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Hello Blog World

Mon, 31 Oct 2011 16:00:00 +0000

Old man winter is here! We have had cold rain and snow flurries for the past three days...the front of the winter storm that has brought much of the North eastern part of the USA to a standstill. We are still moving about...but it is the kind of weather where a self respecting Polar bear is huddled near a fire, heh....................................................................................I have been following the tax debate in the states wondering if any politician really has the guts to do anything about a tax code that is totally fucked up! Face it people...taxes are a necessity. The government has to have revenue to provide the infrastructure for business and the public. However, the American government's problem is not so much a lack of revenue as it is politicians spending money like a drunk in a whore house with his company American Express Corporate Card. I have come to the conclusion that it is the special interest groups from big business/bankers to enviro-nuts and others that are running the country via politicians they have bought. And I may have a solution....or at least a partial solution...How about taxing political contributors at 100 percent of the contribution as well as taxing campaign funds at the rate that top earners are taxed? And while we are at it change the tax code to tax ALL foundations, religion incomes, and charities at the same rate as the highest tax bracket. People, this would bring in a lot of revenue. Moreover, if it makes politicians more expensive to buy maybe fewer would be bought.My late sister's husband used to say about government cutting back on the spending...everyone knows an ox needs to be slaughtered but the disagreement is over whose ox will see the knife. Yep, whose ox will get gored. And as it is now damn few programs will get cut because no politician is willing to take a chance of offending his/her special interest group and thus losing the campaign funds.Do I sound cynical? Yeah I am...the USA is headed for one hell of a crash and neither the republicans nor democrats have the guts to do what has to be done...and that is raising taxes across the board and cutting spending to no more than the previous years rate of inflation. The republicans are against any tax hikes...and for good reason. Congress always spends what it has plus all it can borrow. They see with good reason that the democrats only want to soak the wealthy for the sole purpose of income redistribution. The democrats want to raise taxes but only on the wealthy and the only cut in spending they will agree to is the defense budget. Now I have no doubt that the defense budget can stand some scrutiny but so can damn near every other government program. But which politician is going to stand up and tell the others that 'I will agree to tank my special interest group if you will tank yours? My bet is none of them......................................................................................All is well here in St John's NL excepting the weather which is chilling my old bones at times. But my angel keeps me warm enough and I have found that the very best jumpstart in the world is sold here. Friends, if you have not tried Tim Horton's coffee you just don't know what you are missing. And, although the price of cackleberries is about double of that in most parts of the states I manage to have a couple when I want them. Yes boy! A cackleberry and a bowl of grits chased by the best jumpstart ever is a great way to start the day...right after my angel kisses me good morning and tells me she loves me. Y'all come, heah??[...]

Winter is coming

Sat, 29 Oct 2011 17:37:00 +0000

We had snow flurries yesterday pushed sideways by a 2 degree 40mph wind. I reckon that means winter is on the way and it is time to dig out the cold weather gear. It has been a enjoyable summer and fall but now it is time to start snuggling in and staying warm.

I am getting an appointment next week to get the old Madza ready for winter...tune up and anti-freeze checked and probably change the oil to 5W10. The car already has all season tires on it so I am not going to get studded snow tires unless I really need them. But I don't think I will....a front wheel drive does well in snow although they do handle different in an ice skid than a rear wheel drive.

We have enjoyed having the car. The first year I was here we spent enough on bus fare and taxi fares to have bought it. And now with my angel working we need it to get her back and forth to work. (I tell people I am a gopher...I take 'er to work and gopher.) The car also gives us the mobility to see the town and the sites.

Hope to get the disciple to start writing again...about all I am doing right now is comments on the NY Slimes articles once in a while of which maybe one in six get published. The Times doesn't take criticism very good! BAWAHAHAHAHAHA Y'all come, heah?

Is Democracy Obsolete?

Fri, 14 Oct 2011 17:24:00 +0000

I have never been a fan of democracy...break the word down...demo, short for demonstration and cracy, well, to me it means crazy...democracy just means demonstrating being crazy. And it is crazy to support a system that allows the public to vote themselves a free lunch. No, not a free lunch but a lunch paid for by the sweat of others.

I was scanning the European news when I run across this article in Spiegel. It pretty well sums up what is wrong with both true democracy and representative governments today.

Is there an answer? Yeah, but not one most people want to hear. The public has to understand that government does not have the solutions for those who refuse to accept personal responsibility for their actions. Government of civilized societies has a responsibility to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves because of physical or mental problems. Moreover, temporary assistance for those who need help because of loss of employment or medical should be provided. But providing a living for those who refuse to care for themselves will eventually bankrupt a society. Those who are doing the providing will soon realize the 'law of diminishing returns' and either quit producing an excess that can be voted to feed the looters or else quit and join the looters.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sun, 28 Aug 2011 14:21:00 +0000

(image) Hurricane Irene, now Tropical Storm Irene has been on every TV station for the past few days. One would think that with that much warning that there was one hell of a storm headed their everyone would look for some place safe. Evidently not...I just heard a few minutes ago that at least eleven deaths are attributed to 'Irene'. Although the specifics of the deaths were not included in the report I just have to assume that at least part were due to Darwin's ideas about survival of the fittest...and some of those who dies just didn't have sense enough to get out of the way. I feel for their families and loved ones but just can't generate much sympathy for any who died because they were too damn stupid to leave an area when told to evacuate...if in fact that was the case.

I have been through some in the South Pacific where they are called typhoons and a couple in Florida. The howling 'freight train' type noise for hours on end are enough to drive one nuts. And couple that with driving rain and then days without electrical power....well, my friends it makes one appreciate the modern luxuries of life.

Hurricanes and tornadoes and other natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and
volcanic activity are just a part of nature on this sphere we call earth. I think Darwin was right...the fittest adapt and survive. Humans as a whole are a resilient bunch, heh?

We shall see just how resilent the good people are in NY City where the flood damage is horrific and a half a million or so have no power. Will they be as those in New Orleans? Blaming the government for their own stupidity? Or will they do as the strong willed folks in South Western Louisanna did and immediately start to work on their own to rebuild? I hope it is the latter.

It is finally summer here in St John's Newfoundland. The air is a pleasant ( or it is to me) 73F degrees and just enough breeze to make it comfortable. The sun seems some hotter here though...I have as deep of a tan on my arms and face as I ever did down south in Florida.

My angel and I had some plans for this warm weather but looks like they will have to be put on hold for later. She started a new job a couple of weeks ago and we will not have the time to do the traveling about the island...maybe next summer when she gets her 'holiday'...(vacation to you who are not familiar with Newfie talk).

Enough for now. I have had my ration of jumpstart and now need me grits and cackleberries. Life is good my friends. My angel kissed me good morning and told me she loved me...made my day once again. Y'all come back, heah?

And I Said, WTF

Sun, 14 Aug 2011 12:52:00 +0000

(image) I took some time this beautiful Sunday morning to scan the NY Times and run across this bit that caused me to read out loud and say WHAT THE FXXX?

"The ailing economy, barely growing at the same pace as the population, has swept all other political issues to the sidelines. Twenty-five million Americans could not find full-time jobs last month. Millions of families cannot afford to live in their homes. And the contentious debate over raising the federal debt ceiling — which Mr. Obama achieved only after striking a compromise with Republicans that included a plan for at least $2.1 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years — has further shaken economic confidence."

People, what is going on in the American government? How hard is it for the president and congress to understand that it is business, not government that provides jobs? What do we the people have to do to get those who make the laws to understand that it is governments duty to provide the infrastructure and climate for business to succeed...not to make laws that hinder business success.

Yes, taxes at all government levels from municipalities to the federal level are necessary. But to tell business and the world that "sharing the wealth" is the goal damn sure does not inspire business to invest more capital.
The Tea Party republicans are dead set on any new taxes...I tend to agree unless any new taxes are coupled with a limit on spending. Seems to me that the government needs to take a look at spending as I have had to do with my personal funds many times and differentiate between 'WANT' and 'NEED' and only spend on need until such time as there are funds for want. The Tea Party understands congress better than congress understands itself...the party knows that congress will spend every dime it can get whether it be tax dollars or borrowed funds. How else can they get re-elected without taking the bacon home to the voters. And the voters? Seems the majority believes in the "free lunch" else why do they vote for the porkers?

When NATO first became involved in Libya I wrote here that it was a mistake. I have no doubt that Qaddafi is a murdering thug. But, at least he is was only murdering Libyans after Reagan put the fear of Allah and F-111s in him. Now, if he is in fact overthrown who will replace him? MORE MURDERING THUGS!

I think it is time for the USA and Canada to tell the Libyans that if they want to overthrow Qaddafi to do it by themselves...give them the resources to do it but tell them they have to do it without putting American and Canadian forces in harms way. Time to pull up our pants and come home.

Not Perfect But Better Than Nothing

Tue, 02 Aug 2011 22:23:00 +0000

So, the bill passed the house and senate and Emperor Obama was brought down off his throne. And now he bitches: “Voters may have chosen divided government,” he said, “but they sure didn’t vote for dysfunctional government.”

Well, I agree with him there. But which party is dysfunctional? I crown both as being self centered and worried more about the 2112 elections than they are about the fiscal welfare of the country.

Some in congress are scared no doubt. The Tea Party has already targeted some more of the 'republicans in name only' and I figure some will be retiring after the 2112 elections. I also have an idea that the independent voters are sick of a lot of the democrats and will retire them also.

But what will we get in return? A congress that can get the fiscal house in order? I have my doubts unless we can get a congress who understands that government has to have money to operate and taxes are a necessity.

I don't believe that the government should 'soak the rich' but I do believe that taxes are going to have to be raised across the board in order for the country to get out of the mess it is in. I suggest a solution:

1. Do away with the cap on payroll taxes (social security taxes). I don't give a damn if a person makes a million a year tax that person on 100 per cent just as the 50 grand a year person is taxed at 100 percent.

2. I never believed business could be taxed...taxes are a part of doing business and the costs of such taxes are passed on to the consumer. But, that said I believe that the tax loopholes congress wrote to pay for campaign funds should be WELDED SHUT! Big business should have to play by the same rules as the small businessman. One example is corporations bringing money earned offshore home tax free.

3. The progressive income tax is nothing more than legalized extortion! The only way the American public has stood still for it has been the deductions for dependents and such deductions as interest on home loans. You want a 'fair tax'? Two ways of doing it...either or both will serve the country very well: A FLAT RATE TAX and/or A VALUE ADDED TAX ON ALL PURCHASES. However, although such would raise the revenue the country needs without a strong curb on spending congress would just blow it as they have in the past. All spending bills that increase spending more than the inflation rate of the past year should require a two thirds majority of both houses.

4. The playing field between business and labor needs to be leveled. Right now the laws are in favor of labor. I believe that a National Right to Work law would entice business to bring back the production from offshore to the USA. This would not only provide more jobs but would also increase the revenue for the government.

So much for my soapbox rant.

It is a chilly 40F in St John's as I write this. It is near dark and the fog is rolling in off the Atlantic and the air is wet...not raining but wet. But the weather quacks allow sunshine tomorrow...hope things to do and places to go.
Life is good my friends when you are loved with a passion. Y'all come, heah?

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sun, 31 Jul 2011 12:20:00 +0000

(image) My angel and I are sitting at the kitchen table at times listening to the radio on this foggy St John's NL Sunday morning. I get a kick out of the station, VOCM, ( it is on line if ya wanna Google it )thirty minutes of oldies music alternated with thirty minutes of bible thumping by various hard core shamans. My angel is on her laptops...yeah she is using two...working on her Facebook Frontierville games and I have been reading the NY Times which as always gets me on a soapbox.......

This article in today's NY Times says that the best way for the USA to get its fiscal house in order is to grow its way out of debt. Yep, certainly agree...more people working and business making money means more taxes and on paper it looks good. The writer in the Times refers us back to the Clinton era when although Clinton raised taxes the national debt was being paid off and there was a budget surplus...(well, yeah sorta kinda a surplus but how can you have a surplus when you still owe trillions).

I remember those days. Bill Clinton was getting a hummer in the oval office while talking to a senator on the phone...and taking credit for a booming economy that started when Reagan cut taxes. But in any event, the writer in the Times in 'on the money' about the money. The country can grow itself out of debt; but not with a democratic administration and senate. And I have my doubts that it can with the current crop of republicans who are more 'RINO' than fiscal conservatives.

Look people, why should anyone venture capital in the USA today when they know that if they make a profit either labor unions or government is going to fight for the profit?

I say again, a national right to work law coupled with a fixed tax rate good for at least twenty years (unless congress approves a raise of taxes by a two thirds majority) would give business an incentive to expand and hire. Moreover, if the tax loopholes that allow business to bring money back home without paying taxes were closed it might give them an incentive to start producing in the USA again. Yeah, damn right and that would mean more jobs and more taxes for the government.

But I am pessimistic that it will ever happen. The American people need a rude fiscal awakening to get them to understand that there is no free lunch. They demand more and more from government and those in government for the most part provide it regardless the cost so they can get reelected.

The jumpstart this morning tastes a little different...a brand of coffee I had not tried before. But it is strong and hot and has a kick...and that is why I drink the stuff. Life is good my angel kissed me good morning and told me she loved me. And that makes my day. Y'all come, heah?

I Am Ashamed of the American Government

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 16:57:00 +0000

I am an American. I have always supported my country; at one time to the point in serving in the USAF for over 22 years. I have always believed that the representative constitutional republic that governs the USA is the best of all possible governments because of three facts. One is that the constitution protects the minority from tyranny from the majority. Second is that the election process allows for an orderly transfer of power from one political party to another as well as the orderly transfer of administrative power from on president to the new one. And finally, the USA under its Constitution has offered more freedom and liberty to more of its people than any government during the history of this earth. That said let me say this... our current president and congress seems to care more about their power than they do about the economic welfare of the USA and its people. And for the first time in my life I am ashamed of the American government.

I fully agree with the those in congress who want a drastic cut in spending. Moreover, I am a realist who also understands the need to raise more income via taxes...even if it means taxing me more every month. But, the right wingers are adamant about no new taxes and the left wingers are adamant about just taxing the wealthy...BOTH ARE WRONG!

People, the American people got themselves into this economic crises as a whole...they elected the ones who promised a free lunch and now they are finding out that someone has to pay. It will take ALL Americans working together and tightening their belts to get the country out of the mess they have created.

But before that can happen congress is going to have to come to an agreement to increase the borrowing ceiling...and then work to cut spending and find more revenue.

There are a lot of places to find the dollars...close the tax loopholes that encourage big business to move off shore for one. Others include a value added tax or maybe a flat tax that hits everyone. One thing for damn sure, the graduated income tax only encourages the wealthy to pay congress to put loopholes in the tax code!

Most of you know I am living in Newfoundland, Canada now with my wife of three months who is the love of my life. I plan to stay here with her for the rest of my life providing Canada will let me. But in any event, I am still an American and my allegiance is to the country of my birth.

Hello Blog World

Wed, 27 Jul 2011 12:30:00 +0000

The weather has been beautiful here for the past three days...very similar to central Florida west coast winters with a low at night in the 40sF and in the 70s during the day. But rain is predicted for today and the next two days so we took advantage of the nice evening and took a walk in a local park with playgrounds. There were some youngsters knocking a softball around on the ball diamond and some others on the tennis court. The flora is beautiful here this time of year...the wild flowers and many shades of color reminds me of the Fairbanks Alaska area. The pictures are in no particular order...just some we took overlooking the park and of the flowers. One is a shot of a wild blueberry plant in bloom. I hope the rain leaves us and we have some nice weather for the Regatta festival at Quidi Vidi Lake in St John's. This is the biggest event of the year in St John's and it appears that the entire city will turn out to watch their favorite crews race. The lake shores will be lined with food vendors...I am looking forward to a hot dawg and fries, heh.Speaking of food...I have had my ration of jumpstart but ain't got my grits and cackleberries yet...thanks again for the grits, Josie. Like if good my friends when you share it with someone who loves you with such a passion. Y'all come, heah?[...]

Hello Blog World

Mon, 18 Jul 2011 17:54:00 +0000

We got to the Mount Pearl, Newfoundland Festival grounds early yesterday so we could find a parking place...heh..only had to walk a few blocks carrying our borrowed folding chairs. But the walk was well worth the effort! Sunday is always the final and 'biggest' day of the festival. There were all kinds of games of know, the kind that rip you off and if you win ya get a China made 25 cent stuffed toy. There was a lot of over priced food concessions as well. Only Ziggy's that has the best fries I have ever ate is worth the cost....Ziggy's prepares fresh spuds fro the deep fry instead of using the frozen Micky D kind that taste like rubber when the start getting cold. Four bucks buys a big container full..enough for the two of us. Another stand had hotdawgs for three bucks...and the fries and dawgs was supper.We stayed through all but two of the bands...the last two were no doubt the best but after sun down a strong wet wind made the 40F degree air was just two cold for us to enjoy the music. But it was one enjoyable day and we are looking forward to attending next year.Next month is some more free entertainment in St John's. The Royal St John's Regatta is scheduled for August 3 weather permitting. The Regatta is the oldest organized sporting event...not counting those by the native North America. We missed it last year but this year it is definitely on our "TO DO" list. There is a possibility that Shanneyganock will perform there this year...they are the best of the best of the traditional Newfoundland groups and can liven a crowd like no other can do. We had the great pleasure of seeing the group at the Mount Pearl Days fest last year and I would sit in the cold wind to see them once again.I enjoyed the "Celtic Connection". They played some Irish jigs as well as a lot of the traditional Newfoundland sounds.This is "Fully Completely" a rock band that I just could not appreciate although the young people in the crowd seemed to like them...we left the grounds for a break while they were on."Ennis" has toured with the Nittygritty Dirt band as well as others and is well known in Canada.This band is Siochana a great sound from a local bandI reckon today is just a kick back and rest day. We slept in this morning...unusual for me. I fixed me some jumpstart and grits and read the news...but I just feel too good to let the New Times and Emperor Obama spoil my day. Life is great my to enjoy everyday of it. Y'all come, heah?[...]

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sun, 17 Jul 2011 13:40:00 +0000

It is a usual Sunday morning for my angel and me...sitting at the table with our 'laptops' listening to the best radio station one earth, Newfoundlands VOCM, station that is broadcast all over the island as well as being on line. I have had my ration of jumpstart though I have yet to fix the grits and cackleberries...Josie, every time I fix them grits I say "Thank Ya Josie".We are planning on heading back to the Mount pearl Days celebration after while. There will be some eight hours of live music by some well known Newfoundland bands...mostly traditional Newfoundland music which is much like American 'Bluegrass' with a lot of 'C&W' in between. We borrowed a couple of folding lawn chairs from a cousin and plan to just kick back and enjoy the day. Just hope it don't rain. But then I reckon rain is why god made umbrellas, huh?I took some time this morning to read the NY Times as usual...and as usual it put me on a soapbox...Am I dreaming? Can you believe the headline? G.O.P. Freshmen Say Debt Concerns Them More Than Re-election GOTDAM I hope this is and women who care more about the country than getting reelected will be a first since the time of George Washington. People, old George was one smart man and I do believe a seer as well...did you ever read his letter to the nation that is usually referred to as "Washington's Farewell Address? No? Then click the link...but for you who are not into clicks I'll tell you in a few words what he said:YOU BEST BE CAREFUL ABOUT POLITICAL PARTIES BECAUSE THEY WILL FUCK OVER THE COUNTRY TO STAY IN POWER!Yep, he knew, huh? It is a wonder that the country has survived as long as it has with the caliber of politicians the country has spawned. I reckon the survival is due to the fact that every few generations a true patriot leader emerges and manages to remind the voters that the USA is a constitutional republic...not a fucking democracy where the voters can vote to loot the treasury and tax payers. Maybe...and this is a just maybe...the new republicans in congress are of this ilk. But,in any event, as I wrote yesterday something needs to give on the 'borrowing cap' if just long enough to put some fiscal controls in place. The country needs to get its spending under control but it also needs some time to do it.All politics are about compromise...and if one side can get even 51 percent of what they want it is a start on getting more. I just hope that the new republicans can grasp this. .....................................................................................Okay, I am off the soap box...would have stayed longer but my belly is telling my butt that the grits are in the cabinet and get the hell up and feed me.Just looked out the window...looks like it is gonna be a nice day for my angel and I wonder if I reach over and hug her she will give my butt a rest and fix my belly some grits? Naaaa, just kidding...she would give me the world if it was hers to give.Y'all come, heah?[...]

Hello Blogworld

Sat, 16 Jul 2011 14:34:00 +0000

It is near noon here in St John's Newfoundland and the sun is trying to burn away some fog. We had some plans for this afternoon if the weather clears...if not I reckon I will just try to catch up on the news and maybe blog a bit.I read the NY Times as usual trying to keep up with what is happening in the good old US of A...DAMN! It ain't all so good huh? I sure hope the country gets it act together...the depreciating value of the US Dollar is killing me here in cost me about 540 US just to get 500 Canadian out of the ATM!And I am on my soapbox once again:This goat rope we call congress and the wanna be emperor we call president are dead set on bringing on a gotdam depression! Look people, the crises right now is not about spending nor new taxes nor balancing the budget although all should be on the table. The problem right now is that unless congress acts the USA will not be able to borrow the money needed to pay the bills the country owes. Yeah..I know and you know that no country can continue down the economic path our leaders have put us on and survive. But in any event the sumbitches need to agree to extend the 14 trillion debt ceiling by Aug 2 if only just long enough to get some of the needed tax/budget legislation passed.I have often said that taxes are a necessary evil. I have no problem with taxes but I do have a problem with the graduated tax system as well as taxes on capital gain and extortionate taxes on business profits. The tax system needs a drastic overhaul...why in hell should the lower income brackets get by with NO taxes when those who have done what it takes to be high earners have to pay the share of the low earners...or no earners. The USA economy and its government and I do believe a majority of its people are sick! I say a sick people because the majority voted for Obama expecting a free lunch for themselves paid for by business and the high wage earners. And those votes are now making them sicker. But although sick the country is still healthy enough to heal itself if the public is not to far gone to help.It is gonna take some action by congress once a new debt ceiling is established. And damn right it will take some new taxes. But I say this...if they tax the high earners then they damn sure better tax everyone else including we old retired farts and the welfare mommas! We got into this fucking economic mess as a society and it is gonna take a society to get us out! And I am all for a balanced budget amendment that requires a two thirds majority to borrow money!And while congress is at it I suggest and strongly recommend a national right to work law as well as a law prohibiting government employees from unionizing. ..................................................................................We enjoyed an afternoon in Mount pearl Newfoundland yesterday. The city hosted a pig roast and a lot of free entertainment including a local Country and Western band that is as good as any I have ever heard anywhere! We are going back tomorrow for about eight hours of live music from a variety of Newfoundland bands...some of which play the traditional Newfoundland music that I truly enjoy. The Newfoundland music has the same roots as the American Bluegrass.[...]

Hello Blog World

Fri, 15 Jul 2011 15:34:00 +0000

Yeah, it is me again, heh. I know I don't write much anymore...hell, it seems that all I ever do is preach to the choir about Emperor Obama and his koolade drinkers but then I have been preaching to the choir about what was gonna happen to the American economy for years...way before I ever started blogging. But the current goat rope we call congress and the phony we elected as president as well as the NY Slimes editorials gave me some inspiration to bang out some thoughts today. Maybe, just maybe some left winger will stumble on here and might...just might...think a bit about what I write.There just ain't no free lunch. The public has been wanting it way before the ancient Roman Empire decided to give free bread to the plebes to get their votes...take a look at the ancient Athens Greece democracy...the Greeks ain't changed, huh? Still wanting the free lunch from government.Those of you who have followed this bit of shit and wit know that I figure a democracy the worst possible form of government because it allows the majority to vote to loot the ones who producing the bread. DAMN! Did you ever wonder why the fables such as the "ant and the Grasshopper" and "The Goose who laid the Golden Egg" are no longer taught in schools? Because such fables teach that socialism is unworkable in the long run and the vast majority of the public school systems are now run by left wingers who could not hold down a job outside of the public school system.I have written here before that even the ancient wise men knew that socialism would eventually destroy a of the 10 commandments to the Israelite Tribes was about socialism and wanting a free lunch...."You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor." I reckon the more times change the more they stay the same, huh? I will tell you this though...I don't have much in the way of material wealth...never wanted much because I didn't need much. But I damn sure don't begrudge the people who have sacrificed free time, saved their assets, and worked their butts off to accumulate material wealth. I figure they earned it and are entitled to keep it and never should have to worry (as they are now) about a gotdam democracy voting to take it away from them. And we wonder why jobs are hard to come by? People, when the labor laws are stacked against business and the current administration is doing its best to tax away profits why in hell should anyone invest capital in the USA? When Obama told the plumber that he was gonna "spread the wealth" Obama told the world venture capitalist to stay the hell out of the USA.Okay, I am stepping down off the soap box before I fall off. Still got a bad knee from a fall I took back in the winter. HehLife is good here in St John's Newfoundland although the weather the past couple of days has been less than desirable for any excepting ducks and geese. Rain, wind, and 50F degree temperature. But we have had some really good weather. Light breeze and in the low 70sF...hell, I even got back my sun tan I lost last winter.There is a big celebration starting tonight in Mount pearl...a city bordering St John's...that we plan to attend. It starts off with a pig roast and has some local bands performing every day this weekend. We went last year and really enjoyed it.Next month if all goes as planned we are going back to my spouse's hometown of Trouty...a beautiful village on Trinity Bay..for a few days. I want to do some trout fishing as well as visit some of the historical sites near there. One in particular in the site where the movie "Random Passage" was filmed. By the way, if you have not read the book I highly recommend [...]

Road Trip

Thu, 07 Jul 2011 14:04:00 +0000

We surprised her folks on Father's Day when we drove into their driveway unannounced. A good time was had by all..a nice visit and a friendly poker game.

I enjoyed the four hour drive from St John's NL to her parents home in Trouty. The scenery is spectacular...much the highway is along the coast and some through what the Newfies call 'the barrens'...rocky hills with no trees and not much grass.

The pictures are posted in no particular order...more are on my facebook page listed under Trouty trip.


This is a photo of a commercial salt water mussel farm. I have not tried them wife allows they are kinda chewy much like clams...




Part of 'the barrens' except this part has some grass and a few small trees below the rocks.


Hello Blog World

Fri, 10 Jun 2011 14:02:00 +0000

(image) I finally broke down and bought some wheels a couple of weeks older Madza Protege... and we are preparing to tour the island this summer. We are exploring St John's this month and plan to make a trip to my wife's home town of Trouty NL in July. I am looking forward to seeing all I can of this beautiful land. I hope to get pictures to post here.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sun, 15 May 2011 14:59:00 +0000

The Emperor Obama is taking steps to increase oil and gas production in the USA? Hmmmmm. Maybe. I will believe it when I see the price of gasoline drop a buck a gallon. But in any event my friends, it is my opinion that if the enviro-nuts and the left wing would let the natural gas producers get it and transport it there is enough natural gas under the USA to furnish American needs for a long time...time enough for energy companies to develop an alternative to oil and gas.According to, and educational web site about natural gas, there is as estimate of 1836.4 Trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas under the USA. What does this mean? Well, consider that There are 36.41 cubic feet of propane gas in one gallon of propane liquid and do the math! Suffice it to say that it amounts to enough propane to fuel American vehicles for decades as well as sufficient natural gas to run the power plants producing electricity.Yes, there is a disadvantage to using liquid gas in internal combustion takes more of it than gasoline. But there are more advantages that outweigh the poor fuel economy...Advantages of Natural Gas CarsThe main advantage of Natural Gas Vehicles over gasoline powered cars is natural gas' has a cheaper price. More or less, Natural Gas costs 30% less than gasoline.Natural Gas Vehicles have the advantage of having much lower pollution emissions than gasoline cars. It has been determined that natural gas cars can reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 90%.Natural Gas Cars are considered safer than gasoline-powered cars because they are equipped with reinforced fuel storage tanks, making it more resistant to leaks and puncture.DisadvantagesHowever, natural gas cars usually have a smaller passenger/luggage space than conventional cars due to the bulky gas cylinders. These cars also provide less mileage per full tank. Moreover, engines burn gas cleaner than gasoline...I know this from personal experience. The engine oil is cleaner and engines last longer., why is America not using natural gas instead of gasoline and diesel? I believe that the main reasons are do the court fights with the enviro-nuts the natural gas producers have every time they try to develop natural gas reserves. It seems that the welfare of some sub-species of animal life or plant has priority over the economic well being of the American people. But then there is the expense of building pipelines to transport the gas as well as converting vehicles to liquid gas. In any event it can be done and should be done and done soon before the cost of petroleum based fuels bankrupts the American economy......................................................................................It has been a quiet Sunday morning in St John's Newfoundland. I spent it with my angel playing on our laptops and listening to the best radio station I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. On Sunday mornings it brings us alternating 30 minutes of 'oldies pop music' and hymns and various Sky pilots telling us about Jesus. My angel has a 'Jiggs Dinner' started for supper and I am just gonna kick back this afternoon and take a nap while watching some 'Spaghetti' westerns. Y'all come, heah?[...]

Hello Again Blog World

Mon, 09 May 2011 15:57:00 +0000

(image) Been a while since I have done anything here, huh? But I have an excuse, heh.

A lot of water had flowed down the creek during the past year. I moved, for all practical purposes, here to St John's Newfoundland last May to be with a woman I met who I love very dearly...and she loves me with a passion. We were married on April 23 this year by a local Justice of the Peace in a quick but moving ceremony that was attended by a few of her relatives and out 18 year old daughter.

I will write more later about the island of Newfoundland and its history...I am doing some research and hope to write an essay on how the settlement here parallels the settlement of the Southeastern coasts of what is now the USA. If I can generate the self discipline I will publish it here in parts within the next couple of months. But then summer is coming on soon and we do plan on taking advantage of it...lots of trips to the waterfront and music festivals...

Although I have started what seems a life anew some things never change. I still have my pot of extra strong jumpstart every morning as well as that cackleberry and toast...and once in a while some side meat with it. (No grits though...can't get 'em here.) Some old habits don't change, huh? I am learning to speak Newfoundland English 'some' good...but still just about every day someone asks me where I am from, ha. I reckon I have had this Southwestern drawl too long to get rid of it.

So, if you happened to stumble on here just to see if I am still alive and kicking...I am. Y'all come, heah?

No Exit Plan? WTF? Over?

Fri, 25 Mar 2011 12:21:00 +0000

No exit strategy? Hmmm, didn't you already know that? There was never even an objective other than bomb hell out of the Libyan military to stop them from killing more people. What did Obama and the other limp dick leaders of what used to be the free world ( do you really consider yourself free now...? With all the government rules and regulations and big brother tactics that monitor your life from before birth til after you are worm food?) figure would happen? Didn't they understand that if they quit the offensive against Qaddafi he would just resume his offensive against the rebels?

Going to war without a plan to force the enemy into an unconditional surrender has always just prolonged the agony of war. This war against Qaddafi will be no different. Come on Emperor Obama and European cohorts...get your generals together to come up with a plan to either win this fight or get the hell out...and listen to them.

What Next?

Sun, 20 Mar 2011 14:14:00 +0000

There is an adage down in Texas and Oklahoma where I grew up: "Some people just need killin'". Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, the Libyan dictator is one of those people. Qaddafi's brutality and lack of conscience stands out even in a land that has been noted for centuries for its brutality and lack of conscience. But, that said, what next after he is taken out by the allied forces of France, The United Kingdom, and the USA? Are the people of Libya capable of establishing some kind of representative government independent of Sharia (the sacred law of Islam) that will offer a semblance of freedom and an opportunity for property for the country?I think not. Take a quick glance at the history of Libya. For you that don't have the time nor inclination to check the link suffice it to say that the people of Libya have absolutely no history of personal freedom. This country and its people have been ruled with a iron fist from the days of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and the Ottoman Turks. And its laws for over 1400 years have been based on Islamic law. And those of you who are familiar with Islamic law know and understand that in no way is it compatible with personal freedom.So, what next? I have no doubt that the allied forces will stop Qaddafi. He has always been more 'hat than horse' and backs down when the pressure is put on him...remember when Reagan bombed hell out of him? He was mighty quiet for a long time after. But keeping him quiet is not going to help Libya nor make the world any safer. Will killing him help that end? No, although he does 'just need killin'".I hope I am wrong but I figure that getting involved in the Libyan civil war will just further alienate the Islamic world against that of the west. And taking out the Qaddafi regime will leave a political vacuum that could well be filled by Islamic radicals such as the Islamic brotherhood that will be even more brutal and oppressive than Qaddafi. No? Take a look at what the Taliban did in Afghanistan...But in any event it looks like once again the American government has decided once again to send America's best into harms way in a foreign civil war. Why? There is only one obvious answer to me and that is the crude oil resources in Libya...the same reason Bush took Iraq. If in fact the allies are so concerned about policing the earth and installing freedom and opportunity then why are they not in such places as Somalia where oppression, famine, and piracy are a way of life? Yeah, it is about the oil. You know it, I know it, and the governments know we know it. The hell of it is that the majority of us would support securing our oil supply...but Why doesn't the gotdam government just tell us that is why it is sending our best into harms way? If I sound pissed it is because I am. In my lifetime there has been too damn few years of peace... and WW Two was the only war that was fought with clear objectives and no holds barred. And it was also the only war won. I am not a "dove"...nor am I a "war hawk. I just say this...if you go into a fucking fight go in it to win and remember that adage..."all is fair in love and war." I hope that is what the Emperor Obama has in mind in Libya...[...]

Terrible Terra Firma

Sat, 12 Mar 2011 16:26:00 +0000

Let's stretch our imagination a bit...

We escaped a brutal world and took one of their space ships with us...enough of us to start our own colony on a new world if we can just find one. Yeah, we are humans. Our need is a planet that has the right air mixture and gravity for us plus a planet that is off the beaten star routes. Moreover, we want to find a planet that looks like it is uninhabitable although it actually is.

Then we stumble on Terra Firma. The first fly around revealed at least 100 active volcanoes and during the second we saw a wind storm hit land that destroyed everything in its path. Each of its poles had temperature so low that there was permanent ice and around its equator the heat was so brutally hot that it actually caused daily torrential rain. We saw mountainous terrain that looked impossible for us to negotiate and sandy deserts with heat in the daytime that would burn us and temperatures at night that would freeze us. And the hell of it about 75 percent of this planet was covered in water so salty that it was unusable to us.

Even the small percentage of land in what could be called temperate was just not conducive to human welfare. We saw the earth there shake and quiver and cause massive waves to race across the huge span of water and when the wave hit land it took everything in its path back to the ocean with it. One fly over the temperate climate saw a spiral cloud bouncing along the ground taking up everything in its path.

Yeah, we landed. We knew damn well that our keepers would see the same thing we saw and figure no way we were brave enough or resilient enough to try to hide here.

I have a lot of faith in the human species. I will not argue about from whence we came or who or how we were created. We just "are". And we are indeed a tough species. We do not have the speed to outrun predators nor strength, claws, or teeth to fight them. We do not have a genetic protection against the heat nor cold as do most other animals. Although most of us are gregarious to a point we are not even a "social animal". Although we do habitat together we fight among ourselves to the point of killing each other...sometimes we kill millions of us.

So how did the human race survive? Brains...the ability to use logic...well, at least enough were able to use logic that it helped the illogical among us to survive with us.

If you have read this far you are probably asking, "WTF is your point GUYK?"

Heh, don't really have one except that Japan will survive its latest disaster. It was not the first earthquake nor will it be the last and it was not the first tsunami nor will it be the last. There will no doubt be such disasters on earth as long as there is an earth. And look at it like this...Our keepers either have not found us yet...or have... and said "fuck it we ain't going there!"

Basic Economics

Fri, 11 Mar 2011 20:16:00 +0000

Rule # One: There ain't no free lunch...some one has to pay for it!

Rule # Two: If you cannot in good conscience give your employer 100 percent for the wages given then quit the fuckin' job.

Rule # 3: Unions do more harm than good in modern America


Mon, 21 Feb 2011 13:06:00 +0000

We woke yesterday morning to several inches of glistening new snow...just as the weather quacks had predicted. I like new covers the yellow snow and the dirty slush left along the roads by the snow plows. Of course the plows will soon have the new slush on top of the old, heh.I shoveled my way out the door first...Then I scooped a new path to the garbage box and finally a path to the mail box and street. I didn't work very hard at it...more snow was predicted and 'shore nuff' we got it. I heard on the radio news this morning that we have had more snow in the past 30 days then all of the past two years combined...I just figure it is a white Christmas a month late......................................................................................I have been down for the past couple of weeks with a bad cold which settled in my lungs and sent me to a doctor Friday. The doc, my angel's primary care doc, gave me a prescription for some high powered pills to fight the infection and I feel better already...but the pills, two each day 500 mg 'Biaxin', make me sick for about a half day after I take them. Damn hard on my what used to be a cast iron stomach, heh. But I am up and around and able to scoop snow and lovin' it.Life is good in St John's Newfoundland. The new snow is beautiful and the air crisp and clean. My angel kissed me good morning as always and told me she loved me...and a pot of jump start is brewing. Y'all come, heah?[...]

Winter in St John's

Sat, 12 Feb 2011 13:42:00 +0000

(image) It is cold here, but I have been colder. The air has been below freezing now for some three weeks and we have had snow or snow flurries damn near every day. But the cold is not the extreme cold that I had expected. The coldest has been about 15F degrees although it did seem colder because of the 20mph wind.

I did pick up a winter cold the other day somewhere. The sniffles and a cough and all the aches and pains that go with the bad cold. But I am about over it now. Probably will be ok in a couple of days if I just stay in. But staying in is tough when my angel is scooping snow and I want to be out there helping her.


I do enjoy the winter weather for the most part...all but the wind which will cut through my jeans like a knife. I would never even think of wearing long underwear in 15F weather when I was in Fairbanks Alaska..hell, that was near summertime weather there. But here I wear long johns whenever I go out this time of year...either they just ain't making jeans as warm as they used to or else my skin in getting thinner, heh. Hmmm, maybe both? Y'all come, heah?

Winter is Here

Fri, 11 Feb 2011 11:33:00 +0000


Good Morning Blog World

Fri, 04 Feb 2011 14:23:00 +0000

Heh, it could have been worse! We got the snow but not the drifts from wind. And the snow was not all that much...a foot or so. It only took me a few minutes to scoop a path to the road and mail box and then about an hour later the upstairs neighbor got someone in with a snow blower and cleared most of the driveway.

The air this morning is chilly...about 15F and there is a light breeze which lowers the chill factor some. Later the wind is predicted to blow 25F degree air at about 35mp...and that will be cold. But I am enjoying it. The cold air is clean and crisp and my lungs enjoy it.


But one thing for damn sure...a pot of hot jumpstart was welcome on a morning like this! May make another pot. Another thing about cold weather is the way I can sleep in it, heh. I just don't sleep much when it is hot but give me a cool room and a sheet to cover me and my angel snuggled in next to be and I will snooze away the night.

Not much to write this morning. The weather changed our plans for the week and we are sorta kinda on hold...may go to the flick tonight and to the museum tomorrow...don't know. My angel kissed me good morning and told me she loved me and whatever we do we will do together... Y'all come, heah?