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Preview: Eimi Art

Eimi Art

The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do? ~Pablo Picasso

Updated: 2018-03-02T07:32:55.217-08:00


Book 4 Glimpses of Destiny COVER RELEASE for Draca Wards Saga written by author B. Pine


WE KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING TO SEE THE COVER ART TO BOOK 4!The wards are children no longer...The Academy wards are now full-grown and powerful, but have yet to complete school. And although they have proven themselves more than worthy of their destinies, friendships are now put to the test. Rohen and Jamu’s rivalry reaches a critical peak, and Galen is drawn into their conflict. Academy politics drives a wedge between Ben and Jania. Megan’s feelings for Yar begin to waver as her heart strays. A spurned love exacts deadly revenge while a secret crush threatens to grow dangerously out of hand. And as the young humans question their relationships and self-identites, the Draca continue their deadly schemes to woo the wards they can control, and destroy the ones they can’t.The Draca Wards face difficult and sometimes heartbreaking choices during the next few months. And as Rohen and Jamu approach graduation and their time at Espies comes to an end, the wards begin to realize that their adventurous lives are only just beginning. Catch up on the Draca Wards Saga now.As the artist I would like to thank SenshiStock for putting out great model pose pictures for artist to use as reference. Visit their Deviant Art page today senshistock.deviantart.comFellow Artists if you can't get a good model or models for pose reference, Senshi Stock are a group of artist that offer great model poses for free use. [...]

Cover Art for book 3 of The Draca Wards Saga


It is complete, the cover for Coming of Age by B. Pine
I will share the full art spread soon. I'm glad to finally share this with you all.

Coming of Age will be available for purchase very soon! 
Release Date will be announced later this month.

Below is a group shot of the first 3 books to the Draca Wards Saga. It's nice to see them side by side. Now its time for me to begin the 4th book cover. I hope you are all reading this Fantasy Saga, and if you are not...You Are Missing Out!

Tales of Love Through Art


Today is the day many are celebrating, LOVE, Valentines Day. I'd like to share some of history's famous works of art depicting LOVE.Let's start off with one of my favorite sculptures by Antonio Canova. It is a partial depiction from the "Tale of Cupid and Psyche" by ApuleiusA love story that has inspired and been reworked in today's more modern tales, such as Beauty & the Beast.Words can't express my awe for this sculpture. The way the figures twist/bend/touch, it's so life-like you can see the movement! I only have images to share with you all, but imagine viewing this in person and appreciating all angles of the figures. It comes ALIVE! Psyche Revived by the Kiss of Amor (Love). Antonio Canova (Italian, 1757–1822) Marble, 1793.Below is for all the Music Lovers out there that swoon for a great LOVE song ... (This being more of a sad love song, if you are familiar with the story).The Greek Tale of Orpheus and Eurydice.I enjoy the story more than I do most the art and sculptures that depict the couple, but here you go: Titian (Tiziano Vecellio), Orpheus and Eurydice,  (Italian, Pieve di Cadore ca. 1485/90?–1576 Venice)Don't look back, and move forward in life, love, & happiness...Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld, 1861I wonder if any musician has tried to recreate their own version of the tune played by Orpheus that made the Gods and Nymphs weep...Arno Breker, Orpheus and Eurydice, 1944To finish off this blog post, of Love in Art, I leave you with a painting I have adored since seeing it in a romantic calendar as a child.Frank Bernard Dicksee, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, circa 1902...and the Poem by Keats that this painting is based upon:John Keats (1795–1821). La Belle Dame Sans Merci O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms! So haggard and so woe-begone? The squirrel’s granary is full, And the harvest’s done. III.I see a lily on thy brow With anguish moist and fever dew, And on thy cheeks a fading rose Fast withereth too. IV.I met a lady in the meads, Full beautiful—a faery’s child, Her hair was long, her foot was light, And her eyes were wild. V.I made a garland for her head, And bracelets too, and fragrant zone; She look’d at me as she did love, And made sweet moan. VI.I set her on my pacing steed, And nothing else saw all day long, For sidelong would she bend, and sing A faery’s song. VII.She found me roots of relish sweet, And honey wild, and manna dew, And sure in language strange she said— “I love thee true.” VIII.She took me to her elfin grot, And there she wept, and sigh’d fill sore, And there I shut her wild wild eyes With kisses four. IX.And there she lulled me asleep, And there I dream’d—Ah! woe betide! The latest dream I ever dream’d On the cold hill’s side. X.I saw pale kings and princes too, Pale warriors, death-pale were they all; They cried—“La Belle Dame sans Merci Hath thee in thrall!” XI.I saw their starved lips in the gloam, With horrid warning gaped wide, And I awoke and found me here, On the cold hill’s side. XII.And this is why I sojourn here, Alone and palely loitering, Though the sedge is wither’d from the lake, And no birds sing. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ALL[...]

Character Portraits for Draca Wards Saga



I have been real busy working on the 3rd book cover for The Draca Wards Saga. I have also been working on character portraits for the Fantasy Saga.

I decided to work on the FEMALE characters first :)
Not because I favor them more...maybe just a little GIRL POWER!

Actually, in that vain, the author B. Pine is a part of a blog tour called Heroines with Heart. They are focused on books with strong female leads, so I decided to do the portraits of the main lead females found in author B. Pines fantasy saga first.

I was very excited and decided to do Megan as the very first portrait. For those of you who have not read the 1st installment, FAMILIAR ORIGINS, of the Draca Wards Saga here is a quick synopsis:

Megan is a redheaded druid who leaves her commune to live with her father and study the healing arts at the Academy's college, Somatica.  She is so talented in magic and quarterstaff combat that she often gets herself in trouble.

I'd like to introduce you all to Megan

Stay Tuned for the next Female Portrait! 

Coming Soon...who could it be??? Jania? Galen?'ll just have to wait and see.

Plights is finally AVAILABLE for Purchase!


Book two of the Draca Wards Saga is finally available for purchase.

Amazon Kindle is exclusively releasing PLIGHTS by B. Pine on their Kindle early before the print release this February.

So, be the 1st to read Plights. I know many of you have been waiting for this since book one Familiar Origins was released. And if you haven't read Familiar Origins, it is now available for .99cents on Amazon. Click Here to buy Familiar Origins

Here are some bookmarks I designed for the author. She will be handing them out at her upcoming book events.

Check out for a list of appearances.

The Kathleen F. Marks Memorial Foundation


I'd like to take some time and introduce you all to a wonderful Not-for-Profit organization I have donated my talents to. I'll also share some work I have done for them this past year.Founded by Crystal Marks-Schwer & Isis Marks-Kline, the KFM foundation is looking to help fund any and all active cancer research facilities. As they like to say, "We HATE all cancer equally and will contribute our funding to research of ANY type without discrimination."Crystal and Isis are sisters, and started this foundation in the name of their late mother, Kathleen F. Marks. Their mother Kathleen was diagnosed with cervical cancer back in 1997. She was strong and reached remission twice in her battle, but sadly past away October, 11 2001. With the love and support of friends and family they were determined to start a foundation to help cancer patients and their families in financial need get the information and funding needed. This dream finally came true in 2011, when the KFM Foundation was finally accepted/approved as a 501 C(3) Not-for-Profit Organization. They now hold many local events and fundraisers throughout the year in Westchester County, NY. These events help fund cancer research, testing, trials, and vaccines. The foundation will also help cancer patients and their families in financial need through these fundraising efforts and/or grants on an individual basis. KFM will keep an open line of communication with local cancer treatment centers, doctors, and other charitable organizations in the area who choose to participate. Candidates would be referred to the foundation through a treating medical professional. KFM will host an individualized fundraising event for these individuals, with their involvement as well as their families. The proceeds for their fundraising event will benefit the patients. Ultimately, their goal centers on finding a cure and helping patients and families in this pursuit.Their biggest event, and sure to be the most looked forward to annual event, The Masquerade Ball was a hit this past October 2012. Who can resist a ball with fire dancers, rope dancers, masks, and gowns to raise money for the fight against cancer! Just looking at some of these pictures will make YOU want to attend next years event.Here are just a few pics of the event. You can see more on their Facebook Page, link below:                               To learn more about The Kathleen F. Marks Foundation visit these links below:KFM URL PageKFM FacebookKFM Donation PageHelp spread the word of KFM and share this Foundation with others. As their motto goes:Below are some samples of the work I have created for them. I am so happy to donate my time and talent to this organization and hope to do more for them in the future! [...]

Seasonal Ad Package for an author


I had to create a quick flyer on a moments notice for author B. Pine! I get a call, "My book is on sale for the rest of the month on Kindle and I need some Ads to put out TODAY!" What you see above, below, and on the site was the end result. I think it all came out pretty cool for a quicky!

Below are the extra promo ads created, in certain dimensions like: a thumbnail ad, medium size ad, and banner. Visit the site to see the seasonal updates

See Below and visit the site for the quick seasonal update:

Now back to finishing up the 3rd book cover for B.Pine! Sneak Peek to come soon ;)

Finished Map of Tuanth for the 'Wolf Lord Saga'


Here is the finished Map Art I completed recently. This was a digital creation with some scanned in sketches using Illustrator & Photoshop. I hope to create some more with ink and watercolor in the future. I am in love with creating maps. Look for more to come.

Creation of the Tuanth Map Art


I just recently finished a project with a new Client on a Map Design for his fantasy story 'The Wolf Lord Saga' Creating a Map of a fictional land may sound like a simple task because there is no worry for any cartographic mistakes, but I must disagree to a point. To be described a fictional land, especially one so detailed and planned out by an author is beyond stressful, due to the fact that there is a need for absolute correctness in placement & distance for the reader to draw a accurate correlation between the story and the illustration. I was happy and lucky to work with an author with which I shared such a rapport. It helped with completion of the art in a timely manner. Below I will share some images of the stages of creation of the Map. Above is a collage of preliminary sketches trying to distinguish layout/shape/design. It is important to have great communication and understanding with the Author to have the ability to project their world out on paper. Above are samples of texture and coloring. We still hadn't decided on the continent shape. Above is the Stage right before the finished Map. Only a few Changes were made to the final Map which I will show in a new Post. I did a lot of research of maps and I think I'm in love. I have created a map before, but now after doing a second its growing on me. Maps are freaking Gorgeous! Expect to see an explosion of Maps to come from yours truly.



In honor of todays 4th of July, I will be posting some great paintings of American History: Lets Start off with Emanuel Leutze's Washington Crossing the Delaware Lets Start off with the above Emanuel Leutze's Washington Crossing the Delaware Some Facts: The very original painting was created in 1850 but was destroyed by a bombing raid in Germany in 1942. Leutze had painted another version, the one seen above, in 1850, which is 12 by 21 feet, and is now displayed at the Metroplotian Museum of Art in New York City. John Trumbull's famous painting Trumbull's Declaration of IndependenceSome Info in Artist: Trumbull was born in Lebanon, Connecticut, in 1756, to Jonathan Trumbull, who was Governor of Connecticut from 1769 to 1784, and his wife Faith {Robinson} Trumbull. He entered the 1771 junior class at Harvard University at age fifteen and graduated in 1773. Due to a childhood accident, Trumbull lost use of one eye, which may have influenced his detailed painting style. As a soldier in the American Revolutionary War, Trumbull rendered a particular service at Boston by sketching plans of the British works, and witnessed the Battle of Bunker Hill. He was appointed second personal aide to General George Washington, and in June 1776, deputy adjutant-general to General Horatio Gates. He resigned from the army in 1777. Paul Revere OR Henry Pelham The Bloody MassacreThe engraved for print image was distributed and Credited to Paul Revere, but Henry Pelham a known artist and engraver then argued plagiarism, and that a work in progress by he himself was rendering of the Boston Massacre, had been recreated and engraved by Paul Revere. Read the actual article from the Boston Gazette Monday, March 12, 1770: Another John Trumball paintingThe Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker HillEnglish artisans refused to engrave Death of General Warren because it glorified an American victory, so Trumbull, with the help of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, produced an engraving on the Continent. Probably because the work's theme offended English sensibilities, the engraving was a commercial failure. Two copies of the print now hang in the Adams family “Old House” at the Adams National Historical Park, gifts from the artist to John Quincy in 1826 I'll end this post with a recent painting created in 1975 shown above. Arnold Friberg's "The Prayer at Valley Forge," A depiction of George Washington at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in prayer on his knees beside his horse Nelson at the Continental Army's encampment, during the terrible winter of 1777-1778. The legendary story was told by a local Quaker Tory named Isaac Potts, who said he spied George Washington praying fervently in the woods alone during one of the bleakest times of the war for the Americans. Hope you enjoyed this post. Happy 4th of July my fellow Americans.[...]

Leo & Diane Dillon


It is sad to hear of the passing of Leo Dillon today. I sadly never had the opportunity to meet Leo or his wife Dillon, but I was well educated on their art and career.
I was going to write about my time at Balticon this weekend, but I would rather talk and introduce you all to who Leo Dillon was.
Of course you can not mention Leo without his wife Diane. Leo & Diane Dillon are a household name in the art and publishing world. The Dillons have created a vast collection of art consisting of drawings, illustrations for prints, book jackets, textbooks, album covers, and children's books. They have been honored with
2 Caldecott Medals for 'Ashanti to Zulu' & 'Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears'
4 New York Times Best Illustrated Awards
4 Boston Globe/Horn Book Awards
2 Coretta Scott King Awards
3 Coretta Scott King Honors
& a Society of Illustrators Gold Medal

Now that is a list of accomplishments to be in awe of. It's unfortunate to accept that this is the end of a loving creative partnership/marriage and can only hope his wife Diane finds solace.

If you are not familiar with the Art of Leo&Diane Dillon please 'GOOGLE' now and go to your public library or local bookstore to admire their work.

Balticon schedule of Events author B.Pine & I will be attending


Very excited about attending Balticon this weekend! I'll be on 2 Artist Panel on Sunday and Author B.Pine will be doing a reading Saturday

Further detailed information below:

Sunday, 12:00 noon (50 minutes) (Salon C) A-6. Iron Artist Competition (Art) We'll take three suggestions from the audience(Like
Bagpipes, Exorcist,and Kitten.) The artists then have 45 min- utes to produce a piece incorporating the 3 'ingredients.' The audience cheers them on, then votes and picks the best one. All pieces are sold at the Bobby Gear Memorial Auction to raise money for BSFS Books for Kids.
(M): Ray Ridenour, (S): Eimi Pinero-Singh, Art GoH Jim Odbert, Todd F. Brugmans, Laura Inglis

Sunday, 1:00 pm (50 Minutes) (Salon C) A-3. Coming Up For Air (Art) When the creative juices are flowing and you're having trouble stopping to eat or sleep, how do you manage to keep from drowning in the creative juices, take care of yourself, and still keep the momentum going?
(M): John Mierau, (S): Eimi Pinero-Singh, Michael Andrew D'Ambrosio, Todd F. Brugmans

Saturday, 3:00 pm (50 minutes) (Pimlico) Readings: Charles Edward Gannon, Paula S. Jordan and B. Pine Please note that the authors are listed in alphabetical order. They'll determine reading order amongst themselves.

Limit Break Studios - Life After Pride


Hi All! I wanted to talk about some work-for-hire art that I have been creating for LIMIT BREAK STUDIOS.I love taking on side projects especially when it allows me to do different style work than I normally do. It helps streanthen the creative palette, I feel. I have many years of experience Vectorizing designs/logos/text/& art So this job suits my abilities. Limit Break Studios is a new and growing company, that has hired me to help vectorize and prep some character designs & props for animation. They are working on a very vulgar (not suited for the easily offended or kids) adult animation called 'Life After Pride'I think many people will relate especially in this economic crisis to the shows theme of a young man laid off and having to move back home with family and surrounded by friends of similar outcomes with dissapointing lives. Its Rude Offensive Vulgar Suggestive and everything us young adults would love to veg out to in front of the couch. Attached is an example of what I do. I recieve some concept art from an artist and I have to recreate it in vector with color palette and movable joints for the animators. This is a spin around example of the character Principle Wally along with the initial sketch sent to me. Its currently in the early stages of production, but I must say its fun Designing some of these wacked out characters. You can even check out there promo episode on You Tube: Stay on the Look Out for "Life After Pride" created by Daniel LaRussa Get to know some of the characters on Twitter @ROIDO245 , @DAVE_LIMITBREAK , @CHIP_LIMITBREAK

Doing a Signing & Appearance at Kent County Library


I'll be at Kent County Library this Saturday as a Guest Illustrator along with author B.Pine We will be doing a signing for the Fantasy Saga Familiar Origins If you live in the area please stop by and say hi. You can check out some of my art and the new Cover Art for the Second Installment of the Draca Wards Saga. 497 South Red Haven Lane Dover, DE 19901 Telephone: 302 698-6440 FAX: 302 698-6441

Balticon !!!


So it is official, I'll be attending Balticon this year. I will be there along with author B. Pine to promote the Draca Wards Saga books.
I will also be on one of the Artists Panels called:

Coming Up For Air
Sunday, 1:00 PM, Salon C (50 minutes)
Moderator: Ray Ridenour
Panelists: Todd Brugmans, Charlene Taylor D'Alessio, Michael D'Ambrosio, John Mierau, Eimi Pinero-Singh

I hope to meet some great people at Balticon. If you're going make sure to stop and say hi :)

New Business Cards I designed for myself


Gatta love and there option for multiple image prints in a one Run order!!

Draw 4 a Cure


I am so excited that Draw4acure will be holding another event this year & that I could be apart of it! My friend Connie Cabrina has done it again, and put together a great Carnival Style Event, this time with New Jerseys Mother Teresa Regional School, to raise money for St. Judes Children's Hospital I don't know about you guys, but I will do anything I possibly can for St. Judes. I will have a booth with author B. Pine, doing some live drawings. We will have a raffle of the YA fantasy book Familiar Origins signed by author and artist along with some special gifts & art by me of course. If you live in New Jersey please take the time with your families and have some fun while we raise some money for St. Judes May 12th 1-5PM at Mother Teresa Regional School 55 South Avenue Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716 Hope to see you there :)

My head spins with my schedule!


OK, many many endeavors. 1- Book 2 cover art of the Draca Wards Saga 'PLIGHTS' is complete! 2- Appearances and Conventions are booked! A list and date of where I'll be will be posted shortly. 3- New Business Cards from have been received and I couldn't be happier. 4- Freelance work for Limit Break Studios for episode 1 is complete (ill share more info later) 5- Sketchbook Project almost done 6 days to go before i mail it out. im time

Sketchbook Project


Yay! I finally received my Sketchbook!!!

Can't wait to get started :)

Autistic Artist Draws NY from memory


I saw this post from a friend and thought it was amazing! This young man went on a helicopter ride overlooking NYC and is now drawing it out from memory on this 18ft surface.

This is just amazingly awesome!

I'll try to find out more info on this story and the Artist!

The Sketchbook Project


I am so excited to say I have finally signed up to participate with the Brooklyn Art Library and their project to create a limited edition collection of art created by 5000 artist.

I can't wait to receive my sketchbook so I could begin. All art participants will be sent a sketchbook and must fill it up according to the theme they have chosen. My theme is "The Last Words Ever Spoken" and I will discuss about my ideas later!

Can't wait to share my progress! I'll keep you all posted :)

lOOk what I found!


I found an Old D&D figurine I had painted years ago. My Brother & Sister had me addicted to collecting and painting these figurines. Nice to find one.
She use to have wings...wonder where they might have ended up. Oh well. Doesn't she look bada$$!

Need to paint my nails like these!!!


Saw this on a post on FB, and now I am obsessed. I must get this done as my "own Precious" nails!!

Corny I know, can't help myself :D

Awesome Digital Speed Painting


Graphics Artist Guild withdraws Support on SOPA


Such a controversial issue. As an Artist I should be for SOPA when it concerns piracy acts, but the Bill needs many many changes & it seems GAG agrees with me; And GAG is one of the MAIN supporters and protectors of Artists.

Please Read & share this.