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Congratulations to NCA&T! Now, let's conce...


Congratulations to NCA&T! Now, let's concentrate on our FAMU!
We must rise up and do what WE need to do. It is great, for a change, to not read about the comparisons of FAMU with other HBCUs
and the blame for everything being placed on Dr. Mangum, OUR past president. Now, who else will you "beat up" on?
It's time for change and that includes your negative articles on FAMU!!! It's time to put a lid on all of the negativity that's being released to the public! Let's be about lifting FAMU!!

Haven't the editors already served their purpo...


Haven't the editors already served their purpose, to get rid of Mangum. So why continue to beat a dead horse. Move forward.

Is there a problem with Mangum and this writer? It...


Is there a problem with Mangum and this writer? It seems that the dates mentioned, December 18 through January 1, include the colleges' holiday vacation period. Give the lady a break sometimes! Consider the petty atmosphere that's being created here and stop putting all of FAMU's business "in the streets"! Hmmm, I wonder if FSU, UF, or others do what we do to our university!

If allegations are proven true, I do feel pain in ...


If allegations are proven true, I do feel pain in my heart for Karl. I remember Karl to be a fantastic student and great friend to my daughter while at the FAMU College of Pharmacy. However, whatever bad choices we make, we must be held accountable.

Praying for you, Karl, for your getting "caught up" in the system!

E. D. Jordan

The problem with this whole scenario is the lack o...


The problem with this whole scenario is the lack of understanding of the end game and support of our President. President Mangum wants the deanship of the COE to reside at FAMU. PERIOD.... Since the school is a partnership something had to be given up. FAMU cannot control everything. Why give up the budget? The $12.9M is state dollars. FSU will have to provide FAMU looks at the spending of the money anytime it is requested. The Dean of the COE signs off on spending of his college. It is state dollars, they are in a partnership and FSU cannot say No. These dollars are sudited annually. President Mangum's expertise is in budgeting, financial controls and operations. I assure you very little will get past her. Her team will be on top of the financial health of the COE.

What do we get by giving up the budget for the deanship? A lot.... The strength of the engineering school lies with FAMU'S mission and not FSU's. If you look at the COE from majority institution eyes the engineering school is average. It IS NOT ranked in the top 100 engineering schools according to US News and World Report 2016. UF is ranked #43, UCF #85,USF #99,and UM #114. FAMU/FSU is ranked #117. If someone wanted to support a majority institution with a grant, research dollars or gift, unless it is a FSU grad, they would not pass over the better engineering schools to give it to FAMU/FSU.

However, if the entity is interested in diversity and increasing the pool of minority engineers they would give money and support to FAMU/FSU COE. FAMU/FSU is ranked higher than any of the other HBCU COEs. FAMU has a great reputation and is considered one of the top HBCUs and has a good track record for STEM programs.

By having the deanship at FAMU the FAMU/FSU COE is better aligned with the overall mission at FAMU. You have a dean that is committed to our mission and will potentially participate in recruiting activities at FAMU. When was the last time you saw the COE Dean at a FAMU event? This will only help us increase enrollment of minority engineers at FAMU and may better help to hire minority engineering professors who may be committed to increasing the number of minority and women engineers.

If the FAMU BOT wants to continue the dialogue it should be with its boss the BOG to clarify how the Joint Council will operate and to clarify that it does not usurp the BOT's role. However, understand the President wants the deanship and we and the BOT need to understand and support this vision independent of the power struggle about the Joint Council and its role which is somewhat a separate issue, but kind of related.

Again, the Dean will set the vision of the FAMU/FSU COE through his//her actions. Right now the strength is with us to move the school forward. If through both schools' e efforts, the FAMU/FSU COE moves from #117 say to #70 it will still be ranked behind UF. However, it at least will be 2nd best in the state. That kind of movement does not happen overnight. Right now it is best in class of HBCus and being number 1 in your peer group is better than being #117 overall.

It is shameful that Rufus Montgomery would relieve...


It is shameful that Rufus Montgomery would relieve members of the board from their positions of office mainly because they did not vote for
him. Were they not efficiently doing their jobs? Or, was this just another vindictive act by the chairman?
These are very sad days for my Alma Mater! I am truly ashamed that the chair seems to have a vendetta against the FAMU president and the members who support her. NO one is always
on task; even those supported by HIS governor! Be your own person, Mr. Chairman!!!

You can tell when its an election year can't y...


You can tell when its an election year can't ya....

Umm, aren't you suppose to do the public recor...


Umm, aren't you suppose to do the public records request and tell us. o_O.....back in the day Rattler Nation would have the transcripts/minutes attached to the story. #foodforthought

Bruce Hamilton looking nifty! :


Bruce Hamilton looking nifty! :

Oh my did it man...congrats...waiting t...


Oh my did it man...congrats...waiting to celebrate at your every victory...Go go go go Chesire sure Erick must now b shouting Jamaica hoyeeeeee..

As much as I would love to see Dallemand out of Bi...


As much as I would love to see Dallemand out of Bibb County, I beg and plead with all of you at FAMU to protest and fight against Dallemand as your University President. Please investigate this man and you will see all of the corruption that follows him. He is a snake in the grass and will do nothing but line his own pockets with your money.

Dr Humphries and Dr Ammons were both excellent Pre...


Dr Humphries and Dr Ammons were both excellent Presidents.

^^^^ Dr. Humphries is the reason FAMU is in the sh...


Dr. Humphries is the reason FAMU is in the shape that is in now. He along with his right-hand-man Dr. Ammons failed to properly govern he university and in turn have destroyed its image. The BOG needs to get rid of the entire administration and start from scratch as well diversify the student body

Calling Dr. Humphries!! Please come back to rescue...


Calling Dr. Humphries!! Please come back to rescue FAMU from stupidity and incompetence for they know not how to make wise decisions and to lead...and not to mention "stay out of the media." They are being personal and messy O' Humphries and they are allowing the powers-that-to-be to strong-arm them and do their dirty work so that we can once again be made a mockery and lose students to other schools that have better sense than we do! O' Humphries, we know that you would not have allowed such a thing because you have a backbone and was the greatest defender of our illustrious university but as of late, lack-luster university. Dr. Robinson is out of touch and so is his administration. He is only the interim. As, the 100 would say S-O-S-S-O-S-S-O-S SOS !!

You should write a letter to the editor


You should write a letter to the editor

Wtf...who let this nut deal with FAMUS endowment? ...


Wtf...who let this nut deal with FAMUS endowment? Now I know without a doubt there's no more money left. I wonder why Rattlernation have not went into an in dept look at FAMUS endowment. It seems like this has been swept under the carpet in recent years

Let the church say Amen


Let the church say Amen

God bless you I am glad to have you as a relative ...


God bless you I am glad to have you as a relative and glad you continued the radition don't worry big cuz is returning next year I can't wait

Can everyone just do themselves a solid and shut t...


Can everyone just do themselves a solid and shut the hell up.

Ugh, some you all comments are ignorant. First, th...


Ugh, some you all comments are ignorant. First, the band is an entity of FAMU. I was a student back in the 70's; though the band was an important faucet of college life, it most certianly did not build FAMU where its at today. This is not fine arts & music university. Anyone with this crazy thought obviously never was a student a FAMU. More so, SBI, pharm, college of education, our engineering school, our best in the nation nursing program. These are what is building FAMU to distinction, and what is continuing to build upon this institution. Look, im totally for the reinstatement of the band in 2013, but if things are not in place than maybe the band may need to step back for another year. If you asked me the band has had a fair deal of treatment kappa alpha psi was suspended for how many years and all they did was beat the crap out of some grown dudes...somebody was murdered in one of the bands rituals and you all might be back come 2013 so lets just be real about this situation. My only issue has been the lack of oversight within the band and these grown@$$ super non-students who were still in the band for what reason i dont know.

The problem is these ghetto students do not get it...


The problem is these ghetto students do not get it...we still have hazing on campus. I support another year of suspension.

This entire article is nothing more than the mad r...


This entire article is nothing more than the mad ramblings of individual clearly with a grudge and hell bent on bringing down the Marching 100 and FAMU with it.

We must move forward and get the university morale back up to where it belongs.

I think FAMU has done an excellent job in making sure students "get it", and should proceed with all speed to get us back on course.

I could see restricting the 100 from traveling dur...


I could see restricting the 100 from traveling during 2013 and allowing them to perform on campus only, but to keep the band suspended another year is absurd. Especially given the school didn't accomplish anything during the first year's suspension! Where is the new director or compliance people that supposed to be hired? THEY SHOULD BE ON STAFF NOW! We still have a school to run folk! New students arrive each year, and its them I feel sorry for because they are missing out on the joys of being a Rattler due to incompetence all around! If this were a white school, this whole situation would've been handled differently!

Exactly!! I agree 100%.


Exactly!! I agree 100%.