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The Dumping Ground

Man, this water's cold!

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Restroom Strategery: Watch your six!O.Handwasher

Thu, 17 Feb 2011 01:06:00 +0000

This isn’t so much a restroom story as the distilled wisdom of countless restroom battles.  And I see people making the same mistakes over and over.  I’m here to help. First off, I should point out that I recognize ladies may have a different set of rules for restroom combat.  I’ve said before, and I’ll […](image)

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Restroom Outrage: A Rock and a Hard Place, or Zip the Lip!O.HandwasherA Rock and a Hard Place

Mon, 12 Apr 2010 18:44:34 +0000

I know I haven’t posted in a long, long time.  But since my domain lapsed, I just haven’t been able to drum up the passion needed for a solid rant.  But now I’m experiencing outrage, so I’m going with it. One of the Nine-Hundred-Eighty-Seven Rules of the Men’s Room is “Thou shalt zip thy lip.”  […](image)

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Lavatory ExperimentO.Handwasher

Tue, 06 Oct 2009 21:30:38 +0000

I have a really hard time believing this, but it’s apparently true. All Nippon Airlines is asking its passengers to make sure they’ve voided their bladders before boarding flights. I fully understand that full bladders weigh more than empty ones, even if the difference doesn’t really amount to much even when multiplied by the number […](image)

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Bathroom Humor: Gas on the MindO.Handwasher

Sun, 12 Jul 2009 20:53:40 +0000

Mrs. Handwasher alerted me to the existence of some pretty funny Gas-X commercials. I particularly love the trombone music in the background of these:(image)

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One Hand Washes AnotherO.HandwasherWould brown be a poor choice here?

Wed, 27 May 2009 18:40:47 +0000

You admire me. You know it to be true. How could you not? Who else provides you the same perspective on life, inanity (insanity?), and the pursuit of hygienic restrooms? And you want to give back. But what do you get for a guy like me? Well, this:(image)

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The Toothbrusher and Other Non-CombatantsO.HandwasherToothpaste

Fri, 22 May 2009 20:29:26 +0000

I’m trying to pull together a full list of all the non-combatant characters you might find in the course of your battles with the forces of Oblivious Dumpage. I had a close encounter with one the other day.  The Toothbrusher. Now, I’ve met a few of these in my time, and let me just point […](image)

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Restroom Design: Springtime Spatter!O.Handwasher

Mon, 11 May 2009 05:26:28 +0000

Well, it’s once again the time of year when I start wearing sandals, which always brings about a rude awakening: Urinal spatter is detectable. Yeah…ew. I mean, I know it happens all the time anyway, but there’s just something different about it when it’s hitting your bare feet. Of course, I have a purpose for […](image)

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Ringers, and All The News That Is PoosO.Handwasher

Fri, 01 May 2009 14:58:38 +0000

Pardon me while I bask in the glory of the subject line I just created.  It’s a thing of beauty.  It’s actually one of the things I enjoy most, coming up with great titles.  For instance, when my mother was thinking of hanging out her shingle as a lactation consultant, I told her she should […](image)

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Musical HumorO.Handwasher

Wed, 29 Apr 2009 23:35:45 +0000

Okay, now I know that at least one of you out there (Dad!) is already laughing at the potential interpretations of “Musical Humor.” Believe me, it was an accidental and fortunate combination of words. But there’s actually music involved. By the way, insert obligatory “Sorry I’ve been away so long” post content here.  Like you […](image)

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Restroom Confessional: Double Dip and a Character Name Revealed!!!!O.Handwasher

Fri, 27 Mar 2009 15:33:12 +0000

Yesterday I had an experience that highlights the need for my book. I encountered one of the most fearsome and loathsome creatures in the Restroom World. And in this post, I will reveal his name. I must ask you not to scream when I do. Although laughter would be wholly appropriate. At some point yesterday, […](image)

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