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Foods are NOT Drugs

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001 - HENews - What the ancients knew that modern medicine forgot!


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Health Empowerment News with Croft Woodruff - Episode 1

"What the Ancients Knew That Modern Medicine Forgot!"

This is the first episode of the Health Empowerment News Podcast. Listen (almost) every week to learn about Natural Health, Health Freedom and Alternative Medicine.

Health Empowerment News is a continuation of the old Health Empowerment Radio Show which can be found here:

This week Croft Woodruff, PhD and Andrew McGivern talk about what the ancients knew that modern medicine forgot.

Every week Croft will talk about the latest news and research in the Natural Health World.

  • learn about your natural health options

  • learn about drug induced nutrient depletion

  • discover the latest natural remedies

  • find out how to protect your health naturally

  • what supplements are the most important?

  • Natural remedies that should be well known but aren't!

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Algae-Based Biodiese


Algae-Based Biodiesel Could Provide Viable Energy Alternative | Mobile Magazine

Is social media a fa


Is social media a fad... or a revolution!

2009-08-18T13:57:35.119-07:00 Codex Continues to Assume GMO Labeling Would Confuse Ignorant Consumers

Nobody Knows What Na


Nobody Knows What Nanoparticles Do - Yet They Are in Your Food, Cosmetics, and Toys

A review of 51 studies involving 260,000 children age found no evidence that the flu vaccine is more effective than placebo.

MS patient credits orthomolecular medicine for ending painful attacks

2009-08-18T11:36:26.191-07:00 MS patient credits orthomolecular medicine for ending painful attacksSince he was a teenager, Peter Leeds has suffered painful attacks that render his hands and feet crippled and numb.He had no idea he has multiple sclerosis, a debilitating disease that plagues the central nervous system, leading to physical and cognitive disabilities."I'd wake up and my toes and fingers would be numb," he said. "The numbness would creep up my legs, creep up my arms, until it took me over, making me numb from the neck down."Suffering attacks at least once a year, it wasn't until four years ago, when Leeds was 31 years old, that he was diagnosed with MS.Shortly after, as Leeds lay sobbing on the floor, his wife asked him if he was going to die.He couldn't answer. He didn't know anything about the prognosis or treatments. Leeds, a Toronto resident, has benign relapse-remitting MS, which is characterized by unpredictable, yet clear, attacks.Symptoms can begin to appear over a few hours or days, and last for days or months. Between attacks, the body can recover almost completely.Though there is no known cause or cure for MS, there are five federally approved therapies that have been proven to diminish the frequency and severity of attacks, according to Stewart Wong, national senior manager at the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada."They have huge benefits," he said. "Some slow down the progression, others reduce the number of brain lesions. They really improve your quality of life."With all the benefits, however, come a number of adverse side-effects — mood changes, digestive problems or hepatitis in very rare circumstances.Leeds, then a father of one, said he was also told the treatments might make him unable to father any more children."It wasn't worth it," he said. "All the side-effects were too frightening." Not wanting to suffer through adverse side-effects, yet not wanting to continue living with constant fatigue, bowel problems and loss of sensation brought on by his MS, Leeds found himself at a dead end.But a close friend suggested an alternative approach.On the advice of the friend, Leeds travelled to Victoria to meet with Dr. Abram Hoffer, an orthomolecular practitioner, who died in May.Hoffer was a Canadian psychiatrist best known for treating psychological disorders through orthomolecular medicine — a science-based approach to healing and preventing disease.Treatments use nutrients naturally found in the body — essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.Scared, and skeptical, Leeds walked into Hoffer's office, and told the doctor he had MS. "He looked at me," Leeds said. "And he says, 'so what?' "Orthomolecular practitioners believe many illnesses result from an imbalance of nutrients.Hoffer gave Leeds a list of supplements; within the month, the numbness in Leeds' limbs was going away. In four years, Leeds says he hasn't had a single attack.A neurologist who has followed Leeds since the diagnosis, told him she wouldn't have known he had MS were it not for the old scans.Jonathan Prousky, chief naturopathic medical officer at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, said there isn't one treatment for every patient.But, he said, there's an opportunity for people suffering from anything — cardiovascular disease, depression, PMS or even cancer — to be treated with orthomolecular medicine."Our goal is to alleviate suffering," he said. "I never tell anybody I can cure them, but that their quality of life can be vastly improved."Prousky acknowledged some patients must take pharmaceuticals. "And no credible orthomolecular practitioner would advise an as[...]

Michael Scmidt and Raw Milk

2009-08-18T10:40:42.476-07:00 Michael Schmidt, a Wake Up Alarm for Freedom by Tim Wightman, Interim President, Farm-to-Consumer Foundation When was the last time it happened to you? Your alarm goes off and some how you reach over without reaching over, hit snooze or even turn it off. And you lay there, not awake, but aware of what’s going on.  Nothing seems pressing you to get up, even though there may be… Maybe a job awaits you, tasks and people depending on you to get up…to be responsible. But you just lie there in the void between the comfortable unconscious and conscious. Some people are pretty good at good that the practice tends to be carried out in their daily life. Admit it, we all have…and we all know those whom have perfected it, being noncommittal, walking a very narrow path of directives, rules and complacency. A comfortable void….nothing seems pressing, you’re warm, you’re safe, it can wait. Then there are those few who hear an alarm, recognize it for what it is.. throw back the covers and take that first step. They’re cold, alone, unsure of where they are exactly, they know the room, but may misjudge things for what they are but keep moving and eventually do find the way through the door and out of the void. Alarms are not always obvious, some are loud and intrusive, most are slow insidious attempts on our way of life, our choices, our health….geared to keep us on the straight and narrow…the perception of safety. Michael realized 20 years ago, that the slumber we came to accept as healthy, normal and safe was in fact a detriment to our ability to achieve the vibrant life we all are told we are free to pursue and enjoy. As ones who stood up to the loss of that freedom, Michael and his family were the ones who faced the dark alone, cold and unsure of the world they had uncovered. But we have now seen society’s rules forced upon them, we have learned what our society really feels about pioneers like Schmidt and his cowboarding patrons. He is perceived as an outlaw, and his patrons as too small a subset of society to be allowed free choice. There is an old saying, “you are not free unless you try the lock.” Michael and his family tried that lock, and even if one has never thought of drinking milk fresh from the farm, has never stepped foot on a farm, or even, never met  a farmer, the Schmidts did us a great favor. They have helped us realize that our government is not what it seems and we are not as free as we think we are. Michael has uncovered the way business is done in our modern times, how money rules our government decisions. Our money pays for the choices we have in the market place, and used against us to keep us in the straight and narrow of government permitted food choices. So the next time you feel warm and safe, no need to get to those nagging reminders of responsibility, choice, freedom…. get up, grab a glass of milk and ask where it came from, who controls your choices, is it as good as it can be, or just above the minimum. If you want more control of your life than deciding which pretty container to buy, walk into the cold, stand with Michael and the thousands of others.  For us, choice and personal responsibility is a way of life. Or..roll over..let someone else do it…the life, the freedoms you think you have..they will always be can wait. Tim Wightman Tim Wightman is a founder and board member of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and its education and charitable arm, the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation. He is the author of the Raw Milk Handbook, a handy resource guide for farmers interested in producing quality raw milk, and who wish to implement testing and safety standards.  A lifelong farmer, Tim is on the forefront of our nation’s transition back to a local [...]


Swine Flu Czar needed for Canada... increased legislative powers

Swine Flu Czar needed for Canada?


The Swine Flu has been steadily spreading worldwide and has followed a similar pattern to the seasonal flu. The Canadian Medical Association Journal editor-in-chief, Dr. Paul Hebert, is suggesting Canada needs a national swine flu czar with greater legislative powers than Canada’s Chief Health officer.

I don’t know what legislative powers he is referring to, but it raises the question of whether or not we will have mandatory H1N1 vaccinations in Canada.  So far, the Swine Flu has not been any more dangerous than the seasonal flu but experts are worried that the H1N1 virus will mutate  into a much more virulent and deadly form. The development of H1N1 Vaccines has been fast tracked and will be brought to market without adequate human testing for safety and efficacy.  In addition, the pharmaceutical industry has been granted legal immunity from any damages resulting from the H1N1 Vaccines which are reported to contain adjuvants like squalene, live attenuated virus and heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum.

In my opinion, educating the the public about natural ways to prevent and deal with flu is a superior policy than recommending (or requiring) the population to be inoculated with an unproven, untested and possibly dangerous vaccine.

… In an editorial in this week’s journal, the editor-in-chief Dr. Paul Hebert says the country needs a national champion with the necessary legislative powers to be able to facilitate the response across provincial and territorial boundaries.

Hebert says the health czar for flu should convene a summit to link public health officials, critical care staff, first responders and other decision makers and community planners to ensure actions taken will work in practice.

Hebert says Canada has done a lot of pandemic planning, but there are holes in the plan that need to be fixed before flu activity picks up again in the fall or winter.

He says the czar he envisages would have more powers than Canada’s chief public health officer, a post held by Dr. David Butler-Jones…

Posted via email from Natural Health News Feed

Podcasting Patented - Could affect twitter and facebook!!!!

2009-08-15T17:06:08.939-07:00   Podcasting Patented - “Episodic Media” now controlled by one company! I was reading my emails this morning when I came across some troubling news. I have set up google alerts for a number of terms or phrases that I like to follow so that I am always up to date on the latest news that is of interest to me. One of the keywords I follow is “podcasting”. “As consumers recognize the convenience of automatic downloads for episodic media, podcasting has gone mainstream with major media companies and more than 37 million U.S. consumers engaged. This automatic downloading of episodic media closely resembles how one-third of U.S. households are using a DVR to watch television today. This patent recognizes our technical leadership in setting the trend for a broad-based movement towards downloading episodic television shows and making them portable,” said Murgesh Navar, founder of VoloMedia. Yesterday the US Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent for “episodic media” to VoloMedia, a California based company that offers services to podcasters and media companies. VoloMedia’s products deliver advertising and reporting solutions for portable media, which extends the reach and monetization of video and audio podcasts. They apparently filed for the patent in 2003, before podcasting became a popular method of media distribution. The patent doesn’t only cover podcasting, which is the distribution of media over the internet via RSS feeds but covers any technology which would accomplish the same result. The US Patent number 7568213 can be viewed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office Website. Volomedia founder, Murgesh Navar, wrote a blog post responding to the initial reaction to the patent. He states that the company is not interested in interfering with podcasters and has the industries best interest at heart. … sometimes, patents end up in the hands of entities that have neither products nor technologies, but just obtain and hold patents to pursue infringing behavior through litigation. VoloMedia is not one of these. We are a real business, a founding member of the ADM, and an engaged participant in the episodic media download ecosystem with marquee publisher customers such as ABC News, MSNBC, Fox News, Washington Post and PRI, to name a few. VoloMedia may be a real company, firmly entrenched in the podcasting and new media industry. They may be motivated to improve distribution of podcasts, increasing exposure and bringing podcasts into mainstream consumption. Nevertheless, I find this development extremely disturbing. Companies can be bought and sold, or taken over. Intellectual Property can be sold or transferred to other entities. In the short run VoloMedia and their patent may have a positive effect on the industry but in the long run I don’t think so. Having one corporate entity controlling the distribution of “episodic media” can not be a good thing. I am a big proponent of the open source movement and believe that the distribution of episodic media should not be owned by anyone. …specifically to VoloMedia’s motivation: The episodic media download “technology” ecosystem needs to become more seamless, more standardized, and more interconnected before it can become a mass medium. There are a few ways such seamlessness can be achieved: (1) A standards body is created with all the constituent technology providers (e.g., directories, media players, devices, analytics, advertising, etc.) participating and agreeing to common standards, (2) a large company with a lot of market influence and momentum creates a de facto standard, and everyone else follows or (3) a company uses its intellectual property to help drive a standard, using its IP to help defin[...]


Podcasting Patented! US Patent granted for "episodic media" podcastpatent

Life and Death - Oxygen and Cancer


Trouble Reading This?- See It In Your Browser Life and DeathOxygen and Cancer      We can live a long time without food, a couple of days without drinking, but life without breath is measured in minutes. Something so essential deserves our full attention but rarely gets it unless you are a yoga practitioner. Breath is the most important of all the bodily functions and without it we simply are dead. In reality we take O2 for granted and with it our breathing, which most of us do quite badly. And now we even have a huge federal government wanting to make oxygen’s twin into public enemy number one1 and that is a sin. Researchers found that an increase of 1.2 metabolic units (oxygen consumption) was related to a decreased risk  of cancer death, especially in lung and gastrointestinal cancers.2      The makeup of the human body is largely composed of the element oxygen. Oxygen (O2) physiology takes us down to the foundation of life and it is there where we meet up with some other structural substances like water (H2O), carbon, bicarbonate and CO2 (Oxygen’s necessary twin gas), magnesium, sulfur and then a host of other important substances like iodine and selenium and all the basic amino acids and on and on. We need all the basic building blocks of life and even the absence of one vitamin can make us deadly sick. But we need carbon and oxygen every moment of everyday or we will die. We humans are kind of like blow torches or blazing rockets, the flame of our lives are fed second to second from the twin gases of O2 and CO2. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.      Oxygen levels are sensitive to a myriad of influences. Toxicity, emotional stress, physical trauma, infections, reduction of atmospheric oxygen, nutritional status, lack of exercise and especially improper breathing will affect the oxygen levels in our bodies. Any element that threatens the oxygen carrying capacity of the human body will promote cancer growth. Likewise any therapy that improves the oxygen function can be expected to enhance the body's defenses against cancer. In order for cancer to 'establish' a foothold in the body it has to be deprived of oxygen and become acidic. If these two conditions can be reversed cancer can, not only be slowed down, but it can actually be overturned. Oxygen is the source of health. Oxygen is essential to the human body, extending effects beyond breathing.      Dr. D. F. Treacher and Dr. R. M. Leach write, “Mammalian life and the bioenergetic processes that maintain cellular integrity depend on a continuous supply of oxygen to sustain aerobic metabolism. Reduced oxygen delivery and failure of cellular use of oxygen occur in various circumstances and if not recognized result in organ dysfunction and death. Prevention, early identification, and correction of tissue hypoxia are essential skills. An understanding of the key steps in oxygen transport within the body is essential to avoid tissue hypoxia. Although oxygen is the substrate that cells use in the greatest quantity and on which aerobic metabolism and cell integrity depend, the tissues have no storage system for oxygen. They rely on a continuous supply at a rate that precisely matches changing metabolic requirements. If this supply fails, even for a few minutes, tissue hypoxaemia may develop resulting in anaerobic metabolism and production of lactate.”3 Not enough oxygen to the brain is the main cause of memory loss, inability to find the right words, getting words mixed up and not being able to speak in sentences.      In the 1920s Dr Otto Warburg carried out a great deal of[...]

13 Secret Toxins Lurking in Your Food


13 Secret Toxins Lurking in Your Food, and How to Avoid Them By Tina McCarthy, EcoSalonPosted on August 11, 2009, Printed on August 11, 2009 shelves throughout every aisle of your grocery store are stocked with wolves in sheep’s clothing. Colorful packaging, appetizing pictures, and nutrition claims hide the truth: unhealthy chemicals are lurking in many these seemingly harmless foods. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of hidden toxins that masquerade as safe products. 1. Stay away from processed meats like bacon, hot dogs, and sausage. Sodium nitrate accounts for their appetizing red hue, but this additive can also cause the formation of nitrosamines in your system, which can lead to cancer. 2. Stick to low-mercury fish like American-farmed tilapia instead of swordfish or tuna. Overexposure can cause memory problems, fatigue, and other health issues, and besides, most wild fish stocks are threatened these days. (Looking for an alternative? There’sbranzini, the fish you’ve never heard of.) 3. Reduce the amount of canned food you consume. Cans are commonly lined with bisphenol-A, an organic compound that, according to the Lang study, may be associated with diabetes and heart disease.4. Cut back on meat and dairy products. These animal products may contain trace amounts of harmful contaminants like polybrominated diphenyl ethers, polychlorinated biphenyl and dioxins. Although many of these toxins have been banned, they are still present in the soil. Reducing your intake of animal products is also more friendly to the environment. 5. Skip the diet soda and artificial sweeteners. Prolonged exposure to aspartame, a neurotoxic chemical additive in these products, can lead to nerve cell damage, dizziness, and headaches. Besides, anything that gives rats brain tumors is worth avoiding in my book. 6. Choose the farmed fish carefully. Studies show that farm-raised fish contain more polychlorinated biphenyl and over ten times the amount of dioxin.7. Opt for organic chicken. The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy discoveredtraces of arsenic in non-organic chickens. Exposure to this dangerous chemical can lead to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Another study also found numerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria in conventional poultry. 8. Only drink milk that says “no rBGH” on the carton because recombinant bovine growth hormone has been linked with breast cancer. Better yet, opt for responsibly-produced, unsweetened soy, nut or rice milk.  9. Avoid manufactured snacks. Hydrogenated oils are used to lengthen the shelf life of products like crackers and cookies, but they are also associated with diabetes and heart disease. Another reason to stay away from the middle aisles: snack foods are generally loaded with salt, corn syrup and other unhealthy ingredients. 10. Stay away from artificially-colored foods like candy, maraschino cherries, and gelatin. Mice and rats exposed to blue 1 and 2, red 3 and yellow 6 suffered from brain, adrenal gland, thyroid, and kidney tumors. 11. Always buy organic produce. This one’s a no-brainer, but the list wouldn’t be complete without it. Lingering pesticides can lead to nervous and reproductive system damage, not to mention cancer.12. Use stainless steel or cast iron cookware to prepare your meals. The Teflon used to create nonstick surfaces can release noxious gases when exposed to high temperatures, which puts you at risk for heart disease. 13. Never microwave food in plastic bowls, containers, or dishes. Exposure to heat causes the bisphenol-A found in plastics to break down and potentially contaminate your food. Also, make su[...]


The Cancer Control Society has brought life-saving information to thousands of patients and their families.

Health Empowerment News with Croft Woodruff - Episode 1



New Natural Health Podcast - Health Empowerment News with Croft Woodruff

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New blog post: Grocery Store Wars on Foods are NOT Drugs. May the farm Be with you!


The MEATRIX is everywhere!


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Bill C-6 passes third reading in the House of Commons: Foods are NOT Drugs

Googe Maps Swine Flu (Mashup)


Swine Flu incidence map
Google Maps Mashups are great! To see exactly where in the world Swine Flu infections are occurring, this cool google maps mashup is all you need. It won't tell you whether there have been any shipments of FluSTOP anti-viral spray to those areas though... someone should come up with that one!

Swine Flu Map

FluSTOP Swine Flu (H1N1) Press Release


Natural Anti-Viral Throat Spray Treatment Works on Swine Flu (H1N1)

A new all natural anti-viral throat spray called FluStop can inactivate the current swine flu virus. The reason is because FluStop has been clinically shown via WHO standards to inactivate the Hemagglutinin(HA) and Neuraminidase(NA) in "type A" virus which is what the swine flu virus type is. When HA and NA are inactivated the virus is unable to infect healthy cells and replicate. Trinity Healthy Living Products is ready to assist those in need via health food stores in Canada,online access or special order by phone.

Richmond, BC, Canada (PRWEB) May 1, 2009 -- Developed by a leading virologist during the SARS crisis, FluStop is a natural oral spray treatment which has been clinically proven to inactivate influenza A virus including Avian flu (H5N1), human influenza virus (H3N2) as well as B virus. The Swine Flu virus is also an influenza virus "type A" and therefore FluStop can also inactivate this new strain.

FluStop has been clinically shown using WHO standards to inactivate the Hemagglutinin(HA) and Neuraminidase(NA) in "type A". When this occurs the virus is unable to infect healthy cells and replicate. People who are traveling, health workers, teachers, office workers and citizens in general can use the product for both prevention and treatment to stay protected and reduce their anxiety.

"We realize the urgency of what has happened with the global pandemic situation and we are fully engaged inmaking FluStop available for those who want it," stated Greg Gerrie, CEO of Trinity Healthy Living Products Inc. We have the science to prove that this product really works plus many testimonies across Canada and the USA testifying to its effectiveness." Gerrie has been working with the inventor for three years to bring the product to market and it has been on Canadian shelves for over a year.

Dr. Melissa Carr of Active Life Health Clinic in Vancouver states, "I have found Flu-Stop to be an easy solution and have had great feedback from my patients." The product benefits are immediate access and safe self-administration making it not only a great solution to the swine flu strain but also protection from other
debilitating flus and colds. Vaccines and pharmaceutical anti-virals have age limitations and side effects. FluStop is safe for children three years and up and when used as directed can eradicate flu symptoms within 8 to 72 hours.

About Trinity Healthy Living Products Inc.
Trinity is based in Richmond-BC Canada and has been providing healthy alternatives to flu vaccines since 2006. Trinity is also bringing to market products for Autism, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ALS and MS. To see a video and other significant information including how to order go to

Contact Greg Gerrie, CEO can be reached at 604 729 6999 to book a radio or TV interview or to obtain direct quotes.

Natural Swine Flu Remedy


The Swine Flu hysteria is sweeping North America and around the world, much like it did several years ago with the Avian Flu. Almost all media sources are focusing on this story and many people are concerned. Watching the news can increase anxiety even without an impending pandemic added to the mix. But is it really a pandemic or has it been blown out of proportion? Keep reading and learn about a natural remedy that can protect you against the Flu or the Common Cold. The Flu Virus: The flu (Influenza) is a contagious disease caused by viruses that affect birds and mammals. The common symptoms of the disease include chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness and general discomfort. Fever and coughs are the most typical of these. In serious cases the flu causes pneumonia which is more dangerous, especially for the very young and very old. The Flu may cause vomiting and nausea but is much more common in gastroenteritis which is unrelated to the flu virus but is commonly referred to as The Stomach Flu. The Flu is often confused with the less dangerous illness, the common cold, which is caused by a different type of virus. The Flu can be spread through the air by coughs or sneezes. Bird droppings, saliva, nasal fluid, feces and blood can also spread the disease. Contact with these substances or contaminated objects such as door handles, counter tops or writing utensils can spread the flu. Composition of the Swine Flu: Contains DNA of Bird Flu, Human Flu and two different strains of Swine Flu. The genetic code in the virus is for the most part made up of human flu and therefore is unlikely to be transmitted between animals. Because of the complexity of the origins of the swine flu some websites and conspiracy theorists are claiming that The Swine Flu is not natural and has been manufactured in a laboratory. This is an entertaining idea and would make a great movie but until there is proof lets leave it that for now. The Swine Flu seems to have low mortality rates compared to the Avian Flu which is approximately 90%. With the Swine Flu we appear to have less than a 6% mortality rate. If there is going to be a pandemic it won't be as devastating as an Avian Flu outbreak. What is a pandemic? The term brings images of bodies piled up in school gymnasiums but this isn't the case. A pandemic is simply an infectious disease that is spreading throughout the world. It doesn't have any meaning associated with a certain level of damage caused by the virus. So far the virus has claimed one life out of 141 confirmed cases in the United States and the majority of the cases have been mild. In Mexico, there were initial reports of 150 deaths from the Swine Flu but the Mexican Health Minister could only confirm 12 verified deaths from the Swine Flu as of April 29th.Drugs or Vaccines for the Swine Flu? As of yet there is no vaccine against the Swine Flu. Tamiflu and Relenza are anti-viral drugs that prevent viral replication. They are available by prescription and this class of drug is the only pharmaceutical defense against the Swine Flu. As a result of the Avian Flu scare, governments purchased billions of dollars worth of Tamiflu three years ago. Unfortunately, the tamiflu expires after three years so the current stockpile is expired or about to expire. The 1976 Swine Flu The last Swine Flu scare was in 1976 and health officials rushed through the process of developi[...]

It is still Flu Season... be prepared with the Flu-STOP


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