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Poor Richard's Anorak

Updated: 2015-08-20T20:06:48-04:00


Thomas Hampson, Gustav Mahler, Luciano Berio


Just enjoying a Thomas Hampson CD I haven't listened to in a while. He made a CD several years ago of early Mahler songs, including some orchestrations by Berio. What a joy to hear what genius can do with genius! This one of the finest Mahler recordings I know. Mahler:...

Some Satisfaction


Several posts back I mentioned a young man who was taking college auditions. I'm pleased to say he was admitted to FSU as a Music Education Major. That was his first choice, and I'm delighted for him. This is a student who made a perfect score on the math SAT,...

Jeremy Denk, pianist


I neglecged to include Jeremy's website information in the previous post, and I just found out that he is giving his Cleveland Orchestra debut with the Bartok Concerto No. 3 next weekend! Wish I could hear that.


Jeremy Denk performed the Bartok Piano Concerto No.3 with The Florida Orchestra last evening in Clearwater's Ruth Eckerd Hall. It was altogether a marvelous performance, both exciting and illuminating. What a pleasure to finally hear this wonderful artist perform in person. Mei-Ann Chen was the guest conductor, and she did...


I always get an unmoored feeling at the end of a term. The usual schedule is interrupted, and things come one at a time in seeming random order. I suppose I am more a creature of habit than I like to admit. I taught a good lesson this evening to...

Good Semester


This semester has been a really good one for me here at Eckerd College. I have the greatest group of students ever. Not only are they dependable and hard-working, but they are genuinely nice people. I love working with the band and the orchestra both. There were tremendously rewarding moments...

Duke to soak customers again


In yet another scheme to soak its customers Duke Energy now plans to invest in fracking in Oklahoma and let the customers pay for it. Not only are they backing away from increasing solar power, they are getting into another corrupt business.

So-called Public Service Commission of Florida


The PSC in Florida is an owned subsidiary of the power companies and big business. The latest outrage by these puppets is to endorse proposals by Duke and other utilities to gut the state's energy-efficiency goals by 90%. This makes the title "The Sunshine State" a cruel irony. The voters...

End of term and Thanksgiving


I was absolutley thrilled with the performances of our Eckerd College band and orchestra two weeks ago. Both ensembles rose to the occasion and played at their best. We couldn't have done the band concert without the help of our wonderful New Horizons Band members who join us on certain...

Another School Shooting


We have a national disease. I believe that eventually we will be able to pass some common sense background checks for firearms purchases. That would help quell the disease.

Jazz Cooks


I have now twice cooked Stanley and Judith Turrentine's Baked Chicken from Jazz Cooks:Portraits and Recipes of the Greats, by Bob Young and Al Stankus, photography by Deborah Feingold. Good chicken! Great book. Looking forward to exploring dishes by other Jazz greats. David

Rainy Days


Several rainy days in a row here have made me somber and thoughtful. I don't know if I could survive living in Seattle or someplace where it rains all the time. I love sleeping on rainy days, but in general I don't enjoy them. One of my former students dropped...

Jeremy Denk wins MacArthur Fellowship


Congratulations to Jeremy Denk for his MacArthur. Well-deserved. It is rare enough to be a first rank artist pianist, but to also be a brilliant writer is extraordinary.

More on Minnesota


MInnesota Lockout criticized

2013-08-22T19:13:22-04:00 Mess in Minnesota

Face The Nation (CBS) was


Face The Nation (CBS) was the most informative talking head show Sunday am, hands down.

R.I.P. Keith Wilson, who directed


R.I.P. Keith Wilson, who directed the Yale Band and was one of the chief builders of the Yale Music School.


Topic on #blogchat on twitter right now about blog security. Great free advice from pros!

VP Debate


My take on the VP debate is that Biden was by far the stronger of the two. Ryan made some hits on Libya, and he had some "Look" stuff cribbed from Romney, but Biden hit every Democrat point with power, and debunked a lot of Ryan's. The old man looked...


But a playoff will have to suffice.


I would love to see a World Series between Detroit and Baltimore.



This is the first time I have had home internet in four years. I didn't know how much I missed it. The iPhone is a poor substitute. So, Poor Richard's Anorak should be much more active now. I apologize for the hiatus. Money causes a lot of unintended consequences. Also...


Prepping my office for a possible hit by tropical force winds and rain. We should be feeling Hurricane Isaac by late this evening. RNC first day has been cancelled, so they think it is going to be nasty. There will certainly be some flooding in low places, and some high...

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist endorses Obama


Crist endorses Obama

Rick Scott Knows It All


Rick Scott Thinks He Knows It All

Sanderling To Leave Florida Orchestra Sooner Than Planned


Sanderling departure The Florida Orchestra has had to line up a stable of guest conductors to fill the hiatus created by Stefan Sanderling's early departure. Instread of conducting a diet of Masterworks Concerts up through the 2013-2014 sesason, he will be doing only one program per season.

RIP Levon Helm


I remember breaking down in tears in theaters only twice--once in "Piaf" as the supper club falls silent when Marlene Dietrich approaches Piaf's table to tell the seriously ill chanteuse how much she loves her singing; and again, years before in "Coal Miner's Daughter" as the young Loretta Lynn waits...

Nook on the iPhone


I'm enjoying my Nook app on the iPhone. I'm surprised at how much I read on the go--in waiting rooms, restaurants, on the patio, during any down time when I don't have anything to do. Currently, I'm reading The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer, a new discovery. George Clooney is apparently...

After-Shock by Robert B. Reich


I'm reading Robert Reich's excellent After-Shock. He makes more sense than any of the pundits or economists who get endless exposure on the boob tube. Highly recommended. He firmly drives home the message that there must be a middle class to purchase goods in order for an economy to come...

Wake Up Call


Your day is going nicely--early doctor's appointment, and home for a nap. Neighbor wakes you up to take baby owl to the Humane Society. On the drive there you are in a collision that totals your car and sends you to the hospital for x-rays of the leg. A perfectly...

Sandow | Greg Sandow on the future of classical music


via Greg continues to write provocative and informing posts about the present and future of classical music.

Jeremy Denk in The New Yorker


Jeremy Denk New Yorker Article

Anthony Shadid, a New York Times Reporter, Dies in Syria -


Anthony Shadid, a prize-winning journalist, was reporting inside Syria when he suffered a fatal asthma attack. Mr. Shadid, 43, had been reporting inside Syria for a week, gathering information on the Free Syrian Army and other armed elements of the resistance to the government of President Bashar al-Assad, whose military...

Hey, you pundits, just read the signs.


Visit Slate to read the outstanding Dahlia Lithwick essay on how the mainstream media refuse to look into the very real issues being raised by Occupy Wall Street: "Mark your calendars: The corporate media died when it announced it was too sophisticated to understand simple declarative sentences. While the mainstream...

Florida governor Scott wants to discourage students from liberal arts study


Our fraudster governor now wants to discourage students from studying liberal arts in Florida universities. Could it be that if students study the liberal arts they will be able to think, analyze, and write; and they will understand that Rick Scott is guilty of Medicare fraud, and is doing his...

Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Together


It now seems obvious that this movement has struck a chord with a huge number of people in this country. In spite of the media doing their best to ingnore it in order to please their owners, the Wall Street protesters have gained support daily. "Too Big To Fail" is...

Wild Card Push


The Yankees are playing like the best team in baseball tonight, unfortunately. Only Baltimore can save our hide now, and the Red Sox just went ahead of them with a home run from Pedroia.

AL East Wild Card


The Tampa Bay Rays have miraculously cut their deficit from 9 1/2 games behind the Boston Red Sox to 2 games. Now we play the Yankees!

Service Station from Taco Bell


"Son, you have an oblique sense of humor." Elvis Presley to Steve Martin

The Happiness Project


I'm in the middle of The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin, and I'm very happy I bought it. Rubin is insightful, honest, clear, and refreshing in her lack of didacticism. The simplicity of a lot of her suggestions is attractive.

Tampa Bay


Last season the Tampa Bay Rays won the American League East, then got rid of the top seven salaries on the team. Now, miraculously, The Rays are back atop the American League East! And, Tampa Bay Lightning lead the Boston Bruins 1-0 in NHL playoffs. Amazing!

Thunder storm


We had a violent thunder storm this afternoon. The thunder was the loudest I have experienced in years. On an afternoon which would typically be in the 90s we have a cool, overcast day. This has been a welcome change. I just planted a habanera plant in a huge pot...

The Real Reasons We Have A Deficit


All the mealy-mouthed, right-wing blaming of the public for poor decisions and irresponsibility are simply self-serving lies. Paul Krugman tells the simple truth here.

Florida--The Sad State of Our State


Bob Graham was one of the finest governors and senators this state has ever had. Last week in an op-ed in the St. Petersburg Times he explained how the policies of the current Republican Legislature and Governor endanger the progress made in Florida for decades in the areas of education...

Playing Our Parts at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola in Jazz at Lincoln Center


Last Tuesday evening 22 February 2011 Jazz at Lincoln Center presented a fund raising concert for the Jazz Foundation in Dizzy's Club Coca Cola. The concert was in memory of my brother Dennis Irwin. The Jazz Foundation paid medical bills for Dennis when he became ill. His stage four cancer...

Money buys PR for Republicans


The Washington Post reports that an equal number of people believe the Republicans and Obama would be responsible for a shutdown of government. This is simply a reflection of the huge amount of money the Citizens United Supreme Court decision has allowed corporations to pour into Republican PR coffers. We...

New Horizons Band at Eckerd College


Our New Horizons Band at Eckerd College is busy. We are in our third week of winter semester, and we have had two great rehearsals and a nice outdoor gig. We performed two sets for the Gulfport Art Walk this past Friday night. It was a beautiful evening, with a...

Kovacs, Poulenc, Bruch, Mozart, and Cahuzac


I hosted a lovely clarinet, viola, and piano recital Friday night. The visiting artists at St. Pete College's Music Center were Mark Gallagher, Frank Corliss, and Ken Kwo. The program included music by Cahuzac, Kovacs, Mozart, Poulenc, and Bruch. They all played with artistry and sensitivity. Some of the finest...

Paul Simon


I listened a lot of Paul Simon tonight, and am reminded again of what a masterful song writer he is. And he has always collaborates with great artists.

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise: Film score report


Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise: Film score report. Alex weighs in with his take on outstanding film socres.