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Things are rumbling along!


So, the launch of the Kickstarter for my book ARMIES & LEGIONS & HORDES went off with a bang! It funded in three hours, and has continued to go great guns over the last five days. Everyone seems to have been enjoying the stretch goals, so that's a good thing. I'm sure it feels a little weird though, as it's just the Book that is available, no Add-Ons or crazy "all-in" pledge levels, but I want to keep it simple.So, the front half of the book stays the same (as described in my last post), but the back half is growing. From eight projects being featured, you have all helped my add another SIX projects (plus more cool photography, and a proper interactive digital version), with another project (the Blood Pact) less than 40 backers away at the time of posting.The book started at approximately 100 pages. Now it has grown to approximately 140 pages. As more and more people come along and back the project, everyone is going to see the benefit!And here's the link to the campaign: for your support. Take a closer look at the stretch goals funded here:CheersDave[...]

The Kickstarter Has Begun!


The day has finally arrived! You can now go and check out the full 
Kickstarter campaign page for ARMIES & LEGIONS & HORDES!

And as a special bonus for everyone pledging in the first 48 hours, you'll receive a cool art postcard!

Please share this far and wide, and consider supporting this funding campaign.

I am writing a BOOK!


That's right, fellow blog fans! I've decided to write a book about painting wargaming collections. It will be going to Kickstarter this Friday, March 16, at 3pm EDT (which is 7pm GMT, 12pm PST, and 6am on the next day for those of you on the east coast of Australia).What is going to be in the ARMIES & LEGIONS & HORDES book? I'm glad you asked. I'm going to be writing down a lot of my thoughts and philosophies on the army building and painting process in the hope that it will be helpful for everyone who has occasionally struggled with finishing an army project. I'm going to take an in-depth look at Inspiration, Goals, Expectations, Planning, and Motivations - with the goal of helping the reader to be able to map out a path to success for their own projects. This book will also be "game system agnostic", the principles described can be applied to any wargaming project, regardless of genre or period.I'm also going to be putting together some photo-heavy features of armies and projects I have completed over the years along with a few completely new projects. The list looks something like this:• Sci-fi Mass Battle – 40K Genswick 33rd Rifles• Sci-fi Skirmish – Dark Age collection and terrain • Sci-fi Big Project – 40K Warlord Titan• Fantasy Mass Battle – Warhammer Nuln Empire army• Fantasy Skirmish – Fabled Realms collection and terrain• Historical Mass Battle – Napoleonic British collection• Historical Skirmish – WW2 American collection and terrain • Post-apocalyptic Skirmish – This Is Not A Test collection and terrain What is the Kickstarter for?I would really love to see this as a printed book. I'm running this campaign to help fund the creation of a 120+ page hardback book, so that's really the focus. I want to keep the campaign very simple and focused on "The Book". There are six reward levels - one is the obligatory $5 pledge for thanks, and the other five are for a PDF version of the book or a printed version of the book, or some combination thereof.Stretch Goals are focused on adding some of the other armies that I have created over the years.What prompted you to write this book?As a part of the services I offer through Dave Taylor Miniatures, I was laying out a rulebook for a friend (Disposable Heroes II for Sinister Laboratories). I had also taken the photos and was editing the book as I went. The key thing I remember was thinking "I'm really enjoying this. Seeing all the elements come together. This is something I really like doing."So, with the skills to take photos and design and layout books, I just needed a subject to write about. They say "write about what you know" and with over 10,000 miniatures painted since 1991, the topic seemed pretty obvious. This book isn't a "How to paint..." book. There are plenty of those on the market from great painters. This is a new kind of book that focuses not on the techniques, but the psychology and planning behind big projects.What's next?I'm sure I've forgotten something, so when I think of it I'll post again, but really all I'd like to do know is ask you to pledge your support when the campaign goes live, and share the hell out of it with all of your wargaming friends. If we can make this a great success, I'm going to be able to explore lots of other cool ideas with other talented folks and bring their dreams to life too!Check the campaign for ARMIES & LEGIONS & HORDES out on Kickstarter from Friday, March 16th![...]

Small Business Saturday


Here in the US we celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. I've always viewed it as a great time to come together as family and friends, sit down over a great meal, and have no further expectations or actions associated with it.In short, it's my favorite holiday of the year. Simple, warm, and full of friends.The day after (or, more increasingly, the day of) Thanksgiving is the most commercial of the year - Black Friday. This is the day of the "big box stores" who deeply discount a handful of items (typically televisions) in order draw in the shopping crowds. In recent years there have been efforts to remind people of the small businesses out there that serve their communities in various ways. Businesses that rely on the custom of families and friends to stay open. Small Business Saturday.Well, this year I thought Small Business Saturday would be the ideal time this for this small business to start planning out work for the following year. So, I urge anyone who needs some work in the tabletop wargaming and miniatures world to contact me to book some of my time. I'm taking bookings from March 2018 onwards, so if there's something that needs doing, let's talk about it.Dave Taylor Miniatures provides a wide array of services:Marketing and Promotions From planning to execution, I've worked with quite a few companies to build there presence in the marketplace, and target those customers who are most likely to be interested in their offering. Marketing and promotional planning offer an opportunity for me to flex my knowledge of the industry, the community, and the avenues to bring them both together.Design and LayoutOver the last four years I've worked on various rulebook layout projects including: This Is Not A Test for World's End Publishing, Disposable Heroes II for Sinister Laboratories, Exiles for Mindworm Games, and Heroic for Winged Hussar Publishing. I have also put together a lot of articles and adverts for Wargames Illustrated and other magazines and online sources to help promote various games and miniatures ranges.PhotographyI've really enjoyed doing photography for rulebooks and other promotional needs, so I am always ready to do some more. My miniatures photography is featured in This Is Not A Test for World's End Publishing, Disposable Heroes II for Sinister Laboratories, and numerous Wargames Illustrated event coverage articles.Hobby Content and Painting CommissionsI have built terrain and painted miniatures for both companies and private collectors. Where appropriate, I have also turned those projects into hobby content for websites. The prime examples of this are the work I have done for Ninja Division's Relic Knights, and the painting guides I created for Bolt Action from Warlord Games.And a lot more...In addition to all these things, I have also co-ordinated events, run retail booths at conventions, initiated licensing conversations, developed Kickstarter plans and supporting graphics, and created exciting touchstone items to excite communities.When it comes down to it, my small business is all about helping other companies bring new product to market, or helping them sell more of their existing product. If you think your business could use my help, I'm happy to chat about the possibilities! Contact me here (in the comments below), via my Facebook page, or via email - tanithtaylor@gmail.comLet's make 2018 a great year![...]

Let's talk about the elephant in the room...


Well, as you've hopefully noticed, I've been conspicuously absent from this blog for a little while now. Life has been busy, there have been other outlets for the hobby content I create, and I've been working on an odd assortment of things - those are all true and convenient excuses for my absence.I think, however, the main reason I haven't posted any hobby progress here for a while is that I have fallen out of the blogging rhythm. Those of you with blogs will know that there's a certain rhythm to the way you post. Some post after each big hobby session, some post on the completion of a project, some when they have some great ideas to lay out for the world. For me it was a mix of the first two approaches, and I just haven't had too many cool things to show/talk to you all about.I hope to remedy that in the future, but won't promise too much.Anyway, if you'd like to see/hear some of the things I have been up to while I haven't been posting here, you can check out the weekly podcast that I'm guest co-hosting - Combat Phase - that typically releases every Thursday/Friday (although we are taking a break this week). You can find the Combat Phase website HERE, and our Facebook page HERE.I've also joined Rick Ankney on the Game Trade Media Facebook Live show "Painting Happy Li'l Minis" each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (2-3pm EST). This should be a fun chance to sit down and paint in a different environment and help folks in a different way. You can find the Game Trade Media Facebook page HERE, and the Painting Happy Li'l Minis Facebook group HERE.Additionally I've written an article series for my mates at Beasts Of War. The first article published last week (HERE) and the second should be due out anytime now. This is the start of something larger I'm working towards for next year. Hopefully I can provide more concrete details in the next month or so : )And if you'd like to see what I'm working on commission-wise, head to my Instagram account to see some fun WIP photos of the massive Legio Custodes force.Thanks for your patience, dear blogging world. Speak to you soon.CheersDave[...]

CHARITY - Our new Fall Raffles!


 The NOCF is pleased to announce its first-ever Fall Raffle Season, which launches on Friday, October 13, 2017. The season opens with another HUGE army and three models that define the timeless collectible artistry which exists within the tabletop wargaming community.THE FALL RAFFLE SEASONo Six Weeks Only!o Tickets go on sale Friday, October 13, 2017, at 12:01 AM EDT (So, open now!)o Sales will close on Thursday, November 23, 2017, at 12:00 Midnight EDT (or at any time prior to if tickets in all four raffles are sold out)o Winners will be posted at NOCF website on Friday, November 24, 2017, at 12:00 Noon EDTo 95 cents of every dollar raised in 2017 Fall Season Raffles benefits Doctors Without Borderso NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN – NOCF SHIPS WORLDWIDETHE DEATHWATCHThis Warhammer 40,000 army was created and donated by 27 volunteer painters who came together in a Facebook group. Long-time sponsor, KR MULTICASE, will be providing custom transport for The Deathwatch! ONLY 1000 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD! GREATEST ODDS OF WINNING AN NOCF ARMY RAFFLE EVER! $5 per ticket ~Minimum purchase of $10 required at checkout A list of the painters and more photographs are posted on the website ( THE ARMY LIST:o 3 Characterso 34 Veteranso 13 Terminatorso 2 Rhinoso Land Raider Crusadero Land Raider Redeemero 2 Drop Podso Dreadnought Drop Podo 5 Dreadnoughts THE MODELS: The three models being raffled in the 2017 Fall Raffle were all generously donated by three of the most renowned miniature artists in the worldwide community:ADEPTUS MECHANICUS TECH-PRIEST DOMINUS Warhammer 40,000 model donated by Dave Taylor Model photographs and more information at ONLY 750 TICKETS WILL BE SOLDBUY 25 & HAVE A 1 in 30 CHANCE OF WINNING!$2 per ticket ~Minimum purchase of $10 required at checkout40K ASTRA MILITARUM COMMISSARWarhammer 40,000 model donated by David Faust Model photographs and more information at ONLY 750 TICKETS WILL BE SOLDBUY 25 & HAVE A 1 in 30 CHANCE OF WINNING!$2 per ticket ~Minimum purchase of $10 required at checkoutBOLT ACTION MEDIUM TANK T-34/85 Bolt Action model donated by James Wappel Model photographs and more information at  ONLY 750 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD BUY 25 & HAVE A 1 in 30 CHANCE OF WINNING! $2 per ticket ~Minimum purchase of $10 required at checkoutBUY TICKETS HEREQuestions? Write to us: novaopencharities@gmail.comPHOTOGRAPHS:Please feel free to use photographs in promotion of the NOCF’s exciting new Fall raffle season![...]

CHARITY - There are just 10 days left for you to purchase your raffle tickets!


That's right. It has been a hectic summer, so much going on that it has been tough to keep track of everything (and I have completely failed to write anything of note for you, faithful reader). But I do know that there are 10 days left to buy your raffle tickets for this year's NOVA Open Charitable Foundation 2017 Summer Raffles.In case you didn't know, we have NINE armies/teams/collections up for grabs, with raffle tickets starting at $2 each (minimum $10 purchase). Click on any of the banners on this page to find out more about the various prizes!Also note that we'll be dividing the money up between four different causes this year:• Doctors Without Borders• The Breast Cancer Research Foundation• The Fisher House Foundation• The International Rescue CommitteeWe thank you all for your support for these efforts, year after year.[...]

HORUS HERESY - The Mechanicum - Hammer of the Omnissiah


I know that a lot of you have already checked out the raffles for the NOCF this year. We have literally dozens of raffles running in order to raise a ton of money for wonderful causes (Doctors Without Borders, The International Rescue Committee, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and The Fisher House Foundation). Among the offerings is this wonderful Mechanicum army. Designed by Marc Raley, one of the 30K event leads at NOVA Open and AdeptiCon, this army is a walking and crawling, and hovering edifice to the Machine God. First up is the Arch Magos on his Abeyant. He is ready to lay low the enemies of the Omnissiah and take their technology for further study. This beautiful model was painted by Jake Landis.The elites of this force are the deadly Myrmidons. This squad are equipped for ranged combat with a variety of dangerous and esoteric weaponry. Painted by Andrew Gray.This is a very elite, compact force, and the Troop slots are filled by these deadly Thallax. Two units, both painted by Joel Moon.Such a small, elite force, needs to be able to meet a lot of opposing threats head on, and this Krios can certainly pack a punch when pointed in the right direction. Model painted by Max Dubois.The leader of the Mechanicum team was Marc Raley, the man who devised the lists for the 30K armies, and the guy who is doing so much to raise extra funds for the NOCF and their causes. He also contributed to the army by painting up this excellent Vulturax! The massive Thanatar Automata, with its mind-blowing, shoulder-mounted plasma mortar, stands ready to stride across the battlefield and get stuck in. This one was painted by newcomer to the team, David Sampson.And finally we have the wonderfully towering Cerastus Knight Atropos, able to lay down some heavy firepower from range against the enemies of the Mechanicum. Veteran team member John Steining applied the paint to this big project.So, there you have it. I hope you love this as much as I do, and will click on the link HERE to buy some (more) tickets in the raffle to win this army! Things are looking very good so far this summer, let's help them look even better : )[...]

HORUS HERESY - The NOCF 2017 Sons of Horus army!


I have no doubt that a lot of you have already checked out the raffles for the NOCF this year. We have literally dozens of raffles running in order to raise a ton of money for wonderful causes (Doctors Without Borders, The International Rescue Committee, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and The Fisher House Foundation). Among the offerings is this wonderful Sons of Horus army. Designed by Marc Raley, one of the 30K event leads at NOVA Open and AdeptiCon, this army is ready to hit, and hit hard! Everything is tucked away in a drop pod of some sort and ready to rain death and destruction down upon the lackeys of the False Emperor. Below are a slew of photos so you can get to see everything up close (and personal). The Warmaster, Horus Lupercal, was painted by Michelle Blastenbrei. At the start of the project, Michelle asked if she could paint the Warmaster in gold armor. I'm typically a stickler for canon paint jobs on characters, but decided that when someone as talented as Michelle has an idea about creating a unique model, I should listen. As you can see, she has absolutely nailed the deep gold look that is a loud echo of Horus' "canon armor" but brings new life and depth to it.Veteran contributor Ken Webb painted up this Terminator Captain (above) and these Justerian Terminators (below). Ken was concerned about painting so much black armor on the Justerian, but he did an absolutely wonderful job.This squad of Marines was painted by yours truly. I really enjoyed messing around with the SOH green that we chose (VPA USMC Tank Crew Green).AJ Taflan painted up our second 10-man squad and went for a silver trim on the shoulders to help differentiate the two squads.Sean Fulton painted up this Quad Mortar Rapier and did an absolutely spectacular job. Typically Sean works on one of the commanders or centerpiece models. He brought the same level of attention to this support piece AND these were the first models to arrive at my house for photography : )Brian Moll joined the NOCF Artists' Consortium this year, and knocked it out of the park with this great Leviathan Dreadnought. The weapons are all magnetized, so the winner will be able to switch in new weapons if they so choose!Another new member of the team, Ryan Kimmel not only painted this Dreadnought Drop Pod, but he also donated this ultra rare model when we were struggling to track one down. Thanks, Ryan!The army called for three regular Drop Pods (one for each of the Marine squads and one for the Quad Mortar). As with previous charity armies, I volunteered to paint these up too. There's something about all those interior hazard stripes I just can't resist (there are about 270 black stripes hand-painted on these three pods).And finally, the Kharybdis Assault Claw. This monster of a kit was built and painted by Joe Johnson. Not only that, Joe used kits from Powered Play and lit the whole thing up with over 20 LEDs. Three AA batteries can be slid into the center of the pod and the engine ports start to light up. It is absolutely fantastic!So there you have the first of two Horus Heresy armies. If you'd like to buy tickets for this army, please click HERE. And please tell all of your friends about it![...]

DARK AGE - The Forsaken forces of Saint Joan


It has taken me a little while to get this commission sorted, but thankfully my client is a patient guy. These models are the Forsaken St Joan sub-faction for Dark Age. With the new arrangement of boxed sets that CMON has put together for the game, all of these models can be found in one $80-box, and the contents total up to 925 points. Great for a game where the standard size games are either 500 or 750 points!While the vast bulk of the models for Dark Age are spectacular, St Joan came under quite a bit of fire when she was released, because she didn't rally look like her badass artwork and it seemed her limbs were a little out of proportion. I wanted to have a go at bringing her "up to code" and so I tweaked a few things. You can see those tweaks in the photos below. I think it all worked out quite well.I loved the color schemes of some of the Studio models, but wanted to see something more cohesive across the force, so I carried the main colors through from the St Joan model. The armor is a base of P3 Coal Black, highlighted up by gradually mixing in VMC Light Grey.For the Furies, I tried to follow the Studio scheme very closely; using true metallics, however, rather than the NNM.And finally for this batch I added in a set of Coils. My client is very happy to be able to add these to his currently template-heavy St Isaac force, too.CheersDave[...]

The 2017 NOCF Raffles!


Another year and another host of wonderful armies and collections and individual models up for grabs! We have had a lot of wonderful people donate their time and talents in order to raise money for the various causes supported by the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. This is my seventh year involved in some sort of charitable painting effort, and I couldn't be prouder of all those who have joined me along the way. Excellent models from lovely people. Over the course of the next two months I'm going to be featuring these armies and calling out these folks. I hope you'll show them, and the charitable causes they have represented, by buying lots of tickets in these raffles. Each of these banners links through to the page to buy tickets : )• Tickets will be available from the website (• Tickets can vary in price (between $2 and $5), but there is a minimum $10 purchase• Tickets can be purchased from ANYWHERE in the world• The winners DO NOT need to be present at the NOVA Open when we draw their names• The NOCF will ship ANYWHERE in the world[...]

HORUS HERESY - Leman Russ and his Wolf-kin


I recently had the chance to work on my first Forgeworld Primarch model, Leman Russ. It was interesting returning to him after I had converted and painted one a bunch of years ago (almost seven years! Check it out HERE).

Obviously the Forgeworld model is a better sculpt, and my painting has continued to improve over the last few years (or at least I hope it has), so it was a lot of fun. The Wolf-kin (Freki and Geri, not sure which is which) were also a lot of fun to paint, as were the bases.

The front part of the larger base for Leman Russ is separate (connected with magnets), so that the Great Wolf himself can slip out and spend some time on the miniature battlefield.

I hope you like them : )

ADEPTICON - The Loot Part 3


I think this is the final "Loot" post from AdeptiCon. It seems I bought quite a bit of stuff (not too much, just more than usual for me).Well, here it is, my lovely, new Tablewar case! After borrowing a friend's case last year to schlepp stuff to Northern Ireland for Beasts of War filming, I really wanted to get one for myself. Shipping, however, was the big sticking point for me. In the US, the product ships from California, so it's pretty hefty to get it to the East Coast. Thankfully, the Tablewar team have been traveling to shows and I was able to pick this up sans shipping : )After gluing together the accessory trays, I started adding magnets to the bottom of my Dark Age collection. Thankfully, the Tablewar guys also sell magnets in packets of 50, as I've almost gone through two packets of them!Getting ready for the Dark Age tournament on Saturday. My St Mark, Bounty Hunters, Salt Flat Nomads, Brutes, and Dragyri Fire Caste collections are all ready to go. The tray at the bottom holds all my cards, templates, tokens, dice, and tape measure, so I can just worry about bringing the case and my phone : )[...]

ADEPTICON - The Loot Part 2


Of course I had to pick up some Dark Age minis at AdeptiCon this year. I bought my own copy of the two-player starter set - Path to Glory - and a few models to wrap up my collection of Bounty Hunters - John Carter, Dedlock, and some Junkers for a conversion or three : )This is John "Clank" Carter, one of the range of Bounty Hunters, and this one is based on one of the Immortals winners, John Carter (surprisingly enough).And here I've converted one of the Junkers into one of the Bounty Hunters that has a bit of history with my current warband leader St Mark - X'cess.I also picked up some scatter terrain from Death Ray Designs, which will be great for my Dark Age terrain collection.I also had the good fortune to catch up with my friend Victoria Lamb, and she was kind enough to give me the gift of the awesome Sledgehammer BFG (sculpted by another friend Jake Schneider) that she created as part of the latest Reaper Bones Kickstarter. The crew for the gun are in the soft PVC of the standard Bones lines, but the BFG itself is in a hard styrene, with the pieces already clipped from the sprues, and very few mold lines!UPDATE: A special note for Reaper Bones III backers - The Sledgehammer BFG was NOT for sale at AdeptiCon. Reaper and Victoria Miniatures would not sell the model until after backers get their products. They took pre-orders, but did not sell any models. They'll send out those pre-orders once backer rewards have shipped.The kit itself doesn't come with instructions, but I expect they'll be available on the Victoria Minis website soon. I was, however, able to build it pretty quickly just by looking at the photos on the packaging.Within the basic set there are a number of options, like the long wooden planks-style decking above the wheels.Or you can go with a smaller metal deck plate.There are going to be accessory packs in resin too, including two track units (one on each side) that replace the wheels.There is also a resin kit that will allow you to switch the long gun for a much shorter, larger bore howitzer.That kit comes with some very cool shells too. The one on the left puts me in mind of a phosphex shell from 30K.I'm a big fan of the wheels, so I'll be gluing them on. I'm now debating whether or not I'll magnetize the howitzer and the long gun so I have the opportunity to switch back and forth.One more AdeptiCon loot post to go : )[...]

ADEPTICON - The Loot - Part 1


I've mentioned it before, but AdeptiCon was incredibly crazy busy! I did, however, make a little bit of time to do some shopping. 

First up, I finally bought models for my first ever TNT warband (above). I've always been partial to the idea of the Caravaners, but when I heard about the Pyromanatics blister for the game Aetherium (from Anvil 8 Games) I knew I had to pick them up. These will be used as the basis for a Raider gang, because that seems to be the best fit for pyromaniacs slinging gas cans and propane tanks around the place. To support them with something more solid, I added this big robot from Bombshell Miniatures. I haven't worked out all the details yet, but the models are assembled and primed. Always the best place to start : )

Additionally I picked up a handful of models for the gladiatorial game Arena Rex. This group are from the Ludus Magnus faction.

As you can see, I've already painted up Septimus.

Next on deck might be Septimus on the massive bull, Nero!

More loot to come in the next post : )

DARK AGE - Saint Mark and his followers.


Well, AdeptiCon can really take it out of you. Four incredible days of non-stop action and conversations about all sorts of toy soldier goodness. I have basically been drained by it all, until now.So, getting back to the Dark Age goodness these are my latest models, painted up since the start of February specifically for me to take to the CMON Expo and the big, end of season tournament, the Immortals! The Immortals is the tournament where the winner gets to work with the design team to create a new model (background, stats, art, and model) for the world. It's a pretty big deal, so I've been playing a lot with this force to prepare.This is my Forsaken - St Mark sub-faction force. The Forsaken are the "last bastion of civilization" (or at least that's how they present themselves). Cunning politicians that plot and scheme and use religion to rule over the masses, the Prevailer Council is in charge, and regularly sends its "Saints" - or generals - off on missions of varying difficulty and value. St Mark is the first "Saint", and plays the role of brash and skilled leader to a tee (all the while hiding his true motivations and cowardice).He is also quite the womanizer, so I have surrounded him with a force that can be entirely comprised of female models.Saint Mark (on the left) carries God's Light, a very powerful pistol, and is accompanied here by The Sentinel, one of his lieutenants.His close-range support come from the lithe and deadly Shades, accompanied here by Mark's other lieutenant, Hephzibah (center). The Hephzibah model is currently undergoing a resculpt, so I converted this one from one of the Shade models. : )These ladies might seem quite fragile, and not a particular threat, but you'd be wrong in thinking that. They are the very brutal reason I decided to try this list out : )Saint Mark has a tendency for his gun to malfunction. Including a Weaponsmith is very helpful (allowing me to ignore the first three malfunctions), and the stock Weaponsmith is on the right. On the left you can see my conversion for a female Weaponsmith.Keeping Saint Mark and his Junkers alive is very important. The Sisters of Compassion (in the red latex) and the Field Medic (front) will do just that. Although I won't be running all of these at once, it's nice to have the regular Sister (left) and the Limited Edition Sister (right).Firestorms are a very popular choice with Forsaken players, mostly because of their awesome flamethrowers.These Militia are the cheapest models in my collection at just 25 points a piece. They'll be good for filling those 25 point gaps at the end of list building.And finally the Haniels. These are infiltrators, and I thought I'd spend a bit of extra time messing about with their cloaks. Do you think it was worth it?CheersDave[...]

DARK AGE - The new 2-player starter set!


I started this "Month of Dark Age"because we're releasing the 2-player starter set this Friday (or Thursday if you happen to be at AdeptiCon). If you'd like to get a good look at the contents of the box, you can do so HERE. In preparation for the NOCF Raffle being sponsored by CMON, I've painted up the Saint Isaac half of the Path To Glory set. Jason Craze of Slowfuse Gaming is painting the Ice Caste half. Here are the St Isaac model and his two Centipedes from the set. They are all plastic models with incredible detail and crispness, they go together very quickly, and are very sturdy.Here's a comparison shot between the plastic model (left) and the original resin model (right).And here are the plastic Controllers from the Path To Glory set. Again, great detail.Last year I painted a set of Saint Isaac (above) and Ice Caste Dragyri minis (below) to take to Beasts of War. We raffled these off and you can check out the detailed post on these HERE.AdeptiCon starts on Thursday, so I'm not sure if I'll have time to post another set of minis before then, but I'll try : )CheersDave[...]

WRECK-AGE - A Kickstarter for Post-Collapse Vehicles


I've been working recently with the guys from Hyacinth Games on their latest Kickstarter campaign to bring vehicles of various sorts to the world of Wreck-Age.

If you are into post-apocalyptic gaming, check out the Kickstarter and see if you're interested in the cool things they are working on.

DARK AGE - The Shadow Caste Dragyri


One of the cool things about doing work for a miniatures company is, of course, being able to get your hands on minis early. This is one of those cases. I was able to get a hold of some of the lovely Shadow Caste Dragyri miniatures that surfaced for the very first time last year. These are models that I painted up pretty quickly so that we could take them to Northern Ireland to use in some Dark Age videos filmed at Beasts of War last September.This small force is 700 points, and it wouldn't take much to bring it up to 1,000. A standard game of Dark Age is 500 points, so you have a bit of flexibility.The Death's Device of Shadow and the Gatherer.The Naedrae and the Keeper.The GoliathThe Shadow Caste Dragyri have quite a few trust issues, so they don't make use of slaves like the other castes (but not because of thoughts of morality, they just don't trust them). Instead they have subverted a couple of CORE robots to use as manual labor. These include the Shadow Menials (above) and the Shadow Finder (below).[...]

DARK AGE - The Fire Caste Dragyri


While I was painting up the Salt Flat Nomads from my previous post, I was eyeing up a couple of other factions - primarily the Forsaken (as I love my "humans against the fantastic" but also the Fire Caste Dragyri as they seemed to suit my play style.The Dragyri are an alien race brought to Attr (the planet Dark Age is set on) thousands of years ago as a slave race for the more diminutive Alteghrans. After a revolt, the dragger formed a new society, with various castes devoted to the different elemental forces, including Fire. Over time, each caste evolved to mimic the key qualities of their element, which means that the Fire Caste are the embodiment of the raging inferno, barreling down on you with incredible ferocity before moving on, driven by incredibly fury. When I'm new to a game I find it best to try out something familiar, comfortable, to help me get my grounding. The "rush forward and try to beat up everyone" approach worked well for my Ogres in Warhammer, so I figured it would ferrety well with these 10' tall killing machines.First up we have the Spirit Lord and the female Volcanic Phalanx models (above and below). The Dragyri society is fairly chauvinistic, but the Fire Caste does value the contributions of females in their ranks. Almost all of their unit types have a male and female version, with male characters leading the warbands. I currently don't own the male Volcanic Phalanx, but will be correcting that oversight soon. These two models are resin, and came with resin spears. I replaced the hafts with brass rods, and added a small bead to the butt of the spears to give a visual sense of balance. These are the male and female Volcanic Helots. They are the bodyguards of the Fire Caste leaders, ready to step in the way of incoming fire and also deal out quite a bit of damage with their bardiche.These are the male and female Pyres. They excel at hit and run tactics, using their scimitars to slice apart those wounded and disoriented by their flam bombs.These are the male and female Brimstones. No, they aren't wearing much in the way of armor. Yes, they are carrying dual flame throwers : )The outfit worn by the male version reminds me quite a bit of the mechanic in Beyond Thunderdome.This is the male version of the Inferno, one of the elite troopers of the Fire Caste. I will also be purchasing the female version very soon.This is the Greater Fire Elemental, and incredible beast of a model/unit. This one is the version cast in translucent yellow resin (available from the CMON booth at conventions) that I painted up the afternoon before driving up to see Ash Barker of Guerrilla Miniature Games. He and I had been doing quite a bit of trash talking the week prior, and when he revealed he had painted up a Cabrakan for his Kukulkani (pretty much Death on legs), I knew I needed something to try and counter it.You can check out Ash's Dark Age videos HERE, and our Fire Caste/Kukulkani battle HERE.Then I have a pair of Embers. These are only brought into play when a model with the Emberspark ability kills an opponent, that's why it looks like they are rising from burning corpses : )And finally, for my currently painted Fire Caste, I have three smaller models. There's the Artificer of the Alteghran on the left, He's now a slave to the Fire Caste and he uses his technical skills to ensure that the ranged weaponry and armor of the Fire Caste stays functional. The other two models are Razor Slyths, subterranean creatures enslaved by the Dragyri to do their bidding. These models are fast, reasonable in comba[...]

DARK AGE - The Salt Flat Nomads


Welcome back! I know I have shown some of these before, but I figured I should start this look at my Dark Age collection with where it all began - the Salt Flat Nomads.Dark Age has seven different 'primary" factions, and these are then (typically) broken down into a number of sub-factions as well as the "unaligned' faction models. The Salt Flat Nomads are a sub-faction of the Outcasts and, as their name implies, they are a people who were outcast from civilization and are now nomads on the great salt flats the occupy much of Samaria (where Dark Age is set).I have titled the image above "The Tribe". These are the core of the Nomads, the regular rank and file, and their focused military and spiritual leaders.First is Bendahrin Durshe, the Bladelord. Duarte is the leader of the Durshe tribe, largest amongst the Salt Flat Nomads thanks to his aggressive policy of raiding and assimilating other tribes.This is a Caravan Keeper, a nameless leader of one of the smaller scouting/scavenging/raiding parties the Nomads have active at all times.The Oathpourer is the keeper of the tribe's honor, and it's water. She keeps track of all transactions, including life debts.These are Tribal Warriors, the backbone of the... well... tribe.The infiltrating Thornwinds use shards of fulgrite glass in their lethal blowpipes.The image is titled "The Herd". The Salt Flat Nomads "tame" various beasts from the wilds of Samaria, android them forward into battle. At the front of the photo stands Lynette and her two Dust Jackals (sadly I don't yet have a separate shot of them).The Herders were some the first models that drew me to the Nomads. They're certainly not great in combat, but their shock prods can keep the beasts headed toward the right fights.The dino-avian Vrocks are incredibly cool, although they require a bit of patience to assemble and keep assembled.The Molokai are sand crocodiles that love to ambush unsuspecting passers-by.The other model that really grabbed my attention for the Salt Flat Nomads was the Dust Bull. He also draws the attention of my opponents.This image is titled "The Loners"Kane has a very interesting story behind him, which helps explain the reason he isn't lithe and clothed in flowing fabric like much of the tribe, but rather clad in thick steel plates.The Dishonored is someone who has caused the tribe a significant loss of resources, either through ineptitude of negligence. Stripped of all their normal belongings, they become the Dishonored and must now work to repay their debt to the tribe.The Berserker is a warrior who has strapped on armor made from the skin of the spiny rock sloth. This armor has hallucinogenic qualities, and the tribe can never be sure exactly how it will affect the wearer.Finally, these are the Hands of War (left and right) and the original Hand of War, Moonless Night (in the center). In combat they are each a whirling dervish of flashing blades.I hope you like these models. If you want to check out more about Dark Age, visit the site HERE.[...]

DARK AGE - A month of posts!


Over the last 15 months of so, I've been doing quite a bit of work for CoolMiniOrNot, primarily focused on grassroots promotion and marketing for Dark Age and Wrath of Kings. 

Over that time I've painted a LOT of Dark Age models. In honor of the game's first 2-player starter set being released this month, I thought it'd be cool to present you all with a series of posts that covers all the models I've painted for the various factions, including my own personal collection and those painted for other purposes. 

Stay Tuned!


INQUISITOR - Power Armor comes in ALL shapes and sizes


I had time over February to paint up another two models for the ongoing Inquisitor commission that has now entered its second year. I chose two models that differed in size and detail, but were both armored and loyal to the Imperium.

The first is Brother Hexanchus of the Deathwatch (formerly of the Carcharadons).

This is, of course, the Brother Artemis model, with a slightly tweaked scheme.

I painted on the Carcharadon symbol, and his name - which comes from the scientific name of a pre-historic shark.

And painted a shark-tooth campaign badge on his knee.

The second model was this (as yet un-named) daemon-hunting Inquisitor, hauling around a fresh kill.

I hope you like these as much as the client. He'll take delivery of these at AdeptiCon.


THOUSAND SONS - Magnus the Red!


I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had also worked on a Magnus the Red... well... here he is!My client was after something very close to the box art, and that seemed like a very cool proposition, at the start. The further and further I got into the painting I realized it was all going to take me considerably longer than I had quoted for, about 50% longer. But I'm a man of my word (and learn lessons best when they're impactful) so I did not increase that cost to my client.Magnus was painted in a few sub-assemblies (the body, the wings, and all the armor and accessories), and then put together at the end.The base is one of the excellent new bases from the Shattered Ritual line from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I have had the pleasure of seeing these bases develop - as my friend Chris Borer worked on them he'd show off the odd WIP photo here and there. Very cool. I'm pretty sure you can find them for purchase HERE.Again, I handed them off the the client over the weekend, and he was very happy : )Such a wonderful model, and brilliantly engineered by the team at GW.CheersDave[...]

THOUSAND SONS - A squad of Rubric Marines


I recently finished a commission for these ten Rubric Marines and the might Magnus the Red. I handed them off to the client on the weekend and he was very happy, always a good thing : )

It has been a long time since I painted some Thousand Sons, and these new models are really spectacular (and super-detailed). My advice to anyone quoting on these? Think about how long you expect them to take, then double it. ; )