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Management Purging Slovak Public Broadcaster of Experienced Journalists
Concerns about politically charged leadership look well-founded amid resignations and protests. From the International Press Institute.

‘Slovakia Has To Be a Country Where Corruption, Not Courage, Is Punished’
Tens of thousands of protesters ask for resignation of police and judiciary officials, riled by still-unsolved murder of investigative journalist.

Czech, Hungarian Leaders Continue Efforts to Portray Press as Enemy
Despite murdered journalist, verbal attacks on media continue in Central Europe. From the International Press Institute.

The Cowards in the Backseat
The shadowy figures looming over political life in Romania and Poland offer cautionary tales for Slovakia.

Slovakia’s Powerful Interior Minister Bows Out
Political heads continue to roll amid the turmoil sweeping Slovakia in the wake of a journalist’s murder.

Murder in Slovakia
Still hard to fathom at the moment, the ramifications of Jan Kuciak’s murder could usher in an era of political change.

New Details Emerge in the Case of Murdered Slovak Journalist
Jan Kuciak had been investigating links between Slovak politicians and the Italian mafia organization ‘Ndrangheta.

Slovakia Stunned by Journalist’s Killing
Reporter had investigated reputed crime bosses and their links to the ruling populist party.

Slovak Astrobiologist Off to Mars (Kind Of)
Young scientist becomes one of a chosen few for a NASA-funded mission to explore what life might be like on the Red Planet.

Media Predators
Those willing and able to emulate the most despicable enemies of a free press are a dime a dozen.