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Rainy Day Farm

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Garden Time


I am so excited for gardening season this year. We have had a very mild and warm winter, therefore we have been able to get an early jump on our garden. It is usually raining too much to get started until about May. So we have taken advantage. Hubby rototilled two weeks ago and I went to the hardware store to get some of the cold crops that can be started this time of year here.

(image) We planted peas with plastic chicken wire as a trellis for the peas to grow up. I used to do bush peas, but that was WAY too much bending. So last year we devised this plan, and it works wonderful to hold up the peas. After they are done we cut the zip ties holding it on and drag it out to the field for the goats to clean it up. Then we roll it up for the next use. Goats make great recyclers.

(image) We also planted cabbage, garlic, green onions, and walla walla onions. We also planted two different kinds of lettuce.

(image) I even got on the stick and dug up a couple starts of rhubarb from my mom. I see lots of strawberry rhubarb crisp in our future!

So we are trying something new this year with our potatoes. We had these huge plastic bins leftover from some fruit trees we planted. We hadn't gotten rid of them, but did not use them either. As we are trying to plant as much as we can this year in the existing plot, we need to be creative in our planting. So we are trying our potatoes inside these that sit next to the garden plot. That way as the plants start to grow we can add dirt to them with ease. I am so excited. Potatoes are our favorite thing to plant because it is a treasure hunt digging them up. We planted red, russet, and Yukon gold. Can't wait!

I will let you know how they work in these bins. Happy gardening! Now I have to go screen rocks.

Christmas 2012


Gardner Family Christmas 2012This year has been a very good year around the farm. After a rough start with unemployment and lots of stress, we have ended the year well. We are all healthy and quite happy. I started working, Robb started working out of town. Addison & Logan are both doing paino, and Landon played soccer for the first time and loved it. We were going to move 2 hours away, but didn't feel it was the right time, we shall see about this summer.In our new Christmas pj's. One of our favorite traditions is to get new pj's for Christmas. Here is the house just after Santa left. Everything is set and ready. Addison said she woke up at 3am with excitment. Skipper decided to help himself to Santa's leftover Christmas cookies and I was up several times getting him out of things. Naughty little dog. Logan on his maden voyage. He loved spinning out in the snow.Big brother and little brother being boys!Table all set for dinner. We got out the china and went all out to eat dinner in our pj's. It was great!Of course, Skipper had to get into the holiday spirit with his new sweater. He slept through most of Christmas, but did love his new rope bones. Landon got a Razor tri-cycle and had fun riding it all around the house for the day. Logan and Landon even made a race track through the kitchen. Good thing we have a great room.Addison finally got a nook to be able to keep up with all the reading she likes to do. I am sure every cent of her babysitting money will end up going to Barnes & Noble from now on.Skipper and I just cuddling and enjoying the day.Merry Christmas everyone![...]

New Arrivals


Tuesday, February 28th these two little cutie pies joined us on Rainy Day Farm.
Rainy Day Farm Hillbilly Bone (Billy)
 Rainy Day Farm Sunny in Seattle (Sunny)
came shooting into the world.  They got their names from Blake Shelton songs, since I am a bit of a fan, and since we already have a Honey Bee.

 Billy is the one in front and Sunny is the darker one in back. Sunny is the adventurer and the rowdy girl, while Billy is a super sweet snuggler like his dad.
 Their mother, Maddie, was kind enough to wait until we got home from Logan's scout meeting. She had Sunny so fast that I missed the birth and got there just in time to clean her up. I have never had a delivery go that fast and am so glad everything ended up ok. I am sooooooo thankful that she waited until I could be there to help.
 They are 24 hours old here and loved being outside in the fresh air. They jumped and hopped and ran all over the place. Made their mother very nervous.
This is just a few hours after they were born. Up and ready to take on the world. It is amazing that within minutes of being born they are up and walking around. I did have to give them a blow dry because the night was a bit chilly.
allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />
Here is a little video of their first day outside. As you can tell by all the hopping, they like being outdoors.

Snow Days


A few weeks ago we got a wee (biggest snowstorm in 40 years) bit of snow. The first day was fun good snow, but then it turned ugly as most Washington snow does. Landon and Skipper decided to brave the 18 inches of snow, even though both of them do not have legs that are even 18 inches long. The wind drifted all over the place and this is what it did to the snow on our picnic table. It is amazing how the wind will shape and mold the snow in weird shapes. This is our back fence where most of the snow drifted. It was an amazing site for sure. Our poor heat pump was a solid chunk of ice. I am not even sure how it managed to work and heat our house. We were really lucky and only lost power for 1 hour. We had friends further up north that were without power for almost a week. One friend said she felt like a pioneer. The kids only were able to play in the snow the first day, but they made sure to make use of their time. Then it was inside for hot cocoa and cookies. The dogs both loved the snow. They were so excited to run around and chase the kids through the snow. Skipper rolled all over the place and had a blast. By Friday of that week we were all sporting a big case of cabin fever! We finally dug out on Friday morning and went to town for some bowling and dinner. It felt great to get out!The snow was lovely and fun until the rain came and made a 1/2" layer of ice on top of the snow. It made it impossible to walk in and all of our trees took a beating. We lost several trees in the pasture due to the heavy load of ice. It was a pretty scary sound to hear trees snapping all over the place. Thankfully we do not have any large trees near the house. Other than being cooped up for a week we were prepared and good.[...]

New Favorite Snack


 My super awesome friend Megan, who is a very yummy cook, introduced me to this very yummy snack. You get this Greek yogurt dip at Costco and it is to die for. I pair it with pretzels or our all time favorite chip Food Should Taste Good Multi-Grain chip. When I eat this snack I don't feel as guilty. It tastes good and is good for you.We will be munching on this next week during the Super Bowl for sure. Happy snacking!

Sometimes it stinks to be tiny!


allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />
We have had a record breaking snowstorm here in the great Northwest and poor Skipper is not equipped with long enough legs for this kind of accumulation. He loves the snow and tries his best, but he really has to work at getting around. It sure is funny to watch though.

We love our pup!


Addison & I love our little dog Skipper. He is our lap buddy, sleep buddy and all around cuddler. He is definately a woman's dog and has to be with us wherever we are in the house. If we lock him out he scratched and whines at the door until we let him in, and don't even think about leaving him at home. He LOVES to go in the car with us everywhere we go. We would be lost without our little munchkin.

Thankful Heart


I am feeling very greatful today. I am greatful for a wonderful family who love and support me no matter what. I am also so thankful for great friends. God had lead wonderful people into my life to help me endure the bumps in the road of life. I am so greatful that the holidays are a joyous time for our family. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

November This and That


I had several pictures that were not really related to much of anything, but still fun. So, I decided to post them together in one fun mish mash of topics.

 Logan made a really neat model of the world. He had to take a picture because I had no idea how to store this for posterity. You can already see the cracks in it. He did a great job and it was a really fun project for him.
 Landon made this cute little feather head band at school for fall. You can tell by the look on his face that he is pretty proud of it.
 Logan finished up his last game for soccer. Here he is with his medal and his favorite soccer buddy Brett. They have been playing together since they were 4 and were so excited to be on the same team.
 We let Honey Bee come visit in the house one day and she loved running all over the couch. She is sniffing Addison and I think Addison is a little scared! Maybe she is afraid of goat cooties.

I just love crisp fall mornings. The front yard just looked so beautiful that I had to grab the camera.

Easy (Microwave) Halloween Carmel Corn


In honor of Halloween today I am posting a really great recipe that I stumbled on last week when I was looking for a fall snack for watching this...

I was looking for a different recipe when I found this one in a cookbook my mom gave me. It is super easy and super yummy! So here we go.

Carmel Corn
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. butter
1/4 c. Karo syrup
pinch of salt
1 t. vanilla
1/4 t. soda
6 qt. popped popcorn
(three bags of microwave popcorn, any flavor)
In a glass bowl, put brown sugar, Karo syrup, butter, and salt, microwave on high for 2 minutes. Stir and microwave for 2 more minutes. Add vanilla, baking soda and stir together and pour over 6 popped popcorn in a brown paper sack. Stir with large spoon and shake bag. Roll down top of sack and microwave 1 1/2 minutes on high. Shake. Microwave 1 1/2 minutes more. Pour onto large pan or bowl and let cool. Break apart and enjoy!

This recipe makes ALOT of popcorn, so you may want to bag some up and share with some friends. It is ready in about 10 minutes and gone in about 5 minutes. I love this flavor, because it reminds me of Cracker Jacks. So good! Hope you enjoy it! Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!




We are the newest Seattle Sounders Fans. We got free tickets from our neighbors and headed to Seattle for the game and had the best time! Soccer fans are the craziest. We were the only 4 people in the entire stadium of 64,000 that did not have some sort of Sounders attire.
We were way up in the nosebleed section, but it was still so action packed and fun! Everyone was so pumped up and cheering all the time.

It was a bit of a chilly night so we bundled up and sipped hot chocolate. We also cheered until we all lost our voices.
Logan got lots of inspiration for his own soccer playing. As we were walking out he said he was going to play just as hard as they Sounders did. You can't buy that!
As luck would have it, it happened to be Kasey Keller's (the goalie) last home game of his career. He had a great game and they had a celebration for him after the game. So now we are an official Sounders family! Go Sounders. 

Pumpkin Time!


We finally got around to carving our pumpkins for the front porch.

 I kept Landon busy with is pumpkin. I tried and tried to get him to help me clean out the guts, be we couldn't bring himself to touch the "guts".
 Addison did a great job on her big one all by herself. I love that she is old enough do it all on her own.
 Logan was very excited about getting the guts out this year. He did need a bit of help from Dad to get that big thing cleaned out.
All done and ready for the big night. Sorry the pic is so dark, but it was dark out when we tried to take this. Now our porch is super spooky for Halloween, even though we don't ever get any trick or treaters. Happy Haunting!

Pumpkin Patch


Landon's Pre-School class went to the pumpkin patch for a special day choosing a pumpkin, riding on a tractor, and playing on a hay maze.

These are his cute teachers who are so patient with the kids. I don't know how they do it day in and day out. 

 Landon and I had so much fun riding on the tractor together. It was a really cold day with lots of fog.
 Landon LOVED the hay maze and went through it several times. There is something magical about haybales and kids. They had a really fun slide that all the kids slid down about 75 times each.
 Landon picked out the perfect little pumpkin and seemed quite proud of himself.

 Landon and his class.

New Rainy Day Farm Arrival


Yesterday afternoon, Yasmine, decided to finally go into labor. I have been waiting all week for her to deliver. I have not been able to leave the house for long stretches at a time waiting and waiting.

 I went to church and worried the whole time, came home tired and grumpy and went and took a nap. Robb and I went out to check around 6:15 and saw that she was in labor.
 With a little pulling from Robb we got her out and she is happy and healthy. She was the only one so she should develop really well. She has mom all to herself.
Yasmine is such a good mommy and baby is just as sweet as she looks. Now I need to head out to the barn and snuggle with them. See ya later.

My New Favorite Sugar Cookies!


I have a new favorite thing in my life! Lofthouse style frosted sugar cookies are my new favorite cookie recipe. I recently discovered pinterest and have found SSSOOO many great recipes.

I could not get this recipe out of my head so I had to make them today. We had a dreary, rainy day that was perfect for cookie baking. While we were working on the cookies we watched Hocus Pocus (my favorite Halloween movie) and had Meatball Soup for dinner. It was a perfect fall day.

Jack o Lantern Breakfast


I saw this idea on the Idea Room but made my own simpler version, because I was in a hurry and didn't have any pumpkin. This is just my regular pancake batter colored orange and green with chocolate chips. They were yummy and I have had several requests since making these. We have fun with our pancakes around the farm. Enjoy!

Oktoberfest & Goats


We had so much fun at our October goat show last weekend. It was in a town near my parents so we packed up and headed out.
 I think this will become our Christmas picture this year. What do you think? Crazy, huh. Robb ended up winning the adult costume contest, on shear embarrassment alone. He was a hit and a good sport!
 Miss Addison also was a winner with her goat pumpkin carving. She was so proud of it that she brought it home and put it on the porch.
 Landon the little ham with his buddy Kristin. They are quite the showing team.
 Logan was so cute this weekend. He placed second in his showmanship class and impressed the judge with his eye contact. He also chose to be JJ the rodeo clown. Don't you just want to hug him?
We had a super fun weekend and the goats even placed well all weekend. Logan came up to me on Monday morning and said he had so much fun and couldn't wait to go back. That makes all the work worth it right there!

Summer Garden


With yet another cool, wet summer on our hands we are still waiting for the garden to finish up for the year. I am hoping for a few more good days of sun so the pumpkins can ripen and the corn finish.

 Everything grew great this year, but we are not seeing a whole lot of fruit for our labor yet. Things look a bit of a mess because we pack that garden as tight as we can with lots of different things. The wild looking flowers are from some cilantro I planted a couple years ago. It volunteers each year and comes up all over the place. It looks wild, but smells divine. I will have lots of lovely coriander to use this winter. Yummy.
 The kids and I planted sunflowers in with the corn and it has worked out perfect. The corn helps support the heavy stalks and they just look so cute and happy. Although the other day we had TONS of rain and they had their poor heads turned to the ground and looked so sad. Here's to sun for sure!
 We have zucchini coming out our ears and they are very large this year. I think I mistakenly bought a different variety than normals because these are much harder and more pumpkin like on the inside. I baked a  Chocolate Zucchini Cake and it was so divine. Now I just need to shred this basket and get it in the freezer so I can make lots of yummies over the winter.
I did manage to uncover a couple yummy cucumbers too. They were so flavorful and crisp. My mouth is watering thinking about it!

Autumn in the Country


I don't get to go to cute bazaars very often anymore, with time, money, and location constraints, but I had a few(and I mean few) minutes on Saturday. I stopped at one that I went to last year but did not take any money to purchase. BIG MISTAKE! There were lots of venders with really cute items for sale. So, Landon and I headed down the back country road in search of all things fall! Landon's favorite part is the large farm truck parked in the yard with all the pumpkins around.  Isn't that just cute! I love all the unique gourds and pumpkins they have all around . My favorites are the gray gourds. They are so creepy looking. This year I did make a few little purchases and this little hand stitched sign was first on the list. Ok, so a strawberry Italian Soda came first because it was quite a warm day.  I just love the tiny little leaves that are stitched in the patter. So cute! I also found this SUPER yummy potpourri at one booth and it smelled so devine that I had to buy a scoop. I just loved the tiny little pumpkins in the mix. My living room smells SO good right now!Landon found the worlds tiniest picnic table. Even he was too big for it!Last but not least is this adorable little fabric pumpkin. Isn't it just the sweetest little thing? I just love the fabric, and it smells like vanilla too. Bonus! I just love fall and had a good time, even though Landon had a potty accident and we had to stop shopping right in the middle of it. He ended up wearing his pj's bottoms around because that was all I had with me! Go figure! Life with boys is never dull for sure.[...]

Volleyball Girl


This year Addison decided to play volleyball. She is is doing really well and having lots of fun with her friends. (Sorry the pictures are so bad, I only had my phone with me)

 Their first game was a little confusing for them, but all in all they all did a great job working as a team.
 Here they are waiting to take the floor. They all look so excited don't they?
Here is some of their team and their coach, waiting to see who gets to go in next. They were so cute sitting on the sidelines cheering for each other and singing cute songs. Addison was REALLY worried about serving well and getting it over the net. Not only did she get it over the net, she even made a point! We were so proud of her. She did a great job! Now Hubby and I need to invest in some stadium chairs for our 10 year bleacher run. We are just beginning!

First Day of Fall


In honor of the first day of fall, my FAVORITE time of year, we decided to put up our Fall/Halloween decorations. Crisp air, apples, soup, sweaters, football, candy corn, and pumpkins are all some of my favorite things about the fall. I am having a bit of a hard time with it coming this year because we had another dismal summer this year, but I am slowly coming out of my slump. Here are a few of my fall favorites. This cute little guy came from Walmart ($8.00) when I stopped there with a friend the other day. I saw this little cutie pie as we drove in and ran over and grabbed one for myself.  It just looks so happy sitting on my porch, and the flowers are so festive for fall. One of my favorites for sure. Here is our little entry way tree that we decorate for all the different holidays. It is so fun to come up with new decorations and it is small enough that it does not take very many to fill it up. You can't tell, but there are super cute Halloween colored lights on it too. Makes me want to ring my own door bell! This little hand stitched picture is one of my favorite things. I made it a couple years ago and will probably be putting it out for fall when I am 80. I love it that much! I happened to hit JoAnn's for something unrelated to fall, but could not pass up some of the cute items they had. I got this little towel there and love that is goes with my No Crows scarecrow. I also just love that cute little ghost. He is such a funny shape.These two little cuties are also some of my favorites, they are just so sweet you could eat them up ( if they were not toxic resign :) The cute witch if from my mother-in-law from many years back. She is just the cutest little thing. Looks like I need to round up a black button for her poor eye. Can't read spells with only one eye!Here is another of my favorites. The cute corn pumpkin came from Ross and is so adorable. You can't tell in the picture, but it also sparkles! Bonus!I hope you all have a wonderful fall with all the lovely coziness that comes with falling leaves, wood smoke and fur lined boots. Now I am going to go round up some fun fall recipes to share with you. Happy Fall Y'all![...]

Tow Mater


At our city wide garage sale this year they had someone who brought in a real Tow Mater truck for the kids to sit on and play in. The boys LOVED it!

It looked like the real thing too. They had even put on the goofy front teeth and everything. Lots of happy kids!

Kickin' it in the Rain


Since we live in a very rainy place many of our outdoor activities are done in the rain. That is because if we waited for it to stop raining we would never get anything done. So we have adapted the weather and you will always find every Washingtonian with many hooded coats, warm gloves, and large umbrellas.

 Logan had his first soccer game last Saturday and of course it was raining. The boys didn't mind the rain, but Landon was not having the cold so we hid out in the van for most of the game. Hence the fence filled pics.
Logan had a great game and even scored the only two goals of the game. Here he is with one of his teammates, Brett. They have played on the same team since they were 4 and they are inseparable on the field.
 Can you believe that this is 9am? It looks like dusk doesn't it? Welcome to the rain. Now you know why I go crazy in the winter with the gray skies. Poor Logan(in the orange) looks a little cold doesn't he?
We still had fun and even stopped for hot chocolate on the way home to get warmed up. Fall in Washington!

1st Day of School


The kids actually started school on September 1st, but I am just getting around to posting about it. They are in 5th, 3rd & Pre-School this year. I even have 4 hours a week to myself. I can't believe it. I really thought this day would never come in all my years of feeding bottles and changing diapers. I think I could get used to this stage of life.

This is them getting ready to head out. I take the older two  to school and Landon gets to ride the cute little bus to preschool. I think the bus is his FAVORITE part of the day. He is quite grumpy when I have to pick him up. They don't have enough time to bring him home, so I pick him up. He pitched a big fit  at me the other day and thought that if he just didn't look at me he would get to ride on the bus. It was too cute. 
 I told Logan and Landon to lay out their clothes for the first day of school and this is what I found on the floor of their room.For once they actually did exactly what It told them to do.

Things went well and we are back on schedule. I am the one having a bit of a fit about school starting. I was SOOOOO not ready for summer to be over. It was WAY to short around here.

There is Beauty All Around


I have to admit that I live in the most beautiful state in the union. When the sun is shining, there is no other place more beautiful that Washington. We live in the shadow on one of the most beautiful mountains in the U.S. and it is so majestic and magnificent that it will leave you speechless when you are near it. This is us at Reflection Lake with Mt. Rainier in the background. We decided to get out of the house on Labor Day and drive up to Mt. Rainier for the day and hike around. We have never taken then kids up there and thought it was about time we did. So, we packed a lunch, filled up the van and took off for the hills.  Almost all famous pictures of Mt. Rainier have been taken somewhere around this beautiful lake. It is so beautiful and smells even better. The tall mountain timber has the most intoxicating smell in the world. If they could bottle that smell, I would buy a lifetime supply. Here are the boys strolling down the train at the Paradise resort. We got to see a Marmot and even a big black bear with the biggest winter belly I have ever seen. He was good to go for a long winters nap. Robb and I were sitting on a rock watching the kids and Landon decided he needed to sit on a rock too.We even got to play in a little snow that was left over from our SUPER snowy winter. So many tourists were amazed by the snow in September. We had a wonderful day enjoying nature and even took the long road home to extend the day.[...]