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Blogs Are Stupid

Doesn't anyone believe in Dear Diary anymore? What happened to the joy of putting actual pen to paper? And why does every ordinary Jane and John think they can write well enough to burden the world with their scribblings? It’s a mystery that badly needs

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Nonsensical So...wait...let me get this straight... According to Christian doctrine, good... Buuuuuuttt..... bad... THAT MAKES NO SENSE TO ME. And nor does any belief system that supports and promotes such intolerance. Hate is good and love is bad? NO WAY Christians. Even if suddenly everything else about Christianity made sense to me, that would be a deal killer.

A Big Flap Over Faith


It's happened again. Christian persecution. Sort of. In reality, what's happening, is that a Christian is being asked to follow the same rules as everybody else and honor the separation between church and state in a secular environment; that being, public school. A "beloved" teacher has resigned from his position at a local high school, because he was told that he cannot use his classroom as a



I've decided to take a leap of faith and submit this story to a few contests. As a perfectionist with an abject fear of failure, this is something that is very hard for me to do. I've never submitted anything for publication or judging, other than here. It's a step forward in my personal growth. Even if I don't win (and lets' face it, the chances are small, because there are millions of

I Was Tired


Robin Williams died today. It doesn't usually affect me when celebrities die, other than in an abstract way. It's sad, because dying is sad, but it doesn't affect my life. I don't mourn, I don't feel grief. But Robin Williams was special. I really do feel a deep and genuine sadness that he has left this world. And it's all the more tragic because he took his own life. He, who was such a

Funeral In A Small Town - Part VI


I started this story 8 years ago when my husband's beloved Grandmother passed away. It is a true story. The people and events are real. But I couldn't wrap it up in a neat little bow. There really isn't any "ending" as all the people still live and breathe and go on with their lives. I just didn't know how to make my story complete. So I tucked it away in my documents, hoping it would come to me

The Princess Paradigm


One of my young co-workers is getting married. I listen to her wedding plans and smile. Every woman wants that fairy tale wedding. Sadly, it rarely turns out to be the magical experience we all dreamed about as little girls. My wedding was a disaster  from start to finish. If I had it to do all over again, I would have said my vows at city hall and used the money to add another week to our

Perfect Is As Perfect Does.


Perfectionism. This seems like a made up thing, doesn't it? A thing just for the sake of having a thing, in an age when every quirk and oddity is a diagnosed condition. We do like our diagnoses. And I think the reason we harbor such fondness for them, is that a diagnosis implies a treatment or a cure. It lends validity and legitimacy to things that would otherwise be shameful. Perfectionism...

Backward Yet Forward


In September 2009, I posted on Facebook that "I have decided that I want to become a MILF and shall henceforth commit myself fully to that end." Or something to that effect. I was being flip, but there was sincere sentiment behind my words. I was very unhappy with how I looked and felt. The following week I found out that some weird symptoms I had been experiencing were due to three small

No Pithy Title, Just An Age Old Debate


I am currently engaged in a debate with a Christian gentleman that arose over the current World Vision flap. (Yes, I knew better, but I couldn't help myself this time.)  In a nutshell, World Vision, a Christian organization that does humanitarian work all over the world, announced that it would now permit gay Christians who were in legal same sex marriages to be employed by their organization.

How To Not Suck At Getting Skinny


I want to share some tips about weight loss today, for two reasons. First, I need to recommit myself to some of my healthy habits. I've maintained many, but a few I've let slip. And second, a sweet friend is beginning her journey and though I can't take the steps for her, I'd like to help her along in any small way I can. I won't tag her, she knows who she is. C., I wish you all the very best

An Unfortunate Harvest


I'm working at ladies' retail clothing store these days. It was just to earn a little extra cash and give me something to do while I figure out what I want to do. I was dreading it, truth be told. I've worked retail many times off and on throughout my life. I always found it absolutely torturous; long hours, low pay, and mindless work. To my surprise, I actually enjoy this job. Yes, my feet



Nothing profound or heavy in this post, but what I have to say today is too long for Facebook and the collective ADD that reigns there. And I do think what I have to say is important, because obesity in our country has become epidemic and so many people are at a loss as to how to fix it. So I'm putting it here. Before: 232.4 lbs. Some of you know I became a Weight Watchers leader in 2011. I

A Mother's Judgment


From the moment that warm, squirmy, astoundingly solid yet incredibly fragile little body leaves our own, we start to judge ourselves, don't we? It starts with our feeding choice. Forget what feels natural, comfortable, easy. It's all about what's currently in fashion and what the books and "experts" say we should do. And if we can't do it, we judge ourselves to be less. Less fit. Less



I'm going to start posting here again. It's not going to be anything really profound, I'm afraid. Really and truly, this is going to be my own personal Facebook. I think I'll call it...Stupid Book. Um, perhaps not. I'll come back to that. But here's the thing, and I've said this thing all along...unless every single person on your friends list thinks, feels and believes all the same things,

Mike And Carol Weigh In


I have seen it asked in regard to the many social media outlets that we use today, why people put so much personal stuff out there. It's for FUN, right? It's supposed to be light and frivolous and.... Yes, it is supposed to be about all that. But it's also about connecting with other people. When I started this blog, I was a stay at home Mom who lived in the Suburbs 900  miles away from my

I'll Tell You One Thing


The moment she walked in the door, it was clear that she was the kind of person other people sometimes refer to as "a character". People like that are usually a huge pain in the ass, but they're forgiven for it because they're colorful and interesting and funny. Despite their abrasiveness, you somehow understand that their heart is in the right place. Have you ever heard someone say that about

And Now For Something Completely Different


A while back, while participating in a now defunct writing club, I foolishly bragged (but in a totally unobnoxious and completely humble way) that I could write about anything. Another member threw down the gauntlet and said, "Gangster's Moll, GO." And I did it. I posted it, feeling smug. It got the usual constructive criticism and critique, but overall it was agreed that I met and fulfilled

Religion For Dummies


I first wrote this post in 2006. It is STILL one of the most viewed on my blog, second only to "Real Moms Eat Pussy".  I thought I would repost it, because first of all, I think it's a damned good post. And seems as relevant today as it did then; perhaps even more so. Religion For Dummies (Imagine my surprise at finding an actual book by this title) I am not a Christian. I

Me Blog? About What?


Recently, a friend, who was unfamiliar with blogging, but who followed a link on FB to one of my blog posts, asked me...."How do you come up with all that stuff to write? I don't really have any stories like that." LIFE is a story, folks, and everybody has one. We are all a collection of stories. Every experience, every encounter, every thought, every dream, every conversation, every

An Atheist's Wish


You all have been reading about my struggles with Faith, Religion, Christianity, and my feelings of exclusion and prejudice living here in the South for nearly eight years now. I wish I could say I've managed to make some sort of sense of it all in that span of time, but I really haven't. Some of you may know that I decided quite recently to come out of the Atheist closet and start being honest



I'm sick. Being sick when you're a grownup isn't remotely like being sick when you're a child. When you're a child, everything is taken care of. When you're an adult, the world still expects things from you. You have to make your own soup and excuses. I have the soup covered. I made a huge batch of chicken dumpling soup not long ago and since I always end up with way more than a family of

In Which I Hang Up My Hangups And Let It All Hang Out


Nakedness. Not a comfortable state for me. Never has been. Even with my husband of twenty years, I feel vulnerable when I'm naked. Cloak me in darkness and I'm a tigress. But turn on the lights and I'm sent scurrying for the security of sheets and blankets. For me, illumination is the harbinger of inhibition. I don't want to see anybody seeing me. And I don't want to see myself. You might think,

Just An Atheist


Last night we had dinner and drinks with some new friends. As we got to know one another, the discussion was lively and interesting. It took many twists, turns, and tangents; meandering one moment and galloping the next, the way good conversation does. At one point, I found myself recalling an experience I hadn't thought about in a very long time. Let me preface this by saying that people often

Perspective Within


I hadn't been to the little Mom and Pop produce market in several years, though I drive by it nearly everyday. And every day I admire the convincingly scarlet tomatoes and the peaches that are actually peach colored and the watermelons with their deep emerald armour and marvel that these are not colors I normally see in the pallid grocery store produce. And every day I think to myself..."I should



Isn't it weird, how you get things when you need them? Stuff around here has been kind of tense, as you may have gathered from my tirade a couple of posts ago. There is an added element that I haven't spoken of, because it's my son's business and my son's life and though I document far more on this blog than most parents, blogging about that situation just seems a step too far. So I