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I Pray to Feta

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Spanakorizo (Braised Spinach and Rice)


A beloved Greek take on spinach and rice - a little truly goes a long way. Greek Americans have earned a dubious repuation for being meat eaters and one notable movie has done much to further this myth. In reality, vegetarian meals are at the center of Greek cuisine. Many of my memoriable Greek food experiences center around meatless dishes. This was the vegeterian staple of my childhood and

July Babies


Global warming- my behind! You will have to excuse my irreverent behavior. I am at my wits ends with mother nature. Summer is most closely identified with hot days filled with dreams of quenching lemonade or something a little stronger. The Summer of 2009 has had none of that. Frankly I sit in an office for the majority of the day and rarely get to enjoy the nostalgic benefits of summer. However,

Zucchini Lasagna Rolls


It is fitting the last day post of July encompass elements that transition perfectly in to August. While the zucchini are plentiful in my parents garden mine have yet to really sprout. The age old question of what to do with a lot o zucchini plagues most gardeners. My approach is simple use zucchini in place of pasta. The combination of fresh ricotta, ribbons of zucchini and a fresh tomato sauce



Avocado is an acquired taste. Only recently have I warmed to its most popular application- guacamole. I am truly kicking myself for missing out. What initially turned me off is the brown bitter mess served at most restaurants. A friend insisted I try some from Whole Foods and since then I was hooked. What isn't exactly pleasing about purchasing at Whole Foods is the price. Making this at home

Feta Pita Pizza


So simple, yet so good. I am almost ashamed to admit there is barely any cooking involved in this recipe. It came together in about 15 minutes. While I opted to make on an indoor grill, this pizza would be perfect for outdoor grilling. Inspiration for the pita pizza's came from Big City Cooking. The idea of using flat break pita's is fabulous and you could use a variety of toppings. Enjoy! Feta

BB: Peach and Blueberry Crumbles


Crumbles, cobblers and crisps, oh my. Frankly the difference between these various approaches to serving seasonal fruit escapes me. In come Ina with something I would have never tried if not for joining a group dedicated to trying her recipes.Tart, sweet, flaky, smooth and delicious this is very simple yet so very good. I halved the below recipe from Barefoot Contessa Family Style. I would

Toasted Orzo with Roasted Garden Vegetables


It took a bit of time to think of an appropriate title for this dish because it is complex in flavor, yet so easy to make. The key flavor is centered around summer vegetables that please so many like me, who suffer through snowy and long winters.My family requests this dish for summer functions because it can be served warm or cold. What distinguishes this dish from your typical orzo pilaf or

Zatar Pita Chips


Greek pita bread is a flat bread closer in texture to Indian Na'an than Middle Eastern pocket pitas. While most associate pita bread with Gyros, my favorite way to serve Greek pita is to cut it up, season and toast. Perfect for dips or with a salad, these wedges are a perfect snack.Zatar Pita ChipsServes 43 Greek-style pita bread2 tablespoons zatar seasoning1 tablespoon garlic powder1/4 cup

Whiskey Pork Chops


Pork chops have an unwarranted bad reputation for being fatty and dry. Those who tend to view pork chops in this light also are the type that drown boneless, skinless chicken breast with ranch dressing and cream of yuck soup. The preparation is equally important as the cut and quality of the product. A balanced diet based on moderation and rotation of various meats works best for me.Chops are

Cajun Red Snapper Fillets


Red snapper is one of my favorite fish. While I prefer working with whole fish, such a preparation is often not practical. My local market has fresh filleted portions which are convenient and lend well to dredging and pan frying. The seasoning of this dish was inspired by Cajun flavors. I enjoyed experimenting with various spice concoctions and look forward to more opportunities to visit the

Feta Hash with Poached Eggs


Feta and I were on a break. Easter was rough, because we had a lot of lamb and feta leftover from the holiday. We worked our way through the barrel of feta and made a vow to go our separate ways until tomato season. I am convinced God created tomatoes simply to be served with feta and crusty bread. Anyway, I could not wait until tomato season and we reconnected for this simply delicious

BB: Pasta with Oven-Dried Tomatoes


Food snobs have any number of coveted spectacular ingredients where the premium price reflect the reputation. Sun-dried tomatoes are such an item. While the concept of preserving tomatoes by drying in the sun and then soaking in olive oil sounds tasty, the chewy texture does not please my palate. Even with such a skeptical perspective on the key ingredient, I was pleased when Cat of Delta Whiskey

Vinaigrette Potato Salad


Nothing says summer parties more than chilled salads like potato salad. Sad as it may be- I never warmed to the mayo, mustard and egg rendition. However, I did not want to miss out on this classic, so this recipe omits the mayo, is light and easy, and above all does not spoil in the hot sun as quickly as its cousin.I liked the texture of the red potatoes as white or russet varieties tend to fall

Sockeye Salmon Ala Helen


At length I have discussed the great many things I learned from shadowing my mother in the kitchen. Her wisdom is never lost on me. Helen's rustic baked salmon with almonds and dill is another family favorite. In this version, finely chopped toasted walnuts with lemon zest and fresh dill encrust a beautiful piece of sockeye salmon. There is a fine line between undercooked and overcooked salmon,

Oregano Rubbed Chicken Legs


Next to salt and pepper dried Greek oregano is the most used spice in my pantry. Oregano complements most meats and can be a central spice in ones arsenal. Spice rubs are an easy way to flavor typically boring and bland chicken. Blending spices is a great way to reflect your personality in food and there is no better canvas then chicken. This dish is common on my dinner table. After playing

Roasted Eggplant Pasta Salad


Eggplant gets a bad rap. Draped with a ton of cheese and dripping in batter is the most popular American rendition of Eggplant Parmesan. However, the true flavor of eggplant is masked under these heavy ingredients. This dish focuses on the smoky flavor of the smaller Italian variety and adds a nice element to a typical pasta salad. This recipe requires little preparation and delivers on flavor.

Kielbeisa Skewers


Whether its kielbasa, chorizo, chicken apple, spicy Italian, or Greek style with orange peel- sausage is truly versatile, difficult to resist, and perfect for summer grilling.Serving for a large crowd can prove a bit messy. If you cut into bite sized pieces before grilling, the pieces fall through the grates. However, cutting after grilling is not always ideal when a hungry crowd is waiting. By

Black-Eyed Pea Salad with Tahini Vinaigrette


In my part of the world, dried beans are principally associated with winter stews and soups, because protein filled beans will help one survive long and nasty winters. To my surprise, I learned that countries where beans play a principal dietary role, experience mild winters. So, I presented myself a challenge to integrate beans into our summer diet. Not in the the traditional sense of baked

Honey Lime Grilled Chicken and Jasmine Rice


Summer has finally arrived to the Detroit area and the last thing that sounds remotley interesting is preparing a complicated meal. Even the most seasoned cooks find making anything complicated a chore. Simple weeknight meals are life savers as I would rather be outside enjoying the season than slaving away in the kitchen. This simple marinade with ingredients available in most pantries is a



As another birthday approaches it becomes ever more important to document and preserve family recipes. The dishes and treats that make everyone smile aren't often the most complicated or innovative. Simple cookies like this family favorite take me back to a special place and time. I was lucky enough to have my dearest aunt, Theia Sotiria (pictured below on the far left) share her recipe and

Lemon Braised Spinach with Pine Nuts


I have always wanted to ask Popeye "Are you smoking crack?". Clearly only someone on drugs could enjoy spinach that much. It's the same question I posed to my husband when early on in the relationship he revealed that spinach was one of his favorite foods. He warned my lack of love for spinach could be deal breaker. Since then I have come a long way. However to move forward one needs to look

Fresh Corn and Black Bean Salad


Summer salads can be so very refreshing but often too filling. This salad is truly light, colorful, easy and was inspired by a trip to a local market. Nino Salvaggio is one my favorite places. One could visit Nino's each day for at least a month and still not try the in house pre-made items from four different chicken salads to panzanella the options seem endless. Their corn salad mixed with

BB: Curried (Not Really) Couscous


Couscous is a simple, versatile grain that can stand on its own or play a supporting role. It often makes an appearance on my dinner table so I was pleased that Ellyn of Recipe Collector and Tester selected this dish as the first June recipe for Barefoot Bloggers. The part of this selection I wasn't so keen on was the curried part of the recipe. One of the great challenges of cooking along with a

Roasted Lamb with Fresh Herbs


Sunday dinner is my favorite meal of the week. I tend to have more time, patience and over all energy to prepare things that require a little more love. Lamb is perfect dish when time is not a factor and nothing makes more happy than lamb whether stewed, roasted, grilled even poached, I have not met a cut or preparation I could resist. Now certain cuts of lamb such as chops can be prepared

BB: Outrageous Brownies


No words can truly express the chocolaty, gooey and outrageously delicious nature of these brownies selected as the last May recipe for Barefoot Bloggers. May was very hectic and vacay coincided with the deadline for posting this dish. After reading many of the posts I recognized this recipe could not be skipped. While I may be late to the party, please don't be, make these brownies.Please note,