

Some summer sandals are a must have any time you feel the need to go to the beach. A comfy and beautiful accessory that goes with any swimsuit, these sandals will absolutely make a walk in the sand so much better.

Not only are jeweled sandals candy for the eyes, but also they are comfortable and actually aid the wearer with a comfortable molded sole with arch support, which aids in posture, walking, and pain. Joint and muscle pains are dramatically reduced when wearing a shoe or sandal with proper arch support. These can be worn for as long as you want and they will not become a burden to wear. To top, the gorgeous look of these sandals cannot even be compared to that of other shoes made specifically for arch support.

Embodying beauty, fashion, and elegance, these beaded and jeweled sandals are the perfect match for any woman. They comfort and heal arch problems, can be matched with any outfit, and can be used at any event or place. Watch their beads glisten in the setting sun while on the beach or enjoy their comfort as you stroll down Main Street; these should be at the top of all current and hopeful fashion forward ladies, no matter what they want to do.

How to Choose Dresses for You


Establishing your own style when it comes to clothes could really be fun and exciting. It's one way of making something out of yourself and creating your own identity. The good thing about cute party dresses is that it allows you to carry yourself well. However, you have to understand that it will only look good on you if you are comfortable wearing it. It's useless to parade in tops, pants, print dresses and all your other clothes if you can't breathe or if you feel uneasy wearing them. You should sport clothes because you want to wear them and not because it looks good on other people. To help you, here are some tips on how to choose the right outfit for you:

• If you want to be updated on the latest trends in the fashion industry, the first thing that you should do is browse different magazines or look at various fashion websites on the internet. Observe the designs that they have, and figure out if it will work with the outfits that you have in mind.

• Try to study how they do things. Remember that most magazines and fashion companies take time to study the different outfits, because they still have to determine which ones they should feature and/or sell. This is the best way to learn, especially if you don't know much about choosing cute party dresses.

• Having print dresses in your ward robe is a good thing, especially during the spring season. It would be refreshing to experiment with different combinations during this time of year. However, you need to keep in mind that you should also stick with the basics. Make sure that you have plain blouses, skirts and pants in basic colors. It's much easier to combine things if you have common garments. These things are must haves, because they can easily fit in any occasions.

• It would be good if you can experiment different trends that are out in the market. Find out what clothes will fit your body type and don't hesitate to try them out. It's not bad if you want to fit in and try new things, just as long as it doesn't change who you are as a person.

• Look for clothes that will emphasize your asset. If you have long legs, you can wear skirts or shorts to emphasize it. The same is true with those who have a trimmed waist - this would be the best time to wear high waist pants or skirts.

• If you want to know if a certain outfit will look good on you, ask a friend to help you out. Invite her to your house and try on different clothes together, so that you will be able to get feedback if piece of clothing looks good or bad on you.

Looking for clothes that will fit you isn't a problem. At this day and age, you have all the means and resources that can update you on the latest trends. You just have to know your body type, so that you can get the style that will look good on you!

Points To Consider While Buying Eyeglasses For Your Kids


It is quite a confusing task for a parent to find the right pair of eyeglasses for their child. Most of the children generally try to avoid prescription eyeglasses for the fear that it may change they appearance and their friends might tease them. If you did not buy a good pair then your child will never wear the glasses. Therefore, it is very important to find a suitable trendy pair so that your child gets fascinated to wear the spectacles.

In the past some years, the world of spectacle frames have over went lots of changes, manufacturing are now coming up with lots of durable designer frames, colourful glasses at affordable rates. These eyeglasses so trendy that you kids will love to wear these glasses. Moreover, the frames are designed as per child's comfort and compatibility.

Usually, children like cool, fashionable frames and lens no matter of what quality it is. But parents should need to ensure that the quality of the eyeglasses should be of top class and its vision should be correct as prescribed. In order to compliment and encourage your child to wear prescription eyeglasses a pair of photo chromic lenses will do the trick.

Besides, trendy frame, chromic lenses parents should also consider the material. Eyeglasses come in two main materials - plastic and metal. Before buying check if your child is allergic to any of these material. Both plastic and metal are durable but the cost of metal frames may be a bit expensive. In case of lens, plastic is more preferred than glass lenses because glasses are fragile and it may dangerous for them. These days, polycarbonate lenses are available in the market, these lenses are lighter, thinner and durable in comparison with conventional plastic lenses, but the price can be a bit higher.

Parents should also consider the bridge, the part that lies on the nose. As children have smaller nose, it does not allow the eyeglasses to fit on the nose. However, metal frames are usually made with a tight fit or with adjustable nose pads to help with this issue.

Since child may break the spectacles more often, consider opting for warranty. This will help you replace or repair the eyeglasses at low cost. Make sure the lens warranty includes a replacement provision as scratched lenses can cause glare and blurred vision, putting your child's eyes at risk.

Also, if your child wear glasses full time and cannot function without his or her glasses consider keeping a back up spectacles in case of emergency.

Getting Away With Being Fabulous With or Without Trendy Clothes


Not everyone is able to afford themselves the latest designer Spring-Summer dresses for 2012. But everyone can look stylish and beautiful in any clothing. The trick to looking your best through any season is knowing how to style yourself. When it comes to appearance, one must look beyond the trendy clothes and actually think about how you could represent your perception through your body. This means moulding your hair, face, and every inch of your physique into a chic form of art.

One of the most important tips when dressing yourself is to think about what your activities will be for the day, and matching it with what you wear. If you're doing something athletic, it would be best if you put on one that allows movement from all angles. For this, you have the choice of going with a skirt, shorts or jersey pants. To narrow down your options, you must also consider where you are going and who you're meeting. See, if you are doing something athletic for just a while and then going out with friends for drinks afterwards, you'd want something that would enable you to move and yet adapt seamlessly as a day and night time ensemble. Then, you'd end up with a pair of shorts. But then, if the weather is a bit cold, you might want to take a trench coat with you for protection.

Additionally, you also have to think about how you can complement your garment with accessories. As a trendsetter, you should never be afraid to accentuate your body. But what you have to remember is to choose only one area of focus. If you have these gorgeous chandelier earrings you'd like to wear, then leave your neck bare and minimalize on your extremities. If you'd like to wear layers of bangles, the same thing applies with the rest of your body. Always pay attention to cut, texture, color and contrast. If you have a loud or busy patterned outfit on, you should not contradict its effects with an intricate jewellery piece. If you are wearing something that shows off your legs and arms, place your add ons on that area, for example, for your legs, you could wear anklets. If you are wearing something that's pastel, don't drown your ornaments out by choosing something of a different color. You might believe that wearing pink over pink is cute - it's actually very tacky.

Then, you have to consider your personal sensibility - how you feel, and what you want to appear like. That way, you can translate it through your outfits. See, it takes a certain level of comfort and confidence to pull off ensembles and make them look good, despite them being out of fashion. If you do not believe in what you are wearing, then you will not look good, even in expensive, trendy clothes. You could wear a vintage dress or fishnet stocking, regardless of what the fashion experts' advice are, and still make yourself look chic. All you need to do is identify yourself with the clothes, and you will wear them perfectly. Dresses for 2012 will be all about the Dragon colors, bold prints and classic-modern twists. But even with just jeans and a T-shirt, you can bet you'll still look fabulous if you follow the aforementioned tips.