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Preview: Life in the country with kids

Life in the country with kids

Updated: 2018-03-06T04:34:15.504-06:00


Too much


That is what we have going on in our lives.

Between soccer, girl scouts, church, and family we have so much going on.  It's been over a year since I posted.  Honestly I forgot I had a blog.  I do good to check in with facebook and other message boards. 

So here is to a new start..... a new year... and a new mindset.  I am determined to make more time for family time.  Which means I am using Flylady's routines to get the house clean so we can have family time.  I also need to make more time for myself.  I realized last month that if I don't take care of myself, I won't be here to enjoy my family.... this is all thanks to a small scare with my health.  So now I am working on making sure we stay healthy.

Busy life


Yes that is waht I have.... a very busy life. It's Dec 21 and this is the first time I have blogged since Aug.

Family, school, girl scouts, soccer, etc keeps me running almost non stop.

At least it is now Christmas break and I can get some things done.... like clean the house, wrap gifts, some baking.

Back to school


It's back to school time again and I am exhausted! I can't sseem to get anything done at home because of working and then I am exhausted from having to get up early. Kaitlyn started school last week and has already come home with a virus. She missed her second day of school because of running a fever.

I am hoping that I can get us in a routine this week... otherwise my house will show how neglected it can be during the week.

One week!


That is how long until I get to meet some of my best friends. Yes, you heard me... meet my best friends. The wonderful ladies I get to meet in a week are some of my best friends, and I have never personally met them.

I am so excited to be able to finally get to see these wonderful ladies in person. Although someone might want to warn the hotel that we are coming. LOL!

Errands and Will


On Monday I had several errands to run. I told Will that we needed to go do some errands. He looked at me with this sweet look on his face and said ok.... I want to go see erin. Then he looked up at me and asked "mommy, who is erin?"

Today we were leaving my mom's house with the kids, telling them we needed to get going and do our errands. Will again said he wanted to go see erin.

I guess I can see how he got errands and Erin confused. But he was so cute saying it!

The little witches.....


AKA my kids. HAHA!

My two wonderful kids came out of the storage room dressed up as witches. Yes you heard me... Kaitlyn and Will were dressed as witches.

They just decided they want to play outside, but first they have to change into their clothes. Will took off his dress and was standing there in his underwear. He looked so cute trying to find his clothes. Then Kaitlyn changed to play outside.

Wonder what they will find to play with now.

Happy Anniversary!



Today is a wonderful day! Five years ago today I married my soul mate! It was a wonderful day and went almost exactly like I planned it.

We started the day off with setting up the chairs. Don and Philip got all the chairs lined up. The ferns were in place and we were just waiting for Don to bring in the fire truck. Yes, we were getting married in front of a fire truck. What can I say, it's who we are. Don left my parents house to get ready, and I started getting ready. I went to have my hair done and ran into Walmart to pick up a last minute item. While standing in line to check out, I could see the huge black cloud outside. I needed to get home to get ready for the wedding, but the cashier was bugging the guy in front of me. They knew each other and she knew he was on a motorcycle. I finally got out of there and then back to my parents house. I sat in the living room watching the weather channel to see this huge storm heading for us. Then I looked outside to watch the rain come down on my wedding day. Everything was to be outside at my parents house and it was raining :( . I hadn't seen it rain that hard in a while, but it was not what I wanted.

I lost track of time watching the rain, but finally went into my parents room to get ready. While I was getting ready, my dad was outside in the drizzle getting the chairs. He then dried off every chair and moved them into the garage of their house. The plan was that if it rained, we would get married in the garage. Yes you heard me..... the garage. My parents had just built the house and moved in so the garage was empty.

I forgot several things that day... like putting the guest registry out... it got put out after the wedding. And I failed to get some pictures, but that is all in the past now.

The wedding was beautiful! The only flowers used were what my sister-in-law (my matron of honor), Kaitlyn (my flower girl), and myself carried. I was escorted down the aisle (meaning out the back door, down the sidewalk, and into the garage by my wonderful daughter and my nephew. Don and I wrote our vows (or I should say that I found them in a book and fell in love with them). It was perfect!!!



Do you here it??? It's the sound of Will sleeping. He thinks he is sucah big boy and doesn't need a nap but he most definitely does.

Our day started with me waking both kids up at 7:15 to head to the firehall. Then run to his old daycare, swimming lessons for Kaitlyn, haircut for Kaitlyn, then to my parents house. I told him that if he would lay onthe couch while I was at Walmart, he wouldn't have to take a nap today. Well, it didn't work out that way.

I spent an hour in Walmart, picked up the kids and came home to rest while the kids played. Then about 3:30 Will started crying. He wasn't happy with anything. He was hitting me and Kaitlyn and I knew that he needed a nap.

Thirty minutes later, he is sound asleep and I can get rid of this headache. ahhh peace and quiet.



It's loads of fun! I love camping! But now I am exhausted.... just got home from taking 13 girls from my girl scout troop camping for the weekend.

Now I am trying to talk Kaitlyn into another camping trip later where we stay in a cabin that has it's own bathroom... I don't think she liked the fact that the bathroom was across the road from our cabins. She also wants to take a friend to make it more fun.

Grandma, Mema, Meme. Granny?


Chose your title for me... yep you heard it! My wonderful step-daughter is making me a grandma! And it's a girl!!!! Now I get to shop for a little girl again! But wait.... I'm a grandma at 36 *SHOCK*

Happy Mother's day


Happy Mother's day to all my readers! I hope you all have had a wonderful day.



Kaitlyn had her first softball game tonight. I am so proud of her! She was really nervous about tonight because she has stuck out in almost all of her practices. Tonight she got up there and hit the ball! Then the next batters got her home. Her team lost by one point but they played so hard.

Next game is Thursday, so we will see if she can keep it up.

Sweet Maggie


Maggie Amelia Rose Rogerson left us on April 28, 2009 at the age of 8 months. She touched so many lives for someone so little. I never met her but I will always remember her.

Such a sad day. I want to wrap my arms around Kelli and tell her how sorry I am. I want to wrap my arms around my little ones and hold on forever.

Can't think....


I am at a loss of words.

Why? Why? Why?

I have a cold!


Enough said!!



So much has gone on lately with family and friends that it makes me question life and other things. First there is is Kellie and her sweet family. Her husband Mark lost his battle with cancer this weekend and left Kellie with three sweet boys. Mark was only 33 years old. Why did he have to get cancer and die? I know that God had other plans for him, but why take him and leave Kellie alone with the boys. I continue to pray for Kellie and her family. I wish there was something I could do other than prayers but this is all I can do for now.

Also my step daughter called me this week. She was worried that I wasn't supporting her upcoming wedding anymore. Her future husband did something stupid recently and now her family are not supporting the wedding. I have told her that I will support her if this is what she wants to do, but I want her to think before the wedding. Her future husband will have to earn my respect again. I am fairly certain she will go through with the wedding.. which is just over one month from when she has a baby. I want her to do what is right dor herself and I will support whatever decision she makes. If she does decide to go through with the wedding, then I will be with her... even if her dad isn't.

a bit of good news came this weekend... my neice sent me a picture text of a ring! She is now engaged to a great guy. They are planning on a wedding a year from May which will give my brother (her dad) time to get home from Iraq.

Sad news


My online friend's husband passed away today. This is someone I have never met in person but my heart is breaking for all of them. His illness and death has affected so many people. We were praying for a miracle to happen, but it looks like God had other plans for Mark in Heaven.

May God bless Kellie and her family and watch over them during this time.

I am in tears.



We have had some minor successes in various things this week.

First Kaitlyn hit the ball three times at practice. This is her first year playing softball and has had problems hitting the ball when it is pitched to her. Monday she was able to hit the ball three times in a row!

Kaitlyn has had problems in school by getting warnings (mainly for talking). When we ask her about it, she says she gets in trouble mainly because she was telling someone else to stop talking. So this week I told her that if she can make it the week without a warning, I will give her $5. So far she has made it all week without a warning. She only has two more days to go, however she won't be at school tomorrow because she got sick tonight.

Will has been staying dry at daycare for the most part! He has even been napping without a pull up. Of course today he had an accident, but one accident is better than every single time.

I have been wanting to get the kids in bed at a decent time but have had problems getting them to understand it. Last night I told them at 8 that they had to be in bed soon and needed to start picking up toys. At 8:30 I told them again, but since I was busy with something I didn't get up to make them. At 9 I got them to pick up the toys and finally got them in bed. Well tonight I got Kaitlyn in bed at 8:30 and Will went to the bedroom with Don around 8:45. I feel like that is an accomplishment.

Now to keep it up!



Tonight, I am praying for my online friend Kellie and her husband Mark. Mark has cancer and is not doing well. I pray that God gives them all the strength to make it through this time in their lives. I pray that Kellie has the strength she needs for her three little boys. Please be with them during this time.

Sad day



My brother left for Iraq today. May god watch over him while he is gone.

The airport and Lowe's


Our day started off unlike most Sundays for us.. we slept in. At 9:30 Kaitlyn's dad called to tell me that her plane was pulling away from the terminal... which meant my baby was on her way home. Around 10 we decided to start getting ready... I showered while Don gave Will a bath. Then while Don was in the shower I decided to check Kaitlyn's flight. I checked my email for her flight information to see that she was to land at 12:50.... no problem.. we have plenty of time to get to Nashville. (which is about an hour and half drive to the airport) Then I found a flight tracker website and noticed that her plane would not land at 12:50 but at 12:25. YIKES!!!! It's 10:30 now and we still have to finish getting ready. We took off and all I could think of was she would get off the plane and I wouldn't be standing there and she would start crying. I am always standing there waiting for her and able to see her coming from the plane... what would happen if I wasn't there.

Don drove fast ( I was afraid to see how fast) in order to get us to the airport in time. I was afraid there would be a line to get a pass, nobody there... however there was a horrible line at the security check in. I started asking people if I could get in front of them since her plane would be there in 10 minutes. I was in a panic!

By the time I got to the terminal, I waited about 5-10 minutes before it got to the terminal.... I was exhausted and out of breath by the time I got there because I ran some of the way. but I made it with time to spare to use the bathroom.

Then we made a stop to eat and do some shopping. We decided to go to Home Depot and Lowe's on our way home since I was looking for something for our garden. Didn't find what we were looking for at Home Depot so we head over to Lowe's. In Lowe's I walk in the front door and head straight for the bulbs. Then I turn to find Don and the kids but saw someone else.... I ran right into Jackie and Noah! That was a treat.

now I am home and the kids are in bed... it will be a long day tomorrow with getting Kaitlyn back on schedule plus having softball and soccer practice tomorrow night.



Kaitlyn comes home today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! She ahs been gone the week to her dad's and I am so glad she is coming home. I have missed her so much!

Spring break


Today is the last day of my spring break.... I think I have gotten enough accomplished over my break. I have cleaned the kids' rooms and worked on my coupons. I have them all clipped and now I can do my shopping with ease adn my coupon binder.

Now I just have to finish cleaning the house.... I want the house straight before going back to work on Monday.

Tomorrow is the day that Kaitlyn leaves for her dad's for a week. I will have to put her on a plane to her dad's and then wait for him to call me to tell me she got there safe. Also tomorrow is the last get together with my brother at his house before he leaves for Iraq for a year.

Ok I need to clean the living room and den... both kids dropped some of their supper on the floor in both rooms last night.


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My day today....


This morning I left for work. I was running a few minutes late and still needed to drop Will off at daycare. As I was nearing the end of our road, my cell phone beeped letting me know I had a text. I start slowing down for the stop sign and glance at my phone. The next thing I know my car won't move... I had dropped off the pavement with one tire. I tried to back out from the ditch however I was in a part of the road that has a big dropoff onto a tile. I called DH to come help get me out of the ditch and waited for him. One gentleman stopped to help (retired cop) and stayed with me until Dh got there. Once Dh got there, he tried himself to back out of the ditch and then had me get in to drive my car while him and the other man pushed the car out of the ditch. At one time the back tire of my car was off the road about 2 feet. They got my car out of the ditch and I was able to drive to work. The only damage to my car is a scratch near the tire. Once I got on my way, I met a deputy with lights and sirens. I thought that maybe there was a wreck out the road. I really didn't think anything about it since it had been raining and the roads were wet. I also met an ambulance once I got into town. I finally made it to work late.. I had called in to let them know that I was running late... that I had car trouble. It was a very hectic day at work and my assistant principal looked at me at one time and said bad day to be running late... I told him what had happened and he started laughing. Then fast forward to dh getting home tonight. He worked late tonight dispatching for the ambulance service. He then told me that the paramedic on duty today wanted me to know that I was the beginnning of a bad day for her. Apparently someone drove by and called in a really bad wreck. I was the one the deputy and ambulance was looking for. Dh saw the ambulance and noticed they were looking for someone this morning. He then turned on his radio and heard them say that they hadn't found the wreck yet. He called EMS and asked them about the wreck they were looking for... and told them about me running off the road. He also heard the deputy say that he was at the state line and hadn't found it yet. He called the sherriff's office to see if they were looking for my car. They were.So that was my day... hope your day was better!