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Early Voting Information

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For a way to avoid long lines, check out the sites for early voting

Miami Herald Endorsements

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See the endorsements of Miami Herald for another great opinion

A Message From Mayor Oliver Gilbert

Tue, 16 Oct 2012 04:49:00 +0000

Thank you Mayor Oliver Gilbert of Miami Gardens. I read and was inspired by your words of wisdom and inspiration. Polls up, polls down. What matters is what we value, what we stand for. I do not know why our President did not put Mitt Romney in his place during that debate, but he has consistently done so on the campaign trail. And I don't know why people are not understanding the enormity of the choice we are facing, and instead focusing on appearances and stage presence. President Obama has done what he said to the best of his ability, and he has never wavered from his resolve to make America stand for equality of opportunity and inclusion. The cost of inaction during the next three weeks is too high. Voting is already underway. Everybody's energy and determination are needed to deliver the critical vote. DO NOT WAVER NOW!

From Mayor Gilbert: A modest defense of hope.

Over the last several years, I have heard politicians and commentators mock the idea of hope; but when they mock hope they are not mocking a notion¸ they are mocking a nation. Hope, simply put, is the verbal expression of American Optimism. We believe that we can do better. It is that optimism, that hopefulness that unbound us from British tyranny; emancipated slaves; marched us west to conquer a continent; sparked the industrial revolution; won two world wars; gave the ballot to women and civil rights to all. Our hope is what has made us special. More than any other people at any other time our hope was evolved our republic to reflect our spirit and what we believe to be right. American Hope is more than a feeling, it’s a moral imperative. Because as we collectively hope for an America where healthcare and education are rights afforded to all, we make it so. I am not ashamed to say that I am hopeful; I pray that you hope with me because that hope, with faith, will be the spark that continues the flame of American greatness and exceptionalism. We were not meant to be ordinary. I am voting for President Obama.

P.s. If you are in Miami-Dade County lets build schools together, vote YES on 222.(image)

Introduction to Picks

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Daniella’s Picks November 2012 IntroductionTake It to the Polls and Pass It On

I am pleased to provide you with this list of my picks for the 2012 general election. I make it simple this election by providing a short version “palm card” you can easily print or view on your smart phone. And I provide more explanation below the picks. I’ll post additional references in the days leading up to the election.

Disclaimer** I offer this service to those who are looking to share views. I welcome alternate opinions and have been known to change my mind so feel free to share your opinions with me. **

Early voting starts 10/27, and absentee ballots have been mailed. For a list of sites and hours see

The ballot is long and complex so lines will likely be long and slow. Vote absentee or early to avoid delays. Come prepared so you don’t have to read the ballot at the booth. For a generic sample ballot with all the language see


(Look for these numbers to vote for these candidates and issues. If a candidate or ballot question is not on your ballot it is because that person is not running in your district or that issue is not related to your district).

I do favor the Democratic candidates over the Republicans because I believe they tend to favor the programs and policies that lead to greater access and equality in our society. But I am not unilateral in my recommendations. I also do not have a pick for every race, although I do have a recommendation for every ballot question. I will provide more background on the candidates soon, but was eager to get out my picks for those who have requested them.


Daniella's Picks

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Daniella's Picks

11: Obama Biden
23: Nelson
27: Wasserman Schultz
33: Garcia
39: Rundle
41: Margolis
43: Bullard
44: Pritchett
47: Watson
51: Javier Rodriguez
53: Hancock
55: Solomon
57: McGhee
59: Nunez
61: Whitney

62: yes
64: yes
66: yes
70: yes
72: yes
74: yes
76: yes
78: yes
80: Wallace
82: Edmonson
85: Luis Garcia **both Garcia and Barreiro have had honorable careers as elected officials, Barreiro has consistently voted against the environment, to move the UDB (Urban Development Boundary) line, one of the most critical issues for Miami-Dade's future.
87: Zapata

201: no
203: no
205: no
207: no
209: no
211: no
213: no
215: no
217: no
219: no
221: no

LOCAL BALLOT QUESTIONS (see explanation below)
222: yes for school bonds
225: no to term limits
226: yes to make technical updates
228: yes to require extraordinary 2/3 vote to modify UDB so it will be protected
231: no to streamlined charter amendments for city boundaries
232: yes to increased options for enforcing citizen bill of rights
234: yes to improved process for filling vacancies
237: no to conflicts in procurement
238: yes to extend lease and for private investment in improving Sony tennis on Key Biscayne
240: yes straw poll on animals
243: no straw poll on business with companies doing business with terrorist sponsoring companies


Local Ballot Measures Explanations

Tue, 09 Oct 2012 06:21:00 +0000

Local Ballot Measures ExplanationFor a thoughtful discussion about the Miami Dade County Charter amendments see this article by seasoned county commissioner staffer Terry Murphy: on the Sony tennis item: could find no background on the straw poll items. I know some think that it is a travesty to be investing additional tax dollars in animals when we are not providing for the health of our people. I am concerned about both and if people are willing to tax themselves additionally for the purpose of protecting animals, I am fine with that.As for the matter of restricting Miami Dade county from doing business with companies that do business with countries that support terrorism? While I am certainly concerned about this, I think it is a slippery slope to have the county legislate foreign policy. If there is no trade embargo with that country, I am not sure we want to be creating additional local restrictions. Then again, not sure how often this might even present itself, so it seems like an obscure matter for our attention. A. Miami-Dade County Term Limit Amendment Question Recommend NO: Term limits do not eliminate corruption or improve quality of government decision-making. Instead term limits often lead to greater concentration of power with staff and lobbyists who are more likely to develop knowledge over time on the key issues. approved, this question will amend the county charter to establish term limits of two consecutive four year terms for county commissioners.[1] Language on the ballot: “ Shall the Charter be amended to provide that county commissioners shall serve no more than two consecutive four-year terms in office excluding terms of service prior to 2012?[1] ”B. Coral Gables City Truck Ordinance Question YES: Current law discriminates against those who need to use a truck for their livelihood.This measure seeks to amend a current ordinance which prohibits trucks to be parked over night on residential driveways. If this measure is approved, one non residential truck with four wheels would be allowed overnight.[1] The City Commission amended the ballot language, re-writing language which was said to be confusing and eliminating the need for the truck bed to be covered. Now the truck bed is only required to be empty. Residents who are in favor of allowing trucks in drive ways stated that requiring residents to buy covers could put a financial burden on them which is not necessary. The new language was approved on July 24, the last day to place measures on the November ballot.[2] C. Miami-Dade School District Bond Measure YES: Schools are struggling to pay for basic supports. This bond measure will provide badly needed facility funds which have been diverted for other purposes in the deteriorating school funding environment.This measure seeks to issue a bond in the amount of $1.2 billion which would go towards constructing upgrades to current school facilities and upgrading technology. The bond would be repaid through a current property tax that has been paying a previous bond, the tax would be extended for the life of this new bond if it is approved. Proponents for the bond stated that the schools have a fair amount of issues which need to be addressed to ensure student safety. The schools also had to get approval from the state Department of Education on their list of items which would be fixed or upgraded wit[...]

Fri, 28 Sep 2012 21:20:00 +0000

Daniella -- Thank you so much for your generous support of this campaign and for strengthening our grassroots organization. I want to make sure you know how crucial your support has been in the fight to re-elect Barack Obama. So here's a special update on some of the most important things happening as we head into the final days of this election. I think you'll be proud of what you are helping make happen around the country. 1. Thousands of people across all 50 states are canvassing, phone banking, and getting out the vote. As you read this, voters are planning their day at the polls with our new online tools. They're committing to vote early in certain states -- and supporting our efforts further by canvassing, traveling to battleground states, phone banking at local offices, and reaching out to their neighbors from home with our online call tool. On Election Day, a qualified team of voter protection volunteers will be standing ready to ensure every vote is cast. Thanks to supporters like you, this is an unprecedented get-out-the-vote effort on the ground and online. We're getting ready. 2. While Ohioans celebrate their 100th office opening, local offices are sprouting up in battleground states across the country. This is incredible: Passionate folks ready to drive this thing home for President Obama gathered to celebrate our 100th field office in the state of Ohio. To put this in perspective -- there are 18 congressional districts in Ohio, and that means we're building a grassroots network in every single one of them. This is how you build an effective ground game -- and ours is unmatched. Check out our field blog for some great photos and stories; I think you'll find them as inspiring as I do. 3. The Truth Team stands ready at a moment's notice, and responds to Romney's "47 percent" video. Mitt Romney, in a leaked video from a closed-door fundraiser, dismissed half of the American people as "dependent upon government" who believe "government has a responsibility to care for them." Our Truth Team-made site showed voters how Romney views 47 percent of America, and our video team captured some reactions to Romney's words. Definitely worth watching. 4. Not just for some of us, "For all" -- thousands are showing their support on the Obama for America photo blog. Unlike our opponent, we have a candidate who's working for all Americans. We launched a For All photo project on Instagram to allow voters, particularly young voters, to creatively express which issues they care about the most. Whether it's education, equal rights, or affordable health care -- you can get out your black marker, write the issue on your hand, and share it online with the tag #ForAll. This project has inspired new supporters to get involved and get registered to vote. There are already thousands of submissions, so check out these great photos from supporters (and a few celebrities) and then add your own. 5. The Repeal of DADT: One year later. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) is history, gone. On Thursday, one year after the repeal of DADT, the President said: "Gay and lesbian Americans now no longer need to hide who they love in order to serve the country they love. It is a testament to the professionalism of our men and women in uniform that this change was implemented in an orderly manner, preserving unit cohesion, recruitment, retention and military effectiveness." Check out these great, supportive e-cards that supporters have been sending to a servicemember or veteran that they care about. This was a proud, defining moment for the LGBT community -- and that is worth celebrating and getting the message out. 6. Watch parties in every neighborhood: Folks are gearing up for the first debate. These are a blast. When Barack Obama and Joe Biden proudly accepted our party's nomination, people gathered at over 5,000 watch parties across the country in solidarity for the Presiden[...]

Alfredo Quintana story

Wed, 19 Sep 2012 05:15:00 +0000

PLEASE "like" + "share" - Cuban-American FIU business student, son of die-hard Republicans, who was born and raised in Miami speaks out against Romney's 1% policies. Alfredo is a member of Occupy Miami. Alfredo QuintanaGET UPDATES FROM ALFREDO QUINTANA Like3I Am the 99 Percent and the 47 Percent -- And Anything But the Romney-PercentPosted: 09/18/2012 1:01 pmReact AmazingInspiringFunnyScaryHotCrazyImportantWeirdFollow Mitt Romney , 2012 Presidential Election , 99 percent , University Of Miami , Mitt Romney 47 Percent , Mitt-Romney-47-% , Occupy Miami , Occupy Wallstreet , Miami News SHARE THIS STORY2830Submit this storyI am really not surprised by most things that politicians say anymore. But this morning, even I was shocked by Mitt Romney's comments about "the 47 percent." A few of the zingers that really got to me included: "There are 47 percent...who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them..."[M]y job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives." When Romney speaks about the "47 percent," I know exactly who he is talking about. He is referring to the people I grew up with and the customers of our auto shop. My name is Alfredo Quintana, I am the son of Cuban immigrants who came here in the '60s and '70s and worked every day to make a better life for us. Our family owns an auto shop and a gas station in Miami Lakes. My parents are traditional die hard Cuban American Republicans. Don't get me wrong -- our family business is doing fine. Even though we have struggled a little bit, we have been far luckier than a lot of our friends and customers. A lot of our customers used to have jobs and now they don't, they used to be able to pay their bills and now they can't. They used to have homes and have now lost them to foreclosure. But our family has never... ever... said, "Our job is not to worry about those people." Whenever possible we would offer discounts and payment plans to our customers that couldn't pay us. In our minds we know what it is to struggle and we know that we are all in this together. On my own time last year, I joined the Occupy Movement. I was tired of seeing the inequality and struggle all around me. The people I saw struggling in my community and in my family's shop weren't lazy and didn't want to be dependent on the government. I can't say the same for the big banks that my taxes bailed out. I still can't believe that I woke up this morning to words from a presidential candidate who won't release his own taxes but claims 47 percent of Americans don't pay theirs. I can't believe the same candidate took money from people he feared were connected to "illegal drug money, right-wing death squads, or left-wing terrorism," to start his business but he trashes families making an honest buck to survive. I really can't believe that the same candidate that used Bain Capital to shut down the profitable Dade Behring plant in Miami, gutting hundreds of well-paying jobs, would have the nerve to bad mouth anyone struggling to find work. Don't get me wrong. I am not in the tank for Obama. In fact, I have been really critical of many of his policies. But when I was in the Occupy movement last year, some media outlets criticized us for only representing "the 99 percent." How in the world are we supposed to feel about a presidential candidate who is a real "Mr. One Percent" and who explicitly only desires representing no more than 53 percent of us?[...]

Amendment 3

Wed, 19 Sep 2012 05:06:00 +0000

Hi everyone,

Please “Like” the “No On 3” Facebook page, if you haven’t done so and share it with your lists.

Also, the Center for Policy & Budget Priorities (CBPP) released a new report today detailing the impact Amendment 3 is likely to have on Florida.

The new report highlights how Amendment 3 is likely to:

§ cause deep funding cuts for Florida’s schools and universities, because 49 percent of the revenues subject to the proposed spending cap go to the state’s education system;

§ limit funding for medical care for more than 250,000 children and put at risk care for Florida seniors including home health care and Alzheimer’s care;

§ increase the cost to hospitals and taxpayers of providing health care for Floridians who lack health insurance;

§ limit the state’s ability to maintain Florida’s roads, bridges, ports and other transportation systems and allow the deterioration of Florida’s natural resources, air and water quality; and

§ make it much more difficult for Florida to invest in building new schools, new roads, clean water systems, and other infrastructure projects by raising the cost of borrowing for such investments.



Brad Ashwell

No On 3


Twitter, Facebook


Fri, 17 Aug 2012 04:44:00 +0000

Obama for America Florida: Coral Gables House Party


Come join OFA-FL to meet and greet supporters of the President and to learn about how you can get involved with the campaign here locally! Our success in the field this fall will result in success at the polls in November.

Come and join us! Snacks will be served.

RSVP with Chris Cialeo

Time: Saturday, August 18, 2012 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Host: Daniella Levine

Location: House (Coral Gables, FL) 860 Jeronimo dr Coral Gables, FL 33146


Directions and Parking Instructions Directions from I-95: Take I-95 South Continue on U.S. 1 S Turn right onto Granada Blvd (Across from Temple Judea) Turn right onto Jeronimo Dr. (After crossing bridge) Arrive at destination (3rd house on right) Directions from the Palmetto Expressway: Exit on SW 40th St/Bird Rd/FL-976 E Turn right on Granada Blvd (Just past Biltmore golf course) Turn Left on Jeronimo Dr (5th left, before bridge) Arrive at destination (3rd house on right) Parking Instructions: Parallel park along Jeronimo Dr or adjacent streets.

Click on this link for the official invitation.(image)

Obama Campaign

Wed, 15 Aug 2012 22:56:00 +0000


This is the first of a series of campaign updates I will be sending to all of you regarding the state of the race in Florida and particularly in Miami.

Let me start by stating the obvious. This race is razor thin. One day we're up, and the next day we're down. Over the next couple of weeks the Romney campaign will surely get a bump in the polls once they select their VP and their convention comes to Tampa. While the polls may show us down, we will continue building up the strongest electoral organization in Florida's history.

Here are ways you can contribute building our organization.

We are building our organization by hiring more organizers. Some of these dedicated organizers will come from out-of-state, and they will need a place to stay. If you or someone you know has a spare bedroom please provide housing for an Obama Organizer. We are going to need a massive army of organizers to get-out-the-vote. We are looking for dedicated and talented young people who want to be part of the 2012 Obama Fall Organizing Fellowship. This is the last fellowship of the Obama campaign and it will be the team that gets us to the finish line. If you know of friends who want to volunteer, they should sign-up on our new online organizing platform: Dashboard. You can also use this platform to find events happening in your neighborhood.

I leave you with this. We have a well-funded opponent that is ready to out-spend us in Florida. He is building up his own organization right now. Ultimately, it will comes down to who can get out more voters than the other guy, and there is no doubt in my mind, if everyone helps out, we will win.

Juan Cuba

State Deputy Field Director

Organizing for America - FL(image)

Sun, 12 Aug 2012 21:55:00 +0000

Updated List of "Daniella's Picks" United States Senator: Bill Nelson State Attorney, 11th Judicial Circuit: Katherine Fernandez Rundle She has a strong record and has created a strong office, although some think she has been too aggressive and some think she has not been aggressive enough. I think she deserves another term. State Senator, District 39: Dwight Bullard He has a strong commitment to the community, is deeply knowledgeable about about social concerns. State Representatives: State Representative, District 108: Alix DeslumeHe is a dedicated, thoughtful experienced public servant. His opponent is backed by companies that do not reflect the values of the party or this community and she has not provided effective leadership on issues of our concern. State Representative, District 109: Cynthia A. Stafford State Representative, District 112: Jose Javier RodriguezHe is truly a rising young star, someone who represents the best future for the party. State Representative, District 113: David Richardson State Representative, District 117: Carmen Morris Representatives in Congress: District 24: Frederica S. WilsonShe has deep knowledge of and commitment to the District and the larger community. She has represented us with integrity and flair. She is open minded and has demonstrated strong commitment to all her diverse constituents. She deserves another term. District 26: Gloria Romero RosesShe is smart, savvy, informed, with a broad network for engagement including business ties. She will work effectively in a bi-partisan manner. She is not anti-union as some have contended, despite the policies of her former employer. She is open-minded and progressive. Her opponent, Joe Garcia, is also a wonderful person and candidate, but he got in late to the race and may be more polarizing in the general election against David Rivera. I think Gloria will be an outstanding newcomer. Judges: Circuit Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit Group 8: David C. Miller Circuit Jdge, 11th Judicial Circuit Group 15: Robbert Coppel Circuit Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit Group 47: Maria de Jesus Santovenia Circuit Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit Group 49: Teresa Mary PoolerI worked with Tess for many years in juvenile court where she was a fair and dedicated advocate. County Judge, Group 10: Diana Gonzalez County Judge, Group 20: Michelle Alvarez Barakat County Judge, Group 24: Greer Elaine WallaceI worked with Greer for many years in juvenile court and know her to be a dedicated public servant with great sensitivity to needs of the community. County Judge, Group 27: Ivonne CuestaShe is an outstanding and leading member of the Public Defender's Office with extensive experience in community venues as well. County Judge, Group 28: Tanya Brinkley County Judge, Group 33: Teretha Lundy Thomas County Judge, Group 40: Don S. Cohn Property Appraiser: Pedro J. Garcia He has presented fair, thoughtful and balanced information on the county's tax rolls and is not ideological in his approach. Board of County Commissioners: Board of County Commissioners District 1: Barbara JordanShe has a long history of dedicated service and deep knowledge of the county. Her opponent Shirley Gibson was an outstanding mayor and public servant as well. However, Barbara's knowledge and reach is invaluable and we need her perspective on the County Commission. Board of County Commissioners District 3: Alison AustinShe is an outstanding advocate, rising star. Board of County Commissioners District 5: Luis Garcia Board of County Commissioners District 9: Dennis C. Moss Board of County Commissioners District 11: Juan C. Zapata Mayor: Carlos GimenezThis is the first time I endorse someone who has focused his campaign on reducing taxes, since I know what is needed to run an effecti[...]

Jose Javier Rodriguez Campaign

Sat, 04 Aug 2012 15:37:00 +0000

The first poll released for our race shows we can win this in November!

As reported by The Miami Herald:

"Rodriguez's numbers jump past the Republicans' after pollsters message-tested by reading positive and negative statements about the candidates."

Early voting in the primary election starts tomorrow, August 4th, and I need your support to make sure I'm on the ballot in November. Click here to get a full list of early voting locations.

I hope you're as excited as I am about the days ahead!

Your candidate for Florida House District 112,

Jose Javier Rodriguez

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Jose Javier Rodriguez, Democrat, for State Representative, District 112(image)

Thu, 02 Aug 2012 14:01:00 +0000

CIVIC ACTION BULLETIN EVENTS Tuesday, July 31, 2012: Earned Paid Sick Days Ordinance Campaign Kick-Off Lunch “On Tuesday, July 31, the Miami-Dade Paid Sick Days Coalition invites union leaders, community, faith-based, health care and policy leaders and workers to a kick-off meeting to learn more about the campaign to pass a Miami-Dade County-wide Paid Sick Days Ordinance this year in the Miami-Dade County Commission. Commissioner Barbara Jordan, sponsor of the Miami-Dade Paid Sick Days Ordinance, will be our special guest” 11:30 am- 1:00 pm at 1671 NW 16th Terrace, Miami, FL 33125. Lunch served, please RSVP to 305-324-1107. Directions at: ===== Tuesday, July 31, 2012: Downtown Bay Forum: Miami-Dade County Mayoral Candidate Forum Speakers: Hon. Carlos A. Gimenez, Mayor, Miami-Dade County; Hon. Joe A. Martinez, Miami-Dade County Commissioner District 11. Moderator: Michael Putney -WPLG -Channel 10. 11:30 a.m. at Temple Israel, 137 NE 19th Street, Miami. Free self-parking available. $30 membership, $22 lunch for member with reservation, $52 membership & lunch, $26 non-member or member without reservation if space is available. To reserve, or for further information, call Annette Eisenberg at 305-757-3633. ===== Thursday, August 2, 2012: Cocktails & Politics: Be Election Ready “As part of our non-partisan voter services activities, the League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County is hosting Cocktails & Politics: Be Election Ready, an event to meet and introduce all candidates on the August 14, 2012 ballot. “You are cordially invited to participate and share with our membership and guests your reasons for running and your goals in office should you be successful. The format will include one-on-one conversations with the audience and 1-2 minute introduction for each candidate.” 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at La Loggia Restaurant, 68 West Flagler Street, Miami. RESOURCES 1. HOW TO VOTE Here are a couple of resources: -Miami Herald. Here are all their endorsements in one place (except they are behind on updating them): -Save Dade -Dade County Bar Poll (this is extremely interesting- it is amazing how many judges are almost universally adored or despised by the attorneys who practice before them) 2. THINGS THAT COULD HAPPEN IN MIAMI Some of us remember that the campaign for Miami-Dade County’s living wage ordinance started with a couple of people noticing an article on the issue in the Nation Magazine. There are always many initiatives being taken in various parts of the country, which could be adopted or adapted here. Earlier this summer, I attended a conference in Washington organized by the Campaign for America’s Future. During that conference, and in reading since, I have became aware (or been reminded) of a number of initiatives that we could take. Here are some of them. The workplace -Enact a county ordinance requiring that employees be paid for a specified number of sick days. (This happens to be the subject of a campaign being kicked off tomorrow- see above). National Paid Sick Days Coalition Housing -The County, with outside financing and at no cost to taxpayers, could take underwater mortgages by eminent domain, and refinance them with sustainable mortgages. Mortgage Resolution Partners (see the links at their Press Room) -Organize to [...]

Thu, 02 Aug 2012 13:50:00 +0000




Incumbent Daphne Campbell's chief accomplishment in her first term was a bill to stop the state from providing lists of troubled assisted living facilities to the public. It was vetoed by Gov. Scott.

She is opposed by two able opponents who would do a better job for voters in this largely Haitian- and African-American district. Alix Desulme, 34, ran against her in 2010. He works for the school district as a curriculum support specialist. This is the first race for Pat Santangelo, 62, but he is no stranger to the public arena, having been spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol and, currently, for Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado.

We recommended Ms. Campbell, 55, in 2010 after the incumbent dropped out at the last minute, but she has been a big disappointment. She remains under investigation by the State Attorney General's Office for questions involving payments by the state to group-care facilities she and her husband managed.

Mr. Santangelo says jobs are the No. 1 priority, but he also emphasizes transportation and believes the state can improve pedestrian and bicycle safety without great cost to the public.

We give Mr. Desulme the edge in this race because of his prior experience as a candidate and his service as former city clerk of North Miami. He would seek a seat on the education committee.

For House District 108, Democratic primary, The Herald recommends ALIX DESULME.

Read more here:

Recent Endorsements:

•United Faculty of Miami Dade College

•Teamsters Local Union No. 769

•American Federation of Labor American Federation of State, County and Municipal

•Employees (AFSCME)

•United Teachers of Dade (UTD)

•Florida Alliance for Retired Americans (FLARA)

•Progressive Majority

•International Association of Firefighters Local 1403 (IAFF)

•Fraternal Order of Police

•South Florida Caribbean News


Wed, 01 Aug 2012 18:32:00 +0000

List of "Daniella's Picks" United States Senator: Bill Nelson Representative in Congress District 24: Frederica S. Wilson Representative in Congress, District 26: Gloria Romero Roses State Attorney, 11th Judicial Circuit: Katherine Fernandez Rundle State Senator, District 39: Dwight Bullard State Representative, District 108: Alix Deslume State Representative, District 109: Cynthia A. Stafford State Representative, District 112: Jose Javier Rodriguez State Representative, District 113: David Richardson State Representative, District 117: Carmen Morris Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeewoman, Precinct 041: Maria Leventhal Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeeman, Precinct 048: David Y. Patlak Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeewoman, Precinct 069: Karen Andre Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeewoman, Precinct 159: Daisy M. Black Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeewoman, Precinct 254: Lottie M Hines Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeeman, Precinct 508: Eric Thompson Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeewoman, Precinct 516: Meghan Hammond Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeewoman, Precinct 520: Eufaula Smith Frazier Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeeman, Precinct 544: Areto Imoukhuede Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeeman, Precinct 561: Juan Cuba Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeeman, Precinct 571: Jose Javier Rodriguez Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeewoman, Precinct 583: Ana J. Colis Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeeman, Precinct 586: Bret Berlin Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeewoman, Precinct 592: Ronald F. Bilbao and Kevin Bulger Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeeman, Precinct 621: Deltravis Lamont Williams Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeeman, Precinct 636: Ross Hancock Democratic County Executive Committee Precinct Committeewoman, Precinct 717: Olga T Montealegre Representative in Congress, District 24: Frederica S. Wilson Circuit Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit Group 8: David C. Miller Circuit Jdge, 11th Judicial Circuit Group 15: Robbert Coppel Circuit Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit Group 47: Maria de Jesus Santovenia Circuit Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit Group 49: Teresa Mary Pooler County Judge, Group 10: Diana Gonzalez County Judge, Group 20: Michelle Alvarez Barakat County Judge, Group 24: Greer Elaine Wallace County Judge, Group 27: Ivonne Cuesta County Judge, Group 28: Tanya Brinkley County Judge, Group 33: Teretha Lundy Thomas County Judge, Group 40: Don S. Cohn Property Appraiser: Pedro J. Garcia Board of County Commissioners District 1: Barbara Jordan Board of County Commissioners District 3: Alision Austin Board of County Commissioners District 5: Luis Garcia Board of County Commissioners District 9: Dennis C. Moss Board of County Commissioners District 11: Juan C. Zapata Mayor: Carlos Gimenez Community Council 10, At Large: Miriam “Mimi” Planas Repeal of County’s Pit Bull Dog Ban: Yes[...]

Mon, 30 Jul 2012 15:46:00 +0000

For a second opinion, check out Save Dade's recommendations here I strongly value Save Dade's positions.(image)

Daniella's Picks

Fri, 27 Jul 2012 15:57:00 +0000

Welcome August 14 Primary! Find "Daniella's Picks" posted to help you with the election. This is a service I offer to help people sort out the complexities of our democratic process. Pass it on! (image)

Mon, 23 Jul 2012 22:47:00 +0000


"In 2010, 3092 people were killed in crashes involving a distracted driver and an estimated additional 416,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver.

18% of injury crashes in 2010 were reported as distraction-affected crashes. In the month of June 2011, more than 196 billion text messages were sent or received in the US, up nearly 50% from June 2009. (CTIA)

11% of all drivers under the age of 20 involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the crash. This age group has the largest proportion of drivers who were distracted.

40% of all American teens say they have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put people in danger. (Pew)

Drivers who use hand-held devices are 4 times more likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves. (Monash University)

Text messaging creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted. (VTTI)

Sending or receiving a text takes a driver's eyes from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, the equivalent-at 55 mph-of driving the length of an entire football field, blind. (VTTI)

Headset cell phone use is not substantially safer than hand-held use. (VTTI)

Driving while using a cell phone reduces the amount of brain activity associated with driving by 37%. (Carnegie Mellon)"

Millions of people are affected every day by distracted driving. Sign the petition and we can be one step closer to making this act against the law.

Go to

Thank you all in advance for your support.(image)